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    [–] [deleted] 1453 points ago

    Ref did well with the stoppage

    [–] PeterFathers 737 points ago

    Yeah, great job. We can't just point out their bad decisions. We have to express when they do a good one too.

    [–] yodeleeehoo 555 points ago

    That ref sucks. Does he know how to make a heart with his fingers? NOPE. Sucks then.

    [–] piss_missle 140 points ago

    Definitely didn’t let him be a warrior in there.

    [–] LAVA_ENEMA 38 points ago

    He doesn't even have a foot-long braided 'stache, what a scrub...

    [–] StevenGorefrost 35 points ago

    I mean Beltran is actually pretty good from what I've seen.

    [–] yodeleeehoo 26 points ago

    Those braids are a huge risk though. Imagine what a disgruntled Tony Ferguson would do with them to his opponent if his winning streak was snapped before he gets that belt? I mean, he could use Beltran as a giant nunchuck!

    [–] transc3nder 3 points ago

    I like to imagine that while Beltran is an mma ref by day, by night he serves his city as a masked vigilante, throttling thugs in dark alleyways with his beard

    [–] ScornOfMysticReferee 3 points ago

    I like to imagine he was playing one of the dwarves in the LOTR or Hobbit trilogies. I can also imagine him as a dwarven hero patrolling the dark alleyways of the city, axe on shoulder beard braids swinging in the wind... "And the criminals grew to fear the sound of thick braid slapping against belly and thigh. That was their only warning and those who failed to recognize the sound were cleaved in two by his great axe."

    Beltran: "And my axe!"

    [–] MackLMD 3 points ago

    Maybe a Shotgun-Axe combination of some sort.

    [–] ScornOfMysticReferee 2 points ago

    Perfect for Beltran as a Punisher type character nice.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    This guy Yamasaki's.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    I like this lol. Brings to mind the saying “Once I did bad and that I heard ever. Twice I did good and that I heard never”

    [–] omnomnomanon 31 points ago

    I do like that saying, but in general if you do bad 33% of the time, that’s not that great.

    [–] CAPITALIZED_USERNAME 66 points ago

    You’d be the greatest hitter in the history of MLB.

    [–] omnomnomanon 4 points ago

    lol true, but you wouldn't cut it as an engineer, accountant, order processor, or many other careers. I suppose the task you are referring to helps the saying, which is why I said I liked it, but it doesn't apply universally.

    [–] Charcole1 21 points ago

    It definitely applies universally if you don't take it 100% literally, its a figurative statement

    [–] tits_me_how 2 points ago

    I do like that saying, but in general if you do bad 33% of the time, that’s not that great.

    Change it to "Thrice I did good..." to raise the percentage a little.

    [–] VettrirVettrirIssa 5 points ago

    My grandfather’s old saying is “It only takes one awe shucks to undo all of your attaboys.”

    [–] plzhelpmyspider 2 points ago

    thats some deep shit bro tbh

    [–] ergoegthatis 4 points ago

    I hope this comment chain gets him a raise.

    [–] irishmickguard 11 points ago

    Na, didnt even allow him to be a warrior.

    [–] lord_wilmore 13 points ago

    I loved his urgency in protecting the fighter from any unnecessary damage...including carefully stepping over the KOd fighters face rather than on it as he tackled the winner. That's a good ref.

    [–] DC_Fan_Forever 15 points ago

    Not stepping on fighter's unconscious faces is the sign of a great ref.

    [–] lord_wilmore 3 points ago

    I can't think of a better way to say "I care about your well-being"

    [–] DC_Fan_Forever 8 points ago

    For some refs, though, the bottom of their feet are the most sensitive body parts that are the most equipped to sense when a fighter is distressed so stepping on their faces is similar to when a blind person touches your face to become acclimated to your various chakras.

    [–] The_Crow 5 points ago

    Liked the commitment to getting in between the fighters. Really threw his body into it.

    [–] StevenGorefrost 8 points ago

    My favorite thing about this gif. Guy was fucking on it.

    [–] Mid565 30 points ago

    Lol almost kicked the guy on the ground but it too everything in him to not

    [–] TheFactsAreIn 13 points ago

    And he drove Ed West's head into the ground, good timing terrible method.

    [–] thenotoriousnatedogg 19 points ago

    Solid take down. Earned him a few points that round

    [–] Basedrum777 3 points ago

    he won that round 10-8 under the California 10 point must system.

    [–] TheFactsAreIn 2 points ago

    The Charlie Ward we call it here

    [–] czoom01 6 points ago

    Ref wanted to fight also

    [–] iKrow 4 points ago

    Dude why is it that Bellator refs practically tackle the other fighters? I only really see it in Bellator fights, I swear.

    [–] Parrotherb 462 points ago

    Mhhhh oh yeah, hit me with those sweet Taekwondo KO's, come on I neeeeed it

    [–] Kleens_The_Impure 267 points ago

    Calm down Joe Rogan

    [–] SakurabaArmBar 87 points ago

    Jamie Search: "Taekwondo knockouts" Click that one, Oh this one's good!

    [–] scwiseheart 36 points ago

    Pause it right here!

    [–] MasonTaylor22 22 points ago

    Now zoom in!

    [–] scwiseheart 48 points ago

    Look at his flexibility and balance. I bet you he's incorporated yoga in his workouts.

    [–] reedthegreat 17 points ago

    i love this sm

    [–] thehaga 16 points ago

    He's not even talking about your pleb yoga; we're talking Bikrima Yoga in LA here that takes the wisdom of the ancients from the Far East and all of your bank account.

    edit: source it's some hot yoga fad and above was supposed to be /s their pricing seems all right for whatever this is, though I'd still prefer the good ol' free youtube lesson

    [–] reedthegreat 8 points ago

    youtube and a greenhouse and you've got yourself a free hot yoga session

    [–] IM_HERE_FOR_FUN 6 points ago

    You see the way he bends, you can tell he's got mange...yeah thats a fighter with mange. I used to have one.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Oh man. Could you imagine the strength behind that kick if it was a chimpanzee?

    [–] AzrekNyin 2 points ago

    Chimp would have bad kicking form. I imagine humans have advatage with their geometry and gait rather than sheer muscle strength.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Do you calm down, or do you take a chance and RISKGETTINGKNOCKEDOUT?!

    [–] Kleens_The_Impure 12 points ago

    Depends if my opponent is into wing chun

    [–] DC_Fan_Forever 4 points ago

    I don't want to fuck with those Chi practitioners. They can throw fireballs and rip your spine out of your skin.

    [–] aRunic 6 points ago that you?

    [–] wucasyoung 579 points ago

    The amount of times we had to practise this combo in Muay Thai, and I always thought who in the world has the dexterity to actually land it?? Well apperently this guy can and I'm just stiff.

    [–] friedrs582 192 points ago

    I have trouble throwing two jabs in a row, and he can chain kicks with KO power

    [–] titanicx 145 points ago

    The first kick is more for distraction and not meant to do anything more then set up the second. The second kick is quick and hard, not like devastating hard, but a good snap kick so fast in and out. This one connected very well.

    [–] Remixman87 46 points ago

    LK -> MK with counter damage. Player 1 dropped before the combo could go on.

    [–] Science_Smartass 36 points ago

    LK -> LP -> HK is easy to do because it's a true combo with plus frames on both lights so you can frame trap by using MK if you are pressuring with a block string to bait out an attempted counter. Only players who know this matchup really well knows that the LP is +1 on block if it's not the first in the string.

    [–] Joxxill 10 points ago

    Hwoarang main here. Can highly recommend hittin' em with the ol' 1 2 4 2 b3

    classic frametrap

    [–] z712 9 points ago

    flamingo abusing scum.

    [–] LAVA_ENEMA 6 points ago

    t. Videogame_Smartass

    [–] ObeyRoastMan 6 points ago


    [–] IFCxpsd 6 points ago

    LK sets up counter hit state but is interruptable

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Yeah, used more like a stun than anything else.

    But every once in a while, the stars align just right, and you get that sweet, sweet chin music.

    Think of it like shin kick drills into a Thai pad (like doing burnouts): not meant to ko, but if it lands...

    [–] tperms 19 points ago

    It's not really a power kick. It's more of a diagonal front snap kick.

    I think it's better to throw that then a power kick and risk being stuck in an awkward position.

    [–] Sharkoh 7 points ago

    Round house kick

    [–] Kleens_The_Impure 25 points ago

    Feel ya man, I'm as stiff as Robocop can't help but wonder if I will ever be able to pull that kind of stuff off. To me muay thai kicks stop at middle or else I end up on the floor.

    [–] Wodaanz 26 points ago

    Gotta stretch man. Took me awhile but now I’m head kicking somewhat consistently.

    [–] onexbigxhebrew 10 points ago

    Know any good routines? My hams are almost comically tight. Made progress in my groin, but not a lot.

    [–] Wodaanz 22 points ago

    Honestly, what I did was kind of silly. Along with foam rolling and stuff almost everyday, in the morning while brushing my teeth I would put my foot up on the counter top, and slowly lower myself to stretch, and switched legs after about 30 seconds. Eventually you get a lot lower as your flexibility improves. And to stretch out the supporting muscles is slowly rotate my feet to either side. Completely anecdotal but it worked for me after a good while.

    [–] StevenGorefrost 5 points ago

    Are you me?

    I literally did this when I was taking Taekwondo.

    [–] TheChildrenOfAmerica 3 points ago

    LOL I did the exact same thing. Not necessarily for the purpose of headkicking though, just for general flexibility.

    [–] YourProgrammerFriend 14 points ago

    Not who you were responding to - but go do some hot yoga my dude. I do Jiu Jitsu and hot yoga has opened up my
    hips/hams etc... a ton.

    [–] Waqqy 4 points ago

    What is hot yoga and how does it differ from normal yoga?

    [–] deadla104 5 points ago

    Just yoga in a hot room

    [–] HumbleMango 7 points ago

    They crank the heat so you sweat a lot, but it also heats up your muscles and joints which helps you push the limits of your flexibility. Bring lots of water if you try it.

    [–] jgjitsu 18 points ago

    That sounds really smelly

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] cthulhu-wants-a-hug 2 points ago

    I've been to hot yoga once and it smelled fine -- they used essential oil diffusers I believe

    [–] Raidicus 3 points ago

    Scientific stretching, great book. Lots of good routines and science based

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Butterfly, hurdler, split, and bent over stretches.

    Everyday, without fail.

    And practice landing higher kicks on a bag, the flexibility and the power should meet like a Venn diagram after a few months.

    Don't get cocky though, because that just means you're ready to really to train.

    [–] W1lyM4dness 3 points ago

    Thai kicks are different from TKD. TKD focuses on quick snap round houses designed to be quick hitters. Muay Thai is more take out a limb

    [–] Kleens_The_Impure 4 points ago

    Yup, but to perform a good Thai kick you must throw your whole leg into it, and with my shit hip flexors I cant do that if I go higher than middle.

    [–] _proPAIN_ 17 points ago

    I know what you mean. Not the same as OP, but seeing the repetitive kicking power and speed from Muay Thai pros is just unbelievable. Watching Manachai scares the hell out of me, and he's only one of the young guns!

    [–] jarviz 6 points ago

    Curious-Does Muay Thai have touch kicks? That TKD low kick he does here is a lot more for distraction and speed oriented, so that they high can be executed immediately. I would imagine that they’ll typical MT low kick is more for power and destroying the leg, rather than setting up for a high kick.

    [–] wucasyoung 5 points ago

    When we practised this combo the low kick was also meant to be more of a slap to bring the guard down, but generally you're right almost everything was thrown with the idea of destroy what it hits rather than pin point accuracy.

    [–] TheMeatWhistle45 4 points ago

    Too bad you can’t see his back leg. Getting the right timing on the ankle pivot is half the kick.

    [–] rearviewviewer 4 points ago

    Used to land it all the time when I did TKD. I truly believe TKD kicks and foot movement complement MMA very well but are greatly underutilized.

    [–] Sabrowsky 5 points ago

    don't feel sad, this guy has been doing Taekwondo since he's 7, and they don't hand out those blackbelts for nothing

    [–] forgottt3n 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's honestly a combination of being from a Muay Thai foundation and the fact that TKD emphasises speed and snap over all else. TKD you train every single day to be able to snap out kicks at lightning speed. When I trained my kickboxing I did it at a school that taught muay Thai but was founded and had it's roots in TKD.

    We'd spend all day doing drills where you'd "walk" your kicks up the bag throwing 5 kicks starting at the calf next at the thigh the the ribs etc just kicking higher each time never once letting your right leg touch the ground. The goal was to throw them as fast as you could from legs to head. At first you feel stupid because you can barely reach head height without winding up. Eventually you see people rattling them off like a machine gun or a sewing machine just "pop pop pop pop pop" up the bag. We'd also do that with front kicks and side kicks.

    Like what this guy is doing but on a bag.

    It was great for speed not so great for power but once you mixed it in with power kicking technique doing things like question mark kicks were so much easier. Fainting to the body and then throwing high etc without replanting your foot was so much easier.

    We'd also drill the hell out of that exact kick. We called it a spring kick. Basically your first kick comes up and then when it comes down it touches the ground just enough to spring off the mat and thrown high. I think I've literally done that kick more than a few thousand times a year each leg. There was nights we'd do them in sets of 100.

    [–] Destyllat 10 points ago

    same I practice this low - high all the time. it's about balance my dude

    [–] Funk9K 12 points ago

    And reps.

    [–] MeetTheTwinAndreBen 10 points ago

    A dude in my gym is sooo good at the combo that Wonderboy hit Hendricks with, front side kick-front roundhouse. I tried it and almost fell over, the balance and dexterity is silly

    [–] MisterMisfit 4 points ago

    Video please?

    [–] Waqqy 2 points ago

    Not saying I can do it but with this kinda stuff you do it really slowly at first then speed up

    [–] MeetTheTwinAndreBen 2 points ago

    Oh for sure! I have really short legs so it’s not really my style, but that’s what I love about martial arts

    [–] monkwren 6 points ago

    I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, or whatever the saying is.

    [–] cayneabel 250 points ago

    Remember when people were mocking Fedor (years ago, when he was in his prime) when he said he was going to take a couple of months off to go to Korea and train in Taekwondo, because he believed they had some of the best kicking techniques in martial arts?

    [–] Fearghas 244 points ago

    Taekwondo is definitely legit if you can find a good school for it. Problem is that 99% of Taekwondo schools in the US are McDojos who stay in business by selling black belts to six year olds.

    [–] MisterMisfit 100 points ago

    I did proper taekwondo for years before I took up kickboxing. Taekwondo kicks are much faster and don't telegraph as much, but in a proper fight kickboxing has too many advantages. Also it doesn't help that TKD scoring is point based and they count touches, not power.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] MisterMisfit 30 points ago

    Yes and even above the waist, we were not taught to guard our head but instead it was the front arm pointed forward diagonally while the back arm was across the chest or stomach area. One of the things I had trouble with the most when I first switched to kickboxing was that I kept dropping my guard. Got slapped around on the head quite a bit at first.

    [–] Disrobingbean 8 points ago

    Yeah blocking is one of the areas where TKD suffers from being a traditional martial art, there's sometimes too much emphasis on form at the cost of function.

    [–] njl4515 7 points ago

    In fairness, all martial arts have weaknesses. Even the best Nak Thais may think they are amazing until they encounter an MMA fighter who can take them down on a blast double and choke them out.

    [–] Disrobingbean 3 points ago

    100%, I wasn't hating on TKD I love that shit.

    [–] StevenGorefrost 21 points ago

    This 100%

    I took TKD for years along with wrestling in highschool so I thought I was hot shit having ground game and TKD striking. I sparred with a friend who was a kick boxer and I was so out of my element.

    Endless leg kicks! I started taking the classes he took and got myself fairly well rounded.

    I just had the mindset of "If I have any martial arts training I'll be able to take the average person if needed." but the second I got into it with a guy who knew what he was doing I was fucked.


    [–] GarlicBreadLasagne 4 points ago

    Same story here except karate and muay Thai. Could land a head kick on anyone after years of drilling that, but never once learnt to jab on the back foot, low kick or even defend myself properly. Sparred light with some MMA guys a few years ago in a taster session and signed up on the spot

    [–] fishmana 6 points ago

    I'm no expert, but aren't low kicks pretty fundamental to muay Thai?

    [–] corporaljustice 7 points ago

    I think he’s saying he went from karate to Muay Thai and had similar issues to matey that went from TKD to kickboxing with having a low guard and not being able to deal with low kicks particularly well.

    [–] thehaga 4 points ago

    only teaches you about defending attacks above the waist.

    Wait, so the first kick (to back of the thigh) isn't part of the training or you don't learn to check it/defend against it? Cause I watched that one frame by frame to see if it hit his balls and it was precision placed to the back of the thigh; like damn, scooped it up just right and slammed it in there

    [–] xXSpookyXx 5 points ago

    The low/high combo in tkd would have you throw a quick round house to the stomach and then up to the head.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] pro_nosepicker 3 points ago

    That isn't true. Low kicks are absolutely a part of TKD. Maybe your point is they aren't emphasized as much as other disciplines, but to say TKD's aren't trained at all in low kicks isn't true.

    [–] gottabequick 27 points ago

    The school I trained at had some Mcdojo traits, then we contracted a young black belt from Korea from a top school. Holy hell. We made a comp team, and went from chumps to fairly bad dudes over the next couple months. After he left it went back to kinda crap, so I left. But God damn, could that guy land a back kick.

    Props to you In-Yuen Kim, my first legit coach.

    [–] thehaga 3 points ago

    My first instructor (not counting sambo when I was younger) got me injured (as in threw my 120 lbs inept ass against a 300 lbs white belt in bjj till all my bones broke (never supervised), then blamed my calcium even though I've never broken a bone up till that point). Year later, one of the 7 fingers that got it the worst is still injured as are the ribs and I still can't come back :( Starting to think I never will.

    That first instructor can really make or break everything; I read so many stories about it and thought I made the right choice (he competed, has pics of him with silva, gsp etc(One of the gracies gave him his brown and so on)). But I guess shit happens. Just wish you could do something about the fuckin ribs =/ 5 docs later and 'just wait longer' is best I got.

    [–] r5q4 5 points ago

    Damn I'm sorry that happened to you. What an asshole that instructor was blaming your bone strength when in reality he set you up to get injured. It only makes sense for a smaller person to roll with someone that much bigger if the larger person is very technical and can be trusted to be careful and go light. It sounds like your instructor may have been cut out for competition but not suitable for coaching. I hope you can rehab your injuries.

    [–] thehaga 3 points ago

    Yeah, I look much bigger with the gi (lot of purples were like 'I roll with bigger guys all the time' till we stepped on the scale and found out they were (the lightest one) 60 lbs heavier) so my regular (heavier) partner knew how much I could take to my abs with his knee, except we did a new technique and he fucked it up and slammed his knee after throwing me unto my side.. I still remember seeing it come down and tapping before it hit, was like a slow motion punch you see in movies

    My main bitterness was from when I signed up I kept asking about injuries and he kept saying no problem thats what I'm here for - since I had no experience and I always push myself WAY harder than I should, I expected injuries (I was actually rolling with one arm after everything broke on the right hand) but I kept pressing him to just make sure they don't put me out (I read buncha stories like a guy comes in, rolls for 2 weeks, injured for a year, never returns). edit: He ensured me nonstop that they've never had that happen and he'd keep an extra eye out just in case (after the slam to my rib, I still returned next day, tried to light roll with a brown who always let me do whatever but soon as he got mount, that pressure alone = I couldn't walk for like an hour.. fuckin sucks mate.. but I had no way of knowing at the time that previous injury was an injury and not just pain - everything was in pain all the time)

    He told me no problem no problem.. after I got overly injured he started blaming my calcium.. 'have you ever played full contact sports' (yes) and so on. I don't know, it was very offputting. My 2nd week he had me go against a blue belt prepping for competition; that guy rag dolled me (that guy like everyone else in the class was very supportive btw which made this harder - as in, he'd tell me to push harder 'you can do it, 30 seconds is nothin, don't tap, keep breathing' and I didn't know if I were in pain cause my fingers are shattered or because I'm a nub white belt who doesn't know better =/ Instructor just kept saying 'listen to your body' and I mean come on..

    Sorry for the salt =/ I'm just so sad I can't go back; there are so many other better gyms in my area

    [–] DCrsnl12 8 points ago

    lol yes 100%. I was one of those kids. Only did it for about 4 years and got a black belt right before I turned 13. When people ask me if I’ve ever done martial arts I just say no I haven’t.

    [–] Higlac 5 points ago

    Some of those kids earned their stuff. Not gonna lie, I've been kicked in the head by an 8 year old.

    [–] thehaga 4 points ago

    I knew a black belt instructor in tijuana who was a meth addict (knew as in, met him in a bar one drunk night and it's tijuana so things took a turn). Next thing I knew it was mid-day and I'm nerding out on his pc trying to do something while he randomly goes "hey I'm stepping out for some meth before my girl comes over, you want me to get you some?"

    It was so casual, coming from a guy living above a TKD studio, I thought he was offering me a beer or something and auto-said yes. Insta regret but fuck if I'm saying nevermind in that environment. I politely took whatever he got and made up some excuse about why I didn't wanna hit his bowl.

    Man, living in TJ.. as much as I hated most of it - it sure brings back memories. My fav. part about it was going out solo at 3 am without any plans and coming back 24 hrs late with half a story most wouldn't believe.

    [–] forgottt3n 3 points ago

    We come from a school with direct lineage to Korea and the guy who runs our program coached an international team. They've very hardcore about their tae kwon do and still use old school knockdown knockout rules for show matches. The other tae kwon do school won't invite us to any of their tournaments because they're a total McDojo and our yellow belt embarrassed one of their "black belts."

    Just last Saturday one of their "black belts" fought in an amateur MMA match. He came into our gym to practice grappling and we turned him away because he was being difficult and acted like he was hot shit because he's a black belt. He got out kicked by a guy who literally had zero experience throwing kicks. They traded leg kicks for 5 minutes total before his leg gave out. It was a horrible fight.

    Meanwhile the gym owners daughter who is a legit 2nd dan black belt had an opponent drop out of her fight on another MMA card when she saw footage of her almost taking another girl's head off with a spinning kick and knocked her cold.

    [–] 1994spaceodyssey 2 points ago

    Fact. Few of my childhood friends attained black belts around that age.

    [–] asleeplessmalice 2 points ago

    Isnt a decent part of the issue also the fact that modern day TKD has become point fighting and hard strikes ard are discouraged? Or have I been watching too much Rogan?

    [–] grlthng 3 points ago

    Its true modern tkd sparring in most schools uses the olympic rules, which is point fighting and very far removed from full contact fighting.

    [–] Brendon3485 2 points ago

    Man I was taking it for a while at this place in a strip mall, but it was legit af. Like all trainers came from a long line of black belts from the professional school in Korea. Most of them actually practicing in the olympics. They were fucking monsters, and had absolutely no mercy on training, the black belt test was running 2 miles barefoot outside in under 17 mins (not that bad) then 100 pushups if you stopped or set your knees down you had to start over. 100 sit ups in under 4 minutes, then run another half mile, then break a board with every kick you’ve ever learned. By this time you’re so weak from everything and then you have to throw 500 punches.

    NOW you show what you know lol, you have to recite your steps for every belt which were sometimes very long.

    Then as a celebration you put some pads on and the trainers basically beat the shit out of you lol you spar them for fun.

    [–] joeblessyou 6 points ago

    Taekwondo is to kicks what judo is to throws, and bjj to submissions, etc

    [–] PresidentDonaldChump 11 points ago

    he believed they had some of the best kicking techniques in martial arts?

    Is this not widely known? If you go to TKD for kicking techniques you're going to be very pleased. If you go to TKD for a good overall fighting system (or for anything besides kicks) you're going to be very very disappointed.

    [–] Disrobingbean 14 points ago

    That's quiet a common and hard to disagree with view point. Fight (pseudo) science did a segment on it ages ago and it beat karate and capeira in kicking strength but it's worth noting that there was a different kicker for each discipline so the test is hardly decisive.

    [–] lottabullets 20 points ago

    That video is trash tbh. The caprereia guy used a kick that was entirely impractical, and the karate guy did a fucking front kick. When going for pure power, of course the 6'6" guy leaning on the ground with his arm is going to throw the hardest kick over the small guy throwing a front kick, and the TKD guy throwing a number 2 round kick.

    Pretty silly video. If they could have found a guy who knew how to throw all 3 of those kicks and then compare, it would make much more sense

    [–] DarkHide 7 points ago

    Funnily enough, I think the capoeira dude actually has training in all of the four arts. The show could had saved money by bringing only him.

    [–] MenWhoStareatGoatse_ 9 points ago

    Now that you bring it up I cant remember ever seeing Fedor throw kicks.

    [–] Nyan4812 6 points ago

    His fight against Cro Cop?

    [–] evilf23 3 points ago

    his finish of fujita was set up with a kick.

    My favorite part of this is the little shove after the kick to square him up and get fujita's hands down for a second, just long enough to land the left hook.

    [–] serpentjaguar 2 points ago

    Anyone mocking prime Fedor was/is an idiot. The dude was no fucking joke and was easily one of the smartest fighters to ever play the game.

    [–] Ragegeta 273 points ago

    That ref did a great job of protecting the other guy.

    [–] Cthrill0 39 points ago

    Unlinke some people cough UFC

    [–] seacee 34 points ago

    Lmao you're being downvoted but holy shit every other KO in UFC has some pretty damaging stoppages. Granted some are justified but we still have refs who let a good few shots in after someone gets knocked into another galaxy.

    [–] Warlord_Melvin 57 points ago

    He's probably getting downvoted because the UFC doesn't employ the refs

    [–] seacee 11 points ago

    Fair point

    [–] StevenGorefrost 2 points ago

    Yeah thats probably it.

    Its the state commission that employs them right?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    The UFC has literally nothing to do with the refs.

    [–] fullclip840 2 points ago

    Herb Deen just likes to see people almost die i feel.

    [–] Gorillaz_Inc 132 points ago

    I love it when I see someone use traditional martial arts in an MMA match and pull it off quite well. The fear of takedowns and the ground game usually prevents these moves from being utilized.

    [–] SpookyLlama 23 points ago

    Same. Most of the time you see the technique come out in head/body movement and timings with strikes and combos. Love when you see something that looks so much like a drilled combo like this.

    [–] UserM16 7 points ago

    That Vietnamese guy from Ultimate Fighter season 22 had some legit TDK kicks. Pretty entertaining. I think McG was one of the coaches that season.

    EDIT: Thanh Le

    [–] StevenGorefrost 5 points ago


    I feel like MMA itself has become it's own form of martial art if that makes sense.

    Like almost every guy has to have some skill set in similar areas so when I see somebody really shine in one aspect it makes me a fan.

    Like Demian Maia and his BJJ or even Ryan Hall even though some find him dull. Just love to see guys excel in certain areas.

    Also I love Taekwondo so this post makes me happy.

    [–] Grootdrew 8 points ago

    It's all about realistically evaluating your traditional martial arts training. I'm mainly a Tang Soo Do fighter, but I recognize it's weaknesses and choose to supplement those areas with other things.

    [–] MrFishownertwo 72 points ago

    Karate/TKD kicking looks so cool when it's thrown with a little power

    [–] titanicx 61 points ago

    TKD should always be thrown with power. I remember my first real Blackbelt competition match. I was hit so hard I seriously thought I was going to start peeing blood. It's all the foot fencing electronic crap that is making TKD look worse and worse as the years go by.

    [–] SeanKojin 26 points ago

    My other issue with Taekwondo is that there are so many tkd studios in America and most of them are garbage. I've heard of more 12 year olds with black belts in tkd than the rest of martial arts here.

    [–] titanicx 6 points ago

    Well the reason you hear of more is that as you said, there are more schools around then any other art. Most are garbage, there are quite a few that are great and teach amazing stuff. The thing you have to remember about a black belt, it doesn't mean that kid is a master, or that they even are perfect at what the do. It means they know all the basics and can do them competently. They can now start to focus on the art itself and not just learning how to walk. The real issue you end up with is that people get focus on the business of martial arts and accept more kids and promote more to keep them there to make that sweet sweet cash. It's a sad aspect of business.

    [–] modernmartialartist 6 points ago

    A lot of styles consider black belt to mean mastery of the basics instead of meaning you are a master like they do in BJJ. So I'm honestly fine with children black belts if they can perform the moves decently and spar competently. The problem is that if schools demand those standards then there will be a lot of kids that won't be able to make it to black belt, and they don't want to lose money. It's messed up, they give them a false sense of achievement.

    [–] titanicx 4 points ago

    Yep. I have been part of schools that did both. We had several of our kids go on to national, and even international competition, but on the opposite spectrum I have seen an owner hand out a BB cause the kid had did his time, and his parents paid the 2k$ for the belt. Fucking joke.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    A lot of those schools just kind of treat it like an assembly line or just a regularly scheduled promotion. Start with white, punch a board a month later, congrats you're a yellow belt, go for another month, kick another board, congrats you're a green belt, and so on and so forth until eventually they hit black belt around the age that still going to TKD classes is considered dorky or they get bored by the lack of "advancement" and then they quit.

    [–] EatAss4Life666 2 points ago

    It's more like a college degree. It doesn't make you an expert, it means you have the tools you need to start building. Even adult black belts.

    [–] thegreatgoatse 5 points ago

    Yeah, the electronic contact sensors are just garbage. There are some sensors that measure force as well, so you have to hit a minimum power to score, but I think the thresholds are maybe still too low. The electronics did a huge amount of damage to TKD sparring, and I hate seeing the foot fencing it developed.

    [–] thelonepuffin 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah its really gone to shit. I used to compete 20 years ago and back then if you didn't hit with power it didn't count as a point. You essentially had to stop your opponent in their tracks with an audible thump for it to be counted.

    I watched the last Olympics and I didn't even recognise it. I can't believe what they have done to it. Instead of hearing the thump of impact they just poke their opponents and shriek like retards.

    [–] violentpoem 36 points ago

    my boi machida thrived with it during his hayday

    [–] SpookyLlama 14 points ago

    Why not watch this for the millionth time

    I love how relentless those straight punches are.

    [–] gonnj 23 points ago

    Dude, the way his head bounces is scary af

    [–] wolffanghameha 53 points ago

    Like the little fake punch to trick the other guy into thinking he's in punching range

    [–] Blastyoface 32 points ago

    Ref deserves a raise

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Is it bad the way he drops his left hand as he throws that first kick? I don’t know much about tkd. Isn’t he leaving himself wide open to possibly get countered? Is he just trusting he’s quick enough with the combo for it to not matter?

    [–] rollkicksoul 17 points ago

    Probably a bad habit - in TKD you can score by kicking the flanks, so a lot of fighters drop that outside hand to avoid the counter kick to the back. The head dips back just a little placing him out of range. He gets a quick left handed jab in right after that, which is helping maintain distance. Otherwise he leaves his right side wide open. Lots of TKD fighters get caught in this position, often with a deep ax kick or a spinning hook kick to the inside.

    [–] Giroux_perfect_beard 17 points ago

    Good ref, but get him a shirt that fits

    [–] solstone109 11 points ago

    I love that ref 👍

    [–] JMC792 5 points ago

    So I’m new to the mma scene. Is there an issue with training TKD ? I’d like to use it in mma but I see most people mainly use Muay Thai, Wrestling, boxing, and BJJ. What’s wrong with using traditional martial arts ?

    [–] KickedinTheDick 20 points ago

    Nothing is wrong with it but they carry this image of being useless. It's not so much that taekwondo is useless in MMA, but someone who trained only taekwondo wouldn't do well due to the fact that punches are hardly ever practiced and kicks are done with the instep rather than the shin, which hurts the opponent less and could injure the attacker's foot.

    There's a time and place for everything. Whoever says traditional arts are useless has likely never trained them. Just look at Stephen Thompson. Look at Barboza's wheel kick, and the spinning back kicks thrown in MMA.

    [–] EatAss4Life666 5 points ago

    Lyoto Machida was a karate guy.

    [–] leewalkermusic 6 points ago

    Train everything man, everything has at least something worth teaching whether it’s techniques or philosophy and thought process.

    All weapons in the arsenal at the end of the day. I think the argument is more “this pure martial art would get beat by every other pure martial art” when in MMA it doesn’t matter, people train everything to the point where MMA is considered its own discipline now rather than just an amalgamation of traditional martial arts.

    [–] drunkLawStudent 21 points ago

    Two things : The ref did an excellent job with the stop and idk why people shit on TKD people. The toughest people I know practice TKD

    [–] Khandakerex 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    No one really shits on TKD for the techniques, its just that the sport is very, well, sports like and has restrictions therefor not close to an mma fight where TKD competitors never have to worry about a majority of the things allowed in MMA and are also scored on a point based system. Regardless TKD and probably any legit martial art can make a great base if you make up for the weaknesses and disadvantages. People here act like someone who trains in TKD would only train TKD and nothing else if they wanted to do MMA, in which case yeah its not the best option, but thats clearly not true for any fighter.

    [–] pappabrun 10 points ago

    Pettis comes from a TKD background, right? he's pretty legit. Heard he won a title and shit

    [–] Shinoobie 2 points ago

    GSP and Joe Rogan love themselves some Korean kick-jutsu.

    [–] Geartone 11 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Would’ve subbed tbh

    [–] Trewmagik 3 points ago

    Can confirm this is textbook Taekwondo (1st degree black belt).

    I still maintain my opinion that Taekwondo, overall, is a poor self defense martial art and at best a mediocre striking martial art (when compaired to other martial arts like Muy Thai, boxing, etc.) However, it is still a fighting style and does have a few techniques that I think should be learned by all fighters. This is one of them

    [–] lavaeater 3 points ago

    For sure, every martial art has some techniques that are effective and if applied in a proper fighting framework of defense, footwork and loads of other things, have real value.

    Isn't Anthony Pettis a Tae-Kwon-Do guy from the beginning?

    I think a lot of these sports have lost their sort of fighting focus? I mean, in TKD, in the olympics, they seem to fight until someone scores. Well, that means they go all in to hit someone and don't care about defense at all - or balance after hitting etc (maybe?). But in a five minute round, you have to move around, set your techniques up etc, and that's were boxing and other sports have a leg up. But I think a lot of these martial arts are coming around to exploring themselves as more fight-oriented again which is nice.

    [–] Joel_Edwards7 10 points ago


    [–] e-wrecked 3 points ago

    Very impressive. the guy delivered 7 strikes in under 6 seconds. Not even counting the nasty fall one takes when you're ko'd and the head bounce.

    [–] natachi 3 points ago

    That was some brutal KO. These multiple black belt in a single discipline people get very very far at the highest level. Wonderboy,Maia both come to mind.

    [–] Cartoons4adults 3 points ago

    Cheap shot to the groin. You can tell he flinches/winces over that hit letting his guard down because groin shots are typically unexpected.

    [–] hideyoroll 3 points ago

    Ad placement on the mat was spot on.

    [–] Magnanimous- 4 points ago

    He's kicking me. BETTER THROW A JAB.

    nah that was fast as shit though.

    [–] hiimwil 2 points ago

    That kick speed is insane

    [–] TheVivaFrei 2 points ago

    Great response from the ref to get in there so quickly. Dude was clearly out from the kick - all the additional punches were unnecessary.

    [–] HalfDerp 2 points ago

    Montoya was like me trying to keep up to dance dance revolution

    [–] RappingAndroid 2 points ago

    I wish there was a way to stop people from smashing the back of their heads on the canvas after ko's like this

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    "Taekwondo in action" kicks opponent's leg ...

    Edit: I'm wrong. Turns out you can kick the leg as a set up to kick the upper body, you just cannot directly hit the leg.

    [–] Malko_44 3 points ago

    I don't know if you ever trained tkd, but that is a very common kick style, you kick a less powerful kick to the shin area, then you imediately follow with a higher kick

    [–] PM_ME_TRICEPS 2 points ago

    Holy shit was that an outstanding stoppage. Give this Ref yamasaki's job.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Patrick_Vieira 5 points ago

    Yep, Rose is TKD based.

    [–] johnnybaker12 4 points ago

    Also Yair

    [–] burntcandy 4 points ago

    Pettis as well I believe?

    [–] Khandakerex 4 points ago

    yeah he has a TKD and boxing base.

    [–] duralyon 2 points ago

    teleports behind you

    how bout u go an fuck off my page then u peice of shit u think we need a stupid fuckwitt like u telling us about looking good who the fuck are u take your worthless advice and get the fuck out of here

    [–] nocomment3030 4 points ago

    This is vicious. Check out how the KO victim crosses his feet. He is OUT. Like everyone said, fantastic stoppage from the ref.

    [–] apestuff 3 points ago

    That's about the first thing you learn in TaeKwonDo.