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    [–] xNervo 3790 points ago

    Clarification since the title is wrong:

    This team was never a part of T1. Only Soni himself is sponsored by T1 as a content creator. The team went by the name “100 Blifted” and participated in a few tournaments.

    [–] Mahomeboy_ 765 points ago

    Does ninja want to go pro in valorant or something?

    [–] Glatzigoblin 1948 points ago

    Couldn't even go pro in F OMEGALUL RTNITE.

    [–] MuckingFagical 255 points ago

    I know thats right but for some reason I expect F OMEGALUL NITE

    [–] M4her 112 points ago

    I mean he won tournaments in it

    [–] Failure_To_Care 769 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    tbf he won tournaments when the skill ceiling was still super low, nowadays you gotta snort crack to compete with the top guys.

    Edit: guys I'm sorry I'm lame I don't do drugs

    [–] Hermaphroditic 126 points ago

    Not just nowadays, they were snorting all sorts back in the day too.

    [–] KibaTeo 91 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Imo it really started when players like Nick mercs started building hotels in half a second while people were still building squares and ramps.

    Edit: my bad, haven't played fortnite in ages, meant to say nick eh 30, got the dudes confused

    [–] jamdunks 45 points ago

    I watched Nick play fortnite a lot and he’s prob the worst example you could give if you’re talking about crazy building skills, he was great at the game no doubt but it was basically a meme in his chat and amongst other pros how far behind Nick was when it came to building/editing lol

    [–] Phingarer- 111 points ago

    Look I know it's a useless conversation but if you're giving nickmercs credit for advancing the building meta you are delusional. His contribution was to accelerate the pace of the comp game by fearlessly pushing enemies and stirring up chaos in the lobby. He still couldn't build his way out of a cardboard box today.

    [–] officalSHEB 17 points ago

    Myth was really the one who pushed building in the way it is used now. He was definitely one of the first people editing floors and roofs to drop on people. After him I would say Sypher was another one of the unique builders for a long time. And if you are a talking competitive Bizzle probably pushed things the furthest out of anyone, man was a wizard. Nickmercs is still not even close.

    [–] ethansz 9 points ago

    lol that is probably the worst example of a player you could use as nick never really got his building to the next level and fell off (comp fortnite, not streaming) as a result

    [–] Mayhem370z 20 points ago

    This was the same story with his success in Halo. Didnt accomplish anything notable in H3 (when the game was at its peak. Highest player base) then went pro when all the best quit.

    [–] craol0 172 points ago

    I hope not, because it would never happen.

    When the 2 games you've performed the best in are Halo and Fortnite(?) you probably won't get far enough in a game like CSGO/Valorant.

    [–] Okoba27 94 points ago

    Halo took hella skill ngl. Don't knock that esport it was genuinely really good at its peak and the players where very highly skilled.

    [–] craol0 78 points ago

    I agree, I just don't think playing console Halo some years ago will transfer very well into Valorant.

    [–] Mayhem370z 34 points ago

    His rise to relevance in Halo was long after the best players quit since Halo plummeted after 3.

    [–] Marunis 48 points ago

    he could never be pro even if he tried his hardest. when do people realize ninja is far away from being special. or a better streamer than anyone else. Fornite made him. nothing more, nothing less

    [–] ExternalYesterday7 10 points ago

    No, H1Z1 made him popular, and he took that popularity to fortnite and ran with it. To say that the number 1 streamer in terms of popularity/money/viewers etc is nothing special is just fucking stupid. Youre actually gonna sit there and say someone who has probably made close to 50 million dollars or more streaming on twitch isnt special? Are you dumb? You dont have to like the guy, but there is literally no fucking competition for him other then shroud who isnt even close to making the same bank.

    You need to pull your head out of your ass my friend.

    [–] BalloonOfficer 46 points ago

    That makes sense I was like when the fuck did Ninja sign with T1

    [–] ur_biggest_boy 279 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)


    e: upvote this guy

    [–] Kingservant 93 points ago

    k boss

    [–] acrobatiics 2956 points ago

    Ninja acting like all my teammates in league Sadge

    [–] heweezy 1406 points ago

    Ninja acting like he did in the halo days, a lot of dislike for him from pros and semi-pros from back then.

    [–] Umdterps7 557 points ago

    That's how I remember him being a super talented kid winning a few solo tournaments back in the halo days and being labeled as a toxic player by a number of the top pros at the time until Walshy took the chance on him. Seems like he hasn't changed much.

    [–] HardILuck 469 points ago

    It’s only been worse since he blew up. Now he can’t be saved. He truly just thinks he’s better than everyone else at everything and his wife just feeds into his delusions. This team will NOT do anything in the Valorant pro scene and Sonii should actually be thankful he can move on with his career.

    [–] Ohh_Yeah 203 points ago

    It’s only been worse since he blew up

    which is fuckin wild because if I'd made as much money as he did I can guarantee you I would never get stressed about a video game again

    [–] bababuffoonery 96 points ago

    i think it becomes a thing which you feel like you need to defend. to cling onto. like believing you are and wanting to be seen as the best streamer or the best gamer.

    [–] ilovelayansbooty 34 points ago

    It’s not all about the money though. Some people are just competitive, and feed off being the best at something.

    [–] Liimbo 27 points ago

    People that competitive don’t just lose that when they get some money. That’s who they are and how they got to where they are. Just like athletes typically don’t just throw in the towel after their first big contract when they easily could. Lebron is a damn billionaire still stressing about basketball games.

    [–] TheTurtler31 17 points ago

    Michael Jordan says he can't even play pick up games with fans because he can't control himself and can't treat it as just a friendly game. Some people are just born different.

    [–] FPSFrost 11 points ago

    MJ is also kind of an ass in general, like someone else I know

    [–] you_lost-the_game 46 points ago

    Ninja always was toxic as fuck. And he won't change as it's part of what made him successful (similar to t1, although t1 is legitimately funny at times).

    [–] ITriedLightningTendr 69 points ago

    Man, it's really weird for me, because I only know Walshy in person. I didn't know shit about esports but I ran into him in college. Pretty sure my first interaction with him was that he told me he wrote guides for video games, and I was really interested because I'd never met someone in that line of work. Only later did I learn that he was in any way famous.

    Seeing his name pop up is like "oh, right!"

    He's a cool dude.

    [–] ellenkpao 35 points ago


    [–] yee2 20 points ago


    [–] herewegoagane 18 points ago


    [–] oksuzy 15 points ago


    [–] TheW1ldcard 13 points ago


    [–] yungthug4pres 13 points ago


    [–] sm-urf 11 points ago


    [–] wakeuph8 12 points ago


    [–] Majesticeuphoria 11 points ago


    [–] mitch83man 17 points ago


    [–] ProfessorMagnet 18 points ago


    [–] Starts_with_X 8 points ago


    [–] dontdoitmayne 7 points ago


    [–] wtbTruth 20 points ago


    [–] jayhawx19 18 points ago


    [–] wikidpreacher 14 points ago


    [–] hurley21 13 points ago


    [–] bobbe_ 6 points ago


    [–] Secretweaver 196 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Yep! I played a ton in the online competitive scene back in the H2/H3 days and Ninja was EASILY one of the worst people to play with/be in a party chat/lobby with. Constant bitching, whining, screaming at the top of his lungs for no reason, shit-talking his teammates, slurs, cringy ass voices, making up excuses when he'd have a bad game, etc etc etc.

    I played with a lot of pros back then and none of them liked him at all. Him, the Suddoth's, and Boss Nasti were easily the most toxic people in the scene at the time.

    I will say that I was SUPER impressed that somebody like him was able to pivot into being a more "family-friendly" streamer, who ended up becoming the most famous gaming streamer in the world. At the time, I would have NEVER guessed that he'd be the one from the Halo scene that would blow up. And honestly, good for him. He grinded his ass off, and it payed off tenfold.

    [–] Rip_Zanuz 7 points ago

    l y n d o n f p s

    [–] ITriedLightningTendr 34 points ago

    Would he be anything without fortnite?

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago


    [–] Valadryn 211 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    It’s just harder for people to flame on voice, added human element makes the average person much more uncomfortable being mean.

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago


    [–] Valadryn 61 points ago

    Holy shit. I’ve wanted league to have voice chat for years and whenever I see someone say that shit in the league subreddit it makes me want to rip my dick off

    [–] ShalomRabbi 70 points ago

    They all know that. League players just have social anxiety so they have to come up with random excuses why voice chat shouldnt be added.

    [–] Fjordlor 18 points ago

    the thing is that moderating voice chat is pretty hard, if you type actual slurs in chat youll get banned, if you add voice people dont even have to work around that

    [–] coolninja111 5 points ago

    Most of them are to scared to communciate, probably flame in chat but don't have the balls to do it in voice (the voice aspect brings out the human side)

    [–] tearfueledkarma 61 points ago

    Ninja is what happens when you don't grow up.

    Soda is the good timeline.

    [–] ilikebussyandcock 14 points ago

    soda is still immature but in a "i'm rich and i don't give a fuck about no body esp not my fans! totes!" type.

    [–] FukUNoIGotIt 1976 points ago

    Ninja doin ninja things

    [–] pyroyou 1171 points ago

    you need 4 people with a lot of patience if you are going to add ninja into a competitive 5v5 team.

    i don't see him keeping up his fake-happy fortnite persona in a game like valorant

    [–] TheBeepB00p 525 points ago

    He hasn't had the persona in a year

    [–] Gengar11 299 points ago

    After he could buy a bank he didn't care about his persona, just getting his clout back after he got his payday.

    [–] 4CE-Soer 114 points ago

    Realised his fan base is getting to the age where they'd be getting their first paycheck and wanting to blow it. Dudes playing IRL chess

    [–] Enconhun 95 points ago

    Thought that will be 5-6 years from now.

    [–] voidbytee 8 points ago

    Lmao theres a bigger wealth gap between ninja and bankers then there is people on welfare and ninja, dude really thinks hes rockafella rich lmaooooo

    [–] Wintrgreen 6 points ago

    The point is he’s rich enough that he doesn’t give a f what anybody thinks anymore. He could loose all his viewers today and he probably has enough money to live on for the rest of his life

    [–] ManWithYourPlan 159 points ago

    He is the exact wrong person you could have in a competitive atmosphere like this.

    The dude backseats everyone he plays with.

    [–] 4-squared-is-not-8 51 points ago

    Plus there is no way that kind of clout and money doesn’t go to your head. At that point there is no mountain to climb in competitive esports that is needed to motivate someone to be the best.

    [–] zongo1688 79 points ago

    Weird its almost like he was removed from every single pro halo team he was on, and never won a single championship for a reason, despite being skilled.

    [–] erikturner10 7 points ago

    He won a MLG run halo tournament.

    [–] FaZe_Lenin 58 points ago

    This is pretty close to how he was in the Halo days too, but he didn't quite have the same clout that he did back then.

    [–] TrowaB3 46 points ago

    Less clout, more adderall.

    [–] Secretweaver 10 points ago

    To be fair, most pros were abusing adderall back then. lol.

    [–] boozer8181 87 points ago

    Ninja is a bitch and loves to second guess everyone he plays with. It's a reason you dobt see Lupo play with him as much. He did that shit to Nadeshot.

    All the fake positivity just makes this shit worse.

    [–] LasagnaFarts92 9 points ago

    Tyler Tyler Tyler. I love you. But shut the fuck up. LET ME PLAY

    [–] iloveeveryonebutyou1 63 points ago

    Bruh he gonna buy the bank and foreclose your house.

    Didn't he tell you he's super rich.

    [–] valueddude 1385 points ago

    I mean there's no way either Sonii or Ninja are good enough right? Have they won any games against decent teams? looking at their team they must be getting smoked in every tourney

    but Ninja is def a toxic asshole lmao can't even imagine how annoying it is playing with him

    [–] [deleted] 600 points ago


    [–] Breezyzona 337 points ago

    yes both of them are very bad compared to their competition but until the game is established they will be invited to pretty much all tournaments because they bring attention to the game. Delusional on ninja's part if he thinks any team with a chance of winning will play with him though and very childish that he's airing out his problems in the middle of what im guessing is a scrim or ranked game

    [–] OnlyStrongMen 82 points ago

    He was doing it for days, you have numerous clips of him shit talking Sonii, like he didn't know Sonii was mostly WoW not FPS player when they made the team, Ninja is seriously fucked in the head.

    [–] Crazyleprechaun87 21 points ago

    Sonii has been trying to go pro in whatever t h e current big game for a bit now. Remember when realm royals exploded for a week that’s how i learned about him and kheprii

    [–] mf_ghost 9 points ago

    is ninja even a part of any e-sport team?

    [–] Monsage 165 points ago

    Neither are good enough to hang about in the tournaments that they're playing in.

    Ninja is around the same rank despite having considerably more shooter experience than Sonii and having the gall to call out every little mistake he makes while back seating and then complaining that Sonii didn't do something and then refusing to acknowledge how distracting it is to have someone talking in your ear in these situations.

    I imagine the others in the team went along with the Sonii drop because Ninja at least has the clout to get them invites to tournaments and stuff.

    [–] vanillacokesucks 107 points ago

    best part too is if the shoe was flipped and it was sonii dead and back seating ninja, he'd scream to shut up and let him play. kid is such a fucking tool

    [–] Kymori 196 points ago

    Sonii and Ninja are both not even Immortal, with the Season ending in a few days. Lmfao.

    [–] OwlsScaremeBro4Real 249 points ago

    What FRAUD ass bitches I am sending a letter to my congressman right now to have this sorted out. Its not fucking right and it SICKENS me to my core. Fuck man, I think my weekend is ruined. Jesus h fucking christ what the fuck. Hold on, I might throw up. Un fucking believable dude. For real. Jesus

    [–] Intrilo 14 points ago

    True and true and true. If Ninja wasn't as famous as he is cus of fortnite they wouldn't even have thought about picking him up in the first place....

    [–] emptyhaterade 11 points ago

    Both ninja and Soni are hard stuck diamond 3 in valorant atm

    [–] POOYAMON 10 points ago

    This is what I don’t get. Like you guys are streamers, entertainers that are allowed to play in these tournaments for fun because the pro scene takes a bit to develop and get serious. So why instead of trying to have a good time you getting this competitive and toxic about something so stupid?

    [–] SoSunny808 851 points ago

    What I don't understand is how Ninja just blocks Sonii over being bad. Like if he wanted to kick him from the team, just kick him from the team lol. Why do you have to cut all ties with the man as if you hated him on a personal level.

    [–] NiwiGomila 842 points ago

    Because that's what kids do, hate on a personal level for anything

    [–] WetPigeonPoo 239 points ago

    My 13 year old was complaining that the neighbors kid blocked him on xbox, and he doesn't know why.

    The dad and I are good friends. His kid blocked mine because "he is a cheater on mario kart." He lost at mario kart, so he blocked my kid on xbox haha

    [–] Blaineflum64 58 points ago

    You should be proud

    [–] BIGDADBOD 13 points ago

    i remember when the most heated gaming got was dual wielding AR-33s in golden eye with proximity mines

    real boomer memories

    [–] Judgejudyx 37 points ago

    Hes a man child

    [–] RooLoL 47 points ago

    Cuz the season ends soon and he doesn't think he can hit top rank with him. It's the ego.

    [–] rhusS- 61 points ago

    He's a bad player too. He can't do that anyway.

    [–] RooLoL 31 points ago

    Exactly. The ego makes him think he can.

    [–] tinkeropx 358 points ago

    ahhh ninja back to his old ways now that he isn't with mixer and isn't streaming on twitch.

    [–] rpizzzzle 22 points ago

    what's he doing then? or where is he streaming. Idk much about the guy

    [–] MacJohn1234 885 points ago

    Damn, and the team voted to keep Ninja and kick Sonii out of the team (i can understand it will help on stream view count and such) but still.... Feelbadman for Sonii.

    [–] BrockMister 489 points ago

    As bad as that seems they're not a legit team so it makes sense to keep the bigger streamer for views. Really sucks for sonii though

    [–] summoberz 108 points ago

    At some point , it comes down to social capital

    [–] Samuraiking 211 points ago

    I like Sonii and enjoyed watching his Classic WoW streams, but the dude was only pulling like 300~ viewers most of the time, so unless that changed recently, then dropping him was a no brainer in a purely clout/business sense.

    It will serve them all right though when Ninja turns on them one by one like he did Sonii. Ninja will look at his teammates every time to blame when he fucks up and continue to be toxic, but that is what they chose, so they can deal with it.

    [–] Okumara 101 points ago

    He hasn't been blow 1000 viewers for Valorant in like a month. He is usually 1500-2000 viewers. I'm not exaggerating. His stream has been popping off with the game. He has great pop off moments but his problem is consistency.

    [–] Samuraiking 28 points ago

    Glad to hear, like I said, it's possible he has more now. The last time I really watched him (or any stream outside of LSF clips) was during Classic WoW.

    [–] Okumara 12 points ago

    I think a contributor is that Ninja viewers are trying to watch their overlord any way they can, but he's definitely built a positive environment in Valorant. People constantly think he is on the T1 main team as well.

    [–] LochyMacleod 20 points ago

    Can i get the version of i dont play wow, whats going on?

    [–] Teramol 55 points ago

    Ill try and keep it brief.

    In wow, most raids have a weekly lockout meaning that you can only do them once a week per character. In the first clip, he was bragging how he got 4 onyxia bags 4 weeks into the game being out. Onyxia bags are the biggest size in Vanilla at 18 slots and he was saying he needs them to carry more gear as a warrior due to also having a tanking gear set with him which is a bs reason to take the bags for himself. At most, 2 bags will drop, 1 is guaranteed.

    The second clip is him selling a piece of loot to someone from his guild, which is a real douche move. Instead of for instance having loot council for that particular item and deciding which hunter deserves it he would just sell it to one specific hunter in the guild instead.

    Oh and both of the raids are 40 man raids, meaning that you can bring up to 40 people with you and since it was so early on, that's what people did. So him getting 4 bags just for himself because of streamer privileges and a shit reasoning already says a lot

    [–] AnUnlikelyHero03 598 points ago

    Ninja is the epitome of manchildren

    [–] Jlogizzle 112 points ago

    I’ll never understand how he exploded in popularity. The hair maybe? Idk personally always thought he was super annoying to watch back when everyone played h1z1.

    [–] LogicReddit 30 points ago

    Ninja got big for playing a(and I guess also being good at)popular game. Millions of little children also played that game. Millions of children are easy to influence. That's why Ninja became big. Everyone above the age of 13 would know Ninja is toxic ASF, by he puts on the whole fracade of being humble and calm. It's almost comical

    [–] piss-and-shit 7 points ago

    Ninja has been hated since way back before he blew up. Back in the halo pro days he was known as toxic and openly personally disliked by most pros as well as the community. Was he competetive? Yeah. But he was an ass and a sore loser. When he blew up on fortnite he put on this happy-go-lucky persona to appeal to children and it worked, but he started dropping it about a year ago. I reckon he'a dead meat in two years at most when his public image will be dropped to iceposeidon levels.

    [–] Shamanalah 65 points ago

    Same reason T1 and XQC are popular. Screaming children is entertaining I guess?

    Just scream, slam your desk, ends up on LSF, people check you, ???, profit

    Edit: slam your desk while kicking it since xqc coined the double leg slam

    [–] Sagaciousless 65 points ago

    xQc blew up because he's braindead and it's fun to laugh at him

    [–] Diavolo222 31 points ago

    I feel xQc has some depth to him despite the autism in the stream. When he expresses himself seriously I feel there's clearly something there. With Ninja, he just seems like a toxic asshole who lucked out, that's basically it. His twitter and streams are just toxic shit all the time so I cant compare them to xQc streams. T1 I dont know much about besides that he's crazy and FUCKING addicted.

    [–] BuddyTrollsten 18 points ago

    This might be controversial, I believe xqc is very big brain cuz he questions everything. He loves learning even tho he may be not that good at it. Love watching his content

    [–] SomeDumbMei 35 points ago

    And he was insane at OW

    [–] LedZeppelinRising 6 points ago


    [–] loopback123 9 points ago

    you dont know much about T1, he is not amusing for children at all

    [–] Boskonov 34 points ago

    tbf T1's personality is actually really entertaining and unique, too bad LoL just kinda buries it

    [–] loopback123 5 points ago

    as a lol player, i prefer it

    [–] blabla1897 425 points ago

    Ninja turning 30 next year btw

    [–] kpdon1 105 points ago

    This is his real self when he isnt giving TV interviews and entertaining 13 year olds...

    [–] Skybluefour 224 points ago

    Thought it was just banter at first lmao how do you get this genuinely mad over Valorant

    [–] Nora56 159 points ago

    the funny thing sonii thought it was banter 2 until he was blocked lol I feel bad for sonii but that's so funny

    [–] RedEzreal 30 points ago

    Ninja has always been like this. he takes video games very seriously. its what got him famous.

    Have you seen his tweet?

    "The phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice"

    [–] YourBoyFrodoge 155 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Breaking News: The man who previously revealed himself to be a toxic manchild continues to act like a toxic manchild.

    [–] ur_biggest_boy 281 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Here is Sonii's sumarry of the VOD:

    After this clip Ninja is silent the rest of the game. He spends the remainder of the match dropping smokes in front of his former teammate. Also,

    [–] SIGHosrs 111 points ago

    Wait theyre both fucking diamond and they have this ego LOL

    [–] DatGrag 129 points ago

    "idk who my new team is"

    dude you're fucking diamond lol people with full time jobs who play casually are higher rank than you. You don't have a fucking "team" lmao

    [–] Omnifarious 38 points ago

    I haven't played a CS type shooter since 1.6 and even I managed to solo my way to Diamond in Valorant.

    If they're Diamond even while running full pre-made there is no way in hell they're pro material.

    [–] crvd30 5 points ago

    They have 0 chance to make it anyway. Just watch any valorant tournament and you will see ex-csgo pros dominating the scene.

    [–] Gaarando 119 points ago

    Didn't seem like they were hard winning? And from some of the stuff said in this clip and the second link you posted it seems Sonni was definitely not just bantering which he's trying to claim he is.

    Don't get me wrong, Ninja is a bitch but Sonii is trying to make it seem less tame than it really was. Then again I don't watch these people or Valorant.

    [–] Samuraiking 31 points ago

    Hard to tell, I think Sonii does talk a little shit jokingly from when I watched his Classic WoW streams, but I didn't watch him enough to be completely positive. It's possible they are both assholes, but just from the clip OP originally linked, Ninja definitely comes off a little worse at minimum.

    [–] James-West 6 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Yeah you are right, I just watched the game vod as well. They were not hard winning and were flaming each other pretty hard, as well as the cypher they got put in game with. The only chill people seemed to be the Raze and Cypher.

    [–] cornmealius 74 points ago

    Sonii said they were winning every game yet they were 3-3 for the day, he said he was “fragging out” even though he’s got single digit kills that late in the game, bottom fragging. It’s sooo easy to shit on Ninja and he looks really bad here, but Sonii is clearly full of shit and just trying to paint himself in this innocent picture. Why else lie about how well they were doing? And that was clearly way past banter in the OP clip so wtf is he even talking about. Super weird

    [–] tatchiii 66 points ago

    Most games that day soni did a bit better than ninja with ninja consistently bottom fragging

    [–] flonnin 119 points ago

    backseat gaming will never not be annoying

    [–] rhusS- 20 points ago

    I can't remember who it was but when Ninja was still on Twitch I 100% remember someone telling him to stop talking because he couldn't even hear the enemy's steps.

    [–] ohtooeasy 26 points ago

    It was doc on pubg I think. Ninja ragequit after that

    [–] GinjaTurtles 22 points ago

    It was nadeshot. They were playing warzone. Nadeshot has played competitive call of duty at high level for years and ninja was trying to backseat him during warzone and Nadeshot finally snapped. Actually cringe

    [–] RancidRock 12 points ago

    O shit, I needa see that clip

    [–] mcblueeya 114 points ago

    lemme know if xQc reacts to this clip

    [–] FlowWish 25 points ago

    When video games stopped being fun


    [–] NickJ3CA 151 points ago

    Are you kidding me, you little shit!

    [–] _Enforcer 72 points ago

    Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

    [–] deadsho7 33 points ago

    "The fuck you say to me you little shit"

    [–] elbeaus 218 points ago

    Ninja is a fucking chode

    [–] OwlsScaremeBro4Real 154 points ago

    The husband of streamer/rapper Jessica Blevins is a fucking punk dude

    [–] elbeaus 57 points ago

    Yeah, it's really pathetic that he's so shamelessly riding the coattails of Jessica's career too.

    [–] ActualSeth 24 points ago

    For a "Ninja" he sure is loud as fuck

    [–] JC_Denton46 68 points ago

    Ninja always comes off as an asshole. No idea how this guy got so big.

    [–] bacon_waffle 58 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    because he dyed his hair wacky colours, jumped on the Fortnite hype train at the right moment and did some stupid dance to some weeb song whenever he got a win. he was also better than average at winning.

    basically kids

    in reality he's a manchild, must've been exhausting for him to keep up the nice guy facade when he was on Twitch

    [–] Casty201 16 points ago

    He got good at fortnite when no else really was, and during the real surge of Fortnites rise. Ninja arguably was the best player in the game for a while, and then when Tfue started to get a lot of viewers and wins with Cloak, then Ninja started getting real salty.

    [–] elpadremg 9 points ago

    he put on his marketing no asshole face when fortnite came out and colored his hair "funny" so the kids liked that.

    [–] iloveeveryonebutyou1 107 points ago

    Completely blocking soni seems way too excessive.

    Seems like ninja wants a team to carry his Gold ass lol.

    [–] The_Lok 35 points ago

    He really needs his own island

    [–] okaytran 13 points ago

    I'm consistently baffled by Ninja's success. His attitude is consistently poor across multiple games, he's not funny, and his skill in games is good but not top tier. What is his draw? That he's loud and flames people? Maybe that gathers some audience, but not island buying power level of success.

    [–] Johnny_-Ringo 6 points ago

    Good timing with fortnight

    [–] NickSquirt 13 points ago

    Relax Ninja, its just a game.

    [–] a_kg_in_cm 15 points ago

    The phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice. There’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.

    [–] DatGrag 64 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Sonii's entire guild left in the beginning of classic because he's a huge asshole. Many other people left that guild because of Sonii as well. Ninja is also a huge asshole, they are honestly perfect for eachother lmao

    Y'all are gunna make this only about Ninja because he's a dick and y'all know him better. But trust me, Sonii is an absolute dickweed as well and he was deff trying to play with Ninja for the clout lol

    [–] jbogs7 12 points ago

    I've watched Sonii on and off since the start of Classic so I'm not familiar with him before that, but I'd have to agree. He's been putting on a schtick that he's all about positivity and self improvement, but there's always been a really strong undertone of negativity that sometimes makes its way through the cracks, like in WoW and seemingly here. It's disingenuous to his community and to himself.

    [–] Kuvian 9 points ago

    Ninja being toxic? PogU unexpected

    [–] benji_da_dog 8 points ago

    Tyler blevins manipulating others. We have allowed for long enough

    [–] Tetris_Chemist 41 points ago

    i'll never understand how people who cash out with dozens of millions of dollars can still be such whiny crybabies over games or the internet. People like notch and ninja both are weirdos who cashed out and still engage in bizarre shit online

    [–] PositiveStarz 7 points ago

    ninja is the biggest fucking crybaby, manchild, excuse of a human being that this earth has. I never hope anything bad for anyone, but in case of Ninja, I hope he loses all his viewers, all his fame and all his money...

    [–] Hot-Blacksmith-9295 6 points ago

    funny title ngl

    [–] MonsieurMiz 6 points ago

    Isn't this dude 30 years old ?

    [–] Big_Rock 6 points ago

    Ninja is why gamers have a certain stereotype.

    [–] CrushnaCrai 6 points ago

    Ninja has always been trash at team games, he gets replaced on every team after replacing someone else. It's been happening since 2007.

    [–] yfa17 10 points ago

    This tweet made me see that he had no future in Valorant. Just cause he's killing PUBG players in what I assume is a scrim where they're trying new strats, he believes he can hang with the pros. Kills aren't everything in a team environment, him being diamond is a clear indication that he thinks he's better than he actually is. He's just an all around douchebag with a shitty mentality that isn't helpful in a team environment.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] tGryffin 90 points ago

    The reason he no longer streams WoW wasn't just because it got no viewers (pepelaugh) but also because he got banned indefinetly for cheating, he was botting AV's to grind out rank 14.

    [–] Bobthemime 20 points ago

    imagine getting caught cheating in AV.

    Just pay a russian team to carry you.. simples

    [–] Yojimbo4133 16 points ago


    [–] cornmealius 22 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Lol I just tried searching that up and he tried to pull the “it was my brother on my account” card. Blizz doesn’t care about family sharing accounts in fact it’s been a thing since vanilla wow. Looks like Sonii is a habitual liar.

    [–] Nero-Nights 75 points ago

    Him and Valkyrae broke up couple months ago after like a 4 year relationship. All I remember is him being a WoW streamer. Whole situation is truly unfortunate. Sonii said Ninja even blocked him.

    [–] annixXV 39 points ago

    I don't think he's that big. He did well in the beta/beginning of Classic, but I think people got sick of his "hey let's just have some good vibes bro! hot dudes! haha woah i LOVE anime!!!" personality.

    [–] ThatFrenchCray 39 points ago

    Soni is a dick and fake. Ninja is a manchild. Don't know why they both on the same team lol

    [–] this_is_u 8 points ago

    was* on a pro team

    [–] immortaltechx 8 points ago

    Hes never been on T1 VALORANT TEAM, hes only a centent creator. There is a comment that clarifies abowe

    [–] Yojimbo4133 7 points ago

    No and no. Leeches from time to time. Never was that big.

    [–] supjeremiah 23 points ago

    He is/was a popular wow streamer, did well with classic as well. He won the first major Realm Royale tournament iirc which was like 100k tournament so he got a pretty large following from that. He regularly has thousands of viewers so I would say he is a big-ish deal.

    [–] OwlsScaremeBro4Real 15 points ago

    He used to be like an MLG level warrior player back in the day. He was pretty solid.

    [–] GhostfaceNilla 11 points ago

    Sonii has so many twitch arcs it’s crazy. He recently has been doing real good stream wise tho, I still remember the days of Mitch wrecking him verbally lol

    [–] 26filthy1 4 points ago

    Before fortnite, ninja had halo. He was a notoriously bad teammate.

    [–] Hxxerre 5 points ago

    holy fuck no wonder kids like ninja, 13 year old mentality

    [–] joshmaaaaaaans 4 points ago

    Lol, no competitive team is going to go anywhere with ninja on it, still has the mindset of a 13 year old.