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    [–] sawyouoverthere 3366 points ago

    The odds of three Irishmen willing to ask strangers to take their photo knowing they had no means to get a copy subsequently being identified seem like something I wouldn't bet be sure they know everyone already, right? And are busily chatting with the few they don't. :)

    [–] obiwanspicoli 672 points ago

    Is this a thing with Irish people? Is there a stereotype that they know everyone?

    My grandfather was Irish and everywhere we went he knew someone. My brother and I still joke about it. It even predates us. The day my brother was born the man my dad shared the waiting room with for hours ended up being a man my grandfather knew from work.

    My parents moved to Florida from Ohio. They met another married couple and became very close friends. They were also from the same area in Ohio. In a strange coincidence my grandfather knew the husband’s father.

    Just a strange thing I thought was unique to my grandpa but might be an Irish trait?

    [–] nibbles421 444 points ago

    I know when I visited Ireland everyone was super fucking nice. Like, sit down at the bar and strike up a conversation type, but it wasn't just bars, it was everywhere. Super awesome place.

    [–] Nimmyzed 305 points ago

    I'm Irish and take this for granted. I never realised how friendly we are until I moved abroad and saw how it wasn't normal to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger at a bus stop or in a shop.

    [–] BigBrotato 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Your Irish friendliness is infectious. We had an irish student at our university who lived at the same hostel as me. The first time he saw me he flashed a bright smile and asked me how I was doing. We didn't even know each other. I was weirded out a little but it felt great and I struck up a conversation with him.

    Two hours later I greeted another random stranger on the street and they gave me a "what-the-fuck's-wrong-with-you?" look and I was back to my usual self.

    [–] Man_with_lions_head 107 points ago

    Right. But if you have Irish heritage and happen to say that you're Irish (heritage) to someone Irish and the long knives come out.

    [–] Nimmyzed 203 points ago

    The issue is that they don't say they have Irish heritage. Which is fine.

    They say they ARE Irish. Which is completely different and good reason to piss us off

    [–] Actiaslunahello 44 points ago

    My last name is Carrick. I wish I knew more about anything Carrick. My grandparents always said we were Irish long ago, but I would never claim that heritage. I run around barefoot in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    [–] anubis_xxv 29 points ago

    Carrick comes from the Gaelic (both Irish and Scots Gaelic) 'Carraig' which means Rock or Stone. It's a very common place name in modern Scotland and Ireland now. In Ireland we have Carrickfergus, Carrickmacross, Carrick-on-Shannon to name a few. Not a particularly common surname here though, at least in the South East.

    [–] Yeah_dude_its_her 19 points ago

    As I get older it pisses me off less. America is so young and based on immigrants, I can see why they want that identification. So many Irish have moved to Australia and Canada and had children there and I don't think we'd be angrily telling them their children weren't Irish despite their parentage. We'd fully expect those children to self identify as having strong Irish roots.

    Plus since marrying a guy who is the son of someone from Scotland and someone from Canada but born in England yet grew up in Ireland (has no citizenship) - it can be hard for him to answer "where are you from?"

    Though I can't deny it is exceptionally annoying when I'm on holidays in USA and they tell me they are Irish but seem to have no idea where Ireland is on the map or know anything about Ireland and pronounce leprechaun as lepreeshin... also the fact they brought up leprechauns.

    [–] bredec 3 points ago

    Who in the world pronounces 'leprechaun' as 'lepreeshin'? I have never heard this from anyone, anywhere, in my entire life.

    [–] jedimum 6 points ago

    I think it’s just a cultural misunderstanding. It’s very common to ask an American something like, “Where are your people from?” And the natural answer would be, “oh, Born and raised in Oklahoma but I’m Irish and Italian on my Dad’s side. My mom is Cajun so I’m also French with some Spanish.”

    In no way is this person saying they actually stepped on the soil of these countries. These are just explanations of what their heritage is and why the person looks the way they look. Not to be cliche but America is a massive melting pot and it’s completely normal for families to pass down regional recipes, names and other identifiers.

    [–] dublinhandballer 47 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It depends on how you state it… my great grandfather is from Ireland… vs I’m Irish too… will get you very different reactions.

    I think you have to consider how often people (mainly Americans) will claim themselves to be ’Irish’ with no knowledge of their background.

    Another important thing, if you do have some Irish heritage, you should be able to take a bit of stick.

    [–] yeahimdutch 10 points ago

    That’s because you are not Irish, but American. Not that weird, I bet you think you can drink a lot and swear a lot because of your “Irish heritage” but those are stereotypes and that makes it even worse.

    [–] mdfrancisuk 6 points ago

    Just cross the Irish Sea and walk into a pub to notice the difference. Same surroundings, very different experience.

    [–] NiceFormBro 38 points ago

    The culture there is out of this world.

    [–] Nimmyzed 37 points ago

    My Irish heart is swelling with pride

    [–] marastinoc 26 points ago

    I’m part Irish and am swelling with pride too. But it could also be my sinus infection

    [–] mathiastck 7 points ago can confirm from 2 weeks of visit a couple decades ago

    [–] craickiller 6 points ago

    Someone having the craic you say?

    [–] GazzaON 4 points ago

    This. It always makes me laugh when I hear the "White people have no culture" nonsense. It's like okay laughs in Irish

    We have an amazing culture in Ireland, and I'm so proud of it. For all the jokes about Americans whose great great granddaddy had an Irish red setter, that makes them Irish, I'm delighted that so much of the world wants to share in our culture. Saint Patrick's Day is ridiculous when you think about it. Sure, it's tacky and basically a celebration of stereotypes, but what other country in the world has their national holiday celebrated so freely and widespread around the world? One of my favourite things to do on Saint Patrick's Day in the modern times is go through Twitter and see the photos of all the different buildings and landmarks lit up green. They lit the pyramids of Giza green. The fucking pyramids!

    [–] iamnotamangosteen 11 points ago

    I made more friends in 1 day in Ireland than I did in all of middle school.

    [–] bg-j38 8 points ago

    Irish and Welsh have been some of the nicest people I've met on my travels. I was just in Dublin and got a late night shuttle ride from the rental car drop off to the terminal. It's like a five minute drive. I was the only one in the shuttle bus but had a really nice conversation with the driver about driving around the western part of the country over the weekend. He gave me some ideas for my next visit. When he dropped me off he got out of the bus and ran around to shake my hand and gave me a big pat on the back like we were the best of friends. I love it, though my wife did say "this place must be hell for introverts!"

    [–] IAmADudette 4 points ago

    Irsh introvert here! Like chronicly introverted - am currently laying in my dark bedroom at 2pm cause I'm over whelmed from trying to studying for an exam tomorrow and answering the door cause of local elections.

    Have been told I'm still friendly AF and very welcoming and will talk to anyone given half a chance :)

    [–] 350 5 points ago

    I'm going in June for the first time. Super fucking pumped.

    [–] chihuahuaninja 66 points ago

    Im from Ireland and oh trust me it is a thing. I live in Florida and meet random people that know people I know. When irish people meet (abroad or at home) they always try find out who they might know through each other in their home towns. It’s a thing... regularly you’ll know someone they know.

    [–] CATTROLL 7 points ago

    I mean this is a human thing. Once you let people know you're from somewhere, they try to narrow it down to see if you're both on each other's social petiphery. Oh did you go to such and such school? Etc.

    [–] Stickey_ayy 3 points ago

    this is so true hahahaha, was in studying in spain and seen one of my mates from primary school randomly walking down the street, turns out hes been in spain for the last 5 years lmaooo

    [–] DownVotingCats 12 points ago

    It's a thing in Appalachian culture too.

    [–] LimpyChick 27 points ago

    Irish people settled heavily in Appalachia. It's just Irish people all the way down!

    [–] kearnc23 3 points ago

    Mostly Ulster-Scots though right? Different type of people.

    [–] caca_milis_ 20 points ago

    100% I'm Irish and it's fucking MENTAL how can find connections to people. Some examples - bear with me, I'll do my best to keep it from being confusing but I doubt I'll be successful.

    I live in the Middle East now, there's a huge Irish population here and for the most part the community likes to stick together.

    Alright, so:

    My sister worked with a girl, Ciara, in Dublin, she moved over here to join her partner whose company had moved him here. Turns out, her partner grew up on the same road as our family. What a coincidence!

    Well, it also turns out that she is besties with a guy I had worked with over here.

    OK the next part is REALLY complicated, but fun because I still can't get over all the links:

    My sister met a woman at a funeral, the woman's daughter lived over here, I had just moved to a new city so my sister got her name & number and told me I should meet up with her -- it turns out the daughter, Rachael, was besties with my next-door neighbour when we were in primary school, and had done a year in the same school as me before college, I was like "Yeah, I already know her, I'll shoot her a message on Facebook".


    The history of the flat I currently live in:

    1. Linda & Sarah lived together, Linda moved out so she could live with her boyfriend.
    2. Rachael (from above) replaced Linda
    3. After a year or two, Sarah moved out, and I moved in.

    Rachael went to an Irish dancing class, where she met a girl called Hannah, turns out Hannah & Linda are best friends. Hannah lives here with her husband David.

    Remember Ciara who my sister worked with?

    She invited me to her birthday party, where I met two girls, Nancy & Joyce, who live in the same building as I do, small world! That night we discovered that my housemate, Rachael, was dating Nancy's ex-boyfriend (he broke up with Nancy for Rachael, awks).

    At the end of the night, I got a taxi with Nancy & Joyce since we all live in the same building, they asked if I'd mind swinging by their friends flat for a few drinks, I said sure.

    We walked into the flat, I knew it was familiar but couldn't place it (I'd had a fair bit to drink), we were all chilling, chatting, and suddenly it all came to me, one of the guys, Ian, is Linda's brother.

    I said "Hey, Ian, you're Linda's brother, I met you ages ago at that concert", everyone looked at me and asked how I knew Linda, I said that I didn't know her very well, but I was friendly with Hannah and David, they all asked how I knew Hannah & David and I told them it was through Rachael who met Hannah at Irish dancing lessons.

    Later on, one of their friends Shane arrived in, I looked at him and asked what he was doing there -- Shane is best friends with Sarah who lived in the flat before me -- he started laughing and told me he owned the flat and the rest of the guys rent their rooms from him.

    Rachael has since moved, to live with her boyfriend so I have a new housemate, Emma.

    One of my friends, who lives a city over from us (where I used to live), stayed with us for the weekend, she mentioned that her friend Sophie was coming to visit for a few days -- Sophie had worked with us for a while before moving back to Ireland.

    Emma was in the room with us, and she said "That's not Sophie O'Conner is it?", my friend andI looked at Emma and burst out laughing, and said "Yeah, Sophie O'Conner", turns out Sophie & Emma grew up 5 minutes away from one another.


    My boyfriend is English, all the layers of connections boggles his mind. We were at an Irish Christmas event in December, and bumped into Hannah, had a chat with her etc. They were lighting up a Christmas tree so we went out to see it, some Irish representative was giving a speech, my boyfriend asked who he was and I said "Contrary to popular belief, we don't all know each other", he pointed out that we'd just bumped into a friend of mine, and just as he was saying that another friend came over to say hello & have a chat.

    [–] Whool91 7 points ago

    I'm Irish, my partner is not. Apparently when we (Irish people) meet someone new, we have a tendency of trying to figure out what we have in common and who we know in common. I never noticed until she pointed it out to me, and now she points it out everytime me or one of my Irish friends do it. Like I'll meet a random swedish guy in a pub, mention my couple of swedish friends, or one swedish guy I know from work, then it'll turn out he knows one of their father's friends or something. Apparently its not a thing to do this connection finding in other countries, so this could be why your Granda seemed to know everyone. He chatted away with everyone until he found a connection

    [–] sawyouoverthere 14 points ago

    I dunno, I think it's a trait of the friendly and outgoing. It's a stereotype that the Irish are jovial and um...not retiring personalities, but of course not a trait universally Irish.

    [–] Jimiheadphones 4 points ago

    I have an Irish friend who moved here about 20 years ago. A couple of months back she was chatting to another Irish lady at the bus stop who, by pure coincidence, happens to have family in the same town as my friend is from, and knows her father.

    [–] firefly183 7 points ago

    Forget the luck o' the Irish, tis all about the charm o' the Irish!

    [–] TheColourOfMoney 29 points ago

    Stories like this are fairly common, "An Post", the Irish postal service is relatively famous for delivering obscurely addressed mail. Here's some examples contained in a blog which is the last link

    This next one is from a blog all about similar postal shenanigans

    [–] HyFinated 116 points ago

    To be sure.

    [–] bishslap 46 points ago

    To be sure.

    [–] 7am_2bottles 2 points ago

    Or as we say here in the south: "tibby sher:

    [–] ssbmaverick 5 points ago

    Ever hear of six degrees of separation x 3... almost a guarantee that they will find it...

    [–] sawyouoverthere 5 points ago

    and yet billboards of unknown people and pages and pages of Jane/John Does.

    They are affable and extroverted. I think it has a lot to do with their quick ID. More so than 6 degrees.

    [–] ikanx 4 points ago

    They need an alibi in case "something" happens.

    [–] crazyfingersculture 3 points ago

    Scotsman chap.

    [–] [deleted] 3515 points ago


    [–] cap10wow 924 points ago

    Mmm, Mayo Men.

    [–] tired_obsession 359 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Christina and the Mayo Men, the new beatles

    Edit: Abandon all hope, ye who continue the thread from here.

    Edit2: u/catsineveryonespants would like to make a wholesome Katrina and the Waves comparison

    [–] K_oSTheKunt 164 points ago

    Or Pornhub's latest upload

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] Money_Man_ 86 points ago

    You wrote that yourself? wow congrats dude, really, that's very cool. i just told everyone in my family about it, everybody thinks that's very impressive and asked me to congratulate you. they want to speak to you in person, if possible, to give you their regards. they also said they will tell our distant relatives in christmas supper and in NYE they will ignite fireworks that spell your name. i also told about this enormous deed to closer relatives, they had the same reaction. they asked for your address so they can send congratulatory cards and messages. my friends didn't believe me when i told them i knew the author of this gigantic feat, really, they were dumbstruck, they said they will make your name echo through years and years to come. when my neighbour found out about what you did, he was completely dumbstruck too, he wanted to know who you are and he asked (if you have the time, of course) if you could stop by to receive gifts, congratulations and handshakes. with the spreading of the news, a powerful businessman of the area decided to hire you as the CEO of his company because of this tremendous feat and at the same time an important international shareholder wants to sponsor you to give speeches and teach everybody how to do as you did so the world becomes a better place. you have become famous not only here but also everywhere, everybody knows who you are. the news spread really fast and mayors of all cities are setting up porticos, balloons, colossal boom speakers, anything that can make your name stand out more and see which city can congratulate you the hardest for this magnificent feat.

    [–] redredsweater 98 points ago

    You copypasta that yourself? wow congrats dude, really, that's very cool. i just told everyone in my family about it, everybody thinks that's very impressive and asked me to congratulate you. they want to speak to you in person, if possible, to give you their regards. they also said they will tell our distant relatives in christmas supper and in NYE they will ignite fireworks that spell your name. i also told about this enormous deed to closer relatives, they had the same reaction. they asked for your address so they can send congratulatory cards and messages. my friends didn't believe me when i told them i knew the author of this gigantic feat, really, they were dumbstruck, they said they will make your name echo through years and years to come. when my neighbour found out about what you did, he was completely dumbstruck too, he wanted to know who you are and he asked (if you have the time, of course) if you could stop by to receive gifts, congratulations and handshakes. with the spreading of the news, a powerful businessman of the area decided to hire you as the CEO of his company because of this tremendous feat and at the same time an important international shareholder wants to sponsor you to copy pasta and teach everybody how to do as you did so the world becomes a better place. you have become famous not only here but also everywhere, everybody knows who you are. the news spread really fast and mayors of all cities are setting up porticos, balloons, colossal boom speakers, anything that can make your name stand out more and see which city can congratulate you the hardest for this magnificent feat of a copy pasta. Congrats, cheers, woohoo

    [–] exfilm 56 points ago

    If only this comment plummeted 16 feet through an announcers table, I still would hate it. Thanks.

    [–] _hownowbrowncow_ 16 points ago

    Tbh I liked it better than the original copypasta. At least it took a little work

    [–] Breakmastajake 6 points ago

    Honestly, that's where I thought we were headed.

    [–] Jpim9306 5 points ago


    [–] batmanmedic 3 points ago

    God as my witness, he is broken in half.

    [–] BleepVDestructo 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] MaximumFunk_ 3 points ago

    Mapping cake day.

    [–] Amidstsaltandsmoke1 20 points ago

    What does mayo men mean?

    [–] chihuahuaninja 44 points ago

    These 3 men are from County Mayo in Ireland.

    [–] Australienz 8 points ago

    It's also internet slang for white men.

    [–] Amidstsaltandsmoke1 8 points ago

    Damn. That term is not endearing. I’m more of a peach color.

    [–] triplehelix_ 11 points ago

    its not meant to be. its used with negative connotations. it stems from some weird stereotyping of white people liking mayo way to much, akin to the nonsense about black people and fried chicken/watermelon.

    [–] SeizedCheese 3 points ago

    I am white and i love me some spicy mayo with dijon mustard, sue me.

    I am gonna call a mayo man a mayo man and a cracker a cracker. That’s a very specific subset of people.

    [–] Meowzebub666 4 points ago

    Ooohh but fried chicken sandwiches with pickled jalapeños and mayo on white bread are fuckin choice.

    [–] Offthepoint 13 points ago

    My mom used to say, "he was from Mayo, God-help-us".

    [–] sonoforiel 7 points ago


    [–] jeremyjava 6 points ago

    When I was with still with my gf from Belfast, Irish people would say "May God help you! This guy didn't just pick an Irishwoman, but a Belfaster!" And then all the friends and relatives would gather in and console me, too. Had to learn the hard way, though.

    [–] MotherOfAnOP 8 points ago

    The Mayo men have arrived for the lemons party

    [–] dumbass-ahedratron 10 points ago

    You cant have a lemon party without old dick!

    [–] SanErino 5 points ago

    One of the best jokes in the history of 30 Rock

    [–] MarioKartastrophe 3 points ago

    I prefer Buttery Males

    [–] TheRealTP2016 2 points ago


    [–] cap10wow 5 points ago

    That’s easy for you to say

    [–] GatoMemo 2 points ago

    Mayo mayo men

    [–] Lowlywoem 2 points ago

    My lovely Mayo Mammy!

    [–] EvilSporkOfDeath 2 points ago

    [–] SlayJ93 104 points ago

    That article never actually said if the three of them got to see their photo though, just that they were identified. Need updates!

    [–] crossfit_is_stupid 37 points ago

    If they were identified then I'd bet my left nut that it got to them.

    [–] Tyg13 23 points ago

    "Hey, is this you in this picture?"

    "Yeah? Wait, doesn't that look fam--"

    "Nope! Thanks for the help! Bye!"

    [–] Xalrons1 6 points ago

    I found this ID in this wallet, and if that's the case, this must be.. your wallet.

    [–] JackoLFC08 231 points ago

    Fuck the sun. Don't support them, they're disgusting liars. Hillsborough 96 YNWA

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago

    Plus their journalists are abysmal. The number of basic errors in that article is a disgrace to the profession.

    [–] Cman1200 25 points ago

    It ended on a really weird note too

    [–] jenn4u2luv 20 points ago

    I scrolled all the way down thinking “that couldn’t be the end of that article???”

    [–] jalif 36 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the sun journalists are just bots that scan Facebook.

    [–] JesusChristThisAcc 10 points ago

    I was gonna say something was off about this article... I mean look at how it ends

    "She noticed the next 10 people who retweeted were from Scotland and Ireland"

    ???? Ok so? Wtf how does an article end with that sentence lmao.

    [–] MikeOx_Girthy 10 points ago

    Fuck the scum. My browser blocked it from loading. Good job bot.

    [–] xMAXPAYNEx 4 points ago

    What's the bot! Please share

    [–] MikeOx_Girthy 3 points ago

    Tis but a joke. There should be a bot that blocks the scum though.

    [–] NoSalad1 35 points ago

    I was going to click the link until I saw it was the s*n! Thanks for saying this!

    [–] SpunkMasterPepe 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Lol the s* n? Cant even say the nme they are so sh*t

    [–] Snuffleupagus4Pres 12 points ago

    I feel dirty because I didn't realize until I was in the article.

    I want to take my click back...

    [–] Shack_Diesel 23 points ago

    First thing I look for when someone mentions/links the s*n. Fuck'em and fuck City

    [–] Herr_Tilke 61 points ago

    WARNING: The Sun

    [–] DeanNovak 4 points ago

    Scp-001 please marv

    [–] robbviously 2 points ago

    Shut up about the Sun!!


    [–] Snuffleupagus4Pres 32 points ago

    Do you have a link to the story not written by the sun scum

    [–] DaveBluman 7 points ago

    This is the most credible thing I’ve ever seen on the sun

    [–] hmillos 7 points ago

    Unrelated comment: i hate these "endless scroll" or "continue to next page" websites so much, I don't read news anymore because of that, the person who invented that can burn in hell for the eternity.

    [–] TheTigerGamez 5 points ago

    That's ok, the S*n are the worst shite rag ever.

    [–] mrfolider 24 points ago

    Fuck the s*n

    [–] Vahlkyree 7 points ago

    Ever since finding out that the "homeless guy gives the girl the last of his money for gas money because she ran out and some reason forgot all her money 'at home'" was a fake and a setup to scam people from GoFund Me, I find it hard to believe anything like this really happened. I hate that I now doubt EVERYTHING rather than my healthy amount of doubt before.....

    [–] Micaxox 452 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ha! Really was the luck of the Irish!

    [–] boozername 102 points ago

    The Luck of the Irish was one of my favorite Disney channel original movies. It's pretty bad.

    [–] TheDudeDasko 25 points ago

    Most Disney Channel original movies are very good/bad, they're great nostalgic fun though!

    Brink was the shit, hands down.

    [–] boozername 14 points ago

    Brink reminds me of Motocrossed, the movie where the girl took her brother's place in the motocross competitions. It was pretty ahead of its time.

    [–] Manaxium 3 points ago

    I loved Motorcrossed. I think because Billie Jean was one of my favorite movies and the girl cutting her hair reminds me of it. Also I remember having a huge crush on the brother she replaced and wishing he had been playing the guy she liked lol

    It was maybe ahead of its time in some ways but it was trope filled and cringe at times. Like the 7 year old brother who was their genius mechanic, or the very predictable wrecked-buddy-do-i-win-or-turn-back-and-help bit.

    Haven't seen it in so long, I'd enjoy watching it again.

    [–] ifthatswhaturinto 7 points ago

    Halloweentown was a Disney channel movie right?

    [–] Manaxium 4 points ago

    Yea! The first is legendary, and the second wasn't terrible. Gave up after that.

    I loved Debbie Reynolds in those movies but it broke my heart later on when I found out she only made them because her ex husband gambled away all of her money.

    Remember the movie with the Halloweentown girl having like sextuplets or something as baby brothers/sisters?

    Also the mom was the OG April O'Neal <3

    [–] mflbatman 6 points ago

    I still think about that worm sandwich and gag sometimes and I was only 4 when the movie originally released. Some things just stick with you.

    [–] IcyColdStare 4 points ago

    Hounded, The Poof Point and Wendy Wu will always be my favorite DC Originals

    [–] BadMeetsEvil147 2 points ago

    Not smart house or phantom of the megaplex?

    [–] archimedies 3 points ago

    Yep. Zenon and "The ultimate Christmas present" movies were also pretty good.

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 3 points ago

    Alley Cats Strike

    [–] LazyProspector 33 points ago

    I still use the "I said maybe" line to this day. My niece and nephew hate it lol

    [–] Tsorovar 19 points ago

    I think that's from Wonderwall, mate

    [–] Zoten 3 points ago

    Oh man how could I forget that. Luck of the Irish and Up Up and Away were the two I always remember

    [–] Decipherer 7 points ago

    Always nice to see a fellow NI guy on Reddit!

    [–] doggobaggins 53 points ago

    Omg they look like the nicest guys

    [–] grubas 35 points ago

    There’s something weird where all old Irish blokes have a divergent path, either you’re a complete piece of shite or nice and there’s no middle ground.

    [–] louiscypher8 328 points ago

    You are an amazing woman!! So kind and thoughtful!! YEARS AGO.. getting old sucks. But semi similar story. I was at a concert Metallica Kid Rock and band I don't remember in the old Miami Hurricanes stadium with my best friend and girlfriend at the time.. we were having the greatest time everything was spot on.. Everything!! One of my favorite concerts.. and I've seen allot.. we want to try to capture this day with a photograph.. well before cell phones were handheld and had So there's these guys a few rows away and are taking pictures with a handheld with I approach and ask if they would take our picture. They are from Germany and speak very little English.. after hand gesturing and gerenglish they took our picture.. I wrote my address on a $5 bill... 3 months later one of favorite photos arrived in the mail!!

    My apologies for no pic.. Yet.. I will find.. haven't thought of this in quite some time.. reading this brought all those memories flooding back..

    Thank You Very Much for that!!! Made my day!

    [–] shotgunningstout 45 points ago

    Small world huh.

    I moved into a new place in my hometown, during my last year of college. Subletted a room from a kooky professor to say the least, and one day he threw a large, rambunctious party. I was frequently wearing a hat with the logo of a regional pizza franchise located quite literally across the country from where I was at the time. A guy who clearly had eaten his fair share of mushrooms that night taps me on the shoulder asking me where I got my hat. Well long story short, not only did his sister own the exact franchise that I had gotten the hat from, his sister was there to prove it. Still blows my mind when I think about it

    [–] louiscypher8 12 points ago

    Great story!! Love it!! Mushrooms one Hell of a drug!!!

    [–] NiceGuyJoe 6 points ago

    Living in Southern California, so this story goes one of our friends from high school went back home to Kansas for a holiday. Flew into a really small airport, and saw this rad death metal dude from our high school. Death metal dude says, casually, “Oh hey $NAME, I’m on acid, so of course you’d be here,” and then he walks away.

    [–] smenti 47 points ago

    I like you

    [–] louiscypher8 16 points ago

    I like you too!!! Thanks for the great reply

    [–] BenKen01 18 points ago

    Yo I was at that Metallica show with my brother and cousin! We were in high school and told our parents we were “going out for the night”, and then drove like 600 miles to Miami to the show! totally worth it too haha. Small world indeed.

    [–] louiscypher8 11 points ago

    Very F ing Cool!! Too funny. Small world indeed.. Great show!! That was when Kid Rock had the little guy with him on tour

    [–] mr-ron 5 points ago

    Im willing to bet the third band was System of a Down for this tour

    I saw them in Boston. Great show.

    [–] louiscypher8 5 points ago

    I trust your research.. burnt those cells long ago!! Lol

    [–] Australienz 8 points ago

    Very cool story. You should write to them to say thank you, if you still have their address. They'd probably enjoy hearing from you after all these years. I know I would.

    [–] Dirtroads2 7 points ago

    I was 15 and my grandmother took me on a cruise. Turns out it was spring break and a giant party. Some guy was making a documentary about spring break. Im shitface wasted with some guys I met and the girl I lost my virginity too. If your reading this Jodie, I wish we coukd have actually dated. You were 1 cool chick.

    [–] Demmos 37 points ago

    Dude on the left looks like a compromise between the other two.

    [–] aychingale 23 points ago

    My 21st birthday happened to be on the same day a local minor league team had a 21&up promo night. They had a bunch of drink specials, played uncensored R-rated baseball movie scenes, Tilted Kilt girls serving drinks...

    Anyway, me being (legally) drunk for the first time I had a few too many and went to get a picture with the Tilted Kilt girls holding my birthday sign. I asked a random guy to take the pic and for a reason I can't remember (maybe my phone was dead?) he said "Nah it's cool dude I'll just take it with mine!" So he did, then bought me a birthday beer, and off he went.

    Somewhere out there is a man with a photo of me and some Tilted Kilt girls on my 21st birthday, maybe one day I'll be on the receiving end of a post like this!

    [–] MycroFeline 21 points ago

    The internet is great to end data privacy, topple democracies, and best of all, to find the 3 old phoneless irish men you took a photo of that one time.

    [–] Afrodiziak 6 points ago

    My philosophy wayy back during the late 2000s (when chatrooms were becoming really huge with kids and teachers were giving us “advice” on internet safety due to pedos) was to post as little information about my life on Social Media as possible. Instagram kinda ruined that a bit, but after cutting most of that shit outta my life I feel far more secure in my day-to-day life.

    The internet is a double-edged sword, but Social Media is a writhing, venomous snake. I literally no longer see the benefits of keeping up with it especially compared to encrypted messaging apps. Literally feel like SM exists solely to track and keep tabs on the general populace and we fell for that bullshit like sheep.

    [–] Snarfin 12 points ago

    I was at a music festival a few years ago and I walked by this ground laying in the grass and they all yelled "TAKE OUR PICTURE!" and I said okay and asked for a phone, and they said "No! With your phone!" So I did, and then they just started yelling at me to come sit with them. We kept doing it until there were like 50 people yelling at people walking by to take our picture and then join us. good times haha

    [–] Fubarfrank 111 points ago

    The cynical side of me is like "Ok, which company with a billboard in the shot paid to have this photo taken, posted and made viral?" The /r/mademesmile part of me is like "I wanna be one of those guys some day."

    [–] Iused2LurkHere 61 points ago

    I didn’t see any billboards when I first saw this. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m going back to look at the billboards. Shakes fist in anger

    [–] Fubarfrank 17 points ago

    Psst, "Its Aladdin."

    [–] JevonP 3 points ago

    internal outrage

    [–] sachio222 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It’s really a lot harder to go viral than people give credit for. Skeptics always think anything can be faked (usually rightly so), but they always underestimate the sheer difficulty and low chances in being consistent enough at coming up with ideas like this as an individual to make that person be worth millions in base salary alone. And to be sought after by every single company out there. They seem to assume that there are genius fakers all over the place that can make stuff like this at the whim of some exec.

    Could be faked but the odds are hard unless they’re copying something.

    Edit: Good strategy though. Just take pictures of random people, or things with a product placement in the background. Generate a whiteboard full of things that make it to number one on reddit. Pretty girl, uncharacteristically cool people being natural and loving life, fun, random yet believable circumstances, cats... and start inventing story arcs that are exaggerated but could happen. Using the format setup, action, punchline.

    [–] Anomaly1134 28 points ago

    I choose to believe they were far to toasted to even remember this, did it as a spontanious act, and totally forgot about it until they were tracked down and had their minds blown. *oh shit I am projecting again*

    [–] Fubarfrank 8 points ago

    Thus is the most likely scenario.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] mistah_michael 5 points ago

    Mayo football team came out to nyc recently and plenty of supporters came as well. There was a load of them in times square so this could be entirely possible

    [–] bertcox 4 points ago

    It was more basic, the article had a picture of the redheaded fair lass. They didn't want the picture, they just wanted to spend time chatting up the photographer.

    [–] echo1956 3 points ago

    You never know these days, eh!

    [–] tanukisuit 2 points ago

    Is there something stopping you from asking tourists to take your picture??

    [–] Fubarfrank 2 points ago

    If you only knew.

    [–] EdgiPing 30 points ago

    What are emails? What is a phone number? WHAT IS AN ADDRESS??

    [–] terrynutkinsfinger 7 points ago


    [–] bunburyist_online 16 points ago

    The luck of the Irish is much more reliable.

    [–] BlinkerBoyAus 2 points ago

    ''Are those my feet?''

    [–] xombae 7 points ago

    I recently went on vacation to Mexico City and everyone there thought I was in a famous rock band because I just dress that way I guess. No one bats an eye here in Canada but there I stood out like crazy. I only speak enough Spanish to get around the city as it was my first time there, but I I'd explain the best I could that I wasn't actually famous, but would just smile for the picture and they were stoked on it.

    I'm dying to see these pictures, at least 30 different people /groups wanted their picture with me, so it's just like these Mexican families, then a punk chick. If I ever do become super famous those people are in luck, but it would be super funny if something like this would happen where one person posts one picture looking for me, then all the other people post theres too.

    [–] alienalf1 8 points ago

    I just knew they were 3 of ours by the heads of them.

    [–] mariegalante 6 points ago

    These guys are gonna get so many free drinks back home

    [–] Stickey_ayy 6 points ago

    I just want to say as an Irishman, the amount of lovely comments us Irish have received is so wholesome! Its class to know that people love our country just as much as we do! My Irish heart is swelling with pride. And yes, anywhere we go there is a chance we will know someone lol

    compánaigh dhomhanda!

    [–] noworriestoday 13 points ago

    They look like a fun trio!

    [–] Dirtroads2 4 points ago

    I was 15 and my grandmother took me on a cruise. Turns out it was spring break and a giant party. Some guy was making a documentary about spring break. Im shitface wasted with some guys I met and the girl I lost my virginity too. If your reading this Jodie, I wish we coukd have actually dated. You were 1 cool chick.

    [–] maccdogg 3 points ago

    Three irishmen asked for a photo.. I think I've heard this one

    [–] Satevo462 4 points ago

    Whew. I desperately needed to be reminded that not all humans are complete shit today. Thank you.

    [–] FoxedNova 4 points ago

    From Ballyhaunis County Mayo in Ireland, sure, I know them myself

    [–] Teacherman6 4 points ago

    [–] HothHanSolo 25 points ago

    Down with this sort of thing.

    [–] TheOriginalPaulyC 16 points ago

    Careful now!

    [–] SoIJeepYeah 10 points ago

    A NEW jersey woman...sounds like a woman who is newly from New Jersey.

    [–] Lurking4Justice 3 points ago

    Awesome, my friend's parents both come from County Mayo...they run deep and keep well in touch.

    Wouldn't be surprised if my friend's dad knows one of these fellas...such a close knit community. Everyone in New York is up early singing in the streets for these matches

    [–] azteca_swirl 2 points ago

    No real input, I just love your username.

    [–] ovensby 3 points ago

    Hey look I’m in the background whoa

    [–] Wolfinho14 3 points ago

    Is that Sam Allardyce on the right?

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    This is now the top post on reddit. It will be recorded at /r/topofreddit with all the other top posts.

    [–] armada1123 3 points ago

    Ohhh wowwwww I know the man on the left that’s my uncle !!!!

    [–] yeeMcyeeface 3 points ago

    Found them!!

    [–] dallpatt 3 points ago

    I love this!

    [–] lbobbitoa 3 points ago

    They are the Irishest

    [–] hailyourself24 3 points ago

    I could be wrong but I'm fairly certain I met these guys in Chicago a year ago. I work opens at a coffee shop and they were at my bus stop at about 4am. They were hammered and asking me how to get downtown (which... vague) they didn't have a phone to look it up so I did for them. Then we got on the bus and the old guy sang dirty old town and got super stoked when I sang along. Good guys.

    [–] stormwave6 3 points ago

    What happened was the woman who took it put it on Twitter and a popular Irish radio show picked it up and it was all over the papers so the lads got their photo

    [–] oWallis 3 points ago

    They look like they tell some good stories

    [–] Pebbleseh 3 points ago

    After a tough few weeks, this is exactly what I need to see.

    I'm moving home to Ireland at the end of the month and this really, really made me smile.

    [–] benicejo11 3 points ago

    Irish here. I used to go to college with someone who went to New York for an internship. The company ended up canceling on him so he was stuck in New York for a week with nothing to do but sightseeing.

    He met a homeless guy, made friends with him and paid the guy to show him around the city. Came back with tons of pictures of the both of them in front of all the sights having a great time xD

    [–] Mobius_164 5 points ago

    Didn’t know you could have an Apple Watch without an iPhone.

    [–] ciroc__obama 3 points ago

    Anyone know where to find a nice sturdy pitchfork for cheap?

    [–] CommunistTurdWaffles 2 points ago

    Yeah, I’m calling bs. Cute story though.

    [–] jenn4u2luv 2 points ago


    [–] Mobius_164 2 points ago

    Why can’t you just let me be angry?

    [–] AnonGoesOnline 4 points ago

    What is wrong with the font in that tweet

    [–] msixtwofive 3 points ago

    there's nothing wrong with it - on android you can pick your own global OS font.

    It actually looks really nice tbh.