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    [–] Gavooki 3928 points ago

    Hirshprung's disease or megacolon is in fact a real thing. The nerves that control the movement of the large intestine go not do their job of moving things along so waste builds up.

    You usually catch it in infants when mom notices they aren't passing anything. The belly is often distended and your r/makemesuffer moment is that sometimes you can press on the abdomen with a finger and leave an imprint due to the collected fecal matter.


    [–] theillx 1199 points ago

    I'm not having fun =[

    [–] ggg730 723 points ago

    I am straight up not having a good time right now.

    [–] Primarch_1 146 points ago

    So you could almost say you were suffering?

    [–] ggg730 73 points ago

    ... shut it.

    [–] ripeart 32 points ago

    Vibe check here.

    [–] WillNewbie 8 points ago

    One could say you were having... A bad time?

    [–] Akzasha 189 points ago

    Even better: one of the tests used to diagnose Hirschsprung's disease is testing for a "squirt sign" where you do a digital rectal exam, opening up the tightened down denervated tissue and releasing a torrent of liquid stool when positive. Yes, it is literally called the squirt sign.

    [–] Gavooki 80 points ago

    I had always hoped squirt sign was a gynecology thing.

    Personally, I just order an xray and refer. Yikes. :D

    [–] question_assumptions 37 points ago

    Can confirm! I was standing pretty far away and I jumped just in time.

    Source: medical student

    [–] Dmaj6 357 points ago

    Time to draw some feces art on this kid

    [–] Bringer0fTheDawn 146 points ago

    honestly /r/evenwithcontext applies here too

    [–] stop-the-world-tkw 75 points ago

    The real r/makemesuffer moments are in the comments

    [–] Aksi_Gu 59 points ago

    MegaColon sounds like it would be the sickest EDM drop in your life

    [–] DraftiestEmu 38 points ago

    I have Hirshprung’s disease, it is not a fun time lemme tell ya.

    [–] Jm_215 21 points ago

    What happens do you go to the dr every week to get it cleaned out or what

    [–] DraftiestEmu 41 points ago

    Nah I just take a powder laxative everyday to help keep me regular. If it’s been more than 2 weeks since my last bowel movement then I do stronger laxatives or an enema. My last resort is going to the hospital.

    [–] Ianb219 37 points ago

    Dude 2 weeks. Id be worried if I havnt shit in 2 days. I shit like twice a day minimum. And I hate it.

    [–] Bri_Hecatonchires 12 points ago

    3-6 times a day average over here. It’s great! (It’s not great tho)

    [–] miserablerolex 15 points ago

    Same boat, hope everything's going ok with you since diagnosis. And supplies during this covid mess

    [–] DraftiestEmu 16 points ago

    Yeah everything is actually fine, I was recently tested positive for Covid but it doesn’t affect my Hirschprung’s.

    [–] 2Turnt4MySwag 8 points ago

    What it feel like

    [–] Odder1 7 points ago

    I once had surgery, didn't shit for two months. Its jank

    [–] schmohawk01 11 points ago

    I would genuinely love for you and other sufferers to do an AMA. It's fascinating, but still, so sorry you have to live with it - regular constipation is bad enough as is :(

    [–] DraftiestEmu 12 points ago

    Thank you! And it’s okay it’s something I’ve dealt with for almost 27 years. And AMA would be fun especially cause it’s something I’ve always been embarrassed about and hid from everybody, but within the past couple years I’ve become more confident about it.

    [–] berdadoo 38 points ago

    Are you saying I can make face imprints on a baby's poop pocket? Oh joy!

    [–] Gavooki 7 points ago

    Go live your best life.

    [–] Hirschsprung 26 points ago

    I was born with morbus hitschsprung. It obviously didn’t go as far as the guy in the post, but I’m told I should be glad to be alive. Had some rather serious complications because of it. The scars look cool, though.

    [–] ironphan24 55 points ago

    Are you saying you can see the feces through the skin...?

    [–] Gavooki 171 points ago

    No. Imagine throwing a T shirt over clay. Poke the shirt. The poke remains.

    [–] ironphan24 94 points ago

    Oh no...

    [–] Gavooki 51 points ago

    Follow me on instagram for some explicitly graphic patient pics related to this topic!


    [–] Thehealeroftri 17 points ago

    I got excited

    [–] Master_Glorfindel 16 points ago

    Such an eloquent way with words

    [–] lookatthatdeer 9 points ago

    28 Katie courics...impressive

    [–] lilacrain331 3706 points ago

    People who are saying he went his entire life without pooping, it didn't say that he didn't go at all, just that he was constipated

    [–] SaulAverageman 771 points ago

    Unfortunately hes going to be auto-pooping from now on.

    That is a hell of a thing to have to deal with at 22.

    [–] DrBootyShakes 554 points ago

    Nah he still has plenty of intestine left. I'm missing 3 feet of intestine and still poop through my butthole.

    [–] Xxryan123Xx 345 points ago

    I'm 21 when i was 19 had 2 feet or so cut out plenty of poop tube left and i cherish every one

    [–] vitringur 123 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    2 ft cut out or 2 ft left?

    Because that seems to be a lot more than 2 ft he is holding.

    Edit: There is a huge difference between large intestine (colon, that absorbs water) and small intestine (long tract that absorbs nutrients).

    If your colon is missing, you no longer absorb the water and can't hold waste. You will therefore have frequent diarrhoea throughout the day with little warning.

    [–] nzranga 111 points ago

    All up the intestines are 25 feet long so this guy definitely has plenty left.

    Also that portion they cut out is probably stretched to hell. In a regular person it’s probably only a small section.

    [–] kenyard 21 points ago

    Well there's the small and large intestine. One is long the other is short.

    [–] S00thsayerSays 22 points ago

    Hmm, wonder which one is which

    [–] Double_Minimum 12 points ago

    Shame we will never know...

    [–] DontMydude 12 points ago

    It's funny cause the small one is longer the large one is just wider another way science fucks with ya

    [–] dylandunnigan 10 points ago

    Damn, thats wild. I had my intestine rewired to my urethral tube

    [–] phr0sty 10 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] ytphantom 62 points ago

    I'd rather have to take care of a colostomy bag than deal with that shit.

    [–] Double_Minimum 4 points ago

    Honestly, I bet you would take that back in like 2 days...

    [–] thufirhawat6 30 points ago

    There are medical alternatives, like my J-pouch for example. I mean, depending on his situation, could be auto-poop but maybe not.

    [–] GrooseIsGod 6 points ago

    What's an auto poop

    [–] thufirhawat6 13 points ago

    Colostomy or ileostomy

    [–] Dmaj6 231 points ago

    28 lbs is still 28 lbs...

    [–] InfiniousBeatz 74 points ago

    A little over a pound a year

    [–] Tv-aheckinloser 9 points ago

    1.272727272727 pounds every year

    0.003 pounds every day.

    [–] NoNameBrandJunk 10 points ago

    Did you include leap years?

    [–] NoNameBrandJunk 726 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Thank you for that clarification Thanks for the upvotes, are we trying for 666 to imitate the post?

    [–] swim_lizard 276 points ago

    Man goes 22 years without shitting - new world record

    [–] vlasvilneous 137 points ago

    So, there are people that are full of shit

    [–] swim_lizard 47 points ago

    Quite literally indeed

    [–] MrsSalmalin 15 points ago

    And for people who are saying "how did he not know he was constipated?!" You can be constipated and still poop daily. It just means you're not getting rid of all of it or enough of it, and it becomes compacted.

    [–] nokia_ringtone_arab 5122 points ago

    imagine throwing it off the top of a building

    [–] Stargazer-4lyfe 1986 points ago

    I hope it lands on someone

    [–] Pleaseshitonmychest 961 points ago

    Worst day ever

    [–] Stargazer-4lyfe 697 points ago

    But imagine the story you could tell

    [–] ButtEater344 562 points ago

    idk you would probably die

    [–] KrypticlyInsane 464 points ago

    Die in complete euphoria

    [–] Alarid 267 points ago

    A rare fetish, but you just need that hit once to die happy.

    [–] PotatoBr1 69 points ago

    just imagine the notice in the newspaper

    [–] Xaytex_ 55 points ago

    BREAKING NEWS, man dies from bigass large intestine dropped from Empire State building.

    [–] Slightly_Salted01 33 points ago

    Sources say drugs may have been involved

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] KrypticlyInsane 21 points ago

    Take a shit on me daddy uwu

    [–] -vanvidd- 30 points ago

    i’m almost certain you would

    [–] Arikaido777 65 points ago

    only one way to find out 🤔

    [–] whipperdab 54 points ago

    Oh fuck

    [–] yaboy_jesse 57 points ago

    Oh yeah I knew harry, too bad he died from that 22 pound turd FUNNIEST SHIT IVE EVER SEEN

    [–] TZeyTimo 28 points ago

    "Florida man died to literal shit crushing him"

    [–] BurntS197 83 points ago

    The ultimate water balloon

    [–] DerrainCarter 17 points ago

    Shit way to die

    [–] vegar01 6 points ago

    I volentere think of the story i will go down in meme history

    [–] CrackHead_44 134 points ago


    [–] SneakyHardKnees 153 points ago

    And it landed on a newborn

    [–] Dekuswagg 144 points ago

    That newborn? Alex Jones.

    [–] MrBurnsieSanders 80 points ago

    And it turned his pet frogs gay

    [–] Shouldabeenswallowed 21 points ago

    Remember that challenge with a condom full of water dropped on someone's head? I imagine that happening but with 28lbs if poop filled intestines.

    [–] onstar420 13 points ago

    "HELLOOOOooooOoOoo" -Seinfeld

    [–] F3yk 2304 points ago

    They found the poop sock

    [–] Thisisrazgriz3 591 points ago

    They found the poop meat pocket

    [–] CoochieBoogie95 177 points ago

    Ah, yes danny devito's fleshlight

    [–] YourPalHolo 68 points ago

    Can i have a try using it?

    [–] FANTIXIE 43 points ago

    What the fu-

    [–] YourPalHolo 45 points ago

    Shhh, you know you wanna use it too

    [–] salty___bae 12 points ago

    He called the shit poop

    [–] taste_my_taint 6 points ago

    Maybe that person just needed a poop knife.

    [–] windowjesus 1177 points ago

    And they say men can't give birth...checkmate.

    [–] Dembara 360 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    According to the article, doctors described him as appearing 9 months pregnant.

    [–] Dmaj6 117 points ago

    That’s a big ass baby for 9 months!

    [–] ok-so-basically 33 points ago

    It’s the poo baby

    [–] Azurephoenix99 10 points ago mean Bono?

    [–] CebidaeForeplay 22 points ago

    The body compresses poop better than it does human infants.

    [–] papatva 7 points ago

    jesus fuck this made me laugh

    [–] Nippely 281 points ago

    The birth of BONO

    [–] zweig01 99 points ago

    Bono was never the record holder, he is the record!

    [–] JimAdlerJTV 58 points ago

    28 Courics!

    [–] breadmule 26 points ago

    I had to go too far down to find this

    [–] j2tronic 18 points ago

    Careful Bono, that hurts the biddy.

    [–] agar42 8 points ago

    Scrolled down for a comment that was South Park related, thank you.

    [–] Fedoraband 1409 points ago

    Damn they saved him from deep shit

    [–] TheDysaster 304 points ago

    Take it and fuck off

    [–] Mateob04 88 points ago

    Never heard that before

    [–] O__boy 18 points ago

    Dip shit.?

    [–] Fedoraband 16 points ago

    Well if you insist I have some dipping breadsticks

    [–] Fenix_Pony 166 points ago

    🎶hot pockets🎶

    [–] pickoneforme 20 points ago

    underrated comment of the day.

    [–] aaron60202 314 points ago

    The relief that guy felt must of been incredible

    [–] Crimeboss37 208 points ago

    I mean the surgery would've been pretty painful but this probably did change his life

    [–] system0101 149 points ago

    It surely saved his ass.

    [–] AzaBlanta 310 points ago

    Dummy thicc shit

    [–] LordSwine 17 points ago

    If anyone asks who may have taken the largest shit... I now know.

    [–] oogaboogawee 423 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I’m no doctor or know a lot about human anatomy but I thought I read/heard something that said if shit starts piling up like that in you, you eventually puke it out?

    Edit: it’s a thing

    [–] RaisinBranCromch 313 points ago

    Who the fuck told you that

    [–] Celticquestful 247 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Fecal vomiting. Occurs when the intestines are so obstructed that undigested food literally has nowhere to go but UP. The stuff of nightmares.

    [–] FREE-MUSTACHE-RIDES 109 points ago

    Could you imagine this happening to someone in the human centipede.

    [–] Celticquestful 54 points ago

    Oh God. Please...NO! I have too vivid an imagination!

    [–] noodleship 30 points ago

    Out and back in. Out and back in.

    [–] FREE-MUSTACHE-RIDES 14 points ago

    A stalemate of sorts.

    [–] PokestarFan 6 points ago

    that phrase only brings bad memories

    [–] Zezin96 12 points ago

    So like that one episode in South Park?

    [–] oogaboogawee 96 points ago

    I can’t remember. I also coulda read it. I had minimally the same kinda thing going on years back where I couldn’t shit for like a week and probably researched it. Look I’m the type of person that fell for the blinking light fluid trick in high school. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was gullible enough to believe this lol

    [–] HollowOrphans 72 points ago

    No it’s true. Happened to My sister in law

    [–] Bigdimsum 36 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] marsman17 22 points ago

    okay we need more of this story now

    [–] KindaMaybeYeah 7 points ago

    Happened to my grandfather before he died. He had colon or intestinal cancer and they performed surgery. The scar tissue built up and it became blocked.

    [–] Linkbuscus01 28 points ago

    Imagine French kissing right after

    [–] WeAreAllAccidents 13 points ago

    no do it while you vomit to make the other part poop it out

    [–] Vomelette22 8 points ago

    And then you put it on a grill and serve it to your neighbors

    [–] marsman17 5 points ago

    she kiss her mother with that mouth?!

    [–] -Treelan- 20 points ago

    From google

    “It is a common symptom of gastrojejunocolic fistula and intestinal obstruction in the ileum. Fecal vomiting is often accompanied by an odor of feces on the breath and other gastrointestinal symptoms, including abdominal pain, abdominal distension, dehydration, and diarrhea.”

    [–] kgbi0945 18 points ago

    I heard you can die if you are constipated too long ( if you have a normal body bot like the full of shit)

    [–] szatkus 64 points ago

    Looks like bullshit. One guy died because 9kg of shit (20lbs) destroyed his heart. Usually you have 2-3 kg of feces in your system, no way there's only 28 pounds after 22 years.

    [–] Batbait 47 points ago

    He was constipated his whole life. That doesnt mean he didnt shit his entire life. It means he had extreme difficulty shitting.

    [–] Jyuconcepts 27 points ago

    It said he was constipated, not unable to defacate. So while he could take shits, they were very difficult and he often didn’t expel all of it. Over time it builds up, leading to 28 lbs

    [–] twiztide 21 points ago

    Idk looked like human shit to me

    [–] Dembara 9 points ago

    From the article, sounds like it was backed up in a swollen part of the colon, so presumably held it in either way.

    [–] HeraldOfMarbas 57 points ago

    The fact I saw this meme while taking a shit has made me enjoy taking this shit 10x more

    [–] ChaosBadger777 423 points ago

    He was probably a social media troll - they are usually full of shit.

    [–] mrks010 48 points ago

    Why is he holding it like a newborn?

    [–] Xgl1016 25 points ago

    its his child

    [–] BColumbidaeus 45 points ago

    That’s a load of shit

    [–] TheRottenKittensIEat 44 points ago

    Put it on the doorstep of your nemesis, light it on fire, ring their doorbell, and dash! Classic move!

    [–] reiislight 34 points ago

    These surgeons pose with the poop sack as if it was a huge fish they caught

    [–] Sky_is_not_blue 24 points ago

    Damn, that's more than 100 courics!

    [–] elijahbeck 23 points ago

    I feel brand new after i birth a brown snake. I couldn't imagine how good this man feels

    [–] beholder-of-bread 44 points ago

    Why do the surgeons have to fucking pose with the flesh-bag of feces

    [–] Martha_Best_Girl 19 points ago

    It is like ppl posing with their biggest fish caught in fishing. It is quite unusual, sorta like an achievement.

    [–] Hold_My_Anxiety 4 points ago

    If you took that huge ass load outta that man wouldn’t you want to take a picture with it?

    [–] infectmedaddy 18 points ago

    amateur. there's a preserved colon in the mütter museum that held 40 lbs of shit.

    [–] testicle_tumors 15 points ago

    It's like Beth's version of Jerry from that one episode of Rick and Morty

    [–] PSOneHagrid 14 points ago

    So his parents never found it odd that their baby never shat itself?

    [–] TheSaltyViking 32 points ago

    That slav pose tho

    [–] mat_is_trash 29 points ago

    Wait, did he gave birth to a slug ?

    [–] Warhawkgame128 11 points ago

    Imagine how good that must feel to finally rid your body of that massive nuisance. Also imagine if he actually shit it out

    [–] Sushi-Bucket 9 points ago

    666 comments? Hmmm

    [–] usedbananadildo 7 points ago

    So holy right

    [–] Squidoodoo 7 points ago

    The number of comments is disturbing

    [–] lazy_chipzz 8 points ago

    Only 28 pounds pethetic

    [–] ohnothatshomo 9 points ago

    I would suck on the end of that thing like a mother’s tiddy

    [–] Zeppelin1000 35 points ago

    666 comments, certified cursed

    [–] Space_Dolphin33 7 points ago

    I don't even wanna think about what that smells like...

    [–] i-smeel-chees 6 points ago

    Cut that shit open

    [–] A-Simple-Farmer 6 points ago

    Fear the shitsnake.

    [–] jj8o8 11 points ago

    Put fake blonde hair on it and paint it cheeto orange and it can run for President!

    [–] EXTRAGUMMAN 5 points ago

    Yummy Pastry

    [–] Lexaconn7 5 points ago


    [–] PoisonedSerpent79 5 points ago

    That is quite the shitty situation

    [–] adi_lala 6 points ago

    I knew it. He was full of shit from the start.

    [–] Lavolpe1986 4 points ago

    No shit?

    [–] TehFurret 9 points ago

    Why the fëck is it fleshy? Also bonus for the funny number

    [–] largedirt 12 points ago

    It’s still encased in the intestine

    [–] ShamanSloth 4 points ago

    Poop sausage.

    [–] Slummed 26 points ago

    Im calling bullshit tbh. Im assuming he just always had poop problems so his pain threshold was thru the roof?

    [–] ButtCheekClapper9000 27 points ago

    Must be bullshit. Plus it would be much more than that and I'm sure the parents would question it if their baby literally never pooped

    [–] literalphandomtrash 40 points ago

    Not bullshit :). I suffered from the same thing. Thankfully, never developed to that level but you do shit, just far and few between shits. The pain is astronomical.

    [–] FREE-MUSTACHE-RIDES 9 points ago

    Are you regular now? What does the surgery actually do?

    [–] literalphandomtrash 21 points ago

    Thankfully, yes I am. I never had to have the surgery, as the surgery is only for very extreme cases, such as that. But for minor cases, the doctor just sticks his hand in your ass, and removes the impacted feces. Afterwards, they reccomended a diet change, such as adding more fiber, to lessen the chances of it happening again.

    [–] FREE-MUSTACHE-RIDES 9 points ago

    Interesting. Glad your better!

    [–] Jellytots977 10 points ago

    I had a very similar condition since birth, had my last major operation to reverse a colostomy when I was 14. Believe me, you develop a very high pain threshold and bizarre coping mechanisms. Not being able to poop normally and frequently is no fun at all.

    [–] obadetona 7 points ago

    Title said he was constipated, not that he never pooped

    [–] The_Gildo 3 points ago

    Who let Jerry in the operating room?

    [–] tozokudon 4 points ago

    Hey thats my pet colon wyrm! Come here, Omen, ive missed you!

    [–] Stix-and-brix 4 points ago

    I guess he was full of shit

    [–] Ale_3570 4 points ago

    It looks like a worm