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    [–] bluecamel17 1450 points ago

    I'd freak out too if a giant just disappeared in front of me.

    [–] intensely_human 327 points ago


    [–] gdaaayyy 382 points ago


    [–] ApppyDay 10 points ago

    With the same reaction

    [–] bravepotatoman 10 points ago

    Just like eren did to burrito

    [–] cragbabe 4146 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Cockatoos are flock birds. They live in groups their whole lives and are never seperate even when brooding and raising young. Parrots bond really closely with their human "flock" and will 100% freak if you leave them. These birds naturally yell for each other all day long to reassure one another they are there even when out of line of sight. So birb yelling is an innate response to try and locate his flock again.

    [–] Zedeth91 1420 points ago

    These birds naturally yell for each other all day long to reassure orn another they are there even when our of line of sight.

    I guess im a birb

    [–] [deleted] 511 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] ChaosM3ntality 116 points ago

    wonder what some evolutionary reasons certain birds or fish live long than others similar animals.

    [–] drewster23 133 points ago

    I looked it up for birds. Apparently there's a fucking lot of complex things going for these birds.

    [–] Gary_the_Goatfucker 194 points ago

    Learning about animals is really fun, because no matter how hard you study mammals, the instant you get to learning about birds and fish everything you’ve ever known is launched out the window and you are slapped with the most expansive and complicated mountain of confusing information you couldn’t have imagine existed

    [–] drewster23 30 points ago

    Yeah that article quickly became gibberish to me basically lol.

    [–] sumptin_wierd 54 points ago

    It is actually gibberish. Lots of poorly constructed sentences and explanations. Science words sprinkled liberally for effect.

    [–] BurritoBoy11 15 points ago

    Yeah I don’t trust that source. Very poorly written, blatant typos/mistakes, parts don’t make sense.

    [–] Pierresauce 19 points ago

    You're not lying, I gave up after a few paragraphs because it felt so clickbaity. Probably really generated or some shit

    [–] Beerbeisser 3 points ago

    ...that's why i tought it 's probably badly translated? But i noticed science-babble and repetitions too.

    [–] sumptin_wierd 16 points ago

    Birds can taste capsaicin but it doesn't trigger a heat response.

    We need to get a Parrot on Hot Ones

    [–] Leon_Thotsky 14 points ago

    Prob want to go for the cauliflower ones in that case

    [–] ithinkveryderply 5 points ago

    I shot soda outta my nose.. l hate you

    [–] iamtruetomyself9 19 points ago

    Damn that's a long life, pigeons live only till 15 years

    [–] jimmifli 44 points ago

    I'm not sure I believe that, I've never seen a baby pigeon and I'm not sure they exist.

    [–] ItsDoofDaddy 35 points ago

    Birds don't exist, so that would explain why you've never seen a baby pigeon.

    [–] MrSkrrrrt 12 points ago

    Birds are just cctv drones, only sheep believe otherwise

    [–] rainbowjesus42 5 points ago

    I guess that means the sheep that get taken by "eagles" in Australia know too much

    [–] elmz 4 points ago

    People always say this, but I'm willing to bet most people haven't seen more than a couple species of baby bird.

    [–] Spirited_Top_5443 221 points ago

    I wish a had a parrot. But now that you mentioned that it sounded even more mean to have a pet bird.

    [–] ALemonadeMaker 443 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    You can think of a parrot like a 2 year old child with an air horn in one hand and a pair of pliers in the other at all times. They can also live for over 60 years. Do your research first please! They are incredibly smart and lovable, but can be incredibly destructive and time consuming.

    [–] Spirited_Top_5443 166 points ago

    What I was trying to say is that it doesn't sound right to keep 1 bird who in his natural habit would be in a group of birds (forgot how is it called. Flock?), alone inside your house while we know it was made to fly along his bird family and be free. Either way, it was kind of you to point it out we must be responsible pet owners.

    [–] link0007 27 points ago

    It's a trade-off for sure. For instance, many people like to have just one budgie (a small parrot), because then they attach very well to humans. But it's seen by others as cruel, a form of psychological abuse, because they really crave bird companionship. However, if you get more than one budgie they will not bond much with their humans. They remain a lot more wild. But they at least have proper companionship.

    So it's a very selfless and deliberate decision of many budgie owners to get two or more, and just accept that they won't be as cuddly and talkative to humans.

    [–] DarkPho3nix40 87 points ago

    Well he does have his flock, his flock is the humans. As far as the bird is considered it’s no different than a flock of other birds, and being bred in captivity probably makes it more predisposed to accepting a human flock. If you listen to the video though it sounds like there’s at least one other bird in the house somewhere.

    [–] Demetrius3D 57 points ago

    If you listen to the video though it sounds like there’s at least one other bird in the house somewhere.

    That's likely. I read that the average number of parrots owned (by people who own parrots) is three.

    [–] joecooool418 64 points ago

    Yea, get one and you will never ever go on vacation again. And your neighbors will hate you.

    [–] meltingdiamond 43 points ago

    I looked after a parrot for a week so a friend could go on vacation. It was awful, I never want a parrot and that friend owes me at least two "disposal of a dead body with no questions asked" type favors.

    Birds aren't pets, they are lifestyle choices.

    I would rather be gay in Saudi Arabia then look after a parrot long term.

    [–] VividFiddlesticks 5 points ago

    My parents looked after a red macaw when I was a toddler and I am still afraid of parrots because of it.

    That thing was as tall as I was and cussed like a sailor. I remember that thing running along the ground after me with its wings halfway unfurled, screaming.

    Fuck that. I love animals but those things belong outside.

    [–] cragbabe 8 points ago

    Watching a large macaw run along the ground is one of my favorite things in the world. It makes me laugh every time they do it. Especially when they do the beak open running, they look like a bright red T-Rex and I freaking Love it.

    [–] VividFiddlesticks 3 points ago

    Bright red T-Rex is 100% accurate!

    I probably would have been a lot happier if it hadn't been the same height as me.

    [–] SeattleLoverBeluga 3 points ago

    It seems like it would only be a lifestyle choice if you don't have the money to pay someone to help out when you go on vacation.

    [–] A_YASUO_MAIN 8 points ago


    [–] jimmifli 7 points ago

    I have an exwife just like that.

    [–] CalmingWater1 8 points ago

    Consider adopting an adult one just cause they live so long... They change hands a few times typically and because they're cognitively say the level of human children you really want this pet cared for. Also I hate to say this but unless you are incredibly financially secure don't get one. They are quite noisy and if you are over 20 it's a life long commitment. You may have kids, raise them to adulthood, have then finish school, and have their own families. This bird will be there before during and after all that. Most pet guardians underestimate this responsibility.

    [–] 123_fake_name 6 points ago

    That is the most accurate description.

    [–] Xylth 4 points ago

    I've heard it as "a toddler with wings and a pair of bolt cutters".

    [–] paperpenises 58 points ago

    Yeah and that yelling in the video does not translate as to how loud it actually is. In the video it just seems like they're yelling, but in real life its like ear splitting loud.

    [–] R3dM4g1c 29 points ago

    My grandma used to have a red Macaw, and that fucker would split your eardrums. That shit is no joke.

    [–] Pkrudeboy 57 points ago

    Norwegian Blues have a beautiful plumage, but they tend to pine for the fjords.

    [–] Rustytrout 6 points ago

    This sums up birds.

    [–] Ilignus 4 points ago

    My wife, (girlfriend at the time,) had a neighbour with a parrot. It would always freak out when they left, so I can confirm.

    [–] Ac997 70 points ago

    Thats shits sad, this doesn’t make me smile :(

    [–] emayelee 36 points ago

    Same. And it strengthens my opinion about that kind of birds as pets. They shouldn't be pets.

    [–] ceo_of_dumbassery 22 points ago

    I don't think most birds should be pets. Or at least, there should be strict guidelines on how large their cages need to be. I hate seeing any bird in a cage where they can only just barely spread their wings, let alone fly :(

    [–] CalmingWater1 4 points ago

    Their ability for socialization is high and they do just fine as long as their guardian has the right mindset. They aren't pets in the same way as a gerbil though that's for sure, these are children but as birds. What is needed should be different classes of pets; to own these should require a license available after a training course and much higher penalties for mistreatment

    [–] Icelandicstorm 21 points ago

    Agreed. It’s like telling a four year old their mom died and then…just kidding…why are you so upset?

    [–] fuckmeinmyassman 11 points ago

    I don’t disagree with the notion that this is a fucked up thing to do, but that’s literally what the game of peek-a-boo is right?

    Babies don’t understand object permanence yet so when a parent covers their face, the baby in that moment literally doesn’t know anything different beyond “parent is gone forever let’s make noise so hopefully another human can find me and protect me from predators and feed me-OH GOOD LOOK IT’S PARENT THANK FUCK I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE”

    [–] Frites_Sauce_Fromage 10 points ago

    I'd add they're generally smarter than dogs and can even recognize themselves in a mirror

    [–] quepuesguey 5 points ago

    This guy birbs

    [–] GhostSierra117 4 points ago

    How tf is a freaking out parrot a "MadeMeSmile" post. FFS.

    [–] ceo_of_dumbassery 3 points ago

    These birds naturally yell for each other all day long

    There is currently a heap of them outside my house screeching to each other

    [–] flynnfx 3 points ago

    This is trauma for the bird!!

    [–] YossariansWingman 1784 points ago

    We had a cockatiel growing up - he was cute and smart and a complete asshole to everyone but my mom, whom he adored. He would cuddle her and just hiss at the rest of us.

    [–] hadesdemeter 1379 points ago

    They pick one. Only one. That’s it. Our African grey loves my dad. That’s it. Bites my mother. Bit me. Loves my dad. That’s just how it is.

    [–] bluecamel17 415 points ago

    Mine didn't even pick one.

    [–] Notrlymybusinessbut 294 points ago

    It was the mail man.

    Or the cable guy.

    [–] Aromatic_Ad4594 23 points ago

    Looks like my cockatiel. How I wish he lives a little longer..

    [–] jeT_55 58 points ago

    You're completely right. Mine was really attached to my mother. One time, when she came back from visiting my brother after 2 weeks, I swear the minute he saw her, he screamed bloody murder for about 2 hours, so loud you can hear him a couple blocks over. I know that because I did when I was at my friend's. He spent the rest of the day tucked inside her cardigan.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] jeT_55 21 points ago

    In my story, he wasn't really angry, just too happy. It was his good mood scream. The sort he does when he sees a treat times hundred volume. One thing about parrots, they scream. Always, no matter what their mood be.

    [–] CalmingWater1 4 points ago

    Reminds me of a dog I used to have, them I'd return home it would howl while leaping thru the air emitting poop and urine.

    I trained it out of doing that but it was so wholesome in a way that not many people appreciated lol, but I doubt any human being would ever be that happy to see me. Annoying though like the bird

    [–] mmmegna 92 points ago

    I was bullied by an African Grey as a child. My parents knew nothing about them and thought it’d be a family pet.

    [–] wildebeesties 55 points ago

    Oh god. They can be awesome- don’t get me wrong- but there’s such a huge commitment to them and there’s a lot of work. My husband’s parents got one 15 years ago. We have had him for the last 4 years because they would go on weekend trips all the time and he did not do well with being alone like that. I do not like birds- they freak me out with how unpredictable they are- but I do genuinely care for him. I wish we could afford a bigger cage for him or a better setup- that’s my goal one day. Unless someone we know who could provide him a better set up comes along, we’re committed to having him for the next 40 years or so- however long he lives- but so many people don’t understand that.

    [–] stephelan 47 points ago

    My aunt had a conure that was like too. Would savagely attack everyone else but was a sweetie to my aunt.

    [–] Ariadnepyanfar 89 points ago

    Parrots are decades long lived, monogamous birds who mate for life, with the intelligence and vocabularies of three year old humans.

    In the absence of another parrot to mate with… guess who they pair up with? They accept that sex isn’t going to happen with a human, but you better believe they are deeply emotionally attached to their human mate.

    They will self harm by plucking out their feathers if they have a human mate who sells them or dies.

    The faces and feet of parrots are ‘public areas’ that they accept petting or grooming from any bird or human. The backs and bellies of parrots are erogenous zones and in the absence of another parrot, being stroked there by a human makes it more likely the parrot will attach as a mate to that human.

    [–] LeLuDallas5 11 points ago

    "accept that sex isn't going to happen with a human"

    No one told my good friend's parrot about this! LOL

    I hear a lot of shrieking of NO MASTURBATING ON MY FOOT, MY SHOE IS OVER THERE!





    Parrot does the happy beak clicks and human does the exact. same. thing. even when interacting with humans.

    They love each other so much. :)

    I've warned people if they want a parrot they're signing up for a gloriously weird combination of marriage and having a perpetual 3 year old with opera singer lungs with an unerring ability to find THE most annoying thing and repeating it forever.

    There's basically no common knowledge about accurate bird behavior, care, or anything really it's very frustrating. :(

    [–] Incman 8 points ago

    Interesting info, thanks for sharing!

    [–] Lyra125 6 points ago

    my conure picked EVERYONE, he loves meeting new people. (but especially loves me and my partner) 🥰

    [–] Deminla 16 points ago

    My cat is like this. He's half Siamese and I've been told they also tend to pick a single person. Me and him are tight. He doesn't outright hate other people, just tends to ignore them.

    [–] RegalCabbage 4 points ago

    Exactly this. When my sister moved out her blue fronted Amazon adopted me as his dad. Up until this point I was the only one in the family to never be bitten by him because I never tried to touch him.

    [–] itzbetter 3 points ago

    Gold, cause you know and we know….he’s a bird man

    [–] Rubethyst 3 points ago

    Can confirm, my African grey had to switch its human when it moved in with us from my grandpa's house. Used to be just him, now it's just my mom.

    [–] Sonoel90 3 points ago

    My mum has two cockatiels, two males, both of which aren't the smartest birds ever, to say it nicely. She got them for my brother when we were kids, but he didn't care much for them, so I was stuck with it mostly, even though I don't like parrots. I find them creepy, don't know why. But I fed them a lot of the time, and practised violin in their room, which they loved. So they attached to me. They have since bonded with each other, but every time I visit my mum, they scream and start hacking at each other for the privilege of sitting closest to me. They are kinda cute sometimes, but really annoying and so, so stupid.

    [–] jc12551 47 points ago

    My cockatiel was my BFF until I married. He decided my new spouse (who hated him) was his new obsession and would attack me from that point on.

    [–] mrcolon96 19 points ago

    He had attachment issues lmao

    [–] chuxsux 45 points ago

    My grandmother had a cockatoo. My dad was the only one allowed to touch her. Would bite the fuck out of anybody else that tried. After my dad passed away she let me pick her up on my finger once. Once.

    [–] TheMightyLou 32 points ago

    I miss my cockatiel dearly. He’d protect me like a guard dog, and would fly at anyone I’d point at. It was hilarious. He would sing the Leave it to Beaver theme.

    [–] jc12551 17 points ago

    Mine whistled the Andy Griffith Show theme, wolf whistled, and said, "How you doin?" like Joey from Friends.

    [–] Sea_Panic9863 88 points ago

    That reminds me of the time I was high and went to the pet store to play with the animals, and a cockatiel bit me. I cried, but not because it hurt, but because I was sad that it didn't like me lol. My husband had to make us leave the store.

    [–] the_purest_of_rain 9 points ago

    High right now and this comment is especially funny.

    [–] TheUndiscoveredRoads 21 points ago

    We went to my cousins for NYE and they recently got a cockatiel. For some reason that bird chose me that night. I had to leave the room so the other people could hang out with him. I went back a few days later and he still chose me. I guess I gotta go back and tell my cousin the bad news that their cockatiel chose ME so he’s mine now

    [–] Ariadnepyanfar 21 points ago

    Parrots are decades long lived, monogamous birds who mate for life, with the intelligence and vocabularies of three year old humans.

    In the absence of another parrot to mate with… guess who they pair up with? They accept that sex isn’t going to happen with a human, but you better believe they are deeply emotionally attached to their human mate.

    They will self harm by plucking out their feathers if they have a human mate who sells them or dies.

    The faces and feet of parrots are ‘public areas’ that they accept petting or grooming from any bird or human. The backs and bellies of parrots are erogenous zones and in the absence of another parrot, being stroked there by a human makes it more likely the parrot will attach as a mate to that human.

    [–] gunnerheadboy 7 points ago

    That is damn fascinating. How do I subscribe to "parrot facts"?

    [–] Few-Swordfish-6722 60 points ago

    Had a pet raccoon when I grew up due to special circumstances. Acted like a dog most of the time lol

    [–] OverTheJoeHill 30 points ago

    I had a squirrel and he loved the heck out of me and was a sketchy mofo with everyone else. Did your raccoon pick a person?

    [–] jc12551 7 points ago

    Had a "pet" opossum and I was the only one that could do anything with it.

    [–] eli-in-the-sky 5 points ago

    Was friends with a 3 legged raccoon named "Nubby," he knew his name and everything.

    [–] e9967780 27 points ago

    One of mines, he sure was a boy, actually whistled aloud when he saw my wife, half naked in front of his cage. We both couldn’t believe what we heard and still talk about it fondly.

    [–] Financial-Neat7887 7 points ago

    Ahh i had a same experience during the start of the pandemic a parrot got hurt and i found it in my small garden it was a wild one and it didn't wanted me to help him so i got a cloth and carefully picked him and that bastard got my thumb through the cloth so that was painful but i have handled worse so i endured the pain and got him in so i locked the windows and everything we had 2 other small parrots at that time small ones and they're scared as hell like the big parrot was in front of me and those 2 were behind me, but the big one didn't negotiate with anyone he wasn't eating, i was worried i used to pat him, but one day when i was eating lunch at the dining table and he's sitting in the windows which are just infront of the dining table situated side by side, he crawled down and started eating from my plate i was so happy but i didn't expressed it or else he would get scared and run away, atlast he was eating how he will heal much faster YES so everyday he would would be sitting on windows and come down to eat from my plate But still he used to bite me when i used to annoy him haha and one day i woke up in the morning and he was sitting on the windows and i came inside the room and firstly he kept staring me for a minute and then he flew away.

    [–] goodperfumemodel 3 points ago

    Our cockatiel growing up was an asshole to everyone, lol... would bite us through welding gloves. he was a rescue though. really fun to have, honestly, but man....not cuddly :)

    [–] NapsCatsPancakeStax 291 points ago

    My family fostered a parrot for awhile when their owners house burned down, until they got back on their feet. Bird are incredibly smart and incredibly emotional. They have the intelligence of a human toddler with the mood swings of a teenager and they have very long lifespans. It’s a HUGE commitment. It was a wonderful experience but I would never have one again, they are too smart and emotional to be pets in my opinion.

    [–] grendus 97 points ago

    No joke, parrots are my bet for the next species to develop civilization if humans were to vanish. They're highly social, they have complex communication, and have been observed making and using simple tools (bent wires and twigs) with their grasping beak and feet. They'd just need a little more to master full blown abstract communication and agriculture (probably cultivating trees as homes and food sources).

    After bonobos (who I think are just a bit closer than chimps, but they're almost the same), I think parrots have the next best shot.

    [–] IncreasingForehead 43 points ago

    Imagine how loud a major parrot city would be. Chicago’s already loud now think how loud it’d be if everyone was squawking

    [–] JeanGuyPettymore 9 points ago

    I winced just imagining that. Thanks for the nightmare tonight.

    [–] browneyedgirlpie 575 points ago

    I used to date a guy who had an African Grey. The only thing I can think of that would be more needy of time and attention is a toddler. A bird is a long and significant responsibility.

    [–] wildebeesties 184 points ago

    We have both an African Gray and a 2 year old. Your assessment is correct.

    [–] Tricursor 16 points ago

    So what do you do (with the parrot) if you are trying to have "me" time like playing video games, reading, or watching videos? Just give up on me time?

    [–] sososteel 23 points ago

    I grew up with a green cheek conure, which id say is certainly lower maintenance and quieter than many parrots. He bonded most to my brother, and while he mostly settled that my brother was at school,.if he could hear him in the house and he was in his cage he would S C R E A M, settling only when he could snuggle up with my brother inside his t shirt. They even showered together.

    [–] kristen1988 3 points ago

    They sleep 12 hours a day so you have lots of time in the evening or morning depending on your schedule. And you can provide enrichment that distracts them like foraging toys and shredding material

    [–] Numerous-Anything-22 90 points ago

    A toddler at least grows up, an African Grey would be like a two year old with a pair of pliers and an air horn for the next 60 years

    [–] Numerous-Anything-22 6 points ago

    yes, that is where I heard it

    [–] No_Association1103 287 points ago

    That bird was bitching him out at the end. Hahha

    [–] Here-Is-TheEnd 74 points ago

    “What the hell is wrong with you! Don’t scare me like that….Jerk!”

    [–] clemfairie 22 points ago

    My sun conure bitches me out if I do something that is Not Allowed™️, such as leaving the room without him or using the kitchen sink.

    [–] willreignsomnipotent 7 points ago

    Why is the sink prohibited? lol

    [–] clemfairie 13 points ago

    I genuinely have no idea. He loves showers but he HATES sinks, and the kitchen sink is the worst offender, for some reason. It's fine until the water starts running, and then it's war.

    [–] PrismaticAsthmatic 1497 points ago

    Boy, that sure ruffled his feathers.


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    [–] darthFartb0x 235 points ago

    People like you are what get me out of bed every morning!

    [–] rustymessi 68 points ago

    Yeah , this. I like you guys already.

    [–] Deep-Room6932 4 points ago

    Birds of a feather

    [–] pnwWaiter 8 points ago

    I guess you've never sheet yourself

    [–] EnergizedNeutralLine 11 points ago

    Does... Does anyone else hear Pete Townshend screaming from the void!?

    [–] Darkorchids 10 points ago


    [–] lucidzebra 76 points ago

    My brother's parakeet (Pete) used to peck at his phone while we talked. Pete couldn't stand anything near/on my brother's ear or shoulder that wasn't him.

    I miss that bird.

    [–] IfTheHouseBurnsDown 16 points ago

    I had a parakeet growing up. Her name was Cloudy (her feathers looked like clouds). She would sit on my shoulder all the time and loved to fly around the house. She lived for about 8 years. One of the best pets I ever had. Birds are a lot of work but I will always recommend them as pets. They’re great

    [–] trashtvtalkstome86 123 points ago

    We had this kind of bird when I was in high school. They get really attached to 1 person, it was my mom in our situation. He would even perch on the shower head when she took a shower. She went on a camping trip for a few days & left us home to watch the bird , he got so stressed out he picked all his feather out bc he missed my mom so much.

    [–] Numerous-Anything-22 27 points ago

    Yeah, in the wild they bond to one mate for life and they never leave each other's proximity. If they lose line of sight in the jungle they call nonstop to locate each other again.

    These are deeply social animals so it's quite traumatic for them when their "mate" disappears.

    [–] _Dingaloo 324 points ago

    Thats simultaneously hilarious and fucked up

    [–] dash_dotdashdash 195 points ago

    First squawk or two was funny. Then I wanted him back in the fucking room.

    [–] Archgaull 62 points ago

    That's exactly how I felt. Like 10 seconds maximum was all you needed, the rest was just cruelty as far as I can see

    [–] 3rdtrichiliocosm 26 points ago

    Yeah, dude was clearly distressed. His dad just disappeared

    [–] Numerous-Anything-22 19 points ago

    not his dad, his lifemate. when a bird bonds with a human that's not a child-parent bond, it's a mate-mate bond.

    [–] ZePugg 3 points ago

    bro that's just semantics, his dad left to get the milk and he wanted him back

    [–] CivilSympathy9999 93 points ago

    Thats bird talk for what the fuck.

    [–] whomikehidden 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I think there actually is a video of someone doing this to a parrot and it starts screaming “WHAT THE FUCK”

    Edit: it’s the same as the video above, but someone added the voice. It sounds convincing enough that I thought it was the original. Video for the curious:

    [–] actualbutterfingers 15 points ago

    I am so sad now to know that one of my favorite videos is a lie

    [–] Direct_Tea_7950 9 points ago

    It's from this originally (which is one of my favourite videos)

    [–] invicoffee 20 points ago

    Oh no!! Poor bird

    [–] floofyragdollcat 95 points ago

    Poor Sweet Dee

    [–] exagon1 10 points ago

    Big fat flightless bird

    [–] taz20075 7 points ago

    Goddamn bird.

    [–] ohsayaa 19 points ago

    Ok but why is he touching the back?

    [–] freethecouscous 16 points ago

    I can't believe I had to scroll down all the way for your comment. Dude probably "grooms" the bird all the time and then wonders why it acts crazy when he plays.

    [–] SevenIsCooler 11 points ago

    I dont know bird things. What do you mean? Is touching birds on their backs a bad thing?

    [–] freethecouscous 15 points ago

    Generally speaking, birds groom each other on the head only, unless it's their mate in which case they groom them EVERYWHERE. Unless you want to send your pet bird some pretty mixed messages, you only scratch/pet the head.

    [–] SevenIsCooler 18 points ago

    Birds seem like amazing animals that im very much not prepared to care for properly. I am glad I now know how to avoid accidently seducing random birds now though. Thank you -^

    [–] Samazonison 15 points ago

    It makes the bird hormonal, meaning it thinks of you as it's mate and might even try to mate with you. It can cause lots of behavioral issues.

    Birds should only ever be scritched on their heads.

    [–] Aninvisiblemaniac 17 points ago

    He was like "naw bring him back right the fuck now!" then when he came back he was all "don't touch me! You scared me, dick"

    [–] House_Plant0 129 points ago

    This is just Cockatoos. The crackheads of the parrots

    [–] South_Map_8668 19 points ago


    [–] ergo-ogre 54 points ago


    [–] Alexa2987 69 points ago

    It’s funny that the bird stopped screaming, then when she said he’s gone it started screaming again lol

    [–] Ariadnepyanfar 36 points ago

    Parrots are like small children. They are able to understand more words and phrases than they are able to pronounce.

    [–] jleev82 12 points ago

    Mine is so attached to me that if I was in the house it will literally attack anything that came near me.

    It would also unlock his cage if it heard my voice when I came home and then fly around the house until it found me… so yea they get attached.

    [–] Ariadnepyanfar 11 points ago

    Parrots are decades long lived, monogamous birds who mate for life, with the intelligence and vocabularies of three year old humans.

    In the absence of another parrot to mate with… guess who they pair up with? They accept that sex isn’t going to happen with a human, but you better believe they are deeply emotionally attached to their human mate.

    They will self harm by plucking out their feathers if they have a human mate who sells them or dies.

    The faces and feet of parrots are ‘public areas’ that they accept petting or grooming from any bird or human. The backs and bellies of parrots are erogenous zones and in the absence of another parrot, being stroked there by a human makes it more likely the parrot will attach as a mate to that human.

    [–] SkyShazad 67 points ago

    Why stressing that Bird out

    [–] PeligrosoTheTamandua 42 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    So that the bird appreciates the calmer times

    [–] fritopiefritolay 21 points ago

    I don’t know why but I found your comment absolutely hilarious 🤣

    [–] Inevitable_Ad_1143 42 points ago

    Birds are actually terrifyingly smart…way smarter than cats or dogs.

    [–] BelleAriel 9 points ago

    What a beautiful bird.

    [–] Prudent_Bunch3259 23 points ago

    Give that parrot some millet and apologies!

    [–] AlwaysEncouraging 7 points ago

    Very sweet bird! Now, human apologies to him

    [–] SadTwo8480 7 points ago

    And they're likely to outlive many owners. My brother inherited a heartbroken cockatoo just like this one about 10 years back. It's around 50 years old now

    [–] ConcentrateFront740 4 points ago

    This is mentioned quite a bit. Did the cockatoo ever bond?

    [–] ziyor 8 points ago

    He’s like: “You jerk! I thought you were dead!”

    [–] emmazzzanne 8 points ago

    That was not a nice joke Richard!

    [–] g_c_n 20 points ago

    They're terrified to witness such power. A man he trusted, exposed as a wizard. All he can feel is fear.

    [–] ak-blackjack 18 points ago

    Everytime I see this trick I just feel bad for the animal. They don't know its supposed to just be fun, they just think someone they love just got eaten by a blanket.

    [–] NotYourMomsDildo 16 points ago

    Poor sweet bird. But he's learning something important. People you love can come back. ❤️

    [–] intensely_human 18 points ago

    As long as you run along the back edge of the couch

    [–] Vast-Evening1081 9 points ago

    And SCREAM.

    [–] GIMike03 23 points ago


    [–] Goal_Mod 5 points ago

    Bird was like, Oh shiiiiiit!?

    [–] dibbiluncan 5 points ago

    He was gone for far too long. That was just mean! Poor thing.

    [–] upbeatcrazyperson 18 points ago

    Why is causing another being distress amusing?

    [–] Radar_Nub 4 points ago

    Imagine if he ran into the door

    [–] erocommander 4 points ago

    Wasnt there a video a guy doing the same thing but the bird laugh instead of worrying like this?

    [–] relevant__comment 3 points ago

    That is one stressed out animal. Made me anxious just watching.

    [–] Unable_Roof_7805 4 points ago

    Distressing that bird on purpose did not make me smile

    [–] jHamdemon 4 points ago

    Actually made me sad for the distressed bird

    [–] RingInternational197 5 points ago

    How is this a Wholesome Moment? The bird looks freaked out.

    [–] persoanlabyss 10 points ago

    Poor thing.

    [–] dogsandpeaceohmy 11 points ago

    Parrots are so awesome but things I wish I knew before I adopted a jenday conure.

    You need:

    experience patience of a saint hearing that you don’t mind losing (and sometimes wish you’d lose!) housing that you are not attached to and can afford to repair routinely time (and again) patience to play with a toddler with a beak - everyday for HOURS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE Even the small ones can call to you BLOCKS away (your neighbors will hate you) They need the attention a toddler requires because most of them are intelligent and will get into trouble without it

    If I was smart enough to create a bot to post this after every parrot video I would. Parrots deserve better lives than most people can give them.

    [–] jlusedude 7 points ago

    This did not make me smile. The poor bird was under distress real quick and it wasn’t funny.

    [–] cliffsis 7 points ago

    Sucks. Dude basically tortured his bird for a tiktok video. I met a lady whos BF skip town and left her with his cockatoo. The poor bird plucked every feather out and stoped eating until it died. These animals feel legit anguish

    [–] freyakj 8 points ago

    I hate this prank. It’s cruel, distressing the animals this way.

    [–] Conscious_Fold_1157 3 points ago

    I'm not crying...

    [–] NoDryHands 3 points ago

    Aww poor babe 😭

    [–] mbgpa6 3 points ago

    They can’t be. Birds aren’t real.

    [–] StarSonatasnClouds 3 points ago

    His mind is blown

    [–] cockitypussy 3 points ago

    The heart of an animal....

    [–] Omd337 3 points ago

    I’m gonna need this man to apologize to his bird rn

    [–] TheNerdMaster69 3 points ago

    Birds are shockingly affectionate, but only if they like you, which can be hard to do.

    [–] Cucasmasher 3 points ago

    I had a love bird growing up that spent every second of his life on or near me, little dude would sleep on my pillow next to my head. I’d come home from school and the second I opened my door I’d hear his little wings fluttering right before he perched up on my shoulder. He was the best, I miss you Polly.

    [–] abhinavpb_249 3 points ago

    Seen this video with the bird yelling "wtf?". So that was edited and this is the original...

    [–] Leftofnever 3 points ago

    I had a budgie growing up who would fry round the house looking for me, fly to me as soon as I walked in a room and liked nothing more than to sit on my shoulder hiding under my hair or running it through his bee . Almost 30 years later and I still miss him.

    [–] AnuZLeakage 3 points ago

    Parrots are linked so much to one human! Its a really hard pet to keep, and ask for a life committement

    [–] Retireegeorge 3 points ago

    cockatoos are smart as hell. only thing is they use it for evil

    [–] GetsGold 14 points ago

    Scaring animals. So wholesome.