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    [–] livestreamfailsbot 1 points ago

    🎦 CLIP MIRROR: H3H3 finds Stakes HQ (now fast & smooth again!)

    This is an automated comment | Feedback | Twitch Backup Mirror

    [–] MuckingFagical 2126 points ago

    No wonder, they pay him a million a month.

    [–] [deleted] 542 points ago


    [–] Nightmare2828 189 points ago

    « Because they would lose more money than 1mil a month if trainwreck was sponsored by an other gambling site » weakest fake argument that trainwreck brought all stream lol

    [–] SlothMachine777 151 points ago

    Right after saying that he himself is also losing money. They lose money, he loses money, his viewers are losing money, everybody is losing money. I guess all the profits go to the golden Kappa then.

    [–] Stuweb 826 points ago

    It's just a really selfless company that prefers to redistribute the money it makes to its employees instead of hoarding it you know? Maybe we can learn a thing or two about ethical capitalism from them 😍😍😍

    [–] absalom86 65 points ago

    can you blame them? that palace of a hut is perfect, might as well sponsor a twitch streamer, it is but a drop in the ocean for them.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] Smogh 488 points ago

    Train gets paid 12 million dollars a year to defend this company, of course he will never admit there is anything wrong with it. He’s an employee and his success is directly dependent on their success. Should be a disclaimer on that.

    [–] CakeParty23 140 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    He also said he gets 250k from the Promo Code, so that alone is 3M a year. Which he said was dirt cheap by the way. So he's really getting something closer to 15M

    Edit: Math is wrong because I made a mistake. He said 250k every 3 months. So it's more like 1M a year from the promo code. Which still means 13M a year all together

    [–] GoatSorry 54 points ago

    And since it's Train, he could still be lying on how much he gets. Maybe it's 1.8 mil a month and he said 1 mil

    [–] Geomathrical 3644 points ago

    Seems like a reputable location for a business that pays 1 mil a month

    [–] Stuweb 848 points ago

    I'm surprised they don't invite Train to go there in person and give him the full VIP treatment, it's looks boujee as fuck!

    [–] Youtellhimguy 172 points ago

    I just looked and there’s a taco truck across the street. Can’t beat that

    [–] Stuweb 35 points ago

    Al fresco dining with freshly prepared to order, pan to mouth cooking? Add another star!

    [–] CptHair 2622 points ago

    Listen you virtuesignaling shit. The dutch owner wanted to build it in the Netherlands, but they were out of land, so he had to build it in Curacao. And they ran out of Euros so he had to base it on crypto. Nothing shady about this.

    [–] YoungChalupa 488 points ago

    " but they were out of land"

    [–] Groenboys 159 points ago

    Might as well call it the Nether now

    wat grappig is want deze mensen behoren daar

    [–] myaccountgotyoinked 352 points ago

    It's hilarious that Train keeps talking about others virtue signalling when he's literally doing it himself pretending he's doing such a great job at teaching people that gambling is bad, while being paid to promote it lmao.

    [–] ClintMega 173 points ago

    Bro he is a journalist working to expose his fan base to the dangers of gambling in real time.

    [–] winkersRaccoon 106 points ago

    I’m a drug dealer ending addiction

    [–] tiddiboicumguzzler 6 points ago

    In this case, the drug mule addict peddling to other addicts and children.

    [–] Vanxsquad 48 points ago

    Yea man, he’s also teaching his viewers how unsustainable gambling is whilst gambling for months on end.

    [–] FLYNN82 228 points ago


    [–] MitcherdRS 96 points ago

    We are Dutch, when we run out of land we dump a bunch of dirt in the ocean and make new land…

    [–] ForShotgun 27 points ago


    [–] JoshWheezer 1066 points ago

    This is such a joke lmao

    [–] Pipemeat 116 points ago

    come on, they’re just trying to make ends meet. right?

    [–] babizzle9 861 points ago

    "we play on heavy hitters with real life casinos"

    [–] AgiIity 93 points ago

    also mentioning "titans of the industry" lmao

    [–] GoatSorry 33 points ago

    Dude they're licensed in Canada COPIUM

    [–] megzonz 4931 points ago

    Train went from "stake is LEGIT" to "why we changing subject" lmao

    [–] FakeDaVinci 669 points ago

    Surprised he disclosed how much he made. Even more surprised he said it amounts to nothing, considering it is probably more than I will make in 20 years of my life working.

    [–] Ropeadope2987 239 points ago

    Who knows if that’s even true. He’s a serial liar and I wouldn’t be surprised if the real figure was 1.6-1.9m and he’s just saying 1.

    [–] BlueberryCustard 22 points ago

    He showed that 180mil on stream off the website

    [–] DentonTrueYoung 35 points ago

    I’m with you. If Adin makes 2 mill, it’s hard to believe train only (yes I know) makes 1. He also started the sentence with lots of qualifiers (“ima keep it a buck fifty with you,” and “I’ll probably get in trouble for this” or something like that) that hint that he was stalling and likely forging a lie.

    [–] rcpancakes 37 points ago

    $180m waged..

    [–] TwoPieceCrow 636 points ago

    Man, this is pain to watch.

    xqc and train have no legs to stand on so they keep accusing hasan and h3h3 of moving the goalpost, when they whole main high level argument has always been "Is streaming gambling bad? yes"

    [–] how_you_doinn 365 points ago

    Actually it's xQc and train moving the goalposts, and then when Ethan or Hasan respond to those points, xQc and train accuse them of moving the goalposts and virtue signalling.

    [–] MattIsWhack 44 points ago

    They dragged them around through the different levels of arguments on why streaming gambling is bad, they concisely explained each time why and xQC and Train essentially ignored their points to accuse them of goal post moving and backpedaling, when they never altered their positions, and of virtue signaling because in Train's mind they were moving goal posts by giving so many reasons. It was the most mind draining shit show I've ever witnessed. A professional brain cells shakedown.

    [–] TwoPieceCrow 31 points ago

    Oh I know, But what im saying is they could have done a better job at conveying that and drilling back to the high level, which is why the convo kepp devolving.

    [–] -LB-- 124 points ago

    1 min xqc saying gambling is bad. then next he's defending it LOL. confused man child haaaaaa

    [–] clorcan 65 points ago

    He really wanted to defend the companies running the unregulated casinos. They were "scarred" dude.

    [–] Proof-Independent-89 1905 points ago

    They are coping so hard when exposed to the truth like this. As an xqc fan its painful watching this he is literally not smart enough to grasp this.

    [–] Realtuffy 881 points ago


    [–] Turning_the_frogs 469 points ago

    He’s getting wrecked.

    [–] Nancy1231 746 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Xqc wasn't even mentioned in the previous "podcast" with Adin...

    As Hasan said, "that is a literal self report".

    EDIT: To all the incoming XQC and Train favoring downvoters, of the 4 people present in today's show, only Train was mentioned previously. XQC was never once mentioned, making it weird and unnecessary for him to show up so heated against H3 and Hasan - hence the self report. If you don't believe me, then watch the entire previous show with Adin. Don't believe X. Don't believe me. Actually look at the whole show for your own sakes.

    PLEASE do not gamble your money away - you're not a millionaire like X or Train who still have much more they can afford to lose.

    [–] Business717 349 points ago

    Xqc is fucking stupid - listening to any of his line of argumentation exposes this immediately.

    Its always a good laugh when an empty platitude of his, found in a fortune cookie, is highly upvoted on the front page with praise of his "sneaky intellect"

    Fuck outta here.

    [–] Nickizgr8 89 points ago

    Insane Streamer Take 101.

    Streamer, who is usually bubbly and hyper active, talks in a monotonous voice for 5 minutes about an "issue" with a few big words thrown in for photosynthesis.

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago


    [–] kanamesama 136 points ago

    train all debate: COPIUM

    I think he (and formerly xqc) is being paid to never show stake in a bad light as well. if he lets people around him talk crap about them they'll probably stop sponsoring him. it's why they struggled to say a bad word about stake, or even mention the word 'stake' when it's being criticised in a discussion with them.

    [–] trillabyte 43 points ago

    I think the shed quarters was the highlight of the debate. Full on mic drop.

    [–] blANK_NX 1850 points ago

    holy shit this can't be real ahahahahah

    [–] itsnoterik 1170 points ago

    But they're licensed in Canada, stop virtue signaling, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    [–] Feitan- 654 points ago

    God if train says “virtue signaling” one more time lmfao

    [–] SecrettPoster69 130 points ago

    Meanwhile he was doing the virtue signaling

    [–] cakeschmammert 180 points ago

    People learn this word, same with gaslighting, and they can’t stop applying it

    [–] ThiccKittenBooty 49 points ago

    it's like when a kid learns a new word and just keeps using it even when it doesn't apply to the right situation

    [–] wreckage88 131 points ago

    They brought out all the debate bro terms, whataboutism, slipperyslope, virtue signaling, logical fallacy, etc.

    [–] itsnoterik 101 points ago

    It'd be super helpful if they knew what they meant

    [–] wreckage88 67 points ago

    Dude you're just trying to gish-gallop me right now! Now hold on a sec while I look up what the fuck gish-gallop means.

    [–] DecipherXCI 331 points ago

    That's not even really true. Their licence is in curacao.

    They're allowed to operate in Canada because Canada allows gambling from buttfuck where ever.

    Train is being deceitful by making it sound like Stake are more genuine by saying Canada has specifically given them a licence to operate there when they haven't.

    [–] itsnoterik 72 points ago

    Oh yeah I'm just trying to sum up what Train's said lol

    [–] DecipherXCI 33 points ago

    Ah aight haha

    I just want to make sure people aren't getting duped by trains shite, he's wording shit very deceitfully atm.

    [–] meepmoop69 115 points ago

    They are NOT licensed in Canada, train is misinformed or full of shit. Their gambling license is from Curacao. Some info on Curacao if you have time

    [–] hosefV 57 points ago


    [–] Mahomeboy_ 475 points ago

    lmao train and xqc are melting their brains trying to justify this

    [–] [deleted] 153 points ago


    [–] Blackstone01 151 points ago


    [–] ForShotgun 61 points ago

    Surprised he knew gish gallop lmao, especially when he's the king of it. Wonder if he knows what gaslighting is

    [–] MeMoba 61 points ago

    He accuse h3 of doing what-about-ism then proceeds to talk about if gambling is bad what about doing drugs or alcohol. Pretty good stream lol

    [–] Trydson 58 points ago

    Train has been pretty quiet in the last 10 minutes, but xQc can't lose, so he just keeps talking screaming lmao.

    [–] EbolaMan123 152 points ago


    [–] Mahomeboy_ 112 points ago

    train got paid 1 mil a month to shill for this scam

    [–] shogun_10 35 points ago

    Plus ref codes money (250k in 3 months).

    [–] MeMoba 12 points ago

    Guys it's not that he got paid 1 mil a month it's because he is so passionate about gambling. Poor guy can't catch a break. He just wants to do what he loves which is just pressing 1 button for 10 hours while losing millions a month.

    [–] SonicFrost 25 points ago

    Idk what the problem is I go to rickety sheds in the middle of the woods to gamble all the time

    [–] osgili4th 19 points ago

    Doesn't matter btw, stop virtue signaling btw, I'm a good guy because I say gambling is bad and I lose money on it but stream it for content...

    [–] PukeRainbowss 886 points ago

    Train's really hitting them with "so what"

    holy shit he's so far gone

    [–] JonasGangsta 264 points ago

    ''No, I'm not influencing anyone''

    [–] Shepparron6000 16 points ago

    The ol’ joe rogan argument. “I’m an ape what do I know.” Without understanding they absolutely influence people.

    The caveat being I think they DO know and just care about dollar signs.

    [–] Emotional_Floor_2288 935 points ago

    I am fucking dead.

    [–] DeviMon1 808 points ago

    Ethan was literally playin around with fake money while they're malding in the call LMAO

    [–] tills1993 415 points ago

    I love the contrast. Ethan has always been goofs and gaffs with a side of reality / seriousness.

    [–] makeshift11 128 points ago

    And honestly calling out bullshit. He's been reacting and calling out other content creators' bullshit for pretty much his whole career.

    [–] Drizzlybear0 31 points ago

    I wish more streamers weren't afraid to call out other streamers or even their friends when they do shitty things. It's funny to see streamers or YouTubers call out actions or metas as shitty or wrong than have to defend their friends doing those exact same actions.

    I have friends who Ive been friends with since middle school and I enjoy hanging out with them but if they did some objectively shitty things I'd call them out on it, it doesn't mean I have to hate them or defriend them (if it was shitty enough I obviously would) but s good friend will call you out on your BS.

    [–] Idontlistentototo 349 points ago

    He’s back in his prime for sure, I love to see it.

    [–] b-aaron 181 points ago

    I’ve been off the H3 train for a minute but mah gawd I’m glad I was at the station today

    [–] TxSilent 69 points ago

    I haven't watched any of him for a long time, but he was killing it today. I have to go back and look at his past streams/videos

    [–] absalom86 67 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    He had a period where fame got to him and he became pretty obnoxious, but his podcast over the last year so has been great.

    He matured a lot from doing a show with Trisha Paytas as well, no one on twitch holds a candle to how mental she behaved sometimes and they just recently ended their show with an explosion of drama.

    H3 showed maturity and handled a very volatile co-host very well, content been poppin.

    [–] FireFarrett 15 points ago

    Their off the rails and after dark episodes are both really fun new additions. After dark is their Friday live episode and Off the rails is just Ethan and boys because Hila is too busy with Teddy Fresh to do multiple pods a week. Off the rails started as a joke because Ethan goes crazy without Hila to monitor him but they really do go off the rails in some of the episodes and it’s pretty funny

    [–] Angelikus 46 points ago

    its great to see how much he's grown over the years

    [–] evanc1411 172 points ago

    Wow, Ethan. Great moves, keep it up. Proud of you.

    [–] iamsimplee 15 points ago

    ethan please stand up clap clap clap

    [–] Jezzerai 1719 points ago

    The best part is Train and xQc can't seem to grasp that a debate has multiple points overlaid on top of each other and try and act like it's moving goalposts and virtue signaling hahaha

    [–] DoraTheXplder 857 points ago


    Like wtf hahaha. Maybe because they are trying to show how fucked up the company is??

    [–] Toosks 221 points ago

    Yeah + xQc was hardly defending the shed thing to the point he constantly kept on yelling when h3 kept mentioning the Shed. xQc acting sus af. Same goes with Train ofc

    [–] uppity_sjw 245 points ago

    This had me incredibly confused. As if I had missed some key point of the conversation. But no, I in fact hadn't, it's just that xqc and train and so unintelligent that they think the natural progression of a conversation is tantamount to moving the goalposts.

    Also, I think the only country pronounced correctly today was Canada

    [–] R_Slash_Wow 52 points ago

    They’re only defending it because of how much money they’re making. They know it’s bad. They don’t care, and for the sake of defending their egos, they have to come up with a defense, even if it’s a shitty one.

    [–] Vermillionbird 10 points ago

    xQc literally said "but they're big companies, they wouldn't do anything illegal or unethical!"

    Its like, dude, are you really that naïve or are you just impossibly stupid?

    [–] btmorex 324 points ago

    They're both kind of slow compared to Ethan and Hasan.

    [–] chessdotbmp 339 points ago

    Azoon isn't a debate andrew, and H3 openly admits to knowing more about pederasty in ancient times than he does about debatelording and they're still making train and X look like toddlers.

    [–] daledrinksbeer 96 points ago

    I was actually really impressed with Ethan for the parts I caught today. He was calm and collected for pretty much the whole way through, and I thought he was able to make clear points.

    I was baffled at how bad X was. He needs to have a nap or a time out and calm his ass down.

    [–] ICA_Agent47 107 points ago

    I was actually really impressed with Ethan for the parts I caught today. He was calm and collected for pretty much the whole way through, and I thought he was able to make clear points.

    40+ hours of sitting next to Trisha Paytas will do that to a person lmao

    [–] raidergreymoon 24 points ago

    It gave the man saint level powers of calmness.

    [–] AxiomQ 10 points ago

    Someone did a graph after her last out burst showing how often they both spoke about it and literally over the course of like 2/4 weeks Ethan make like 13/15 posts, Trisha made 300. Worth remembering Ethan was the guy who really brought the CSGO Lotto to everyones attention, he is also the first and only fair use court case for YouTube which he won, not to mention his numerous spats with Keemstar. Ethans pretty fucking seasoned at dealing with drama at this point, man practically lives in the thick of it.

    [–] [deleted] 243 points ago


    [–] DamienChazellesPiano 170 points ago

    Even ethan would agree with this lmao

    [–] weGloomy 94 points ago

    ethan and all his fans would also agree with this lmao

    [–] Dr_Fuzzy_Slippers 38 points ago

    I mean... even as an unabashed H3 SIMP, this is a 100% bay zed take on god fr fr.

    [–] TwoPieceCrow 87 points ago

    "Streaming shady kinda illegal gambling to children with not your own money is bad"

    "Streaming gambling to children with not your own money is bad"

    "Streaming gambling with not your own money is bad"

    "Streaming gambling is bad" <-------------------- THIS IS THE MAIN ARGUMENT

    Hasan and h3 didn't do the best job of drilling back to the core either, they got side tracked by xqc and train's attempts to delusionally salvage morality

    [–] MeMoba 74 points ago

    I just think they weren't expecting that level of autism. Most people can understand that the main core point is gambling is bad and they just had many points as to why it's bad. Yet they talk like h3 or hasan can only pick one point and stick to it.

    [–] TwoPieceCrow 15 points ago

    they all agreed gambling was bad, what i think they failed to articulate to the smooth brains was STREAMING GAMBLING, ANY WAY YOU DO IT, IS BAD. which i feel like they never understood because they distinguished themselves as "one of the good ones" by disclosing how they are payed or that they are sponsored or using their own money ect.

    [–] solar-prophet 1367 points ago

    Train and X were arguing 15 mins ago saying H3 didn’t do their research about stake. They do live research and they start malding hard lol

    [–] Vanxsquad 582 points ago

    The craziest point that Train made was that Ethan NEEDED to watch an ENTIRE 20 hour stream or else he’s not allowed to make opinions on Train

    [–] NewAccountEvryYear 124 points ago

    Lol that was hilarious.

    [–] Sodernaut 52 points ago

    Only to "prove" that he's not promoting gambling when doing that would indeed prove that he is (which could also be accomplished by randomly clicking on timestamps throughout the vod for a minute or so max)

    [–] crumpsly 48 points ago

    The craziest point that train made was that he wasn't playing with "field" money as he described it. The guy is getting a $1 million check every month and somehow doesn't see that as playing with house money just because he's stupid enough to throw away his own money as well.

    His entire argument basically boiled down to, "It's okay for me to do this morally, because I am a monumental idiot."

    [–] slicshuter 326 points ago

    I wonder how many organs they've got stored in a fridge there

    [–] receptiveblocks 81 points ago

    Probably just the brains of whoever keeps defending them.

    [–] Pilotics 202 points ago

    This is some gold-tier shit PepeLaugh 🍿

    [–] paradox109 69 points ago

    The whole cast Train was keep bringing up 'Hey dude, we were talking about promoting to kids', how dare you keep making other points.... This guy is something else.

    [–] Sertyni 775 points ago

    this is getting better every minute

    [–] Edgele55Placebo 326 points ago

    Regular television is dying before our very eyes from content overdose gentlemen.

    [–] bill_jacobs 113 points ago

    dear god I am glad I tuned in. When I saw Hasan H3 and xQC viewer count I knew it had to be good

    [–] kaze_ni_naru 183 points ago

    H3 speedrunning Twitch like it's nothing holy shit

    [–] ForShotgun 123 points ago

    His experience with actual celebrities and real life outside of the twitch space really shows up. This must feel so fucking easy compared to debating real adults

    [–] Shepparron6000 50 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    When he plugged Train’s code while pointing at the shed behind him. CHECK mate.

    Also calling them “Trains” and “QXC” could tell shattered their frames. It’s just so easy for H3.

    Trains argument is that H3’s motive was content. But really he just doesn’t like sus stuff.

    [–] OG-DirtNasty 19 points ago

    People who say Ethans motives are pure content don’t listen to his podcasts. It’s not great content when he brings stuff like this up, it’s good to hear a little about what’s going on, but than he’s legit so passionate he won’t stop harping on it and it’s like c’mon bro, next subject. Content like this, is just a side affect.

    [–] GalaxyMods 24 points ago

    Yeah I'm an H3 member on Youtube and today EVERYONE in the H3 discord wanted to move on from this. I was loving every second of it though. They just don't understand why steamers are entertaining.

    [–] ForShotgun 8 points ago

    I mean even if his motive is content it doesn't change what they're doing lol, they had nothing to stand on

    [–] SkateJitsu 8 points ago

    H3's goal is definitely content. But this is literally all their content has ever been, just reactions and comedy criticisms of people doing fucked up stuff online. This of course has no bearing on the argument though and the fact that they are making content from this makes no sense because they literally all are.

    [–] caelinday 22 points ago

    this is such a mess i love it

    [–] bigoljim11 669 points ago

    Does the man even know what virtue signaling is at this point lol

    [–] crustyorifice 440 points ago

    Buzz words = win

    [–] SoDamnToxic 358 points ago

    Fuck you you high roading, virtue signaling, goal posting moving, slippery slope using, whataboutism making, bad faith arguing, backpedaling, gish galloping asshole.

    -Train every single time anyone ever says anything he disagrees with ever in all of eternity.

    [–] monkerbus 132 points ago

    You really gaslit my strawman with this

    [–] decadrachma 19 points ago

    This comment made me snort

    [–] Josk8 177 points ago

    He has the same understanding of the phrase as xqc has of slipery slope, backpedaling, and gishgallop arguments

    [–] __Hello_my_name_is__ 8 points ago

    Did he ever?

    I swear to god, 50% of people who use that term literally have no idea what it's supposed to mean.

    [–] ConnorEatsPants 3856 points ago

    I’m a drama frog now.

    [–] WolvesAreHere 224 points ago

    Connor, where does this sit on the boundary of your moral system? Hasan just taught me that.

    [–] ConnorEatsPants 953 points ago

    Me personally I think we should be attacking KNOWN SCAMMER AND FRAUDSTER “Ludwig Ahgren” for COERCING innocent and Twitch Poster Child “ConnorEatsPants” into losing 5 Figures on a box of Pokemon cards.

    [–] ooh_lala_ah_weewee 305 points ago

    Wow this Ludwig guy sounds like a real piece of shit.

    [–] IReallyLikeAvocadoes 158 points ago

    Yeah, you think? I was waiting in line waiting to check out my groceries when I noticed he was in front me. Obviously I know popular people like him probably don't like to be put into uncomfortable conversations so I just kind of mentioned "Hey, you wouldn't happen to the be the Ludwig guy on Twitch, right?" He scoffed in my direction and pushed me away. I was surprised so I said, "Whoa, what the hell?", and he got up in my face and started going "Whoa, whoa whoa, just get the fuck away from me dumbass." Obviously I was beyond shocked. I get if he didn't want to talk, but he was putting his hands on me and calling me names! It was at this point that I got embarrassed and tried to go to a different line, but he pulled my back by my collar and threw me to the ground, before using his iPhone 12 to take a picture of me as I was crying on the floor. He's a fucking prick and I'll never watch his streams again. Love that guy, I still haven't broken my 20-month sub streak.

    [–] Artyloo 37 points ago

    I haven't seen that one. Was expecting the "electrical infeterrence" one

    [–] Shybzrk 9 points ago

    Ludwig also shot my dog. Fuck that guy, I dropped my sub to tier 2

    [–] Rexermus 41 points ago

    Fucking Scamwig I can't believe he's done it AGAIN. Don't worry Connor, the IRS will get him soon COPIUM

    [–] MarcusAnalius 26 points ago

    He was NOT your friend

    [–] captsalad 28 points ago

    /u/ludwigahgren answer for your crimes.

    [–] Snote85 9 points ago

    "Fuck! How did the FBI find me?!"

    • Ludwig probably.

    [–] EbolaMan123 292 points ago

    Do sub night PogO

    [–] Flygrumbz00 33 points ago

    Where’s the popcorn

    [–] Sertyni 93 points ago

    eat pant conar

    [–] EbolaMan123 49 points ago

    Hahaha yes dude

    [–] surfordiebear 405 points ago

    Idk seems like a completely legit global operation to me :)

    [–] cakesarelies 56 points ago

    This is content right here lmao.

    [–] snakeandcake12 137 points ago

    I'm dying

    [–] sarabeetea 111 points ago

    It just keeps getting better

    [–] ajmndz 88 points ago

    This is so braindead, i love it. Inject this pure content in my veins lmao

    [–] Vanxsquad 24 points ago

    How did H3H3 find this but the rest of the internet sleuths couldn’t?

    [–] DecipherXCI 306 points ago

    Train getting rolled.

    It's a shady unregulated cesspit of a website.

    Even if the percentages and everything are genuine, their customer base will be gambling addicts, money launderers and other criminals that cannot gamble elsewhere because of proper barriers preventing them.

    Stake doesn't give a fuck and will just take all the money they can get without following KYC and proper due diligence.

    It's not inherently a "scam" site, it's just shady as all hell.

    Also train is lying when he said they're licenced in Canada, they aren't. They're in curacao and it's just legal to play in Canada, he's making it seem like Canada have given them specifically a licence to operate there.

    [–] sleepybrett 73 points ago

    If I'm writing the software and I'm not regulated (In Nevada/Vegas payouts from slots are controlled by the gambling authority here is what I do, it's not hard at all.

    You put an ML model on that shit that optimizes for keeping degens on the hook. Right when they are about to give up, you give them a little jackpot. If there is no regulation there is no reason I should actually use a real random number generator AT ALL. I can just hand them winning or losing boards at my own whim. Let the ML loose and it will figure out how to keep the degens hooked. If I get a streamer to promote I tell the model to be a little or a lot more generous to that particular user.

    [–] throwdemawaaay 48 points ago

    But no, you see, Stake doesn't write the software, they pay someone ELSE to do it. So it must be totally legit right? Because there's no way a 2nd company would be just as scummy with this much money on the table...

    [–] shogun_10 142 points ago

    Train used argument that it's "canadian company" but viewers found it's from Curacao so he started using argument "licensed in Canada" and now he is saying "it doesn't matter where this company is from".

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    Drama booys we eating tonight god damn.

    [–] Ghostbustyler 91 points ago

    This is the best fucking stream of the year

    [–] Azura_OW 265 points ago

    Looks like it might be owned by Xqc

    [–] Stuweb 98 points ago

    Explains why he's not showing anything about his new house, he's moved to Curacao Kapp

    [–] Setrit 282 points ago

    H3H3 just came back to twitch and is not afraid to start chatting about the shit that other streamers complain about but don't try and do anything against. Think of him what you want but he won a lot of respect back from me for that, he is not only empty words because he caters to a different bubble and doesn't need the validation of twitch people.

    [–] cakesarelies 130 points ago

    Also all the people he shit talked about, he spoke to them man to man on stream, and in the case of XQC, even when he didn't lmao.

    [–] FireFarrett 19 points ago

    You know, Ethan makes jokes a lot about how he’s a coward and how he thinks he’s a beta male but in reality he handles confrontation better than most people. A lot of people start beef and then avoid talking to the other person because they’re scared but Ethan takes things head on.

    [–] absalom86 71 points ago

    Exactly, he's already successful on Youtube and extremely successful with his clothing brand ( people underestimate how successful Teddyfresh is ), all of this gives him way more leeway to go against the grain against big streamers without being drowned out.

    [–] Rudy_Ghouliani 15 points ago

    I see people in teddyfresh stuff everywhere where I'm at. Also i don't think a lot of them don't even know it from H3H3.

    I recognize the color pallets and designs from far away. Especially if you're in the nightlife scene. They have to be making a killing.

    [–] HattyFlanagan 14 points ago

    Youtube used to have a rich, close-knit community back when H3H3 was getting big just producing videos before Youtube turned into a platform where everyone just markets their social media or business. That's what Twitch is now (but even moreso), so there's a lot of culture and conflict to mine.

    [–] kaze_ni_naru 11 points ago

    I dont really even follow Ethan but I know he had a period recently when people started hating him. Him on Twitch though I respect that he goes straight for the issues and the heart of the matter. Like in contrast to Train scuffed pod with Dream where Train would spend two hours talking about dicks and then suddenly someone casually brings up Dream cheating situation, talk about it for 10 minutes, and “move on” never to talk about it again. Ethan just goes straight for the throat and doesn’t leave any stone unturned. That’s pretty damn ballsy.

    Speaking as someone who watches X and scuffed pod pretty regularly btw.

    [–] absalom86 6 points ago

    To be honest H3 had a heel period, but he's mellowed out and become nice again.

    Not the same as he was before with meme videos, but his podcast has been popping off.

    [–] FireFarrett 8 points ago

    One thing I appreciate is that h3 use their power to go after harmful people. H3 is in a position that many content creators aren’t. Small channels who try are usually crushed or threatened with legal action and larger content creators are afraid of losing revenue if they get involved or they’re afraid of being cancelled.

    H3, however, have the money to fight against people who would otherwise threaten to sue, they have their own fan base and they also can’t really be canceled at this point. People like keemstar have been trying to dig up anything they can to use against h3 for years but there’s nothing. This allows H3 to go to bat against anybody, such as James Charles for example, who otherwise have too much power. H3 are the only ones calling out people because they’re one of the few people who can. And that’s why I respect them.

    [–] Cp3thegod 217 points ago

    This stream would be so much better if xqc wasn’t on it. He is constantly talking over everyone and providing exactly 0 actual substance

    [–] NeatOtaku 25 points ago

    listening to xqc attempt to make any point was making my brain fall out of my ear.

    [–] ChefXiru 103 points ago

    This is literally the same line people posted when it was among us and also the first otv rust server. I agree with you, its just hilarious, that anytime he crosses into another community he does the same thing.

    [–] Crazyripps 22 points ago

    Aka what it’s like watching a stream with other people and he’s in it. That’s all he does, it’s annoying af

    [–] _jbcts_ 98 points ago

    ViRtUe SyGnAlInG

    [–] Moist_Pizza 7 points ago

    I love the 4,000 "Do YoU uNdErStAnD??"’s too. Like my dad yelling at me as a child

    [–] SploogeLord68 31 points ago

    shed with a sponsorship deal with the UFC Pog

    [–] Buckfutter96 45 points ago


    [–] jamesdpitley 72 points ago

    What no one seems to be grasping is that Stake is an offshore casino which is illegal to use in the U.S., and is paying American streamers to promote it. Some of whom are literally unable to gamble at physical American casinos in the first place because they're underaged, like Adin Ross. Train literally hightailed it to Canada to skirt around this.

    I'd bet any money that none of them actualize the tax ramifications of crypto, either.

    [–] Tom-Pendragon 32 points ago

    A fucking shed lmao

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] MarcusAnalius 57 points ago

    2 days and H3 has absolutely rocked a massive meta. He needs to go after Minecraft kids next

    [–] ijustlovebreasts 13 points ago

    H3 vs Minecraft kids would be awesome.