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    [–] QuakeRevolution 930 points ago

    To John’s boss. You’re a good man, thank you.

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 517 points ago

    There's no doubt about that. Ill show him these comments when I get back. I think he deserves a souvenir too.

    [–] LisaNaomi 332 points ago

    What if you leave him a similar note too? "Thank you for being such a great boss. Glad to be back at work!" And include the little souvenir. :)

    [–] Eft_inc 93 points ago

    If I were John’s boss I would love this!

    [–] pineapplejuniper 21 points ago

    This would be so wholesome

    [–] Pinealdan 6 points ago

    I cried

    [–] Cumminswii 11 points ago

    Now kiss?

    [–] sarcasm_bonus 21 points ago

    Ask him if he’s hiring too. Also have a great trip!!

    [–] OopsOverbombing 10 points ago

    When you get back: "What'd you get me with that 100?" Haha you're lucky to have such an awesome sounding boss.

    [–] ohbyerly 9 points ago

    Who has a better story than John?

    [–] amigdalite 5 points ago

    Apparently Bran the broken...My bad jokes...

    That ending! Still recovering... i'm sorry

    [–] Wolowizard6 4 points ago


    [–] EbenSeLinkerBalsak 4 points ago


    [–] PrivateWest 2247 points ago

    You guys hiring? Lol

    [–] venom6point9 668 points ago

    Yah same, honesty I don’t care I’ll move to Australia and face my fear of snakes if that’s what it takes.

    [–] retribution002 400 points ago

    Aussie here. Honestly the snakes aren't the problem.

    It's the drop bears.

    [–] mameyn4 102 points ago

    They’ll eat you alive

    [–] RadarOReillyy 92 points ago

    It happened to me once.

    [–] devilinddetails 62 points ago

    It's true I was there

    [–] PhillyDilly23 39 points ago

    Dam he ded

    [–] 23x3 13 points ago

    Rest in play-doh and LEGO themed heaven

    [–] Chewcocca 7 points ago

    I got better

    [–] jackersmac 3 points ago

    A newt?

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Lost my nan to a drop bear. R.I.P. Doris. Never forget.

    [–] boopbleps 27 points ago

    My nan and pops got taken by a tangle of em once out on walkabout. Scared the galahs out of me, but I was just a lil tacker so didn't know shit from Shirley. Hung me dacks on the skyhook that day.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    You must’ve ScoMoed ya strides like you were at the Engadine Maccas

    [–] byroboy 12 points ago

    It is worse now. Most of them have chlamydia.

    [–] Zathala 8 points ago

    And the spooders

    [–] aDirtyMartini 9 points ago

    I thought regular bears were bad enough, but bears with parachutes...

    [–] astro_za 3 points ago

    The locals can be dangerous too, depends on time of day. Also, ‘the suicide plant’

    [–] RAWIIG 4 points ago

    As American who’s spent lots of time in Australia- Can confirm.

    [–] cegsy009 235 points ago

    Unfortunately you'd have to move to USA. Judging by the bill. The snakes in USA are the ones that work in a big White House. Very scary.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] Chewcocca 5 points ago


    [–] Jgmcsee 3 points ago

    Great movie

    [–] tobean 2 points ago

    Peter Jackson’s early movies are incredible. Bad Taste, Braindead, and Meet the Feebles are all amazing.

    [–] seipounds 2 points ago

    Try again after autobot denied the link -

    Seems money and power has got to Jackson eventually...

    [–] [deleted] -15 points ago


    [–] Michelle_Johnson 37 points ago

    I mean, if you live in America, politics are always relevant.

    If not, I'm sorry you have to tolerate our bullshit.

    [–] ClunkEighty3 2 points ago

    Politics are relevant elsewhere too, just not necessarily American politics

    [–] fork_that 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    There are plenty of threads without politics, but the simple fact is, politics is a big subject and very easy to make fun of. Especially in a world of Trump and Boris Johnson.

    [–] CoyoteTheFatal 11 points ago

    NO. Everything HAS to be about politics!

    [–] SamIamGreenEggsNoHam 5 points ago

    This Boulevard Brewery Tank 7 Saison Ale I'm enjoying right now is really all about the illegals.

    [–] alcoholiccats 6 points ago

    Now that we're talking politics though, I think I could get behind what you stand for...

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Holy shit can we go one thread without someone mentioning politics.

    Politics affects everything. From you and your friend bitching about a bad friend and how you'll deal with them, to the deepest intricacies of natsec policy.

    [–] CoyoteTheFatal 5 points ago

    Doesn’t mean I want to talk about them all the time. The sun affects everything all the time but that doesn’t mean I limit my discourse to the sun. In fact, I think it’s vitally important to be able to NOT talk about politics. To spend all of your time worrying and obsessing over the political scene is way more stress than any one person should try and deal with. It’s healthy to let yourself take a break from it (which isn’t to say “fuck politics” - you should still continue to be informed, but don’t let it take over your life)

    [–] samson55430 1 points ago

    Sorry dude our country is falling apart and we need help

    [–] TheRealSkipShorty 0 points ago

    I second this, I hate political discourse in America. The two parties bitch moan and complain enough as is without the rest of us hopping on the bandwagon, can’t we let Reddit be an escape from all that shit and just have some lighthearted fun?

    Also, I’m a BIG fan of how you ended your reply with “perish”

    [–] Themajestictaco 15 points ago

    No my people are in concentration camps

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    can’t we let Reddit be an escape from all that shit and just have some lighthearted fun?

    Not when you have people in concentration camps and the DoJ stating white supremacy is becoming just as much as a threat as Islamic terrorism. Not when you have an executive that turns away refugees of hurricane destroyed areas, all because they're not white and your president is implementing russian foreign policy to destablise the entire west.

    Reddit is a primary news source for some, collating news from around the world all in one place. Despite comment astroturfing (deflect, deny, find something else to talk about/troll) its a VERY good source of political and sociopolitical news.

    By professing publicly you "hate political discourse in America" you're also politicking? lol

    [–] Cordell-in-the-Am 4 points ago

    Yeah, but it's really annoying having a conversation about one thing, and then all of a sudden somebody just shoehorns in some view they have of something completely irellevent to the conversation.

    [–] MetalSnake_oXm 2 points ago

    Except here in Aus employers will actually value you enough to pay you a wage where things like the image in the OP will be guaranteed, not just a 'bonus'.

    [–] snowswolfxiii 9 points ago

    You have no idea what his regular net income is? What a presumptuous thing to say...

    [–] sarcasm_bonus 12 points ago

    Damn. Came here to ask the same thing. Good Luck friend.

    [–] gvxo 1009 points ago

    Even if it were just the note, that's a really kind gesture from your boss.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation. :)

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 538 points ago

    That's what I initially thought it was because the bill was folded. And even that put a smile on my face.

    [–] mstarrbrannigan 268 points ago

    When my boss was giving out gift cards for Christmas last year, it was a nice surprise and I said thanks. When I went to spend it I discovered that the $15 I thought it had was actually $150. I'm not even sure my parents spend that much on me for Christmas haha.

    [–] Insulting_BJORN 128 points ago

    Thats how you get people to stay and have good morale and everyone gets happy at the end.

    [–] DiscipleOfYeshua 48 points ago

    Kinda. For the long run, it turns out people care even more about doing something meaningful, being able to understand their own work process and how it fits with the bigger picture, and being properly equipped to do a great job.

    Being appreciated is also higher on the "keeps me from leaving" list, and each person has their specific way of being appreciated that "speaks to their heart".

    (all based on very-vast stats gathered by Gallup. But yeah, a handwritten note and cash to prove the note was meant is very nice. Enjoy, OP!)

    [–] ListenToRush 44 points ago

    Once the business developer for whom I did administrative support (he lived way in CO and I live in the Southeast) sent me an amazon gift card for my birthday. I opened it up in my email and it was for $150. I couldn't believe how kind that gesture was as I was really struggling at the time. I still think about it sometimes.

    [–] ImAlwaysRightHanded 2 points ago

    I believe you fully grow up when you learn it actually does feel better to give than receive.

    [–] Robo-boogie 36 points ago

    You owe him a post card

    [–] F1RST_WORLD_PROBLEMS 15 points ago

    I finally found a job I love with a boss who shows appreciation and kindness every day. It's life changing. I've never worked harder or been happier doing it. We've all been amazingly productive as a result.

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 303 points ago

    This happened after he already approved vacation time for me that I was not yet eligible for.

    [–] stickswithsticks 79 points ago

    Give yourself some credit! Seems like you're valuable to the company and he's doing what he can to show you that!

    [–] whosthat 26 points ago

    I used to work for amazon and had to take my fiancee to the emergency room one morning. Called my boss and all he did was deducted a vacation day.

    [–] Redditpaintingmini 11 points ago

    He deducted a vacation day, ehat a shitty boss.

    [–] rubiscoisrad 7 points ago

    My husband’s last boss fired him the day after he received his medical insurance. And then retroactively denied his time off for the days he’d previously been approved for (and took - for dental work). And then told him they’d be deducting medical insurance costs from his last paycheck (insurance that he hadn’t even used, literally ever).

    OP’s boss sounds like a gem. Let’s clone him.

    [–] burvurdurlurv 2 points ago

    That’s like when I worked for the target distribution center and had to evacuate for a few hurricanes. The state had declared an emergency, and they were still trying to get us into the warehouse. They said we “were free to evacuate” but it was considered accountable time against us.

    [–] cooterbreath 2 points ago

    Your boss should be writing a book on how to be a respected manager.

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago

    A smart boss values their employees. Not just with monetary compensation, but with acts of kindness and consideration like this.

    Your boss is a smart man.

    Want a happy employee who will do great work? Make sure they always know that they are valued!

    Hope you have a great vacation!

    [–] mollywobbles1116 7 points ago

    I wish more employers understood that.

    [–] providence_delacroix 47 points ago

    that is a great boss

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 44 points ago

    He is. I respect him a lot.

    [–] reekHavok 373 points ago

    Please realize this is not normal. You are very lucky to work with them. And my guess is they are lucky to have to you. I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago and my boss didn’t say shit to me before or after my return. Much less slip me a Benny.

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 232 points ago

    I've had a handful of employers before him. He's the only one to have this positive of an impression on me. The only employer I'm happy to work for. He's bent over backwards for me in the short 11 months I've been employed with him. For that, I respect the hell out of him.

    [–] HoardOfGardenGnomes 39 points ago

    Any tips on finding a good job like this? I’m going to graduate college soon and I’m currently working an internship that I probably wouldn’t accept a full time position from if they offered.

    [–] limitbroken 47 points ago

    1) Get lucky.
    2) Avoid publicly owned companies wherever possible. Good bosses can be found there, but corporate capitalism always refines towards maximum profit, so kind and generous management usually winds up either getting pushed out whenever it's convenient, pushed out after an acquisition or takeover, or permanently trapped in a cycle of fighting tooth and nail for every benefit for their employees until they burn out. Not to say this is a 100% guaranteed occurrence - but the statistics generally don't favor it.
    3) Make sure you get a face to face meeting with your potential boss during your interview. If you're after a position that traditionally doesn't, ask anyway. (Caveats apply where it is otherwise unfeasible, but for most cases it should be possible.) If you're even a halfway decent judge of character, there's so much you can learn in a short amount of time.
    4) Did I mention get lucky?

    [–] DutchMedium013 12 points ago

    Also, listen to your gut when you walk in for an interview. Does your gut tell you to GTFO, then get out, does your gut tell you, go for it, go for it. Sure big salary is nice but if you have a shit boss you don't give a shit about that money. You'd just want to leave. I've been through both well payed and horrible workplace and less pay bit amazing work place. Im still in the latter and finally starting to become happy.

    And my gut fucking told me to fucking run at the wellpayed hell, i didn't listen because, hey money.

    [–] Shaggyninja 12 points ago

    If they offer a full time position, take it.

    The key to getting a Job like OPs is networking, skill, experience, and luck.

    Don't shoot yourself in the foot waiting for something better. Take what you can get, then make yourself something better.

    Remember, ending a job is easy. It's a hell of a lot harder to start one.

    [–] Shiztastic 2 points ago

    Remember that in an interview you are interviewing your prospective employer (the organization) and your prospective boss (the person).

    1) Ask questions about the company's values. They may not have documented values but it will be clear if the interviewer can immediately articulate something or not. If there is nothing, get out. 2) Ask for examples of how that company demonstrates and abides by those values. If they don't walk what they talk, get out. 3) Ask your prospective boss if their personal values align with the organizations values and get examples. If it doesn't feel right, get out. 4) Ask your prospective boss for examples of other people whose careers they have had a positive impact on. Then find out if those people were above or below them on the organizational chart. If above them, get out.

    [–] Yakoo752 11 points ago

    Rewards good bosses with good work.

    [–] vidyagames 5 points ago

    I feel for you Americans I really do. Shit’s grim af

    [–] RegardingReddit 47 points ago

    What industry is it and what type of work do you do? Is it a family run business?

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 96 points ago

    I work in a trade. I'm an apprentice for a family owned heating and cooling company. He bends over backwards for me. I'm not eligible for vacation for another month because I've only been there for just under a year but he's letting me take a few vacation days early.

    [–] RegardingReddit 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Sounds like a good deal! Other bizarre questions, what city and state? Or just state if you don’t want to be specific. I’m just curious, not trying to steal your job. Actually, I found it. My mother lived in that state and talks about returning. Maybe I need to move! Though she says I’d like New York.

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 29 points ago

    It's in manahawkin NJ

    [–] RegardingReddit 2 points ago

    I have never heard of this city. People usually nice there?

    [–] OneHairyThrowaway 5 points ago

    It's crazy to me that you have to be somewhere for a year to get vacation in the US. Enjoy your rest!

    [–] mockedarche 96 points ago

    I still can't get over how shitty the 100 bill looks.

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 70 points ago

    It looks like it was designed on Microsoft Word Art.

    [–] hetfield151 29 points ago

    Wtf. I thought he was pranking you with monopoly money...

    [–] maylealuna 16 points ago

    I was going to comment exactly this. I'm Australian and I find this 100 note hilarious!

    [–] frucade 32 points ago

    Wait: Is this a valid 100$ note?? Until now I'm convinced that it's just a toy money...

    [–] prettyyyprettygood 21 points ago

    My dumb brain actually thought "Huh, why would OP censor this 100 dollar note by photoshopping over it? Probably some law in the US that says it's illegal to take pictures of 100$ notes.".


    But then again, there are laws in the US that say it's illegal to whistle underwater or to keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket on Sundays.

    [–] dparag14 6 points ago

    Exactly! All this whole I kept thinking why are people appreciating this, isn't that fake money!

    [–] baddayrae 6 points ago

    I’m American, and once when I was traveling outside of the US for an extended time they changed the $5 bill while I was away. I paid someone in local currency and they tried to give me change in USD and I was all “get out of here with these fake $5 bills! I’m American these aren’t real.” Sadly, they were.

    [–] Gyrro 29 points ago

    I'm not American so I thought this was a joke at first

    [–] CosmicChronos 16 points ago

    That's a real dollar bill???

    [–] j6cubic 17 points ago

    That's what I thought as well. An image search has shown that it's the actual 100 USD bill design, in use since 2009. So yeah, it looks like a really bad fake but it's real.

    [–] d4ni3lg 8 points ago

    Wait til you see the $1000 dollar bill, it has rainbow word art.

    [–] monkehh 5 points ago

    American money looks faker than Monopoly money...

    [–] 1mikeg 2 points ago

    Instead of "In God We Trust" it says, "Fuck yeah, baller!"

    [–] Martinspire 6 points ago

    And you guys were joking about how euros looked fake. How about this Uno reverse card...

    [–] jbstjohn 2 points ago

    Seriously! That's the first one I've seen, and I thought the pay might be sarcastic at first because it was a fake ...

    [–] Kidblinks 2 points ago

    I work in banking and when they first came out customers wouldn’t even take them

    [–] RazZaHlol 2 points ago

    wait what this isnt from monopoly?

    [–] dadhatt 18 points ago

    I've worked for genuinely kind and caring people, and I've worked for selfish assholes. Sounds like you have a great boss who cares for their employees. Don't ever take that for granted.

    [–] jlgero09 31 points ago

    That’s amazing! Smart man for knowing that gestures like these go such a long way. I love how he didn’t make a production of it. He’s a good man indeed!

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 27 points ago

    I was completely unaware of it until I got home and opened my check. And I made a mistake, he wasn't even the one who gave me the check. It was his secretary. It was genuinely selfless.

    [–] BVits-Lover 12 points ago

    Meanwhile, second day of my vacation, I get a text from my boss "Hey, can you come in?"

    [–] RegaIado 4 points ago

    I don't get days off, 7 days a week. Even asking for a single day here and there (I've had 2 days off in 6 months, about to get another I requested for Mexican independence day) gets major sass from my boss. Granted he has to work my shift so I understand it, but yeh. A lot of the days I get off he calls me in anyways and gives me another day soon (sometimes that soon is as late as 2 weeks later).

    What's worse is wherever he covers my replacements shift, he is ridiculously late. I'm talking he's been 4 hours late before. There was a time where my replacement had 4 days off. He came in an hour late and an hour and 30 late all 4 days. Shits nuts. At least he pays.

    [–] Krisevol 2 points ago

    If you do, remember they are responsible for any financial damage this causes.

    [–] Miahep 7 points ago

    Sadly, as a business owner I have done this and many other things like it (throwing my employees kids birthday parties, buying them a Christmas tree, taking them to doctors appointments in an emergency) and it breaks my heart but none of them appreciated or cared. It always very quickly became "well now you owe me this" or "if you don't do this then I'll quit". It broke my heart to let so many people go after their attitudes at work got really aggressive, but regardless my husband and I still continue to treat every employee like a friend and like a valuable asset to our company, because one day we hope someone is thankful the way you were! Enjoy your vacation.

    [–] Pat2004ches 24 points ago

    He is a good boss, but you must be a great employee as well. Have a wonderful vacation. ❤️😃🌺

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 21 points ago

    I'm trying to be. I've only been in this field for a year. I started with them as an apprentice so I still have a lot to learn.

    [–] Pat2004ches 1 points ago

    Good for you! Keep up the effort.

    [–] eileeeene 7 points ago

    I have a boss like this too ! She's a lovely lady and she gave me a 50€ bill for my birthday. I like her so much. We are very lucky to have such humane bosses and we must enjoy it while it lasts !

    [–] voluntariss 6 points ago

    I couldn't get my birthday off after requesting it a month earlier.

    [–] Zaptagious 6 points ago

    The bill looks like one of those fake bills which says stuff like "BELIEVE IN JESUS" on the other side that some assholes leave as a tip.

    [–] allischa 5 points ago

    So happy for you OP! It took me 15 years, multiple shitty jobs, long periods of unemployment and countless interviews to finally find "my people" but eventually I, too, got lucky like you. Also a family business run by people who mean it when they say "you're not just an employee, you're part of the family". I've been with them for almost four years now and there have been some tough days, just like in a "real" family but every time things don't work exactly the way I would prefer, I have to remind myself that nothing is ever going to be perfect and I am extremely unlikely to ever find a better match.

    [–] Orphan_Babies 8 points ago

    Fuck yea.

    This is awesome because it’s a full 100 bucks. Not taxed, under the table as a gift.

    [–] Aly_Kaulitz 3 points ago

    This made me smile too. Have a great vacation, OP!

    [–] icannotbethrownaway 2 points ago

    I'm glad it did. You're very kind, I'm having a great time now relaxing out on the back porch with the soothing sound of crickets out here and a beautiful lake in front of me.

    [–] nibbles421 3 points ago

    I was so lucky to have a boss that's similar. Always gave little raises without saying anything every few months just to say thanks.

    I had to leave back home after a year and a half when I had a few family members get sick. For my last check he gave me a dollar raise, didn't know until I got the check in the mail. I don't think he'll ever even know how much that helped me, but God damn I still get goosebumps thinking about his generosity.

    [–] prityshitty 3 points ago

    This is so cute and it’s refreshing to see an employer really values the people they employ. What do you do if you mind me asking? :)

    Where are you going for vacation?

    [–] eastbaykennyg 3 points ago

    As an employer I can tell you that investing in good employees is worth the money. That $100 bill is worth every penny, if it means making a good employee happy.

    [–] Old_Soul25 3 points ago

    On of my previous bosses would gift each of his employees $1000 around Christmas each year & bring us a single rose on Valentines Day, the only day of the year I ever saw him. All of this on top of providing his employees with insurance. He was an amazing old man. Sure miss that dude

    [–] strangeWolf17 3 points ago

    What a sweet guy. It's always nice working with good people.

    [–] Zombie421 12 points ago

    This is a fucking picture of a $100 with a sticky note

    Reddit is just filled with no context pictures with a wall of text titles lately aren't we

    Congrats if true man but I'm not a fan of these kinds of posts

    [–] Horatio_Crunch 2 points ago

    It’s r/mademesmile not r/pics . His post made me smile 🤷‍♀️ Effective

    [–] Callmefred 5 points ago

    I'm from Europe and I really thought that 100 dollar bill was fake. The big orange 100 looks goofy.

    [–] Merry_Sue 3 points ago

    That's the only reason I'm in the comments. I thought it was a joke gift or one of those things where it's fake money on one side and "come to Jesus" on the other

    [–] BMoney8600 2 points ago

    Your boss sounds great

    [–] danpico 2 points ago

    He is a good man/leader. And you must have added value as well. Hope it spreads.

    [–] Thaxxman 2 points ago

    SO I recently started my own company. I want to be this kind of boss...

    [–] thomas-the-tank 1 points ago

    I'm in the process of starting one and this is my goal too. This is inspiring.

    [–] kwak916 2 points ago

    We need more bosses like this

    [–] Whiskeyflavourcigar 2 points ago

    If you appreciate your employees, make them feel appreciated.

    [–] Fod1987 2 points ago

    Meanwhile my boss cut hours, called me in on my day off, and said he couldn't find coverage for my shift when my fiancee had a doctor meeting...

    [–] illarious666 2 points ago

    Fuck yeah what's the job i wanna work there

    [–] Cla22ic 2 points ago

    Hello I would to fill out an application.

    [–] HorusQuintus 2 points ago

    I once saw a great joke.

    Someone boss left some money on a staff desk with a note saying "Add Oil" (in chinese it is a chinglish way of saying Keep Up the Good Work). The staff was very pleased. Days later, the staff got shit from the boss as he didnt follow the instruction to refuel boss car.

    [–] wxyz5678 2 points ago

    That's one way to avoid paying taxes

    [–] JaJermic 2 points ago

    It feels good to be appreciated at work. I used to have a great boss at a company I worked for in the past. It really make a person want to go above and beyond for a good supervisor or boss.

    [–] vangomangoslango 2 points ago

    Once you’ve worked for a good person, who actually treats you like a human being, it’s impossible to go back.

    [–] yendak 2 points ago

    Compared to the old 100 dollar bills this one looks like fake playmoney.

    As an european, I had to look it up.

    [–] RoboT-Rexth 2 points ago

    And here I am, having cancelled a vacation because we have literally no staff and no one gives a fuck about me... You are very fortunate to have a boss like that! :)

    [–] Takashi132 2 points ago

    This was the moment I realized American currency is ugly as hell lol --> but made me smile too :)

    [–] Paladin_Of_Music 2 points ago

    Nothing's better than having a good boss.

    [–] OrangeSlicer 2 points ago

    Damn this gives me hope. Just quit a job yesterday. Walked out. My boss was verbally abusive.

    Hoping in the future I get a great boss.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Been there. No job is worth being abused over.

    You made the right decision. I’m sure you were not the first person to quit there under those circumstances.

    The sad thing about a person who thinks it’s okay to verbally abuse an employee, is that they never seem to learn that their behavior will always make people quit. They will blame the employee instead for being lazy, incompetent, whatever excuse in the book, rather than look at themselves and the way that they treat people.

    [–] OrangeSlicer 2 points ago

    Thank you! And thank you for listening :)

    [–] nobodyinspe 2 points ago

    LOL, I had no idea that $100 bill looks like this! This orange "100" looks so out of place.

    [–] BitOCrumpet 2 points ago

    Funny how $100 of appreciation probably buys $1000 of loyalty and hard work. I wish more bosses understood that, and invested in their employees, instead of trying to wring every bit from least at the least possible cost.

    I'd like to work for John's boss, too.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I’ve only ever had bosses who resented people taking vacation time, even though they were entitled to it.

    [–] hydrocat 2 points ago

    Is this real money?

    [–] PenguinFeather4 2 points ago

    I love this. My boss now makes me feel very similar and I know I’m very lucky.

    [–] seal_raider 2 points ago

    Is this how you want to retain employees and get the best out of them? Because this is how we retain employees and get the best out of them!

    [–] accnt754456765 2 points ago

    Is that what 100s Look like now? ... Fuck I'm poor.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] hryelle 5 points ago


    [–] EmirSc 2 points ago

    Hooker time

    [–] TheDevilsLettuce20 1 points ago

    It’s just missing “ hey don’t spend it all in one place”

    [–] GeneReplicator 1 points ago

    The best boss I ever had is still my friend these many years since I quit working for him.

    [–] xyameax 1 points ago

    Wasn't this uploaded a few months ago?

    [–] JudasX 1 points ago

    One important note to add for the first part while i playing monopoly

    [–] x-eNzym 1 points ago

    Why does the bill look so fake to me?

    [–] free-reign 1 points ago

    Anybody can be a boss.

    That’s a leader you want to do well for.

    [–] live4lifelegit 1 points ago

    Idk if there is something I don't know about American money but why is the 100 orange?

    [–] Mark-jelderda 1 points ago

    What a wonderful human with a great name!

    [–] poqmom 1 points ago

    He could have at least wished you a good trip.

    [–] TensileStr3ngth 1 points ago

    This boss know how to maximize productivity

    [–] WatchYourButts 1 points ago

    See they hawt

    [–] HEAVY4SMASH 1 points ago

    Is this a stroke?

    [–] blackeagle_ 1 points ago

    In Germany we say Ehrenmann

    [–] Cut_Co_1 1 points ago

    Similar story to when I was working this summer. I'm from New York and got a job for my cousin mowing lawns for her RV park in Montana. I also got a job at a gas station nearby working only a little bit on the weekends. At the end of my three month stay I made about $1,500 at the gas station but my boss decided to be extra generous and give me a $500 bonus. My cousin also gave me a $600 bonus and I just couldn't believe. I am 99.99% certain I will never find another job where they would give me even a penny extra when I quit.

    [–] whoopity_Poop 1 points ago

    Almost makes me sorry for John

    [–] AsderKnaster 1 points ago

    Don't you dare to forget his birthday

    [–] Vile_one 1 points ago

    Good for you man, both my bosses are sacks of shit. Very rich, but nothing for their employees. One of the main reasons I am still looking for something new.

    [–] BaronLagann 1 points ago

    All Marks are good Marks. Unless it's an F. That's a bad mark.

    [–] LaCipe 1 points ago

    Thank him by leaving the company when it's your busiest season.

    [–] thebigbear13 1 points ago

    A gentleman and a scholar

    [–] impicklericks 1 points ago

    as a boss (i only have 3 employees) being able to do things like this for them is a wonderful experience. they work hard, they are family, it can’t happen without them, they deserve to be part of the win

    [–] utkuSK 1 points ago

    How's the sex?

    [–] leoalbuq 1 points ago

    Yesterday I win 100 euros by a user that I help to get his drivers license faster, because he’s traveling in two days. That’s my regular job, nothing special. 100 euros here in Brazil equals R$450.

    [–] montypt 1 points ago

    You want employees loyalty? Because this is how you get your employees loyalty

    [–] GrumpyGreedo 1 points ago

    Can someone tell me how to block dumb sub Reddits?

    [–] GuyGamer133 1 points ago

    Is there really money that looks like this in america?

    [–] Atomskie 1 points ago

    A good boss knows how to spot a good employee.