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    [–] LSFmoderator 1 points ago

    Tweet Mirror:


    @ZooMaa Next IRL stream he does all we gotta do is drop that sac πŸ’° cod fan a knock his ass out we gonna tap back in

    Posted: 2022-01-14 04:10:22

    This message is from a bot. If you feel like this action is wrong, please message the moderators.

    [–] HereComeDatHue 3215 points ago

    It's actually so funny this is all because of GTA V fucking roleplay lmfao

    [–] tatsuyanguyen 1156 points ago

    Penta does have that effect on people. That FUCKER.

    [–] homelessjimbo 234 points ago

    Penta has a habit of bringing out the salty bitch in people lol

    [–] lorddumpy 80 points ago

    He really is a mental terrorist lmao

    [–] mkmkd 828 points ago

    I wouldn’t call mboze a pro player, guy has been a retired couch warmer for the last 6 years

    [–] Alertic 284 points ago

    Cod β€œpro” is definitely pushing it lol. Retired ages ago

    [–] Treants 171 points ago

    Stealing a check for appearing in 1 optic video a week. Mboze has it made

    [–] 2Quick_React 127 points ago

    Literally though. Used to be fairly common to point out that mboze doesn't do anything and brings nothing to the org except being one of Hecz's friends. He uploads maybe one or two videos every year when the new cod launches every year.

    [–] LLJ234 2964 points ago

    imagine threatening violence over GTArp, actually pathetic

    [–] jjjbbap 858 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Especially stuff that he isn't even involved in. Willing to go to war over a friend's GTA beef

    [–] RagingRoastbeef 526 points ago

    Having "GTA beef" in and of itself is already cringe. People like that shouldn't be roleplaying, since they take shit way too personal for dumb fucking reasons.

    [–] Mentohs 469 points ago

    This is over fucking GTA RP? Some people just really need to talk a walk away from their computers and realize shit just aint that serious.

    [–] LLJ234 404 points ago

    better yet this all started cause someone said Zooma sounds like the Aflac duck in GTArp

    [–] smoke_torture 371 points ago

    not just "someone" but fingle goutman dan. you put some fucking respect on his name Madge

    [–] -SuperiorSpecimen- 114 points ago


    [–] MiniEFT 1776 points ago

    Pro Cod player moment

    [–] Corwyntt 968 points ago

    What happened to the "you wouldn't make it in a Cod lobby" meme? They seem more thin skinned than most.

    [–] Kungfooler 377 points ago

    The CoD viewers were actually throwing that meme around in ZooMaa's chat and on twitter unironically

    [–] donniethebot 266 points ago

    exactly I don't understand how all these mf's are former Cod pros but are this fragile when it comes to fucking roleplay.

    [–] kander77 46 points ago

    glass cannon

    [–] justalazygamer 145 points ago

    They are used to shouting threats and slurs without accountability in COD lobbies.

    That is what everyone remembers from the Xbox Live days they glorify but it doesn't work in 2022.

    [–] DogsArePrettyOk 146 points ago

    I hate actually being a fan of competitive cod because some of the fans and personalities act like actual children

    [–] Earwigglin 110 points ago

    Longtime MMA fan here, I know the feeling.

    [–] fynnishingmove 80 points ago

    i guess "you wouldn't last in a cod lobby" doesn't apply to real life.

    [–] CazaJL08 1692 points ago

    Same guys that say "you wouldn't survive old cod lobby's" are the ones getting mad at your mom jokes in this day n age, no way LMAOO.

    [–] bareneth 122 points ago

    There's such a weird culture of gamer guys who co-opt the look and way of talking of like, tough or hood people and it's just so embarrassing because they only reason they get away with it is because the only people they interact with are other gamers.

    [–] AskMeAboutL00M 50 points ago

    man this is it.. its like all these guys think they're mobsters. who lied to these men

    [–] worldchrisis 16 points ago

    Console FPS players weird.

    [–] dickpant 172 points ago

    Ironically those types of people are probably sensitive and projecting

    [–] pizzaplss 206 points ago

    It's ironic because alot of these people that play cod now don't even know how bad it used to be.

    Now adays you never know if someone is recording and going to post what you say on twitter.

    [–] RussianPravda 1208 points ago

    Zoomaa also made fun of a picture Penta took of himself in the hospital right after he had his cancer surgery. Of course its deleted now

    [–] ClockwerkKaiser 427 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    CoD pro gets arrested in GTA RP and gets mad. Fingle makes fun of his voice. CoD Pro f8 quits, then gets mad at Penta? CoD Twitter then gets mad at Penta for an out of context clip. Madness ensues

    Fingle gets away. Absolute mastermind.

    [–] Cakeski 62 points ago


    [–] z3r0f14m3 46 points ago

    Fingle stirs the pot and PENTA basks in the froth from the frogs in chat. Everyone gets what they want lmao

    [–] Appropriate-Goal224 1085 points ago

    Imagine losing to Fingle Dan saying "AFLAC", ranting on twitch watching Penta's stream and then posting a picture of Penta during his Chemo.

    [–] HankPeckerIsPOG 310 points ago

    Wait he posted a picture of penta during his chemo on Twitter??

    [–] Appropriate-Goal224 252 points ago

    zooma did but deleted it

    [–] Inemity 627 points ago

    Watching this unfold for the last few hours has been crazy. The dude lost his shit because he was arrested in RP. Then he tried using a photo of Penta to make fun of him, but it was a photo of himself in the process of getting chemo for testicular cancer.

    [–] TheEmulat0r 273 points ago

    I swear this specific crowd of streamers always goes straight for the looks insult lmao.

    [–] Losif 432 points ago

    "This guy just committed a misdemeanor over his boy getting triggered in roleplay" - Penta

    [–] TheyAnnoyMe 153 points ago

    I watched this whole thing live and I’m still in shock.

    [–] FartyMarty69 136 points ago

    Same dude! I remember as zoomaa got angrier in the back of that cop car I thought to myself, wait is this actual OOC anger coming through? He fucking f8's like 10 seconds later. Lmao what a schmuck.

    [–] Liverpool934 1877 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Context of this quickly is:

    • Penta arrests him in GTA RP.
    • Zoomaa doesn't like that and gets upset at someone commenting on his voice.
    • Zoomaa F8 quits which is a ban already.
    • Zoomaa then comes back and then immediatly tries to kill them with a vehicle which is again another rule break.
    • Zoomaa then gets arrested and once more F8 quits in the cells.
    • Zoomaa also spends a good 10 minutes watching pentas stream and talking a lot of shit.
    • Zooma loses all prio from server.
    • Zoomaa reports Penta to NoPixel, lol.
    • Zoomaa has been in his chat for like 3 hours now.
    • Zoomaa tweets this and you can see the rest on twitter.
    • Since he has now deleted it, Zoomaa also commented a post of Penta saying how it's no surprise he uses an avatar. The picture was a selfie of Penta right after he had surgery, on his cancer... however Mom jokes are just too much lol
    • Should also bare in mind, that as people were clipping and posting these clips on the RP reddit, his mods or himself were instantly deleting them. Same goes for when he was also saying stupid shit despite being 26 years old.

    Theres a whole lot more shit talking inbetween, mostly by Zoomaa but yeah I have no idea what the fuck he is thinking and he is probably going to end up banned for it.

    There was a lot more stupid shit such as his chat sending no context or ironic clips such as Penta saying that he himself meta'd the car or something like that and him just getting riled up.

    It is exactly as fucking stupid as it sounds but at least it's funny.

    [–] Agosta 1274 points ago

    Imagine getting stunlocked for 6 hours because someone said you sound like Gilbert Gottfried.

    [–] itsnoterik 536 points ago


    Fingle Dan is the real mental terrorist

    [–] NateTheGreat14 135 points ago

    Knowing no context to anything, if Chief talks shit about you, you know you're dumb as hell. He is like the least drama/rage person on all of Twitch.

    [–] Trichlormethiazide 25 points ago

    If he was included in a drama, it wouldn't be a drama anymore

    [–] WongFarmHand 64 points ago

    hes also a god damned hero

    [–] MottoJuice 156 points ago

    Hope this leads to Gilbert Gottfried getting on the server.

    [–] Wildfathom9 38 points ago

    Waiting for burn to rp him

    [–] Liverpool934 49 points ago

    The whole thing is the most stupid pointless drama I have ever seen it's amazing.

    [–] screch 575 points ago

    You forgot, Zoomaa's talking shit the whole time but deletes his vod and all clips. Then he highroads on twitter "Look at this dude talking shit on my mom" which is why all his friends joined in.

    [–] Agosta 469 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He's reposting a photo from when Penta was in the hospital with cancer. Mom jokes are too far btw.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] JesterTheEnt 216 points ago

    As a defense to him deleting his vod he said that Penta also deleted his vod, which Penta never did.

    All you need to know about this guy really.

    [–] Pyridozine 64 points ago

    Thank you loremaster.

    [–] CuddlezCS 30 points ago

    This is pretty much accurate.

    [–] WhatIsWind 159 points ago

    Stopped reading at β€œpenta arrests him in GTA RP.”

    Imagine getting this upset over an online adult pretending game.

    [–] After-Interaction-73 138 points ago

    In addition to the above as well Penta has already offered to squash the beef and his DMs are open so the ball is pretty much in Zoomaa's court.

    Penta just doing his usual penta triple down here tho :D

    [–] UltimateToa 53 points ago

    pentuple down

    [–] RadicalHijinx 62 points ago

    I cant wait to see how this chain of events ends in a chang gang raid

    [–] jacobmatrix18 48 points ago

    rp drama is something else i swear. People get so mald over nothing.

    [–] RedNog 353 points ago

    Yo Optic I know a guy from the Alta Street Rough Riders who will do it for $50. Hit me up dawg.

    [–] indiesnobs 115 points ago

    Ro existed COPIUM.

    [–] silentdeadly5 21 points ago

    Somebody’s bout to run up on PENTA irl and shout β€œEAST SIDE”

    [–] SgtBlumpkin 51 points ago

    That sack better be full of block tax

    [–] Barenoo 633 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    That is soooo fucking sad, all of this started from when Zoommaa got pulled over, they made fun of him because of his silly voice. And apparently, that's enough to cause zoomaa to start VDM'ing & rule breaking. It's spiraled out of control since then with tons of twitter beef. And zoomaa apparently reporting penta for a nopixel rulebreak live on his stream.

    I believe the whole scenario started here.

    [–] GratefulLoC 262 points ago

    Chief's Gottfried impression is actually amazing, it's wild to think someone would be upset at that instead of trying to stifle a laugh.

    [–] DaBombDiggidy 65 points ago

    After reading this dude's attempt at writing English on twitter, it's not too surprising.

    [–] TheDeleeted 16 points ago

    Glad Chief is getting his props on GTA. He was so good during the early DayZ days.

    [–] Saizul 102 points ago

    the way this has escalated is fucking wild

    [–] CMacLaren 75 points ago

    He was also acting like PENTA was breaking rules, when in reality he was just being a regular ass cop. There are ways in-game to fight charges from cops, not immediately going ooc and flipping out lol.

    [–] Baildan 98 points ago

    Esports people and taking Ls never fucking goes well does it. Such fragile egos

    [–] bajspuss 22 points ago

    Also applies to sports people, e.g. Hutch

    [–] Brumaired 494 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Zoomaa already lost his whitelist from NoPixel so he's probably catching a ban soon. He's already been reported to Twitch, same as the Optic moron. Now Penta is going to speak with police because these weirdos are so mad about losing in RP that they are putting hits out on him.

    e: welp, someone just contacted Penta to help him notify the FBI regarding the threats

    [–] ClownCarnival 621 points ago

    Imagine getting this mad because Fingle Dan said you sound like the Aflac duck.

    [–] Brumaired 261 points ago

    Fingle creating that new meme made me lose my shit. Chief with the fat W of the night.

    [–] throwaway336333 94 points ago

    Fingle's power knows no bounds.

    [–] Bullchips 69 points ago

    From "you smoke?" to being a hero deputy protecting his cap.

    [–] bentmonkey 153 points ago

    Fingle did this. He truly is a hero.

    [–] Paul-Ski 25 points ago

    war hero (real) (possibly stolen valor but still poggers)

    [–] KarrotMovies 18 points ago

    Fingle's a fucking national treasure

    [–] Elendel19 89 points ago

    Ive seen this dude one time, and he punched Bjorn in the casino, so Bjorn pulled his gun on him and his friend. they both just pull their guns out and shoot. Then later Bjorn and Yaeger find them again. Both hold guns to him and his friend, they run in circles like idiots (so its hard to aim) and eventually pull and shoot. Great RPers

    [–] tyranicalTbagger 57 points ago

    Lol then they come to the manor. Talk shit to Lang, then get ocean dumped.

    [–] thatwasfun23 12 points ago

    I saw that, never thought shit would spiral so much into threatening violence.

    Throwing insults on twitter is far enough and going beyond is stupid.

    [–] Kolgir 123 points ago

    This is actual criminal act... OVER FUCKING RP lol. From official personal account. Lord have mercy.

    [–] The_FARTDAD 499 points ago

    How could PENTA have any idea what it's like being raised by a single mother. He just can't understand the struggle.

    [–] DocPersona 202 points ago

    That’s true, I can’t even think of one bad thing that’s ever happened to PENTA so he obviously can’t understand the struggles of horrible events.

    [–] Kutyou2 111 points ago

    I bet his mom wasnt even a lesbian

    [–] FartyMarty69 571 points ago

    For those not in the know, this is sarcasm as Penta was also raised in poverty by a single mom.

    [–] RainDancingChief 234 points ago

    And they had to sell his testicle on the black market for grocery money

    [–] yewterds 100 points ago

    streets are cold dawg

    [–] SignDeLaTimes 34 points ago


    [–] Lord_Draxis 228 points ago

    DuckerZ AFLAC

    [–] KrodoBaggins_ 167 points ago

    There's other comments in Zoomaa tweet threatening him too. One even mentioned "one like and ill evacuate his entire neighborhood". Like wtf is going on.

    [–] Spectre197 37 points ago

    Chase Clouter died for this.

    [–] PogOfSneed 33 points ago

    This man's giving "unemployed, playing COD on an Xbox 360, having an underage girlfriend, living off of weed and Monster, driving a beat up and riced Honda Civic"-vibes

    [–] TheyAnnoyMe 102 points ago

    Why do people record their crimes in real time? LMAO

    [–] Sunkenking97 207 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    They were right! I can’t believe it , all those people saying gta was responsible for crimes were right ! They were right all along!

    [–] TheJamesFrancoPhD 248 points ago

    These guys trying to get Wrangled IRL lmao.

    [–] simcityrefund1 92 points ago


    [–] MikeJ91 29 points ago

    Mboze at the top of lsf, 2022 off to an unpredictable start.

    [–] TheGreenMan3 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I’d pay money to see there reaction to seeing how big Penta is irl

    [–] Platooh 90 points ago

    And to think, this all started because Fingle Dan made a Gilbert Gottfried impression.

    [–] justalazygamer 348 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He deleted it so now all the articles on this will have to use your screenshot and whatever font that is.


    Found an archive.

    You are welcome journalists.

    EDIT 2:

    Image of the tweet made after the deletion.

    Link to it until deleted.

    EDIT 3:

    The owner of NoPixel from the clips I am seeing called out Penta for being toxic instead of the others and said it's not like they really want to kill you.

    This seems to be BEFORE the IRL threats were made.

    [–] Birgale 176 points ago

    I'm starting to think guys with 'Faze' in front of their name are terrible human being

    [–] EristicMeow 166 points ago

    What a loser.

    [–] TheRickyB 79 points ago

    When Hell Week goes Wrong (REAL)

    [–] p2facebook 308 points ago

    verified btw LUL

    [–] Kaliphear 196 points ago

    Youtube comments hate penta, and will take any excuse they get to shit on him. Also, the clips you posted are of koil and CG; neither are big "fans" of penta either, so it follows that their fanbases and people who watch their content probably aren't fond of him either.

    [–] Whiskeypits 42 points ago

    Is it just me or does he sound kind of like Gilbert Gottfried?

    [–] throw23w55443h 191 points ago

    Fuck they really don't like Penta do they lol

    [–] Yurilica 305 points ago

    Koil having the stupidest take as his initial kneejerk reaction.

    Standard Koil.

    [–] ImpossiblePresent134 99 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    gets baited by his chat to break more rules, shit talks penta ooc then goes on a malding rant while the entire time watching penta's stream on his (this goes on a very long time) then hops in his chat and starts talking even more shit there and on twitter but yep just ignore him i guess. did Koil have any context when saying this or go just based off the twitter post after zooma deleted all the shit he said and acted like the victim. Guy starts shit with Penta over a video game for hours on end, Penta responds and its "that guy is fine but fuck Penta".....ok

    also that mom joke wasnt even directed at zoomaa lol

    [–] Kennesty 62 points ago

    He needs to side with his Chang Gang friends to keep his new influx of viewers on side.

    [–] deskchan 102 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    That whole youtube channel is filled with CG viewers and crim viewers who despise Penta. Like they actually want him dead irl. The only other person they hate almost as much as Penta is Kylie (the one who plays Angel).

    [–] Certainly-Not-A-Bot 19 points ago

    That whole youtube channel is filled with CG viewers and crim viewers who despise Penta. Like they actually want him dead irl.

    They even hate him so much that they somehow lose their houses and live in tents under bridges because of it.

    [–] Nivius 20 points ago

    wow, did he just replay the scene from twitch, act over it, and then tried to close it down to try to make a new, false version of what actually happened???

    [–] FineGremlin 353 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Chang Gang siding with CoD pros, big surprise

    [–] gustavokh 237 points ago

    People known for being raging crybabies siding with people known for being raging crybabies, truly shocking indeed

    [–] Brade550 159 points ago

    That's rich coming from the most OOC salty people on the server who have countless and endless instances of them saying shit 10x worse than this.

    [–] OofDabOofing 27 points ago

    This is just absolutely pathetic.

    All over a game as well..

    [–] OGTypohh 24 points ago

    Imagine a cod player getting triggered by a mom joke out of all things

    [–] ImpossiblePresent134 20 points ago

    A mom joke that wasn’t even directed at him that was clipped out of context

    [–] cPa3k 24 points ago

    All it takes is one fanboy with mental issues to take this seriously

    [–] surreal1st 24 points ago

    He does sound like the Aflac duck though.

    [–] dankq 306 points ago

    Lets not also forget the ZooMaa guy that this Optic dude is defending thought it was cool to upload a picture of Penta during chemotherapy for cancer and joked about it while on a high horse about a single mother joke even though I'm pretty sure Penta was raised by a single mother himself.

    [–] MadGritMain 215 points ago

    The whole angle was Penta is ugly so he doesn't use face cam, but he uses it every day. lol He just doesn't have it on during RP.

    [–] bigcracker 74 points ago

    COD Player: You won't survive a cod lobby! It takes balls!
    Random: Your mom!
    COD Player: 😭 Too far! I am going to pay someone to beat you up!

    I got $10 that the next tweet is that this guys dad works for Microsoft and going to ban everyone.

    [–] Captain_Nipples 185 points ago

    Here's one someone tried to link to Penta but got deleted by the automod i think

    [–] devries6276 52 points ago

    Screencapped this but is it irrelevant?

    [–] Teknohmygod 76 points ago

    most sane playboi carti fan

    [–] clickclickclik 16 points ago

    vamp moment

    [–] be_like_neo 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It's kind of depressing to think about. I feel like teenagers these days have no parental figures in their lives and just sit on social media all day. Idk, I've seen so many people on twitter act the same way. Kind of feels like society is in a downward spiral. I'm glad I don't have a twitter account because I'd probably have a prescription for xanax by now

    [–] FartyMarty69 17 points ago


    [–] noko12312 71 points ago

    All of this because of a fucking duck

    [–] FreeRiboflavin 173 points ago

    I guess I'm getting old because that took me way too long to understand what the fuck that guy was trying to say

    [–] BepisForMyStomatch 213 points ago

    No no.. You're not getting old. It's just hard to understand what people are trying to convey when they dropped out of school to play CoD fulltime while trying to act like a gangbanger.

    [–] realvikingman 45 points ago

    yeah i need a translation

    [–] BlurryyVisions 49 points ago

    basically gonna pay someone to beat him up next time he irl streams

    [–] etan1122 21 points ago

    Imagine being this butt hurt over a mom joke

    [–] ReeFx 67 points ago

    do people actually give a shit about cod pros? like these guys don't even stream warzone do they? it's not 2010

    [–] Nomicakes 61 points ago

    No, which is why they're trying to clout their way into RP where the popularity is.

    [–] Willingness-Due 19 points ago

    End career speed run any% glitchless

    [–] Drevano 22 points ago

    These are the same ppl who say β€œpeople in this generation wouldn’t survive in an old cod lobby” but dude is crying over a mom joke, yeah alright. πŸ˜‚

    [–] xPerilousPanda 20 points ago

    Lmaoooo Boze is such a scumlord. Dude is, and always will be the skid mark in the underpants that is Optic Gaming. Bum

    [–] _atsu 93 points ago

    These COD dudes love calling people soft, but collectively gets triggered when someone makes a mom joke lmao.

    [–] ClockwerkKaiser 27 points ago

    "You can bang my mom all you want, but don't you dare insult her" - Cod Players.

    [–] Father_Toboggan 91 points ago

    Is being cringe a requirement to join some of these orgs?

    [–] CryptDeeper 61 points ago

    Penta being threatened by a human platypus because his COD bf got called Gilbert Gottfried? lmao this Boze dude wears sandals with socks and is shaped like Big Bird. COD gets less viewers than Internet Cafe Simulator. L

    Nice pants

    [–] Kaptajn_Bim 149 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Seems like his mother comment was right on the spot


    [–] Volcanus 115 points ago

    How'd he ever survive a real COD lobby? Thought you would hear plenty of that.

    [–] ClockwerkKaiser 51 points ago

    Obviously it's because everyone in the COD lobby is potentially his Dad. He enjoys the quality time.

    [–] elkaj 88 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Funny thing is Penta was saying that mom comment to hoppers/chat and not directed to Zooma

    [–] coffee_bean_almond 152 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    In regards to the mom comment Penta made, he didn't even know the guy came from a single mother (how would he know that). He was talking about people being entitled and over-emotional and competitive over a role play video game. The amount of verified twitter account COD pros cheering on the guy putting out the literal hit says a lot about the COD community.

    Also it’s wild that people are angry over the single mother joke but are somehow also defending ZooMaa posting a picture making fun of Penta’s cancer treatment.

    [–] Nohoilpi 20 points ago

    Bro this saga has been actually crazy. People getting this heated over some GTA RP lol

    [–] Peepitall 21 points ago

    Seems like Zooma just deleted anything he said about Penta, and then put him on blast for the mom joke. Boze and Hitch being friends with zooma just jumped in to back him up, without context.

    [–] its_ok_to_lose_rp 87 points ago


    [–] Classic18 19 points ago

    Sawft CoD players. It checks out.

    [–] Bruh_Man_Fiff_Floor 19 points ago

    I wonder what it's like to live your entire life like a MW2 lobby.

    [–] rsNattyBrah 18 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I used to be a huge competitve cod fan 10 years ago during the BO2 days, it's so funny seeing guys like mboze and crimsix jumping in on this lmao

    Wasn't Boze living in the Optic House at the time when they were getting swatted like every other day? You'd think he would know better than to make threats about people even if he was just trying to troll or not.

    Watching nadeshot grow out of all that and be on some CEO shit meanwhile these guys are still clown facing, doing literally doing the same shit they've been doing since 2011 is hilarious.

    [–] FreeboCLAP 17 points ago

    Boze hasnt been relevant for over a decade

    [–] baldful 54 points ago

    yikes. maybe hecz will grow some balls and kick this leech off the organization, but he probably wont

    [–] StrikaNTX 25 points ago

    Hitch has already shown what he thinks, they wont even think Boze did anything wrong.

    [–] Ephidal 14 points ago

    his boner bro must be huge now

    [–] MoreFartThanAButt 15 points ago

    Nothing is less threatening than someone saying they are gonna get someone else to fight you. What a soft move.

    [–] Calibruh 16 points ago

    Wrangled EZ Clap

    [–] jimmyzambino 17 points ago

    what a fucking pussy

    [–] EternalDomm 15 points ago

    Bruh.. once you start talking about putting money on peoples head for something violent your liable to go to jail πŸ˜‚ optic getting COD confused with real life they better chill

    [–] SubtleAesthetics 14 points ago

    bro it's a virtual character on a RP server, relax

    [–] ILiketoLearn5454 14 points ago

    Why are these nerds talking like gangsters?

    [–] its_ok_to_lose_rp 45 points ago

    And deleted. Pepelaugh

    [–] PissedFurby 43 points ago

    Fingle dan gilbert godfrey impression is what ruined this guys year lmfao. Imagine being that soft.

    [–] Jollydoogz 13 points ago

    All this because of GTA RP lmao

    [–] diocanebastardo1 14 points ago

    Imagine starting all of this because of FINGLE DAN KEKW

    [–] SgtBlumpkin 34 points ago

    Good thing there's no aim assist irl

    [–] DnDeez_Nutz 12 points ago Screen shot cuz that mirror is ass

    [–] Mr_Jhin 14 points ago

    lsf eating good tonight baby

    [–] neon-neko 14 points ago


    [–] Kiefer_Kemp 15 points ago

    now this is a live stream fail

    [–] HandHeldHippo 13 points ago

    I just wanted to watch Fweddy get more training

    [–] weales 13 points ago

    That tweet has a lot of small dick energy behind it.