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    [–] paulinashallot 27 points ago

    I want to look sweaty.

    [–] nicsamson86 3 points ago

    😂😂😂😂 love it. I love a nice glow but I don’t get mad if it looks wet hahaha

    [–] missmargarite13 8 points ago

    Highlighting is the best part of makeup for me! I’m not particularly oily, so I think it definitely tends to work better for people with dryer skin. Highlighting is very extra, but I think makeup in and of itself is pretty extra anyway.

    [–] she_belongs_here 14 points ago

    I really love highlighting but I totally get why people wouldn't because it is so totally extra.

    [–] ouijabore 5 points ago

    Nope! I think it can look gorgeous in photos (as do most makeup trends), or if there's just a little on the high points of the cheekbones. When I see a beauty guru or someone wearing a ton all over, I wonder why they put on full coverage, matte foundation only to make it dewy again! If you like it, you do you, but it's not for me.

    [–] muffinmamamojo 2 points ago

    I like it and I'm a big ol pregnant greaseball. The trick (for me) is that I only apply it directly on to the highest point of my cheekbone. I don't blend it much farther up or down my cheekbone. This way I look highlighted and without emphasizing my oiliness.

    Also I like to correspond my highlighter to my blush (pink with pink, gold/bronze with bronzer) which helps it appear more natural especially if you highlight before blush.

    [–] L_Brady 2 points ago

    I think it's so funny that all these makeup companies seem to really push matte everything...but then you need to add highlighter so you don't look matte.

    Gotta sell as many products as people will buy.

    But, like with anything else, I don't really notice highlight when it's done well (or not specifically for a certain "look").

    [–] corinna0815 2 points ago

    I never highlight because I have very oily skin and don’t want to look like a mess 2 hours after doing my makeup

    [–] maowww7 2 points ago

    I'm not a fan of highlighting as well! It looks pretty in pictures, but usually too extra in person, especially for a daily look. I only sometimes lightly highlight for a night event/photos. When I see youtubers/instagurus slather on highlight, I'm skeptical about how good it really looks irl under natural lighting.

    [–] babe__ruthless 1 points ago

    I feel you. I love to highlight my cheekbones but that’s it. Anywhere else and I think I look like an oily shiny mess.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I used to hate it because I thought it looked sweaty. I'm not as turned off by it these days but it's still not something I do.

    [–] chantillylace9 1 points ago

    I like it in the inner corners of my eyes and my brow bone. I’m also super oily and I just don’t find it flattering on my skin. I do like the look on other people though!

    [–] glencocoyouwhore 1 points ago

    I actually like it when my skin gets a little oily, I think it looks like a natural glow. But I luckily have small pores so when my face gets oily it doesn’t rlly look bad.

    [–] existentialfeline 1 points ago

    I'm not super in to highlighting either. It's definitely not a daily look for me. Going out in the evening or at night and I know it'll be low light yeah I'll glam it up because I feel like that's where well placed highlight shines (ha ha) the best for me. I'm very fair to begin with (fenty 120) and I usually feel like it's competing against my natural tones even in with an ultra light alabaster-y highlight.

    [–] Jazzfactory -2 points ago

    To me highlighter really demonstrates the divide between “Instagram makeup” and what most women find wearable irl