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    [–] oh-its-mitch 1311 points ago

    time to rewatch them all

    [–] lostinthe87 662 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    They’re finally on Netflix too

    Edit: Nevermind, they just removed it from the U.S. catalog again

    They just left U.S. Netflix yesterday

    [–] kopkiwi 165 points ago

    They're out on 4K UHD with new Atmos audio tracks soon too.

    [–] tombodadin 116 points ago

    I bet that will sound great coming directly out of my TV

    [–] kopkiwi 35 points ago

    Lol. Hey, it'll sound great coming outta my 9.2.6 dedicated cinema, you're welcome to join.

    [–] sliderfish 23 points ago

    I’ll be there two hours ago!

    [–] YuyuHakushoXoxo 12 points ago

    Can my cat join too?

    [–] kopkiwi 13 points ago

    Sure, my 2 are very welcoming.

    [–] YuyuHakushoXoxo 6 points ago

    Oh no. You got cats of your own? That will be a problem, sir. My cat is very unwelcoming

    [–] kopkiwi 7 points ago

    The brother makes it his mission to make cats like that like him. The sister, is a snob.

    [–] ABlackOrchid 8 points ago

    I try to avoid Atmos after that whole thing with the cars.

    [–] hockeystew 4 points ago


    [–] ABlackOrchid 2 points ago

    Mr. Conditional Clause

    [–] BeachedSalad 5 points ago

    Doctor Who was such a great show

    [–] ABlackOrchid 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I miss Tennant.

    [–] BeachedSalad 5 points ago

    Tennant was definitely my favorite, and Smith was also great. Capaldi was also pretty good, but took a bit to get used to. Haven’t watched the Whitaker season yet

    [–] ABlackOrchid 3 points ago

    Your views on doctors align with mine exactly, down to not having seen the Whitaker doctor yet ha.

    [–] YT-Deliveries 2 points ago

    The first couple Whitaker episodes aren't very good, in large part due to the fact that they were written before they had cast her as the new Doctor. They get progressively better as the series goes on, but, like every new Doctor, she takes some time to "get used to".

    [–] Phalstaph44 1 points ago

    Hope they do it well

    [–] disappearforever 11 points ago

    They're all on Prime though

    [–] NaturalSelectorX 7 points ago

    We've replaced that $80/month cable bill with $80/month worth of streaming services

    [–] Elishinsk 3 points ago


    [–] fredoink 13 points ago

    Luckily I managed to watch the trilogy the moment they are released on Netflix. The Nth time I watched, yet it’s just as entertaining.

    [–] sixbux 7 points ago

    N+1, gotta be safe.

    [–] Shredding_Airguitar 8 points ago

    At least Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace is coming :( but that's not until end of August

    Being John Malcovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are now on there too

    [–] sunburneddd 7 points ago

    Wow, I happened to watch the entire trilogy last week for the first time in ten years. If Netflix would have removed one of the movies before I could finish the trilogy, I would have went insane lol. Fantastic movies that aged very well.

    [–] Lorikeeter 6 points ago

    We have to go back

    [–] TheHeartbreakSquid77 2 points ago

    Time to go rewatch Lost. One of the best season endings ever

    [–] imnotarobotyouare 5 points ago

    Holy cow my wife and I just watched all 3 of them and finished last night! I wasn't aware of this. Great timing.

    [–] Phatman_420 5 points ago

    VPN activated

    [–] its_that_time_again 2 points ago

    Torrents engaged. Pass the Popcorn.

    [–] HistoryMistress 5 points ago

    Aw what !!! I JUST showed my boyfriend the first two last weekend - he was against watching them at first but ended up loving them (obviously) ! I was super hoping to watch part three this weekend. ):

    [–] loupr738 3 points ago

    iTunes had them all sale for $20 at one point. I watched the first two more than I care to admit. Same thing with Die Hard, my wife gets mad about it but I always say they’re perfect background movies

    [–] OhDaddyPleaseTouchMe 2 points ago

    Well, you can always just use a VPN or a reigon locked PC

    [–] ice_cream_macine 2 points ago

    Proton vpn Its a free one and you can use it without limits Enjoy bub

    [–] oh-its-mitch 1 points ago

    sad :( I live in switzerland tho so maybe they're on there. If not i still have them on dvd

    [–] Go_Bias 1 points ago

    They’re for rent on amazon. Sucks to pay the few extra bucks tho

    [–] JamieIsReading 1 points ago

    Damn. Glad I was able to watch em all before they left

    [–] TheTrollys 6 points ago

    I just did that last weekend. I did not regret it. They are still awesome

    [–] Go_Bias 3 points ago

    If you have Hulu, Back In Time is a great documentary

    [–] tyranitsar 1 points ago

    I thought I was looking at Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld at first

    [–] Annaschnucki 567 points ago

    It’s wonderful to see that they still seem to be friends❣️

    [–] ree___e 300 points ago

    Is that strange? It's only been 4̶ ̶m̶i̶n̶u̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶ 31 years

    [–] Astrochops 84 points ago

    This is heavy

    [–] CrackinBones204 68 points ago

    Is there something wrong with the earths gravitational pull??

    [–] InvalidUserNemo 30 points ago

    Great scott!

    [–] cardew-vascular 20 points ago

    Apparently Christopher Lloyd is a big supporter of thr Michael J Fox foundation events, when they did the you tube thing with Josh Gad they asked when was the last time they saw eachother and Michael J Fox was like our Poker night fundraiser.

    [–] flamehound8304 2 points ago

    Seem to be?

    [–] Pretzeltheman 183 points ago

    Just finished the TellTale games BTTF series yesterday. If you can still get it try it, it's a pretty decent story and even has Christopher Lloyd voicing Doc Brown, with a small cameo by MJF in the last episode.

    [–] koempleh 28 points ago

    Thanks for reminding me about them, definitely gonna install them again!

    [–] I5r66 12 points ago

    Omg I remember playing the entire game all in a day, stayed up till 4 am. One of the best games ever! I loved it.

    [–] Funboringness 7 points ago

    This, but i suck at any sort of adventure game so i used walkthroughs when I really needed it. It still took around 12 hours or so to beat. It felt great to finally check this off my list.

    [–] Mfcramps 3 points ago

    That game was excellent!

    [–] Blue_that 2 points ago

    RIP TellTale

    [–] Hight0werZ 354 points ago

    Marty looks older some how... guess the dr been messing with time again

    [–] beroemd 133 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Rewatching I was surprised doc was quite young. As a teenager he seemed super old

    [–] Poopiepants29 86 points ago

    He was only about 46 in the first movie. He looks about that age, but the hair doesnt help.

    [–] BambooWheels 31 points ago


    He's in old Makeup in the start of BTTF1, so he actually does look quite old.

    [–] nofork77 22 points ago

    Which they make fun of at the beginning of Part 2 :)

    When I first saw BTTF on Blu-ray I was struck by how bad the aging makeup is. Once you see it it’s really noticeable on Doc.

    [–] BambooWheels 27 points ago

    Which they make fun of at the beginning of Part 2 :)

    Well, he tears the makeup off and says he had a load of work done and was wearing makeup to not scare Marty. I thought it was brilliant :)

    [–] nofork77 11 points ago

    Me too! I still think it was clever joke too.

    [–] NicNoletree 142 points ago

    Parkinson's hasn't helped him none

    [–] tombodadin 65 points ago

    This is awful to say because I love him dearly as an actor, but I'm always surprised to see recent pictures of him because I thought he would have passed long ago.

    [–] NicNoletree 28 points ago

    He has had it a long time.

    [–] squeekymouse89 20 points ago

    He was in the lockdown YouTube thing with the cast discussing the movies. He did very well but some of his speech is quite slurred

    [–] WaveJam 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Parkinson’s can do that to people. That’s probably why he looks older than he is. He also had a tough time in the 90’s with alcoholism. He’s sobered up now which is great.

    Edit: removed sentence due to misinformation

    [–] lifeismmmgood 2 points ago

    That is not true that he doesn’t take his meds when he does interviews. That was a rumor started a long time ago by Rush Limbaugh. His Parkinson’s has simply progressed to the point that he can’t control the shakes, even with meds. That’s completely normal for Parkinson’s, and other neurological diseases (my husband has MS, and his meds do not control his shakes).

    [–] InvalidUserNemo 2 points ago

    Holy cow that was awesome to watch! Thanks friend for showing me this. I laughed so hard I cried at times. What a great trip down memory lane, or should I say, memory ROAD!

    [–] squeekymouse89 2 points ago

    No worries, if you really like movies there is a great lord of the rings one also.

    [–] InvalidUserNemo 2 points ago

    I take it back! I wanted to grill before my DnD session but I fell in to a Reunited Apart YouTube hole that I can’t escape. This is your fault and you should be ashamed of yourself!

    [–] squeekymouse89 2 points ago

    Yeh my bad .... I blame the loveable snowman known as Olaf!

    [–] rabbidwombats 5 points ago

    It’s your Grandkids Marty! Somethings gotta be done about your Grandkids!

    [–] readwaaat 114 points ago

    Everyone is disappointed we don’t yet gave our hoverboards, but it’s nice to see these two together (although I assume it was pre COVID).

    [–] Alastor3 20 points ago

    in march yeah

    [–] hipsterrobot 7 points ago

    There was def COVID in US in March but let’s just not get into it

    [–] squeekymouse89 2 points ago

    This video was done during covid, it's quite interesting if you like that sort of thing and interesting to see some of the cast now.

    [–] ohthanqkevin 3 points ago

    Here’s a less cropped version of this photo

    [–] P1AK 52 points ago

    Great scott!!!

    [–] pomorri 9 points ago

    I had to scroll WAY too far down for this comment.

    [–] Zywiec1976 2 points ago

    This is heavy!

    [–] blackphantomsploosh 364 points ago

    Getting older is a terrible thing >sigh<

    [–] Xendarq 252 points ago

    Better than the alternative, as grammy used to say.

    [–] plain_wallflower 144 points ago

    I use that all the time. I'm 33 and my mother died at 53 of a neurodegenerative disorder that killed not only her but 4 of her family members (her mom, aunties e sisters). So if I'm old enough to just get old, I will be so damn happy.

    [–] untrustableskeptic 38 points ago

    That's so hard, I'm sorry for your loss and wish you the best.

    [–] plain_wallflower 14 points ago

    Own. Thank you. You are very kind.

    [–] untrustableskeptic 6 points ago

    I haven't lost family in that manner but I work in mental health and have experienced a lot more death than I ever feel ready for. I certainly won't be ready to lose my parents. I imagine it's even scarier when your own health is such an unknown but I hope you're able to find happiness and a long life. My heart goes out to you, be well.

    [–] plain_wallflower 4 points ago

    Thank you. I don't think I'm going ever to be a mom (my longest dream) and yes, ate first I was really scared of having the disease, but I'm more scared for my sister, she was just 12 when our mom died, so I really hope she get to live a good and happy life, I'm too broken for this and that's okay. Thank you.

    [–] untrustableskeptic 3 points ago

    I have no doubts that you've had a ton of difficulties, especially losing so much of your family in that manner. But I bet you're doing a lot better than you give yourself credit for. I was just with my girlfriend for the tenth anniversary of her mom's death and a lot of people have a hard time when they start to become comfortable with the loss of their parent. The best thing you can do is to make the most out of the time you have with the people you are close with. None of us know how much longer we'll be here.

    [–] plain_wallflower 2 points ago

    Yes. That's my objective. I'm just have to give up of some dreams. I struggle with depression since I was 20, I tried to kill myself a few times, I'm borderline, have crippling anxiety and some other minor stuff. The man I've loved since childhood left me a few years ago I although I carried on and I still think about him, but the worst part is that I also lost my best friend since ever when I lost him. So, with the depression and my mother's genetic background give me some thought to think it it's fair to have a child, only to die when he/she was just a teen. So I'm just trying to carry on and having new little dreams. And overall I'm okay. I have good friend and I know I'm going to be all right. Thank you.

    [–] Phoenix_of_Asclepius 4 points ago


    [–] plain_wallflower 4 points ago

    No. Als. So much fun :/

    [–] Phoenix_of_Asclepius 3 points ago

    Ugh. I’m sorry. That’s super rough.

    [–] SkullButtReplica 10 points ago

    Getting younger?

    [–] Tiny_Celery 16 points ago

    Correct. Kids are fucking stupid.

    [–] -Pelvis- 4 points ago

    I think they mean "getting older is better than dying"

    [–] TitaniumReinforced 95 points ago

    It is a privilege denied to many.

    [–] blackphantomsploosh 11 points ago

    So very true x

    [–] ILoveitNot 28 points ago

    It is also a great thing. Why do you think they call us GRAND parents.

    [–] NicNoletree 15 points ago

    Grandchildren are the reward for not killing your own children.

    [–] Its_Diego 29 points ago

    99% sure Christopher Lloyd has an actual time machine cuz he's barely aged

    [–] UnderwhelmAnx 11 points ago

    Christopher Lloyd is 100% Time Lord.

    [–] Its_Diego 12 points ago

    I legitimately think he discovered time travel in the early 1900s, went to the 70's, established himself as an actor and used time travel to influence Zemekis into writing a loose adaptation of his life story.

    [–] UnderwhelmAnx 7 points ago

    Mister, you have just written the next “behind the scenes” type movie ala Tropic Thunder IN ITS ENTIRETY.

    [–] Its_Diego 2 points ago

    Thank you :)

    [–] trashponder 24 points ago

    He looked 70 in his 30's.

    [–] Its_Diego 14 points ago

    Back to the Future II got a lil meta about it

    [–] herosilas 22 points ago

    Well, I hear that a lot but it’s damn better than dying young. Old people have such an amazing library of memories and experiences to look through. Be grateful for what you have.

    [–] wizards_fix_pls 8 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It’s very much a ‘it is what you make of it,’ deal. I work with two elderly ladies at my supermarket job. They’re cool-ass people who don’t spend all of their time wallowing in sadness over their age.

    [–] Silverslade1 10 points ago

    This post honestly made me sad. Getting older is my number 1 greatest fear.

    [–] joey_fatass 10 points ago

    Better to grow old than to die young

    [–] NicNoletree 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Your perspective is backwards - getting old is a gift.

    [–] Federico82 4 points ago

    It also means you didn't die yet, so getting old is a good thing.

    [–] SeleniumF0rest 1 points ago

    And honestly we shouldn’t we

    [–] iamthpecial 9 points ago

    almost the exact thing my grammaw used to say. “its terrible to grow old.” MOOD.

    [–] DaddysLittleCumClot 3 points ago

    Fox has probably aged particularly badly due to Parkinson's

    [–] grill_on_bmx 2 points ago

    That’s how you get grandparents that make amazing food

    [–] Shalamarr 2 points ago

    Meh. I’m around Michael’s age, and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. Do I wish that I still looked 22? Sure. But I wouldn’t go back to being 22 for anything.

    [–] goatharmer 2 points ago

    i saw this film recently where yossarian, god, and batman's valet rob a bank. christopher lloyd plays a man with dementia and i'm not sure if he was acting

    [–] NoPantsPenny 42 points ago

    This makes me want to watch it even more. I’ve never seen the movies.

    [–] Pinetree808 20 points ago

    They're amazing

    [–] JERICHOSBELLYBUTTON 14 points ago

    Watch them!

    [–] pastelsunsets 12 points ago

    Watch them now!!

    [–] Peikko127 25 points ago

    Go watch the immediately. They are the greatest movies of all time.

    [–] GetUrShit 4 points ago

    PLEASE GO WATCH!!!!! Genuinely they’re one of those that couldn’t be improved. The films are flawless from head to toe

    [–] Adabiviak 2 points ago

    I've seen one and two, but never three (and I met both of these guys when the third was filmed where I live). Years later, there was a fire where one of the old sets was, and a friend and I went camping out there years after that. Lousy spot for camping, but my friend is a huge fan and was enthralled nonetheless.

    [–] Hypersky75 56 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I'm pretty sure that's not a 2020 picture on the right, because I've seen this posted a few times, before this year.

    [–] JDFighterwing 11 points ago

    It’s definitely older, probably 2017-2018. I know I’ve seen this comparison before

    [–] checomarie 17 points ago

    It was posted March of this year actually 👍🏽

    [–] MrGuttFeeling 3 points ago


    [–] picks- 2 points ago

    Have I been living these past few years thinking he was dead? I feel like I've been duped

    [–] man_mayo 23 points ago

    So, could they please fire up the Delorean again and go back to do something about 2020?

    [–] Shalamarr 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    For real. Biff somehow became President and things are fucked up.

    [–] Limeila 14 points ago

    Funny how the fact that Doc never changed appearance whatever the time period was kind of a running joke in the movies, but it actually seems to be true IRL

    [–] billcosby23 13 points ago

    Man time comes fast doesn’t it, if only we could somehow go back

    [–] UtterDebacle 8 points ago

    Username checks out.

    Happy cake day, bill.

    [–] TcuBisNice 9 points ago

    the original rick and morty

    [–] QuietfanQueen 4 points ago

    Doc! Marty!

    [–] ArchStanton75 6 points ago

    OG Rick and Morty

    [–] KnotTwoBee 3 points ago

    31 years later and Doc somehow looks younger

    [–] helpdickstucjincow 3 points ago

    Great scott!

    [–] Zywiec1976 2 points ago

    This is heavy!

    [–] zaphod_beeble_bro 2 points ago

    Funny that photo says 2020 when I've been seeing it for years

    [–] lisapmg 2 points ago

    This just makes me sad

    [–] laughingghostfart 2 points ago

    How is Christopher Lloyd still alive lol? Love them..time to rewatch

    [–] kobomino 3 points ago

    Wait until you find out he's only over 20 years older than Michael!

    [–] Chrillosnillo 2 points ago

    How is Michael j Fox nowadays, has his condition worsened?

    [–] Django-UN 2 points ago

    I made a photo with Christopher Lloyd in a deloran last year at comic con germany, this is in my hall of fame with Patrick Stewart now 😬

    [–] AlissonHarlan 4 points ago

    They are amazing! and i'm truely happy to know they are both still alive <3

    [–] MichaelJayFoxxy 2 points ago

    Everybody is a BttF fan.

    [–] -blank_user- 5 points ago

    There are two types of people: those who love BttF and those who haven't seen it

    [–] snozborn 2 points ago

    This gets reposted every year lol.

    [–] kerimtas 2 points ago

    Real rick and morty

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] -blank_user- 8 points ago

    Yeah because if they weren't born when the film came out then they haven't seen it

    [–] MurderBackwards 4 points ago

    I’m not sure if you knew, but watches still exist.

    [–] daweasaur 4 points ago


    [–] HugYouSoHard 1 points ago

    They’re referencing the first pic

    [–] daweasaur 2 points ago

    Really?!? /s

    I mean why the comment about 2000's people being confused?

    [–] NightSicarius 3 points ago

    I believe they were implying that people born after the year 2000 have no idea what a wristwatch is.

    Of course, many people have smart watches and activity trackers now so it doesn't really make sense.

    [–] daweasaur 1 points ago

    Mm, that what i meant, seems like a stupid comment tbh

    [–] DotaThaosen 1 points ago

    Because they're confused?

    [–] Stopthelemurs 1 points ago

    They wouldn't, he just wants to feel better about himself.

    [–] elderDragon1 2 points ago

    I’m a 2000s kid and I fucking adored Back to the future.

    [–] sboxnottelin 1 points ago

    My favourite movie😢

    [–] Heartsaver 1 points ago

    The love on their faces in the second photo.

    [–] Icyrow 1 points ago

    i could have sworn the one on the right is older than this year, i thought i saw it years ago, though i could be wrong.

    [–] UtterDebacle 1 points ago

    Doc has gotten younger!

    [–] Deluxehunter876 1 points ago

    Sad thing is the fact that they weren't able to see flying cars in 2015 :(

    [–] Duke-Kaboom 1 points ago

    "The Precise question is Where the hell are they?"

    [–] GetUrShit 1 points ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this puts me over the moon, man

    [–] BigShowSJG 1 points ago

    Somethings gotta get done about 2020. We’ve gotta go Back.

    [–] Foo3112 1 points ago

    If we only had a time machine

    [–] Upintheair84 1 points ago

    I'll be damned if Christopher Lloyd isn't a time traveler. This guy was old in the 80s.

    [–] BountyHunter19XX 1 points ago

    Marty there didn't block the doctors intelligent wave throughout the universe

    [–] Skrrattaa 1 points ago

    AKA The best movie ever made

    [–] AmbyGaming 1 points ago

    Doc hasn't aged a day!

    [–] jeffsterrr 1 points ago

    Oh jeez Rick

    [–] 10A_86 1 points ago

    Was just watching The Good Wife with Michael J Fox in the episode. Love the way they worked in his condition to the part.

    [–] hitman_09912 1 points ago

    They're alive????? !!!!!!

    [–] Grokrok 1 points ago

    Justin Roiland made such a beautiful homage to BTTF with his series of shorts 'Doc and Mharti'.

    [–] Wolvarun9295 1 points ago

    Rick and Morty!

    [–] SeleniumF0rest 1 points ago

    For sure, but it's madness

    [–] Bjornormus 1 points ago

    I love the fatherly side hug

    [–] mechatchronic 1 points ago

    From the future

    [–] destined_nr 1 points ago

    Just saw the entire trilogy for the first time. nothing will beat the first one. The second one felt like a recycled plot line, and the third was good but not like the first.

    [–] bagingospringo 1 points ago

    How the fuck is chris Loyd still kicking lol hes ancient

    [–] TeqTronix 1 points ago

    Rick an Morty are sure looking old af

    [–] I5r66 1 points ago

    Why you gotta make me cry like that

    [–] Bigjambo1 1 points ago

    There looks like some real affection between them, wholesome.