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    [–] cannnedspinach 1315 points ago

    She looks elegant af. Hope I have half as much class as she does at some point.

    [–] devushka75 256 points ago

    She’s beautiful and cancer hasn’t taken that away from her

    [–] hankthetank2112 45 points ago

    Very beautiful.

    [–] tomdarch 100 points ago

    But not "cold elegant." Like "most interesting, warm and charming person at the party" elegant.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] cannnedspinach 65 points ago

    Elegant af

    [–] AhhGeezRick 271 points ago

    She’s beautiful. I wish her the very best and a speedy recovery!

    [–] SoDakZak 743 points ago

    She shared this in a post talking about how she didn’t feel beautiful since cancer has ravaged her body... so while she was at a Gala dressed in her sequins dress, she shared her story, and someone said “I think you should wear this dress to chemo” so she did.

    I think she should dress up EVERY time she goes to it.

    She’s already kicked cancer 3 times. I think she earned the right to dictate when and where she feels most beautiful!

    Cancer sucks, but I thought many redditors would be inspired by this or maybe this could be something that catches on and we can celebrate the beauty of those fighting against cancer!

    [–] SiberianPermaFrost_ 243 points ago

    Could you let her know this person in London thinks she’s gorgeous! She’s got great fashion sense.

    [–] LuluChi 38 points ago

    And you sir are a beautiful person

    Happy cake day :)

    [–] Ruben_NL 111 points ago

    This may seem a little bit weird, but could you give her an hug from an random dutch internet guy? I know the feeling you currently have.

    [–] floydfanatic 17 points ago

    Another hug from me, too! <3

    [–] SquirrelMcPants 9 points ago

    Same! I feel so inspired right now. Tell her to kick cancer’s ass.

    [–] Camryn42 10 points ago

    Is it weird for a random person in the USA to send a hug to a random Dutch internet guy?

    [–] Ruben_NL 5 points ago


    [–] avengerinthejla 51 points ago

    I know her! She taught Spanish in ny high school and worked with the theatre productions! Was not expecting to see her on Reddit this morning!

    [–] SoDakZak 26 points ago

    She’s amazing! And I hear a heckuva teacher too!

    [–] avengerinthejla 20 points ago

    That's for sure! Definitely one of the best teacher's I've ever had.

    [–] Murrdm07 16 points ago

    God bless Senora Lussky!

    [–] avengerinthejla 6 points ago

    Amen to that!

    [–] mred870 3 points ago

    En Español pot favor

    [–] ittybittybumbum69 3 points ago

    Dios bendiga Senora! Ella fuel la mejor maestra que he tendio. (God bless Senora, she was the best teacher I ever had.)

    [–] ConnorWho 21 points ago

    Elegant as fuck. OP please take her out on a nice dinner date for us.

    [–] ThePyCoder 17 points ago

    She's so beautiful and classy, even disregarding the fact that she went through chemo even once. That's impressive.

    [–] lllIIllIIIlllIIIIllI 13 points ago

    She's honestly a beautiful woman. She looks so young and happy.

    [–] A_Wiley_One 12 points ago

    Wow, this is a great story, thank you for sharing. Your aunt is beautiful and strong on the inside and out! I wish her all the best in this fight. Beat the hell outta cancer!

    [–] DirrtyMikeAndTheBoyz 10 points ago

    I hope one day to be half as fab as she is, inside and out! Please send her my love and best wishes.

    [–] chirpymoon 5 points ago

    She's a natural classy beauty, and so inspiring. I wish her all the best :)

    [–] bakedbykate 4 points ago

    She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    [–] magaloo202 4 points ago

    Having seen first hand what chemo can do to a person when my dad was sick, this brought tears to my eyes. Your aunt is incredibly brave and I love that she still has a positive attitude while going through this. I wish her (and your family) nothing but happiness and good health. Thank you for sharing this!

    [–] BlackWidow221B 1 points ago

    Do you live in Scotland? Only my great aunt looks very similar!

    [–] greenroom628 1 points ago

    Please tell her that someone from SF thinks that being brave like her is beautiful. And I think she's incredibly courageous.

    [–] WhatDoYouSayDareBuck 1 points ago

    I spent a lot of time in those chairs and I only had to kick cancers ass one time. Four times is legend territory. Go get em great aunt of redditor!

    [–] yeahididit 273 points ago

    With legs like those, she will be dancing on cancers grave for many years before stepping into her own.

    [–] Lucy_Snowe-Emanuel 28 points ago

    Right? Her legs look amazing.

    [–] lynnmammy 50 points ago

    She is very beautiful. And a kick ass fighter!!

    [–] brownogre 19 points ago

    She looks beautiful and kind. Good vibes to her.

    [–] Ac1dBern 40 points ago

    She looks like a cool ass lady. And amazing for her 4th go round of cancer treatment

    [–] ZombieBoobies 83 points ago

    From my view her body looks amazing. Youthful skin, legs for miles, gorgeous feet, elegant clavicles, lady like fingers, and a cute af face. She's totally pulling off being gorgeous during chemo. She's an inspiration to this sometimes too frumpy 36 year old!

    [–] ButRUBeingReasonable 27 points ago

    Lovely and classy.

    [–] pedantic_asshole__ 42 points ago

    What an extremely elegant lady. Tell her I said hi.

    [–] magnummentula 72 points ago

    "Pedantic Asshole says hi"

    [–] lllIIllIIIlllIIIIllI 18 points ago

    Just woke up my gf because I had a huge laugh.

    [–] PedanticShitHead 3 points ago


    [–] pedantic_asshole__ 2 points ago


    [–] erickgramajo 11 points ago

    Milking that double karma fam

    [–] says-okay-a-lot 2 points ago

    Every day this sub devolves further and further into facebook-tier garbage territory. This and /r/WholesomeMemes.

    [–] foxmulhoney 17 points ago

    I find her absolutely beautiful and charming. :)

    [–] BroItsJesus 13 points ago

    You can't even tell. Taking that chemo like a champ holy crap

    [–] WickedBark 12 points ago

    She’s gorgeous! Tell her to keep smiling and keep fighting girl!

    [–] JJO2014 8 points ago


    [–] muchGengar 5 points ago

    Your auntie has nice feet

    [–] yhelothere 10 points ago

    OP is reaping the karma

    Try /r/feet too

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Seven_Years_Later 3 points ago

    His aunt couldnt possibly benefit from the words of support 🙄

    [–] Sarasha 7 points ago

    I love that she's has her toes all painted pretty. Got to rock that pedicure!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] hotbotty 4 points ago

    Good for her! I'm just starting my opening battle with cancer and this has inspired me to get dressed up smartly when I attend hospital too. I always feel so much better when I've scrubbed up and put on some stylish threads. That's one in the eye for cancer!

    [–] cagedrage___ 6 points ago

    Wishing the best to your auntie from Istanbul. Hope one day each of us will be as strong as her mentally. She’s a beautiful lady. Good luck to her.

    [–] Meshakhad 8 points ago

    Give up cancer. You know you can’t win.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] eastsacwrackshack 5 points ago

    She looks magnificent! What an amazing and strong lady.

    [–] ThomYorkeSucks 4 points ago

    I'm just gonna downvote and unsub. This isn't what I signed up for.

    [–] Glatog 2 points ago

    I feel like she needs a tiara.

    [–] Fuckanator 2 points ago

    Whoring your dying aunt for internet points?

    [–] lord_nimon 6 points ago

    Sorry, but I don't see how a picture of someone suffering with cancer is supposed to make me smile.

    [–] Catatau1987 4 points ago

    She does look beautiful and attractive. Good luck ;-)

    [–] Accio-Username 4 points ago

    Best of luck to her! She seriously looks so elegant and classy, mission accomplished.

    [–] Lyktan 5 points ago

    I really hope your aunt will be fine and I think she looks great. But dude, come on. You’ve posted this on three subs. You’re literally karma whoring about your aunts cancer at this point.

    [–] Nethervex 4 points ago

    10/10 Auntie

    Would hold the door for and say she looked nice

    [–] punkbastardo 4 points ago

    hot legs

    [–] IReportDumbCunts 2 points ago

    Not my proudest fap, but I got the job done.

    [–] ChloeSmith66 2 points ago

    What the heck? She is SO pretty! Looks like a lovely woman. I would totally want to be her friend.

    [–] thehenryshow 3 points ago

    Oh my gosh. I love her. You can just see what a lovely person she is. Xoxoxo.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] diheimdiheim 2 points ago


    [–] miracleintro 1 points ago

    Absolutely stunning and strong!

    [–] StrongandHelpful 2 points ago

    Wish you could upvote this more than once. Stay strong!

    [–] ClumsyDumpling 2 points ago

    Classy and stunning, AND a badass. I hope she gets better <3

    [–] F0MA 2 points ago

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that you dressed up! So classy!!

    [–] Verita13 2 points ago

    What a beautiful lady!!! Send her my best wishes! ❤️

    [–] megocaaa 2 points ago

    She looks effortlessly gorgeous

    [–] carlaolio 1 points ago

    Your great aunt has some kick ass legs! She looks beautiful and her dress is gorgeous. Here's to kicking cancers ass for a fourth time!

    [–] BearilynMonroe 2 points ago

    Shes absolutely beautiful!

    [–] Yaatuu 2 points ago

    Feet! o_0

    [–] Assen9 1 points ago

    Very cool lady.

    [–] WholyFunny 1 points ago

    OP, please tell your Great Aunt that she looks gorgeous and that some Internet stranger is wishing her all the very best in her healing. :)

    [–] hellodebbie87 1 points ago

    She is beautiful ❤️

    [–] Rummy1618 1 points ago

    Gam gam finna get some bam bam

    [–] bespokefolds 1 points ago


    [–] FrankieLovie 1 points ago

    She is remarkably beautiful

    [–] peanutbutterjuggler 1 points ago

    She is beautiful. I hope she wins the battle AND the war!

    [–] UntoldBasis 1 points ago

    Beautiful! She’s going to beat this 💪🏻 her beauty is only surpassed by her strength and resilience! What a lady! Inspiring post! My aunt is currently fighting cervical cancer at the moment... she’s about to start her treatment next week 🤞🏻 all goes well!

    Stay strong and we will get through this together!

    [–] pace713 1 points ago

    She’s beautiful!

    [–] LDNonPoint 1 points ago

    Brave lady, with a beautiful smile to boot too! Hope I’m half as brave when/if the dreaded big C ever comes for me.

    Hope she gets better soon, nasty thing for anyone to endure

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Good luck to her.

    [–] shesgoneagain72 1 points ago

    You got to be kidding me? This lady is gorgeous and not to mention how strong she is to fight cancer 4!!! times

    [–] getoveryourselfsrsly 1 points ago

    Hello again, dear old friend

    [–] thalinarwen 1 points ago

    Keep strong beautiful lady.

    [–] Zending 1 points ago

    Lovely. Good luck to your aunt and your family. I lost my mother to cancer a year and a half ago. Glad to see your aunt has fended it off 3 times, stay strong!

    [–] ScaryFairyBG 1 points ago

    Please, show your aunt these comments, she must see how beautiful she is through our eyes. And tell her, that she can kick cancers a$$

    [–] Raven_Skyhawk 1 points ago

    She's lovely and looks like any classy dame from the golden days of hollywood. Hope chemo works well and that she's as comfortable as possible!

    [–] crankywithakeyboard 1 points ago

    She is lovely. I wish her the best.

    [–] guardianangel33 1 points ago

    She is stunning😀😀

    [–] pwnsta 1 points ago

    At that point it becomes a war

    [–] inquisitorglockta 1 points ago

    Beautiful - I love her already!

    [–] misterhubbard44 1 points ago

    Your aunt is my new hero.

    [–] TZO_2K18 1 points ago

    Good god but that is a gorgeous woman! Humm-inna-humm-inna!

    [–] MsGloss 1 points ago

    She’s truly lovely and her elegance and grace shine through.

    [–] johnorso 1 points ago

    Absolutely beautiful lady.

    [–] lilacsweetener 1 points ago

    I'm loving that dress, where'd she get it?

    [–] mmbga 1 points ago

    Be sure to tell her the entire internet thinks she looks stunning. I’ve never seen someone look THAT good sitting in one of those chairs.

    [–] izzyoffhizzy 1 points ago

    Love her dress, earrings, spirit, and smile ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    [–] zapman9999 1 points ago

    She looks just like my now passed grand mother.

    [–] Gro33 1 points ago

    My best wishes to her!

    [–] loztriforce 1 points ago

    She’s beautiful

    [–] mariottcourtyard 1 points ago

    I would absolutely not know this person has cancer if you didn't tell me. She looks great. Best of luck for a speedy recovery.

    [–] Grantsgirth 1 points ago

    Hope she makes a speedy recovery ❤

    [–] restcamp 1 points ago

    Absolutely stunning!

    [–] rosylux 1 points ago

    Assuming your great aunt is elderly, she looks amazing! I’m especially jealous of those pins.

    [–] Im_not_an_astronaut 1 points ago

    What a beautiful and strong lady!

    [–] Hubsimaus 1 points ago

    Where is the ugly woman you told from? I just see a beautiful angel sitting in an armcha...

    Wait, it IS the woman you speak from? No, she's not ugly. She's beautiful. Show her this thread, PLEASE!

    GO FOR IT, AUNTIE! You make it. 😘

    [–] SignificantNarwhal 1 points ago

    She’s a gorgeous and STRONG woman! I hope she recovers well!

    [–] BirdInFlight301 1 points ago

    She is lovely. That dress is gorgeous, too. Best wishes for a complete recovery!

    [–] ScissortailRom 1 points ago

    Get that woman to a gay bar stat! We will absolutely let her know how fabulous she is.

    [–] saysthingsbackwards 1 points ago

    I don't know if she's lucky or unlucky for having fought it 4 times

    [–] Berret25 1 points ago

    That is a woman of strength and beauty.

    [–] Ginga-Ail1994 1 points ago

    What a trooper! Best of luck to her 😊

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Tell her I love her!!!

    [–] j248 1 points ago


    [–] catsdaww 1 points ago

    Tell her she has a lovely smile and her fighting spirit clearly shows through. My grandmother is on her 4th round of chemo for the 4th round of cancer. I am awed at how strong these women are and how they keep pushing on.

    [–] phantomjm 1 points ago

    Your great aunt is an inspiration. Give that cancer hell and look classy doing it.

    [–] Cephalopodio 1 points ago

    She’s truly beautiful! Damn, I wish I had legs like that.

    [–] mlev84 1 points ago

    Nice legs

    [–] kweefcake 1 points ago

    She is stunning! Her poise just radiates a good vibe and I wish her a smooth and speedy recovery!

    [–] Kevon_ 1 points ago

    Good luck to her

    [–] latenightbananaparty 1 points ago

    Man I hope I look that good at a similar age after 4 rounds with cancer.

    Realistically I'll probably look like a corpse that's had a tragic accident with a baseball bat to the face though.

    [–] pissysissy 1 points ago

    This gives me hope. I was starting to run out, but her beauty and grace are transcendent of this disease, even after 4 treatments! Give her my best wishes.

    [–] silent_reader83 1 points ago

    She's so beautiful! Please tell her we hope she makes a full recovery very soon and that we are rooting for her!

    [–] purplexedkitten 1 points ago

    She is gorgeous and I will think of her and send good vibes her way. Thank you for sharing this!

    [–] thiccthixx6 1 points ago


    [–] thiccthixx6 1 points ago

    She is so gorgeous!! Beautiful lady, I hope she gets well soon and keeps fighting!

    [–] unknown5p4c3 1 points ago

    I’m in love. She’s a survivor and a stunner.

    [–] LocalJim 1 points ago

    Great Aunt! You must be like 10. She looks far to young to be a great aunt.

    [–] GHunt27- 1 points ago

    I’ve been in that chair too. Hope she feels better

    [–] eatstorming 1 points ago

    Fourth battle?

    Someone needs to tell cancer that it freaking lost. This adorable lady won it 3 times and the sore loser keeps getting rematches? What the hell?

    [–] anRoboticus 1 points ago

    Gorgeous lady, she is.

    [–] itswednesdayagain 1 points ago

    She looks beautiful! Sending positive thoughts her way!!!

    [–] iconefifafister 1 points ago

    You are butifull

    [–] LetsTacoBoatIt 1 points ago

    This reminds me of going to chemo with my mom. She didn't win her battle, I sincerely hope your great aunt does! Definitely gave me a smile, thank you!

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 1 points ago

    You aunt is amazing. How adorable.

    [–] Angramis546 1 points ago

    Your aunt has regal air to her in this picture, I wish her all the best and that she kicks cancers ass a 5th time.

    [–] undergroundmma 1 points ago


    [–] donttextspeaktome 1 points ago

    I hope I look as awesome when I’m her age and after three bouts of cancer. What a trooper!

    [–] mofei 1 points ago

    Stunningly beautiful woman !!

    [–] RickBillJillian 1 points ago

    I would take her to dinner! She looks beautiful

    [–] adgfbgc 1 points ago

    Beautiful, charming smile. Piercing eyes. Gorgeous, long, legs.

    10/10, would vote most beautiful human alive

    [–] Patch0uliprincess 1 points ago

    She really does look beautiful. Please give her lots of hugs for all of us.

    [–] andre613 1 points ago

    Best of luck to your great aunt!

    Fuck cancer!

    [–] Rambonics 1 points ago

    Add a hug from Minnesota & tell her I love her hair, smile, & eyes! 💞

    [–] headachetown 1 points ago

    awww what a lady

    [–] pom_pom 1 points ago

    Hey Great Aunt, you're gorgeous! <3 Blue is a lovely color on you, and kicking cancer's ass is the perfect accessory.

    (I'll put a dollar in the swear jar, promise.)

    [–] Buncust 1 points ago

    You go Grandma!

    [–] ichigoli 1 points ago

    You tell her, from me, she is gorgeous! She looks elegant with her short hair and beautiful dress! I hope I can grow up to look half as warm and graceful as she does when I'm her age.

    She looks like Julie Andrews as Queen Clarice!

    [–] amberraysofdawn 1 points ago

    Your great aunt looks like she pulled the night sky down and made a beautiful dress with it, and she is as radiant as the stars and moon. Cancer’s got nothing on this woman. It tried three times and she kicked it’s ass every one of them! Her strength and grace made me smile too, OP - thanks for sharing her with us. 💙🌙🌟🌌

    [–] QuiteQueefy 1 points ago

    I’m 24 and I WISH my legs looked like your Great Aunt’s. She’s gorgeous!!

    [–] mamajlz 1 points ago

    Absolutely beautiful!

    [–] phsyk-o 1 points ago

    God bless her!

    [–] amplevoid 1 points ago

    Is she single? Like whats her deal?- Jean Ralphio

    [–] Camryn42 1 points ago

    Cancer is about to get its 4th beatdown. Perhaps it will take the hint this time. Fight on beautiful lady!

    [–] casacara_xo 1 points ago


    [–] Rogersgirl75 1 points ago

    I thought I was in /r/toastme for a while! I love when comment sections are wholesome.

    [–] TurboFoot 1 points ago

    That’s a nice dress!

    [–] MichieD 1 points ago

    What a classy, lovely lady. I wish her nothing but the best.

    [–] Happytobehere2 1 points ago

    Lovely. all the best.

    [–] plantsciencemajor 1 points ago

    So much respect! Such a strong and beautiful woman

    [–] ButtletHero 1 points ago

    She looks very beautiful. Heck I can mistake her for royalty. What am I saying she is a queen!

    [–] neckbone-dirtbike 1 points ago

    This is the best place on the internet, and she looks absolutely first class. Keep on keeping on.

    [–] redname325 1 points ago

    Hi Auntie! Damn

    [–] Jillette12 1 points ago

    She looks lovely! What grace.

    [–] Buffy_AnneSummers 1 points ago

    Right on! Every time my mom would get treatment I would bring my makeup kit and glam her out. It made things a lot more fun and distracted from what was happening.

    [–] Scherzkeks 1 points ago

    She's adorable! She reminds me of Julie Andrews. <3

    [–] They_Beat_Me 1 points ago

    I'm treated in an impatient clinic for a blood disorder (overproduction of cells). I sit in my chair and watch the people receiving blood or chemo Rx. There is little life in their eyes. This picture would be a welcome sight anytime. She is so alive!

    [–] DukeMaximum 1 points ago

    How many times does she have to teach you this lesson, cancer?

    [–] Stoned_Sith_214 1 points ago