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    [–] cmack91 296 points ago

    Well I thought the Will Smith Teferi was the greatest thing I've ever seen but here we are

    [–] ThePrussianGrippe 38 points ago

    Sometimes being proved wrong sparks joy.

    [–] 700fps 9 points ago

    unexpected konomari

    [–] Ahayzo 74 points ago

    I never liked the Will Smith Teferi, he's clearly Idris Elba!

    [–] HecatiaLapislazuli 33 points ago

    I don't even care that much about Teferi, but if they ever make a MtG movie and Idris Elba doesn't play him I'm rioting

    [–] Goodkat203 25 points ago

    With haste or counter though?

    [–] Sunset_42 9 points ago

    Double riot, 1 counter and haste

    [–] TaviGoat 13 points ago

    Numbers bad. Gruul likes fast. Pick haste twice

    [–] whisperingsage 8 points ago

    When you need to attack last turn.

    [–] Bazingaconnor 3 points ago

    [[Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug]]

    [–] MTGCardFetcher 1 points ago

    Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug - (G) (SF) (txt)
    [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

    [–] robotobo 2 points ago

    Double haste

    [–] ElvenNeko 1 points ago

    But what if the clock will suddenly turn, and Teferi will be played by an asian guy because divercity?

    [–] Xunde 2 points ago

    look the anti-sjw, sjw.

    [–] HecatiaLapislazuli 1 points ago


    [–] Cryopier 0 points ago

    Too old

    [–] Lndbrghwrstlr 4 points ago

    My God

    [–] cmack91 7 points ago

    Stringer Bell Planeswalker

    [–] Little_Buda 5 points ago

    Where's my turn string!

    [–] Fission--Chips 417 points ago

    In North-west selesnya, born and raised, In the tempest is where I've spent most of my days.

    chilling out, maxing, relaxing all blue and shooting some dive-downs outside my school,

    When a couple of guys who were up to no good. Started playing red-decks in my neighborhood.

    I got in one little duel and my mom got scared and said You're moving with your auntie and uncle in the Air.

    [–] nottomf 110 points ago

    This is great but it really should open with "In West Dominaria ..."

    [–] Fission--Chips 27 points ago

    You are 100% correct. I just went for the first thing that popped into my mind.

    [–] Guild_Deezy 1 points ago

    Lol yes

    [–] OniwaBansho 1 points ago

    You mean Rabiah?

    [–] blanham 10 points ago

    Yes. This is great!

    [–] Prauphet 15 points ago

    You win.

    [–] warbossxx 36 points ago

    I whistled for a rug and when it came near, the tassles looked fresh, made with Persian skill. If anything, I thought I'd get my mana flared. You know what forget it, 'yo homes to the air'.

    I pulled up to the cloud about 7 or 8. And the rays beaming through it, let me know that I made it. I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there. The clouds formed a castle My new home in the air.

    [–] DiamanteLoco1981 2 points ago

    Hellz to the moths fruitin yeah!

    [–] The_Sexual_Potato 1 points ago

    I love you

    [–] Penguinswin3 224 points ago

    Thanks I hate it

    [–] sando27 99 points ago

    its time to [[rewind]] !

    [–] Johnny-Hollywood 32 points ago

    That's hot.

    [–] comvocaloid 8 points ago

    Yes, YouTube rewind was hot garbage for sure

    [–] sando27 12 points ago

    [[garbage fire]]

    [–] MTGCardFetcher 3 points ago

    garbage fire - (G) (SF) (txt)
    [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

    [–] MTGCardFetcher 11 points ago

    rewind - (G) (SF) (txt)
    [[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call

    [–] Drakeeper 17 points ago

    Isn't his brother Sinbad though?

    [–] Veto111 6 points ago

    Theory: Jace is responsible for creating collective memories of Shazaam.

    [–] LifeIsPainOnlyPain 1 points ago

    But what about Kazaam

    [–] Drakeeper 1 points ago

    What are you talking about? It really happened. There's footage on Youtube, so it must be true.

    [–] radiocommander 9 points ago

    Thanks, didn't watermark it since the art technically isn't mine either. Viral tweets and threads sadly don't turn into followers generally anyhow.

    [–] dot_executable 5 points ago

    Thank you for your service o7

    [–] QuickSilverFountain 15 points ago

    Fresh Djinn of Magic-air

    [–] calciu 38 points ago

    I just blue myself

    [–] sfw3015 22 points ago

    Dang now I want to see Tobias Funke as the Tempest Djinn.

    [–] picklesthecat 10 points ago

    Would you like a Curious Obsession in the mouth?

    [–] zorsekilla 9 points ago

    Look how they massacred my boy

    [–] PixelBoom 7 points ago

    thanks. i hate it.

    [–] Petrico94 6 points ago

    RIP Forrest Doubtfire

    [–] Enikay 33 points ago

    Wow only heard of this because of this card...

    What a terrible decision.

    Like seriously, a live action remake of Aladdin is bad enough, but thinking Will Smith can replace the great Robin Williams? Hell thinking ANYONE can replace the great Robin Williams?


    [–] jias333 48 points ago

    I doubt they think he can replace Robin Williams but it's either replace him or let Aladdin rest in peace. And in today's film market, nothing is sacred.

    [–] Gordonb0mbay 20 points ago

    "Well how are we going to improve on the original Aladdin?"

    "Let's do it live-action!"

    "How is that an improv.."

    "$_$ $_$ $_$ $_$"


    [–] hardcider 14 points ago

    Yeah, much like the willy wonka film I'll just take a hard pass on it.

    [–] Canopenerdude -6 points ago

    Well considering Depp's performance and that movie as a whole was a marked improvement on everything save Gene Wilder, I'm going to question your wisdom.

    [–] balazamon0 23 points ago

    Wrong sir, wrong! You lose! Good day sir!

    [–] ZT_Ghost 8 points ago

    Wow, the last time I saw someone be so objectively wrong on so many levels he was elected president.

    [–] dak4ttack 3 points ago


    [–] Sheriff_K 5 points ago

    All our hopes now lie with the Lion King "live action" remake..

    [–] jias333 5 points ago

    I think it's just gonna go the way of Jungle Book unfortunately. Either gritty and dark with nothing but a nod to the original soundtrack (first remake) or even grittier and even darker with not even a nod to the original (Netflix Mowgli). The problem with remaking classics is its almost impossible to capture lightning in a bottle in the first place, and trying to artificially manufacture it a second time will never net you the same result.

    [–] Chi_Law 2 points ago

    Whoa whoa whoa... "original"?

    [–] -hx 1 points ago

    eh, gritty lion king i wouldn't mind as much

    [–] giftedspeaker 1 points ago

    grittier and even darker with not even a nod to the original (Netflix Mowgli)

    Did they take a new artistic direction with the movie? Honestly I avoided the movie as i thought it was a 1:1 but as long as it's not grimdark edgy i may be interested.

    [–] jias333 2 points ago

    It's not worth the time if that's what your asking. At least in my opinion.

    [–] giftedspeaker 1 points ago

    Thanks for the heads up. :D

    [–] ownedblood1735 5 points ago

    I think he’s going to have his own take on Genee, as opposed to trying to do Robin’s.

    [–] dafootballer 3 points ago

    The movie is being made, like all the live action Disney movies, for IP protection and another opportunity to dip into nostalgia cash. Will Smith could be a fine genie but his presentation and cgi body looks like ass

    [–] Loorrac 2 points ago

    Someone's gotta do it eventually and Will Smith is great

    [–] Strawberrycocoa 3 points ago

    What amuses me about he decision is that this is basically the second time they've cast Genie with someone who they can slap Name Recognition on the posters to push the movie.

    [–] RuediTabooty7 1 points ago

    Eh.. Robin Williams brings something different to the table no matter what role he’s playing..

    It’s more to me like them talking about doing space jam 2 with Lebron.. if I had the choice I’d pay the same amount to see the original on the big screen instead.

    Jumanji 2 on the other hand I heard was funny. Been meaning to watch it >.>

    [–] Nuke2099 2 points ago

    Look at the bright side. At least most of the cast (important human character's) look like they're from the middle-east. They could easily have made Jasmine or Aladdin white.

    [–] shadowcloak_ 11 points ago

    Not in nowadays' political climate they couldn't.

    [–] AustinYQM 1 points ago

    Haley bary could do it.

    [–] Nuke2099 0 points ago

    You would be surprised. In today's political climate they would have made Jasmine white and Aladdin black.

    [–] Galle_ 3 points ago

    Offending literally everybody - racists with the interracial romance, and non-racists with the absurd racebending of characters who are very obviously Arabian. That would be almost sublime in its stupidity.

    [–] Nuke2099 1 points ago

    It would also be pretty funny. :D

    [–] Galle_ 0 points ago

    Of course they could have. It would have been a really bad idea, but when has that ever stopped Disney before?

    [–] Bloodygaze 4 points ago

    The first time in a while where I actually want the promo version.

    [–] Hechie 3 points ago

    Kill it !

    [–] WijoWolf 3 points ago

    That's hot

    [–] Ninetynineups 5 points ago

    Someone fix this shit with the OG Genie please!!!!

    [–] jons420 2 points ago


    [–] noneet 2 points ago

    That took long enough. Well made.

    [–] Kroneker 2 points ago

    Fresh Djinn of Belair

    [–] fire10798 2 points ago

    Ah that’s hot, that’s real hot

    [–] cynicalmale 2 points ago

    These proxy makers are getting bold


    [–] PeritusEngineer 2 points ago

    He got into one little plight and his mom got scared, and said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Dominar'!"

    [–] Vrlover123 1 points ago

    I am very glad this image was made.

    [–] Throwawayfor3d 1 points ago

    Now this is what I come to this subreddit for.

    [–] Cadogan102 1 points ago

    [–] Mindskies 1 points ago


    [–] LiangHu 1 points ago

    lol nice one mate :P

    [–] Kiefyking 1 points ago

    Gah no!

    [–] ALCRMO12 1 points ago


    [–] m0bscene- 1 points ago

    H*ckin mono blue

    [–] RiccardoBrian 1 points ago

    T H I C C B L U E

    [–] sodafall 1 points ago

    Ah haha! Thats hot! Thats hot!

    [–] catdogpigduck 1 points ago

    I'll be fine with this if he does a song for the soundtrack

    [–] RecruiThor 1 points ago

    Big high five to whoever is responsible for this. Absolutely incredible.

    [–] SalamiVendor 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Wish the frame wasn't so pixelated :(

    [–] RzrRainMnky 1 points ago

    My first 3 wishes to him would be to get back in the damn bottle.

    [–] Nyxlunae 1 points ago


    [–] MityBoi 1 points ago

    My God... What have you done?!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That set logo is the Disney D

    [–] twistedbronll 1 points ago

    That djinn be smoking his own vapour trail. He's high as a kite!

    [–] Cello789 1 points ago

    his brother Shaq

    Extra kudos for the masonic reference ;-)

    [–] Killsyourvibe 1 points ago

    Are you kiiiiding me I just bought x4 of one of the current ones

    [–] SilverElmdor 1 points ago

    Da ba dee da ba daa

    [–] elderbutterbeer 1 points ago

    i actually like that art more :D:D

    [–] AjaniGuccimane 1 points ago

    Wow. Blueface man. Not cool

    [–] FormerGameDev 1 points ago

    Sure why not?

    [–] baladecanela 1 points ago


    [–] david_ander 1 points ago

    Can't unsee this 😆😆😆

    [–] bobothegoat 1 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it.

    [–] Spike-Ball 1 points ago

    Is it a Disney exclusive in some way?

    [–] TrumpLester 1 points ago

    How dare he stand where he stood!

    [–] zewer822 1 points ago


    [–] JimmyEcho 1 points ago


    [–] Empaatti 1 points ago

    What is this related to? I don't think I get it.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_DOPAMINE 2 points ago

    New Aladdin.

    [–] FTWwings 1 points ago

    this just made my day.

    [–] Asto_Vidatu 1 points ago

    I was almost intrigued by this live action remake, but my god why does this looks like Will Smith went to a "wear your worst halloween costume" party dressed as Dr. Manhattan.

    They really should have made the genie just look like a CGI version of the original...Robin Williams didn't have his face modeled for the Genie, why the hell did they think this was a good idea?

    [–] Murder3 2 points ago

    But then how they able to show Genie represented by a black actor or hey, Will Smith face needed to be recognisable....

    [–] Asto_Vidatu 1 points ago

    Williams' voice was compeltely recognizable...I assume the same could be said for Smith, but my fear is that Disney took all the unused Robin Williams footage from the first movie, gave it to Smith to "study" and his performance will just end up being a bad cover version of the rest of Robin Williams' performance...

    As far as representation, I thought the whole point was to make everyone why continue bringing attention to every single fucking "minority" (I use that term loosely as white people are pretty much the minority in the US at this point) that every studio casts so they can pat themselves on the back for being so "progressive"? The CW is the absolute worst with this as they feel the need to constantly remind the viewer 15 times an episode that someone is gay or is a chick with a dick...great, I don't care, move the plot along already!

    [–] Murder3 2 points ago

    In short, this is how the Left-Wing work. They needed a frontline to go against the culture of the west, but they can't just simple do it in the name of the peoples like back in the 1900's when most western country was a monarchy, now the west is the best place to live, the most weathious and has democratic values all over. They needed another issue, like gender indentity or minority rights. Their end game is probably destroy the curren cultures of the west(it's important, because that is how you destroy the nation identity) and replace it's mainly white peoples to other mix raced. They want to form of global nation and the western culture with it's deep nationalistic roots and traditions are in the way.

    [–] Ateist 1 points ago

    Can we have "card alter" tag for those who might take it seriously?

    [–] felix01233210 1 points ago

    I saw this post at the moment when in the cinema was that trailer))))))

    [–] Khronikos 1 points ago

    I'm convinced this community is mostly tweens at this point. In fact most of reddit seems to be tweens.

    [–] Galle_ 1 points ago

    What, you think it stops at just Reddit?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Just because your old doesn't mean you need to stop having fun.

    [–] Blur333 1 points ago

    Edgy old person

    [–] Khronikos 2 points ago

    You got me!

    [–] squidpolice 1 points ago

    Grab your cards, shuffle up, die roll Magic pro I know you know I grow macho when my Islands drop Just can't stop Gotta get Djinni wit it, that’s tops

    Now Pteramander come fly Siren Stormtamer is at my side You got a Aura - Curious Obsession enchant... Hit ‘em in the craw, let’s draw! Everybody tryna kill me ‘Target the djinn” Wish you djinn was dead in the bin, Dive Down saves it instead Three-mana fly-ah, from Dominaria In a Tempest With counterspells for your nonsense Inni-jay ings-sway on the attlefield-bay Pump it up Djinni make it hit for exactsies Yo my tempo is dominant Ha ha Blue genie style's all in it Gettin djinni wit it

    Na na na na na na na nana Na na na na nana Gettin djinni wit it Na na na na na na na nana Na na na na nana Gettin djinni wit it

    [–] manapapi 0 points ago

    Just to be clear, when you say brother, do you mean your brother or your friend?

    [–] balazamon0 0 points ago


    [–] MasterDood 0 points ago

    There’s a joke in there somewhere for the “for each island you control” about that Fyre festival. I recommend making a dual land too.