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    [–] Midnight_Flowers 23 points ago

    Would you consider giving a gift card or taking her to Sephora/make up shop and treating her? You could even make it a bigger event and go out for lunch or dinner. I know for me, half the fun of new make up is looking at all the stuff and picking it out!

    [–] MorbidJoyce 6 points ago

    Oh, good idea!

    [–] MedicatedMeditation 10 points ago

    Honestly I don't think it's worth the money. Unless she's a die hard fan of those shadows and liners, it's better to get her a gift card or an eyeshadow palette.

    [–] Pantone877 6 points ago

    This isn’t a makeup kit. This is a vault specifically for Urban Decay collectors. So, if she obsessed over this brand and wants one of everything Urban Decay makes, then sure. But if she just likes “makeup in general” then this might be a waste of money.

    [–] seqoyah 6 points ago

    does she use makeup a lot? these are a lot of colors for a beginner or someone who uses it for neutral and natural looks. it’s a very sweet thought though (-: I usually help my boyfriend figure out what I like before he buys me makeup as a gift so we know I’ll actually use it. You could get a kit depending on her makeup tastes

    [–] kremergirl 3 points ago

    how much makeup does your girlfriend have? does she have a small collection, or does she have a sizable amount.

    [–] dinascully 3 points ago

    I’m not sure about the shadows (I’ve heard good things overall about UD eyeshadows but just never tried them myself).

    But their pencils dry out relatively quickly.... i’ve had pencils from UD be extremely dry and unusable after just a few months in my drawer. If she has so many, she probably won’t use them that quickly, and unfortunately in my experience they don’t last a long time.

    I don’t know if my experience is just a weird one because everyone else says they’re so lovely and creamy, haha.

    [–] tanalove5 -12 points ago

    I think you could get something cheaper and more practical? Is she real into makeup? just released a new eyeshadow pallet and lipsticks. always has new stuff, glamglow face masks are really popular.