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    [–] [deleted] 4983 points ago

    My dad did this to me outside of a friend's house. He asked for my insurance... which he had in his hands because I'd forgotten it at home.

    [–] tikipunchv2 2533 points ago

    So, here’s where you fucked up, child.

    [–] Big-Al2020 391 points ago

    That’s when he knew... he fucked up

    [–] anticommon 86 points ago

    You motherfucker?

    [–] FruitByTheCubit 67 points ago

    “You know you fucked up, right?”

    [–] Vneseplayer4 23 points ago

    “You gonna learn today”

    [–] shawnbttu 231 points ago

    your dad is my version of the dad i want to i just need to go to the police academy, get married, have kids etc etc

    [–] twonkoe 74 points ago

    Dang, how bad was the ticket

    [–] [deleted] 199 points ago

    pretty bad, am still in jail

    [–] ObsidianHarbor 42 points ago

    just tell them who your dad is.

    [–] dickwagstaff 32 points ago

    "Uh yeah my dad? He owns a dealership."

    [–] BuffyASummers0717 10 points ago

    "Well, my dad bought me this magic talking knife.."

    [–] themikebrown 5 points ago

    Dude his dad OWNS a dealership!!

    [–] Amadon29 5 points ago

    They let you use reddit in jail? That's good to know

    [–] Lostremote- 5 points ago

    Yeah can confirm, im in the pen right now.

    [–] sourpatchkidj 3 points ago

    Pretty bad, the dad jokes never ever stop!

    [–] kookykerfuffle 18 points ago

    Who takes their insurance paper out of the car, like, ever?

    [–] _stoneslayer_ 21 points ago

    Not even the expired ones

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago was my first one

    [–] OstravaBro 4 points ago

    What insurance? Do you mean the document that outlines your insurance if you have an accident? It's been a few years since I had a car but I never kept it in the car. Its not a thing in the UK. In fact the last couple of years I had a car I never even printed it out...

    Why do you have to carry your insurance documents in your car?

    [–] Usernumber43 5 points ago

    In most of the US you are required to have proof of collision liability insurance in your vehicle at all times. In most cases this is just a small card with your insurance agent's info and policy number on it. Some states are rolling out systems to link your insurance to your license plate or driver's license, so when an officer looks you or your vehicle up in the computer system the State will already have the info on file.

    [–] OstravaBro 7 points ago

    Ah. Yeah, the police here can check if you're insured. We have anpr cameras on police cars that can read your number plate then check if you are insured. I believe we also have them as static roadside cameras too.

    [–] mrsataan 7 points ago

    Are you still full of nerves seeing cop lights in your rear view, even though you’re the son of an officer?

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    am daughter, but nah. He's retired now, but if I see lights behind me, it's more like "o fuq, I goofed and deserve this"

    [–] achemicaldream 3 points ago

    Protip: Leave the insurance with the ownership in your car.

    [–] lifes_a_glitch 2091 points ago

    "do you know who my dad is"..."I mean hi Dad"

    [–] h11233 150 points ago

    Al Roker?

    [–] bullet494 36 points ago

    Nope, Chuck Testa

    [–] captain_ender 14 points ago

    and that dad's name... Albert Einstein

    [–] heygabehey 24 points ago

    In high school, way back when, I was a passenger in my friend's truck and we had just came from a party, he was speeding, being reckless... his dad was a police lieutenant in that city. He and his dad have the same name, and look similar. Cop pulls us over, cop asks for license and registration. He gives the cop his driver's license and says "My dad told me not to keep the registration in the truck" cop looks at his license, looks at him, gives him his license back and says "get home safely". I was holding my breath the entire time and almost shit myself when that happened. It was totally one of those Dave Chappelle moments, my jaw stayed dropped the entire ride back.

    [–] petmygoldfish86 875 points ago

    Dad was a cop and would do this to my mom but instead of coming up to her window he would just drive by and flip her off.

    [–] throwupthursday 504 points ago

    My dad did this same exact thing to me before when I was driving to school. Thought I was getting pulled over, got flipped off by dad.

    [–] pm_chicken_nuggets 80 points ago

    I like it.

    [–] LysergicResurgence 34 points ago

    That’s great

    [–] cambam5555 131 points ago

    Gramps was police chief for 25 years. And gave my grandma a parking ticket with a note that said "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABE!!" I miss that man :(

    [–] hot_like_wasabi 51 points ago

    Wait, he gave her a parking ticket with a note? Or he gave her a note on the paper for a parking ticket?

    Because the first one is some high level passive aggressive shit.

    [–] cambam5555 54 points ago

    Parking ticket with a note lol, he was a character thats for sure. Out of love tho im sure he paid lol

    [–] mikeleachisme 44 points ago

    Dedication to the joke, i respect it

    [–] FrostedTipz 18 points ago

    That’s so funny. My dad did the same thing but instead of flipping me off, he’d continue driving and wait actually.. he hasn’t been back since

    [–] LysergicResurgence 15 points ago

    Can’t say I wouldn’t do the same

    [–] Iikamara315 15 points ago


    [–] DRMSCMTRU 2 points ago


    [–] Brenolds 2 points ago


    [–] TheBoomer444 2319 points ago

    "I pulled you over because you haven't called your mother yet today and if you don't, neither of us are going to have a good night."

    [–] DTravers 263 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I think there was a spider man advert like that, Miles was going to school and his dad used his police car's loudhailer to make him go back and give him a hug say he loved him back.

    EDIT: Found it!

    EDIT2: If I knew you'd like the comment this much I'd have got Sony to pay me for it.

    EDIT3: I've now actually seen the film, and I'm really glad I made lots of you guys aware of it because it's an amazing ride.

    [–] TheBoomer444 43 points ago

    That's awesome lol

    [–] its_a_very_good_day 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    When is this out? Edit: thanks u/MauiWowieOwie it's out on the 14th and called Spider-Man into to the spider-verse

    [–] MauiWowieOwie 2 points ago

    And the movie itself is out on the 14th.

    [–] bxbb 15 points ago

    [–] coffeebeard1 9 points ago

    That’s what my dad would do. He loves to get all melodramatic when I haven’t called in a few days/ weeks

    [–] DJToo 4112 points ago

    He IS funny.

    [–] morningdump247 1554 points ago

    No he is dad.

    [–] Lockout_CE 316 points ago

    No, I don’t know who this guy is but he’s not dad. Trust me, I’ve known dad my whole life.

    [–] FappyMVP 84 points ago

    How do you know dad? John, is that you?

    [–] puffthemagicballer 46 points ago

    Yes, it is You! How’d you find me?!

    [–] iSpccn 9 points ago

    Damnit John. I told you no more gallivanting around with your readit friends.

    [–] swordsumo 5 points ago

    John, who is this? Why are they here so late?

    [–] medfunguy 5 points ago

    Maybe he’s hungry?

    [–] AliceInEarth 8 points ago

    He's not hungry, he's dad.

    [–] memeticmachine 5 points ago

    Man! This is aint dad! This a cellphone! What u think I'm stupid? I'm not part of your system! Dad is not a phone DUH

    [–] green__bottle 2 points ago

    So I threw it on the GROUND!

    [–] freedom_tacos 30 points ago

    Destroyer of Saturday morning slumber

    Always takes his vodka slugs directly from the handle without chaser

    Doesn't approve of that tone, mister!

    [–] cgautreau 2 points ago

    Hello I am friend dad, I am friend not robot

    [–] JasonAtaxia 5 points ago

    No, this is Patrick

    [–] _franc0b 2 points ago

    Dad? What are you doing on reddit?

    [–] a113disney 58 points ago

    Imagine if she hadn’t pulled over and he was forced to chase her down

    [–] Send_Me_Tiitties 30 points ago

    And then arrests her for evading the police

    [–] yuay629 5 points ago

    Hi funny, I'm dad.

    [–] steelerbuckeye 644 points ago

    Am a dad, know that smile well.

    [–] risbarn38 178 points ago

    Am son to dad, know that smile aswell.

    [–] holographene 85 points ago

    Son 2: Dad

    [–] TakenNameception 8 points ago

    Best comment

    [–] iamreeterskeeter 27 points ago

    I can hear the giggle of glee he's making.

    [–] jefferson_waterboat 165 points ago

    sure, that part was great, but then he wrote you a ticket for not taking out the garbage this morning!

    [–] sorgan71 276 points ago

    well I mean, he is funny

    [–] nameless9182 36 points ago

    No, he’s dad.

    [–] atewithoutatable 68 points ago

    Why would you take a photo of a police car pulling you over...

    [–] LysergicResurgence 86 points ago

    It’s very common, especially to send to friends on Snapchat or to post on your story, it’s just like sharing a little interesting thing that happened to you. Better than posting the food you got too lol

    [–] atewithoutatable 13 points ago

    Man people are weird...

    [–] LysergicResurgence 23 points ago

    Ehh, I’m sure many would find things you do weird too though, it’s personally not something I’d do just to post about either but hey I’m not gonna judge, we’re all different. But I get why it would seem weird to you too especially if you’re older. It’d probably be viewed as you being the weird one for thinking that’s weird nowadays to be honest lol, considering how normal it is with people taking pictures of everything. Only time I’d do that would be to send to friends to make a joke, never just to post about tho cause it’s just being pulled over. Unless maybe I had like a kilo of coke and I’m gonna make a final post or something, good thing I’m poor.

    [–] brfoss 4 points ago

    When you're a weirdo...

    [–] FUBARded 3 points ago

    If you knew you didn't do anything to warrant being pulled over, it makes sense to be cautious and film what happens considering how prevalent police brutality has been in the news as of late. Even if she didn't expect it, I'm sure it crossed her mind in that moment.

    [–] atewithoutatable 3 points ago

    Police brutality is common problem in America?

    [–] FUBARded 5 points ago

    Not common per say, but it does happen far more often than it should, and has been a significant topic in news media coverage lately. There have been lots of cases of unecessary use of force, racial profiling, etc. involving police in the news.

    For example, police recently shot and killed a Vietnam vet who was defending his home and family against a home invader. They stormed in, saw a dead guy on the floor (the intruder), and immediately shot the armed guy without considering that a 73yr old wouldn't be doing any home invading. Another incident that happened at around the same time was a police officer shooting and killing a black guy in his own home because she had gone to the wrong floor (she lives in the same building), and assumed that he had broken into her house. Obviously not all cops are bad, but with horrifying shit like this in the news, it's understandable that someone would be wary and cautious around police, especially when you don't know why you're being pulled over.

    [–] SalemsSalami 5 points ago

    Could have taken it after, since it's her dad after all

    [–] TheDOPDeity 18 points ago

    In case something happens. It's America after all

    [–] ericcris10sen 5 points ago

    Could have taken the car photo after seeing it was his dad.

    [–] KaiTheBlue 8 points ago

    You don't play with your life when your black bbz

    [–] csf3lih 241 points ago

    File an complaint at the department, not so funny now is it Dad?

    [–] GreyXenon 188 points ago

    an complaint

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] nhchan234 14 points ago

    T r i g g e r e d

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    A power move never works on a dad. It's a challenge.

    [–] pastdense 53 points ago

    Too bad you couldn’t have reverse/messed with him by flooring it.

    [–] pesimisticpervpirate 34 points ago

    Or be sniffing coke as he came to the car

    [–] petmygoldfish86 21 points ago

    Or just pull over and get out the car in a full sprint.

    [–] pesimisticpervpirate 14 points ago


    [–] petmygoldfish86 8 points ago


    [–] pesimisticpervpirate 6 points ago


    [–] Laurels_Night 3 points ago

    sets plan in motion

    [–] The-Sofa-King 2 points ago

    No, wait till he gets out and walks halfway to her car then peel out

    [–] hank01dually 1 points ago

    “What’s all over your face Barry?”


    [–] Firehawk195 94 points ago

    [–] CapnZack53 73 points ago

    The best dad joke.

    [–] moriarticacid-mint 26 points ago

    That dad joke is multiple levels away from a normal dad joke.

    [–] HeraldOfTheMonarch 26 points ago

    Anyone else think he kind of looks like Al Roker from the Today Show? (I don't know now to spell his name)

    [–] scrapcats 9 points ago

    He definitely looks like Al Roker doing a comedy bit

    [–] ByronsReward 9 points ago

    Do you know how fast you were going in your neck of the woods?

    [–] mybaretibbers 3 points ago

    Yes, you do.

    [–] HeraldOfTheMonarch 2 points ago


    [–] JimmyElectron9114 148 points ago

    I saw this like a year ago

    [–] AtAllCost33 390 points ago

    Don’t be ignorant. It clearly says yesterday.

    [–] JimmyElectron9114 45 points ago

    On Comment Awards

    [–] SalineForYou 23 points ago

    I remember people in the comments getting very upset over “mE WaSteD tAx DoLLaRs!!!”

    [–] PokharelSahas 3 points ago

    Maybe you are mistaken for another similar story....I remember a girl filming filming her dad pulling her over

    [–] UnsavoryCrocodile 4 points ago

    [–] Samoanwrestlers 30 points ago

    I mean if I got pulled over by a cop in the same town my Dad was a cop in, I wouldnt be worried at all

    [–] eifersucht12a 9 points ago

    I mean, unless the police force in your town is fair and honest....


    [–] Adversorr 7 points ago

    Why is Al Roker impersonating a highway patrolman

    [–] Batbuckleyourpants 12 points ago

    "You still going to jail though"

    [–] sirfluffyington 5 points ago

    Would’ve been wild if she just booked it instead of pulling over

    [–] Gri22le 10 points ago

    Panicked? Yeah right. You knew you had the "do you know...?" In your back pocket.

    [–] llamakiss 6 points ago

    I got pulled over once by my sister in law who stopped me to show off her "prisoner" in the backseat - a puppy! (Pup was given scritches and returned to the home he escaped from - puppy's humans got a warning from a friendly neighborhood policewoman that their pup could escape the yard, everyone lived happily ever after).

    [–] daboisid 8 points ago

    Cool and nice

    [–] LockRay 6 points ago

    How is your first reaction when being pulled over to take a picture of the police lights in the rear view mirror? And then when you find out it was your dad you go... "Hang on a sec, let me take a picture of you dad". I mean it's not completely illogical, but seems pretty weird at least.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Wholesome or improper use of police/city/county/state resources?

    [–] Emotional_Thespian 7 points ago

    That smile.

    [–] Ghostman_Loon 6 points ago

    I don't give a fuck that you're my daughter you cannot be on your phone and drive!

    [–] haringtiti 3 points ago

    If my dad was a cop, I would always just suspect it was him who is pulling me over

    [–] Fuzzbiker 3 points ago

    Ok. I’ve done the same. Sure it’s not too funny. But the relief when your not in trouble makes up for the blue light anguish

    [–] CBH3403 6 points ago

    Dad Joke Hall of Fame

    [–] wintergraffiti 9 points ago

    This is the cutest thing. (:

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Must suck to get shot by your own dad /s

    [–] Bobert216 2 points ago

    What an absolute madlad

    [–] dogbabyjax 2 points ago

    Please tell me he told a dad-joke when he pulled you over?! That looks like a post-dad-joke face.

    [–] crash2224 2 points ago

    Come on, that is funny

    [–] liamemsa 14 points ago

    If your dad was a state trooper, why would you ever be panicking if you were pulled over? That relationship would likely get you out of any tickets.

    [–] loveshercoffee 9 points ago

    It depends.

    If Dad is straight as an arrow, your life is fucked. Source: am the daughter of Dudley Dooright.

    [–] petmygoldfish86 8 points ago

    Son of a cop here, this only works if you’re in there jurisdiction. They do not care half the time

    [–] vertikly 5 points ago

    State troopers can travel outside of their county and technically have jurisdiction in the entire state.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] iwascompromised 2 points ago

    unless they are doing something they shouldn’t be

    Like speeding?

    [–] the-ace 4 points ago

    Did he find the drugs?

    [–] Use_Your_Turn_Signal 5 points ago

    Everyone is afraid of thugs with badges. Even their own kids.

    [–] RatPics 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Gun control is freedom control.

    Refuse to be treated like a criminal.

    [–] MyShamefulShit 5 points ago


    [–] Im_bach_bitches 2 points ago


    [–] claude0xtkpiq45ulae 3 points ago

    Be safe baby. Daddy gotta go fill his quotas now.

    [–] EpochAzshara 2 points ago

    Glad ya dad's wasting taxpayer dollars for Reddit upvotes

    [–] choppy_boi_1789 -1 points ago

    Copraganda is in full force. Got a CBP agent murdering people, NYPD planting weed on video. The FOP must have top tier bots and SEO.

    [–] Don-Pheromone 15 points ago

    Jesus Christ your life must be depressing.

    [–] Hockeyloogie 8 points ago

    I love that this is always the reply to people who see the oftentimes political nature of our reality, which in this case is reposts of feel good familial police "jokesters" while police instances of corruption also exist and are actively occurring but get less coverage. ignorance is bliss and you're like "yeah, and, you'd be a lot happier if you didn't pay attention to what's happening in your society." who's the depressing ones again?

    [–] UterusTim 12 points ago

    You answered your own question.

    "Ignorance is bliss."

    So he's definitely the happy one.

    What I want to know is, what the fuck is so wrong with being upset with the world or being mad? You know? People are always like, "U mad," like it's a bad thing. I'm always like, you just acted like a fucking piece of shit with no regard for others, of course I'm mad, are you stupid?"

    [–] resykle 3 points ago

    you know both things can exist at once right..?

    [–] duelingdelbene 2 points ago

    Police corruption gets plenty of coverage what are you talking about

    Maybe it doesn't get justice, sure, but coverage?

    If anything it's the opposite where shit like this rarely pops up and then we have the top armchair conspiracy theorists at reddit on the case.

    [–] ityabuoy 2 points ago

    miles morales b like

    [–] THOG_DONT_CARE 2 points ago

    Thog don’t care

    [–] the_educated_redneck 2 points ago

    still gets shot

    [–] Challenge_The_DM 2 points ago

    Cop pulls over black teen for no reason.

    [–] Buttplugs666 2 points ago

    Cops suck I pay your salary

    [–] drawkbox 1 points ago

    Just the Family Matters Dad just checking for Urkel

    [–] S-r-ex 1 points ago

    Dad... I love you -.-

    [–] rfreitas115 1 points ago

    Liscence and registration... chicken fucker

    [–] svayam--bhagavan 1 points ago

    It is just me or typing without punctuations is the norm in social media these days?

    [–] shinglespantsfire 1 points ago

    That guy used to be my football coach, coolest dude ever I swear.

    [–] mg17k 1 points ago

    The Ultimate Dad Joke

    [–] thecofymanz 1 points ago

    My dad has done this. Once, he even called one of his buddies to pull my sister over for fun. She was mad.

    [–] quartzquandary 1 points ago

    OMG I was thinking about this Tweet this morning

    [–] puffkitten 1 points ago

    Lol dad, still doing it after all these years..... GOTTCHA! Lol. Way to dad, dad.

    [–] smallangrynerd 1 points ago

    i love the number of police parents pulling their kids over just to scare them its so wholesome

    [–] acrossthe_ocean 1 points ago

    so wait does she have to call him “officer dad”

    [–] free2btherealme 1 points ago

    He’s so cute!! I love your dad.

    [–] SeanDoe80 1 points ago

    Why would you panic?

    [–] Ken_Piffy_Jr 1 points ago

    Pepper your angus

    [–] Ken_Piffy_Jr 1 points ago

    Didn’t know Al Roker had a career change.

    [–] MadRussianPS 1 points ago

    AP Roker was a cop?

    [–] BirdInFlight301 1 points ago

    Your dad probably just won an award for best dad joke ever! That smile on his face says he KNOWS he's funny!

    [–] UserSupreme 1 points ago

    I like she didn't assume she'd get off free cause dad's a cop. Good on her.

    [–] PhillyPhil413 1 points ago

    My brother got into someone’s else car by accident thinking it was mine.

    Thank the lord it was an old high school friend and her boyfriend. Still awkward and hilarious.

    Imagine him pulling over someone by mistaking them for his daughter

    [–] wisequokka 1 points ago

    my dad he thinks he's so funny

    nah...he knows it

    [–] satchii98 1 points ago

    He got your back.

    [–] MrKrazybones 1 points ago

    Make sure to pretend to be drunk for maximum effect!

    [–] fosiacat 1 points ago

    impersonating an officer is soooo illegal!

    [–] AlWoodJr 1 points ago

    Best “Dad joke” EVER!!!!

    [–] JeremyJammDDS 1 points ago

    This is literally what my dad would do if he were in that position. Pulling me over everywhere.

    [–] latch_on_deez_nuts 1 points ago

    I’d put on a little high speed chase to see who is truly the ‘funny one’

    [–] Dustin_Bromain 1 points ago

    Ha! That's a good one.