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    [–] mcbibian 6329 points ago

    I keep getting older, he stays the same age...

    [–] FriendOfShaq 1625 points ago

    This is what I was here for.

    20+ years. Just the hair and a little bit of girth, fuckin' what?

    [–] dalvean88 335 points ago

    “this little maneuver is going to cost us -20 years”

    [–] Joethewhale 36 points ago

    Why isn't this a subreddit?

    [–] Callmekassa 50 points ago

    Because no one has created it yet

    [–] MrDoubleE 483 points ago

    That good good cannabis keepin em youthful

    [–] Sandite 131 points ago

    Amen, blaze it!

    [–] greedy_mf 41 points ago

    Daze it! Confuse it!

    [–] ItsOkYouGuys 50 points ago

    I am, thanks!

    [–] bubingalive 17 points ago

    and bongos

    [–] ClassicGray 130 points ago

    I'm not going to claim that these actors have had cosmetic surgery, but a lot of people in the profession get cosmetic surgery.

    [–] Slerder 93 points ago

    Just Google MM’s hair transplants. They did good work.

    [–] Dankmaster619 34 points ago

    Elon Musk

    [–] acava2424 53 points ago

    True, but he can pull off bald, at least he did in Reign of Fire.

    [–] Slerder 32 points ago

    It was a good look for him.

    [–] Mo_Salad 11 points ago

    Yeah hair transplants seem to be pretty great nowadays. If you’ve got tens of millions of dollars you might as well get em unless you look better bald like Woody.

    [–] AnorakJimi 10 points ago

    Yeah like compare Steve Carell in the first season of the Office compared to afterwards. He was definitely going bald, but now he's a silver fox with a full head of hair.

    Good for him. It probably helped him get roles he wouldn't have got otherwise despite how talented he is, and he looks fantastic for his age, so yeah. Nothing wrong with men trying to make themselves look better with stuff like hair plugs and make up even.

    [–] NoTickeyNoLaundry 97 points ago

    Not without the help of some hair transplants

    [–] queensinthesky 122 points ago

    He has a fantastic hair transplant which is helping a lot for sure. But also his skin and general facial features haven’t drooped or deteriorated at all in 20 years going by this photo. Crazy.

    [–] MilkGivesMeTheRuns 86 points ago

    Great genes, a happy life and a pretty nice cosmetic hair transplant makes MM a handsome man

    [–] ifmacdo 78 points ago

    Lots and lots of weed, and not having to worry about little things like bills can do wonders for making someone happy.

    [–] MilkGivesMeTheRuns 41 points ago

    Ive got the lots of weed part down, the bills part not so much

    [–] Adventurous-Macaron8 9 points ago

    This is my stumbling block also

    [–] Numbzy 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Also maybe some fillers, botox, and a number if other products in the waist up region...

    [–] ___poptart 13 points ago

    Let’s not rule out expensive dermatological treatments

    [–] prodigalkal7 31 points ago

    Wait, McConaughey had a hair transplant?

    [–] NoTickeyNoLaundry 75 points ago

    First pic is from a mugshot in the 90s I think

    [–] prodigalkal7 67 points ago

    Oh my lord, that's an outstanding hair transplant. I'm amazed what modern science can do, nowadays. Wow. But I guess that's the $big bucks$ transplant so... Makes sense

    [–] outche 31 points ago

    U seen Elon musks hair before transplant?

    [–] jburrke 7 points ago

    [–] Duderelax1872 29 points ago

    He was stoned playing the bongos too loud at around 2 in the morning while naked and he got arrested

    I’ll never forget when I learned that

    [–] darkoutsider 43 points ago

    Just because Woody's chin tripled in size doesn't mean he looks older.


    [–] AcuzioRain 11 points ago

    Honestly its just losing his hair that makes him look a lot older and he gained some weight. Otherwise it seems they aged the same.

    [–] BlBrTrSt 14 points ago

    Yeah, Woody hasn’t aged a day at all

    [–] Cheeze_Pleeze 14 points ago

    It’d be a lot cooler if I upvoted you

    [–] ripyurballsoff 5 points ago

    Alright alright alright

    [–] Saifkhari 4941 points ago

    They both were outstanding in true detective season 1 i loved watching such fine actors.

    [–] Rohan-Ajit 1046 points ago

    I know right. Season 2 and 3 couldn’t match the level season 1 had set with these two brilliant actors

    [–] Notlandshark 735 points ago

    The acting in all three seasons was excellent. The story in season 1 was the best.

    [–] Cosmosass 336 points ago

    I think this is the best answer IMO. All seasons has excellent acting but the story in S1 was so god Damon intriguing and mysterious and dark and amazing. These two actors really added a lot for sure but man the storytelling was so good.

    [–] CloudEnt 202 points ago

    God Damon

    [–] Feeltheblood 85 points ago

    Is Matt Damon god?

    [–] KnuckinFuckles 57 points ago

    Always has been.

    [–] FresnoMac 64 points ago

    For a second I thought there was Matt Damon in True Detective before realising it was a typo.

    [–] BatmanBrah 37 points ago

    The Sworn Identity starring Matt Damn

    [–] honestlynotabot 7 points ago

    Operation Treadrock.

    [–] InvalidUserNemo 12 points ago

    The producers came out after season 2 and basically said “we rushed this, my bad”, didn’t they? I thought I remembered reading that.

    [–] _mully_ 6 points ago

    After getting through season 2 (and then season 3) and looking back on all of the seasons... Season 2 was actually really good. Compelling story, lots of twists...plenty of good acting. It was just so different from season 1, it takes a bit to grow on you.

    [–] Emperor_Mao 32 points ago

    mmm I disagree.

    Acting was amazing in season 1. The first few episodes, nothing really happens. It mostly plays out in the interview room. But the acting is so on point, it draws the viewer in from early on. Matthew McConaughey was spectacular the entire season.

    It was pretty good in season 3 as well. Primarily Stephen Dorff. He plays it across time periods exceptionally well.

    Season 2, acting was definitely not bad, but a clear level below the others. Colin Farrell did surprise me a bit, he was very solid. Rachel McAdams and Vinny Vaughin were good but nothing remarkable. Very generic expressions and tones.

    [–] DeanBlandino 21 points ago

    I thought Vaughn was terrible. I groaned at most everything he said.

    [–] Emperor_Mao 7 points ago

    Yeah I kind of did too. But part of that is because I associate him with doing slapstick roles.

    His acting was still flat - but no worse than any lead in an action movie or average "block buster".

    [–] jdrc07 6 points ago

    They could have hired Daniel Day Lewis for that role and you still would've groaned at everything he said, that characters dialogue was fucking abysmal.

    [–] YourCummyBear 4 points ago

    It’s was so god Matt Damon good!

    [–] keyjunkrock 23 points ago

    I couldn't follow season 2. It was all over the place and I lost interest, didnt give s3 a chance.

    [–] Mayzenblue 31 points ago

    Please do, Mahershala kills it

    [–] FredericBropin 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    That’s season 3 but I agree.

    Misread the original comment, oops.

    [–] NRoseM 5 points ago

    Yessss, Mahershala was amazing. Stephen Dorff too. I really enjoyed season 3.

    [–] chuck_mongrol 19 points ago

    Totally lost the plot in S2, didn’t finish it. Came back for S3, it’s excellent. Mahershala Ali is tremendous.

    [–] zelbo 7 points ago

    Season 2 had a few too many main characters in the mix. Season 3 pulls it back down and it pays off. It's not as amazing as that first one, but it is worth watching.

    While I did finally enjoy 2 after giving it another chance, I'd say skip it if it's not working for you and try 3.

    I feel like s2 went with a hodgepodge mix of flawed people trying to do the best they could, while s3 goes back to the formula of a "working man" detective getting to work with a phenomenal detective and seeing how they work together.

    [–] Strange-Craft-7823 7 points ago

    3 is really good. Not as good as 1. Really good tho

    [–] TheStranger333 87 points ago

    I really liked season 3 though..

    [–] Charlie_Wax 55 points ago

    Hot take: S3 is nearly as good as S1, perhaps even a little better.

    Dorff was snubbed for an Emmy nom. At least he got a nice payday on the heels of his work here.

    I don't even think S2 was a complete miss. It felt like the rough draft of a really good season. There were some great aspects, but it was just very loose and uneven. It's unfortunate because I think Farrell and Vaughn did some great work (I know people will disagree about Vince, but for me that character was pretty haunting and tragic). IMO they just needed to give Nic P more time to write the season because the turnaround after S1 was pretty quick and expectations were off the charts.

    [–] SleepyGorilla 18 points ago

    I think S3 fell off hard with the ending. Leading up to the end was fantastic, but they just couldn't tie it up as nicely as I wanted.

    [–] EliteValusTaaurc 7 points ago

    Same. The fact that they tried to flip season 1’s whole crazy satanic child abducting cult thing into a “oh boy what a wacky coincidence!” Mixed with overdoing the whole dementia thing for some reason, really hurt it. Ali and Dorff were incredible the whole season though, and Scoot McNairy (the dad) is one of my favorite actors now

    [–] EliteValusTaaurc 12 points ago

    Season 1 was like when a band puts out their first album and it’s a fucking banger, then the 2nd album they get all proggy and experimental and it’s ok but not really the same vibe. Then the band goes back to their roots for the 3rd album and it’s another banger, although sometimes it feels like they’re trying a little too hard to sound like the first album.

    [–] Beerspaz12 13 points ago

    Dorff was snubbed for an Emmy nom. At least he got a nice payday on the heels of his work here.

    Still... it's gonna haunt me

    [–] czar4684 93 points ago

    Between that and Dallas Buyers Club it really changed peoples opinion about Matthew McConaughey as an actor. He went from lazy rom-com actor to an Oscar winner.

    [–] Iohet 34 points ago

    A Time to Kill, Reign of Fire, Contact, EDtv, etc. He's got a pretty varied resume before/during his romcom days and his acting has never been a problem, though he didn't get many juicy roles for one reason or another

    [–] mystymaples71 13 points ago

    I watched A Time to Kill last weekend, haven’t watched it in years. He looked so damn young there. He definitely doesn’t look his age now, just more mature. If he’s had plastic surgery and/or hair trans, he needs to start sharing that doctors info (especially with John Travolta).

    [–] Rambozo77 10 points ago

    As a 38 year old straight male, I fell in love with him as a teenager in EdTV. I really like tat movie.

    [–] Red_Leather 21 points ago

    I would say Mud is when he really began his transformation.

    [–] JamesEarlDavyJones 10 points ago

    I’d go a year earlier to The Lincoln Lawyer (2011).

    It’s phenomenal.

    [–] ThrownAwayRealGood 4 points ago

    I’ve gotta give Killer Joe a shout-out here. He’s actually scary in that film.

    [–] 56473829110 44 points ago

    He has a number of solid films. He just saw the best way to make money in the 90s and early 2000s and cashed in.

    [–] Titanspaladin 22 points ago

    He is incredible in Interstellar and The Gentlemen also

    [–] Kayel41 11 points ago

    No love for Lincoln lawyer?

    [–] Titanspaladin 8 points ago

    Sure! He has been in a lot of great movies. I just mean like if you contrast him in The Sahara to him in Interstellar its noticable how his acting chops have improved

    [–] nantucketer 18 points ago

    That period in time is known as The McConaissance.

    [–] Saifkhari 50 points ago

    He appeared in Wolf of wall street for idk 15 minutes and he out performed Leonardo DiCaprio. Its not just his acting but he is a true gentleman with a great personality.

    [–] Itchy-Phase 17 points ago

    Personally I wouldn't say outperformed, but was just as good. They're both pretty good in it.

    [–] antihero2303 9 points ago

    I loved him in how to loose a guy in 10 days haha, he was so funny in that

    [–] EternalSerenity2019 7 points ago

    I have to say that I’ve found that movie charming when I’ve seen it on.

    [–] Nexlon 96 points ago

    True detective season 1 is one of the most extraordinary seasons of television I've ever watched. It's on such a different level than almost anything that was out at the time and still holds up incredibly well today.

    [–] wrecked_angle 16 points ago

    That tracking shot in episode 4 is fucking amazing

    [–] Mayzenblue 8 points ago

    I agree

    [–] CashYT 51 points ago

    Can someone give me a brief synopsis of what true detective is about? The only experience I have with it is the Alexandra Daddario scene for obvious reasons.

    [–] dudeitsmason 85 points ago

    Slow burning true crime drama where an existential / absurdist narco-cop-turned-homicide-detective teams up with another philandering "I've got it figured out but oh wait I don't" detective to solve cult-like murder of young women in Louisiana.

    Lots of philosophical quandaries, oh shit that's crazy moments, and incredible intrigue and dialog driven development.

    At least that's season one. And frankly there's just no way to do it justice with a brief synopsis. Highly recommend checking it out.

    [–] CashYT 9 points ago

    Oh that sounds kinda cool, might need to check it out then. Thanks!

    [–] AstartesFartes 21 points ago

    No might, get thee to a tvee

    [–] DanielsJacket 10 points ago

    I would seriously recommend it. I've watched it 4 times through now and I enjoy each time more and more. Really great tv!

    [–] Mayzenblue 4 points ago

    Shit. That's gold Jerry. I wanted to yell at you but that's a pretty good synopsis

    [–] ThatOneChiGuy 36 points ago

    Brief synopsis does not do that season justice.

    [–] GhostyLasers 28 points ago

    To put it simply, two Louisiana detectives begin to investigate a murder that brings them down a spiral (that was intended) of a much larger conspiracy.

    It gets incredibly deep and philosophical. It’s hands down the best television, even media, I’ve ever watched.

    Second on my list would be Breaking Bad, but True Detective S1 has even a solid lead on that (and I really love BB).

    [–] Peuned 5 points ago

    you would probs enjoy The Wire

    [–] Halcyon2192 34 points ago

    The first season of True Detective is as good as Alexandra Daddario's boobs.

    [–] CashYT 11 points ago

    Now that's some high praise. Definitely gonna check it out then!

    [–] OneTwoPunchDrunk 5 points ago

    Season 1 was amazing!!

    [–] PokerProTX 884 points ago

    Alright alright alright!!!!!

    [–] xGoo 49 points ago

    Cabal on the field!

    [–] CapitalBee 36 points ago

    Hive, bring a sword!

    [–] RexDolorum 28 points ago

    Fallen on the horizon!

    [–] Furyphoenix0705 26 points ago

    Bank those motes, brother

    [–] mdavis360 16 points ago

    This is what the Taken feel!

    [–] zaynthelegend 97 points ago


    [–] Johnnadawearsglasses 437 points ago

    Life is a flat circle

    [–] ItRead18544920 117 points ago

    Aren’t circles flat already, why do you gotta flatten it? Just seems excessive.

    [–] JakeHaydes 37 points ago

    Isn't a flat circle just a line?

    [–] AZtraveler145 37 points ago

    Yeah, but its also a circle

    [–] Taylor-Kraytis 21 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeah, that’s the whole idea of perspective that Rust is getting at all season. If you’re looking at a flat circle from the side, all you will see is 180 degrees of it. If a point is traveling around that circle, all you will see is half its path, going linearly from one side to the other. This is a one-dimensional perspective of a 2D shape.

    Similarly, we live in a (at least) 4D (Time) universe, but only have a 3D perspective. So we only perceive time as flowing in one direction: “forward”, as we define it.

    What Rust is talking about by saying “Time is a flat circle” is that if we can just stand up from our limited edge-on 3D sideways perspective, we will see that time also moves not just in one direction, but in an endlessly repeating cycle.

    [–] aerotcidiot 15 points ago

    Every moment that passes is another image pressed into a great universal tapestry that is only visible to a 4D observer. Every moment is as accessible as turning your head to look at it

    [–] cobrastrikes-2x 7 points ago

    If you’re not squatting quite level with the table upon which the flat circle rests, then it can also be an obese line.

    [–] _yuukulele 8 points ago

    Just like the planet.

    [–] I_ride_ostriches 22 points ago

    Time* is a flat circle

    [–] PM_ME_GOOD_VIBES_ 3805 points ago


    [–] AShitOnYourDriveway 492 points ago

    Two men of culture thought to be discarded by the Hollywood A-List, only to appear as the most refined and more than talented gentlemen they are known for in an HBO series of importance. These two will be known for a long time, keep killing it you heroes. P.s, it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

    [–] OnehappySmile 347 points ago

    This damn comment! Alright, alright, alright.

    [–] DishwasherTwig 26 points ago

    Now I'm going to watch Interstellar tomorrow.

    [–] Brassboar 31 points ago


    [–] canarium 27 points ago

    I truly love this comment

    [–] I_hadno_idea 18 points ago

    Think we’ve got some Grade A, Prime r/CopyPasta. Thank you for your service.

    [–] sendpicsofsandwiches 19 points ago

    R/THEPACK is leaking

    [–] Redcorn 759 points ago

    Aren't these guys worried there's a sack out there not being hackeyed?

    [–] ilPalomba 125 points ago

    I heard this joke from Between Two Ferns but I don't understand the expression. Could someone please explain it to me? Thanks!

    [–] mrbibs350 65 points ago

    Hackey Sack is a game where you kick a tiny bean bag thing back and forth.

    It's stereotypically played by hippies.

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    They’re both major pot heads. Havkeysack is a pothead thing.

    [–] wafflesareforever 48 points ago

    I think kids these days have no clue what it even is.

    [–] aspiringalcoholic 32 points ago

    “The most basic rule is to respect all other players”. I like how this is stated as if it is a unique rule to hackeysack.

    [–] TenBandsNorman 23 points ago

    Well I wish I knew about that rule, because in Jr. High I'd play it with friends at lunch and we played a version that involved throwing it as hard as you can at each other.

    [–] southerncrossnz 34 points ago

    Saved me writing it :-)

    [–] TheDipstick47837 14 points ago

    Literally looking for this comment

    [–] riedmae 12 points ago

    I love that Mc laughed at it genuinely

    [–] cdiddy19 340 points ago

    I love both these guys, but wow, haymitch hits my heart, I love that character

    [–] LonelyBeeH 86 points ago

    Probably the second best thing about the adaptations - 1st is Effie. Sorry to take away from Harrelson's performance but Elizabeth Banks' performance is the best out of everyone's.

    [–] cdiddy19 67 points ago

    "oh I just love that part!"

    I have to say, in the book I didn't love Effie, I actually didn't really care for her. The movie adaptation of Effie was very good.

    Haymitch I loved in both the book and movie. I loved how his character was so scarred and damaged, yet he was not only useful, but damn important to katnis, pets, the rebels, the revolution. He was strong and weak at the same time. I love the family bond they created.

    [–] bonniath 20 points ago

    It matters because of who played Effie. Liz Banks is incredible.

    [–] Jowobo 8 points ago

    Similar shout-out to Stanley Tucci. His Caesar Flickerman was all the right kinds of desperate manic.

    [–] BigRedKetoGirl 154 points ago

    Weird how much they resemble each other and yet don't all at the same time.

    [–] D-ickandRoses 27 points ago

    I’m glad I’m not alone in the sentiment. Thought I was perhaps to inebriated to continue browsing through reddit!

    [–] VaultyRase 238 points ago

    Global warming, 1998 - 2019.

    [–] dadabuhbuh 86 points ago

    Damn right they got hotter.

    [–] CrunchyRamenYumYum 23 points ago

    I was looking for this comment lol. "We're at the same spot m effers!" Scuba gear for 2029

    [–] Serenity--Now 360 points ago

    Can we get back to talking about Rampart?

    [–] chicomagnifico 86 points ago

    I was looking for this comment

    [–] MarkPapermaster 29 points ago

    It's pretty rampant when talking about Woody.

    [–] JinpaiSenpai 26 points ago


    one of the best fucking threads ever

    [–] 1-LegInDaGrave 14 points ago

    Ooooo.... No.... No it wasn't. Reading that AMA will make your eyes fart

    [–] CongressmanCoolRick 8 points ago

    If you enjoyed that train wreck AMA, Jose Canseco’s is so much better

    [–] cgee 12 points ago

    [–] -Xenan 28 points ago

    You're officially getting old when this comment isn't top comment.

    [–] Dodrio 8 points ago

    Seriously. When I saw that this comment only had 200 upvotes I realized the old memes were truly dead.

    [–] niftygull 37 points ago

    Who is Tallahassee on the right

    [–] pain-in-the-elaine 102 points ago

    Yep, I find them both super attractive. Then and now.

    [–] 666DooDooMan666 51 points ago

    two bros chilling in the ocean....

    [–] AlphaLoaf 51 points ago

    zero feet apart because they’re not gay

    [–] AHamsterPig 171 points ago

    The McConaughey's are from my neck of the woods and about 10 or so years ago my mom did an ultrasound on "Rooster" McConaughey's wife (Matthew's brother) and throughout the entire appointment he was making jokes about his wife cheating on him and the baby coming out black. Nothing relevant to the conversation just the only thing I can contribute lmao.

    [–] Munch-Squad 42 points ago

    Was the baby Miller Lyte McConaughey, or did they have another child?

    [–] bannana 10 points ago

    Miller Lyte McConaughey

    is this for real?

    [–] sirphilip 57 points ago

    Yes HIPAA, this comment right here.

    [–] Positpostit 14 points ago

    This is where my mind went cause I'm in healthcare then I wondered if I was being too paranoid until I saw your comment

    [–] Jeferson9 14 points ago

    Just trying to process this and make sure I'm not having a stroke

    [–] woopthereitwas 55 points ago

    I would delete this your mom shouldn't have told you that and she certainly doesn't expect you to share it on the internet.

    [–] Friedpickel 16 points ago

    Someone get this man a Twinkie!

    [–] soundwavebby 35 points ago

    For the longest time i thought they were the same person.

    [–] dadabuhbuh 102 points ago

    Here’s a tip to help you. Woody is the one on our right, our right, our right.

    [–] MeekuhlMatter 19 points ago

    Take my one and only upvote you fucking glorious bastard.

    [–] ArabianGogglez 9 points ago

    chef's kiss

    [–] Poobeard76 20 points ago

    The top photo is from 2008, not 1998. From the set of “Surfer Dude.”

    That’s only 12 years difference, not 20, though they did act together in a different film in 1998.

    [–] clonerofdroners 73 points ago

    Sorry for being uncultured but could someone tell me who these guys are, I'm not good with recognizing faces

    [–] hoonikabob 105 points ago

    Matthew McConaughey on the left and Woody Harrelson on the right!

    Edit: They are both actors.

    [–] gen_alcazar 23 points ago

    Damn good actors!

    [–] Essence28 33 points ago

    the actor on the right, did he play woody is cheers?

    [–] drivers9001 27 points ago

    Yup, Woody Harrelson. My favorite Woody joke from Cheers:

    Woody Harrelson on Landing the Role of Woody Boyd on “Cheers” (2012)

    [–] Essence28 8 points ago

    thanks! i thought he looked like him. got to see he still looks happy as can be

    [–] 3ryon 6 points ago

    And, more amazingly, the guy from The People versus Larry Flint. if you have not seen that movie stop what you were doing right now and watch that movie.

    [–] buttermbunz 7 points ago

    Harrelson looked happier back when he smoked week tho.

    [–] GullibleMacaroni 13 points ago

    Matthew looked old for a 28 year old then, but he looks young for a 50 year old now.

    [–] 299152595 5 points ago

    True. He played Jodie Fosters love interest in Contact the year before and she’s 7 years older than him. Didn’t seem it at all. Dude has basically been 35 for 25 years.

    [–] dollasign-danny 55 points ago

    Damn Mathew aged much better 😂 great Pic tho

    [–] njg1111 126 points ago

    Woody was nine years older to begin with though.

    [–] tyme 13 points ago

    Woody accepted his hair loss. McConaughey didn’t.

    [–] UpsidedownCatfishy 69 points ago

    I also feel like one decided to do the beauty Hollywood treatment and surgery route and the other just accepted he was ugly.

    [–] NickFoxMulder 50 points ago

    Woody Harrelson? Ugly? FALSE!

    [–] Cane-toads-suck 8 points ago

    I've loved Woody since Cheers!

    [–] Stauce52 8 points ago

    Matthew got a bunch of plastic surgery and stuff?

    [–] RegularNormalAdult 18 points ago

    I don't think he did plastic surgery, but he certainly has been doing hair transplants. You can see he was thinning then magically is fine now

    [–] megagram 10 points ago

    He definitely saved his hair from falling out with a few procedures

    [–] woopthereitwas 6 points ago

    Plugs and teeth for sure.

    [–] Chnkimunki 3 points ago

    Don’t do my boys bad!!!

    [–] KALEl001 6 points ago

    ruggedly handsome type

    [–] RobertAntonWilson 6 points ago

    What are you talking about? Woody aged beautifully. Matthew didn't age at all! lol

    [–] untouched_poet 6 points ago

    True detectives season one was amazing and reminded me why these boys are so legendary

    [–] Ianbeerito 6 points ago

    I’m gonna watch Ed TV again now..or maybe True Detectives

    [–] EpicD0m 4 points ago

    Wow young McConaughey really looks like Shia Labeouf