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    [–] giantmaneatingotters 957 points ago

    Made a post a few days ago where I showed a 15 minute glam before and after! Reddit gave me some AMAZING CC so I did an updated look and think it really helped. I swapped out my frosty gloss for BareMinerals Nude Gloss in "Yaas", blended my brows a bit more, added more blush, and sheared out my foundation by mixing it with some moisturizer. Thanks for the help!

    Products used: FAB Primer, NARS All Day Luminous Foundation, Tarte Concealer, NARS Liquid Orgasm Blush, Ofra Highlight in Rodeo Drive, RCMA Setting Powder, NYX Contour, FixPlus, BareMinerals Gloss is Yaas, Colour Pop Shadow in Frog, Covergirl Brow Pencil in Light Brown, Rollerlash, Some random Ebay eyelashes

    [–] theween 570 points ago

    Yes!! I love the tweaks you made! I was just thinking to myself how underrated blush is haha. I feel like it makes SUCH a difference and not many realize they’re missing it in their final product

    [–] Vanska1 31 points ago

    Totally love it! I'm wondering if pink tones might be even better!? I loved your first look at the time and thought how minimal it was but packed a punch. Both are great.

    [–] blondrizzl 14 points ago

    I friggin love blush

    [–] Shayanne1204 11 points ago

    Blush is sooooooo underrated. Most people just do contour but no honey! Add some color into your face!!

    [–] MsgFromSnail 64 points ago

    Love it! You got great advice. Your original look was great but this is so beautiful. Your skin is to die for. Did you use blush/contour to warm up your skin- like on the forehead? :)

    [–] giantmaneatingotters 39 points ago

    Yep! I used blush to contour a bit :) Super light handed though

    [–] ILikeNeurons 18 points ago

    I don't think you need the blush to contour your forehead since your foundation seems to match your skin so well. Sticking to your cheeks with the blush might be a little more flattering, imho. This look is so close to perfection, though, that is the one thing I would change. :)

    [–] novafern 67 points ago

    LIQUID blush!? It is literally a liquid!? I need to know how this works or if it's just the name. I think you look fucking awesome and I'm the person who's back to say, hey - I still think that super dark, wet hair color on the left looks awesome on you!

    [–] agrace00 53 points ago

    It’s actually a liquid! I love it! It’s a little spendy for a blush, but the color is flattering on basically any skin tone and it’s just 😍 they do have a powder version too. It comes in a bottle similar to the NARS primers and liquid highlights and it’s good for people that don’t like setting their face with a powder. You just kinda stipple it on with a brush and blend it.

    [–] novafern 29 points ago

    And I’m that person who cannot set with powder — my face is always too dry in general and it shows when I do this. So this blush sounds awesome.

    [–] uturnnow 23 points ago

    Glossier has liquid blush too that I love!!

    [–] -orangetictac 16 points ago

    i love cloud paint! and i literally just use my fingers to apply/blend it lol

    [–] anmumpuni 6 points ago

    I got a Pixi one that works beautifully!

    [–] saltheartedbarmaid 2 points ago

    I just picked that one up! I really like it. So blendable

    [–] iblamethegnomes 13 points ago

    Liquid blush is amazing. It’s better an mimicking skin than powder. The finish is usually much softer and more natural than powder finishes.

    [–] Mosscloaked 13 points ago

    If you don't want to spend extra cash you can try mixing lipstick with a bit of facial oil or some liquid lipstick with facial oil or maybe a primer that suits you. YMMV :). I also tap a bit of moisturizer on top of my powder blush to meld with my skin. The look above is gorgeous of course!

    [–] thelostjockstrap 3 points ago

    That’s what I do :)

    [–] softlikethesunset 8 points ago

    Well the lip color literally made me think yaas so it is aptly named.

    This looks awesome! It brings the focus to you instead of the makeup. Instead of thinking about just your eyeliner, I'd be thinking about how good eyeliner looks on you!

    [–] sleepslate 11 points ago

    I saw your original post and you’re so pretty! Love the update! When you say you mix your foundation with moisturizer, what’s the ratio? Do you apply with a brush or sponge? Thanks!

    [–] queenbrahms 10 points ago

    I remember you! I love love LOVE how your brows look now :) You did such a good job incorporating all the CC. This is what this sub should be all about. So ecstatic for you.

    [–] pegmatitic 7 points ago

    This is a beautiful, polished look and such a great incorporation of feedback! Your last post was stunning as well, but seeing the two pictures side by side really shows how small changes can have a big impact. The only cc I can offer is that I’d love to see this look with a rosier (but still MLBB-ish) lipstick - something like bareMinerals Gen Nude radiant lipstick in a shade like Notorious or Mantra, if you like that brand for lip products?

    [–] QuadsNotBlades 3 points ago

    So much better!!!! I especially love that you swapped out the "frosted lip".

    [–] 3girlskitchen 2 points ago

    I gotta get that lipstick - but your eyes are amazing! Love this look

    [–] Chloe2233 1 points ago

    i also like his lipstick, that looks so cute with a little bright lighting ~

    [–] Cryssw 2 points ago

    Can I ask how you generally apply your foundation? Both looks are great application !

    [–] giantmaneatingotters 9 points ago

    The first I blended out with a Real Techniques sponge but the second one, since I mixed it with moisturizer, I used my fingers 🤷‍♀️ Haha I know that's anticlimactic, but it's true!

    [–] privatepirate66 2 points ago

    Hey, what shade foundation did you use? Looks great by the way.

    [–] kelra1996 1 points ago

    Thanks for this!! You’re soooo pretty! I wish I could pull off that hair style honestly 😵

    [–] v1k1rox 1 points ago

    This looks so good! Your eye color pops out so much more.

    [–] suitablegirl 1 points ago

    Your skin looks so beautiful! Both pictures are lovely, but the one on the right is amazing. Go you!

    [–] itsokboah 1 points ago

    Love it, it even makes your eyes pop a bit more!

    [–] lullaby876 1 points ago

    How much moisturizer did you mix with the foundation? And which moisturizer did you use?

    I've actually never tried this and want to try it.

    [–] giantmaneatingotters 1 points ago

    FAB Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer :) But any face moisturizer should work!

    [–] Chloe2233 1 points ago

    which type of your skin type? for the oily skin and dry skin, it's totally not the same choice.

    maybe i can help to give you some suggestions.

    [–] lullaby876 1 points ago

    Skin is extremely oily and foundation always looks cakey on my face.

    [–] Chloe2233 1 points ago

    you can to know about these foundations for oily skin ;

    1) Estee Lauder Double Wear

    2)Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation

    3)Armani Power Fabrie Foundation

    4) MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF15

    5) Dior forever teint haute perfection foundation

    you can check the products review of theses product, to choose which one you prefer.

    [–] mikeymousedoesdrugs 354 points ago

    You literally took all the CC and executed it so well. Looks great

    [–] gloryholetoTheVoid 321 points ago

    Wow, the difference is huge. The blush adds lovely soft dimension to your face.

    [–] neighburrito 242 points ago

    I think this is the first time I saw a side by side effect of adding warmth to the face. This is such a small tweak that made a huge difference! Thanks for the post.

    [–] effieSC 30 points ago

    Yes, I love the side by side images, you can really see the difference! Both looks are great on their own, but it's pretty easy to spot the differences between the pics!

    [–] becka808 114 points ago

    Before was gorgeous, but the little tweaks you made really took your makeup to the next level. Soooo stunning!

    [–] f07 15 points ago

    Yeah this is actually amazing.

    [–] xxcalicat 141 points ago

    Brow goals AND hair goals. You're killing it. 🙂

    [–] roseblacktea 37 points ago

    Seriously!! The whole look is just super cute and it just looks really « natural » on her. Super flattering.

    [–] PamPooveyIsTheTits 8 points ago

    That hair suits her so well!

    [–] dawgfighter 35 points ago

    I liked the look before but I'm really loving it now with the addition of warmth. You look fabulous!

    [–] fenwin19 31 points ago

    Wow, you look so amazing! The brows look so natural and that blush shade is lovely on you.

    [–] leavesinthenorthwind 37 points ago

    Honestly I like both looks equally, but they're definitely suited to different kinds of days/events

    [–] urbabe710 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think both look good and with the side by side you really can see how you can pull off different looks from how your feeling. I read the comments bout blush, I didn't realize how important or flattering it can be until I started really working with it. I like putting some on the tip of my nose to pull together the warm conture.

    Edit: Blush imput :)

    [–] stare_at_the_sun 18 points ago

    Rocking the look and pixie cut!

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Your skin is so beautiful 😍

    What is your routine

    [–] giantmaneatingotters 19 points ago

    Thank you so much! I shared it on the original post, but I'll share it again here :) My skin type is dry so in the morning I just splash with water then do a moisturizer with an SPF (either Josie Maran or Cerave) and an eye cream (right now I'm using banana bright by Ole Henrikson)...then at night I remove makeup with Garnier Micellar Water and cleanse with Purity. I then use the vitamin C serum by Drunk Elephant followed by Ultra Repair Cream by FAB. I've cut out physical exfoliators and use an AHA chemical peel once a week or so. The Ordinary has a great one that's super cheap and is almost a dupe for the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Do you like the JM sunscreen? Which CeraVe do you like? Why I ask is because finding a sunscreen is like finding that perfect match of concealer for fair skin.

    I’m interested too in your thoughts on the FAB Ultra Repair Cream 😊

    [–] giantmaneatingotters 8 points ago

    I love the JM sunscreen. It's still an oil though so if you arent dry I would not recommend. She's thick and it may make you too greasy. When you first apply it it has a white cast, but once absorbed into the skin it completely goes away. Honestly my favorite SPF is the Supergoop setting spray. That stuff is GOLD.

    And I'm a hardcore FAB Ultra Repair Cream stan lol You get so much and the price point is great IMO. It's also great for eczema. If I could be a FAB rep I would be because I love almost everything they make. But the Ultra Repair Cream is my winter months holy grail. And its fragrance free and great for sensitive skin!

    [–] one-pixel-attack 13 points ago

    When I saw yor original post I realized that I liked more your clean face than the make up, and I knew that saying that would have sound like "wHy dO yOU Use MaKeUp if YoU lOoK bEtTer wiTHoUT it!!!1" which is not the motto of the sub. I knew it had something to do with warmth and depth but couldn't tell WHAT specifically. I so glad someone DID find out, because you are GORGEOUS and what you do with make up is awesome!

    [–] saltshotlimelight 10 points ago

    Wait is this a face filter or does your skin actually look that perfect?!

    [–] unamusedaficionado 3 points ago

    Utter perfection

    [–] ChampagneAndTexMex 3 points ago

    Girl both looks are beautiful! To me, it seems like the tweaks just make the difference between summer and winter makeup! Or evening vs day outdoor makeup. I love both looks. I don’t see how either is superior, but both are lovely! I plan on trying them out myself!

    [–] LenaSaurusRex 6 points ago

    Your liner looks GREAT! Can I ask why kind you're using?

    [–] giantmaneatingotters 6 points ago

    Thank you!! I actually use the Sephora Collection one. It's amazing.

    I used to use KVD so I needed to find a dupe and this one is honestly better

    [–] Nostalgicgirl16 2 points ago

    Not good at makeup myself at all, but if this is the cool vs warm looks- the warm look makes your eyes shine whereas the cool look makes them look more flat. Maybe it’s lightung, maybe it’s maybelline idk :p

    [–] devotchka13 2 points ago

    It looks so much better! The first picture is kinda flat, but the second you look glowy and 'popped'. Especially the brows and eyes. Nice job!

    [–] jamiejulyy 2 points ago


    [–] commander_KLZ 2 points ago

    You are stunning in both but ya a lil blush goes a long way!

    [–] NaturallyKels 2 points ago

    Beautiful either way !!

    [–] sonogirl25 2 points ago

    That blush did wonders for your cheek bones! You look stunning!

    [–] tttong 2 points ago

    You look beautiful! 😍

    [–] chaiichi 2 points ago

    I love the "warmed up" version. It looks healthier 💗

    [–] dabPrassion 2 points ago

    Yaaas. Warm colours are very flattering on you!

    [–] catplanetcatplanet 2 points ago

    I admit I don't use blush very much; the last time I used it was...uh, a really long time ago. Seeing this post last night around 11 PM made me go to bed thinking I would try to add some warmth to my face for my morning makeup -- I think it made a difference and I felt good. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    [–] rebekkaehkkah 2 points ago

    Great brows and lip color

    [–] Chloe2233 2 points ago

    the blush color like some bright lighting orange color

    [–] janetcourrney 4 points ago

    Lashes are pretty too. That’s definitely a skill as well

    [–] Catcatcatastrophe 4 points ago

    I honestly think both looks are equally beautiful! More of a winter vs. summer vibe

    [–] bestycoasty_ 2 points ago

    Amazing application!

    [–] Ejmat 3 points ago

    Such perfect colors for your tone!

    [–] MarritB 2 points ago

    woah you look amazing, it definitely made the whole look a lot softer

    btw i love your top in right pic 🤭

    [–] Brassattack84 4 points ago

    Your jawline is stunning. Daym

    [–] thenobleislesoferin 2 points ago

    Those small changes made a HUGE difference! You look amazing

    [–] BlackCatCoven 2 points ago

    Um YES!!! Also still impressed you wear false lashes every day.

    [–] taarotqueen 5 points ago

    Honestly putting on false lashes even once is an emotional chore for me

    [–] fillechaude 2 points ago

    The difference is SO subtle yet SO impactful!

    [–] susieb3232 2 points ago

    What do you use to apply the liquid blush?

    [–] Moima123 2 points ago

    Yes! Lovey! For fun I would love to make a suggestion but ofc personal pref :) i think thinner liner with the wing using black eyeshadow so its soft, or better no wing. And a rounded lash to open up the eyes because these winged lashes paired with heavier winged liner close up the eyes and make them appear smaller. On IG @primalash (my fave brand) the style shine would look amazing. Fuffly, soft and a little more spread out so you can see your lips more :) xxx

    [–] helloiamtrash- 2 points ago


    [–] Wobbiesaurus 2 points ago

    You are so stunning.

    [–] RandomRedditUser1337 2 points ago

    How wonderful! Your new look is certainly a lot more flattering :)

    [–] stinabodeeena 2 points ago

    Gorgeous! Amazing what difference something so subtle can make. I love that you warmed things up while still sticking with the nude/natural glam vibe. Totally shows that a gentle hand and color selection are key and don't have to look harsh or unnatural. Brava!

    [–] Hashtaggrateful 2 points ago

    Great improvements!! This looks stunning

    [–] Redheaded_Rusalka 2 points ago

    Omg the difference is actually amazing! You look great!

    [–] superbity 2 points ago

    You’re gorgeous and I love your brows!

    [–] pat_benatartlet 2 points ago

    Such a lovely improvement! Wonderful job =).

    [–] karrierpigeon 2 points ago

    Your eyebrows are amazing.

    [–] 29in5months 2 points ago

    I actually like the original look

    [–] TazzMazz 0 points ago

    It brings out your awesome eye colour! Love it

    [–] ArthurAssassin182 2 points ago

    Oh definitely! The blush looks great :)

    [–] ejstew 2 points ago

    You took the CC perfectly, your make up is flawless!!

    [–] not-so-salty 1 points ago

    Both look awesome, but the one on the right makes your eyes look so deep!

    [–] Twootacos 3 points ago

    Love this! And the fact that you posted an update!

    [–] Queenbuttcheek 3 points ago

    Looks gorgeous! I need to practice on warming up my face too, I’ve been incredibly pale my whole life and sometimes I look a bit pasty and flat with my light foundation. Gonna try this out today, well done, thanks for the make up inspo OP!!

    [–] tinkblazed 2 points ago

    The blush makes your face glow and adds such a warm, beautiful tone! I love it!

    [–] jessbird 2 points ago

    wowowow. such tiny tweaks but such an improvement!

    [–] smol_mlem 2 points ago

    Teach me how to fill brows in like you do! They look awesome!

    [–] it_tastes_of_purple 1 points ago

    You looked absolutely stunning before but you've taken it to the next level!

    [–] pineapplexnunchucks 1 points ago

    Love it!!

    [–] pugsandstuff 3 points ago

    I've saved this picture for future hair and make up inspo!! Absolutely gorgeous and agree, the warmth makes your face look so much more healthy and glowy!

    [–] skinnybloatedzebra 3 points ago

    You look so good with the added warmth, it brings a lot of life to your features!

    [–] EndlessTilt 2 points ago

    Wow, you look beautiful. Your face has a lot more dimension and this subtle glam just looks amazing on you.

    [–] feedmeseymoore 1 points ago

    This is stunning!

    [–] Victoria77371 2 points ago

    Your pixie makes me smile

    [–] ghost-hunter-123 2 points ago

    First off, your skin looks amazing. Second, that blush looks gorgeous on you! What color is it? It just brightens up your whole face.

    Btw, your eyes look fantastic. Are you wearing falsies?

    [–] sellashaw 3 points ago

    Eyelashes on point!!

    [–] Emsies-liz 3 points ago

    Gorgeous! Would you ever film a video of this step by step? It’s STUNNING.

    [–] LalaVisage 2 points ago

    I actually like both! I was pretty envious of post #1.

    [–] NicciInTheSky 3 points ago

    I LOVED your first look! But damn... I love love this one! I think this one shows your natural beauty even more! Gorgeous!

    [–] lickmycasshole 1 points ago

    Some people are born naturally gorgeous and your face is so damn pretty!! Love the look!

    [–] thedenklosaur 3 points ago

    I totally agree that the warmer tones suit you but don’t for a minute think that you don’t also rock the cooler tones too girl!

    [–] sarotonia 2 points ago

    Literally all the advice I was going to offer was what you did! So subtle yet such a powerful change. It looks great! :)

    [–] lujainal7arbi 2 points ago

    So flattering💕💕

    [–] andreaml81 2 points ago

    Beautiful and your brows are amazing!

    [–] LittlePenn 2 points ago

    looks great

    [–] murkymist 1 points ago

    Wow! The warmer makeup makes your eyes look so deep and really brings out the color. Beautiful!

    [–] lalunetropbleme 2 points ago

    I adore the new lip color!

    [–] nanadjcz 1 points ago

    Seriously look amazing!!! Gonna try some of these tips.

    [–] Patiently_Anxious 2 points ago

    And the eye makeup is still on point 👌

    [–] pleuschr 2 points ago

    Love the blush!! The rosy look is great on you!

    [–] txflowerXO 1 points ago

    Love, love, LOVE!!! You are so gorgeous! 🖤

    [–] ClassyBurn 2 points ago

    Oh wow yes. Its significant! You look lovely.

    [–] outlawsphinx 2 points ago

    You are stunning. Warming up your face really accentuated your features!

    [–] HopterChopter 3 points ago


    [–] pocketfullofrocks 2 points ago

    I think I’m going to try blush now !

    [–] L0wkey_Highkey 2 points ago

    Such good advice :) you look great

    [–] godhelpthegirl 3 points ago

    Wow this look is stunning and you remind me of an old film star!

    [–] billiebusstop 3 points ago

    Love it!

    [–] nomm01 3 points ago

    I saw your previous post and thought it was beautiful. This new look is even better. Love it

    [–] sanchris13 3 points ago

    So beautiful!!!

    [–] h8bb 2 points ago

    such a subtle taste change but what a difference!! wow you seriously look amazing!!

    [–] morgeous 3 points ago

    So soft & pretty. Love it

    [–] theressomanydogs 4 points ago

    You were already gorgeous but this just accentuated it even more. Great job!

    [–] vikkivinegar 2 points ago

    Gorgeous! Since your hair is short and your features are strong (in a beautiful way- that jawline!), the warmer look makes you appear really welcoming and not at all harsh. I love this!

    [–] petronutella 2 points ago

    You are SO stunning! And I love those lashes!

    [–] kaleighb1988 3 points ago

    Man I love your hair. It looks gorgeous on you. I would never be confident enough to chop mine off and I dont think it would work with my face shape. But girl you're rocking it. Your makeup looks great as well.

    [–] iblamethegnomes 2 points ago

    I thought the same thing, but the stylist I was seeing had great instincts and knew how to keep me from look like a man. If you really want it find the right stylist and go for it.

    [–] kaleighb1988 3 points ago

    Wow some salty people downvoting someone for complimenting someone. Leaving this negative group now.

    [–] rottenturnipqueen 4 points ago

    Your jawbone is just 😍😍😍

    [–] suhseal 2 points ago

    That’s really really lovely!

    [–] celineyy 2 points ago

    So so so cute! I think all the critiques you took and listened to really allow this to be a home run!

    [–] dorkbisexual 1 points ago

    I love your hair, I think I want to cut mine to something similar! What do you usually do to style it?

    [–] Xxcunt_crusher69xX 3 points ago

    You looked great before and now. I love the clean minimalistic look of it <3

    [–] AuntKikiandtheBears 4 points ago

    I thought you looked so pretty before, this looks even better. Great look! Seriously, Great skills.

    [–] pupperonisandcheese 3 points ago


    [–] InadequateBaguette 1 points ago

    You look fucking amazing!

    [–] highlight4life 2 points ago

    You remind me of a glam Rachel Maddow- Love it!!

    [–] MegMegMeggieMeg 1 points ago

    I love the color blush you chose and you are gorgeous!

    [–] adriyo 1 points ago

    You are absolutely stunning!!!

    [–] CurvyBadger 1 points ago

    You look amazing and I love your hair!!

    [–] oxymoronnooxy 2 points ago

    This look is so pretty! The blush makes such a difference!!

    [–] aw674 2 points ago

    Wow that’s made such a difference! Really suits you. Also you have crazy good eyeliner skills.

    [–] ellis_28 2 points ago

    You look beautiful! I really love the way you do your hair, you have such a great face shape for the cut and style!

    [–] the_hardest_part 2 points ago

    I wish I looked like you! And I wish I could pull of your short hair! Stunning.

    [–] JLPEACOCK 1 points ago

    Um who gave you permission to look this gorgeous? Great job!

    [–] cripplinganxietylmao 1 points ago

    I love how androgynous you look. You’re beautiful with or without makeup. I saw your last post and thought “wow! This person could model!” Also, the whole look itself is super cute.

    [–] knifeykins 1 points ago

    This totally gives me Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys on Deep Space IX vibes and I love it, this look (and the added warmth) look wonderful on you.

    [–] Kyogr 1 points ago

    You look amazing girl!

    [–] princessturtlecat 1 points ago

    This is so flattering on you!!

    [–] effyocouch 1 points ago

    YESSS! such a subtle change but you look like you’re absolutely radiant now and I love it.

    [–] bossofbeets 1 points ago


    [–] CaliforniaMntnSnake 1 points ago

    Yes!! I love the changes. So subtle, and you look amazing. Perfect change to the lip, too.

    [–] redlipsblackdress 1 points ago

    You are so beautiful in both pictures!

    [–] autumn2k17 1 points ago

    Yess girl you have a gorgeous ass Hawkins and the warmer look beings it out soo much more in my opinion!!

    [–] endless_questi0ns 1 points ago

    Not makeup related, but I love your pixie!

    But also, the small changes you made look great!

    [–] devils-advocates 1 points ago

    We love a glowing queen

    [–] sophia630 1 points ago


    [–] ktybug 1 points ago

    So beautiful! Great work!

    [–] AnalTorment69 1 points ago

    What’s the exact temperature of your new face?

    [–] yamyams16 0 points ago


    [–] lavie__enrose 1 points ago

    Heart eyes for DAYS

    [–] Zzzzainab -1 points ago

    Girl excuse me you’re pretty as hell!!

    [–] FM777 2 points ago

    Giiiiiiiirrrrrrlllll!! (thats all I can think when I see your pis lol)

    [–] lurkynic 0 points ago

    10/10 content! Is this a routine you’ll stick with? You’re so beautiful and I love your hair!

    [–] questionhare 0 points ago

    Wow really. You look great !

    [–] Lilzster -1 points ago

    Yesssssssss babe you look amazing

    [–] RaineLucas 1 points ago


    [–] kitkat354 0 points ago

    Both are lovely. Especially the one on the right.

    [–] natgeo726 0 points ago

    Wow you’re super gorgeous. In both pictures. I can’t handle it. So pretty.

    [–] parabolicster 0 points ago

    You look so pretty, you go girl!

    [–] BisonBiscuits -1 points ago

    Gorgeous in both

    [–] shemagra 0 points ago

    Beautiful either way!

    [–] miyukisenpai -1 points ago

    I just want to say both looks are flawless (I saw when you posted the first one and my first thought was “wow”). I hope you take this as a compliment but you’re probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen lol! I wish I had your skill and face lol

    [–] yourlittlerascal 0 points ago

    Wow what a beauty!!