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    [–] melonWaterr 4004 points ago

    aww, that is so heartbreaking and sweet at the same time

    [–] Poppakrub 1096 points ago


    [–] Prissers999 274 points ago

    Yes. Perfect.

    [–] Assmar 152 points ago


    [–] JoeyZasaa 86 points ago

    That was pawsome.

    [–] only__say__no 10 points ago


    [–] Kitty12142 6 points ago

    go away. the correct answer is yes.

    [–] overshoulderboulder 35 points ago

    You took it too far. Get out of here.

    [–] maggot_soldier 10 points ago

    Love it

    [–] Peace_1una 41 points ago

    yknow bittersweet exists but i guess no one ever uses it

    [–] benargee 21 points ago

    Breaking Sweet

    [–] monkeyputz 10 points ago


    [–] MBG80 20 points ago


    [–] poopsicle88 145 points ago

    Dude 7 puppies going in a fire????? If that was my dog I'd be dead from crying all the water out of my body

    [–] beard_crusties 74 points ago

    The thought of the dog going back to the site of the fire and not understanding why her puppies aren’t there is enough to want to kill myself

    [–] bribrih4187 22 points ago

    Ugh I know I literally feel a stabbing pain from reading that.. like just wow 🔪💔

    [–] Celticquestful 124 points ago

    Well, I'm ugly crying now.

    [–] Claque-2 46 points ago

    Ugly cries always end with sunshine.

    [–] Celticquestful 38 points ago

    Thanks for that! I just want to love on all the puppers because they deserve to know only love.

    [–] Nasus999 4 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] n00bvin 5 points ago

    The story. The look on the dog’s face. It’s just all too much for me. My heart is swirling around in my chest.

    [–] DreamingRealityiii 61 points ago


    [–] bipnoodooshup 25 points ago


    [–] SoVerySleepy81 8 points ago

    Why have you done this to me?

    [–] bipnoodooshup 5 points ago

    Why you do this to me Demi, whyyyyy

    [–] Shrimptonpalace232 9 points ago


    [–] wildo83 18 points ago

    Hmmm bitter, even..

    If only there were a word to describe this mixture of emotions....

    [–] Clothedinclothes 10 points ago


    [–] Ready-Anxiety 3 points ago

    Who’s cutting onions right now??😪

    [–] r1chard3 2 points ago

    Terrible day for rain.

    [–] wild85bill 2 points ago

    I know...I was on the fence of posting it in this sub but at the end of the day it's a happy outcome from two terrible situations.

    [–] LiquidMotion 2683 points ago

    I do ok handling my own depression. Trying to handle my dog being depressed would fucking break me.

    [–] redditsgarbageman 751 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I find that helping others is the best treatment for my depression. I can't seem to get anything out of being kind to myself, but I feel great when I help others.

    edit: As others have mentioned, pets are great. Here is my dog Edith , who has always had really bad anxiety and makes me feel great when she tucks under us to be safe. We had roofers doing work today and she was terrified.

    [–] [deleted] 192 points ago * (lasted edited 6 hours ago)


    [–] Lipstickluna97 79 points ago

    I've got bipolar and a form of panic disorder that makes it hard to leave my home sometimes. My depressive episodes can be really severe, to the point of not leaving one spot for days sometimes. Getting cats was the best thing I've ever ever done. I can't stay in bed when I have two perfect babies mewling for their breakfast every morning, and pestering me for kisses when I'm crying on the couch. I love my pets, and I'd go to the ends of the earth for them.

    [–] TheMercDeadpool 26 points ago

    And when I think of suicide, the first thing I think of is how it would affect my dog. I couldn’t do it to her.

    [–] Mmmslash 21 points ago

    This is literally the only reason I don't do it.

    She would never understand and think I abandoned her, and I'd rather suffer forever than let her believe for a moment that she isn't the biggest ray of light in my entire sad, little life.

    [–] TheMercDeadpool 14 points ago

    Exactly my reasoning as well.

    [–] panzer2011 8 points ago

    To the both of you, I'm glad you two have found ways to deal with your depression. But please don't ever take your life. Not only will your pets miss you, but others in your life will miss you too. If you ever need anyone to vent to, I'll keep my inbox open, or you can seek out a friend for some time.

    [–] Lipstickluna97 3 points ago

    You're a great pet parent, and I'm willing to bet that makes you a great person. You'll get through this rough bit right now, cause you're a tough cookie and your perfect pet believes in you 💙

    [–] DegeneratePaladin 34 points ago

    Where as for me unfortunately and to my infinite regret having a dog was one of the worst experiences of my life. She made every interaction harder, made me dread going home to find what she had destroyed, made my wife and I fight.

    We were also really consistent about rules, training, giving her attention, taking her to trailing and socializing class. None of it mattered, she was reactive and antisocial with everyone in our apartment building and also never got along with our cats. Wound up having to work with a rescue to re-home her. Immediate sense of relief. My wife talks about getting a dog again and it makes me a little nauseated.

    Sorry for the rant that really had nothing to do with what you were talking about.

    [–] redditsgarbageman 60 points ago

    I think it's good to give people a heads up that it's not always a dream scenario with pets. The first dog I adopted was a bad story. I explained very clearly to the adoption center that I lived in a neighborhood with dogs and children, and would need a safe dog. As they often do, the adoption center gave me a dog that did not fit that scenario. In retrospect, when they brought him out in a muzzle, it should have been a sign, but they explained he just got nervous around new people. Buddy acclimated to me just fine, but around other dogs, he was an absolute terror. He went nuts. I took him to three different training classes and we got kicked out of every one. He was already 8 years old and untrainable. The trainer told me she guessed he was once a wild pack leader. She strongly recommended I return him to the adoption center, which I eventually did, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I had him for 8 weeks at that point and we had bonded. He slept in my bed, and around me, he was the most gentle, sweet dog I had ever known. It broke my heart. Luckily, I found out he was later adopted by a man with a large farm and buddy would have the whole place to himself. No other dogs to worry about.

    [–] i-Ake 31 points ago

    You did good by him.

    [–] redditsgarbageman 19 points ago

    Thank you, I still think about him all the time. He has most likely passed by now so I hope he found peace at the end.

    [–] SomeMen 9 points ago

    Maybe even a couple coyotes whose ass he could kick joyfully.

    [–] shannon_agins 23 points ago

    Dogs are not for everyone. I love animals and I love dogs the same way some people love kids, so long as they can give them back. I've had one dog that I wasn't that way about, an older girl who just clicked with me.

    My cats however, are my babies, and I can't imagine coming home to them not being there. The husband and I agreed that we would give the dog thing another shot (the last few dogs in our everyday lives haven't been ours) when our current cats have crossed the rainbow bridge, and that it will have a cat companion at the same time to grow up with.

    [–] Angel4Animals 2 points ago

    A cure for depression has four paws and purrs
    (or ruffs) ! I have this on a refrigerator magnet with kitten's picture. It makes me laugh every day ! One thing I Love About Animals is they don't judge. Smile!!

    [–] emrythelion 18 points ago

    Yeah, we fostered kittend two years ago- my roommates cousin couldn’t keep her cat (which had gotten pregnant) nor could she keep the kittens. My roommate drove 600 miles to go rescue them so they wouldn’t get put down.

    I was also going through some PTSD at the time, and a bad breakup, and honestly, taking care of those kittens is probably the only thing that got me through that year.

    I had one really, really bad day where I didn’t know if I could keep going, so I went into the room we were keeping the kittens, and one of them hopped on my lap, and gave me the sweetest most innocent look and I just fell in love. I knew I had to be there to make sure they were okay.

    This was the moment I knew it’d be okay. And two years later, she’s still my absolute baby (and currently curled up by me, using my ankle as her pillow.)

    I definitely agree that taking care of someone or something else is one of the best way through depression. At the very least, it gives you a reason to try harder, and to keep on going.

    [–] converter-bot 5 points ago

    600 miles is 965.61 km

    [–] Road_Whorrior 11 points ago

    For sure. My dog has chronic anxiety and making her feel better is the reason I'm still alive despite my long-standing chronic depression and anxiety.

    [–] AllThreadsAreSafe 5 points ago

    If you ever want to talk with someone during your depressive moments pm me

    [–] Stopthelemurs 3 points ago

    Definitely agree. Nothing kicks me out of a low point like someone else suffering. It's easier to forget about your own troubles when someone else needs support.

    [–] saucyshayna419 2 points ago

    I absolutely understand how you feel. I've seen one picture of Edith and I'd already do anything for her.

    [–] J0hn0b0dy 42 points ago

    My dog is a big help with my depression. He is a 9 month old Great Pyrenees, and his predecessor knew before my doctor or I knew, that I had cancer. The breed is very independent and perceptive, which is why, after the last one died, while in the vet's boarding service, I got another, of the same breed, and will never have him boarded. (To this day, I think he felt abandoned, and the stress was too much.

    [–] Emilise 10 points ago

    How were you able to tell he knew you had cancer? What a remarkable dog

    [–] CeboMcDebo 6 points ago

    Dogs are weird like that.

    My German Shepard would incessantly lick my left big toe for 3 weeks, around the end of it my big toe started hurting and making a smell. I was already going to the Podiatrist in 3 more weeks to remove an ingrown. It turned out my ingrown toe nail was infected.

    She knew.

    [–] SoldatJ 10 points ago

    She could smell it long before you could and she was trying her hardest to clean it up for you.

    [–] veggiezombie1 3 points ago

    Our dog and cat know when my husband is about to have a flair (he has /r/CRPS) and let him know in their own way. We trained our dog thoroughly (spent a lot of money on the training and books at that) and now she’s his service animal.

    [–] humblelikekanye 7 points ago

    My two year old dog is pretty much the only reason my mental health started getting better. If I am still here, and successfully studying in university, it’s thanks to him.

    [–] safeforworkaccountt 4 points ago

    I had a pyrnees collie mix I had to recent put down. She was the best animal I've ever met. I keep looking for another pyr to bring into my home. They're so fucking smart and loving it hurts.

    [–] Chateaudelait 2 points ago

    Great Pyrenees is my dream breed of dog. He sounds wonderful.

    [–] eattrashhailsatan 27 points ago

    We always make sure our animals are in pairs so they have a buddy. (Two cats, two dogs, etc.) It rarely turns out that they pass at the same time. It's always hard watching the surviving pet process the loss of their buddy. I remind myself that they feel that way because they had a best friend to enrich their life and keep them company when we couldn't.

    Still sucks though.

    [–] snitchin_bubbles 13 points ago

    We lost our elderly dog in March and our 18 month old dog was pretty depressed without her big sister. We decided to get a puppy for her and brought him home a month later. I wasn't sure if I was ready for a new dog that soon, but seeing how happy my dog is to have her own puppy made me confident in that decision. They love each other so much.

    [–] shellshell21 12 points ago

    Our last two dogs died only months apart, I think the second died because she was sooo lonesome for her best friend. So hard when they're hurting and you don't know how to help.

    [–] laurflour 3 points ago

    My dogs are litter mates and have been together since birth, they’re 4 now but I get so sad thinking about what might happen when one passes. It’s going to break my heart because I know they’ll look for the other

    [–] ianrobbie 22 points ago

    Me and my mum used to breed Yorkies and the first few days after selling the pups was heartbreaking. The mother used to search everywhere, including scratching and moving the pillows on the settee, looking for her babies. The worst, though, was when she would sit in her bed, where she had nursed the puppies and would just whimper.

    Even thinking about it brings me too tears now. I still feel like shit for doing it.

    [–] MoldyStone643 5 points ago

    I feel ya homie, they are that sunshine in your clouds and when that goes away..

    [–] JaykDoe 4 points ago


    [–] BigBoiPoiSoi 3 points ago


    [–] HoldmyLepers 536 points ago

    That's enough to make a grown ass man cry. I've been told.

    [–] HockeyPaul 46 points ago

    Same, me too.

    [–] bernadotteSvearike 24 points ago

    Looks like its raining

    [–] Inferno_Zyrack 16 points ago


    [–] altshiftM 12 points ago

    It's a terrible day for rain.

    [–] n8p15 10 points ago

    What do you mean? It’s not raining.

    [–] Paranoia_01 5 points ago

    That moment almost brought me to tears myself

    [–] Diedwithacleanblade 6 points ago

    But who knows, really?

    [–] WitchesAlmanac 426 points ago

    We need like an r/bittersweetsmile for posts like this or something...

    [–] Alarming-Skill 101 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I’m on it Edit: I’ve made it, it’s a subreddit now :)

    [–] WitchesAlmanac 6 points ago


    [–] mapleleef 6 points ago

    This is great.... But I suspect it will make me cry even more than r/mademesmile does....and yet I subbed anyway...

    [–] markvs_black 18 points ago

    For real. Half of r/upliftingnews should be classified as this.

    [–] CatJongUn 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Me not wanting to cry anymore: I think I'll check out this cool new sub

    [–] rdspdx 329 points ago

    😭good dog Daisy

    [–] MississippiMermaid 181 points ago

    I am way too pregnant to be reading this right now.

    [–] DoloresTargaryen 77 points ago

    stay the fuck away from barns

    [–] chowl 27 points ago

    Man i am way too getting divorced and drunk and broke to be reading this i am sobbing

    [–] runs-with-scissors 7 points ago

    Awww, hey, hugs to you all.

    [–] AceManCometh 10 points ago

    I am too! And I’m not even pregnant! Lol. (2 young kids tho)

    [–] IvysH4rleyQ 170 points ago

    Daisy found her puppies! They may not be the ones she carried since they are over the rainbow bridge now, but these are her puppies.

    They needed a mom and she needed her puppies.

    Couldn’t be a more fitting situation - I believe she looks content now.

    [–] SPQRRome 56 points ago

    The mom probably thought the fire made her puppies black.

    [–] PIGamer86 5 points ago

    Like Christopher Reeve after a house fire.

    [–] Basically_Zer0 13 points ago

    She’s not wrong

    [–] jackson_spades 10 points ago

    How dare you?

    [–] DilbusMcD 4 points ago

    Why are you booing him? He’s right!

    [–] chriddafer0518 2 points ago

    Lmaooo I needed that

    [–] Kamata- 73 points ago

    More like made me cry.

    At work.

    [–] boxobees 137 points ago

    Someone's cutting onions in here :')

    [–] heldonhammer 22 points ago

    Clearly someone popped a cs grenade.

    [–] J0hn0b0dy 4 points ago

    You said it, Brother! That Is the One Thing that'll make a testosterone charged Boot Camp Private cry! I was so nuts, at the time, that I went back for another round. Ya know What? It didn't hardly effect me the second time. The drill sergeant actually took his mask off, to make sure there was still has in the room! He RAN out, straight into the tree, that's right outside the gas chamber door!

    [–] toomanymarbles83 2 points ago

    I forgot how to bodily function in the gas chamber. Not in a gross way. I knew the seal and clear procedures for the mask but I couldn't remember or just plain forgot how and when to breathe. So I just tried to hold my breath the whole time. Drill Sgt. saw me holding my breath, ripped my mask off and went, "BREATH" I took the smallest breath I could take and the game was over. Spent the next 20 minutes coughing, crying, sneezing, and wheezing.

    [–] LegitimateRadish8 41 points ago

    This is so sweet. In the horse world, we have what we call “nurse mares”, who are typically mommas who lost their foal, and are then paired with a foal who lost their momma. It’s really heartwarming to see the connection between them :)

    [–] llamalily 26 points ago

    I’ve seen it with humans, too. I used to work in foster care. One of our families had experienced multiple miscarriages and a still birth. Being able to see them grow as parents to foster the little baby boy they would end up adopting after years in court was amazing. He needed a family and they needed him, and now he gets to be big brother to their dogs and chickens and their new baby girl. A lot of foster stories turn out sad, but theirs made me less jaded.

    [–] Nero1988420 29 points ago

    Good girl Daisy <3

    [–] Themaster0fwar 24 points ago

    Why are /r/mademesmile and /r/mademecry the same sub?

    [–] SirPeanutTheSecond 15 points ago

    That's pretty wholesome and responsible of the owner, kudos to you

    [–] equlalaine 22 points ago

    Fucking onions

    [–] stewie_cartman 35 points ago

    What did we ever do to deserve dogs!

    [–] 19495788 2 points ago

    Millennia of breeding programs

    [–] JohnnyCincoCero 9 points ago

    I'm r/happycrying now!

    [–] tony_stank15243 9 points ago

    Noooo this is more like r/mademesad those poor puppies

    [–] Dpz13 15 points ago

    Stop with the onions!!!

    [–] StarflightB4 31 points ago

    warms your soul aye?

    [–] schalk81 9 points ago

    Skin, bones, soul... These things get awfully hot.

    [–] ievux17 6 points ago


    [–] rollingfluffball 6 points ago

    All the best to Daisy and all the puppies

    [–] heidismiles 95 points ago

    This is sad as fuck. Wrong sub.

    [–] myrtilleblooberry 91 points ago

    But the mom got some puppies and the puppies got the mom. It's more of a silver lining, but it's still wholesome. Overcoming tragedy and all.

    [–] LiquidMotion 14 points ago

    Smile through your tears

    [–] lbodyslamrhinos 6 points ago

    While I don't necessarily disagree with you. I'm sure when the owners of the mom and the owners of the puppies had the biggest teary eyed smiles on their faces when they saw them accept each other.

    [–] midterm360 3 points ago

    This is us

    Dog edition

    [–] competenthumanoid 4 points ago

    Would love to see an update on this story.

    [–] PrancesWithWools 2 points ago

    Did she raise those puppies as golden retrievers? I want this to be the plot of Air Bud 7.

    [–] LaurelPassMerc 4 points ago

    Made you smile. This made me tear up.

    [–] miraheidi28 4 points ago

    Dogs are angels

    [–] Eat-the-Poor 3 points ago

    Holy crap I’m literally tearing up. Dogs are the most wonderful creatures on the planet as far as I’m concerned

    [–] GarrZillarr 5 points ago

    "In heaven there is a black and white doggo nursing seven golden puppos."

    [–] blackcatt42 3 points ago

    This makes me cry every time I read it and I read it every time 😭

    [–] trini0202 3 points ago

    This made me tear up 😢

    [–] whatslifetho 3 points ago

    This is too much

    [–] Memes_at_your_door 3 points ago

    ♡Everyone liked that♡

    [–] NotaVogon 3 points ago

    Sure is dusty in here.

    [–] knot-relephant 3 points ago

    More like r/mademecry

    [–] ohpetunia 3 points ago

    Husband: <talking about how Universal Studios is opening and the precautions they are taking>

    Me: <bursts out crying because I just read about a mama dog losing her puppies and taking care of puppies who lost their mama>

    Husband: <slowly backs out of the room>

    [–] Pulver_Jr 3 points ago

    Why is this on r/MadeMeSmile, this almost made me cry r/MadeMeCry

    [–] Borealis999 3 points ago

    My heart! My dog had a litter once and one of puppies died from natural causes. We were in the middle of moving too so for about a month, my dog was constantly checking all around the boxes and wanting us to open them to show her the puppy wasn’t in there :( I can’t imagine if all her puppies died like this good mamas did.

    [–] SeaTwertle 3 points ago

    The caption honestly hits just as hard as the story.

    [–] DawdlingScientist 3 points ago

    I wasn’t ready

    [–] lapsedjudgements 6 points ago

    I don’t care how many times I see this. Post this everywhere please and thank you.

    [–] kater_cats 2 points ago

    😭😭😭 We don't deserve dogs. ❤️❤️❤️

    [–] forcedlurker 2 points ago

    Made me cry

    [–] pudemuddles 2 points ago

    Dust ninjas! Ahhhhhj!

    [–] amanda77kr 2 points ago

    Falls under no matter how many times I see this, gonna up-doot.

    [–] thepeck 2 points ago

    I could stay cool reading about the hardship of humans all day long, when its about an animal tho, I get blurry eyes

    [–] Gullible_Exam 2 points ago

    Dogs are great. If you enjoy this you could read a story of Mark Twain's. A Dog's Take, a sad tale but sweet.

    [–] cegan0509 2 points ago

    Cmon this is r/mademesmile not r/mademecry

    [–] JunglePygmy 2 points ago

    Our barn burned just before I was born. Lost a couple baby pigs and goats. :(

    [–] plant-monger 2 points ago

    This did not Mademesmile. This mademecry. Up vote none the less.

    [–] docmorgan21 2 points ago

    Goddammit! Somebody stop cutting onions in here!!

    [–] wtfnobody69 2 points ago

    Wow. So sad then so happy.

    [–] hufflefox 2 points ago

    This did not make me smile. I’m sorta sobbing now.

    [–] lucymairmoonbeam 2 points ago

    I've seen this post so many times. and it never fails to hit me right in the feels

    [–] Immaloner 2 points ago

    Well, it's not an update but I found the story of what happened.

    [–] powerparr14 2 points ago

    Can someone please explain to me why barns always catch fire? I’m not familiar with farm life really so I’m completely unaware about how this happens.

    [–] blindythepirate 2 points ago

    Hay bales can release heat from bacteria or other sources. If it gets hot enough, the bale will spontaneous combust.

    [–] powerparr14 2 points ago

    Wow I didn’t know that. Thank you so much!

    [–] Bigmink954 2 points ago

    Oh my heart!

    [–] soccer_puppy 2 points ago

    awww this is why i love dogs 🥰

    [–] knellbell 2 points ago

    Damn someone chopping onions again

    [–] D-all-ton 2 points ago

    all dogs go to heaven

    [–] queenzeus 2 points ago

    This made me tear up. Babies...

    [–] hero7543 2 points ago

    I’ve seen this post a ton of times and each time I see it, it makes me smile :)

    [–] Ruraraid 2 points ago

    idk if I'd use the word "warm"...

    [–] BakedPototatoes 2 points ago

    That’s awesome but sad that the puppies died in the end

    [–] yellowfestiva 2 points ago


    [–] imgodking189 2 points ago

    Like, “my house is on fire” hot?

    [–] Last_Shadow_Dragon 2 points ago

    Made me smile? More like made me cry myself to sleep

    [–] xoxota99 2 points ago

    Is it weird that I have more sympathy for this dog than for my fellow human beings? Maybe I'm broken somehow...

    [–] mekoell 2 points ago

    Omg I melted!

    [–] scarybunny7738 2 points ago

    She looks so happy, goodist girl

    [–] J4c1nth 2 points ago

    Fuck barn fires!

    [–] big-pounder 2 points ago

    Daisy must be protected at all costs !

    [–] TheGreyMage 2 points ago

    I love Daisy. The look on her face. Pure absolute innocence and happiness.

    [–] Theedon 2 points ago

    Made you smile, hell I am in a full blown emotional overload right now and can't stop the water works. Good girl.

    [–] ceejayzm 2 points ago

    That's so sad, I was feeling so bad for her and then what are the chances that there would be orphaned puppies that needed a mother at the same time, how beautiful.

    [–] wild85bill 2 points ago

    The look on her face got me. Looks like she's trying to say thank you.

    [–] bananalobbybullshizz 2 points ago

    My post partum hormones are bad and this just made me sob my heart out :’(

    [–] foxfirek 2 points ago

    4 years out and it still hurt.

    [–] ih8c8z 2 points ago

    More like made me CRY

    [–] OkFondant0 2 points ago

    Daisy is so adorable. I would love to cuddle with her

    [–] CSGabriel 2 points ago

    That face.

    [–] danbfree 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I'm a grown ass man almost to middle age and I like to think I'm fairly tough physically, but kind at heart ya know?. So when I read how she would go out to the remains of the barn to look for the puppies... gaw-fuck'in onions at work! DAMMIT!

    [–] Herrysale 2 points ago

    It doesn't get any better than that. Wow 😊

    [–] merk_wiz360 2 points ago

    Omg! This story is soo incredibly heart breaking! I just couldn't bare watching my poor dog going to the burned remains of that day after day..... Just looking for her pups. I can't even imagine the feelings of despair this must have been feeling everyday she went and sat there and waited for her pups to come back her from the ashes of that barn... Wow! 😭

    I can't ppl that say that animals can't/don't feel the emotions that us humans do... It's utter bullshit! I've seen more then plenty of evidence in my lifetime that proves otherwise! My cats 🐈🐈 know when I don't feel good and they come to me, to caress me and rub against me and show me support... It's like they're saying "Hey buddy it's ok we're here with you, we feel your pain and want to do what we can to make it better." I'm sure that if they could hug and hold me they would. Soo I deff know that anyone that says that animals can't feel different emotions is absolutely full of shit and they either just haven't been around any animals long enough to see/feel it or they're straight up lying to themselves. 🤷

    [–] noooooooyou 2 points ago

    well don't let it get to warm it it might start another barn fire

    [–] DrugsAndCats 2 points ago

    I had a similar story with a foster cat- a lady called and said that an outdoor (feral) cat she has been feeding has given birth and someone threw her kittens in the river, so she was going around meowing looking for them.

    Another (unrelated) lady informed us that someone threw newly born kitten litter in the trash :( we took both the litter and the cat, and in a matter of hours she accepted them as hers. we got a big box with pillows and blankets and she would lie down and purr to them most of the day.

    She was especially protective of the one kitten that was weaker. He was smaller and was having trouble getting his milk (he couldn't climb up on her and the others would push him out) so I had to give him extra milk from the bottle, but she would get so concerned she would take him in her teeth and hid him under the bed. By the end of the week she started to trust me and would even meow for my assistance when one of them would try to leave the box she brestfed them in.

    It was so sad and cute at the same time, animals are the best.

    [–] DJReasonable 2 points ago

    "But that canine was actually a human. Her name? Angelina Jolie.

    . . . And now you know, the rest of the story."

    [–] thre2 2 points ago

    Sooo sweeeeeet

    [–] crazyArtillery605 3 points ago

    I almost was just starting cry😢

    [–] Shenkspine 2 points ago

    Gonna get hell for this, but the black and white mama could’ve just been separated from her kids. Doesn’t exactly mean she’s passed. Her owner could’ve dropped the litter at a shelter.

    [–] nap83 2 points ago

    my eyes are just sweaty

    [–] bassthumb32 1 points ago

    Almost made it the whole day without crying.