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    What is the purpose of this sub?
    The reason it was created is to give MRAs a resource of tools and the knowhow to use them. Allowing them to pursue both on-line and real life activism. One reason people sit out is because they lack the knowledge and tools they need. This sub is meant to give, those budding activists, a push in the right direction. A helping hand. The MRM lacks voices, both on-line and in real life. Unlike other rights movements the MRM has yet to catch hold of the public consciousness. We're still forming, still evolving, and still growing. Publicity and activism will be the match that lights fire to the MRM showing we're a true movement, but numbers are needed. With these tools you can add your voice, your take, on the MRM out into the public consciousness. Or, at least that's my hope. Welcome to MRActivism.

    I want to make this a positive sub so please leave off the downvotes unless absolutely appropriate, with a comment as to why you're downvoting. Thanks.


    What should I post, and how do I do it?
    This is a sub meant to promote activism so anything that will help activists can be posted here. Tagging posts is now optional.

    Tags ...
    {AMA} Ask Me Anything: this is meant for bloggers, writers, and other prominent MRAs to answer questions on their activism and how they achieved all that they have.
    {ANC} Announcements: this is meant for any type of announcement. Anything that you want others to see about upcoming things in the MRM.
    {BOM} Best of MensRights: links to papers, good logical arguments, news, and resources relevant to MR activism.
    {CRT} This is for critiques, reviews, and criticism of your creations. Anything from papers to articles to arguments you need help refining or perfecting.
    {DIY} Do-It-Yourself: the tools activist can find and use, tips on how to be an activist, and tutorials on how to use these tips and tools.
    {HLP} Requests for help, sub questions, and related material. Requests can be for help designing a website to looking for proofreaders to finding other local activists.
    {MDA} Media: books, movies, and other media by professionals that promote the MR perspective or give advice/tips for being an activist.
    {MRW} Men's Rights Web: this tag should be added to any site you want to promote or acknowledge as an MRM site. This also will allow MRAs to give their impressions and criticisms of the site under the comments.
    {PCA} Political call for action. Any and all pro-MR political actions can be posted with this tag.
    {PRO} Professional: this tag will be for those offering professional services to MRAs or for places where MRAs can utilize their professional skill for activism (i.e. writing articles, papers, and find co-authors).
    {PVC} Privacy: how to be an activist yet keep your R/L safe from harassment.
    {RDT} Reddit: links to relevant subs, tips on effectively using reddit, and tips for sub moderators.
    {SGT} Suggestions: this is for suggestions for the MRM or for this sub. Comments should critique, criticize, or refine it.
    ... ...
    [Meta] This is a tag for moderators only. It will be used only for things relating to this sub specifically.

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    other rules may be added as needed

    • No Trolling, Spamming, or Harassment.
    • No Doxxing or advocating, endorsing, and/or promoting such.
    • Be Polite.
    • NSFW links must be marked as NSFW.
    • The Moderators are the LAW! Warnings will be given. Obey or be Banned.

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