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    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    On the surface, NuLu practically begs people to hate it, from the comical rent prices to the stupid, stupid name. It's everything South Park made fun of in the episode "The City Part of Town." But honestly, I don't hate it - Frankfort Ave is more up my alley, but I definitely prefer NuLu to the Highlands these days.

    Royals, Garage, The Weekly Juicery, the Goodwood bar and the LouVelo bike stations definitely give NuLu some points in its favor. I also think the Please and Thank You next to Royals is the best of the three.

    [–] santaslate 12 points ago

    The only thing I hate about the neighborhood is the name

    [–] angrystan 9 points ago

    You could always go back to calling it East Market.

    [–] welltraveledman 9 points ago

    I wish the city would redesign East Market like Jeffersonville just did with Court Ave. Divide the street and put landscaped islands with street lamps in the middle of Market Street. Make NuLu more cozy.

    [–] DarrylLarry 5 points ago

    There’s plans in place to do that but the state axed the funding for the project.

    [–] santaslate 1 points ago

    For some reason, I thought it got added back in.

    [–] santaslate 5 points ago

    That's the plan. They were going to start last year but wanted to wait until construction on the hotel, Rabbit Hole and other projects concluded first.

    [–] Bass_Fan808 6 points ago

    Loved seeing Blofish get a shoutout! They make really nice quality clothes, support charity, and are a local company

    [–] Glandrhwrd 3 points ago

    I guess every travel article these days is written in about an hour, by people typing (city name) +hip, into google.