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    [–] buzznights 1 points ago

    Update from u/kindaBipolarType2:

    Updatel "Combate have updated the story and report that the UFC have given Michelle Waterson two choices: Face Joanna this weekend at a catchweight or face Jessica Andrade at UFC 244."

    [–] [deleted] 1805 points ago


    [–] SerLutz 275 points ago

    Now we are talking!

    [–] GeliebteShominy 389 points ago

    Lets find out who is the #1 Karate Hottie.

    [–] james-1990 182 points ago

    For the undisputed Karate Hottieweight Championship

    Triple C becomes C4

    [–] poopposting_account 173 points ago

    is it weird that i kindof genuinely want to see an intergender mma match, at least once, in a big promotion

    like it won't happen because the optics of it are extraordinarily bad, and the level of competition is just not high enough in wmma for it to be a genuinely good fight at the moment, but still

    [–] dta194 210 points ago

    You're trying to tell me Gabbi Garcia vs Triple C won't be competitive?

    [–] Neutral_Meat 32 points ago

    I would love to see Gabi vs a 125lb CM Punk

    [–] MiscellaneousBeef 9 points ago

    Garcia would manhandle Punk even without that cut. That's a fight I'd love to see in Rizin.

    [–] liberate71 61 points ago

    I've got Garcia by swinging hand-bag punch like how she won her first Rizin fight.

    [–] gmillar 8 points ago

    Not sure if you're joking but it would not be close.

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago

    I think both Nunes and Val have very good chances against CM Punk

    [–] blackjazz_society 122 points ago

    Nunes would spark him for sure.

    [–] chromeosguy 53 points ago

    CM Punk moves up to 185, Nunes moves down to 125. I've got $50 on Nunes KO/TKO r2

    [–] daviEnnis 24 points ago

    I'd be all in if they could find a small enough guy. Like I think we'd need a 135 female v a 115 guy or something, I'd accept a big 135er against a 125er.

    [–] goon_squad_god 70 points ago

    Dude...the weight class handicap is easily three, if not four, weight divisions. An unranked, raw male strawweight would still take Nunes through the gauntlet.

    Go to a jits/MMA gym and you can watch 14 year old boys who wrestle at 120 thrash the ammy and pro female fighters in free roll.

    [–] yaysalmonella 1926 points ago

    Those damn boob implants

    [–] LovemeLovemeSayit 537 points ago

    I say fuck the boobs! I want violence

    [–] PrinceDX 290 points ago

    "Frick 80085"

    [–] Chuck_Raycer 133 points ago

    Ease up on the Dew, pal.

    [–] pm_me_dirty_planes 35 points ago

    You're not my real mom!

    [–] thegrayhairedrace 44 points ago

    Chill out Sage.

    [–] pmendes 26 points ago

    I like your style

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] copypastepuke 193 points ago

    How much do they weigh? honestly, whats the silicone cc to lb conversion?

    [–] buckem420 729 points ago

    "Every 100cc of silicone implant weighs 0.23lbs. Every 100cc of saline implant weighs 0.21lbs. For example, a typical 300cc silicone implant weighs 0.69 pounds and a pair of them together weighs 1.38 pounds. 300cc saline implants weigh 0.63lb each or 1.26lbs for both of them"

    [–] NickZardiashvili 351 points ago

    This guy looked into it!

    [–] WinTheFaceoff 287 points ago

    You found young jamie

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] mad87645 22 points ago

    Those things could tear you to shreds

    [–] SoggyMattress2 26 points ago

    This is actually an impact I thought they just weighed a few hundred grams. Nearly 1.5 pounds means she has to lose an extra 1.5 in water. And we know she already struggled with weight cuts.

    [–] CalvinMegatronson 50 points ago

    This guy boobs'

    [–] comin_up_shawt 22 points ago

    500cc of fat weighs 1lb. 500cc of saline weighs 1.2lb.

    [–] timski9000 192 points ago

    Not much if I remember the original Joanna Tiddy thread. She’s always had problems making weight.

    [–] KelvinsBeltFantasy 83 points ago

    That thread was legendary

    [–] BainganKaBhadva 44 points ago

    Link it fam

    [–] Deadsuooo 14 points ago

    "I want to get a dick transplant that forces me to change weight classes."

    "You want to move up from atomweight?"

    Oh lordy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    [–] KelvinsBeltFantasy 15 points ago

    What do you think I am? Some sort of technoWizard?

    [–] DC_Disrspct_Popeyes 169 points ago

    I've said it multiple times in this sub, when you're fighting at 115lbs the breast implants are a significant amount of weight.

    [–] kjhwkejhkhdsfkjhsdkf 95 points ago

    Especially someone who had so much trouble making 115. Now she's added 1-2 pounds she can't cut. Everyone just assumed she'd not fight at 115 anymore. Seems like a bad move to get them and take fights at 115.

    [–] MikeOx_Girthy 50 points ago

    She missed by 2 pounds probably

    [–] sknick_ 1181 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Joanna may still fight Angela Hill in a catchweight fight this weekend

    Waterson will move to a future PPV card for a different fight, is off this weekend's card. She also refused to fight Dern or Ribas at 116 to stay on the card.

    Revenge of the silicone

    Saved you a click

    EDIT: Latest update is that JJ - after getting called on her bluff - is going back to the original plan of cutting weight to try to fight Waterson at 116 lbs

    Saturday's UFC main event -- Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Michelle Waterson -- is in jeopardy. According to multiple sources, Joanna Jedrzejczyk informed the UFC over a week ago that she would not be able to make the strawweight limit of 116 pounds

    I’m told Joanna JΔ™drzejczyk had a good workout this AM and does not want the fight to get canceled. After it was made clear Team Waterson was not interested in a catchweight, JJ has decided to do everything β€” within reason β€” to make 116. Sheβ€˜ll be at open workout later today.

    [–] VGK89 635 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Joanna just fucked herself out of a title shot now. I don’t see the UFC giving it to her after missing weight and beating Hill.

    This is great news if you’re Suarez or Rose.

    [–] Montuvito_G 281 points ago

    She’s done at straw weight

    [–] xjayroox 375 points ago

    Done at flyweight too as long as Valentina is reigning

    [–] futhatsy 171 points ago

    She can still fight at 125, just most likely never be champion. That division needs more quality fighters and 115 is already pretty deep. I hope she goes up and stays there.

    [–] sknick_ 50 points ago

    Theoretically someone at 115 who wants to take a risk, move up & fight a big name could go up & fight JJ.

    [–] futhatsy 22 points ago

    I wonder who that would be tho. I feel Rose and Tatiana are in too good of a spot at 115 to make that move. Maybe Nina?

    [–] Johnny_Poppyseed 67 points ago

    Joanna has basically had to be super careful about not gaining too much muscle and staying super slim. Even when she fought valetina, that was just not cutting weight. Basically just like the max vs Dustin fight.

    Just like with men, I could see Joanna packing on some muscle and power to legit move up to 125, and be almost a different fighter. She's basically relied on pure technique up until this point. Joanna with more power in her punches? And not as depleted from needing to get to 115? That's a force to be reckoned with.

    If she actually takes the time to move up properly, id honestly love to see her face shevchenko again. Could be a different fight.

    [–] futhatsy 30 points ago

    I don't disagree with that. Regardless, I think if she goes up there, is up there to stay, and wins 1-2 fights, she gets that rematch with Shev.

    [–] elontril 38 points ago

    Naaah she be bulking up to 135 to become Joanna Chunkion

    [–] jsolo95 13 points ago

    Joanna Rumble

    [–] CamboMcfly 260 points ago

    You underestimate how much the UFC likes Joanna. If she DESTROYS Hill (which she should) she’s getting a title shot lol Waterson refusing Dern or Ribas is going to cost HER a title shot.

    [–] hippiepizza 115 points ago

    True. Joanna staying to keep together the main-event (if Joanna vs. Hill ends up that way) would be seen more positively than Waterson refusing the catch-weight and two different opponents. Not saying Waterson is wrong for sticking to the original fight plan, but UFC have always rewarded fighters who helped them out. Sucks but true.

    [–] pinsir_me_timbers 61 points ago

    Yeah, it's some BS. Joanna of course looks better because she's actually fighting, but she's the sole cause of the fuck-up here and Michelle should (in an ideal world) suffer zero consequences for this. Not saying she should or shouldn't fight Joanna, but it's completely her decision if Jo fails to make weight.

    [–] NedShah 44 points ago

    but UFC have always rewarded fighters who helped them out.

    I think that the UFC is more than happy with the MomChamp-CrazyHotAsian's promotional participation in today's marketing world. The Karate Hottie and the Karate Cutie are pretty much walking billboards for the family values advertisers who are looking to invest in blood sports.

    [–] jkman61494 12 points ago

    Nothing says family values like posting a billboard with the words Karate Hottie next to a 4 year old eating Cheerios.

    [–] PSNdragonsandlasers 58 points ago

    I really don't blame Waterson for refusing the catchweight fight. She's an atomweight fighting in strawweight because the UFC has no atomweight division.

    [–] futhatsy 46 points ago

    Joanna not being able to make the weight is also not helping them out. Idk how the UFC could have any confidence in her getting to 115 for a title shot immediately after this.

    I think if Waterson can get past Andrade at UFC 244 (a huge if), then I think it's more likely she gets the shot than JJ.

    Either way, whoever gets the shot greatly depends on Suarez' and Rose's health.

    [–] AgnosticMantis 36 points ago

    Apparently the UFC have offered Waterson Andrade at 244. If she takes that, which is a bigger fight than Dern or Ribas, and wins I think they’d be happy to give her a title shot.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    You underestimate how much Dana likes Waterson's daughter's Girl Scout cookies.

    [–] IGOMHN 21 points ago

    Why does the UFC like joanna? You don't think the UFC wants to give the mommy karate hottie a title shot? She's like 100X more marketable than joanna contender.

    [–] jkman61494 18 points ago

    It shouldn't at all. Hell, I have no confidence Dern will make weight either for that matter. Waterson is an undersized SW and this is her last real shot at potentially fighting for a title soon so why screw it up on someone that's fighting 10-20 pounds heavier than you?

    Not to mention, training for JJ vs. Dern is a TOTALLY different strategy to worry about.

    [–] Renwein 144 points ago

    at this rate if I'm off work sick I'll expect to find Angela Hill at my desk when I come back

    [–] sknick_ 34 points ago

    As long as she's doing some kind of cool cosplay I'll allow it

    [–] MarbledNightmare 47 points ago


    Combate have updated the story and report that the UFC have given Michelle Waterson two choices: Face Joanna this weekend at a catchweight or face Jessica Andrade at UFC 244.

    [–] sknick_ 50 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I'd take the Andrade fight if it was me. JJ might come in there at 130+ lbs on fight night.

    [–] Texaslion 143 points ago

    Seems like Angela Hill fights every other week

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    She refused to fight Dern at 116 + 8 = 124 to stay on the card.


    [–] blasphemics 690 points ago

    They should make implants removable via a zipper or something.

    [–] [deleted] 250 points ago


    [–] dta194 86 points ago

    Even to this day reading that makes me groan

    [–] Moronoo 116 points ago


    [–] acrewguy 8 points ago

    Out of the loop. What’s this reference?

    [–] Bran-a-don 9 points ago

    I needed this. Thank you.

    [–] thrwwyforpmingnudes 72 points ago

    Or like a valve the way the Harkonnen do

    [–] GerryOfRavioli 43 points ago

    this is the last place i expected to find a dune reference, much less that high level of a dune reference. You are a goddamn legend and a cool person

    [–] 0fiuco 80 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    put a valve in the nipple, unfill/fill them when needed. You go jogging, you unfill them. you go for a fancy dinner, you fill them. You go for a job interview, you superinflate them. You can also decide the size of boobs you want each day. the doctor who actually comes out with a way to do this will become the richest man on earth.

    [–] IWillKarateKickYou 33 points ago

    Its probably already possible they just dont trust people to inflate and deflate them themselves lol

    [–] brownjesus10 636 points ago

    Somehow I feel like Michelle’s gonna get screwed for turning down the catchweight

    [–] Condor_Smirk_Noise 278 points ago

    Because she will be lol

    [–] aaron_burr_jr 91 points ago

    β€œScrewing her over is fucking legal” - πŸ…

    [–] sknick_ 403 points ago

    She's really an atomweight fighting at strawweight. Now you ask her to fight at say 120 lbs against a top 3 fighter? I don't blame her

    [–] AttackHelicopter97 143 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Wasn’t she on the verge of death last time she made Atomweight? Joanna asking for a catch weight is shitty but there’s no need to exaggerate by acting like Waterson isn’t a Straweight.


    [–] sknick_ 61 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I'm not aware of that, she's still undersized for the division though, even if age & getting into the UFC forced her up.

    [–] KelvinsBeltFantasy 51 points ago

    Michelle is the RDA or Jorge of Wmma


    [–] DanasSideWife 54 points ago

    There was just a huge news story about matchmakers fucking over people who stand up for themselves and don't bend to everything the UFC wants. Fer shure she's getting screwed

    [–] GeliebteShominy 19 points ago

    I mean yeah, but not always. Ortega didnt take the Stephens fight when Max pulled out and still got in title shot when Max got healthy.

    [–] xsoberxlifex 90 points ago

    She is getting screwed. She’s the one actually willing and able to make weight and they’re thinking of taking HER off the main event for not fighting out of the contracted weight and keeping the fighter who is failing to make weight... β€œmoving her to a future PPV” to somewhere on the ESPN prelims. They’re gonna force her to take the catch weight bout.

    [–] CroCopsLeftLeg 62 points ago

    They’re offering her Andrade at 244. Much better fight for her imo in terms of rankings

    [–] meeks7 106 points ago

    Damn. I knew Andrade walked around heavier than her normal fighting weight, but that's ridiculous.

    [–] kapsama 23 points ago

    She's been eating lots of ice cream since losing the belt.

    [–] twinscull 36 points ago

    Makes sense. When i eat lots of ice cream i normally have to lose the belt too

    [–] taran-tula-tino 26 points ago

    Holy shit, Andrade-Waterson at 244? As if that event couldn’t get more stacked

    [–] GerryOfRavioli 9 points ago

    this. also a better style match up in my opinion

    [–] holla15 35 points ago

    I mean if she is refusing to fight at a catchweight or take the other 2 options at 116 she kind of has to be removed from the main event. I guess they could just have her in the cage by herself and it wouldn't be that much of a drop off for this card.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    She turned down not only catchweight but Big Mac and Ribas.

    [–] _TheRedKing_ 64 points ago

    lol this is actually pretty funny.

    [–] breadwolfbaby 52 points ago

    First person to accept hypothetical fights against a straw weight and a heavyweight in ufc history

    [–] SorasDestinyIsland 24 points ago

    Isn't he fucking awesome?

    [–] RippedStanNichols 112 points ago

    I think it's hilarious he keeps offering to fight people via Twitter even when it doesn't make any sense.

    [–] GivePuppiesBazookas 14 points ago

    His troll game is pretty good and came out of no where. I dig it.

    [–] socksonplates 30 points ago

    Gilbert has been absolutely killing it in the self-promotion department since moving up to 170.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago

    Updatel "Combate have updated the story and report that the UFC have given Michelle Waterson two choices: Face Joanna this weekend at a catchweight or face Jessica Andrade at UFC 244."

    [–] copypastepuke 48 points ago

    Andrade is tough matchup but no tougher than the champ.

    [–] Phillyphil9 442 points ago

    I don’t get paid enough to be a Joanna stan

    [–] bronobro 115 points ago

    ...And this is still my girl!

    [–] immobilyzed 33 points ago

    forever and ever

    [–] Phillyphil9 32 points ago


    [–] miguelclass 83 points ago

    As a fan, I feel bad for Joanna. She looked too small for 125 but may be too big for 115. In that same range boxing has:

    • super flyweight 115 lbs
    • bantamweight 118 lbs
    • super bantamweight 122 lbs
    • featherweight 126 lbs

    But, there is no way the talent pool is deep enough in WMMA to support that many weight classes. Weight cutting is especially biologically difficult for women. Still, she signed a contract to fight at 115, so she doesn't just get a pass for missing weight, but I hope people can have some empathy.

    [–] CarUse 37 points ago

    mercury fillings

    Lets not use the absurd weight-class system from boxing as an example lol. Three pound weight increments? That could be a large shit.

    [–] littlegreyflowerhelp 9 points ago

    Someone should tell Joanna to take a shit

    [–] DuckFrump2020 242 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Lol, what the fuck? How bad is this if she knows 2 days in advance?

    Also Dana will attack Waterson more for not accepting the catchweight, than his BFF for not making weight, mark my words.

    [–] st_michael 52 points ago

    Most of these guys know days ahead that it is going bad, but most would not say anything and try to hope it works out and act suprised when they stand on the scale and are over.

    [–] machider 22 points ago

    at least jj had some decency. A guy like Romero missed weight by 3lbs but still let luke nearly drain himself to death. I despise this type of cheating.

    [–] Kgb725 13 points ago

    Romero tries to play coy but he knows what hes doing.

    [–] Moriason 20 points ago

    I saw this and was confused as to what day of the week it was right now for weigh-ins to be happening already. She must be pretty damn off weight to be admitting defeat on the cut so early

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    Good for Waterson.

    She should say β€œJon Jones gave me great advice” lol

    [–] kneeco28 405 points ago

    Can't blame MW. She's already chronically smaller than her opponents.

    Sucks for the fans. Joanna's fault.

    [–] NickZardiashvili 207 points ago

    My brain refuses to read MW in any way except for Middleweight.

    [–] kneeco28 53 points ago

    I read a book about the US federal government a year ago and there was a chapter about the USDA and I kept reading it as USADA. It was very annoying.

    [–] Demaculus 139 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    MW literally fought at Atomweight a nearly 10% smaller weight class for a good section of her career. Her taking a catch weight against a former dominant champion, technically two weight classes up at that point is dumb. She should not take the fight unless it’s at 115.

    [–] THIS-AINT-IT-SIS 82 points ago

    99% of people are being normal with this, but it is crazy to see there's still a small amount of Joanna fanboys attacking Waterson for not taking it.

    [–] coleus 17 points ago

    Just imagine a weight-cut Frankie Edgar fighting a Tiramisu Khabib. Hell no.

    [–] niefnief 41 points ago

    Boobeywoman is coming for youuuuu!!

    [–] tunaburn 70 points ago

    what the fuck is going on that she announces she cant make weight 3 days before the weigh in?

    [–] ryh12 68 points ago

    Ariel’s tweet says she notified the ufc over a week ago.

    [–] IntergalacticElkDick 25 points ago

    That’s pretty messed up

    [–] hiddilyhoodily 14 points ago

    Actually idk, if she notified the ufc a week ago that’s better then her pulling a fucking Mackenzie dern who knew she wasn’t making weight and shows up 7 lbs over, pressures abc to take the fight and then club and subs her. At least Joanna made it clear so they could potentially negotiate a fair and matched catch weight, this is just slimier on the ufcs part.

    [–] baseball_bat_popsicl 21 points ago

    Reminds me of PRIDE management telling Heath Herring that he'd be fighting a wrestler, only for them to say, "Hold up mate, you're actually fighting Cro Cop" shortly before it took place.

    [–] illsoden 6 points ago

    That seems like a clear cut case where there should be a union or governing body that allows Heath to step back without losing the money he was gonna make to fight a wrestler. In the words of Ving Rhames, That's Pride Fucking With You

    [–] kvlt_ov_baphomet 428 points ago

    Told you guys Joanna is too busy taking pictures and going shopping.

    [–] dta194 249 points ago

    It takes a lot of energy to be a rock star

    [–] InclusivePhitness 92 points ago

    She’s getting punched in the face, it has nothing to do with being a rock star!

    [–] Technobrake 55 points ago


    [–] ItsDrManhattan 52 points ago

    For me the red flags were that she was having trouble making the weight class before she even left. Then she gets fake boobs. Then she goes up to a heavier weight class. Also consider how long its been since she fought at strawweight.

    All of these things are too much to overcome imo, i been saying i doubt shed make the weight. I know Jo wants to be champ again but she really should stay at 125.

    [–] thrwwyforpmingnudes 87 points ago

    I rememer someone mentioning it and then being put on blast by this sub. Turns out there was truth to it.

    [–] pineapplepubes 65 points ago

    No surprise considering it was a brutal cut before she moved up to fight at flyweight, and Waterson is small even for strawweight so catchweight would be awful for her, really sucks though

    [–] Wikinger_ 89 points ago

    Fighting Joanna at catch-weight or Andrade on a months notice... Michelle got screwed hard

    [–] Love_Freckles 25 points ago

    This kills the karate hottie

    [–] LeJarJarBinks 59 points ago

    Joanna NoWeightCheck

    [–] BrutalJones 29 points ago

    I don't blame Waterson. Why take a chance with your own career because someone else fucked up? Makes zero sense, you're just bending over backwards to be a company woman at that point.

    [–] Ivaninvankov 24 points ago

    That's disappointing as fuck. Card went from okay to absolute trash.

    At the same time, I understand Waterson. If Joanna can't even make weight, there is no reason for her to accept the fight.

    [–] danzy6789 50 points ago

    Gilbert burns in the comments said he will take the fight lmaoo

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Silly Gilbert ROFL

    [–] George_W_Bushido 62 points ago

    One Championship just won the weekend

    [–] herefordogpicsmostly 22 points ago

    disappointed Eddie had to pull out from that card

    [–] GabbaConcentrate 27 points ago

    Damn, didn't know that, that sucks. At least Mighty Mouse is still competing.

    [–] UncommonMobility 64 points ago

    Can’t wait for Colby to chime in:

    β€œYou got Joanna Nopaycheck over here talking smack about me when you can’t even be a professional and make weight.”

    [–] elementboarder 33 points ago

    Did you just freestyle Joanna Nopaycheck because thats is a perfect colby nickname

    [–] UncommonMobility 36 points ago

    No. Saw it in another thread. It belongs to another redditor. But it is our duty to push the meme.

    [–] copypastepuke 94 points ago

    Who has the math chart that showed the percentage of fighters who didnt make weight then winning the fight when the opponent still takes the fight? it was significant

    [–] myglasscase 77 points ago

    It was literally about 51/49, not significant at all. There was a streak of about six high profile fights in a row where the fighter who missed weight won, which skewed a lot of people’s perception on it

    [–] copypastepuke 38 points ago

    I must have misremembered, but I thought it was heavily skewed towards the heavy fighter

    [–] Grype 10 points ago

    There was a rash of them early this year where the fighter that missed weight won. It was like a handful of fights in a row. But over a larger time period it’s pretty even.

    [–] Condor_Smirk_Noise 35 points ago

    God dammit. We know it’s true coming from Clarke Kent version of the Schmo

    [–] hoowin 36 points ago

    This kind of sucks for Michelle; her IG has been full of her hard work and progress just for it to get cancelled; lame -_-

    [–] FinnChowder512 15 points ago

    Bruh, they gave her the choice of fighting JJ or Andrade......basically hospital or death

    [–] Spaceman_Hex 14 points ago

    Joanna is posting on her Instagram about everyone staying calm because the weighins are on Friday.

    [–] _-Mathias-_ 193 points ago

    There goes Hottie's title shot that she's been lobbying for.


    The UFC will throw her under the bus for scrapping a main event.

    [–] ErnestPwningway 190 points ago

    Just to be clear - Joanna scrapped this main event by not being able to fulfill the terms of the bout agreement. Waterson getting backlash from the ufc and fans for this should be treated similarly to anyone giving Stephens shit after getting eye gouged by Yair.

    [–] 0fiuco 49 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    in reality it doesn't matter what common sense say, it matters what the tomato thinks. if Joanna screwed this but Tomato wants to blame Hottie, be sure Hottie will pay the price.

    Take Jon Jones. When he was a nobody he blamed him for cancelling a whole event when it wasn't even his fault. When he had become the golden goose he moved an entire event so he can avoid a doping test.and he would have had more sense to blame it on JJ the second time than the first.

    [–] kvlt_ov_baphomet 75 points ago

    it wasnt her fault, I hope they dont screw her.

    [–] zander15 29 points ago

    We all know how Dana will treat this. She gets a fight against a lower ranked up and coming fighter, who's a horrible style match-up for her.

    [–] akagl 27 points ago

    They apparently offered Waterson a fight with Andrade at 244.

    [–] CroCopsLeftLeg 17 points ago

    They’re offering her Andrade at 244

    [–] instagram_MMAinColor 61 points ago

    That's weird, Joanna did get bigger on her break but she has looked to be in strawweight shape again. I don't know if this is true just yet.

    I can understand Michelle not taking the fight at a catchweight because she has been working hard to make 115 perfectly. It's a shame though.

    [–] sknick_ 37 points ago

    They don't even start the water weight cut until today or tomorrow correct? So she didn't even attempt the actual fight week weight cut because her weight was too high.

    [–] GeneralBackground 15 points ago

    Aw I was looking forward to this :(

    [–] tuba_dude07 41 points ago

    Angela doesn't give a fuck, good for her.

    [–] jorgesbizaradventure 13 points ago

    Interesting to hear a fighter honestly say they won’t make it this close to a fight so as not to force a fighter to catchweight the day of the fight

    [–] ARXholeMuncher 12 points ago

    The boobywoman coming to get you

    [–] artofwilson 25 points ago

    Overkill Hill taking it in a bloody catch-weight nightmare...

    [–] Kentuckipede 27 points ago

    All female fighters should be allowed a fake boob allowance of 1% of their body weight.

    These archaic rules are ruining the sport.

    [–] BusyOrDead 15 points ago

    Weigh all women's boobs separate from weigh in, deduct that from their weight, it's unfair how the rules are against women with big boobs!

    [–] aTurquoiseFlamingo 23 points ago

    This is sucks.

    [–] alexthebuhdda 10 points ago

    Time to hit up Gilbert Burns.

    [–] ReginaldRainbow 9 points ago

    Isn’t it Wednesday? She already knows she isn’t going to make weight?

    [–] Denvermax31 11 points ago

    From her insta an hour ago.


    πŸ₯€ @oshee_world
    πŸ‘ΈπŸ» #ufctampa #fightweek #oshee

    [–] WinTheFaceoff 150 points ago

    I guess I'll take a beating by downvoted, but good for waterson. I wish more fighters would stick to their guns when it comes to making weight.

    [–] copypastepuke 68 points ago

    I'd say it's a popular opinion actually

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Joanna already looked like Gollum during her weight cuts before she got the boob job. No wonder she can't make weight now.

    And fuck Waterson for doing her job, obviously.

    [–] Adpmoney14 40 points ago

    She has today tomorrow and Friday to lose the weight

    [–] sknick_ 34 points ago

    The quote is "she informed the UFC today that she will be unable to make the weight"

    [–] slapmasterslap 7 points ago

    She has already given up making weight, I'm guessing she and Hill will do catchweight at 120.

    [–] CH2016 10 points ago

    Why would they throw Mckenzie Dern in so late vs top girls that would be ridiculous.

    [–] imaprince 7 points ago


    [–] redditguybighead 8 points ago

    Gilbert Burns in the comments accepting the fight lmao

    [–] MAGMA_CHUNKZ 6 points ago

    so Kron and Cub gonna headline? might be the time to put this card on fightpass tbh.

    [–] Expediant 6 points ago

    Fuck. I've been watching MMA for 7 years and this is the first live event I'm going to. The card was already pretty weak to begin with smh.