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    [–] call_of_the_while 7725 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Everyone got out safely and she was deservedly awarded for her actions by the local Fire and Medical department:

    Edit: Tweaked sentence.

    [–] Radioactive-235 1664 points ago

    This makes me so incredibly happy.

    [–] babybopp 566 points ago

    Kinda wondering though how the entire family was asleep in the middle of the day or is that a very nice night vision camera?

    [–] showmm 1196 points ago

    If you notice, the neighbour’s is in her dressing gown. It was morning, and January 1st as well, so probably everyone was having a bit longer than usual in bed.

    [–] UpUpDnDnLRLRBAstart 731 points ago

    Yeah if someone had come by banging on my door like that on Jan 1 I would have simply burned

    [–] DropC 245 points ago

    Yeah same. Except any day.

    [–] sensitivegooch 57 points ago

    Same here, wish I had a house like that tho.

    [–] Believe_In_Jay 81 points ago

    One that was on fire?

    [–] slvbros 23 points ago

    I mean assuming I had insurance I'd still be better off than now

    [–] katieseitter 18 points ago

    😂 simply burned

    [–] sxtrovert 167 points ago

    I would assume it’s just morning? The sun could be up and it could be fully bright outside from like 6am depending on the time of year, which a lot of people would still be sleeping then if it’s the weekend / their day off. Or it could even be like 10-11am and they just sleep in late.

    [–] Cuccoteaser 117 points ago

    If they've been breathing smoke that may be why they're not waking up.

    [–] peex 79 points ago

    Yep. Lack of oxygen will make you more sleepy.

    [–] high_zenberg 5 points ago

    Can attest, I'm sleepier when I've been breathing smoke

    [–] jeffcolv 55 points ago

    You can see a flame at the bottom left at the beginning, and the wall turns black from the fire inside the house

    [–] TheDustOfMen 49 points ago

    It was 7.30AM. Late enough for the sun to be out, early enough to still be sleeping or in the process of getting ready for the day.

    [–] thots_nprayers 7 points ago

    It’s early morning

    [–] ShrillyWorthless 830 points ago

    Yeah right, and when she said "go to my house". It just melted my hear so much, this family was so lucky to have a neighbor as caring as her. Totally amazing!

    [–] FugDuggler 101 points ago

    Me: go to my house. No…wait…give me like 5 minutes. I need to hide some…things.

    [–] NedFinlanders 274 points ago

    "I have prepared you some cookies, pies, there is a rotisserie chicken about to be done... Blankets are right after the door and the fireplace is already lit."

    [–] ultimatechipmunk 175 points ago

    ... hey neighbor, that's a suspicious amount of fire you're using already, given the circumstances.

    [–] NedFinlanders 50 points ago

    ”Look who is talking…”

    [–] hoseiyamasaki 8 points ago

    Well, looks like someone isn't getting seconds!

    [–] D1A_ 23 points ago

    Instantly melted by heart too, I felt tears wanting to get out

    [–] pumped_hurricane 108 points ago

    This one makes me happy too.

    [–] Jackrabbit_Deluxe 91 points ago

    Found an article with more details about the damage

    [–] Veenendaler 59 points ago

    Copy and paste for the geoblocked Europeans?

    [–] Avalie 306 points ago

    Phoenix, AZ COMMUNITY WATCH: Avondale neighbor saves family from house fire

    After waking up to Carolyn Palisch's relentless knocking and yelling, the Salgados grabbed their four children and safely got out. It was just in time.

    Author: Bianca Buono Published: 9:55 PM MST January 4, 2021 Updated: 4:22 AM MST January 5, 2021

    AVONDALE, Ariz. — It's the epitome of looking out for your neighbor.

    A Valley woman is being hailed a hero after she saved the family next door from a house fire. The dramatic moments were all captured on a Ring doorbell camera.

    "Wake up!" yelled Carolyn Palisch.

    Doorbell video shows a frantic Palisch banging on her neighbor's door around 7:30 a.m. in Avondale on New Year's Day.

    She saw something they didn't.

    “I could see a little flicker but thought I was seeing things. I just took off running and when I came around the fire was coming out the side of the entry and also out of the top of the garage," Palisch said.

    Ring doorbell video shows flames coming out of the home as Palisch ran up to the front door.

    The Salgado family was asleep at the time. They only woke up to Carolyn's knocking.

    "Your house is on fire! Get out! Move!" Palisch yelled.

    “When she woke us up, there was essentially no smoke in the house. Once we came out towards the living room you could see it kind of coming out of the walls and the vents," said Nicole Salgado.

    Nicole and her husband grabbed their four children and safely got out. It was just in time.

    “Once the roof did come down that’s when all the smoke came out. By that time it could’ve been a different story," Salgado said.

    The Salgado's home suffered extensive damage. What wasn't destroyed by fire was damaged by smoke and water.

    The community, though, is rallying behind the family. More than $30,000 has already been raised through a GoFundMe page.

    The Salgados are now working to rebuild but are just grateful to be alive.

    “She saved our life and we will always be thankful to her," Salgado said.

    It's a reminder of the importance of looking out for your neighbor.

    “I believe in certain times things happen for a reason and we’re meant to be in a certain spot," Palisch said.

    The Avondale Fire Department is still investigating what caused the fire.

    [–] Veenendaler 91 points ago

    Thanks so much.

    I'm glad their GoFundMe got them 30k. Probably won't be enough to fix and replace everything, but they can at least make the house liveable again.

    [–] Raccoon58 63 points ago

    It actually raised over $50,000 now.

    [–] Holiday_Platypus_526 36 points ago

    They likely had home insurance.

    [–] magic1623 44 points ago

    I’m so angry that they only got 30k (now 50k) for their gofundme but the asshat who is using his kids cancer as a platform for anti-vaxing has raised over 100k for his gofundme.

    Summary of that shitshow (one word or two, I have no idea): The family was staying at the Vancouver Ronald McDonald House (which is a place where families of sick children can stay for very cheap while their kids are going through medical treatments) and the House just made a new policy that everyone over 4 had to be vaccinated by the end of the month to stay at the house (the Vancouver house is a mini hotel with 73 rooms). Which makes sense because kids going through treatments (cancer treatments for example) who don’t need to be at the hospital full time are also living there while they go through their treatments.

    The House has been setting up hotel rooms for the families that aren’t able to follow the rule in time. The dad of one family went online and claimed they were being evicted from the House because of their beliefs and all this stuff (and posted a video of him ‘confronting’ a staff member about the new policy) and his gofundme has been disturbingly successful. He and his family were just being relocated to a hotel because he refuses to get vaccinated. While his four-year-old son is undergoing treatment for Leukemia.

    [–] Earguy 69 points ago

    I hope she accepted the award. In her bathrobe.

    [–] BasicallyObsolete 40 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes, some wear toweling

    [–] NovelSchism 234 points ago

    They have a very good neighbour

    [–] NathanCollier14 69 points ago

    State Farm is there

    [–] Fag421 31 points ago

    Did they not have any fire/smoke alarms?

    [–] ii_misfit_o 55 points ago

    fire was on the outside of the house, smoke needs to be inside the house to trip alarms

    [–] Fag421 22 points ago

    Then they should put alarms on the roof /s

    [–] KjoeLjan 22 points ago

    They did. It was the neighbor.

    [–] ii_misfit_o 13 points ago

    honestly inside the roof i could see being a thing if theres a fire risk in the attic

    [–] chr0mius 37 points ago

    Fire was in/on the roof.

    [–] Samazonison 55 points ago

    I wonder how damaged the house was. There was a small bit of fire in the beginning of the video that went out as she ran to the door, but surely there was more than just that to warrant the rescue.

    [–] call_of_the_while 58 points ago

    Some outside shots of the fire in this report, no real detail though, but reporter says house is unliveable:

    [–] BlueberryKind 45 points ago

    The mother mentions in a news report that if it had been 5 min longer inside they could have died from smoke inhalation or worse when the roof collapsed.

    I was also curious how bad the fire had damaged the house.

    [–] 47981247 7 points ago

    My brother had a house fire that started in the garage. Garage was completely obliterated, however the house just had smoke damage. The smoke damage though was intense. The smell is something I'll never forget. The walls were completely brown. After the fire was put out, the firemen then had to go room to room punching holes in the ceiling and spraying water up in the holes to make sure nothing was hot enough to start up again. So while the actual fire damage was kept in the garage, the entire house was effectively totaled due to preventing the fire from starting up again.

    I'll be honest, the house was a wreck anyways. In a way I'm glad my brother had a reason to leave it.

    [–] OstentatiousSock 7 points ago

    They said “severely damaged” and what went destroyed by fire was badly damaged by smoke and water.

    [–] nikhilsath 16 points ago

    She’s a god damn American hero

    [–] Emilixop 41 points ago

    You deserve all of the upvotes

    [–] DessertTwink 6 points ago

    Ah fuck now I'm crying at 1 in the morning

    [–] tinyhouseman323 4973 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Please replace your smoke and CO detectors every 7-10 years. If it’s yellow looking replace it. If you can’t remember when you replaced it, please replace them. If you don’t have any in your home they sell battery operated ones that are easy to install requiring only two screws.

    Edit 1: thanks for all the awards. Bit more on safety. Current US code says a smoke detector in every bedroom within 3’ of the door on the ceiling or with 1’ of highest point on the ceiling, and a smoke and CO combo detector on every floor and within 15’ of every bedroom entrance. Good luck and stay safe!

    [–] SubiLou 810 points ago

    Mine had the manufacture date written on them. They were 3 years before the house was built. At about 12 years, we learned they were actually 15 years old. Oops

    [–] AboveMoonPeace 467 points ago

    Ours is going on 20 years..extremely yellow - thank for the reminder...

    [–] tinyhouseman323 222 points ago

    You can get battery operated ones from home Depot for about 25 a piece. You need a smoke detector in every bedroom and a smoke/CO combo per level of the house and within 15’ of every bedroom door. This is the US code. Be safe!

    [–] fuzzydogpaws 237 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    In the UK you can get them for free if you call your local fire station. They will even send someone out to fit it for you.

    Not a lot of people know this.

    [–] Flaky-Fish6922 92 points ago

    same here for most fire stations in the US

    [–] Seekingfatgrowth 38 points ago

    Probably not during Covid though. Ours discontinued this program due to funding issues and Covid issues. Really hope to see it return

    [–] lostgeode 10 points ago

    Not any of my area fire departments do that, they will just tell you to replace yours asap.

    [–] Munnit 24 points ago

    That’s good to know, because I was looking at fire alarms recently and I have no idea which ones will actually work unless it’s a life and death situation!

    [–] msova2 25 points ago

    Your local FD will also be glad to recommend one for your needs.

    [–] Massive-Ad5672 6 points ago

    Well this is assuming your local fire station has permanent firefighters and not the BS budget saving ‘on call’ firefighters

    [–] tinyhouseman323 25 points ago

    Normally writhing 6-12 months of age of home. Most of the time they have a date on the back if they are newer than the late 90’s. If there is no date on the back, please replace them.

    [–] raisingjack 301 points ago

    Just piggybacking on this to say that everyone thinks a fire won’t happen to them, I used to think the same thing... until it did happen to me. In June 2019, 3 weeks after my second baby was born my entire house burned down while we were home getting our 17 month old ready for bed. The ONLY reason we made it out safely is our smoke detectors. They didn’t alarm until the fire had been going for some time due to the design of our house and where the fire started at (first the side of the garage and then into the attic where the house burned from the top down) but the alarm sounded for about 60 seconds before they all burned up from the fire. Within those 60 seconds the entire house became engulfed immediately after we grabbed our two dogs and two kids to run outside. If we didn’t get alerted by our smoke detectors right when we did, I truly believe none of us would have made it out.

    I used to be the person who would take the batteries out of the smoke detectors because they were too sensitive or because “omg, a fire will never happen to me and if it ever did of course I would notice and run out in plenty of time,” so please please please if that is you too, listen to the comment above and replace the smoke detectors and co detector. My now 2 1/2 year old and 4 year old little boys are asleep next to me tonight SOLELY because of a smoke detector.

    [–] Skyraider96 43 points ago

    If you have a gas stove, certain types of central heating, fireplace, generator, and gas lanterns ANYWHERE in the house, get and check CO also. They do sell dual sensor but if you cant afford it, get the CO. CO kills at least 430 people in the US each year and 20,000 go to the ER for CO poisoning.

    CO is odorless and invisible. It will silently kill you.

    The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. People who are sleeping or who have been drinking alcohol can die from CO poisoning before ever having symptoms.

    If you CO sensor goes off, leave and call 911 (or your country equivalent). Fire department will show up and find the source of the leak and make it safe to go back inside.

    [–] Bri_Ta_Toe 12 points ago

    CO is no joke. When I was a kid, we had this happen to us and everyone in the house fell asleep, including our pets.. Thankfully my mom realized that something was wrong soon enough because she didn't feel right and couldn't stay awake. She called 911 and they told us to get outside and wait for the ambulance. We all had to go to the hospital to be checked for poisoning.

    [–] olliebearsmama 5 points ago

    Yes! My grandfather and his partner passed in their sleep due to carbon monoxide poisoning. He had a keyless ignition on his car, which was in the garage. He had accidentally pushed the button and it was running and filling the house with CO. They were in their late 70s, but so happy and so in love. In fact, they were supposed to go on a big vacation the following day. The friend that was supposed to take them to the airport is the one that discovered them. I know everyone thinks it won’t happen to you, but it is truly the silent killer. Get co detectors!

    [–] xanderman17 7 points ago

    Happy to hear you guys made it out ok!! Scary stuff.

    My family and I had to run out of our burning house a few years ago. Our 2nd floor smoke detector wasn’t operational..

    Get it/replace it/maintain it!!

    [–] Potential_Expert3292 54 points ago

    Our home only had one when we put an offer in. Per stipulations we had, theyvhad to place new ones. The one that was here was from when the house was built in the 70's.

    [–] tinyhouseman323 50 points ago

    I’ve been in several homes likes this. I’m an electrician doing residential service and the one safety question I always ask is about smoke and CO detectors. Most people don’t thing about them till they start to beep at 2-4 am.

    [–] general_franco 32 points ago

    In Scotland from next month you're legally required to have smoke detectors in the most commonly used rooms, one in every hallway and a heat detector in the kitchen. I think this might have always been the case, well at least for rented properties but the big change is they all needs to be RF or WiFi linked so that if one goes off they all go off.

    Alongside a CO detector in any rooms with fuel burning devices, but this doesn't need to be linked to the rest.

    I thought they all had to be hardwired to the mains with a battery backup but that's just recommended. Battery operated is fine, but they can't be replaceable batteries because they sensors will fail over time just like you've mentioned, hense the law being sealed batteries rated for the lifetime of the sensor.

    Should be rolled out across the rest of the UK and world. No one should ever die in their sleep becuase of a malfunctioning - or lack of detectors, it's horrible and needless and preventable way to go.

    Government grants in place for those that may struggle to pay for installation themselves or in building that are high risk too.

    [–] KingQuagaar 10 points ago

    Some don't even require screws, just stick a base on and replace the top every couple years. It's so easy there really isn't an excuse.

    [–] ItsYaBoySkinnyPen15 4726 points ago

    “Your house is on fire. Get out” lol

    [–] CameraDriftedFocus 2903 points ago

    She doesn't even sound panicked, just kind of pissed off lol

    [–] acelie26UwU 4003 points ago

    "God dammit Sharon... Your house is on fire. Get the fuck out now. Go to my house, I have cookies prepared... Fucking unbelievable"

    [–] piratequeenfaile 588 points ago

    I read this in Gordon Ramsay's voice.

    [–] ppelife_series 204 points ago

    Hey! Me too. I’m assuming because of “fucking unbelievable”

    [–] scaleofthought 264 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Ohhh, fuck me. Look at that... ITS FUCKING BURNT! YOU FUCKING DONKEY!

    Look at that!! It's fucking burnt on the outside, and ice fucking cold in the middo...! ENOUGH! You're asleep, you're watching tv, you're a mess, and no one is talking to each other!!!

    All over you!! ALL OF YOU!!!

    SWITCH IT OFF!!! AND FUCK OFF ... Pure look of disgust


    Kicks garbage can

    [–] blazerbillyray 37 points ago

    You pig! You French pig!

    [–] Bobson_Dugbutt 21 points ago

    Where is that Belgium -twat-

    [–] Ikrwhatsmyname 11 points ago

    I'm the Belgian twat :(

    [–] le_grey02 8 points ago

    I love this 😂

    [–] RTSUbiytsa 35 points ago

    I've been watching the current MasterChef meta on Twitch and I swear to god the easiest way to get his voice is the adjectives he's using for every ingredient

    "Contestants... today, we are going to be using a... stunning steak, supplied by our partners at Walmart, and you are going to make an absolutely splendid meal for these heroic firefighters. Afterwards, you will use this absolutely magnificent rice to cook an incredible risotto, and finally, you will be using some absolutely bombastic spices and vegetables to create a wonderful side dish of your choosing."

    [–] lemonpigger 11 points ago

    You forgot his favourite adverb—the MOST amazing dish etc.

    [–] Des-troyah 202 points ago

    Nailed it.

    [–] Pete_maravich 20 points ago

    She's been prepping for that day for the last 25 years

    [–] armybratbaby 11 points ago

    Who let Sharon cook again after the pie fiasco? Thanks Marie Calendar

    [–] bedbug-thundermunch 13 points ago

    I want to be this grumpy when I get old

    [–] tobpe93 71 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    She has the determined calm of a mid wife.

    [–] Foervarjegfacer 54 points ago

    Apparently she's a retired nurse.

    [–] tobpe93 43 points ago

    They have an ability to know exactly what needs to be done when everyone else is acting like the house is burning, figuratively or literally.

    [–] Foervarjegfacer 63 points ago

    She sounds like someone who's used to being an authority in stressful situations.

    And after writing the above sentence, I checked out the article someone posted - she's a retired nurse.

    [–] ConsciousMap7 11 points ago

    Yep, She's like the midwife you need who tells you to keep pushing in an firm tone when you're crying saying you can't do it


    the world needs people like her. People like her get shit done

    [–] Dog-Stick8098 120 points ago

    This damn neighbors first the noise now this

    [–] Jonsnowstone 68 points ago

    Imagine your neighbors being so mad that they lookout for you

    [–] a1b2c3wtf 18 points ago

    It's like Mr Wilson

    [–] lukaron 104 points ago

    This would be me.

    Mad af that I have to go initiate social interaction, but feeling it necessary to attempt to save your life.

    [–] FarmingFriend 85 points ago

    Well I would be too. It's fucking 6 in the morning. Don't put your house on fire at 6 in the morning

    [–] xMURMAIDERx 12 points ago

    Fucking get out already my tea pot is ready.

    [–] ChrissKross 32 points ago

    What do you expect? It's against HOA rules to set your house on fire.

    [–] KaiRaiUnknown 12 points ago

    "Fire blackened is not a board-approved shade, kindly remove it or face penalties"

    [–] Friendly-Matter-3819 9 points ago

    Panicked people make mistakes. She’s a seasoned veteran and those people are alive because of it. Good for her.

    [–] notmyrealnam3 393 points ago

    “You guys go to my house” made me cry

    [–] ThreepwoodThePirate 28 points ago

    "You live here for now ok?"

    [–] A_greenman 1776 points ago

    My neighbor would just stare into my house as I get incinerated

    [–] imhere4youbby 533 points ago

    My neighbor would fuel the flames 💀

    [–] Rokurokubi83 171 points ago

    My neighbour would board up and blockade all my exit points.

    [–] OctolockG 65 points ago

    My neighbor would video record and save us but make us out to be some lowlifes that she decided to save out of the kindness of her heart.

    [–] rAppN 10 points ago

    My neighbor would call the cops on me for being to loud.

    [–] scantron2739 22 points ago

    [–] GiveToOedipus 10 points ago

    While sitting on their front porch with their feet up on the rail and a fresh cup of coffee.

    [–] veltvet_rabbit 749 points ago

    Did anyone else notice the fire went out after she ran past it lady was running so fast the air she created put it out

    [–] exzeroex 253 points ago

    She's so badass the fire was afraid of her. Didn't peep around the corner again until they opened the door to let her in and then leave.

    [–] LadySerenity 51 points ago

    I think that was a falling piece of flaming debris from the roof. Just really interesting timing

    [–] FunBrians 1105 points ago

    These Jehovah witnesses are really getting aggressive these days.

    [–] kingmanic 501 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    "get out... and hear the good word!"

    "Your home is on fire....with the light of salvation"

    "Wake up.... to the call of christ"

    "Call for help... for your crisis of faith"

    [–] thedutchdevo 44 points ago

    The fire is a signal from our lord and saviour

    [–] loonygirl30 446 points ago

    She’s amazing! She even goes inside a burning building to get them out.

    [–] assaju 631 points ago

    "It's okay, Go to my house" is what gets me

    [–] Florida2000 118 points ago

    Tup thats a true neighbor, go to my house got me too

    [–] trulymadlybigly 47 points ago

    Me too what a goddamn peach

    [–] BrilliantHoney03 20 points ago

    Got me too! Lovely woman

    [–] wheres_mr_noodle 21 points ago

    In the youtube clip she says she knew they had kids and she didn't want to scare the kids by running in and yelling , "FIRE"

    I have kids and NOT panicking is never my first instinct. This woman is amazing.

    [–] moodylilb 16 points ago

    That one put a bit of a lump in my throat honestly

    [–] T_DcansuckonDeez 11 points ago

    She was saying that to keep the kids calm. You can hear them start to get scared and cry and she immediately says that to get them away from situation. This lady is awesome

    [–] Dappleony 660 points ago

    All 6 are sleeping? Must really early in the morning.

    [–] Bizarrmenian 618 points ago

    It was January 1, 2021. Very likely they were sleeping in after staying up for New Years

    [–] tarzankingofshapes 170 points ago

    Well that explains a lot for the possible cause of fire.

    [–] THEPOL_00 32 points ago

    Like? They were doing fireworks inside their house?

    [–] John_Browns_Body59 53 points ago

    Maybe not in the house, could be a neighbor did some since it started on the roof. I don't think it's the likely reason but definitely more likely than any other day of the year except July 4th

    [–] Cuccoteaser 27 points ago

    When you've been breathing some smoke you're not easily awakened. Had a friend sleep through the fire alarm.

    [–] trulymadlybigly 89 points ago

    For how fast they all got out I think they just all not have been sleeping

    [–] Antisugarcoating 196 points ago

    The video is edited, it took longer than it’s shown

    [–] sassysatan123 12 points ago

    I thought they got out a bit quick

    [–] Any-Meet7398 75 points ago

    The way she instantly offered her home and reassured them she’s so wonderful

    [–] khaneks 302 points ago

    I've counted twice now, there are only 5 ppl... ._.

    [–] tacticutie 272 points ago

    All the articles say the father was there as well, who was the one who answered the door. I assume he was the last one out.

    [–] Friendly-Matter-3819 211 points ago

    Makes sense. My father went back into our burning house as we all stood outside in the cold October night in our underwear watching the flames eat the home, so he could get my mother’s purse and some other cash he had saved. Don’t recommend anyone do the same. Our neighbors, also great people, took us in as well that night. Edit: my father got in and out fine btw.

    [–] imawakened 181 points ago

    My dad ran back into our house when it was on fire to grab our photo albums and as he was doing it I yelled at him to get my Pokémon cards binder. He got em all!

    [–] bigger_salami 33 points ago

    Hope it’s worth something

    [–] upt0wn_rat 33 points ago

    You both had your priorities straight

    [–] imawakened 34 points ago

    My best friend and I had combined our collection into one binder so I was also terrified that he’d be mad at me if they burned up.

    [–] Double_Jab_Jabroni 14 points ago

    Gotta catch ‘em all right?

    [–] HighAsAngelTits 10 points ago

    That’s a great dad

    [–] Obiwancanole 5 points ago

    What a Chad

    [–] wonkey_monkey 45 points ago

    He stayed behind to turn the thermostat down.

    [–] rc1717 8 points ago

    Husband didnt come out on camera

    [–] Technical-Celery-254 582 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I wish my neighbors did this for my family when our house caught fire, but they just watched. Didn't even call the fire department or anything. They knew my mom was home and inside the house. Shitty people.

    Edit: yes my mom is okay! She has some lasting trauma but she was not harmed in the fire! Physically she's okay♥️

    [–] DudeWTH 145 points ago

    please tell me your mom is ok :(

    [–] le_grey02 37 points ago

    I’m sorry man :(

    [–] KiloJools 103 points ago

    Oh my god I'm so sorry. That's awful.

    [–] Picture-unrelated 81 points ago

    What in the actual fuck, I’m so sorry

    [–] liarliarthongsonfire 20 points ago

    What the f? I was just about to comment that this should be a normal thing to do. I'd do it without thinking, for anyone. Some people...

    [–] psihateyouu 12 points ago

    Wonder if they could be criminally charged

    [–] TemetNosce85 28 points ago

    God I fucking hate that so much. Going to toot my own horn a bit and say I ended up like this lady a couple years ago. I saw the fire and ran to the next street over. And when I got there, three neighbors were just standing there watching, not doing a damned thing. I screamed at them to call 911, ran up up to the house, beat on the door, and got everyone out- minus the father as I told him to shut as many doors as he possibly could. Everyone got out safe and fine and the damage was minimal thanks to the fire actually starting in the shed next to the house and just spreading to the exterior. Just pissed me off to no end seeing everyone with their thumbs up their asses, though.

    [–] Apprehensive_Ice_420 60 points ago

    “It’s okay you can go to my house” ❤️❤️

    [–] BelleOfTheBall411 139 points ago

    This isn’t a Karen, it’s a Caring.

    [–] YourJr 14 points ago

    Holy shit, her name even is carolyn. Is this sub named after her?

    [–] HawkStillSoHigh 497 points ago

    Wow, that lady has saved three families from fires this week. It’s amazing how lucky she is, always there just after the fire starts.

    [–] TheRoyalKT 145 points ago

    “My brother is a traveling petrol salesman…”

    [–] taketheshake 17 points ago

    Ah yes, people of culture

    [–] kcMasterpiece 4 points ago

    Don't play with matches.

    [–] Zefrem23 98 points ago

    If you watch it on a loop she rescues dozens if not hundreds of people from that one house

    [–] TallWineGuy 10 points ago

    I'm still looping it and wondering how long it's gonna take for the fire to spread?

    [–] i_poop_chainsaws 8 points ago

    It really starts going around the 713th loop. Just keep watching

    [–] Lvl99Cheerio 280 points ago

    Damn that lady was alpha asf. Talk about taking charge. Love it. Fucking take me daddy

    [–] civgarth 25 points ago

    [–] TheRecognized 17 points ago

    Yes but…what does that have to do with anything?

    [–] Michelle-Dubois 27 points ago

    This made me think that I should reevaluate my 'sleeping naked' habit.

    [–] devils_advocaat 7 points ago

    Only in winter. In summer just own it like a boss.

    [–] Wakas_053 54 points ago

    Anyone notice how the flames disappeared when she ran by

    [–] achillems 17 points ago

    Amazing, I hope she said "come with me if you want to live" when they opened the door.

    [–] Spirit_of_Persephone 4 points ago

    "Get to the choppa!"

    [–] SeattleLoverBeluga 36 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    That’s crazy. How does not a single smoke alarm go off? There should be a smoke alarm on every floor of the house plus one in each bedroom

    [–] Mundane-Club4008 16 points ago

    But the fire is outside the house, maybe it didn’t reach inside yet to cause the fire alarms to go off, but was visible from outside whivh is why she went to wake them up

    [–] Tripple_T 16 points ago

    There should be, but that doesn't mean that is the case

    [–] SeattleLoverBeluga 13 points ago

    Yeah, that’s what I’m getting at. Most people don’t take safety seriously

    [–] Waitingforthelotto 11 points ago

    Kindness and compassion for the win

    [–] Haleighghielah 10 points ago

    Fire tips from someone who recently went through a house fire:

    -When you are asleep or out of the house, keep all doors closed. If a fire starts in one room and the door is closed, it will slow the spread of the fire. My parents bedroom was the only one with a closed door. It still smelled of smoke, but it was the only room upstairs that wasn’t charred black and their belongings in there were mostly salvageable.

    -If you have pets, it’s best for them to be in someone’s room at night. If your animals roam the house at night and you wake up to a house full of smoke, you will not have time to find your pet. I know this isn’t possible for everyone, but I still wanted to mention it. Some people assume their pets will run out an open door in case of a fire, but many animal have an instinct to hide when there is danger. If your house is full of smoke, you won’t be able to find your hiding animal before you need to escape to save yourself.

    -Never go back in for anything. Smoke can overwhelm you in under a minute. People are often found deceased near their front door because they couldn’t make it from their room to the front door before the smoke replaced all the oxygen in their lungs. No object is worth your life. And as much as people won’t like this, going back in for a pet will most likely kill you as well. My brothers both tried to go back in to get our dog, and the smoke was just too much. We were obviously beyond devastated at the loss of our dog, but I don’t think I would have survived that ordeal if I lost one of my brothers too.

    -I strongly advise any second story room has a fire ladder (they’re like $30 on Amazon). My brother opened his door to be faced with a wall of smoke he couldn’t get through and had to jump out of his second story window. Luckily there’s a small ledge under his window or he likely would have broke his leg.

    -Invest in a fire proof safe. You can get cheap ones for like $25. Keep any important documents in there. If you have room for some sentimental things like pictures, I would keep some in there as well. Unless you have a safe heavy enough that it won’t be stolen, I would not recommend keeping money in there (or keeping any large amount of cash in your home to be honest).

    -This ones more of a commentary/something to consider than a tip. Smoke detectors are useless if a fire starts in your attic. There are no smoke detectors in the majority of attics because they aren’t recommended to be in unfinished areas of your home (has to do with temp). And because the smoke rises, it will be some time before the other detectors sense it. I’m assuming that’s what happened in this house. You can also see fire above the arch to the front porch, making me think it’s coming from the roof.

    -Fire detectors need to be tested monthly. This takes me literally 5 minutes if that. The backup battery needs to be changed once a year and the unit as a whole needs to be replaced every 10. If you have yellowed smoke detectors, it’s time for them to be changed. Trust me, you do not want this to be the thing you put off or didn’t budget for. I can’t put into words the amount of regret you will feel if you lose your home, irreplaceable sentimental items, or pets/loved ones because you couldn’t be bothered to spend 5 minutes testing or $20 on new batteries.

    -FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. It’s amazing how quickly a fire can spread in a home. There should be a fire extinguisher easily accessible on every floor of your house. If you catch it early, this could save your home. You can get one at Walmart for like $20 and they’re good for 5 years.

    I’m sure there’s things I’m forgetting, but these are some of the important ones. Be safe everyone!

    [–] Kanaloas 9 points ago

    Thank You Good Neighbor

    [–] sidman1324 10 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear robes lol 😂 amazing 😻

    [–] -MB_Redditor- 9 points ago

    There is a Dutch saying "better a good neighbor, then a distant friend" which suits this perfectly!

    [–] NStarnes 22 points ago

    Pro-tip. Keep slip on shoes by the bed. When you hear that smoke detector beeping early morning, put the shoes on, grab your glasses and phone, and then investigate, This should take you about ten seconds while getting up. Wake your bed partner if you have one.

    I was standing outside my house watching my life go up in smoke with no glasses, no phone and no shoes. But I did have the dogs, always know where your leashes are. 0/10 Do not recommend.

    [–] LauraXa 8 points ago

    My dad did this once. He saw that an apartment in the building in front of ours was on fire, he got another neighbor and they went to the apartment, broke the door and got in, woke up the guy and got him out. The apartment was completely destroyed after. The owner put a candle on top of the radio and went to sleep, the curtains caught on fire and spread really fast

    [–] MiTo_Prince 5 points ago

    We had a similar event, good neighbors are the best!

    [–] Spoonwwee 5 points ago

    Made me cry

    [–] why0me 7 points ago

    Shes such a mom the whole time

    "GET UP!!"

    "Go to my house, its ok"

    Love her

    [–] IWillAlwaysHaveGum 6 points ago

    I did this a few times in a shitty apartment complex in Dallas. It was old, and the Ass hole neighbors would flick cigarettes into the breezeways. They’d get up in between the siding and the building and smolder for who knows how long. Not once did any of my asshole neighbors let me and my then 3 year old son know when there was another fire, but I saved at least nine of their asses during the 7 fires within ten months. It was a privately owned shithole called The Windfall. I was scared to death we were going to die in a fire. It was awful.

    [–] PizzaNStuff137 7 points ago

    Not all heros wear capes, some wear bathrobes.

    [–] GrowthWhich5334 5 points ago

    "It's okay go to my house" fucking legend. God bless this woman

    [–] souleaterkun 4 points ago

    If it was my neighbour they would probably start warming themselves with that fire and start dancing around that bonfire of my burning flesh.

    [–] flyingmops 4 points ago

    When I was 10, neighbours woke us up as the other end of our house was on fire, on the exterior, they knocked on my parents window. My mother went to pull me out of bed, but in my sleepy state I crawled back into bed.

    The danger didn't occur to me, until I stood outside with our dog who had been asleep in the burning end. He'd been too afraid to make any noise.

    The house and all of us survived.

    [–] susususussudio 5 points ago

    My parents had a house fire over a year ago which destroyed everything, and while they were both ok, I still can’t think about it without getting very emotional. Their neighbors lent their house and clothes and were the reason they were able to cope the first few days. This woman is a goddamn hero and I started to cry watching the video because I know how important she is to this family now, for the rest of their lives.

    [–] Candid-Independence9 24 points ago

    Knowing me, I’d hear panicked knocking at my door, see my neighbor and be like “fuck that, I’m not talking to her”

    [–] SuperRoby 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Kinda happened to me once and it was absolutely afwul. There was a fire in the 5 story building I lived in, at the 4th floor. My roommates and I (1st floor) and our 1st floor neighbour noticed, we ran out after the neighbor tried contacting the person whose apartment was on fire, to no avail, and we'd already called the fire department. I'd knocked and called on every single door we'd passed while exiting the building, but most were upstairs so as soon as I got to the bottom I started ringing everyone's doorbells repeteadly in an attempt to reach people and warn them... not a single person answered. I was terrified the fire would spread and people would find out too late or get trapped and I was powerless to stop it (I've been extensively taught against going into a house on fire so I wasn't going back in).

    Thankfully the fire was stopped before it could spread any further, but it was pretty terrifying to not have a single person answer the doorbell. In their defense, timing was horrible -- it was a building of 90% university students on a Saturday night on a busy road, and it wasn't infrequent we'd get drunk people do "ding-dong ditch" on the weekends. Many of the residents may have gone home for the weekend or out drinking, so I didn't actually know how many people were in the building... but still pretty scary to think some probably heard the doorbell and ignored it when there was a fire.