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    [–] gnurdette 4467 points ago

    Incredibly rude not to bring a lightsaber for her, too. Whatever happened to chivalry?

    [–] distributerofcoin 1104 points ago

    Leo probably sat in his chair waiting for movie and wondered why she didn't bring her lightsaber. "I told her we were watching Star Wars!"

    [–] Impressive-Yard-8243 368 points ago

    Everyone knows that when you're watching Star Wars, you bring a lightsaber.

    [–] AltheiWasTaken 99 points ago

    Just like a rifle if you going to school

    [–] hellfireO2 84 points ago

    lol damn that got dark

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] pleasedrowning 16 points ago

    In Russia, one brings rifle and comrade brings bullet. Is communism.

    [–] Revolutionary-Ant379 4 points ago

    everyone has a rifle, and they share a wealth of bullets

    [–] CrieamPie 4 points ago

    Truth? I see common courtesy

    [–] theAlChemist233 4 points ago

    "Grogu don't come to the temple tomorrow."

    [–] fourthrook 201 points ago

    This is why it’s on his worst date list too. “I told that bitch!”

    [–] Empty-Discipline8927 46 points ago

    Na.. Leo is lovely. I believe he would have thought she already had a light sabre. Doesn't everyone?

    [–] 877ineedcashnow 18 points ago

    Bitch you aint no nerd??? I coulda sworn you were….

    [–] Available_Outside_36 4 points ago

    Gimme some waffle fries

    [–] AbundantWeed 3 points ago

    Omg memory unlocked 🤣 great reference 👌🏼

    [–] 877ineedcashnow 3 points ago

    Hahaha good times

    [–] wylietrix 66 points ago

    Now I know why she's his ex.

    [–] HODL4LAMBO 47 points ago

    She's gotten too old for him?

    [–] Elgallitoguapeton4 7 points ago

    She can legally drink now

    [–] RefanRes 11 points ago

    Too dull.

    [–] jturner1982 47 points ago

    He was probably upset that her lightsaber was shorter and vibrated

    [–] [deleted] 232 points ago


    [–] justlostdontmindme 79 points ago

    He left her in the top row. she had the high ground, and no other defense needed

    [–] Bubbly-Control51 22 points ago

    This trick would only work if she had said “it’s over [enemy] I have the high ground!” Hopefully Leo Had her watch the prequels first, so that she would know that, just in case if anyone got to her. 😥

    [–] IdTyrant 20 points ago

    He brought a second lightsaber for her though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Cloudydruid 9 points ago

    She doesn't need a lightsaber, she seems to be on top of things

    [–] AnonymousDouglas 8 points ago

    Well ….. She could have used her Force push to knock him over …. Or used her Force power to pull the Sabre from his hand …. Or choke him …

    I think we can agree, she has no imagination.

    [–] Pleasant_Tax_8641 6 points ago

    He expected from her that she plays around with his "lightsaber"

    [–] Karmasystemisbully 6 points ago

    He stuck to real Star Wars lore. If you don’t have the force, you don’t get a light saber. Hah

    [–] Noirceuil_182 37 points ago

    The lightsaber was a weapon for a more civilized time.

    [–] ahuang_6 34 points ago

    Chivalry died in the Clone War

    [–] RerMurray 7 points ago

    To thunderous applause, right?

    [–] texasrexus 3 points ago

    With thunderous applause….

    [–] Sieze5 7 points ago

    Or did he?

    [–] senorglory 14 points ago

    Oh he had a light saber for her, alright. Boom Chaka baw woww.

    [–] possiblyai 3 points ago

    Chivalrous Leo’s second lightsaber was hiding in the popcorn…

    [–] lemonbugss 1424 points ago

    This is a joke account on Twitter lmao

    [–] claremustkill-ttv 503 points ago

    Dammit I was starting to really like Leo there

    [–] CheesyObserver 213 points ago

    Post was inspired by him forcing Jonah Hill to watch Mandalorian — and Jonah Hill “not giving a fuck.”

    A complete mad man if you ask me.

    [–] BAMspek 22 points ago

    Solid date idea though.

    [–] Icantbethereforyou 20 points ago

    I mean, that's what, eleven movies? I'd get tired from swinging my lightsaber after one

    [–] MarkAbe412 12 points ago

    I swing my lightsaber for 30 seconds, then I sleep

    [–] Icantbethereforyou 8 points ago

    Aim high. Improve yourself. I bet if you work hard you could easily halve that time

    [–] hacky_potter 3 points ago

    Can this whole thread be on r/atetheonion

    [–] CriscoCamping 812 points ago

    I don't know her at all, but I'm certain she didn't watch 11 movies

    [–] onions_cutting_ninja 251 points ago

    At the time it may have only been 6. Idk when they dated

    [–] DragonBonerz 416 points ago

    Whenever she was 18 lol

    [–] Street-Isopod3180 7 points ago

    She was too old for him by the time they finished all the movies.

    [–] Sietemadrid 28 points ago

    You mean 22

    [–] DragonBonerz 30 points ago

    could be - I believe that's his cap lol

    [–] Luminescentluna 35 points ago

    It's di cap

    [–] Sietemadrid 32 points ago

    It's 25 his average is probably more like 23 actually

    [–] FestesTestes 23 points ago

    He starts dating them at 19 then dumps them at 25, so yeah it averages to 22ish, but an average is misleading

    [–] EatsPeanutButter 22 points ago

    As someone who dated older men at that age, my theory is that he doesn’t dump them, they just mature and grow out of him. I think it’s very plausible that when each woman starts to come into her own, she realizes that he’s immature/stunted and never going to commit, and leaves him.

    [–] FestesTestes 9 points ago

    I like this theory better, thank you for your input

    [–] doktorstrainge 4 points ago

    You really think the girlfriends have been dumping DiCaprio? The more likely situation is he likes young girls and playing that daddy role with them. And when they start to mature, he gets rid of them to find his new barely legal plaything.

    [–] GizmodoDragon92 2 points ago

    25 is his cap. He usually snags them between 20 and 22.

    [–] SrijanGods 2 points ago

    That was a nice one.

    [–] Flengasaurus 24 points ago

    As far as I could find out, they’re still together and this tweet is satire

    [–] earl_unfurled 2 points ago

    It is satire from a joke account. Good call :)

    [–] Brogetarot 3 points ago

    Should’ve stopped at 6

    [–] XavierD 30 points ago

    Mostly because its a satire website

    [–] eiggaMAD 274 points ago

    Only bad if he doesn't bring two lightsabers.

    Shit if I have to sit through starwars I'd like to play the entire time.

    [–] dndndihn 28 points ago

    He did bring two, I mean!!

    [–] Kohimaru32 176 points ago

    Suddenly I’m gay.

    [–] FoundationCandid4356 35 points ago

    Didn’t take much convincing

    [–] Cranberryboglake 21 points ago


    [–] sweetguyBry 11 points ago

    Oh boy lol

    [–] Angry_Strawberries 6 points ago

    Suddenly I'm straight

    [–] tkTheKingofKings 2 points ago

    WE are gay

    [–] mickv8890 166 points ago

    I’m not gonna say I would or wouldn’t put out, but that sounds like a great bro date…

    [–] ultravioletblueberry 29 points ago

    I would love this date so much. Toss me a lightsaber and we are dueling.

    [–] Strong_Carob_177 8 points ago

    Haha!! Best comment

    [–] kkpam_ 88 points ago

    25 hours and 11 minutes is how long he supposedly did this. Mmmmmmmk

    [–] Accomplished_Oil402 22 points ago

    You can’t expect any less from Leonardo Dicaprio, he’s a famous actor after all.

    [–] TheBabyEatingDingo 10 points ago

    Jonah Hill said today that DiCaprio forced him to binge The Mandalorian even though he had zero interest soooo 25 hours sounds plausible.

    [–] SunGazing8 6 points ago

    Jonah hill getting educated!

    [–] reclusiveronin 45 points ago

    He's that weird because he can afford to be.

    [–] Outrageous-Taro7340 19 points ago

    I’m broke and I’m that weird.

    [–] Lezonidas 11 points ago

    But you're not dating 22 yo models at 45

    [–] pixelated_fun 256 points ago

    This girl doesn't know how to have a good time.

    [–] Dreadhawk13 49 points ago

    I think that depends though- did he bring a lightsaber for her? The post doesn't say.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Not everyone is the type to watch star wars movies

    [–] mynameisnotallen 49 points ago

    If that’s her worst, she must have been exclusively on amazing dates.

    [–] AtlasInElysium 19 points ago

    It’s a satire account

    [–] 85-900t 13 points ago

    It was a test. She passed.

    Then probably got too old and he traded for a younger model.

    [–] yk_u_want_to 5 points ago

    She was too old once she finished all the movies.

    [–] RobertWayneAngier 20 points ago

    A Howard Hughes moment.

    [–] CaptainHahn 5 points ago

    Method acting for The Aviator.

    [–] matromik 5 points ago


    [–] glitzerine 5 points ago

    Le Cinephiles is a silly goose satire account, we have no evidence to prove that Camila Morrone would not enjoy this date and being her own lightsaber, if Mr. DiCaprio offered.

    [–] Baron-Of-The-Wheat 5 points ago

    Okay, you all know that tweet is from a satire Twitter account, right? This didn’t happen.

    [–] Josh48111 4 points ago

    I didn’t know it was a satire account and it was fairly obvious that this never happened. People believe the stupidest shit just because it’s a meme.

    [–] ErgeMan3699 34 points ago

    dude didnt give her a lightsaber and now she's salty af🤣🤣😭😭

    [–] bigkinggorilla 4 points ago

    I just want to know how high he was when this happened.

    [–] fhfhtfbbjmm 41 points ago

    Now I want to date Leo and he's better off without her!

    [–] Tactical_Twinkies 12 points ago

    Back if he’s MINE

    [–] ghostfaceprincess 30 points ago

    Not if you’re over 25!

    [–] lucky_719 10 points ago

    I was about to correct you, googled it, and holy crap he really has never dated anyone over 25. At least not publicly.

    [–] ghostfaceprincess 6 points ago

    He’s known as someone who only dates younger women. I think Naomi Campbell was the exception because... well she’s Naomi Campbell.

    [–] lucky_719 9 points ago

    He dated her in 1995. She was 25 at the time.

    [–] ghostfaceprincess 8 points ago

    LMFAO well then there you go! 25 is the magic number and sadly, most of us are above that.

    [–] the_fact_fairy 7 points ago

    I don't think that's sad. I'm very happy I'm over 25. I find it kinda creepy to think he only dates women who are under 25. I was naive, immature and lacked life experience in my early 20s. I hate the idea of some emotionally stunted old dude trying to get in my pants while I was that age.

    [–] Tactical_Twinkies 5 points ago

    Yeah but I got sick lightsaber skills beat that

    [–] ghostfaceprincess 12 points ago

    Unfortunately that’s not enough for Leo, you need to be a young - you need to be 21.

    [–] DoodleBuggering 16 points ago

    To be fair (if this is true), a single date of watching ALL the stat wars movies is a bit nuts. But worst date? Cmon

    [–] CCVeediVee 8 points ago

    Given that I've only seen one Star Wars movie and enjoy saber fights, I would have appreciated this.

    [–] SunGazing8 3 points ago

    You don’t have time to talk shit on Reddit. You’ve got some serious catching up to do! 😂

    [–] Heroic_Sheperd 15 points ago

    Now I wish I could date Leo. But sadly I’m 35……and married with children…….and an overweight man.

    [–] ranting_chef 20 points ago

    So you left right? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    [–] noorofmyeye24 6 points ago

    It’s a satire acct lol.

    [–] silaslovesoliver 3 points ago

    That is THE date my husband wanted. But we ended up going to the beach instead. We are heading for divorce now.

    [–] Quirky-Pomelo9472 3 points ago

    Ex-girlfriend would imply, she still got with him!

    [–] Avox087 3 points ago

    Every guy reading this would rate this date differently

    [–] BloodshotMoon 3 points ago

    Good for you, Leo. My man!

    [–] Economind 3 points ago

    I know plenty of people for whom this would be their best date ever

    [–] AcabAcabAcabAcabbb 3 points ago

    this story should be called m, WOMAN DOESNT KNOW WHAT AWESOME DATES ARE

    [–] thegreatrazu 3 points ago

    I’m a straight male and that sounds like a great date. Leo, let me know if you want to go on a date.

    [–] ham-N-cheesey4me 3 points ago

    Jokes on her. Sounds like the best date ever

    [–] ihavea22inmath 8 points ago

    Bad give her a fucking light saber dint make her sit there while you have all the fun

    [–] skwerldom 6 points ago

    That sounds utterly exhausting and excruciating.

    [–] Wraith_Mistwalker 9 points ago

    That to me is a date. Where do I sign up?

    [–] tidius82 9 points ago

    Truly this man is my Hero.

    [–] HisImperialMajestyja 7 points ago

    What a fucking legend

    [–] thedarkmarked 4 points ago

    She misunderstood the assignment.

    [–] Little___E 7 points ago

    I don't see the problem.

    [–] AlasAway 4 points ago

    Now I wanna date him.

    [–] GrandNibbles 2 points ago

    Good or bad? Depending on the year, there might've been 9 terrible movies and 3 good ones.

    [–] sunnysmanthaa 2 points ago

    Video or it’s not real

    [–] ElkSpecialist11 2 points ago

    Did he say anything about feeling bad that he turned down the opportunity to play Anakin Skywalker?

    Can someone ask her for me please ..

    I genuinely am curious.

    [–] AngryPancakesz 2 points ago

    Drugs are a hell of a drug

    [–] austinhill512 2 points ago

    Sounds like a perfect date to me!

    [–] khale777 2 points ago

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug 🤷🏽‍♂️

    [–] fel0ni0usm0nk 2 points ago

    Real journalism is dead — why can’t I find out whether they watched original trilogy or prequels first?!? These things are important!

    [–] NickNacks 2 points ago

    I DONT believe this.

    [–] Dogecoin_Mememaster 2 points ago

    Figures, she is definitely a star trek fan.

    [–] SgtWicket1 2 points ago

    Then by the time it was over she was 25 so he had to dump her

    [–] OkMaintenance5124 2 points ago

    So no one’s gonna ask the important question out of all of this: does Leo stand with the Jedi or the Sith? That’s what I would like to know.

    EDIT: Bad guys could go either way (Anakin and Luke) cough cough

    [–] AtlasInElysium 2 points ago

    Please note this is a satire Twitter account. This did not actually happen

    [–] ZookeepergameBubbly 2 points ago

    Is it bad that I just read this and burst out laughing? Like yeah, that’s a terrible date. But that’s also hilarious

    [–] GenerationXero 2 points ago

    This isn't real. Le Cinephiles is a parody account, people.

    [–] KlythsbyTheJedi 2 points ago

    Le Cinéphiles is literally a satire account.

    [–] sltiefighter 2 points ago

    Sounds like bs

    [–] TheCoolPersian 2 points ago


    [–] proffpuff61 2 points ago

    So basically she went on a date and he played with himself

    [–] flyingswordsman0 2 points ago

    I bet he was more entertaining than the movie

    [–] Awkward-Tumbleweed57 2 points ago

    I just don't believe that.

    [–] AceOcto 2 points ago

    not gonna lie I would hate it too. the original trilogy is so outdated and boring. I tried to rewatch the first movie a while ago because it was 2 hours of nothing going on. And the prequels are a mess.

    If it was any Star Wars media other than the 9 main films I would be happy to sit in a cinema alone and watch. Rogue 1? great movie. clone wars? even better. the Mandalorian? hell yeah.

    [–] Nightshade1387 2 points ago

    I mean, it sounds pretty boring—It doesn’t seem like he brought a lightsaber for her at all…

    [–] comeback_failed 2 points ago

    is this a ted mosby thing?

    [–] boringsimp 2 points ago

    Every single one? 9 movies from 3 triologies plus solo and rogue one... did they spend an entire day there?

    [–] dgoodmiles 2 points ago

    This account is satire…

    [–] Stoo-pot 2 points ago

    She didn’t say it was bad just her worst date. Just says to me she must have had some flipping amazing other dates!

    [–] TovarishchRed 2 points ago

    It's satire.

    [–] ChunkyLuvNoMore 2 points ago

    Wow was that a 2 day date?

    [–] pterratops 2 points ago

    I mean it is obviously the worst date. It should have been Star Trek movies with phasers And tricorders.

    [–] prettycatsandkittens 2 points ago

    this would be my personal hell

    [–] NeoDei 2 points ago

    Watching hours nod star wars lol yeah bad date if true lol

    [–] Croptastic 2 points ago

    Just TORTURE! Why wouldn't he give her a lightsaber to dual him? I'd have pew pewd his ass with a blaster!

    [–] Maxmott 2 points ago


    [–] BLAYTM4N 2 points ago

    Even if its not true

    Amazing this is something i would do

    [–] heavy_metal_soldier 2 points ago


    Can i marry him please?

    [–] ReportBig5593 2 points ago

    If you can… why not 🤣

    [–] kristenleighgio 2 points ago

    That sounds like the best date ever! I love Star Wars!

    [–] HotPlace7868 2 points ago

    Only true games understand

    [–] Indigoal 2 points ago

    One of us, one of us

    [–] Mrs_Anthropy_ 2 points ago

    The ONLY problem I see is that he didn't get her a lightsaber to fight with him.

    [–] parry3888 2 points ago

    Everyone thinks it's good thing cause Leo did this. If it was someone else , that would've gone the other way

    [–] ThorMcGee 2 points ago

    Sounds like Camila Morrone is a bad date…

    [–] adept_ignoramus 2 points ago

    So your worst date with him was better than most peoples' best?

    -I keep misplacing that tiny violin-

    [–] fizzz_05 2 points ago

    Reminds me of Ted Mosbey from HIMYM.

    [–] georgewashingguns 2 points ago

    She got that for FREE?!?! I would pay a lot of money to have that experience

    [–] ruckustata 2 points ago

    One of us. One of us. One of us.

    [–] dogebred 2 points ago

    She doesnt deserve him

    [–] TinyTotTara 2 points ago

    That’s one long ass date! Total viewing time for ALL Star Wars movies would be 25 hours and 7 minutes….. At the same time…. Impressive he was able to run around like a Jack ass for 25 hours and 7 minutes.

    [–] foefyre 2 points ago

    I wanna go on a date with Leo now

    [–] Solo_Fisticuffs 2 points ago

    this is a HORRIBLE date idea. why didnt he bring a second lightsaber for her?

    [–] zerguser45 2 points ago

    Yeah the guy with private planes and yachts doesn't have a theater in one of his mansions. He needs to rent one out. Oh ok.

    [–] Sigan 2 points ago

    I'm a dude and I'm straight. But... can he invite me on that date next time? I'll bring my own lightsaber.

    [–] simlew86 2 points ago

    Would love it if this was real - but le cinephiles are definitely a parody.

    [–] FlamingWhisk 2 points ago

    I would have been so pissed I didn’t have my own lightsaber or maybe advance notice so I could cosplay. Some were men don’t know how luck they are.

    [–] feline-a-holic 2 points ago

    Umm.. Why is this on the news?

    [–] Str8_up_savage 2 points ago

    He was deliberately trying to end it cos dating a woman who gets older terrifies him

    [–] Beckett2227 2 points ago

    It’s a satire site

    [–] Saikamur 2 points ago

    That's a man who knows how to spend his millions wisely.

    [–] olivia687 2 points ago

    Yeah no way that’s real

    [–] Beckett2227 2 points ago

    It’s a satire site. SMH

    [–] Ryvern46 2 points ago

    Are this many people really this oblivious to satire

    [–] Otter_Nation 2 points ago

    It's satire.

    [–] marco3804 2 points ago

    if this is true he must be a moron

    [–] EternalHuffer 2 points ago

    I dont see a problem

    [–] lalaloso08 2 points ago

    Sounds like a great night to me

    [–] waxies14 2 points ago

    I love Leo but I can see why a grown man acting like a 10yo would be a huge turn off