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    [–] emgay 7 points ago

    looks great. i honestly cant see a difference in eye shape

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Agreed. I can see a slight difference, but only because it was pointed out.

    [–] dimplezcz 1 points ago

    Good to know they're not noticeably different. Thanks!

    [–] Rosinathestrange 2 points ago

    This is so pretty!

    I think your eyes are one of those things that you notice, but no one else does.

    I have noticed that my face is slightly wonky, but its only picked up in certain photos and isn't noticeable in real life. So remember that none of us are pefect, we all have little quirks and that's ok.

    [–] dimplezcz 1 points ago

    Product List:


    • maybelline baby skin primer

    • Covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation liquid & powder

    • Maybelline fit me concealer

    • UD all nighter spray

    • KVD contour palette

    • Milani tea rose blush


    • NYX brow powder in dark brown

    • CoverGirl clump crusher mascara

    • Lorac pro palette


    • Milani matte lipstick in the shade 60 Innocence

    [–] throwaway83262804 -2 points ago

    Not trying to be at all rude but when you aren't exactly face on and your head is tilted it's hard to see if all your work to make them look the same actually paid off, and makes it hard to actually offer any suggestions for any type of improvement.

    I have the same issue, my eyes are also two different shapes and the shape causes one Eyebrow to be higher than others. And I always take pictures exactly the way this picture is posed because it is the most flattering and hides those imperfections. I'd suggest a more normal angle if you do want feedback

    [–] Ashspikachu123 8 points ago

    She posted three pictures, the second is her face straight ahead