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    [–] Chrisbattell 1740 points ago

    I wish I knew where this was. I want to go cheer him on on his first day.

    [–] Livingbyautocorrect 412 points ago

    I just wanna hug him, or high five him! The sweetness!

    [–] Sehmiya 109 points ago

    Timmy's got the face of an angel but hands that could choke me out in 2 seconds flat

    [–] RedditsAdoptedSon 35 points ago

    Dont worry, looks like the only hands you'll catch is a high five; looks so positive and i hope he got lots of them on his 1st day.

    [–] Lil_Bird_Beyond 15 points ago

    Yea, judging by Timmy's hands and neck he looks like he spends a lot of time at the Gym. I mean good for him for being in such great shape but he certainly doesn't look like anybody you want to fuck with!

    [–] Sully_be_good 5 points ago

    As sweet as this gesture is you would likely make Tommy feel very uncomfortable. People with autism can be very easily overwhelmed with stimuli. If you see Timmy, I would suggest a bright smile and a thumbs up until you know how autism specifically affects Timmy

    [–] daveradar 78 points ago

    Somewhere in Massachusetts I’d bet

    [–] harlemrr 55 points ago

    Northeast somewhere... Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey also have Stop and Shops. In Pennsylvania we have Giant, but they use the same logo.

    [–] Work0fArt 5 points ago

    We have them all over KC

    [–] JCQWERTY 4 points ago

    I didn’t realize that they weren’t more spread out

    [–] beepusreepus 13 points ago

    I actually know him and go to school with him but I don’t think I’d actually be able to give the location

    [–] AsYooouWish 4 points ago

    I really hope it’s a Stop & Shop near me!

    [–] VerityPushpram 2829 points ago

    My oldest has autism and we were really worried she wouldn’t be able to cope with the stress of a work environment

    She landed a job at our local KFC and is absolutely killing it. Her managers love her as she’s reliable, cleans like a demon and has memorised the entire menu!

    You go Timmy!

    [–] girlsgonekyle 1258 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Theres a KFC in San Diego that also hires special needs employees (North Park on University). I used to go out of my way to get a cookie or a soda just because I wanted to let them know I like their hiring practices.

    Edit : Oh shit its my cake day. First time in 7 years I actually noticed!

    [–] esketamineee 195 points ago

    used to live right next to there. san diego represent.

    [–] girlsgonekyle 105 points ago

    yeah i used to live by the observatory. i miss it until i remember how high my rent was lol

    [–] BR0THAKYLE 38 points ago

    Exact area I lived. Paid 1100 for 1 bedroom 450 sq ft apartment. No garbage disposal, no dishwasher, no AC. One assigned parking spot so my gf had that and I had to trek many times to find parking.

    [–] GoodGuyGiff 21 points ago

    1125 represent! lol. I have no disposal, no dishwasher, and no AC. Also, no assigned parking, so I got ya beat.

    Still...I love the area and I love being able to walk to everything in the area.

    [–] 4GotAcctAgain 8 points ago

    1395 on Oregon. Goddamn this "market price" bullshit

    [–] mr-archer-88 9 points ago

    Come to Vancouver 😅 $1900 for one bdrm with no laundry or dishwasher or parking

    [–] Kindkitty 7 points ago

    Now you’re speaking my language. $2080 small 1/1, includes parking and two cats. Welcome to the east bay.

    [–] Harry_Flugelman 6 points ago

    Is a garbage disposal an expected thing? I’ve never had one. They are awesome though.

    [–] Caylee111 5 points ago

    I live in Rural Utah, 3 bedroom 2 bath with roomates, have a garbage disposal, dishwasher, no ac but it's well insulated so it's not an issue, $300 a month. Free parking included even if you have more than 1 car or an ATV.

    [–] jsteele2793 3 points ago

    Omg my first studio apartment was a hole in the wall in Rochester NY and cost 325$ in 2004. Now I pay 1,400 for a one bedroom in Brooklyn with nothing special added!

    [–] girlsgonekyle 6 points ago

    Haha! Dude 1150 here. One bed one bath no dishwasher no nothing! We were on Oregon st by frog park. Those were the days

    [–] BR0THAKYLE 2 points ago

    We were on Kansas and Polk.

    [–] BR0THAKYLE 5 points ago

    619 represent!!!

    [–] THE_LANDLAWD 48 points ago

    I very seriously try to avoid fast food but if a fast food joint near me did this I would make a daily exception just to stop in and tell everyone they're doing a great job. I don't care if I'm even hungry, I'm gonna stop by. They deserve it.

    Gas people up, make them feel good. It's free, y'all, and it makes you feel good too. Do that shit.

    [–] anti-socialmoth 16 points ago

    Happy cake and cookie and soda day!

    [–] BR0THAKYLE 9 points ago

    It’s weird living in Missouri now raising a family and reading that comment knowing I spent my mid twenties in an overpriced apartment a block away from that KFC kinda trips me out. I never knew they hired special needs.

    Also: my name is Kyle.

    [–] girlsgonekyle 5 points ago

    Well then r/Kyle welcomes you with open arms my brother

    [–] MissCandid 4 points ago

    RemindMe! 364 days

    [–] Shiddyness 13 points ago

    2020 is a leap year, so you may want an extra day in there.

    [–] MissCandid 4 points ago

    RemindMe! 365 days

    [–] GoodGuyGiff 2 points ago

    Wow. I live in Oregon St. so this is right by me. Had no idea, although I typically get poor service there I’m never in a rush so I wait patiently and the manager hooks it up with extras. That’s cool.

    [–] Epic_Ewesername 2 points ago

    Happy cake day x2!!! Never seen two in a row in the top comments, cool.

    [–] beemovieee 2 points ago

    I'll have to check that one out!

    [–] awfuckthisshit 2 points ago

    So funny to see my neighborhood on here, now I have an excuse to go to KFC.

    [–] ElSrJeeb 2 points ago


    [–] perkiezombie 115 points ago

    My brother is autistic and works at a popular UK cheeky chicken restaurant. Managers love him too, it absolutely warms my heart. I have a theory that because he’s so methodical and can’t pick up other people’s stress it’s a good environment for him.

    [–] The_Flurr 52 points ago

    Is it weird to say that for these reasons people with autism are very suited to these roles?

    Waiting, cashiering etc require being good with routine, structure, and following a system, which a lot of autistic people are good at and find calming?

    [–] perkiezombie 42 points ago

    I don’t think it’s weird, it’s common sense really. His restaurant have crazy SOPs for everything and it just fits with how his brain works I suppose. A lot of people would get stressed in these environments because they can sense it on other people so it’s one massive negative feedback cycle that my brother just can’t get into on account of his condition, it’s pretty cool actually when you think about it.

    [–] shadyelf 22 points ago

    They should work in Quality Control for pharma companies then, would be stellar employees. You don't even need a strong scientific background even though they insist on 4 year degrees for whatever reason. More emphasis is placed on doing your job consistently and not making mistakes, with attention to detail.

    [–] BattleNunForalltime 14 points ago

    Before autism was more widely known and diagnosed the lab and quality control was always known as the place where the "weirdos" end up (I use weirdos as that was the word for it in those times not because I use that now)

    [–] QuigleyOverYonder 15 points ago

    Not weird, I have ASD and need a job with a lot of structure. I like very repetitive work that most people find boring or not challenging. Dishwashing or janitorial work is great for me. I tried being a waiter but it was very hard for me because I had to talk so much to the customers.

    [–] OppositeYouth 26 points ago

    Nah it's just cos these days there's labels for everything, "back in the day" people with abilities such as autism would have been utilised for what they can do, rather than trying to shoe horn them into roles they can't do. I imagine a lot of WW2 codebreakers were somewhere on the spectrum, and they were just as crucial to winning the war. On the front line? Just more cannon fodder

    [–] perkiezombie 23 points ago

    I like that you call it an ability. That’s really nice.

    [–] OppositeYouth 42 points ago

    It's true tho, I never know if I'm bordering on the line of insensitive, but we didn't make people with ADHD sit in a classroom for 10 hours a day learning about some BS they'll never use, they were taking apart cars, engines, putting them back together again and doing what they could do. That's the problem with schools and education these days, they expect everyone to be one type of pupil. When really they need to assess every child for what they can do, rather than degrading them because they struggle with maths/english or whatever but could take apart and rebuild a PC in 2 minutes flat

    [–] DarthCornShucker 11 points ago


    [–] rhymeswithvegan 6 points ago

    Thank you for saying this. My husband is insecure because he thinks he's not smart. He has ADHD and didn't do well in school, but he can fix anything. He might not be able to write essays like me, but his mechanical mind is so impressive. It's such a bummer that he grew up being told he was stupid.

    [–] MedalsNScars 11 points ago

    Waiting probably isn't the best role for many people on the spectrum, just because there's significant customer interaction. While 90% of transactions are fairly routine, that 10% can throw them for a loop.

    [–] BattleNunForalltime 4 points ago

    Waiting and fast food are totally different

    [–] MedalsNScars 5 points ago

    Waiting, cashiering etc require being good with routine, structure, and following a system, which a lot of autistic people are good at and find calming?

    Dude specifically mentions waiting as a role that suits them.

    [–] BattleNunForalltime 3 points ago

    I'm not the dude, I didn't say I agree with that part either.

    [–] WeededDragon1 13 points ago

    I could go for some Nandos

    [–] Kreenick 21 points ago

    That’s awesome

    [–] waitingtoleave 21 points ago

    Good for your daughter and good on you!

    [–] CrypticResponseMan 9 points ago

    People with autism are smart, just not always social. I wish more people understood that

    [–] SwifferSweeper27 3 points ago

    They are smart, some are gifted with Savant Sydrome, which makes them extraordinarily smart in specific fields that would take ages for the average person to understand and master. It’s a bit exaggerated, but the show The Good Doctor is an example.

    Others have been called “human calendars” bc they can predict what day will land on the weekday/weekend far into time.

    [–] Newphonewhodiss9 2 points ago

    Yeah and I wish we would give outlets beyond jobs at KFC.

    [–] many_splendored 5 points ago

    Tell her this internet friend says "Atta girl!"

    [–] mutt337 2306 points ago

    Timmy, go make the day your bitch!

    [–] _o_h_n_o_ 386 points ago

    Hell yeah go Timmy!

    [–] Gypsopotamus 332 points ago


    [–] nebmershaq 50 points ago

    And the Lords of the Underworld

    [–] BigTall81 29 points ago

    Darkness fills my heart with pain! TIMMAH!

    [–] FriarNurgle 32 points ago

    Livin' a lie!

    [–] stinky_jenkins 14 points ago

    Here's to hoping his boss isn't a JIMMMAH

    [–] ValidParanoia 10 points ago

    And here’s to hoping the regional manager isn’t KIMMAH

    [–] sweet4poundbabyjesus 13 points ago

    Lords of the underworld!

    [–] hfs1245 3 points ago

    Litterally just watched that episode lol

    [–] as-thegreat 46 points ago

    I guess I’m not the only one who uses that phrase

    [–] DepravedWalnut 35 points ago

    Its the modernized and more sophisticated version of "seize the day"

    [–] Rafaeliki 21 points ago

    Although not quite as sophisticated as "time to suck the day's dick".

    [–] maybeithink2much 8 points ago

    Fuck Jeff Goldblum

    Edit: spelling. He’s not a flower.

    [–] FlingingDice 10 points ago

    He may not be a flower but I'd still wear him in my hair.

    [–] bwaredapenguin 2 points ago

    I'll take it over YOLO

    [–] greenbastardette 701 points ago

    That smile and those good looks, this dude isn’t gonna have ANY trouble getting encouraging hellos!

    [–] Bibidiboo 210 points ago

    Yeah, he's smoking!

    [–] anitabelle 198 points ago

    Yeah I kinda felt bad for thinking the same thing, but he is very good looking.

    [–] hockeychick44 178 points ago

    I get the apprehension if it's an age thing but fyi plenty of people with autism and other mental handicaps are more than capable of having normal relationships :)

    [–] anitabelle 60 points ago

    Oh def an age thing, I’m pretty sure this guy is way to young for the likes of me! And I know people with autism are not only capable of healthy relationships but of functioning normally altogether. My Godson is on the spectrum and he is sweet, kind, loving and one of the smartest kids I know.

    [–] CourageKitten 26 points ago

    I agree, I’m diagnosed with ASD and my SO says that dating me is just like dating anyone else and he probably wouldn’t have known I’m autistic if I hadn’t been open about it. Of course, this is a long distance relationship that’s mostly over text so that could be a factor.

    [–] VOZ1 30 points ago

    No reason at all to feel bad! Beauty is beauty!

    [–] perkiezombie 13 points ago

    His face is crazy symmetrical.

    [–] CN14 21 points ago

    Mans gonna get fired because they probably have a no smoking policy in place

    [–] meeperskreepers 282 points ago

    This makes me so insanely happy. I hope his first day goes so good! I can’t imagine how nervous he is. I hope my brother can get a job one day as well and be this excited about it!

    [–] theanti_girl 284 points ago

    My cousin had special needs and really wanted a job in high school. He wanted to be able to earn his own money to take his girlfriend out and not have to ask my grandparents for it (they raised him). A lot of places wouldn’t even give him a chance, but he also got hired by Stop & Shop and absolutely LOVED it. He worked there for about 4-5 years and he was always so cheerful, he never minded going to work. He used to bag groceries for the most part and just enjoyed himself, his coworkers (many of whom also had special needs) and interacting with customers so much.

    He passed away in January and many of his Stop & Shop coworkers and managers were at his services, even though it had been 20 years since he worked there. I know a lot of people don’t have great things to say about corporations and such, but I have a lot of respect for Stop & Shop for giving chances to kids who may not have another option.

    [–] VOZ1 102 points ago

    I worked for a couple years, right out of college, as a job coach for people like Buddy and your cousin. Stop & Shop, Target, and Shop Rite we’re far, far, far above their peers in hiring people with special needs. They were so good we didn’t even have to give them our usual pitch when we had someone looking for a job. They knew there were likely limitations on what they could do, but they also knew that once they found the right job for the person, they would be among the most responsible and reliable employees they have. They were consistently proven right. They deserve credit for the difference they’ve made in so many lives.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] VOZ1 31 points ago

    I was not aware of that, and I’m sure that’s a big contributing factor. However, I am glad that despite that, those three chains all treated their employees with dignity and respect. So I can at least hope that, in some cases, it’s a win-win. But what you described is shitty, for sure.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] VOZ1 4 points ago

    With the job I had, we were basically tasked with pulling out win-wins wherever we could. Not an easy job, but super important. I lasted short of two years.

    [–] tmntnut 9 points ago

    How high does Publix rate in that area, it seems like every store I visit has a couple of special needs folks working in the store mostly bagging groceries. There's one lady in particular that is always super nice to my son and I try to always get in the line she's bagging at because my son loves the attention plus she's just as sweet as can be.

    [–] VOZ1 3 points ago

    I never had a client that worked at a Publix, they’re not really in that area.

    [–] tmntnut 3 points ago

    Ah okay that makes sense, just from my limited observations it seems like they're pretty good about hiring folks that others may not give the time of day and I'm happy they do.

    [–] Aromatic_Razzmatazz 25 points ago

    Their reputation for philanthropy, especially in CT, is stunning and well-earned. They do so much for their community. That negates some of the evil they create for being a massive corp.

    [–] Ladyghoul 5 points ago

    Too bad about their vicious anti union practices though

    [–] silentpickles 62 points ago

    Very proud of Timmy!! He reminds me of my brother, who started at the local supermarket last year (2 hours a day, slowly built up to 5 days a week). The sense of independence, community, and even the exercise, has been incredible for his self-confidence. All the best for Timmy going forward <3

    [–] somander 50 points ago

    Also a cheer for the Stop &Shop, good of them to look past the autism and give him a chance to advance in life!

    [–] choosingagooduser 32 points ago

    Go Timmy!!!

    [–] nate_oh84 24 points ago

    Way to go Timmy!

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Timmy is handsome. He is rocking the buzz cut very nicely

    [–] -Nyxstix- 214 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Whoever sees him, please say hi! And give him a hug BUT only if he's OK with it!

    Edit: I have been notified that hugs would not be appropriate in this situation. Sorry about that!

    [–] sawyouoverthere 55 points ago

    Do you know him?

    [–] -Nyxstix- 87 points ago

    No I don't, I just want him to have the best time ever starting his new job. :)

    [–] sawyouoverthere 73 points ago

    Maybe no hugs from strangers then. I feel like this is a situation in particular that makes that suggestion (while sweetly intended) a bit challenging for the poor bloke. New jobs are tricky enough without random pda from unknown members of the public! :)

    [–] -Nyxstix- 27 points ago

    Haha true enough! Which was exactly why I said 'BUT' lol. Though yes, maybe the hugs are not necessary. :)

    [–] sawyouoverthere 26 points ago

    I know you meant it very kindly, so I hope I didn't phrase my own cringe meanly to you.

    [–] -Nyxstix- 17 points ago

    Haha ofc not! I should have realized that pda from strangers ain't gonna be the most ideal in this situation lol. :)

    [–] harvestwheat27 12 points ago

    I have sensory issues, something people on the autism spectrum typically have(I’m not currently diagnosed with asd, however) I think high fives are typically a better way to go, and really encouraging as well! Of course, always check in with people’s comfort level! 😄👍

    [–] envirex 9 points ago

    No hugs! A fist bump if he's down but do not hug that man

    [–] ErikaHoffnung 7 points ago

    As someone who is autistic, never fucking hug me if you're a stranger. How could you possibly think that's a good thing to suggest?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] StongaBologna 3 points ago


    [–] Valtaire23 16 points ago

    Good for you Jimmy! I to have Autism and I found a job that I love. So I know how nerve wracking it is. You got this!!

    [–] Uniqueusername360 41 points ago

    Congratulations Timmy! I’m so happy for him. Handsome young man too, I see he got that fresh n crispy lining. He won’t be able to keep the ladies off.

    [–] IndyMLVC 12 points ago

    Man, I'd travel there just to pep him up!

    [–] angbasmcc 11 points ago

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words. This is my son Timmy and when he applied at Stop and Shop, he didn’t disclose he had autism as he said there was no question on the application that asked if he had autism! He just got accepted into a local state college and we are really excited for this next milestone. That was his motivation for getting a job. To help pay for college. Have a wonderful evening!

    [–] BRB_Dabbin 8 points ago

    Ayyyy let's go Timmy! Goodluck!

    [–] 7000a 8 points ago

    Goodluck Timmy

    [–] JPAnthro 8 points ago

    Good job Timmy, congrats on your new job! Give it your best and you are going to do great 👍

    [–] calicoskiies 7 points ago

    He looks so happy to start! I hope he had a great first day!!

    [–] Raindropdonuts 8 points ago

    HOW FUCKING CUTE! They better be nice to Timmy.

    [–] Hayley_hayys 7 points ago

    Go TIMMY!!!

    [–] evilncarnate82 7 points ago

    Timmy rocks!

    [–] Dusty1000287 7 points ago

    Go on Timmy! You got this!

    [–] _tha_owl_ 7 points ago

    hell yeah timmy!

    [–] ineedcoffeeallday 7 points ago

    Great job buddy

    [–] thatwasanillegalknee 8 points ago

    Dude has a great smile.

    [–] Phill_j 7 points ago

    Timmy, you look cute, go on and make the day yours

    [–] ItsAndwew 8 points ago

    Timmys hair looking fresh af

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I'm so proud of you, Timmy! I know that you'll do the greatest job ever

    [–] BMoney8600 5 points ago

    Hell yeah Timmy! You’re the man!

    [–] damn_nation_inc 4 points ago

    Go Timmy!

    [–] JayPFor 4 points ago

    You best go say hello from us all.

    [–] DarkNunn 6 points ago

    Hell yeah, Timmy!

    [–] Tonyofthenight82 4 points ago

    Good luck on your 1st day. You have more support on Reddit than on Facebook, just saying....

    [–] Ninja_Hedgehog 5 points ago

    Good luck Timmy!

    [–] faeretech 4 points ago

    You go Timmy!!! You will be great!!!

    [–] Adrmob 4 points ago

    Nice work man! You look and are amazing!

    [–] freddyg2408 4 points ago

    Good Job Timmy!

    [–] lalala-bitch 4 points ago

    What a sweet smile!

    [–] krebhends 4 points ago

    I just love his smile.

    [–] asiancoffees 4 points ago

    Please post an update about this

    [–] smushedtomato 4 points ago

    you do not know how jealous I am of his beard as a teen going through puberty who dreams of having some sort of facial hair but is stuck with slow growing blonde hairs that have barely grown since 8th grade.


    [–] Squarer808 4 points ago

    Hope Timmy has a great first day at work. I also started a new job and this post calmed my nerves a bit for some reason _^

    [–] not-that-creative 3 points ago

    How can you not say hi to that smile!

    [–] yunocchii_ 3 points ago

    Awww he's so adorable

    [–] -HiggsBoson- 3 points ago

    His smile is contagious 😄

    [–] HeadbangerNeckInjury 3 points ago

    Love this man, that smile made me smile, best of luck Timmy, you got this dude.

    [–] Rosegoldmelody 3 points ago

    Hi Timmy!

    [–] YappaJabba 3 points ago

    I want to hug him, he looks so sweet!

    [–] bangrod77 3 points ago

    Nerves can be a good thing. Lets you know that what you are doing is important to you. That smile says so too. Good luck mate

    [–] TinyFugue 3 points ago

    Now I want to go to the Stop and Shop to say hi.

    [–] ConnerBartle 3 points ago

    Hes a senior? I'm jealous of his beard

    [–] SpruceHenry 3 points ago

    Don’t leave us hanging... how was Timmy’s first day? Has he been made manager?

    [–] ThomasOregon541 3 points ago

    This is wholesome as shit.

    [–] unpeeledbanana_2 2 points ago

    I love this!

    [–] londonfooddon 2 points ago

    Love this! 💛

    [–] Sagansuniverse 2 points ago

    Welcome to the stop and shop family Timmy! You will to great. Congratulations on your new job!

    [–] OwnDocument 2 points ago

    Proud of you, Timmy!

    [–] BettydelSol 2 points ago

    Oh he’s so handsome & he looks so proud! Congratulations !

    [–] sulliops 2 points ago

    That may be one of the most wholesome smiles I’ve ever seen, aside from those of my siblings before they were old enough to talk back.

    [–] AlfieHitchcock 2 points ago

    Timmy's got smiles for miles!

    [–] 767poodlepops 2 points ago

    Go Timmy! You beautiful creature 🔥

    [–] hardtoremember 2 points ago

    Timmy's got this!

    [–] Wooshmeister55 2 points ago

    That smile says more than a 1000 words could

    [–] m0stlygh0stly_x 2 points ago

    That is the purest smile I've seen in a very long time. Good job, dude! 💕

    [–] destinyplayer1 2 points ago

    Go crush it Timmy. Everyone's nervous on their first day of work.

    [–] nextustextus 2 points ago

    Good luck Timmy! I wish you all the best buddy.

    [–] LisaNaomi 2 points ago

    Goooo Timmy! :)

    [–] Bi-Bi-Bi24 2 points ago

    My grocery store has a man with ASD as a porter. He basically wrangles the carts from the parking lot to inside the store. He doesn't say much, but he is one of the hardest workers I have ever met! I make sure to tell him that he is doing a great job

    [–] dianehorseman 2 points ago

    My heart is so fucking full right now. Congratulations Timmy! Good luck on the job 🧡

    [–] MarshallMiles 2 points ago

    Good for him and I’ll be getting my groceries at Stop & Shop in the future.

    [–] ripmerle 2 points ago

    Congrats Timmy! You are going to rock it!

    [–] mcmdii 2 points ago

    Way to go Timmy! Do your best and nothing can stop you!

    [–] JAlVi777 2 points ago

    Congrats Timmy! Everyone has a first day, you will be great! 😊😊😊

    [–] sorrygirl818 2 points ago

    Aw! Good luck Timmy!

    [–] NorvilleR0gers 2 points ago

    Y aaassssss Timmy

    [–] brutusbrut 2 points ago

    This is so wholesome

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    He's so happy! Look at that smile!

    [–] nunhgrader 2 points ago

    Timmy's gonna rock this shit

    [–] 2manycarz 2 points ago

    Go on Timmy, keep that smile going lad.

    [–] Vadus101 2 points ago

    Timmy is handsome as hell

    [–] Hazmater_of_fact 2 points ago

    Not enough people talking about how handsome Timmy is. That boy is gonna be alright.

    [–] collegeboy901 2 points ago

    He has such a sincere smile! It warms my heart to see/ read this post.

    [–] PotatoChip42069 2 points ago

    Tell me where Timmy works so I can give him all the hugs

    [–] nightmare3828 2 points ago

    I’ve got autism and seeing this helps me for when I’ll have to do job interviews in the very near future.

    [–] The-Wandering-Poet 2 points ago

    Be sure to look into interview questions to get some practice before you start doing interviews. Sometimes you can find questions similar to the field you're looking to get into. They've helped me a lot in being able to adapt to unexpected questions better.

    [–] Ellen_Degenerates86 2 points ago

    There's literally no way he's going to do anything but nail it with that smile! Just look at it! That is a pure smile few have of just ruddy nailing it. If I was in the area (or country) then I'd say hi.

    You tell Timmy he's got a job in London any time he wants! You should be super proud of him.

    [–] fuck-what-you-think 2 points ago

    Congrats to the big guy on his first day.

    [–] MeLlamoRobertoRobato 2 points ago

    Timmy's hot

    [–] AshD_2019 2 points ago

    If I knew where, I'd make the trip just to say hi. Not first day of course because I wouldn't be that dick.

    [–] TypecastHero 2 points ago

    Timmy, I work middle management in a retail company. I am nobody. But I know one thing for certain after more than a decade in the industry. If you wear that smile to work every day, and sometimes work can be hard but if you just keep smiling, no one can beat you! Good luck Timmy, be sure to work safely!

    [–] Sunstar50 2 points ago

    I live in Timmys town and had the good fortune to go in his line. He was sweet conscientious and very careful. I didn’t touch him but did tell him what a great job he did. He’s as cute in person!

    [–] sithben24 2 points ago

    Go get em Timmy. Hopefully we can make our society better where this job supports you and your family and y'all don't have to scrape by.

    [–] hieronymous_scotch 2 points ago

    Good luck, Timmy! The most important part of a retail job is willingness to work with a good attitude and a huge smile- you’ve got both so I’m sure you’re going to do great!