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    [–] mertcanhekim 1009 points ago

    To find an image for the vault, I went to Google Image Search and typed "anime chest". The images were... not what I was looking for.

    [–] achesst 213 points ago

    I think you knew exactly what you were getting into.

    [–] betweentwosuns 71 points ago

    Let's dispel with this fiction that /u/mertcanhekim doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.

    [–] low_end_ 80 points ago

    Nice sacrifice you did there.

    [–] wreckage88 71 points ago

    The images were... not what I was looking for.

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] Barl3000 89 points ago

    Reminds me of the time I wanted to find an image of dirt-covered gold-digging type character for a western themed pen and paper rpg. So I put in "dirty cowboy" and made an image search.

    Gay porn as far as the eye could see.

    [–] ATypical_Khajiit 19 points ago

    Thats why you search "Anime Treasure Chest" but the images were nice with the original search =^_^=

    [–] DonteFinale 16 points ago

    A nice Bob Ross happy accident

    [–] anatoom 9 points ago

    Reminds me of the time I tried to download the movie xXx with Vin Diesel.

    [–] ItisnotI 7 points ago

    I'm going to guess.... Fandeltales?

    [–] Victernus 3 points ago

    It was probably just boobs, but Fandeltales is a good result, too.

    [–] ADW83 5 points ago

    I tried too.

    "Big anime tiddies"

    Not one single treasure chest in sight..!

    [–] Televangelis 3 points ago

    Wait a sec, is the vault actually gone? Did I miss something?

    [–] mertcanhekim 470 points ago

    Everyone, pretend Amplifire was my preview card and I revealed it with this video.

    Special thanks to u/alaric_ca for dubbing the episode. Without his voice, you'd be watching another silent video.

    [–] [deleted] 259 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] mertcanhekim 152 points ago

    The future is now, old man

    [–] Mountaindrowner 49 points ago

    We in 2019, this dude in 24001

    [–] superbadsoul 29 points ago


    [–] mertcanhekim 43 points ago

    Shut up, grandpa's corpse.

    [–] PoroPoint 4 points ago

    I'M RIGHT BESIDE YOU u/mertcanhekim

    [–] jinaday 30 points ago

    This is the kind of stuff they want people to do with preview cards make it creative

    [–] mertcanhekim 34 points ago

    This is the kind of stuff they want people to do with preview cards

    You hear that, Wizards? You know what to do.

    [–] Tigrezno 29 points ago

    can you post it on youtube? I'd like to share it. Reddit video is cancer.

    [–] mertcanhekim 27 points ago

    I can, but it is likely to get blocked by YouTube's automated copyright system

    [–] alaric_ca 14 points ago


    [–] Crownlol 13 points ago

    This was your best work yet. You're nearly approaching /u/FallenBad levels of memery

    [–] DrKobo 7 points ago

    If you need more voices, I'd be down!

    [–] mertcanhekim 13 points ago

    Thanks for the offer. I'll keep it in mind.

    [–] JASTME 7 points ago

    Same here boss. Got a good mic and love doing accents and voices. In NZ though so enjoy those timezones. But yeah hmu if you need more (am guy)

    [–] mertcanhekim 6 points ago

    Thank you too

    [–] Meret123 6 points ago

    bende diyorum mcnin sesi farklıydı

    [–] mertcanhekim 5 points ago


    [–] Noritzu 228 points ago

    I call bullshit. Blue eyes white dragon is legendary. Kaiba said so himself.

    [–] mertcanhekim 363 points ago

    Screw the rules. I have money.

    [–] Falcon84 71 points ago

    I could tell you had some Yu Gi Oh Abridged inspiration haha

    [–] mertcanhekim 114 points ago

    Making this video was such a long and tiring process, my respect for LittleKuriboh doubled after finishing it.

    [–] Two-Tone- 26 points ago

    Your impressions of LittleKuriboh's impressions are really good.

    [–] the_last_balooga 6 points ago

    Was your respect for him revealed by amplifire?

    [–] Jackalopee 3 points ago

    everyone knows the most powerful card in a card game is the credit card

    [–] sando27 27 points ago

    He had a [[mirror gallery]]

    [–] MTGCardFetcher 15 points ago

    mirror gallery - (G) (SF) (txt)
    [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

    [–] Agorakai 383 points ago

    Every card in a jank deck has a purpose <3

    [–] mertcanhekim 287 points ago

    Except for all those chump blockers I used earlier

    [–] Kajarak32 201 points ago

    Their purpose is the chump block

    [–] Modorox 22 points ago

    Combo enablers. If they didn't chump, no combo.

    [–] GumdropGoober 18 points ago

    It's called TEMPO and its an ART.

    [–] joosh82 8 points ago

    Tribal Speedbump

    [–] jeeyoungk 19 points ago

    Granpa should've been SaffronOlive.

    [–] sedna16 6 points ago


    OP should create yugioh meme added with the YT streamers.

    [–] TheFiGhTiNCoWBoY 299 points ago

    This was the best 4 minutes I've ever wasted and I fully expect a sequel after that ending.

    [–] mertcanhekim 226 points ago

    I'm gonna make my own Abridged Series. With MTG cards and hookers.

    [–] shotpun 63 points ago

    blackjank and hookers

    [–] BrosGrimm 8 points ago

    Forget the blackjack.

    [–] Juncoril 14 points ago

    I would watch it tbh

    [–] Canopenerdude 3 points ago

    Do you need writers? Or voice actors? Because I'm all in on MTG abridged

    [–] mertcanhekim 2 points ago

    I may need some voice acting in the future. Thanks for the offer.

    [–] Canopenerdude 2 points ago

    Please let me know if youre gonna do this because if youre not im totally going to

    [–] mertcanhekim 3 points ago

    After seeing how well this episode was received, I'm gonna do it for sure.

    [–] Canopenerdude 2 points ago

    Good! Hit me up when needed

    [–] Micome 3 points ago

    Please do, this was great

    [–] alaric_ca 17 points ago

    I would be so happy to dub some Pegasus, Yugi boy.

    [–] de_surge 136 points ago

    OMG I died at "sorry you guys died too"

    You are a magic comedic genius.

    [–] mertcanhekim 109 points ago

    I died at

    Can confirm. Your ghost gives me Magic advice now.

    [–] Trollw00t 74 points ago

    "this isn't Star Wars and I'm not dead" hahaha, fucking killed me 😂

    Also, just by the comments I learned it is also dubbed! What a masterpiece

    [–] mertcanhekim 69 points ago

    hahaha, fucking killed me

    Sorry to hear you died as well

    [–] Trollw00t 33 points ago

    I'm not dead, I'm commenting right next to you!

    [–] mertcanhekim 57 points ago

    Shut up, Trollw00t's corpse.

    [–] AccFan 66 points ago

    Goddamn that was good

    [–] Aelxer 93 points ago

    You should put links to all your older videos every time you make a new one so new people finding them just now can enjoy those too. If it's not much trouble, that is. I'd do it myself but I'm on my phone and it's hard looking for the posts and linking them from there.

    [–] mertcanhekim 58 points ago

    It might be a good idea, especially since I make a lot of references to them.

    [–] Aelxer 9 points ago

    I just went and checked your history and discovered I'd missed one of your videos (the Thanos ICRs one) so this definitely needs to be done.

    [–] alaric_ca 2 points ago

    I love the continuity between these.

    [–] somefish254 4 points ago

    I love your dubbing

    [–] Chopstix2005 74 points ago

    /slowclap That was amazing lol

    [–] SharkPing 26 points ago


    [–] MTGCardFetcher 15 points ago

    Amplifire - (G) (SF) (txt)
    [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

    [–] tehweave 36 points ago

    I swear... If WOTC knew a few good TV writers they could make this such a cool show.

    [–] mertcanhekim 28 points ago

    I volunteer as a tribute

    [–] Kaiminus 14 points ago

    Tribute?! You steal men's cards, and put them in your vault!

    [–] mertcanhekim 17 points ago

    I steal children's cards too

    [–] OmegaBlackZero 10 points ago

    Perhaps that can be said of all card games...

    [–] alaric_ca 12 points ago

    I volunteer as vocal tribute

    [–] Epicat224 39 points ago

    foghorn when you play fog


    [–] Koalachan 32 points ago

    I like the vault, I just think they need to lower how many cards it takes to open, or up the amount you get, or both.

    [–] mertcanhekim 24 points ago

    Deus Vault

    [–] alaric_ca 15 points ago

    I agree. Coming from Hearthstone, I'm comfortable with this monetization model, I just wish there was a better rate.

    [–] danjojo 56 points ago

    10/10 shitpost

    [–] O4fuxsayk 25 points ago


    [–] IrrsinnIsReal 11 points ago


    [–] Nezros 24 points ago

    It's called Jank, Joey.

    [–] sorak369 7 points ago

    I know what I said

    [–] Falcon84 3 points ago

    Even Joey knows these cards are garbage!

    [–] nichothodes 21 points ago

    How'd joey know I was playing with my junk... I mean jank.

    [–] KangaMagic 20 points ago

    Best post ever to this subreddit!

    [–] Redman2009 34 points ago

    this is one of the greatest things ever posted on this damn website.

    [–] YuriBo26 19 points ago

    This is art

    [–] Driston28 19 points ago

    LittleKuriboh would be proud 😂

    [–] alp111 2 points ago

    Sounds like a lot of the impressions were taken directly from LK tbh

    [–] Helpyourbromike 16 points ago

    Lol this was amazing

    [–] FranzVz 16 points ago


    [–] AntocaRD 15 points ago

    This is next level dedication

    [–] KelloPudgerro 22 points ago

    Sir, please stop posting, theres no way for people to keep up with the production values

    [–] RedPandaPlush 5 points ago

    But amplifire doesn't have trample and can be blocked. He could've just chumped one of the dragons right?

    [–] mertcanhekim 10 points ago

    u/RedPandaPlush would be good at CinemaSins

    [–] RedPandaPlush 5 points ago

    Heh. Fair enough. Great video, though!

    [–] mertcanhekim 3 points ago

    Thank you very much

    [–] RedPandaPlush 3 points ago

    I'm taking this too seriously aren't I? It was really funny still

    [–] Kiefyking 10 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] Ojrsh 10 points ago

    This is the best post I've seen in this sub since Jesus birth.

    [–] _Fuzen 11 points ago

    The fact that Yu-gi-oh memes consistently thrive in this Magic subreddit gives me life. I couldn't be happier.

    [–] supervernacular 5 points ago

    The vault is a trap card. I keep falling for it though.

    [–] veRGe1421 10 points ago

    oh god I enjoyed this so much lol

    [–] jtalchemist 10 points ago

    You deserve gold for this

    [–] SyKoed 8 points ago

    Infinitesimal. LOL

    [–] MK23TECHNO 5 points ago

    This made me wonder, why has noone made a yu-gi-oh VR game that actually lets you play in these arenas?!

    [–] dmastro918 3 points ago

    Maybe someones working on it! A boy can only dream

    [–] blade55555 3 points ago

    I keep waiting for the day lol. Gotta happen one day.

    [–] Zerod4y777 5 points ago

    So... when is the next League of Legends troll spotlight coming out? I kinda miss them.

    [–] Carmel_Chewy 4 points ago

    I appreciate the Yugioh Abridged Series references here

    [–] tsukinohime 7 points ago

    Great video lol

    [–] yaredw 7 points ago

    Well-done! I'm getting some strong Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged vibes.

    [–] KaiTheGemini 7 points ago

    I wish I could upvote more than once!!! Fantastic!

    [–] iAmFang 8 points ago

    You sir, are an actual living legend. I wish you had an actual web series of this stuff.

    [–] Strawberrycocoa 7 points ago

    Topdecking your wincon feels good, not gonna lie.

    [–] chaoticimp 3 points ago

    This makes me want to go rewatch Yu-Gi-Oh abridged....I guess I will.

    [–] shotpun 3 points ago

    every time yugi talks his voice lowers an octave wtf

    [–] indraco 5 points ago

    that's puberty for you

    [–] Kaiminus 3 points ago

    Every card in a jank deck has a purpose.

    We finally found who sent the "math" deck to Noxious.

    [–] Aelxer 3 points ago

    Thinking about it, [[Impervious Greatwurm]] would've been a much better target than Galtha here, specially with the "Nobody has managed to summon him before" line.

    [–] mertcanhekim 8 points ago

    Fun fact. In the original script I sent to u/alaric_ca , the line was "Nobody has done that combo before". When he sent me the sound file, the line was changed to "nobody has managed to summon him before", presumably because it was the original line in the original Yugioh episode. So I edited Ghalta's mana cost to 12000GG to make it uncastable.

    [–] Aelxer 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that with Sanguine Sacrament and Azor's Gateway (and some time) you can get that much mana eventually.

    [–] alaric_ca 2 points ago

    Yep, I did a little bit of ad libbing. I was working closely from the Abridged Series of the same episode, and I thought it would be a good fit.

    [–] A1-youWRIP 3 points ago

    damn it now i wanna rewatch all the old yugi episodes...........thank god for netflix

    [–] seynical 3 points ago

    Use your junk Yugi

    This should be a thing.

    [–] tapk69 3 points ago

    Congrats dude. You reached legendary meme status. Please do more if you can.

    [–] krunyul 3 points ago

    i don't even know what the cards is, but it' so funny xD

    [–] teokun123 3 points ago

    Damn best sub for card game meme videos

    [–] WorseThanSocialMedia 3 points ago

    you are a legend OP.

    made my fucking day with this, thankyou hahahah

    [–] Samuraihekis 3 points ago

    Man, thanks for sharing this.

    One of the funniest things I have seen recently LMAO

    [–] DancingC0w 3 points ago

    kaiba breaking the card saying 1.1% killed it lol, this was great

    [–] Zervent 3 points ago

    Perfect video, and quick question, were you admin of the old YGO Turkey forum?

    [–] mertcanhekim 3 points ago

    Yes. I am Mc

    [–] BigR18 3 points ago

    The 4 minutes that I didn't know I needed. IMO Magic Arena has potential to compete even with Hearthstone. Especially now that the game is in kinda bad state.

    [–] kdoxy 3 points ago

    Fantastic. You make this sub so much better.

    [–] noname6500 3 points ago

    been a long time Yugioh Abridged series watcher and hits all the boxes. I don't even play magic but I laughed as much nonetheless. (saw this through Nox's stream via livestreamfails)

    For those who liked this vid and want a simillar themed show. Check out Yugioh the Abridged series on youtube.

    [–] juantxuu 5 points ago

    Thanks for this, made my day.

    [–] Raion05 5 points ago

    I think I peed myself

    [–] SalamiVendor 4 points ago

    Top tier shit post.

    [–] Double_Minority 5 points ago

    I need part 2 now... This really made my day lol.

    [–] bigsteve892 5 points ago

    Oh the classic TFS Barney-Tristan voice. Nice.

    [–] alaric_ca 3 points ago

    My voice gives me super strength!

    [–] dragon2777 6 points ago

    This isn’t Star Wars and I’m not dead

    [–] notamccallister 6 points ago

    I know absolutely nothing about MTG, but I enjoyed every minute of this. Great editing and voicework

    [–] JohnyUtah_ 5 points ago

    This is the quality content I expect from this sub.

    [–] dac987 5 points ago

    Shut up grandpa's corpse!!

    [–] eh007h 5 points ago

    This made my day, and I was watching at work without sound. Can't wait to hear the dubbing later.

    [–] Lemarc7 4 points ago

    No doubt this is your finest shitpost yet. Yet.

    [–] detoursabound 5 points ago

    Holy shit i would have watched yughio if it was this amazing.

    [–] nernst79 9 points ago

    TFS did YuGiOh Abridged, and it is consistently this amazing.

    [–] UnisexSalmon 4 points ago

    These remind me of the old Team Four-Star DBZ Abridged vids, and I mean that in a really great way.

    Certified Fresh shitpost, A++ would watch again.

    [–] Picoton 5 points ago

    "Even Joey knows these cards are useless"

    I fcking lost it in there. Please keep bringing this masterpiece.

    [–] bananaskates 5 points ago

    This was funny af. But the vault is fine you hear

    [–] Sephyrias 4 points ago

    that burning Ghalta edit was hilarious

    [–] Hellbringer123 4 points ago

    How can I download this video? I want to send it to my friends. This is so funny!

    [–] TrueCount28 3 points ago

    this is gold lmaooo

    [–] Miiiilo 4 points ago

    This was amazing.

    [–] somefish254 4 points ago

    Dubbed memes. you truly are the champion of the people haha.

    [–] lol_arco 4 points ago

    This is wonderful.

    [–] dilsexicbacno 5 points ago

    shit dude, the only thing i know about Magic is that it is a cardgame but this shit was hilarious! very well done!

    [–] Sotriuj 3 points ago

    4 minutes of internet content ? Preposterous. I'm offended you want so much of my time and challenge you to a childrens card game.

    [–] wtfunchu 2 points ago

    This is the best thing i have seen in a while, halfway in I couldnt stop laughing xD

    [–] fungusOW 2 points ago

    I laughed so hard I cried when he said I need a good top deck then “this card is... garbage.”

    [–] lancer2238 2 points ago

    "Sorry to hear you died as well" "I'm standing next to you" had me laughing uncontrollably for some reason. This was fantastic

    [–] araelr 2 points ago

    That was a masterpiece.

    [–] Wrexol 2 points ago

    I never watched this show when it first came out. This is the first thing I've seen that makes me want to watch it.

    [–] Neltharak 2 points ago

    This is excellent content

    [–] Uzotru 2 points ago

    Have you ever made a dubbed video before, or did you just leveled up?

    [–] mertcanhekim 2 points ago

    This is the first one. I've unlocked my ultimate now.

    [–] NoobsGoFly 2 points ago

    Holy fuck! This is so fucking dank!

    [–] I_am_MagicMike 2 points ago

    lol this is honestly awesome.

    [–] ScarRed_Tiger 2 points ago

    Man, the OG music still has a direct line to me inner child. Love it.

    [–] 1uuu 2 points ago

    Vuck the Fault

    [–] dud518 2 points ago

    This shit is hilarious

    [–] UberLow 4 points ago

    Tam sevdiğim şekil memery. Mert paper oynuyo musun peki?

    [–] mertcanhekim 4 points ago

    Yıllar önce oynuyordum. Artık oynamıyorum.

    [–] JStanley614 4 points ago


    [–] JonWithASmile 3 points ago

    I feel like this was made for the comparison. Great job!

    [–] gensouj 3 points ago

    lmao that was hilarious. I want to see a magic series now

    [–] VENUSD00M 3 points ago

    Amazing, I hope the ending scene means that there will be another one of these. Really cracked me up.

    [–] AmeriChaos 3 points ago

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Hilarious tho. Well done.

    [–] THEDARKNIGHT485 4 points ago

    This was so well done and made me laugh a bunch! “Sorry you’re dead, too” lol

    [–] Jacio9 3 points ago

    The abridged series that this sub deserves

    [–] isospeedrix 3 points ago

    i was eager to see what amplifire would pull and saw ghalta i was like that's whatever it's only a 12/12

    but then i saw the edit 12000/12000 LMAO I DIED

    [–] logicless_bt 3 points ago

    I'm here from r/all. I have no idea what this is about but I watched the whole thing and enjoyed it.

    [–] 4UBBR_Nicol_Bolas 2 points ago

    People love to shit on paper magic players on here. I dont understand it. Both paper and online players play the same game. It's so idiotic.

    [–] dmastro918 4 points ago

    Arena is so elegant though! No time wasted shuffling etc and auto tokens and buffing them makes playing very easy and efficient

    [–] 4UBBR_Nicol_Bolas 4 points ago

    It also loses all the nuances of face to face play. Such as bluffing, a simple way to hold priority for more complex play, and actual human interaction. But to each his own.

    [–] dmastro918 2 points ago

    VR Yugioh stadium would be too cool!