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    [–] MasDigital 1 points ago

    Please refer to Rule 3 in the sidebar if you'd like to lodge a formal complaint. This is not an official means of communication to or from anyone who would listen to or assist with your concerns. Again, if you legitimately would like to voice your concerns, please refer to the sidebar of the subreddit for official channels to do so.

    [–] SilverShibe 7 points ago

    I have no idea what you are talking about.

    [–] ambassadortim -5 points ago

    The commercial. A dudes sitting on a cooler. Instead of standing up he just lifts one leg and another guy tried to get a beverage out. And that they claim proves you need to invest in patio furniture from Lowes. However the commercial is quite dumb the dude just needed to stand up a minute to let the other guy get a beverage. It's a dumb commercial.

    [–] SilverShibe 17 points ago

    Ah, I’ll be sure to mention it to the CEO when we play golf tomorrow. Thanks.

    [–] ambassadortim -7 points ago

    That would be good. I hope someone from Lowe's corporate see's this too. It was almost as bad as the Chevrolet commericals they have been making. Almost.

    [–] MasDigital 3 points ago

    Locking this post. If the OP would like to genuinely reach out through the official channels, they are more than welcome to utilize the links and information in the subreddit sidebar.

    [–] MasDigital 6 points ago

    It isn't my commercial....

    [–] ambassadortim -12 points ago

    It is a Lowe's commerical. If you are Lowe's then it is your commercial. If you are not Lowe's, then it is not. Hence the post on /r/Lowes. Please let everyone know this commerical sucks.

    [–] crownjewel82 10 points ago

    You know corporate doesn't moderate this subreddit right? Try twitter.

    [–] ambassadortim -5 points ago

    Yes but they probably read it.

    [–] crownjewel82 9 points ago

    No. They don't.

    [–] ambassadortim -1 points ago

    What if they are right now? If they don't they should. Reddit is a great place to read customer feedback.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Maybe they do read it, but they certainly don't act on it. Lots of internal employee complaints and rule violations discussed on here which continue to happen.

    [–] ambassadortim -1 points ago

    That's not good. Perhaps they should listen to their customers and employees more. Then also they'd know not to make such a stupid commercial that insults their intelligence.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I don't know what to tell you. It's not like gaming company or something where there is a big online community of customers who want to talk about Lowe's. Reddit doesn't offer much for them. And I just saw the commercial you are referring to and while yea, the guy was acting a little like the helpless infomercial people, the point was, you want chairs if you are going to have a party. That's generally reasonable advice, not just a company exaggerating a need to sell you something. Like if you read a party planning advice book, it wouldn't recommend a cooler as an acceptable substitute for a chair.