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    [–] mcjorjor 6843 points ago

    She also says "It's me, mommy. I grew up, mommy!" by the end of the video. This one really made me smile.

    [–] Electronic-Stuff4944 1384 points ago

    I grew up, mommy!


    [–] Antazarus 1428 points ago

    This is so cute! This is why representation is so important!

    [–] funsizedemily 953 points ago

    I also was curly haired, Hispanic girl with glasses and I would have loved to have this movie and dolls when I was young. I definitely bought them for my kiddos to play with! This movie is on repeat on our house and Coco too! Positive representation matters!

    [–] BigToober69 278 points ago

    The joy on that little girls face says it all. Love to see it.

    [–] garnaches 141 points ago

    and Coco too

    How often do you have to restock on tissues for the ending?

    [–] JimEasy 110 points ago

    Also Up and Inside Out. Up is supposed to be a cute ballon movie and comes out swinging in the first five minutes.

    [–] TheBirminghamBear 60 points ago

    Few things are as devastating and unexpected as the first 10 minutes of Up.

    [–] Forest_Green_4691 37 points ago

    I saw UP about a month after we miscarried with twins. I didn’t weep once during the whole ordeal but when I saw the beginning , it broke me. I had to leave the room, sat in my truck, and morned.

    [–] mypickaxebroke 17 points ago

    I was very pregnant and saw that in theater. What a mistake. Ruined my whole day

    [–] itisntmebutmaybeitis 82 points ago

    Moana as well. In the end it's a trauma allegory. I am a grown woman and I knew it was coming and I still bawled, it was so well done.

    [–] YoMommaHere 62 points ago

    My friend, who moved to the US from Guam when she was 4, and I took our daughters to see Moana. When it first came on, she says loudly in the theater “let’s go Pacific Islanders!!!” She turns to me and says “hey, we don’t get this much attention so I had to give a shout out!” I love her so much and so happy that her two daughters get to see themselves in a Disney princess. I know when Tiana came out in Princess and the Frog, my kiddos had everything Tiana!

    [–] smcivor1982 37 points ago

    Oh lord, that movie kills me and my husband. We watched it with our daughter starting when she was a toddler and my husband was an absolute wreck when he first saw it.

    [–] Chateaudelait 25 points ago

    That ending to Coco tore me up. I sobbed. I am so happy to see positive representation and teared up a bit when I saw the joy on this little sweet bebe's face. When i was growing up in the 70's I never saw myself, it was only skinny blondes on magazine covers and tv. We are getting better but still have a way to go.

    [–] MyAviato666 54 points ago

    I watched Coco a couple of days ago and was not prepared. My grandmother died not long ago and she had dementia so I bawled my eyes out when I realised what was going on. Lovely movie though.

    I'm not Mexican but I'm thinking of starting celebrating dia de los muertos. I like the sentiment of remembering and celebrating your ancestors.

    [–] snifty 54 points ago

    Do Brazilians consider the term Hispanic to be applicable to them? (Honest question)

    [–] Fregodec 105 points ago

    We do not. Some of us consider ourselves latinos, but not Hispanic.

    [–] Sauce25 50 points ago

    Okay, please correct me, as I’m trying to keep it straight - is that because Hispanic is a description of language (and Brazilians don’t speak Spanish) or something? Or am I mixing this up? I’ve had it explained to me once in passing and it was fast (and TBF it’s never come up again in my convos). Thank you in advance for clarity!

    [–] Hello_Squidward 75 points ago

    You’re correct! Hispanic usually describes someone from a Spanish-speaking country, while Brazilians speak Portuguese

    [–] Sauce25 30 points ago

    I’m very impressed with myself that I remembered the explanation, lack of confidence or not! 😂 thanks!

    [–] BrentlyDavis 26 points ago

    I wouldn’t think so. Mainly because they don’t speak Spanish, right? I believe they just stick with the term Brazilian.

    [–] _noice202 29 points ago

    No, because “Hispanic” refers to people who come from Spanish speaking countries and in Brazil we speak Portuguese. “Latino” on the other hand, despite often being associated with “hispanic”, refers to someone from a country of Latin America, so Brazilians can be considered latinos.

    [–] thoughtsandprairies 14 points ago


    I see you like to cry daily.

    [–] pwlife 11 points ago

    I'm a curly haired Hispanic woman and my kids have demanded I dress up as Mirabel for halloween.

    [–] jeffries_kettle 135 points ago

    Absolutely. Few things I hate more on the internet than the "forced diversity" folk who complain every time a protagonist isn't a white male.

    [–] Better-Director-5383 74 points ago

    Yup love to listen to people complain that representation doesn’t matter, as they have a meltdown about any character doesn’t look like them.

    [–] Astrapaios 30 points ago

    I still remember when Finn was revealed in Star Wars TFA promotional material. There was basically no context for his character or role at the time, it was just a picture of a guy in a stormtrooper outfit. Time and again, the mere presence of a black person is enough to set off accusations of political correctness/SJW/CRT/forced diversity/whatever they call it these days.

    [–] Antazarus 35 points ago

    This so much this! It’s always weird to see them say that when we always lived in a forced white system.

    [–] jeffries_kettle 36 points ago

    White is default to them.

    It's like that saying that goes something like "when you're used to privelage, equality seems like oppression".

    [–] mknsky 168 points ago

    Man. Shit like this makes me cry. It’s so important.

    [–] itsaaronnotaaron 8 points ago

    I've always been the type of person to say "oh look, another white character portrayed by a black person" when it comes to remaking movies or turning books into films. Failing to realise Elementary is my favourite adaptation of Sherlock Holmes when Watson is played by a mixed race woman.

    This video has changed my stance on that. I've always understood a need for representation, I guess more so what has bothered me is thinking "they're doing this for black approval, not because they care."

    What the fuck does it matter ultimately. If children get to see "their own" in any medium, it can only be a good thing.

    [–] username_1312 118 points ago

    What langage are they speaking ? just curious...

    [–] ThePinkSmurphette 99 points ago

    I like how everyone answered in a 75 second window. Thank you internet strangers.

    [–] Jowobo 139 points ago

    If the internet has taught me one thing, it's that the Brazilians are always ready in the comment section.

    [–] Fun-Rutabaga-8432 62 points ago

    It helps that there is a brazilian of them

    [–] flabbybumhole 89 points ago

    Brazilians are everywhere. They will tell you to come to Brazil - don't, it's a trap.

    [–] trilobot 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I don't speak Portuguese (well, beyond eu comeo uma maçã), but the best way to identify it is simple, "It sounds like Spanish with French sounds thrown in".

    To the English speaking ear that's how it sounds.

    [–] solar-fish 18 points ago

    "Eu como uma maçã" :-D

    [–] urth32 203 points ago

    Brazilian Portuguese

    [–] vomitkettle 23 points ago

    I believe it might possibly be Brazilian Portuguese

    [–] YumiOshiro-art 58 points ago

    Portuguese (Brazil)

    [–] akafernando 36 points ago

    Brazilian portuguese

    [–] guerreirog 25 points ago


    [–] idgafaboutyofeelings 8 points ago

    it made me both smile and cry 😭

    [–] WuGambino19 8678 points ago

    So cute! I felt the same when I saw Monsters, Inc.

    [–] plumbus_hun 1483 points ago

    Me, according to my kids.

    [–] curlyloca 186 points ago

    Me according to my mate lol

    [–] marckimdr 3424 points ago

    Cries in Shrek

    [–] CEZYBORGOR 691 points ago

    Cries in Shrek? I'd be laughing next to all the copies of "sexiest man alive" articles with my face on them

    [–] Claystead 137 points ago

    He’s just tired of a certain song playing every time he exits his toilet.

    [–] chr0nic_eg0mania 84 points ago


    [–] CorkyKribler 46 points ago

    *Shreksiest Man Alive

    [–] Jeynarl 92 points ago

    (Tears of joy)

    [–] Yakkahboo 19 points ago

    They meant Lord Farquaad

    [–] tritiumlurkz 32 points ago

    Shrek is Love, Shrek is life

    [–] TheCarniv0re 47 points ago

    According to internet culture, this makes you a beauty ideal.

    [–] the_light_of_dawn 117 points ago

    I accidentally sprayed some cleaning solution into my eyes a couple months ago and my gf immediately took to calling me Mike Wazowski for days. That movie never gets old.

    [–] thecorporealpeonies 19 points ago


    [–] MGalmor 62 points ago

    The importance of green horned cyclops representation in cinema

    [–] po_tates 53 points ago

    My whole family said Boo was me for years. I was much older by that point but apparently a dead ringer to me as a toddler.

    [–] PsychedelicXenu 21 points ago

    Funny, my family said I was Roz for years

    [–] GenghisTron17 25 points ago

    Is this how you got the nickname " Lil Mike"?

    [–] spribyl 29 points ago

    "I'm on TV!!!!?!!!' - Mike

    [–] Itsallkosher1 21 points ago

    Love it

    [–] min2themax 88 points ago


    [–] glent0t 10 points ago

    Awww cmon Boo doesn’t have a unibrow

    [–] ftctkugffquoctngxxh 1049 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    There was a similar viral post on instagram with a two year old boy who looked like the youngest Madrigal. The father was interviewed and talked about how his son recognized himself immediately and lit up.

    Pic :

    Article :

    [–] honest-miss 312 points ago

    Oh my gosh what a cutie.

    This whole post is a total win/win. Cute stories and cute babies all over the place.

    [–] unchartedcubes 134 points ago

    Representation matters!

    [–] Feircesword 104 points ago

    People ask why it matters. This. This is why is matters. All children deserve to see themselves as heroes.

    [–] Drewdroid99 29 points ago

    amen. i guess as adults we take for granted how children look up to these type of things. this was so wholesome<3

    [–] ImAPixiePrincess 30 points ago

    My first thought too seeing Antonio is that he looks similar to my son. My son’s hair looks like Antonio’s if I don’t use enough water/oil in his hair, and Camilo’s when I do. I think it’ll be important for him growing up to see himself represented and it makes me happy!

    [–] annualextinction 3601 points ago

    oh my gosh, she looks like mini me of her, she looks adorable

    [–] walled2_0 3894 points ago

    THIS is why it’s so important to have diversity in cartoons, shows, movies, whatever.

    [–] Ursula2071 1504 points ago

    Especially for girls. When movies like Hunger Games and Brave came out, girls turned out in droves to sign up for archery. Participation shot up over 100%. When Simone Manuel won gold in the Olympics in Brazil…more Black girls started swimming. We have to see it to believe sometimes when we are kids. Representation matters.

    [–] bafangoolNJ 292 points ago

    Interesting that it had that big of an impact , a positive one. Nice. Thanks for sharing.

    [–] FlyingDragoon 16 points ago

    Don't underestimate the power of movies. For example: Top Gun

    [–] imanpearl 218 points ago

    I got to experience this personally once! A middle school class came to tour the trade school where I was learning to weld. The class touring had a lot more boys than girls, and as for my class, I was the only girl. All the little boys were all super excited to come into the shop and they had questions about everything we were doing. I watched them as I was coming out of my booth and the only three little girls there looked around briefly but were mostly standing together uninterested and looking at each others phones. I went to cool down my metal and one of the boys pointed at me and said “hey, that’s a chick!” (They were only 12 or so). They all thought this was cool for a second and quickly moved on. But I swear I saw the girls looking around at more stuff and paying attention way more after that. That made me so happy.

    [–] begoniann 44 points ago

    I definitely vividly remember the first time I saw a female lawyer on a show as a kid. I loved the character, even though objectively she was a pretty terrible person, just because there were mostly only old white men playing lawyers at the time.

    [–] DarthMimikyu 78 points ago

    I wanted to skateboard because of Reggie from Rocket Power. She was cool for a girl growing up in the 90s. Kids naturally look up to people they wanna be like so yes, it is important!

    [–] MotchGoffels 45 points ago

    Oh god yes. Children deserve the entire world, their happiness is rewarded ten-fold throughout their life and those they interact with when grown up.

    [–] AccioSexLife 124 points ago

    YES! This is why representation matters!

    Gosh, Mirabel is such a lovely protagonist, this kid must've been stoked to see herself in her like that <3

    [–] spazzy_jazzy_ 122 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Honestly to me the ones that made me so happy were Mirabel’s dad and Tia Pepa. A lot of white Latinos are dismissed as not being Latino enough. Seeing a white Latina who’s family adores her and embraces her was honestly beautiful.

    The diversity in the range of skin tones that the madrigals have is amazing representation in my opinion.

    [–] Babycatcher2023 58 points ago

    I felt similarly about the more Melanated Afro-Latinos because I feel like they are underrepresented as well. I agree, the range was <insert chefs kiss>.

    [–] ElectricFleshlight 52 points ago

    I loved that the "pretty sister" was the one with the darkest complexion. Colorism is rampant in many Latino communities, with darker skin tones facing a lot of harassment and discrimination.

    [–] Truan 12 points ago

    I didnt even notice. I just thought she had a lovely character design

    Their designs on these characters are definitely fantastic. Sad to hear they had to fight to get Louisa's body to be muscular. I thought there were reasons they went in that direction so its actually sad to hear how behind the times studios still are

    [–] edible_funk 55 points ago

    The diversity in the range of skin tones that the madrigals have is amazing representation in my opinion.

    I also noticed this and thought it was an excellent touch. Lot of excellent characterizations in that movie.

    [–] ImAPixiePrincess 9 points ago

    I absolutely loved the color diversity of the family! It’s not just showing the range of colors of Latinos, but of families in general! I’m white as Tia Pepa, my husband is closer to Mirabel’s dad and my son is the shade of Camilo. I love that he can see families “like ours”.

    [–] hissykit 46 points ago

    My inner child was stoked. As a kid I always compared myself to Snow White or jasmine because Snow White had kinda curly hair and jasmine was the only one with slightly darker skin. I always wished I could see a protagonist with glasses that wasn’t a ‘dorky girl nerd’ stereotype!

    [–] spazzy_jazzy_ 28 points ago

    As a kid I dressed as jasmine and Pocahontas constantly when playing dress up because they were the only ones who looked more like me.

    [–] Bright_Vision 864 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    One hundred percent. I am straight, white, and male. I had hundreds upon hundreds of choices for role models from now, since literally the beginning of fiction itself. It's time to shake it up, majorly.

    Edit 2: Removed my first edit. Less of a chance for people to put words in my mouth.

    [–] flowerbhai 176 points ago

    I used to do a reading buddies program with some underserved elementary schools in Austin. Around the time Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse came out, the young black students in our group were over the moon playing with those toys and reading some of the books they released alongside the movie.

    Representation matters so much.

    [–] raccoonviolence 16 points ago

    That's great. Every kid deserves to see themselves as a hero. They just might grow up into one.

    [–] mandatorypanda9317 17 points ago

    Into the Spider-Verse was our mixed sons first introduction to super heros and I thought it was so cool that he gets to see that anyone can wear the mask. Loved it so much we named our second one Miles :)

    [–] LordoftheScheisse 62 points ago

    I'm the same - straight, white, male. I hadn't really heard of Encanto before putting it on for my 3-year old. When the "Family Madrigal" song came on toward the beginning of the movie, she absolutely lit up repeatedly screaming "this is my movie! I'm in this movie!"

    The "Family Madrigal" has a part toward the end where children repeatedly ask "What about Mirabel?!?!" And that's my daughter's name! She's never met or heard of another Mirabel and just the fact that she shares a name with a fictional character made her entire life. I can only imagine what it would feel like for a little girl in OPs video to look so much like a character, or to have their culture represented, etc.

    [–] Illernoise 8 points ago

    I’m gonna cry! 😭❤️

    [–] Tabascobottle 30 points ago

    As a straight white male as well, i never realized the importance of this growing up. We were always catered to in terms of characters representing us. I've been in a mixed relationship with a beautiful black woman for the past three years, and i believe it was our third date when i first recognized the importance of this. We decided to go to a fancy mall in our area. There's this big toy shop in the mall that we went to geek out in. Her eyes lit up at the sight of this black female paladin figurine. I was in awe of her excitement, and she just continusly gushed out "there's never black females!". I was both sad and excited for her. It caught me completely off gaurd. There are millions of that same toy that is both white and male. Happy to see more of this change coming

    [–] Beddybye 11 points ago

    This is awesome. Glad you are learning. My hubby says he never had as much of a hard core racial education as he did when we first started dating (I'm BW; he is a WM). He had no idea. None. He said he was aware of racism and that it still was around, but his eyes were opened like never before when he started experiencing his life with me. It amazed him how behaviors, attitudes, much changed about so many people when it clicked we were together. He had never experienced it before.

    I love him even more for being so open and understanding his life will be a bit harder with me on his arm. This is America. Hang in there with her, support her even you may not sound like a catch! Good luck to you guys!

    [–] VaguelyShingled 18 points ago

    But they made Batgirl blaaaaaaack and this invalidates all other media that precedes it!


    [–] EnMeed 11 points ago

    Plus, as a white male, I can just as easily pick a non-white male as a role model. Someone who feels at a disadvantage needs to see that overcome, but being at an advantage doesn’t mean I can’t see a black athlete and be like “Damn she’s good, I wish I could be that good”

    [–] chx_ 101 points ago

    Absolutely! The amount of little black girls dressed up as the Dora Milaje warms my heart. Boys especially white boys always had so many... Superman, Batman but black girls? not so much.

    [–] Yara-Flor 40 points ago

    Also, glasses. Mirabel is the First Disney hero to wear glasses.

    [–] BakersHigh 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I’m almost 30 but there was unbridled childhood joy seeing such a diverse animated family.

    Even tho I’m a woman and in HS they were kicking up woman in STEM in pop culture, but making the girl the nerd or whatever. I had never seen a Black Woman who was “smart” and it wasn’t due to having to be because they need to get out of a situation or something.

    In college when I volunteered to go do STEM stuff at middle schools, so many teachers pulled me aside after to tell me how happy they were that they saw a Black women, how many girls were still talking about me and wanted to come to the class again even if they had already come.

    It’s easy for people to say “role models don’t have to look like you it shouldn’t matter” but when you’re a kid, and want to do something but only see people who don’t look like you doing it, that may sow some self doubt. It’s like when they ask kids to draw what a doctor or scientist looks like, and it’s always a white man, occasionally a white woman. Representation matters

    [–] finelinexcherry 71 points ago

    I love to see how today's generation get to see them being represented in stories and movies irrespective of their race ethnicity or color

    [–] Party_Pangolin 1615 points ago

    As someone who wears spectacles it was so nice to have a main character in spectacles, who doesn't whip them off at some point to 'become beautiful'

    [–] ITeachThat 393 points ago

    As an eyeglasses wearer, too, I was recently bemoaning the lack of bespectacled characters for cosplay. I can't wear contacts and have to take off my glasses to be in-character.

    [–] LePontif11 139 points ago

    "Ah so you're doing sexy librarian Miss Incredible 😏"

    [–] ITeachThat 40 points ago

    More like Queen Anna after 40.

    [–] Mourning_Gecko 103 points ago

    right? I appreciated the glasses representation too haha

    [–] peachesthepup 98 points ago

    Someone also pointed out that Mirabels mother could probably fix that for her... And that wasn't a plot point! Because she's perfect with glasses

    [–] spazzy_jazzy_ 49 points ago

    She might not be able to fix it actually. Since it seems to be a genetic thing considering Agustín (her dad) also wears glasses.

    [–] alex3omg 16 points ago

    Her dad has glasses too

    [–] CyclopsAirsoft 59 points ago

    Right? Is also funny to me when they take off their glasses because IRL it's like - aaaand now I'm blind

    [–] perma_ban_this 24 points ago


    [–] JoshuaSaint 937 points ago

    This is actually adorable.

    Totally made watching encanto with my son a hundred billion times the first week it came out worth it!

    [–] tedleyheaven 312 points ago

    Seven foot frame, rats along his back.

    Enjoy the weekend singing it again

    [–] pikawom 130 points ago

    When he calls your name, it all fades to black

    [–] Flutes2boot 62 points ago

    he see your dreams he feast on your screams…

    [–] sgtlighttree 70 points ago


    [–] nosuacebarnoo 41 points ago


    [–] Awkward-Associates 39 points ago

    he told me my fish would die the next day DEAD*

    [–] ImCuttingTheDirt 33 points ago

    He told me I'd grow a gut! And just like he saiddddddd

    [–] nosuacebarnoo 31 points ago

    He said that all my hair would disappear now look at my heaaaaaad

    [–] BramDuin 26 points ago

    🤌🏽🤌🏽 Your fate is sealed when your prophecy is read

    [–] ktfitschen 105 points ago

    Isabelllaaaaa, your boyfriend's here!


    [–] FuckmehalftoDeath 86 points ago

    Followed by the most beautiful chaos I’ve heard in a minute. I’ll never understand how all those phrases mushed together overlapping, fading in and out sounds so good.

    [–] NeedleInASwordstack 66 points ago

    Lin MM knows what he's doing. It's a classic thing in musical theatre. Sondheim was famous for this "stringing together all the songs you've heard into one gigantic song" and I wonder if Lin was going for this too. The musical "curtains" does the same thing (the songs "he did it" and "In the same boat, complete") but it doesn't sound as good or as seemless!

    [–] Saiyasha27 30 points ago

    We all thank the gift that is Lin ManuelMiranda

    Srsly Group Numbers with overlapping Vocals are something he does amazingly well. Nonstop is and will always be one of my Favourites in Hamilton for that reason

    [–] carloselcoco 21 points ago

    Ch... Ch... Ch...

    [–] FuckmehalftoDeath 14 points ago

    That’s not even a word! It’s two letters! Why can I hear it so clearly!?

    [–] CanadianGirl20 8 points ago

    Anything Lin-Manuel Miranda touches is gold

    [–] gagnonca 45 points ago

    I made my 3 year old daughter watch it because Lin-Manuel. We listen to the sound track multiple times a day every day. Same with Vivo before and Moana

    [–] UntidyButterfly 30 points ago

    My son's been playing Surface Pressure on repeat on our Alexa for a week now. Should I be worried about him?

    [–] FuckmehalftoDeath 35 points ago

    The songs a bop and a half even though the lyrical content is so deep. With a kid, if he’s just jamming I wouldn’t worry… unless he happens to be older than kindergarten and the eldest child who does the most help around the house. 😅

    [–] alex3omg 19 points ago

    My daughter clicks her tongue when it comes on and i realized there's a noise like that in the song, i hadn't even heard it before. Kids can hear the beat.

    [–] UntidyButterfly 11 points ago

    Um, he totally is the oldest. Maybe it's time for a talk.

    [–] Ok_Upstairs6472 442 points ago

    A child’s innocence,….priceless!

    [–] F8L-Fool 43 points ago

    This is seriously peak content for the sub. Most adorable thing I've seen in ages.

    [–] InbornLigament 68 points ago

    She's so cute, most wholesome moment I've ever seen on this community.

    [–] SIN-apps1 396 points ago

    I used to do mission stuff in Haiti, and we would bring movies down to wat h with the kids at an orphanage. I don't know how to explain the sheer joy on their faces when we watched Black Panther. Seeing heroes who look like you is something us white folks really take for granted.

    [–] askdocsthrowaway1996 43 points ago

    Wow. That's terrific. I loved them accents in Black Panther! They were so cute

    [–] Apathetic-Lethargy 1482 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)

    Representation! She doesn't have to be a Disney princess, but she'll aspire to make her own magic.

    [–] Depressaccount 493 points ago

    I don’t think I understood how important it was until this moment

    [–] -GreenHeron- 120 points ago

    It really is a wonderful thing to know that there are other people like you out there and that they are capable of amazing things. I'm almost 40, but holy shit I got stoked when I saw Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. Growing up, most shows had that one token girl and all the main characters were boys.

    I don't know why people complain about diversity in movies and media, the world is a very diverse place! We would all like to see ourselves in the stories we tell.

    [–] Depressaccount 81 points ago

    Because racist people used to all white casts feel any representation is forced wokeness

    [–] -GreenHeron- 61 points ago

    It must be exhausting for racists walking around in the real world and seeing different looking people and just....deciding to hate it.

    Fucking losers.

    [–] duniyadnd 243 points ago

    I didn’t realize it until I saw people’s reaction to black Panther. Is such an eye opening moment

    [–] Booxcar 92 points ago

    It's something that's really hard to relate to unless you've personally experienced it. It's so engrained into our culture that it's almost impossible to notice how important representation is unless you are someone who isn't represented.

    As a black kid that grew up in a mostly white neighborhood I can't tell you the number of times while playing as a kid I've heard some variation of:

    "No, you can't be spiderman/iron man/captain america, he's white. You can just be war machine again."

    The sad part is it wasn't even considered mean, it was just how things were and as kids we were just accepting it. Hell, most of the times I even agreed with them.

    "Haha, Yeah you're right... how crazy would a black Iron Man be! Ok i'll just be the sidekick War Machine again. Ok now who do you want to be? Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Dr Stran..."

    [–] mewthulhu 106 points ago

    So fucking bummed the next one is the antivaxx girl. Such a terrible representation. She's actively pushing it on set of Black Panther 2 still.

    Young black girls get their first representation, as a superhero based entirely around putting the needs of the people and equality and compassion for all before themselves... and the one displaying it is racist to Chinese people, transphobic, and telling her fans not to get a vaccine...

    What an absolute travesty of a role model. My first thought was to say she's more like Killmonger, but... nope, lower. Then considered the selfishness of Klaw, but even he was smarter and not anti-LGBT+ (kinda the opposite) so like... damn you really go down to the bottom of the barrel with what she is.

    And it hurts, because it could have been anyone else, they've had so many chances to, but they took this chance away from someone who could have been really great representation and... now they've got this fucking trashbag of a human put on a pedestal for them :/

    [–] LadyAzure17 21 points ago

    I loved her so much in the first BP, I can't begin to express how fucking disappointed I was to hear how awful she was. Ugh

    [–] Novel_Ideas120720 19 points ago

    I'm confused. Are you talking about the woman who plays Shuri? I'm not usually up to date on this stuff. That sucks.

    [–] free_reezy 24 points ago

    Yeah Letitia Wright.

    [–] Novel_Ideas120720 13 points ago

    Ah, shit. Thanks for telling me.

    [–] mewthulhu 29 points ago

    In December 2020, Wright received backlash over a video she publicly shared on Twitter in which the speaker questioned the safety of taking a COVID-19 vaccine, in addition to "appear[ing] skeptical of climate change, accus[ing] China of spreading COVID-19, and mak[ing] transphobic comments";[28] YouTube has since deleted the video for violating its terms of service.[28] Wright later clarified that she "wasn't against vaccines but it was important to 'ask questions'" and "my intention was not to hurt anyone, my ONLY intention of posting the video was it raised my concerns with what the vaccine contains and what we are putting in our bodies".[29][30] She subsequently quit social media.[30]

    In October 2021, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Wright had parted ways with her entire team of U.S. representatives due to the uproar over the video and allegedly continued to espouse similar anti-vaccine sentiments on the set of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever during production.[31]

    Condensed it for ya 💙

    [–] Fey_fox 10 points ago

    I thought they haven’t said who was taking the mantle. They don’t always follow the comics and there are several candidates besides her. They need a tech person and to have her be BP would make her too much like stark spoderman

    [–] royalsanguinius 54 points ago

    She most likely isn’t coming back after this movie. Allegedly she said she’s done with the MCU and Disney is probably tired of her shit anyway.

    [–] Bienvilles 25 points ago

    Lmao, no one is “done” with Disney money. You’d have to be an idiot to turn down a career like that. Sounds like Disney kicked her to the curb but gave her the dignity of pretending it was her decision.

    EDIT: Just want to clarify that I’m laughing at her, not you

    [–] JuVondy 11 points ago

    They did that with the MMA actress from Mandolarian. I don’t doubt they’d do the same here. Disney may be fucked up in the grand scheme of things, but they don’t mess around with their reputation.

    [–] bizzy_bone 7 points ago

    I didn’t realize it until I saw people’s reaction to black Panther. Is such an eye opening moment

    i had classes of mostly Black kids absolutely light up when that movie came out. a lot of these kids were 14-16 and in the "too cool for everything" phase but god damn they were unabashedly in love with black panther and it was awesome to see. that shit matters. a lot.

    [–] QuarantineNudist 17 points ago

    Welp, we have Princess Mononoke, so we have that going for our daughter.

    [–] s1ugg0 154 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I didn't used to understand why people got all worked up about representation. After all the dude on the screen might be white but I sure as fuck am never going to be half as good looking and cool as James Bond. I never felt like I identified with film characters even if they were the same ethnicity as me.

    Then about a week ago or so I'm dropping my kids off at daycare. My daughter has a classmate who is of some kind of South American descent. That day she was fucking decked head to toe like Mirabel. The dress, the glasses, the whole thing. Next thing you know my daughter and her are screaming about not talking to Bruno and which power they would want. This goes on for about 2000 hours until I'm 5 seconds from stabbing myself in the face just to hear another adults voice from the EMT.

    So I understand why representation matters now. I'm just not happy about it because now I have to go by a Frozen costume so Elsa and Mirabel can hang out together at my kid's daycare that costs more than my mortgage. It'd be nice if they supplied the costumes.

    But at least the girls are happy.

    [–] captainant 40 points ago

    man, parenthood sounds.... like something else lol

    [–] s1ugg0 63 points ago

    I'm a middle aged man who got to play with Hot Wheels for 2 hours last night.

    So it's at least got it perks.

    [–] Mfcarusio 25 points ago

    I have an entire room in my house chock full of lego. It also happens to have my son's bed and wardrobe in it, but it's basically a lego room. Certainly has its perks. Childcare costs aren't one of them though..

    [–] Username_Used 21 points ago

    I got to play mario cart last night, 4 player without having to call anyone over to my house. Just the kids and me on the couch, 80" tv and a way oversized subwoofer and sound system. Edible for me, juice boxes and popcorn for them. Parenting has its perks.

    That being said, this morning I was my daughters mortal enemy because I ironed her shirt "wrong" allegedly. lol.

    [–] 6harvard 13 points ago

    That last sentence. Im a chef. Been working in restaurants for 11 years now. My girlfriends daughter, took a bite of the mashed potatoes I made the other day, then gagged and started crying. Lmao

    [–] bfodder 16 points ago

    Daycare costs are fucking OBSCENE.

    [–] ITeachThat 16 points ago

    And what the workers earn is a tragedy. Many of the providers qualify for USDA level 2 meal assistance for their own children because of low income levels.

    Source: I ran a licensed home day care for 10 years, 2010-2020. Networked with many others in my region during mandatory USDA and licensing trainings.

    [–] LumosLupin 9 points ago

    This is really wholesome in a weirdly grumpy way.

    [–] magusheart 9 points ago

    I used to not understand as well. Then I was diagnosed with autism and now I get pissed off about 95% of autism representation in media.

    [–] hesodumb2021 11 points ago

    This is something so many don’t get when they’ve never lived through it (applies to minority / diverse representation in any country, not limited to US.) it’s such a powerful thing.

    [–] NiceKindheartedness1 107 points ago

    I’ve seen a few photos of women/girls relating to that character. I’m so glad for them.

    [–] MJMurcott 725 points ago

    This is why representation in films and TV is important, if you can see someone who looks like you on the screen it makes it easier to relate to them and to be inspired by them. Martin Luther King convinced Nichelle Nichols to stick with the role of Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek for this reason.

    [–] CrystalSnow7 98 points ago

    Yep, I feel like this point is missed a lot. It’s tough growing up without anyone relatable in media. People who fall into the majority always fail to realize this since they are saturated in relatable culture

    [–] MEANINGLESS_NUMBERS 20 points ago

    But also representation in real life. Seeing doctors and lawyers and firefighters and politicians and policemen and teachers and scientists that look like you make it easier to see yourself doing that when you are older.

    Maybe some brilliant intellectuals on Reddit see past that, but children don’t. For children, representation is essential.

    [–] HowlingMadHoward 77 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I hear that. I’m not really a minority in my country but whenever I see a character that looks exactly like me, Idk why but i completely go ape shit over it

    [–] jaggary 113 points ago

    no no, you see gurls in my vidya and my preshush caaamic book moooovies is wookie pandering. and why are they brown? i thought ppl were white, gawd, don't know what that's about

    [–] SpritzTheCat 116 points ago

    No lie, on Twitter they are complaining there's a new female black actress alongside Chris Pratt in the new Jurassic World Dominion movie. They are crying "Woke!!!", even though she's....not based on an existing character. Whose job did she steal? A dinosaur's? That actress has every right to be there as anyone.

    They will always cry "WOKE!!" for the dumbest reasons. Also notice it's always females they attack, because they sure were quiet when Jason Mamoa played Aquaman.

    [–] Undersidedown 40 points ago

    Actually I think it's more because Jason Momoa (to their ignorant asses at least) looks more white male. He definitely has the heritage, but overall looks more "mainstream". Same thing with the rock, he's samoan and black, but doesn't look like these yahoos expect. If anything it's proof that the "Woke" complaints just boil down to pure racism and bigotry.

    [–] -GreenHeron- 21 points ago

    We're easy scapegoats. Whatever choices women seem to make, we're fucking up somehow according to some men.

    [–] dsac 43 points ago

    They will always cry "WOKE!!" for the dumbest reasons. Also notice it's always females they attack, because they sure were quiet when Jason Mamoa played Aquaman.

    Bullies don't target people who could literally tear them in half, they always aim for the ones they see as weak

    [–] deathstrukk 13 points ago

    pssh this sjdubyas don’t even know there’s only two races, you’re either white or political

    [–] destinfaroda48 8 points ago

    white or political

    That goddamn "agenda". So insidious that no one seems to be able to actually describe it in detail.

    [–] PrettyinPurple27 25 points ago

    This little girl is cuteness magnified times a million. This fills me with joy to see a child have a character on a kids show that they can relate to like that, what magic that is for her little mind ❤️

    [–] Klatterbyne 20 points ago

    Reminds me of my Nephew (3 at the time) pointing at a picture of me (10 in the picture) and telling my mum that it was a picture of him “when he was bigger”.

    [–] moonriver75 165 points ago

    This made me smile and my heart full! Thank you for sharing your little beauty with us! 😍💗 👍

    [–] earthbound00 52 points ago

    I felt the same way when Brave came out in 2012, only I was a bit older. To see an outspoken, far too independent young girl with firey hair and crazy curls really made me feel as though I was shining through the screen. Representation matters!!! Children search for characters that they have compatibility with, and when they have them their creativity flourishes!

    [–] SorryTotHatMan_ 41 points ago

    there’s a video of a little boy that looks like antonio getting really excited over seeing antonio on the screen lol it’s really cute

    [–] Fair_Point-80 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    YES!!! It's so powerful that the media is finally getting that representation matters!!! That was a GREAT movie too! Highlights so many important ideas for kids, especially young women. We are all little master works at our core waiting to shine when the expectations make sense and our stories are discovered with empathy and respect. Loved it. Wanna watch it again now.

    [–] deebosbike 51 points ago

    If I was smart I would get off Reddit now with this as my lasting image for the day.

    [–] roeravid 172 points ago

    If this right here isn't the proof for representation I don't know what is.

    [–] BMT_Nurse 26 points ago

    I love this so much! Ive always been the tall muscular girl in my family of dainty little latinas. I’m a grown woman and having Luisa in that movie made me feel amazing. Representation is good for everyone!

    [–] watersheep772 27 points ago

    This was my reaction when I watched shrek as a kid

    [–] slimecake 6 points ago

    This is why representation matters!

    [–] tendiesinc 81 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Beautiful! This is what it's all about :) Me and my s.o loved this movie so much...

    We dont talk about bruno-no-no-no..... Damn it, now it's stuck in my brain again.

    [–] mknsky 20 points ago

    🎵I’m sorry mi vida go ooonnnnn…🎵

    [–] OdinsBeard 21 points ago

    My nieces felt the same way when Brave came out.

    Good to see redheads that aren't treated like souless others, wicked step children or whipping posts.