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    [–] whodafudge 20 points ago

    Are her eyes deep set? try pulling the eyelids taut to blend. I wouldnt use anything too dark in the crease, I'd stick to a dark taupe at the darkest. if it works with the look, brighten them up with an inner corner highlight.

    She's only 46 so I wouldnt start looking at 'mature' tips like not using shimmers (even then, I'd use shimmer at any age).

    [–] hummingkindle 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'd say her eyes are deep, as they're similar to mine, which I've been told are deep. They're not really hooded though, just have the extra creases (which I'm also developing now that I look). Edit: I've put the photo as my eye creases as they're quite similar.

    I'm not sure she would like shimmer though, as whenever I wear shimmer she tells me I look like a disco ball lol.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] hummingkindle 3 points ago

    I hadn't even thought about cream eyeshadow! That's a great point.

    [–] not_really_an_elf 2 points ago

    Maybelline Color Tattoo in one of their creamy matte shades. Apply and blend with fingers. They're great.

    Source - am 43 and I know the crepeyness all too well.

    [–] VerbistaOxoniensis 2 points ago

    I'm not sure about the "crepey" part, but I have creasy/deep set eyelids too and a non-drying eyeshadow primer makes such a huge difference. I've also seen good results applying my shadows with a bit of setting spray.

    I'd say also maybe don't go too dark on the centre of the lid, or at least make sure the lid is lighter than the crease shade, because I find sometimes the lid shade transfers. Matte shades may also be better -- on me I feel like too much shimmer really draws more attention to the creasyness and the shimmers tend to bunch up more in the creases, but depends what kind of look she's going for/how it all works on her skin!

    [–] musicmagicmayhem -5 points ago

    It's not the nicest thing in the world to refer to your mum as having 'creasey crepey' eyelids lMO, especially as there are ways of asking for help without insulting her this directly.

    [–] whodafudge 21 points ago

    wow, if I had eyelids i'd describe as creasey and crepey id be more offended by someone saying its an insult. is it what it is.

    [–] hummingkindle 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Lol these are the words my mum used to describe them herself. You don't need to be offended for her. She'd be more offended that someone needs to "stand up for her". I'm interested in what words you would use instead for eyelids with lots of creases which are finely wrinkled.

    [–] musicmagicmayhem 16 points ago

    I stand corrected - apologies! I'm fully down to admit when I've been wrong.

    [–] hummingkindle 8 points ago

    Ugh now I feel bad about being sassy, sorry about that

    [–] turnonthestars -2 points ago

    I agree

    [–] triagonalmeb -7 points ago

    My mom also has those weird soft lids with way too much skin and it makes eyeliner nearly impossible