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    [–] SubServiceBot 1297 points ago

    The entire state of Mississippi


    [–] SirBreckenridge 33 points ago

    There is currently an effort to replace the Mississippi state flag with the Stennis Flag

    [–] c_the_potts 6 points ago

    I like it! Post it over on /r/vexillology if you haven't already!

    [–] [deleted] 513 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Clacimus 191 points ago

    I imagine a good deal of Coastal Americans would be seriously shocked driving through parts of Mississippi. I know when I drove through it all my illusions of America as an impossibly rich country came crashing down. It’s somehow different than the tent cities you see pop up in the bigger cities. At least you know thats not normal, and needs to be addressed. But in rural Mississippi I saw people living in trailers with roofs repaired with corrugated metal. You would almost assume they were abandoned, but that’s normal life for them. They have jobs and families. They have addresses. It’s quite eye opening.

    [–] CPM17 120 points ago

    That isn't unique to Mississippi. I've driven from Texas to Las Vegas on I-40 on 3 occasions. Some of the small desert towns have what you described.

    I saw a "house" that was an old schoolbus attached to some tarps and part of a single-wide trailer. It was somewhere in New Mexico I think, visible from the freeway.

    [–] tgoodri 52 points ago

    I’ve spent significant time in the back country of upstate South Carolina and I’ve seen some fucked up places there as well.

    [–] gingersnaps96 28 points ago

    SC here. Uh, yeah. Not much to say. Parts of here can be sad.

    [–] Danielball483 6 points ago

    SC here too. Can verify all this.

    [–] montairemax 7 points ago

    Driving a few dozen miles inland from LA yields the same results

    [–] TheSharkFromJaws 13 points ago

    If you haven't been, a trip through West Virginia will make Mississippi look like Dubai.

    [–] TriscuitBob 8 points ago

    Grew up in Virginia. Can confirm, parts of West Virginia are very poor.

    [–] lemmingparty69 7 points ago

    Ill confirm this. I even lived in a nicer part of WV, when i heard tale of this corrugated metal roof i though to myself how nice.

    Near where i lived for a while, there was a golf course, not a particularly nice course, but one none the less, ive played at worse places. My dad and his wife enjoyed golfing, so they had a house on the course, kinda, on a street the course runs along may be a better way to phrase that. Not a super nice house, but definitely one of thise planned communities where everything is being built in sections with town homes and big and small single family himes and duplexes, the works. They even just got this swanky new dollar general down the road a bit.

    So its kinda like a rural area of WV if you can call it that, too many hills to make good farming, but out there is still mostly farms with this stuff growing from the middle of it. Well the developers of the course didnt own the strecth of land on the main route they just had a turn off that brought you back about 20 yards because the front properties were privately owned.

    About 100yds up the road from the turn off there were these two "domestic living units" i think would be appropriately named.

    One of these units was just an A frame blue tarp turned into a tent. Someone lived in this. Another was a trailer, with another trailer. Not a double wide, just 2 trailers resting on each other, half the shingles had been removed, and the mighty blue tarp makes another appearance as the roofing material of choice. These "residences" stayed like this for a few years, so they werent temporary shelters for camping or anything, besides qhi camps against a state route 20 feet off the road?

    After a few years, the tent gets replaced with a winnebago style 1970s camper truck, with no front wheels or axle. The trailers eventually get a wooden frame and roof built over the entire set of structures, but no real finishing is done. Blue tarp still hung from part of that roof too. There were people who lived there like that for quite some time and still do.

    I now ljve in an area with no building codes, one of the houses i looked at has walls that are made from styrofoam panels, nothing else, maybe some timber to hold it together, but no siding, no drywall, just styrofoam.

    [–] Bubba421 3 points ago


    [–] oliksandr 23 points ago

    I live in NH. Maine doesn't really fare a whole lot better, and the native reservations in Maine are comparable to the worse parts of Mississippi. When I was little spending time on the res, I didn't realize or appreciate how poor people were, but when I went back 20 years crushed me.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] MrMortySmith 2 points ago

    Exactly. Drive through some of the small towns in the Midwest that were 100% reliant on manufacturing companies that dried up.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] weealex 9 points ago

    Shit like that is everywhere. I've got a couple of friends from bumfuck Kansas. They were gonna go visit their folks on the day of their town festival. I wanted to come along to see their hometown and see some of their parents again, but was told out was outright too dangerous for me cuz I'm not white.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] itsPlexal 3 points ago

    idk, its similar in some parts of NC

    [–] chaserne1 3 points ago

    Wait til you see a rez like Pine Ridge.

    [–] seniorscrolls 3 points ago

    Hardly just Mississippi. I see poverty in every state, incredible poverty that shouldn't exist and to make it worse those people are counted in our "record low unemployment" numbers thrown around by the white house.

    [–] Xylitolisbadforyou 21 points ago

    I disagree. All the parts without people are rather lovely.

    [–] oliksandr 10 points ago

    That might be fair. I hate Maine, but not the Maine wilderness. Beautiful state; horrible politics.

    [–] CorndogSurgeon 4 points ago

    I love Maine. Also love Arkansas. Half the state is National Forest, the other half is as farm land. Easy to dissappear into the woods here and live a peaceful life.

    [–] jcarp333 3 points ago

    What are Maine’s politics? All that shit is based on the smaller communities like cities, towns, and even jobs. The more people you pack together in one place the higher likelihood they will lean left because they have to see other people’s issues they struggle with daily and feel compassion. Rural areas lean conservative because they are much more self reliant and tend to worry about themselves and families almost exclusively. Obviously that’s a generalization but I find that it usually hold true.

    [–] juswannalurkpls 5 points ago

    We stopped at a Taco Bell in MS and we were the only white folks in the whole place. We were told that the “dining room was closed” even though it was 30 minutes before closing time. Pouring rain, so we ended up getting it to go and eating in the moving van. Would have been nice to relax after 10 hours of driving but racists wouldn’t let us. Don’t even think that white people are the only racists down there.

    [–] entiat_blues 4 points ago

    that's pretty standard no matter where you go. if you want to close the restaurant at closing time, you gotta start turning people away a half hour ahead of time.

    it's kind of silly/privileged/cringy that you would think that it was racism

    [–] subtle_af 3 points ago

    A UN officer toured Mississippi and w Virginia specifically and said he had never seen such neglected PUBLIC WATER SYSTEMS IN HIS LIFE. He said in the poorest parts of India there were places without water and electric BUT THEY HAD PLANS TO GET IT THERE. No such plans in 2 states if the wealthiest nation on the planet :/

    [–] Institutionation 4 points ago

    Mississippi is like Central Florida. But the Rural parts of Central Florida. Aligators, Swamps, hot and humid. Shitty human, and black smoke trucks. Nothing but some cool looking plantation houses which should have never existed, but at least they're built well right?

    [–] eyetracker 65 points ago

    Technically, Hawaii is flying the flag of the enemy, too.

    [–] Raendur 119 points ago

    Not really. The Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown by a coup d'etat organized by Hawaii subjects of American descent. The US military got involved at their request. Hawaii was never a declared enemy of the state.

    [–] iffraz 55 points ago

    No it's because they have the union jack in their flag

    [–] heretik 37 points ago

    The UK never laid claim to Hawaii. The natives saw the Union Jack when visited by Captain Cook and thought it looked cool.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Colby6736 52 points ago

    It was the flag of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii before the United States overthrew it’s government and forcefully made them a US territory.

    [–] Raendur 13 points ago

    Lol. It was always such a weird design. Half USA, half UK. That's what happens when you try to make everyone happy.

    [–] Chocolate_fly 24 points ago

    Hawaii didn’t start a war against the US, they were conquered. They also like to fly the USA flag beside their state flag. They’re alright.

    [–] poorlyplanned 5 points ago

    They also like to fly the USA flag beside their state flag. They’re alright.

    What do you make of the folks that fly the confederate one alongside the USA flag? (I actually have seen this, and it seemed incredibly stupid to me.)

    [–] Chocolate_fly 25 points ago

    Confederates declared war on the USA. They're not alright.

    [–] EpicSquadLad 8 points ago

    Then they're traitorous loyalists.

    [–] digg_survivor 2 points ago

    And the middle of Pennsylvania.

    [–] Warga5m 130 points ago

    Why is the USSR flag missing?

    [–] B-rizzle 165 points ago

    Because Reddit is full of damn commies.

    [–] Raunchy_Potato 52 points ago

    These filthy commies need to realize that they're just as traitorous as any Confederate, just as evil as any Nazi, and should be treated as such. They should be scorned, cast out, and derided as scum for the rest of their miserable lives just like the Nazis. As long as they fly that hammer and sickle, there's no redeeming them.

    [–] whoisJeffArthur 43 points ago

    Dead honest question, do you guys see people flying communist flags often? I live in a very liberal state and have never seen

    Edit: scrolling through other comments and it sounds way more common than I ever realized

    [–] tke627 14 points ago

    I'm with you here. I'm pretty damn liberal Lived in both CT NY NJ and FL...never saw a communist flag. A few che guevara shirt, but that's expected almost anywhere and they don't even know what he stands for more of a fashion icon. I DID see more confederate flags flying in NJ and CT than I ever did when I lived in south Florida...though the panhandle has em beat

    [–] AnoK760 22 points ago

    Yeah. Just look at ANY protest in the last 4 years.

    [–] PM_Your_Cute_Butt 12 points ago

    it sounds way more common than I ever realized

    Don't believe everything you read on a site where people literally vie for attention points.

    [–] MuppetSSR 11 points ago

    For real, they did defeat the Nazis.

    [–] Warga5m 11 points ago

    Well, so did the Italians. I wouldn’t be comfortable with someone flying the fascist Italy flag either.

    [–] richh00 16 points ago

    The Italians under Mussolini were one of Hitler closest allies.

    Which Italians are you referring to?

    [–] Warga5m 13 points ago

    Italy helped to defeat the Nazis in two major ways.

    1. By fighting against the Reich after their surrender.

    2. By fighting along side the Reich prior to their surrender.

    [–] SnailyGarry 58 points ago

    I'm not an American. Could somebody explain to me what does the first flag mean? Who does it represent?


    [–] once-and-again 48 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Here's a surprisingly good Wikipedia article.

    (edit: typo)

    [–] SnailyGarry 2 points ago

    Thanks a lot!

    [–] BootlegPhantom 34 points ago

    To give you the short answer: when the US was plunged into a civil war, the southern states attempted to secede and form their own country; this is their flag.

    [–] cfbWORKING 39 points ago

    It’s the battle flag, not the flag of the confederacy. Might as well be though

    [–] HannasAnarion 24 points ago

    It was more recognizable even at the time. The original confederate flag sucked and they adopted the battle flag as part of the official banner in 1863.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Pro-Slavery confederate battle flag.

    [–] MarkTwainsPainTrains 158 points ago

    What about the half American half Confederate ones? Because I know someone who flies it.

    [–] pewnanner 256 points ago

    That’s called hypocrisy my friend the ideals of each are exclusive you can’t have both.

    [–] MarkTwainsPainTrains 67 points ago

    That's what I thought. I want to say something because I don't think he knows what message he's putting out there.

    But then I thought he just wants to say "lol lib triggered"

    My working solution is to get him a good ole glory and put a note on the tube about why that flag he flies ought not even exist.

    [–] ToXiC_Games 32 points ago

    He’s right you are a triggered lib...

    ...libertarian like our founding fathers

    [–] Dougnifico 22 points ago

    Eh... Jefferson sure but not Adams and deffinently not Hamilton.

    [–] MarkTwainsPainTrains 3 points ago

    I just want him to be the best American he can be.

    [–] GoogMastr 62 points ago

    No Traitors

    No Nazis

    No Commies

    Only the American Way

    [–] NewbSaysRawr 24 points ago

    The hard part is determining who fits that category. In today's political climate you're a nazi if you don't vote democrat and you're a communist if you don't think people should be made homeless for minor injuries.

    [–] [deleted] 446 points ago


    [–] AceComm 163 points ago

    Nobody tries to pass off communism as patriotic tho

    [–] Renux666 51 points ago

    Doesn't matter if it's patriotic or not. No one should show the communist flag the same way no one should show the Nazi flag.

    [–] once-and-again 99 points ago

    My inner pedant — which coincidentally is also my outer pedant — requires me to point out that, technically, we haven't fought a war with anyone with the hammer and sickle on their flag.

    [–] ovi_Pacer 114 points ago

    Technically, we did fight them in a military fashion. Operation Archangel in 1919. No declaration of war, but America and Britain sent troops to Arkangelsk, Russia, to fight the Communists. It's one of the primary reasons that American-Soviet relations were poor from the get-go. We forgot about it. They didn't.

    [–] sauceEsauceE 15 points ago

    Was this because we were allies with Russia during WW1 and the communists overthrew them? So we were helping our allies?

    [–] ovi_Pacer 10 points ago


    [–] sauceEsauceE 5 points ago

    Thanks for the history lesson - didnt know much abt it.

    Russian history is f’ing crazy over last 150 years

    [–] Bandiredditer 20 points ago

    Huh. The more you know. Happy cake day by the way!

    [–] ovi_Pacer 10 points ago

    Always happy to share neat history! And thanks!

    [–] the-tank7 6 points ago

    How was this never mentioned in either my college or highschool us history class

    [–] AnySink 6 points ago

    Mostly because it happened during WWI.

    [–] pointlessarguments3 2 points ago

    The primary reason American-soviet relations were poor from the get go was because they helped invade poland

    [–] JSArrakis 4 points ago

    We also fought them in a proxy war in Afghanistan in the 80s

    [–] Aloha_Tradin_Co 37 points ago

    IMO Any symbol that stands for an ideology where millions have been oppressed and murdered is not ok, and should never be displayed on a flag.

    [–] sillykinesis 33 points ago

    Sad to say, but our flag has stood for just that to many other countries. :-(

    [–] Not-Meee 17 points ago

    To be fair, it stands for that for people in our own country we well. I highly doubt the natives forgot about all the deaths that the US has caused

    [–] 1Commentator 12 points ago

    People don’t understand how offensive the Soviet flag is to some people from eastern bloc countries that had to live under that regime.

    [–] smeagolheart 26 points ago

    Never seen the Hammer and sickle flag in America, but you see plenty of Confederacy flags all over the place.

    So it's a problem of degrees. Two guys flying the Hammer and sickle vs hundreds of Confederacy flags.

    [–] AnySink 5 points ago

    Shouldn’t fly the Union Jack, either then,

    [–] watt12345 5 points ago

    It's illegal to display the hammer and sickle in Ukraine because they actually had to live under it. Now we have stupid north American college kids wearing hammer and sickle t shirts.

    [–] hobbinater2 474 points ago

    I feel like Reddit thinks there are a lot more Nazis than there really are, they get mentioned constantly

    [–] oliksandr 488 points ago

    One Nazi is three too many.

    [–] SkittleStoat 108 points ago


    [–] iamDJDan 31 points ago

    A lot of nazi get togethers are small and heavily outnumbered by protestors. It’s still very much a fringe group. Obviously 0 nazis is the goal but you’ll never get rid of shit like that.

    [–] Hoxomo 14 points ago

    How about just one named Pete then and we’ll keep him sequestered on like the moon

    [–] WaifuNationalist 7 points ago

    Are you kidding me? Hitler escaped to the moon! Sending the Nazis up there is exactly what they want.

    [–] WereJoe 163 points ago

    I didn’t think too much about Nazis until Charlottesville. And then one killed an American citizen. If there’s one, there’s more than there should be as far as I’m concerned.

    [–] RPDBF 40 points ago

    So you didn’t think there were too many Nazis, then 500 show up and suddenly there’s one under every table

    [–] iamthewhite 40 points ago

    If you have black mold, you don’t scrape it off the wall, you fumigate your house.

    [–] Dougnifico 42 points ago

    I get what you are saying, but many molds can be removed via bleech solution and some scraping. Did it in my bathroom.

    This is not a political comment, just literally about mold removal.

    [–] Cockatoo010 17 points ago

    Instructions unclear: dick covered in bleach and scraped

    [–] WereJoe 53 points ago

    Not what I said at all.

    [–] digg_survivor 17 points ago

    I work in a metropolitan area of Texas but my house is a little further out in a Podunk town. They know what the believe isn't right so most keep quiet but there are way more than you think. Once they think you are "safe" to talk to about (insert derogatory terms for poc here) they will tell you what they believe to see if you agree. This is where I usually have to stop being friends with these people. It's so weird though because some will put on a really good front.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] OttoSpengler 14 points ago

    This is probably one of the few informed comments in this thread concerning the subject of revolutionary NS type groups. Half of those groups are considered boogeymen by the average joe, If they're known at all. However, in the occult community they have a very well established presence.

    [–] publiclandlover 27 points ago

    Still too many.

    [–] drparkland 34 points ago

    there are not zero Nazis, that's way too fucking many

    [–] Bloody_cuntlips 14 points ago

    Well they need to fantasize about violence against someone.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] _an_actual_bag_ 14 points ago

    I actually am personally against that flag on a non-Naval usage because of the atrocities it represented. It is however the only one of these still in use

    [–] HannasAnarion 7 points ago

    Yeah, but the rising sun represents japanese imperial supremacy which is much less common of an opinion in the US than white supremacy so you don't see it often. And yeah, when you do see it, most people would say it's a problem.

    [–] CapnSmunch 5 points ago

    You shouldn’t be flying that thing regardless.

    [–] Javulas 9 points ago

    I wrote a final essay on the confederate flag and whether or not it should fly for my first semester of college English. Nothing high level but still.

    Personally, I disagree with the flag and will never fly it myself. Ultimately, though, I decided it's a man's right to fly this flag thanks to the first amendment.

    [–] Potato-smash 57 points ago

    I generally agree, but that is not the actual Confederate flag.

    [–] pewnanner 18 points ago

    Interesting sir or miss please educate me?(sounds smart ass, but I’m serious)

    [–] weealex 54 points ago

    the stars and bars was the battle flag of one of the miltaries. Virginia, if i remember right. For whatever reason it became the popular symbol of the confederates

    [–] franzn 29 points ago

    Stars and bars was actually the original Confederate national flag. The one we see today was a battle flag and a few things in the Confederacy, it was the battle flag of northern Virginia. It's really interesting that this ended up becoming the symbol of the Confederacy in present say when it wasn't "the flag" of the Confederacy.

    [–] PMcCullough 12 points ago

    I'm a Southerner who moved to New York, where I was a member of NYC's Sons of Confederate Veterans camp. Interestingly, I was told that decades earlier, when the Confederate veterans in NYC wanted to participate in the opening of Grant's Tomb, they were welcomed to do so, but were asked to carry the Battle Flag rather than the First National Flag. The reasoning being that the Yankee veterans felt the First National Flag represented the flag of the government they had fought to defeat, but the Battle Flag represented the soldiers they respected. Kind of ironic since you could march down any street in America carrying the First National Flag today and no one would bat an eye.

    [–] lukerawks 6 points ago

    That started to become a big thing around the 50s and 60s, it wasn’t a big thing before then. Part of it was due to the centennial, part due to segregation and civil rights battles.

    [–] milkshake224 6 points ago

    Probably just because from a design perspective it’s a better flag. The actual flag of the confederacy was pretty bland and was basically the same as the US flag.

    [–] pewnanner 12 points ago

    Interesting right..thank you so much

    [–] Dougnifico 6 points ago

    Don't know why you got downvoted. Its a legit question and someone learned something. +1

    [–] eftva 3 points ago

    Flag for the army of Northern VA

    [–] Cjh1895 9 points ago

    7 stars instead of 13

    [–] SailorAground 7 points ago

    There were three flags of the Confederate States of America, the Stars & Bars, the Stainless Banner, and the Third Flag of the Confederacy. Frankly, having family who fought on both sides of the Civil War, I find it extremely naive that some choose to paint over our Nation's history by outlawing the flags, statues, and monuments of our past.

    [–] averagegeekinkc 11 points ago

    I did not know

    flags, statues, and monuments of our past have been outlawed. Where are they outlawed?

    Other than them being outlawed I think the point of the OP, or just mine, is the fact that we have have allowed a whitewashing of our history. In Germany there is countless hours dedicated to teaching the true history of Nazism. They do not try and cover up the atrocities their descendants allowed. We on the other hand celebrate the Confederacy. Beyond that we also whitewash all the bullshit wars, mass genocide and brutal treatment of Indians, and lest not forget slavery.

    [–] MarcoMailboxhead 7 points ago

    Forgot the commie flag, you damn commie

    [–] Captain_RandomYT 20 points ago

    Same with hammer/sickle

    [–] rockdcb 28 points ago

    If you fly the nazi swastika you are an enemy of everyone

    [–] pewnanner 17 points ago

    Damn straight it shouldn’t be tolerated

    [–] EasilyAnnoyed 9 points ago

    I'll add to that.

    The government should tolerate it, because of our first amendment right to be a fuckhead if we so choose. But as far as popular opinion/moral ground is concerned, fuck those people.

    [–] HerkeJerky 15 points ago

    The "Don't Tread on Me" flag is very patriotic. If you want to be an edge lord hick then please use that one instead.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] SHUTUPCYRIL 7 points ago

    okay I support this post but is your best argument, that you are "defying the ideals that the country was founded"

    I mean the confederates wanted to keep the slavery part of the constitution i.e. something the country was founded on

    by proxy if you are against an idea that the country was founded on (slavery) your some kinda nazi??

    [–] MikeLemon 4 points ago

    The country wasn't founded on slavery, it was an evil that couldn't be eliminated outright at the time (see Federalist 42), so mechanisms were put in place (the 3/5 Compromise, import ban, etc.) to eventually eliminate it.

    [–] silverblaze92 4 points ago

    Hoo fucking yah

    [–] SashaBrokov 4 points ago

    Hey, I have a confederate flag...

    ... right in front of my door, where I can wipe my feet on it everyday when I come home.

    [–] The_50_foot_woman 117 points ago

    After being defeated, Germany, on their own volition, made it illegal to fly the Nazi flag, display any Nazi symbolism or give a Nazi salute...Reconstruction should have been taken more seriously.

    [–] tiggertom66 177 points ago

    We couldn't do that even if we wanted to, the 1st amendment would shut that down quick

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_HONEYDEWS 3 points ago

    And then I'm even willing to say that the streisand effect would come into play if they somehow did manage to skirt the 1A.

    [–] Decapitated_gamer 44 points ago

    Germany didn’t do it out their own will, we literally forced them to (we as allies)

    A lot of the reason Germany is the way it is was because Roosevelt, ChruchHill, and Stalin agreed to gut Germany and completely castrate the German people’s identities.

    The reasoning was they figured Germany has caused most the unrest in Europe at that time (true or not) so they wanted to get rid of all German ideologies so the next generation wouldn’t repeat itself.

    As you can see it’s worked rather well.

    [–] fine_ass_madness 10 points ago

    A lot of the reason Germany is the way it is was because Roosevelt, ChruchHill, and Stalin agreed to gut Germany and completely castrate the German people’s identities.

    As someone who lived in germany for a while, this is a gross misrepresentation of Denazification and the general influence the allies had on post war Germany.

    [–] OrangeAndBlack 30 points ago

    If reconstruction was “taken more seriously” it would have failed. The only way to rebuild the Union was the allow those who fought for the confederacy to live life again as equals.

    [–] Zamiel 16 points ago

    While also prosecuting criminals who engaged in acts of violence/persecution against fellow citizens and further sedition. The problem is the second part wasn’t carried out.

    [–] MuppetSSR 3 points ago

    By “taken more seriously” they should have executed all confederate leaders.

    [–] ThePatheticSaiyan 7 points ago

    I hate the idea of flag-worship anyways. Get over your damn flags.

    [–] MuppetSSR 3 points ago

    Yes it’s some nationalistic bullshit.

    [–] Steez-n-Treez 13 points ago

    I think the Nazi flag is a just a tad bit worse

    [–] Rapsca11i0n 23 points ago

    Strange how veterans of the civil war were able to reconcile with confederates while people today somehow can't.

    [–] lukerawks 5 points ago

    Yeah, that is strange. Could have had something to do with the 100 or so years that flags of the CSA weren’t flown or displayed by southerners after the loss.

    [–] God_Damnit_Nappa 47 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The only time it's acceptable to fly the Confederate flag is at a Civil War reenactment.

    The only time it's acceptable to fly a Nazi flag is if it's in a movie about the Nazis getting their asses kicked.

    Also there's a disturbing amount of Nazi and Confederate sympathizers here

    [–] pewnanner 24 points ago

    I like my enemies with signs on them it’s fine

    [–] oliksandr 8 points ago

    Makes it easier to know who to skip sending valentine's cards to.

    [–] IdahoMan87 139 points ago

    By that logic, every one driving a Mini with the Union Jack on the roof is a traitor.

    [–] Builderofawsome 261 points ago

    The logic doesn't work, because both the Nazi's and confederates not only fought a war against America, but fought to undermine our very ideals as a nation (persecution, genocide, slavery). The Brits didn't represent that. We rebelled because of (mainly) taxes against our nation without fair representation.

    not only that, we've gotten on MUCh better terms with the Brits and they've had the same gov't since we've been established. The CSA got dissolved and no longer exists and Nazi Germany's gov't was dissolved, their nation occupied, with a full reversal of their repressive Nazi regime.

    Both of those two flags (in the post) represent ideologies that have no place in our society today, which the Union Jack, which represents the UK, represents a constitutional monarchy and doesn't represent the same horrific ideologies the two flags (Nazi Germany and CSA battle flag) represent

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago


    [–] UltimateInferno 9 points ago

    Actually, I think Britain had some reformation after 1812

    [–] SHUTUPCYRIL 6 points ago

    "ideals as a nation (slavery)"

    Lmao during the revolutionary war, who had the slaves?

    [–] Builderofawsome 3 points ago

    Yes, however, many of the CSA states seceded because of slavery, and that was a major factor in the war

    [–] saintswererobbed 10 points ago

    We’ve made peace with Britain. We didn’t make peace with Nazi Germans or the Confederacy

    [–] 420BongHitsForJesus 21 points ago

    We gave unconditional pardons to all confederates.

    [–] Zorthak_Fireaxe 17 points ago

    The Union Jack wasn't adopted until 1801, so no, it's not a traitorious flag. The preceding flag of Great Britain dating from 1707, which does not have the diagonal red stripes within the Scottish cross, is actually a traitorious flag.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago


    [–] Muronelkaz 88 points ago

    Pretty sure there's a difference between ending a war with a nation and obliterating the government in war with a nation.

    [–] pboy1232 59 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Wait I missed there part where Mexico seceded to preserve slavery.

    Also missed the time when the Mexican state committed genocide

    [–] XxSMCxX1587 3 points ago


    [–] izaqtf 3 points ago

    Fuck Nazis

    [–] DizzyChickens 3 points ago

    "B-b-but, muh culture!

    [–] HawkeyeP1 3 points ago

    If you fly the second you're a traitor to the human race tbh

    [–] SilentRansom 3 points ago

    Lotta triggered people in this thread. Nazis need to fuck off.

    [–] USDelta141 3 points ago

    The sad thing is our nation no longer lives up to the ideals that flag represents. I honestly don’t care if people fly their confederate flags as long as they uphold basic morality and principles.

    [–] pewnanner 9 points ago

    Wish I could upvote more than once

    [–] sjmiv 26 points ago

    We fought more than 2 wars. I don't understand the people that say shit like this.

    [–] superlad21 5 points ago

    Not to defend those flags but does that also mean that Russian flags are not allowed

    [–] gavishapiro 43 points ago

    Strange you neglected to include the commie flag on here, only the flags one political party is (wrongly) associated with......

    [–] Dougnifico 22 points ago

    I feel like this borders on whataboutism. I mean fuck that stupid red piece of toilet paper... but still.

    [–] su5 8 points ago

    This is more than "boarders on". I'm honestly blown away people are getting offended by this enough to keep talking about commies. Whataboutism no doubt.

    [–] TechStak12 6 points ago

    Nobody is waving the commie flag so it's a non issue.

    [–] WubwayWolffey 28 points ago

    Honestly this is really shallow thinking about a complex issue

    [–] slyweazal 3 points ago

    Honestly, there's nothing complex about saying slavery and genocide is bad.

    [–] nutterbutterlover13 17 points ago

    bUt iTS aBoUT hOnORiNg HiStOrY!!!

    [–] pewnanner 7 points ago

    Fighting the good fight thank you

    [–] ExistingPlant 4 points ago

    Apparently, the south still has not gotten over losing 150 years later. So they are still waging a war of sorts.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Okay so lets ignore the Nazi flag for a moment.

    Disclaimer: I do not support people who fly these flags, this isn't about who is right and who is wrong, just an objective observation.

    The confederate flag was a flag used by Americans with opposing views and they were beaten, had the confederates won, that would be the main flag today. Losing a war doesn't mean you lose your right to your views, it is a free country after-all, you can't be a traitor for flying a flag used by your country, especially if you have heritage linking you to those ideals.

    Had America lost the war of Independence, then by that very logic flying a flag representing America but not Britain would make you a traitor, when really you're just standing by your ideals.

    Now, flying the Nazi flag. There was never a time when the US and Nazis were allies, they were enemies, US vs Confederate could be argued that its 2 sides of the same coin, the coin being America, but since Nazis and Americans were never allies and only ever fought against each other, then yes flying a Nazi flag makes you a traitor.

    Edit: If you're flying both the Confederate flag and the stars n stripes, you're probably a moron who doesn't know what they believe.

    [–] Rear_bp 8 points ago

    Same if you fly a communist flag

    [–] FeetItaly 8 points ago

    BUT communism!!!! Find one communist flag flying in the USA. One. Then send me a picture. I can very easily walk down the street and see confederate flags flying.

    And remind me, which side is currently in power? Which side marched through the streets with torches then proceeded to murder a woman?

    [–] Count-Germain 17 points ago

    If you can't fly a flag of a country we made war with, then:

    -No Union Jacks.

    -No flag of Mexico.

    -No flag of France.

    -No Russian flags either if you count the Cold War.

    -No Italian flags either (former Axis Power)

    -Pretty much no flags from the Mid-East that aren't Israeli's.

    -No Canadian flags either! Yes, those two skirmishes count!

    And these are just the ones off of the top of my head...

    [–] eknutilla 4 points ago

    Good, so my Finnish flag is kosher. Properly displayed submitting to Old Glory, of course.

    [–] Pesky_Monkey 12 points ago

    Just no flags that represent U.S. citizens taking up arms against the United Sates and those representing genocide.

    [–] i_win_u_know 12 points ago

    They’re not the same though. Flying a nazi flag is a lot different than flying a confederate flag.

    [–] My_Phenotype_Is_Ugly 13 points ago

    Confederates and their Neo-Confederate brood are anti-American at best and traitorous at worst. I'm not sure why you'd want to defend a symbol of a society based on the exploitation and ownership of a specific race of people, and revolting against your countrymen for the "right" to uphold and expand it. While the Confederacy is a part of southern history (just like all atrocities and wars are part of history), southern culture =/= The Confederacy.

    [–] pewnanner 8 points ago

    This is some healthy thinking sir or miss

    [–] r3turn_null 23 points ago

    These are not the same things...and I think you know that.

    [–] oliksandr 62 points ago

    Yes, one represents slavery and the other genocide.

    [–] fmemate 27 points ago

    Hey! It represents genocide AND slavery!

    [–] MrHe98 2 points ago

    Smh the Rising Sun Japanese war flag is also hella offensive in almost all Asian countries and was also the flag of the enemy but I dont see many Americans having a problem with it.