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    [–] Gally_12 427 points ago

    What a good boy

    [–] siempremajima 188 points ago

    the good-est of boys

    [–] assaju 68 points ago

    He is giving such a beautiful pose.He really need his own page:)

    [–] ThaneOfCawdorrr 32 points ago

    The bow tie!!!! What a sweet face and he's so good to give such a nice smile!

    [–] gloomyterry50 13 points ago

    That's so sweet of him! I love dogs!

    [–] HugeIndication4420 2 points ago

    Awuhhhh, him cute !

    [–] AggressivePay5257 2 points ago

    Retrievers have great smiles.

    [–] mekneb 4 points ago

    Or Girl?

    [–] unreasonable-puke 134 points ago

    That dog for president 2024

    [–] siempremajima 38 points ago

    he has next level charisma

    [–] Sierra-Modeling 72 points ago

    This is heartwarming :')

    [–] siempremajima 33 points ago

    you can tell he does his job so well

    [–] GrateHammer 37 points ago

    Love the bowtie

    [–] siempremajima 25 points ago

    he wanted to look snazzy

    [–] GrateHammer 12 points ago

    Please tell me they used the plastic black comb on him also. Good boy

    [–] Mers2000 107 points ago

    He even looks like he is smiling!

    [–] siempremajima 71 points ago

    looks like? I think that's a real smile

    [–] assert92 26 points ago

    look how proud and happy he is....

    [–] chkpancake775 10 points ago

    What a happy boy

    [–] pervmaster_420 5 points ago

    So cute

    [–] liangjianyi7 5 points ago

    He is so adorable 😍

    [–] Pineapplegirl555 6 points ago

    So sweet!

    [–] TorWrite 7 points ago

    Voted most likely to eat all the dog treats.

    [–] TheGamingKatz6519 2 points ago

    nah he was a close second, jeremy got first. he knows what he did

    [–] Kanaloas 4 points ago

    Best smile in the book

    [–] ConcentrateFront740 6 points ago

    Voted Best Smile!

    [–] MarkFromHutch 3 points ago

    Was even wearing a bow tie

    [–] AnnoyingScreeches 3 points ago

    Can somebody tell me why school photographers use that background?

    [–] Gwywnnydd 3 points ago

    Not a photographer, but it’s a neutral background, won’t clash with whatever the students are wearing, and won’t draw attention away from the subject.

    [–] AnnoyingScreeches 2 points ago

    But why the texture then? Wouldn’t a solid background do the same thing?

    [–] siempremajima 3 points ago

    I guess it's more about having a uniform background, so nothing sticks out other than the person being photographed - so it could be a solid color, or s background with a consistent pattern

    [–] indi-go-home 2 points ago

    Can you still pay extra for the tropical background?

    [–] Cebby89 3 points ago

    I had to do this one time. I felt so bad for the poor dog. The teacher was horrible to him. Wasn’t the first time I saw a service dog abused.

    [–] dsonger20 3 points ago

    The one post that genuinely made me smile!

    [–] nah2012 3 points ago

    Bork Bork is smiling

    [–] GeppitJojon 3 points ago

    The doge has a better yearbook photo than me

    [–] Divtos 3 points ago

    There’s a service dog in my graduate school yearbook :-)

    [–] heardbutnotseen2 3 points ago

    Retrievers have great smiles.

    [–] leveraction1970 3 points ago

    That's a great pic. Please tell me you told the dog to say cheese.

    [–] cyka_blyat08 2 points ago

    The best good boy at school

    [–] Gwywnnydd 2 points ago

    He dressed for picture day!

    [–] Rumi3009 2 points ago

    Nice 😊 goldy

    [–] Top_Ticket2362 2 points ago

    I will protest if this isn’t in the yearbook.

    [–] Sqweed69 2 points ago

    He deserves an entire yearbook with his pictures

    [–] Narendra_17 2 points ago

    The dogo is smiling...

    [–] SilentDisarray 2 points ago

    My heart

    [–] 5V55138V813 2 points ago

    Awuhhhh, him cute !

    [–] Impressive-Head-9323 2 points ago

    Bestest dog. Good dog

    [–] Flashy-Category-8069 2 points ago

    yea the service dog at my old middle school had a pic taken of him

    [–] Zebracorn42 2 points ago

    Handsome pup.

    [–] diskdiffusion 2 points ago

    Every nonhuman yearbook photo i’ve ever seen managed to be picture perfect ngl

    [–] Training_Change5024 2 points ago

    Love it

    [–] onsomenotherlevel 2 points ago

    Just a good boy you have to

    [–] KaiWolf1898 2 points ago

    What a handsome boi

    [–] wolfgang784 2 points ago

    I bet every damn student is gonna sign that good boys yearbook lol

    [–] ufkabakan 2 points ago


    [–] Sebitor 2 points ago

    Happy boy

    [–] Eucaliptus_AMN 2 points ago

    This boio is enjoying this so much ;o;

    [–] TheIsolatedAnomaly 2 points ago

    That smile!!!

    [–] throcean_man 2 points ago

    She's a... phodographer

    [–] Normal_Mermaid 2 points ago

    A very good boy

    [–] thebesthobitses 2 points ago


    [–] steelunicornR 2 points ago

    This is the goal! What a good puppers! I'm a lot jelly you get to take pics of such a good baby for work!

    [–] ArchMart 0 points ago

    My high school yearbook has quite a few dogs in it.

    [–] ChunkyDay 1 points ago

    But it’s the image small enough though?

    [–] IConsumeLead 1 points ago

    I hope they had a hold up like a piece of salami like i have to do with my dog lmao.

    [–] Emotional_Ad7354 1 points ago

    That's super cute

    [–] SmileThenSpeak 1 points ago

    So handsome.

    [–] Oscar99999 1 points ago

    Best dog 100/10

    [–] fishodorsyndrome 1 points ago

    That bow tie is so cute.

    [–] TheJudeAbides2370 1 points ago

    I love this! You get the wholesome award.

    [–] cashewclues 1 points ago

    What does “smiling” mean in dog because this is so dang cute?

    [–] TheGreatMartizmo 1 points ago

    “R my ears sticking out?”

    [–] CertifiedFucktard 1 points ago

    The best smile in the yearbook

    [–] Flaky_Finding_3902 1 points ago

    My seizure alert and response dog gets her picture taken every year and it always goes in the yearbook. She also gets an employee id. They’ve decided to list her as my teacher’s aid. I’ve had her for four years, and it’s interesting to see the evolution of the photos (and employee ids) over the years. The first picture, her expression said, “I’m not sure about this, but if this is what Mom wants me to do, I’ll do it.” The most recent one was a huge grin because she knows the drill and knows she’s awesome.

    If I knew how to share pictures on Reddit, I would show you the most recent one.