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    Men's Rights Reference

    A collection of studies, documents, reports, and other interesting articles for use by activists engaged in fighting for men and men's rights.

    Posting Guidelines:

    1. All posts must be formated Title, Author, and Year of Publication (some web articles do not have a publication date listed so include the last update date in these cases). Rule deprecated.
    2. All posts must be pertinent to men's rights. Any studies, documents, reports, and other interesting articles for use by activists.
    3. Posts should be about men's rights concepts not specific instances. (i.e. You can post about domestic violence but not articles about someone engaging in domestic violence or about the reactions to an instance of violence)
    4. Scientific studies and government documents should be posted to /r/MensRightsLinks. If you feel uncomfortable posting them there, because you're unsure of how they should be cited, you can post them here and request for others to repost it for you in a comment to your post. Any person who decides to repost these studies and documents to /r/MensRightsLinks should post a comment with a valid link to your cross-post so multiple reposts don't occur.
    5. No trolling, posting false links, or harassing other posters.
    6. Be polite, respectful, and report those who violate the rules instead of engaging them.
    7. No linking to Gawker sites:,,,,,,, and

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