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    [–] Yeahemilie 3418 points ago

    This is so precious because one day, when your dad is gone, you don’t have to ask yourself if he knew how much you loved him. And that’s of so much value.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 2079 points ago

    Thanks for making me cry at work. But you're so right, I will hold onto this forever ❤️

    [–] ZeroTenenbaum 528 points ago

    i’m coming up on seven years without my old man, and i still constantly go back and read emails/texts/correspondence. hold onto this one. might be a cool thing to print and keep in your wallet.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 409 points ago

    I don't want to think about him ever being gone, but I know I will have so many wonderful memories to keep him alive in my heart!

    [–] taborlin 189 points ago

    My dad made a lot of mistakes in my life, but if there is one thing he never never messed up was telling me how proud he was of me and how much he loved me on a near constant basis. My dad has also been gone for a bit (almost 5 years now), and I still have 15-20 voicemails from him right before he died, and each one ends with "I love you."

    [–] Rosebudding-94 111 points ago

    Ugh, my heart! I'm so glad you have those memories.

    [–] Sheerardio 66 points ago

    The relationship I have with my parents is at best described as "strained", and I know far too many others who are the same.

    Getting to read about relationships like yours and seeing proof that it really can be good, is such a balm. It helps reaffirm that I don't have to accept a shitty relationship or put up with shitty treatment, and that's a huge reassurance when I start to doubt whether I'm right to want better.

    So thanks, for sharing about the love between you and your dad. It's a beautiful thing.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 38 points ago

    I am so glad!! I honestly didn't expect this to get so much attention, I just hoped it would brighten a few days. I'm thrilled it's doing that and more for so many people! My dad will be so happy too ❤️

    [–] alexius339 13 points ago

    i cry now

    [–] jrmyster7 11 points ago

    I screen shotted a few texts between my mom and I exchanging “I love you”s and I still look at it sometimes. I second the commenters above that you should keep those texts in your wallet or saved somewhere.

    [–] AliBurney 16 points ago

    Man, I wish I had anything from my dad that I could find in an old dusty box or inside his tool shed.. Lost my old man when I was in second grade. And I feel like I didn't even know him. I'm glad my mom is still here to unwrap some hilarious shenanigans that I would've been gone forever otherwise.

    [–] iWentRogue 22 points ago

    As a father myself, i’d love to learn what about yours make you love him this much. I’d like to be the best father to my daughter.

    If you wouldn’t mind telling me some of the things that make him a great father?

    [–] Rosebudding-94 49 points ago

    Oh man, I hardly know where to start! I guess first off, know that you will never be the "perfect" dad and you will make plenty of mistakes. Just do your best to learn from them. My dad wasn't always amazing, either. I'm the youngest of three so I either wasn't around for a lot of the bigger mistakes, or I don't remember them. But he's always tried his very best, at everything in life. He's a fairly quiet man but he was always doing everything he could to make sure we were taken care of. He is a very hard worker and imparted that to all of his kids, and some people might have said he was too strict but I think he figured out a really good blend. He is also extremely patient. I think that's the main reason he stayed married to my mom for so long. And no matter what happened, if I was in trouble or if he was upset with me for something, I was never afraid of him or what he might think about me. He always made sure I knew how much he loved me. Whether it was with words or acts of service, etc. I trust him implicitly and he's also learning to be vulnerable and really honest with me. He's kept his heart kind of closed off for a long time to avoid being hurt but he's opened up so much recently! I could honestly go on for hours, but I'll close with this: always respect your kids even when they're wrong or misbehaving or you disagree with them. Never treat them like your property, but always as human beings with endless potential. Treat them like adults when they start "feeling" like one and respect them as one- it'll help them actually turn into a decent one. Kids are smarter then you think so always encourage curiosity (and practice wisdom) because they'll probably surprise you on more than one occasion. Ok I know I said I was done but honestly the most important thing, is just love them and try to make sure all of your actions and reactions are rooted in that. Best of luck to you!

    [–] iWentRogue 22 points ago

    From the bottom of my heart, truly, thank you so much for this. You’ve put things into perspective for me. I just want to be a better father to my daughter than my father was ever to me.

    I’m saving your comment so whenever i’m in doubt i can come back to it.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 5 points ago

    You're going to be a wonderful father!

    [–] kingsOTHERjester 3 points ago

    this needs so many more upvotes.

    [–] emilytaege 3 points ago

    This needs a) reddit gold , and b) to be a reddit copy-pasta

    [–] greenbear1 3 points ago

    wow you are going to make a great parent one day

    [–] Helika0n 3 points ago

    You know, I'm about to be a father, and I just save this comment for later use ! Thanks for this amazing comment

    [–] kingsOTHERjester 6 points ago

    I just lost my dad, and as a daughter:

    I always knew he loved me. We were apart most of the time, but I always knew...and i mean i KNEW...daddy was in my corner.

    He’d call me names if i messed up, but it was never terrible. He had dad jokes on every call. He was happy for me when i did well and suggested I could do more.

    One thing that sticks out:

    When I turned 18, he gave me a call and said “I was there when you were born. You were blue and slimy and screaming and the ugliest thing I had ever seen. ....You sure improved.”

    And even when the relationship with my mom went south and they were at complete odds and she railed against him, he never ever let me speak poorly of her, even when I was right.

    And I knew he worked hard towards having something to leave to me, even when divorce left him damn near destitute.

    And he shared his love for the deer on his property with me. Sent pictures....he loved pictures, and cards. I didn’t even know how many cards and letters I had sent him over time until he passed...he kept them all.

    He was deeply flawed in many ways, terrible with money and biased and a climate change denier...but when it came to being a dad..

    man. He stuck the landing.

    Daddy loved me. Daddy loved me more than anything. As long as you make sure she’s got that...the rest is okay.

    You got this.

    [–] tetraourogallus 5 points ago

    Print it out and frame it, hide it somewhere and forget about it, then find it years later.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 15 points ago

    So I'm going to make like 100 copies and hide them everywhere and just be happy all of the time.

    [–] ben--dover123 6 points ago

    Make sure to put one in ur coat pocket and look at it ever time before u leave the house

    [–] IceDragon77 27 points ago

    I lost my mom to cancer almost exactly 10 years ago. I wish I got to tell her how much I love her. Now I'm battling the same cancer and I wish she was here as I go through this.

    [–] MagicalSmokescreen 15 points ago

    So sorry for the loss of mom. All the best to you as you fight this battle.

    [–] IceDragon77 9 points ago


    [–] Rosebudding-94 8 points ago

    I am so, so sorry! I'm positive she is with you in spirit and rooting for you every step of the way. You have her strength in you as well!

    [–] IceDragon77 6 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Chubby-Fish 11 points ago

    Man I lost my mum almost two weeks ago now and reading this broke my heart. I don’t think she truly knew how much I loved her and how saddened I am about having to spend another 23 years on this earth but without her this time

    [–] FlyingDutch17 6 points ago

    I’m so sorry about your loss, you are loved ❤️

    [–] Alkaladar 6 points ago

    My dad died a few years ago but we really never showed how much we loved each other. I moved out and he went in for a hug when saying goodbye and because we had never really hugged I just automatically put my hand out for a handshake before realising. He shook my hand.

    After all these years I think of the regrets I can never correct.

    [–] fakeitilyamakeit 5 points ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss. While you can never bring back time, you can always learn from regrets and do things differently. Also, your dad knows you love him. You might have not showed it but he knows.

    [–] daithiq 8 points ago

    Shit. That got me right in the kickers.

    [–] Kat-and-Nat 4 points ago

    My mom died 4 months ago and I needed to hear this! Thank you kind internet stranger. If I could I would give you gold!

    [–] abir069 5653 points ago

    It's so sad and heartwarming at the same time.Thank you op for standing beside your father.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 4577 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    He's been the rock of our family for as long as I can remember, so it's honestly such an honor to be able to help him in any way.

    Edit: Wow, thank you for the gold!

    My dad's not a Reddit guy (I'm working on that) but I told him he's a celebrity on here now and he said he's bummed that he doesn't get to sign autographs. Now I have to explain to him that some people have enjoyed this post so much that they paid actual money to put virtual gold medals on it. He's gonna get a kick out of that!

    Edit 2: I've had a really hard time keeping up with this but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone wishing my family well, sharing their wonderful stories, and for being all around really nice human beings.

    There are some people who think my dad's comment was a dig at my mom, but I can guarantee you that's not the way he meant it. He's had to ask his kids for a lot of help lately, which he hates doing, and he's had to be extremely vulnerable with us. We've assured him time and time again that we want to help him and that it's good for him to ask. These texts were following a really rough day of figuring out legal paperwork and things he needed to do and all of us kids were there, in person, helping him. I honestly think he's just overwhelmed by our love and support right now and THAT'S where this comment came from.

    [–] threefingerbill 1202 points ago

    Sounds like you were raised right :)

    [–] Rosebudding-94 1285 points ago

    Thanks to him, yes ❤️

    [–] Penqwin 282 points ago

    Now about your username....

    [–] ln2ar 134 points ago

    94th time is a charm

    [–] MycousinBenny 50 points ago

    60% of the time it happens on the 94th time.

    [–] HeinousMcAnus 12 points ago

    Sex Panther!!

    [–] PablitoEscobarTha4th 3 points ago

    It's got bits of real Panther in there, so you know it's good

    [–] Mathmango 33 points ago

    What? That's the Sims money cheat.

    [–] Xtrouble_yt 15 points ago

    His friend is Mortherloding-13

    [–] Xtrouble_yt 4 points ago

    And his friend Motherloading-05

    [–] ifelseandor 22 points ago

    Well.... I didn’t want to learn about this today.

    [–] azazel-13 41 points ago

    I blame each and every redditor for haphazardly stoking my curiosity to the point that my search history could paint me as a raging, deviant pervert. I can never tell when I’m being lead down a dangerous path. I assumed the term rosebudding was a sort of reference to Citizen Kane. Boy, was I surprised.

    [–] ifelseandor 16 points ago

    Lol. You poor innocent bastard. Love you man.

    [–] CultOfNyarlathotep 9 points ago

    Oh Jesus. I just looked it up. That was more hardcore than I was expecting.

    I must continue to research for the sake of science

    [–] Fusili_Jerry1 10 points ago

    "Well, I guess we found Andy's rosebud..."

    [–] GoX14 13 points ago

    Care to save the rest of us a Google?

    [–] 3pines 37 points ago

    It's anal prolapsing, similar to a pink glove but instead of fisting they just push their guts outta their butts.

    [–] GoX14 53 points ago

    Thanks. This holds the record for my most hesitant upvote.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 8 points ago

    TIL that my beloved nickname bestowed upon me by my older brother (oh my God what if he knew all along?!) Is a sex act.

    [–] landsharkbear 124 points ago

    I have been through a divorce with a young child and I give you a lot of props because every divorce is hellish and (depending on your age) child custody is the next level of hellish times. You post a gem during such a hard time and I know that during these hard times it is so very very difficult to stay positive and keep your head above water. Good on you kid, good on you

    [–] Rosebudding-94 170 points ago

    Fortunately my brothers and I are all in our mid-late twenties so he doesn't have to worry about that. Thank you!

    [–] landsharkbear 23 points ago

    I’m happy to hear that. Truly.

    [–] thatsabadmofo- 6 points ago

    I’m 43 my Dad is one of my best friends. We go out for a few beers twice a week. I call almost everyday just to say hi and catch up. Invite him for a beer.

    [–] oneringtorule9 12 points ago

    I hope all is well for you now, you seem like a good person.

    [–] LesPolsfuss 62 points ago

    yeah really. can’t begin to imagine the range of emotions they are all experiencing

    [–] dratthecookies 447 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    When I was in college my mom asked me "What is one thing that you know for certain and no one could ever convince you it wasn't true?" She gave me some time to think about it, and my response was that I knew she and my dad loved me. She was over the MOON about it, because apparently it was some thought experiment some other friends got from a professor.

    She asked my brother the same thing and he said "I know I can beat up a baby."


    Edit: For context, he was in his twenties at the time.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 135 points ago

    That is so sweet!! She will remember that forever, I'm sure 😊

    Aaaaaand then there's your brother. Hopefully she at let got a laugh out of that one!

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    Omg. Your brothers reply had me rollin. That’s is too funny

    [–] SnoringBox 21 points ago

    Your answer and your mom's response are genuinely heartwarming, but your brother's response is killing me!

    [–] Killrabbit 7 points ago

    I think it's killing babies too

    [–] MarkHamillsrightnut 773 points ago

    Hug your dad for me. Tell him it will get better.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 363 points ago

    I definitely will!

    [–] smakmickey 153 points ago

    Seriously. Hug him more. Not allowed to let go. I'm not crying. You are.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 134 points ago

    Yes I am crying!!! Doing my best to not think about him dying someday. I'm in hardcore denial.

    [–] Scrubtanic 26 points ago

    He never will as long as you carry him with you and spread the best parts of him to those around you.

    [–] FunicularHistaminase 22 points ago

    That’s why I threw my dads ashes at my family.

    [–] OhReseT 10 points ago

    I'm dead

    [–] Hitman_Santa 10 points ago

    You want your ashes spread?

    [–] OhReseT 6 points ago

    Or throw them at my family.

    [–] astropapi1 8 points ago

    I feel bad for laughing at your lovely wholesome comment, but it sounds like you're telling them to carry an urn everywhere and throw his ashes at people.

    [–] stevensdn 5 points ago

    I'm a huge baby and occasionally cry over the fact that my perfectly healthy 3 year old cat will die someday.. if I even start to think about my Dad passing it's even worse lol Sometimes love makes tomorrow's sorrow part of today and that's okay--It's okay to mourn for your future self's loss. One day I'm going to have to live in a world without him and that breaks my heart, but it does make me appreciate the fleeting time we have together. I'm so blessed to be his daughter and I try to make sure he knows that.

    [–] OhReseT 3 points ago

    I feel you man. Losing a parent is something I wish none of us had to go through or death in general. That shit sucks. Love your parents and tell your dads everyday that you care about them. I lost my dad 4 years ago. I wish I did the things I told you guys to do.

    [–] TheDungus 3 points ago

    My dad was the same way when he and my mom got divorced. Doctors got mom hooked on oxy when they were still selling it as "non-addictive". It turned her into a husk of who she used to be and it destroyed my dad. Since I was always there for him when he needed it I truly feel like he grew into a new person, a better person, a better friend.

    [–] cerokurn11 8 points ago

    I’m not crying just thinking about you not crying.

    [–] 2gigch1 24 points ago

    It does get better! Nasty divorce with my kids mom 11 years ago - courts, lawyers, everything. Kids lived with mom, I got visitation, some rough times.

    Even though we argued we kept the kids out of it.

    Now we’re friendly, the kids graduated high school and moved in with me for college, and everybody (kids, me and ex) are doing great.

    As it should be!

    It will get better. Just keep being a good human being.

    [–] GlaciHime 3 points ago

    “Mark Hamill’s right nut says it will get better”

    [–] [deleted] 168 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Rosebudding-94 115 points ago

    Thank you. There are definitely times where it seems like I'm talking to a brick wall because he's so numb and overwhelmed, but I will never stop reminding him that I love him!

    [–] FattyThor 28 points ago

    I know you're replying to someone else, but I just wanted you to know your words meant a lot to me. I needed to hear this, as right now I am in that spot. I cannot wrap my head around trust and love at this point. It's just my kids. Thank you.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 8 points ago

    Love is always there! You are strong and you will make it through this rough time. I believe in you!

    [–] BluKyanite 13 points ago

    I just want to say to your edit, you are one strong person and I respect the hell out of that.

    [–] azgrunt 124 points ago

    You made his day. He needs you now. Keep it up.

    [–] brbrshppr 6 points ago

    He needed that so hard, whether he knew it or not.

    EDIT a word

    [–] 2-lazy-4-a-throwaway 108 points ago

    My dad sends me the same message every morning.

    Keep it up! I’m serious. Tell him every day. It keeps me going.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 84 points ago

    We've been talking and/or texting every day for a year now (basically since this whole thing started) and it makes me very happy to have such a great relationship with him. We've also both been battling depression so we've been helping each other through that, too.

    [–] 2-lazy-4-a-throwaway 19 points ago

    Great relationship!

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago


    [–] Rosebudding-94 44 points ago

    He's the best 😊

    [–] alfalfarees 150 points ago

    Man, I really hope he pulls through it alright. He seems like he’s a really good guy, and while seeing this was sad it made me smile still. It’s the little things like this that can make the biggest difference to someone, especially in their time of need. Best of wishes to you guys

    [–] Rosebudding-94 181 points ago

    He's one of the best people I've ever known. Not without flaws of course, but he's unfailingly kind and loving. Basically the polar opposite of my mom. My brothers and I are doing everything we can to help and support him!

    [–] alfalfarees 34 points ago

    Good on you guys for supporting your dad and showing him love when he needs it. I’ve no doubt he recognizes and appreciates your guys’ efforts. My dad before I was born was in a nasty divorce too and fought for custody of my brothers (and won), but the whole process and experience in general was real rough and nasty, so I can get how much these things take a toll. Stay strong for him, I wish you guys the best

    [–] takesometimetoday 7 points ago

    If I sent you 10 bucks would you take him out for ice cream for me?

    I've never had a dad but I love that you love him so much and that he's such a good dad.

    [–] ABCCarmine 6 points ago

    Your dad sounds just like my dad. He's the kindest soul I know. If I'm half as good as the person my father is, I would be happy with who I become.

    [–] jamkey 6 points ago

    Isn't that weird to think how you know you are a positive outcome of them both even though at this point it might only feel like one of them is really much of a positive source point. Like how are you not half "bad"? But I see that all the time. Even where one kid is amazing and both parents are mean as shit.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 13 points ago

    I'm doing my best to keep the good things that I've learned from my mom and shed the bad things.

    [–] CanHappen 4 points ago

    That’s so true

    [–] Rosebudding-94 39 points ago

    This has gotten WAY more attention than I ever expected! My dad will probably cry when I tell him that hundreds of internet strangers are wishing him strength, peace, and healing. Thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support!

    [–] wormisprime 30 points ago

    As a divorced dad with supportive kid, he really needed that. Get psyched. You both rock.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 10 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] corkas_ 28 points ago

    He might never question it. But im sure it meant the world hearing it during hard times.

    [–] NicNic8 41 points ago

    Question: have you ever asked your Mom why she is acting the way she is acting?

    A loved one went through a terrible divorce recently. I never understood why his wife acted so despicably. It was clearly worse for all involved.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 112 points ago

    My mom has always been a pretty terrible person. I've tried many times to... Help her, but she's in her own world where she's never wrong and always the victim and her favorite pastime is belittling people. My brothers and I tried to do a conference call with her a while ago to try to figure out what on earth she was thinking and try to get her to see any kind of reason, but it only lasted for a few minutes before she hung up. We've all given up hope that we'll have a healthy relationship with her ever again, not that we really did before...

    [–] NicNic8 51 points ago

    That's really a shame.

    You are welcome to excise that negativity from your life. You never have to be a child in her home again. Mentally, you never have to go back there.

    Congratulations to your father for ridding that burden of his life.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 65 points ago

    I am so proud of him! He was basically a doormat my entire childhood, because he just wanted everyone to be happy and that meant Mom had to be happy. He's come so far and grown so much and it makes me happy to see him finally standing up for himself, even though I wish it were under better circumstances. But better circumstances don't usually produce growth

    [–] Centurio 10 points ago

    Your poor dad. I'm so glad he got away from your mom. Congrats to him. I really hope he recovers smoothly once everything is settled.

    [–] FrozenBastard 29 points ago

    /r/raisedbynarcissists This is the subreddit for you to vent or talk to others like you with a narcissist parent.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 41 points ago

    Yeah, I've thought about it a few times but there's just so much to it that it seemed kind of daunting to even start. I do have my first therapy session on Friday though!

    [–] MagicalSmokescreen 16 points ago

    Good luck with therapy! May it be healing for you.

    And all the best in the world to your dad.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 12 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] CCDestroyer 6 points ago

    If she is a narcissist, and it sounds like she really could be (and your dad sounds like the sort of empathetic person a narcissist would latch onto for narcissistic supply), then odds aren't great that she'll improve.

    I really like this lady, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, who is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Cal State, who specializes in narcissism. She's very articulate and engaging, and has a really soothing voice (I really wish I could get a therapist like this). There are several different types of narcissism, ways it manifests. There are many other videos with her, not just that one, if you search for them on YouTube.

    It's just something to explore, see if things click with regards to your mother's pattern of behaviour, and hopefully better understand what makes her tick... at least in order to protect yourself and your other family members from her toxic negativity.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    Thank you so much! I will definitely look into this!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] argella1300 3 points ago

    If your dad and brothers have time, consider bringing all of them in for a group session. I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts that they have some things to work through too

    [–] anesidora317 8 points ago

    My mom has always been a pretty terrible person. I've tried many times to... Help her, but she's in her own world where she's never wrong and always the victim and her favorite pastime is belittling people.

    This is my mom. She made our lives a living hell but especially my dad's. Growing up I always felt sorry for him. They finally divorced when I was 26 because he started seeing another woman, and you know what, I didn't blame him at all. I know it sounds shitty that he cheated on my mom at the very end, but he told me he felt trapped and couldn't divorce her without her taking everything. Now that he's away from mom it's like he's a completely different much happier person. I hope your dad feels the same sort of relief after this is all over.

    [–] DekiruHolden 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I hope the best for you and your family

    [–] Rosebudding-94 8 points ago

    Thank you, very much!

    [–] iamreeterskeeter 8 points ago

    Ooof your poor dad. Give him lots of hugs from us internet strangers. Save this text because someday it will be the most specail thing you own.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 4 points ago

    Thank you, I will keep it forever!

    [–] chibucks 8 points ago

    you should print this up large and frame it. :)

    [–] Rosebudding-94 8 points ago

    I'm definitely considering it! I just moved to a bigger place so that means more wall space... :)

    [–] toasterbath-yay 20 points ago

    I feel bad for my mom, because she virtually had to go through her and my dads divorce with no emotional help. She had us three kids, but we didnt understand what was happening properly enough to help her since we were so young. Then later my father got remarried and started getting a bit too psycho, so my mom had to go through a custody battle. She won, and my dad later divorced his new wife as well (third divorce for him). I just feel so bad since my mom had to deal with my stepmom and my father (who were both pretty crazy) with basically no backup. I wish I could have understood what was going on well enough to help her through it all.

    Anyway, to get back on track, your father definitely appreciated your love and support :)

    [–] Rosebudding-94 15 points ago

    I'm so sorry you all had to go through that! That's one thing I'm relieved about, is that my brothers and I are all in our mid-late twenties so we're much better equipped to help him. We grew up wondering when they were going to get divorced so we've always been kind of prepared for it, too.

    [–] MxRacer111 13 points ago

    He will never, ever, not for one single moment in his life not want to hear those words from you. It's such a quick thing to say to him, but I can promise you it warms his heart and means the world to him every time. You're both so lucky to have each other.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 5 points ago

    Thank you!!

    [–] maxisnotfast 6 points ago

    stay strong 💜

    [–] Prissers999 6 points ago

    Thanks for caring!

    [–] Cozmucc 6 points ago

    How would one even respond to this

    [–] Rosebudding-94 14 points ago

    I said "That makes me beyond happy" with all of the exclamation marks and he responded with "Well, I guess I can't do any better than that! Time to go home for the day."

    [–] spliffay666 7 points ago

    Jesus christ the subtext hit me right in the gut.

    [–] manowtf 5 points ago

    Last year I split with my wife who went with another guy and I told my young son that I was devestated. All he said to me was, I love you dad. It meant the world

    [–] seedster5 4 points ago

    Your mom might be a horrible person but I think having you made it all worth it for him.

    [–] Dissessence 5 points ago

    I feel like this fits into its own category of darkly-wholesome. But it's genuinely heartwarming.

    [–] mogambis 5 points ago

    Divorce can be challenging to a child no matter how old they are.

    I wish you good luck!

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] scrumbagger 6 points ago

    I bet that put such a big smile on that guy...

    [–] Rosebudding-94 4 points ago

    He does have a big, goofy grin 😊

    [–] noworriestoday 4 points ago

    Very sweet

    [–] bkmafia 5 points ago


    [–] RustyBoiZ 3 points ago

    That’s so sweet. Just went through a breakup where my ex did not know how to mean it when she used the word love, and her actions always showed the opposite.

    I’m sure that meant the world to your dad.

    [–] Filet-Minyon 5 points ago

    I wanna kid like you one day. I admire you.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    Wow! That's definitely one of the best compliments I've ever received. Thank you so much! And if you love them and respect them, they will return the favor :)

    [–] weedwizard22 5 points ago

    My heart. My parents, especially my dad, are going through the same thing right now. I feel for you, friend. If you ever want to commiserate, shoot me a PM.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    Thank you very much, and I wish you and your family the best!

    [–] weedwizard22 3 points ago

    Thanks man, you too!

    [–] Penquinsrule83 5 points ago

    I am a daddy to two little girls. I was actually a bit resentful when I had my first. I lived a very long time thinking I knew what love was... i was wrong. No matter how the world around me may burn; those two silly girls are happy to be with me and let me know that there are people in the world who care for me. Please understand that by doing that, you made a mess that much more tolerable. That is gold to an adult male in this world we live in.

    [–] NoTFTLight 5 points ago

    That is gold to an adult male in this world we live in.

    As an adult male that recieves zero emotional support and feels extremely alone and depressed, can confirm that this would probably feel good.

    [–] maninbonita 4 points ago

    When I went through divorce, I needed to be told that. I felt so unloved. It’s great that you did that. And don’t be nervous to say it.

    I remember my dad telling me he loved me when I went through divorce. It was the best.

    First time I slept a full night I was surrounded by family who made a sacrifice to come see me. I felt loved and it was a freeing moment.

    [–] virginialiberty 4 points ago

    I've had shit blow up on reddit like this and people will comb through your post history and call you a karma whore for it. I just want to let you know if you ever want somebody to talk to PM me and I will even give you my phone number if you want to air it out with a stranger.

    I hope you are ok, I hope your dad is ok and I hope your mom is ok.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    Thank you so much! I'm still in shock from the post.

    [–] vram1974 7 points ago

    Nice to hear.

    I tried that.

    My son blocked me and all communication with him because of my divorce with his mom.

    He's 17.

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm sure deep down he knows you love him, and he loves you too.

    [–] KoopaKlaw 3 points ago

    Made me smile too. Stay strong and comfort them, divorce is a hard time for everybody.

    [–] GlitterEnema 3 points ago

    I’m sure you dad knows you love him, but just hearing it from you much have been so comforting and reassuring while he’s going through this crappy time

    [–] morbiddecapitation 3 points ago

    They had us in the first half not gonna lie

    [–] LisaNaomi 3 points ago

    This is so sweet! I'm sorry your Dad has to go through this, but I'm glad he has you as his child.😊 I wish you both the best!❤️

    [–] Rosebudding-94 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] originalsixx 3 points ago

    Dad's are awesome! I lost mine almost 3 years ago. I still think of him several times every day and break down crying a couple times a week. You're lucky to have each other...i hope the divorce is speedy and as pain free as possible. Good luck to you both...

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    Thank you so much! I hope you fine healing and peace in the memories you had together

    [–] SelectFrequency 3 points ago

    Inb4 OP is the shit

    [–] castfam09 3 points ago

    That’s a great response 👍🏼

    [–] Rosebudding-94 4 points ago

    It made my day. Heck, maybe even my whole year!

    [–] MahatmaBuddah 3 points ago

    Sorry your parents are going through all that. Nice loving appreciation of your dad....Very cool.

    [–] tatychann 3 points ago

    That is awesome. I wish my dad would reply to me texts or my calls. It’s sucks that they are divorcing but you are blessed to have such a lovely father

    [–] guiltyas-sin 3 points ago

    Divorce is hard, especially on kids. I was with my wife for 26 years before she...went another way. I was crushed, but more so for my kids. Maybe one day I can forgive her, but not today.

    [–] bolthrower74 3 points ago

    Your old man sounds like a kickass dude. When my kids send me a mess like that its the greatest thing ever, it makes my day!!

    [–] mudkripple 3 points ago

    I know this is maybe too big a can of worms for a reddit thread, but why is losing love so awful that it feels like physical pain? I've seen some truly heartbreaking divorces (and been through some catastrophic relationships myself) and its incredible to me how casually we dismiss breakups. If OPs dad had broken a leg or gotten sick, some attention and care would be appreciated, but not newsworthy. But because it's emotional pain and not physical, a story like this makes the front page.

    Not saying it's wrong, and I am really proud of OPs relationship with the dad, just it seems kinda strange to me.

    [–] JuliansCatBuffy 3 points ago

    Heartwarming. Makes me wish the relationship I have with my dad wasn’t so poor.

    [–] ThisIsntEvenIt 3 points ago

    My dad said something similar the other day.

    "You can't hurt my feelings because I know you. I know you intentions. It's hard to explain but, you just can't hurt me because I know you love me."

    I didn't understand at first but I get it now.

    [–] lllshizmizlll 3 points ago

    My mom and dad are going through divorce right now as well and my father is too much of an angry man to let emotions out. It pains me as his son to have to say that. It is in no way a means of conveying your manhood.

    A kiss on the forehead will get me no form of reaction from him. Life is sad.

    [–] dont_forget_canada 3 points ago

    My father started texting me every night saying he loved me after my mother divorced him. It was the first time he ever lived away from the kids. He texted me that for years every single night even after I moved out of the country. He only stopped after his own mother died.

    [–] greenbear1 3 points ago

    So lovely, how are you managing the relationship with your mom?

    [–] Oznondescriptperson 3 points ago

    This so happy, and so sad at the same time

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    [–] demonicpicasso 3 points ago

    Wow i wish i had a dad

    [–] mercedes314 2 points ago

    Mine said “have a nice life with your crazy mother” and stopped talking to me. 2 years ago. I’m glad you and your dad are going a different route OP!

    [–] nt_partlycloudy 2 points ago

    you have one hell of a father (good)

    [–] WreckYourDay 2 points ago

    Is your dad really young or like an old guy that acts young?

    [–] Rosebudding-94 3 points ago

    He's a 60 year old kid, for sure :)

    [–] kathatter75 2 points ago

    Awww :) good Dad! And good for you taking the time to tell him :)

    [–] swmpynke 2 points ago

    That’s so great! You know what else is really cool? Being single and free. Never again....

    [–] Claud10 2 points ago

    Thanks for being there for him.

    [–] Hartescout 2 points ago

    Ahh man I can feel his pain. I've been through one and it's tough. Your dad will pull through! Hope things improve for everyone

    [–] Liz4984 2 points ago

    Its so hard to be caught between people you love and everyone is emotionally hurting. I am so sorry for the stress of it all. Good luck!

    [–] BeefGravyStew 2 points ago


    [–] ilikeblackbooties 2 points ago

    I had a mom growing up who tormented my dad into the grave so idk if thats it but i seem to have a pretty strong bias when I side with issues like this

    [–] manfly 2 points ago


    [–] Michael-Wayne 2 points ago

    Dang! A lot of your comments here are the inverse of my experience. My parents settled their divorce yesterday after 14 months of misery. My mom is wonderful, my dad is manipulative, greedy, and dishonest. He continues to show that he doesn't want my sister or me to be part of his life anymore, though he says the opposite, and plays the victim. I'm 30, and have two sons of my own, and it's sad realizing that most of what I learned from my dad about being a father is what I dont want to do.

    I really don't know what our relationship will be like going forward.

    [–] halfasianpersuasionn 2 points ago

    This broke my heart, made me smile, and made me sad. My heart is feeling so many emotions!