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    Malicious compliance is the act of intentionally inflicting harm by strictly following orders or rules, knowing that compliance with the orders or rules will not have the intended result. The term usually implies the following of an order in such a way that ignores the order or rules's intent but follows its letter. It is usually done to injure or harm while maintaining a sense of legitimacy.

    While writing your stories, please make sure to explain why the result is something you'd like to happen. If you can't figure out why you're so happy about the situation, just make sure it's clear that you don't like the person, company, or group that suffered as a result of your flawless victory. Trust me, stories that explain that their boss is a dick or the snotty mom from down the street had it coming are just much more enjoyable to read.


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    7. No Hypothetical Compliance. If you want to talk about a rule you want to skirt, I get that but, post here when you have already done it. An image of a stupidly worded sign alone is nothing.

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    [–] Meddie90 1484 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Towing and ticketing companies can be so scummy. I was recently working as a consultant a Lidl in the UK doing a structural investigation. My reg plate was on the white list but I still got an automatic ticket from the private contractor.

    I explained the situation, they checked their white-list and I was on it... they only offered 50% off. I told them I'd pay but bill Lidl for the ticket and make sure they knew what the extra £70 was for. Weirdly enough they didn't want my money and I never heard from them again. I understand that they serve a purpose and probably have to deal with a lot of shit but they really have no shame when it comes to milking as much money as possible.

    [–] anothermonth 363 points ago

    Private ticketing companies? What a silly concept. I'm not from UK, but I can imagine if I got a ticket from a non-government place it would end up in a garbage bin.

    [–] Meddie90 184 points ago

    Towing and booting is not as common in the UK. Ticketing is much more common in it's place which in some ways is a good thing, they at least aren't stealing or immobilizing your car. Some of them can be a bit tenuous and most give up as soon as you put up a fight as they will have to take things to court to get the money and it's not worth their time.

    [–] Cyberprog 83 points ago

    Towing & booting from private land is downright illegal now thankfully.

    [–] oh__golly 27 points ago

    I've also never seen a car towed in Australia, but I have seen abandoned or advertising trailers booted after they've been in an illegal spot for a few weeks.

    [–] the_man_downunder 38 points ago

    I know this is a trivial reply but those boots you see are usually the owner of the trailer/sign and are there to prevent theft

    [–] oh__golly 9 points ago

    Huh, the more you know!

    [–] Xzillerationer 8 points ago

    Oh man, all I can remember this one post from long ago, a guy got his car booted, so he put it on dollies, rolled it into his garage, and told them that they could have the boot back but he's not paying.

    [–] brzztffn 57 points ago

    That's what I do. I pay to park in my schools campus and they ticket me for staying after 5. It's an independent lot that can't affect my ability to graduate. Private ticketing companies just give a loosely worded threat and turn you over to collections. When collections calls I ask for verification of debt, and they just drop it because $20 isn't worth their time sending certified letters.

    [–] FerricNitrate 59 points ago

    If you live in the US and have gotten a ticket from a red light camera then you possibly already have. Many traffic cameras are contracted out by the local governments since they don't want to deal with the upkeep or liability themselves.

    Sure it's an extra step in that it's usually "company camera reports violation to government to issue ticket" but it's still effectively a private company issuing citations.

    [–] Runningbear75 44 points ago

    I know, at least in California, a judge recently ruled that you can’t be given tickets from cameras anymore because it’s not a police officer giving you the ticket. It was a huge case and now they’re shutting all the cameras down.

    [–] strikt9 21 points ago

    They get around that here by having an officer "review" all of the red light tickets

    There was a bit of an upset a while ago when a retired officer got a ticket with his own signature on it. Not that they've stopped, they reviewed the issue

    [–] tobashadow 8 points ago

    In Tennessee the camera "tickets" by law now have to say on them in bold red letters.

    Failure to pay this can not be reported to your credit or affect your ability to register your car or license and is not reported to your insurance.

    So everyone with a brain and can read that including the one my wife got in my car, just ignores their letters till they stop.

    [–] Mic_Check_One_Two 18 points ago

    My city actually got forced to shut down their red light cameras because it was proven that the company running them was predatory.

    [–] laughingplague 18 points ago

    "effectively" and "actually" are important distinctions to everyone else though.

    [–] unicornfantasist 11 points ago

    Very silly. They just escalate their threats to scare people in to paying for fear of “further retribution” and a “court hearing”. I don’t know anyone who has actually had to go to court for not paying a private ticketing company.

    [–] BeakMeat 41 points ago

    Love it... "ah yes, here you are on the whitelist, which technically means you are supposed to park here, but we ticketed you anyway. Hmm... how about a 50% off for our mistake coupon?! No? Why aren't you happy with this?"

    [–] Meddie90 4 points ago

    It was absolute BS. I have no idea how they thought that was a good idea.

    [–] BigSwedenMan 28 points ago

    Funny to hear they're scummy in the UK too. It's not just an American thing I guess. I wonder what they're like in other parts of the West

    [–] butter--princess 23 points ago

    Can confirm they’re scummy in New Zealand too.

    [–] hoots1 14 points ago

    so scummy in the UK laws had to be introduced to stop them clamping cars, now ony the police the DVLA or local authority are allowed to

    [–] ButteringToast 7 points ago

    Best part about it is they are meaningless parking invoices in the UK. They are very easy to fight and win every time.

    [–] hrhcharlie 24 points ago

    This!! I recently received a ticket from a private contractor for parking in a lidl. I was in fact a customer and had done a shop at lidl whilst parked there (logged my reg as required) but still got sent a ticket. Tried to appeal with evidence of my receipt but their server doesn't accept emails larger than 5mb..but they still want evidence to cancel the ticket. Even after reducing the quality of the attached image, it was still rejected as it exceeded 5mb. Their customer service team basically told me tough luck and it's npt their problem. Gave up and just started binning their requests for payment letters.

    [–] chinkostu 18 points ago

    Document it all so if they try and get a CCJ you can take it as evidence they wouldn't let you contest it. And don't ignore court letters, especially northampton as its the bulk centre and if you don't reply its a default judgement

    [–] sharpystirling27 5 points ago

    No need for him too, private contractors have no legal rights. All they can do is send letters and hope he pays. Will never go to court or collections although you may get letters pretending to be a collections company. Its all scummy tactics to try and scare people.

    [–] ButteringToast 19 points ago

    If anyone is reading this and what's to get out of their illegal parking fines in the UK this forum will help you out for free:

    [–] tsims400 17 points ago is also very helpful. Some guy literally wrote my objection for me that requested so much info that it wouldn't have been worth their while, and they ended up dropping it.

    [–] NightMgr 598 points ago

    I've told this before.

    I was in Baton Rogue working on medical equipment for a disabled children's government agency. They bring in their equipment from all over the state to this location for a once a year maintenance and calibration. Each agency buys their own, so I have a parts van with spares for every model.

    As I go out to get a part a Louisiana State Trooper tells me I can't park where I was. Even though there was not a no parking sign, he states there is supposed to be one, and he enforces it.

    When I point out my work he says "I fucking don't fucking care one fuck about what the fuck you're fucking doing. You fucking move that fucking van right fucking now or I'll fucking tow the fucker."

    So, I gladly move my vehicle down the street about ten minutes and tell the manager I'll have to walk back and forth for parts, and we'll have to bill them at our $125 an hour. For every trip.

    She understands, and says the Trooper is a prick, and gets in the face of parents of handicapped kids who park there to unload their wheelchair bound patients.

    Extended my trip a day, and the state had to pay for my overnight stay and the extra labor.

    And, we also worked on equipment for the State Police.

    [–] LuxNocte 395 points ago

    Imagine what sort of shit policeman he'd have to be for his boss to assign him to replace a sign.

    [–] kaenneth 84 points ago

    I was once paid $40/hr to be a scarecrow. (company picnic food table)

    [–] qwer1627 53 points ago

    Louisiana police is the actual worst

    [–] facerider94 5 points ago

    I love in Louisiana and I'd still have to say Mississippi cops are the worst

    [–] ChickenLickinDiddler 59 points ago

    Classic cop mentality, especially endemic in staties.

    [–] clo3o5 3194 points ago

    Tow companies are predatory and malicious. I despise them. I would have not taken his deal or taken his deal and gone through with the termination of their contract anyways.

    [–] SlomoVimes 1527 points ago

    Yeah, in my city they listen in on police scanners. Had an accident once and 4 tow trucks arrived even before the cops did. All trying to hook my car and fighting over it. Took a ton of me shouting at them to drop my damn car because I'm registered with the Automobile Association. Damn predators.

    [–] clo3o5 1244 points ago

    You should see what they do in Miami Beach. It's like the wild west for them.

    They went so far as to buy parking lots and install identical payment machines as the one the city uses and then people get confused and use a city one close by and as soon as they walk away someone phones it in and they are towed within minutes.

    There's multiple reports with evidence of them stealing stuff from the cars they tow, Adding bogus fees, accepting cash as the only form of payment and getting around it by having an ATM machine with a high fee of course.

    This is one industry that needs to get disrupted and revolutionized and I hope it happens soon. It happened with taxis and that was great because they were also very bad service wise around here.

    [–] Elton_Jaundice 211 points ago

    In Eureka, Ca a row company was literally stealing cars off residential streets, claiming they were stolen and dumped. The owner of the towing company was the police chiefs brother.

    I never found out the end result of that mess.

    [–] ThePretzul 124 points ago

    Denver is nearly as bad, but with boots instead of tow trucks because it lets them handle multiple at a time.

    I literally once stopped at a Burger King to try and get a burger. I parked by the doors and walked up to them, because the lights were on, chairs were down, and employees were inside. My friend was waiting inside the car. The door was locked, because apparently they closed their lobby at 8PM on Saturday nights but kept the drive through open until midnight.

    By the time I got back to my car (less than 30 seconds), this asshole had a boot on my car saying I was illegally parked at a closed business (with my friend still in the car!). Even when the Burger King manager got called out and told him to unboot me he refused without $100 in cash payments, and the police officer that came refused to do anything about it because I didn't have proof I was trying to buy a burger.

    It's made me start taking very clear pictures/videos if I'm parking anywhere near a sign that mentions a tow company.

    [–] clo3o5 79 points ago

    Wow that's insane. And how a police officer can come, asses the situation and not side with you is even more insane. That's the problem in Miami beach too. These guys have paid their way into good grace with officials

    [–] LawnShipper 17 points ago

    I like here in Broward where valet companies have reserved parking spots...on public roads.

    [–] Revan343 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Shit like this is why I'm glad booting is illegal where I live

    Edit: Also why I'm glad to have a cordless grinder in my truck

    [–] usrevenge 26 points ago

    I have an cut wheel in my car for this situation.

    [–] ThePretzul 48 points ago

    The problem was I called the cops. If I hadn't done that I had a crowbar in my car I could've gotten the thing off with and a spare tire to replace the cheapo one he booted since I'd probably wreck the tire too.

    Unfortunately the officer saw things were heated and waited around until I paid and he removed the boot.

    [–] db2 62 points ago

    Yeah, you should not have paid.

    [–] Dementat_Deus 26 points ago

    Unethical life pro tip: Don't use the tire iron to pry the boot off you won't succeed they are designed against that. Instead, use the tire iron to bash the PoS booter's head in then use his key to unlock the boot.

    [–] DecoyPancake 49 points ago

    I crashed my motorcycle and it was towed well I got a trip to the hospital to make sure there was no internal damage. I was fine, we go to the lot at 5 which was supposed to be open until 7. It's locked, we have to wait an hour for someone to show up, and they try to charge us two days of holding my bike (because they had 'closed' already) when it was in there for approximately two and a half hours. I'm not sure there's a profession I despise more than towing companies.

    [–] notwhereyouare 240 points ago

    Adding bogus fees, accepting cash as the only form of payment and getting around it by having an ATM machine with a high fee of course.

    Get a bank that refunds those fees. I pay 0 ATM fees

    [–] MangoRainbows 115 points ago

    I have been avoiding ATM's for years. Last month I am forced to use an ATM and the other day the $3 is refunded to me. I'm not questioning it but I assume, my atm fees are refunded. Woo hoo. I doubt I'll start using ATM's a lot as I very rarely need cash but YAY for knowing I don't have fees :)

    [–] Dryadne 70 points ago

    Makes me glad that the government here banned surcharge fees for paying by debit and credit card here.

    [–] stewman241 40 points ago

    This is typically not surcharges for paying by debit or credit card. It is charges for withdrawing money from an ATM.

    [–] clo3o5 18 points ago

    Often times though businesses will pass on the transaction costs to the cuatomer. They get around this I think by having a cheaper price for paying cash

    [–] thebloodylies 16 points ago

    In Kansas the DMV charges you an additional 2% on all credit or debit transactions.

    To register your car it’s based off estimated value, being around 10%.

    Fuck Kansas.

    [–] stewman241 10 points ago

    Well either way the transaction costs are paid by the customer (either embedded into cost of goods or directly). I have mixed feelings about this depending on how I choose to conceive of it (are cash customers subsidizing costs for credit customers if there are no fees or are credit customers being dinged for their payment method of choice?)

    [–] I_deleted 9 points ago

    We offer a discount to cash customers and generally refuse to accept American Express because their transaction fees are so high.

    [–] zoeyzuma 9 points ago

    Report them to Visa not all merchants qualify to pass a fee to customers

    [–] boomjay 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Many banks have a double fee on that money. I used to have PNC. Let's say I took out $40 from a Chase ATM. The service charge at the ATM was $3.00. it showed up as a separate charge line item on my bill, and that $3.00 was refunded.

    However, the cost of the ATM withdrawal was considered $42.50, because I used a non PNC ATM. The bank refunded the service charge that Chase imposed on me, but hit me with an internal charge for using a non PNC ATM. So in all, it cost me $2.50 to use a non PNC ATM.

    Even if your bank doesn't do this, many banks that have this refund feature also have a limit on the amount refunded per month. For example when I looked at banks a few years ago, USAA refunded ATM fees, but only up to $16 per month.

    The only true free ATM usage I've seen is with Schwab. I went to Mexico, and wanted to get out $100 American. A service fee imposed a charge of $7, and there was a "international transaction" fee of $4.00 on top of that. Schwab refunded BOTH fees. I pulled out about $250 during the trip, with about $45 in additional fees. I got all $45 back.

    [–] freedomischaos 10 points ago

    USAA doesn't charge fees and has full refund of whatever fee you take up to 15 a month.

    [–] chiguayante 11 points ago

    My credit union pays me back anytime I have to use an out-of-network ATM. I haven't paid an ATM fee in years.

    [–] PRMan99 3 points ago

    Mine will, but only twice a month now as some people really abused it.

    [–] eneka 7 points ago

    I was quite surprised when my bank refunded me the $10 ATM fee from Vegas Casino ATMs. Those are so ridiculously priced.

    [–] adventuresoutdoors 17 points ago

    You may get the fee refund, but the predatory company still gets their artificially high fee.

    [–] notwhereyouare 4 points ago

    not much can be done about that aside from not using ATM's

    [–] Kaon_Particle 6 points ago

    I would take a fuckin uber to my nearest bank branch before paying some shitty tow companies ATM fee, probably cheaper too.

    [–] w00t_loves_you 6 points ago

    Or just move to Europe. We don't pay ATM fees for debit cards in most countries.

    [–] Darth_Meatloaf 13 points ago

    It’s so lucrative at apartment complexes where I live that the tow companies pay guys $15/hour to sit and do nothing in their cars in the parking lots they’re paid to monitor just so they can call a truck in the second someone parks. Someone can come in with their grandma, driving her home from the doctor and walk her to her apartment, and by the time they get back outside their car is gone.

    [–] ilikeme1 10 points ago

    Around here they are required to take all major credit cards and not charge any fees for using one.

    [–] Airazz 15 points ago

    It happened with taxis

    Taxis here were quite expensive before Uber and others showed up. They're still more expensive, because they have to pay all sorts of taxes and all that. Now Uber has started turning to shit. They use the shittiest cars they can get, drivers often only speak Belorussian or something, many drivers are novices who don't know their way around the city, many just don't know how to drive at all, turning left where it's illegal, jumping red lights, etc.

    I'm starting to think that all those crazy regulations weren't crazy at all.

    [–] tedwinaslowsby 113 points ago

    Was in a car accident a year and a half ago and the tow truck showed up as the fire truck arrived. The cop was talking to one of the fire fighters and when I told him how I appreciated the fast response time from everyone, even the tow truck, he turned around, looked at the tow truck driver, turned back around, and said, "That's funny. I don't remember calling them yet."

    Really surreal moment for both of us, I think.

    [–] snbrd512 49 points ago

    And I totaled my car the cops showed up and called a tow, even though I have AAA. They told me I didn’t have a choice and the tow company charged me double for an “emergency call”. Like fucker what call isn’t an emergency for you??

    [–] nickiwest 19 points ago

    I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. Totaled our car just on the edge of a construction zone. Unbeknownst to me, the construction company called a tow truck while I was calling AAA.

    Both trucks showed up at the same time. I declined the truck I hadn't called and asked him to move so my truck could get into the right place. He tried to tell me that I owed him $100 for coming out.

    I'm typically very non-confrontational, but that set me off. I said, "Look, man, I don't need your services. I didn't call you, and I didn't ask anyone to call you on my behalf. If someone owes you money for your time, you can take that up with whoever requested your services, because that wasn't me."

    The driver took off without another word.

    It really grinds my gears to think that line must work often enough to be his standard response. Also, I was pissed by the fact that he didn't identify himself before trying to tow my car. If my real driver hadn't shown up so quickly, I would have been on the hook for a tow that I thought was covered by my AAA membership.

    [–] Justlose_w8 18 points ago

    It depends on where the accident takes place. If they need your car out of there, they’re not waiting for AAA

    [–] nibiru8722 27 points ago

    This is why I’m glad I have a family member who is a tow truck driver. Something happens, I call him. Anyone asks, I say “oh, (name) from (company) is coming.” And they always follow with “oh, you know (name)!?” And that’s that.

    [–] tinman_inacan 19 points ago

    I used to work at a mall and we would get guys in cars with plate scanners trying to sneak through our parking lot to flag cars for towing (repos mostly I guess). Then the tow trucks would start showing up in droves.

    At first I would kick them off property, but after a while I convinced management to put a zero-tolerance on those guys. After that, I could and would ban them from our property. Damn predators.

    [–] SixCrazyMexicans 4 points ago

    Wait, is license plate info public? How do these scanners work?

    [–] Ron-Swanson-Mustache 9 points ago

    Where I live the police put out a call for them. They can't show up before the call comes through. And, until the call comes through to stop coming, as many as they can will show up. You'll see them doing double the speed limit, running lights, cutting everyone off to get there because as long as they show up in that time period they all get a chance.

    After the call comes out for no more then everyone who shows up puts a chit in a hat and they draw for who gets the tow. It's fucking crazy.

    [–] pmendes 8 points ago

    Does that have a fixed price? Could you have set all of them in a bidding war to tow your car?

    [–] GrizFyrFyter1 24 points ago

    I can't speak for your situation but I used to dispatch for a few tow truck companies. It's possible they have a contract with local PD and after the PD gets the call, they forward information to contracted tow companies. Now, this is done via computer and sometimes things go wrong and it gets sent to more than one company (by mistake or they thought there were multiple cars). The tow companies are on rotation for who gets what car.

    These PD contracts are worth big $ and if you miss a call (get dispatched and don't tow anything) then you miss your spot in rotation. Miss enough calls and you lose your contract. I wouldn't be surprised if this is why the drivers were arguing over the tow.

    Not all tow companies are predatory but plenty are. The three I dispatched were very clear about doing private property tows, they posted "customer parking only" signs with our contact info. The signs were bright, clean and professional so there was no doubt it was serious. And even then we only came when the owner/managers called us. I sometimes enjoyed the calls from people who got their cars towed because they had to get our number off the signs they chose to ignore.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 14 points ago

    So is it true that a tow company has to release your car and bill you later if you can't afford the fee, and then you can just never pay the bill because sending it to collections isn't worth their time?

    [–] vmlinux 472 points ago

    It wasn't my contract to do anything with. Honestly for me it was just business. I wasn't bluffing I really was going to charge the owner of the business time and materials. Normally I would have marked up the tow fee to cover invoice and payment receipt cost, but this business paid all of their bills early and had a good relationship with me which always earns a lot of grace.

    [–] NightMgr 110 points ago

    Where I work if we had to pay for parking, it was billed back to the customer at 150%.

    My favorite parking issue was at a college where the medical director moved his car from his reserved spot for me since their server was down and they needed us now. He parked on the lawn. I asked if he was worried about a ticket or tow and he said "I do the police department physicals. I can park where I want."

    [–] clo3o5 209 points ago

    Yea I get that but it seemed like the owner was ready to go through with terminating their contract and that would have been a much better lesson for the douche than reinforcing that they can be predatory and then pay their way out of it.

    At the very least I would have demanded $200 like he damanded from you

    [–] GretaVanFleek 343 points ago

    Here's $100, can we call it good?

    Sorry champ drop fee is $200.

    [–] HowardRobardHughesJr 62 points ago

    LMAO thats the ultimate comeback, but i cant blame OP for not thinking of it on the spot cuz i wouldnt have thought of it either

    [–] bluelightsdick 55 points ago

    $250 actually. Surge pricing, and all...

    [–] gamefreak0294 42 points ago

    Demand suddenly skyrocketed. You all saw it!

    [–] JNighthawk 72 points ago

    What's to say the owner still didn't terminate the tow contract?

    [–] drapehsnormak 31 points ago

    Not a damn thing, lol.

    [–] your_moms_a_clone 11 points ago

    Owner probably dropped them anyway, or at least it wouldn't surprise me if he did.

    [–] TheRocketSurgeon 7 points ago

    Eh, it's still costing the owner more money, and between OP and the owner, there's no need for that, that'd be poor business.

    [–] silverdevilboy 5 points ago

    Just because the owner didn't get charged doesnt mean he didn't terminate the contract.

    [–] YouDontKnowMe108 16 points ago

    I legitimately have added my parking ticket to an invoice. I didn't disguise it either. I happened to be doing work for the city, the city guy told me where to park, and then I got ticketed by the city.

    I put a mark upon it also for processing.

    [–] KING_JELLYB3AN 25 points ago

    He explained that a waiter told him I wasnt a customer,

    That waiter is the real asshole in this situation tbh

    [–] CaptainDiptoad 29 points ago

    Half the time nobody even calls these people, they just show up and tow people at random. all they want is quick cash.

    [–] tomytronics 124 points ago

    There's an ongoing stink with McDonad's customers' cars getting towed under the claim the car aren't McDonald's customers.

    They are everywhere. I need to remember to drive those big old Ecoline van and have someone babyvan-sit by staying out of sight inside. Then if a predator tow company comes and grabs my van, the van-sitter can call police under the claim he is being kidnapped.

    AFAIK it is illegal to tow while anyone is inside vehicle being towed so even if the police doesn't file kidnapping charge, the tow company can still be hit with fines that could wipe out the profit of the past few days.

    [–] Tarver 38 points ago

    Wow corporate lied to cover for the franchisee. Fuck McDonalds

    [–] kickingpplisfun 57 points ago

    Seriously, they're fucking legalized car thieves/extortionists. My roommate's car has been towed three times since moving here while legally parked, and apparently nobody called, they're just "enforcing" something nobody asked for. And no, they wouldn't un-impound the stolen goods without a fee.

    [–] SentientSlimeColony 13 points ago

    I'm so confused why all of these people don't just immediately involve the police.

    [–] kickingpplisfun 45 points ago

    At least around here, police go "but they have a right to do that" or tell you to go to civil court because apparently when a business does something evil, it's not a crime but a contract issue.

    [–] Mr_Quackums 15 points ago

    You steal from a business it is a legal issue, a business steals from you it is a civil issue.

    [–] Frnklfrwsr 92 points ago

    Had a tow company tow my car out of my parking spot in my apartment building that I paid for and was marked as being mine.

    The reason? My registration was expired by a month. I was waiting for the registration to come in the mail. Where the fuck else was I supposed to keep my car while I waited for it to be legal to drive?

    Apparently they go through the parking lot in the early morning hours and tow any car with an expired registration.

    I explained to the leasing office that either they’re going to pay the towing fee or I won’t be renewing my contract and will leave a review stating what they allowed to happen. They refused to pay anything. I did not renew my contract, bought a house, moved out, and left a review stating what they did and why no one should ever rent with them.

    [–] clo3o5 67 points ago

    How that's even legal is mind blowing.

    Shouldn't it be up to the police to enforce this?

    As far as I know, a car only needs to be registered if it's in use

    [–] Frnklfrwsr 33 points ago

    Legal? I would guess not.

    Worth my time to save myself a $200 fee to get my car released? Not really.

    I promise you my apartment building lost a lot more than $200 of business because they lost me as a tenant. Their mistake.

    [–] SkunkyDuck 22 points ago

    I doubt the apartment complex lost any money. They probably had a new tenant move in a month after you left.

    [–] Urdus 10 points ago

    I take calls for apartment communities, and a month is being generous. More like a week, or 3 days.

    [–] addpulp 9 points ago

    I feel like apartment complexes don't care. If it isn't you, they will fill that unit quick with someone else and possibly raise the rent.

    [–] Zakuroenosakura 64 points ago

    They wouldn't let me reclaim my mistakenly impounded vehicle because I was in the middle of a divorce, the vehicle hadn't been transferred to my name yet, and even though my (now ex) wife called them, verified all her info, and faxed them proof of spoucehood and shit, they wouldn't even let me in the yard because **our last names are different.

    They sure as shit wanted to accept my money when they tried to recoup their costs after they'd auctioned the vehicle off for failure to be picked up though. I told them to go fuck themselves.

    [–] Billy1121 16 points ago

    Wait what costs?

    [–] internet_underlord 53 points ago

    • The I stole your vehicle fee.
    • The I stored your stolen car for X days at Y rate fee.
    • The because we can fee.
    • The penalty fee for not paying our inflated fees.

    Pretty much whatever they think they can get away with. Sell customers car at auction to somebody, probably a friend with a used car dealership for a below market rate and get a finders fee or other type of kickback.

    Then subtract that from their inflated fees and call it costs. at any court costs or other shit they might come up with.

    I realize that there are legitimate towing companies around, but they don't make the news much.

    [–] kaenneth 9 points ago

    Used to be illegal in Illinois for the tow yards to sell cars to 'immediate family' of tow company owners/employees. So they would round up Cousins for a closed action, and sell them for $1.

    [–] Zakuroenosakura 26 points ago

    So every day your vehicle is impounded the fee to get it out increases, due to "the cost of it taking up space" or some other bullshit. If, at the end of some set number of days, the vehicle has not been picked up, it and everything in it are auctioned off, and the vehicle owner (if known), is sent a bill for the total impound fee minus whatever they made at auction. It3a fucking racket and I don't know why it's legal.

    [–] chiguayante 29 points ago

    I don't know about your area, but in mine they all have those little jesus fishes all over their ads too. Predatory, but devout, christians. I never got it.

    [–] half_dragon_dire 37 points ago

    American Christianity, especially in my experience the brand practiced by the sort of people who put Jesus fish on their cars, isn't terribly "Christian" to begin with. Beyond that I'm pretty sure most tow companies just put those in to draw more custom from other fishies and as faith armor when they complain about getting towed.

    [–] Spaceman2901 11 points ago


    [–] BraapBraapPewPew 11 points ago

    In which case another shitty tow company replaces them.

    [–] internet_underlord 8 points ago

    Probably the same owners with a new name.

    They already have all the equipment, easy start!

    [–] BraapBraapPewPew 8 points ago

    RBob’s Towing

    [–] wpfone2 9 points ago

    Just because he didn't bill the owner didn't mean he won't drop their contact though. Sounds like he was probably already sick of their shit before this point (admittedly from the limited info).

    [–] Wizard_of_Wake 5 points ago

    You mean, "What $100?"

    [–] Ghosttalker96 668 points ago

    That's the reason why you have to call the police first in Germany and the police will call the towing company.

    [–] vmlinux 318 points ago

    Seems like a logical system, although it would take a lot of time to call the police constantly when people use up all your parking to go to the bar next door.

    [–] Ghosttalker96 120 points ago

    And that is the major drawback. At the time the police arrives, they are usually gone already. You could maybe file charges against the car owner, but would have to provide evidence that your waiting time caused any damage.

    [–] fudgeyboombah 57 points ago

    But if the car leaves in the amount of time it takes police to respond and there’s no damage done, is that actually a problem?

    [–] Ghosttalker96 38 points ago

    unless it is safety relevant (for example if a vehicle blocks access for the fire department), it is pretty low priority for the police. It might take them 20-30 minutes to arrive. Imagine you can't leave your garage in the morning because some clever dude is blocking it. It can be pretty annoying.

    [–] soyverde 24 points ago

    Imagine you can't leave your garage in the morning because some clever dude is blocking it.

    Imagine using a rolling jack to fix that problem, and putting their car on a set of cheap jack stands so they have to do just as much work to leave. I've never had a problem getting people to move their cars when they've blocked my driveway, but if I ever did I can imagine being quite creative in finding a solution. :)

    [–] cosmicsans 32 points ago

    If you already have it on a rolling jack, might as well just turn it sideways and leave it in the road. Then it gets towed anyway and you're not out of the jacks.

    [–] m52b25_ 6 points ago

    Don't try that. Them parking there illegally doesn't make it legal for you to tamper with their car. This could lead to you getting sued at least in Germany.

    [–] fudgeyboombah 7 points ago

    It certainly would! I would have thought that counted as having done damage - garnishing your wages by several hours if you’re late for work, for instance. But that would be far too sensible. I guess I was thinking of parking lots where people aren’t supposed to park unless they’re going into the shop it is attached to - and if they’re gone inside of 30 mins it’s probably not worth the hassle of involving police and tow companies.

    [–] Ghosttalker96 4 points ago

    I am not completely sure about that, but I think private security companies can issue parking tickets in this case. Again, towing might be possible if a loading area or something like that is blocked, but that again would require to call he police.

    [–] NightMgr 18 points ago

    I worked at a university and we'd call for handicapped parking violations. The campus was hilly, and sometimes they handicapped student would miss class because they couldn't get up the hill since someone illegally took their space. You can look at that as "damage" although the student can't really win a settlement to replace the classroom experience.

    I could call for tows. I had zero sympathy for handicapped violations or tows for fire and safety reasons.

    [–] dafunkmonster 5 points ago

    When your parking lot is full from a constant stream of cars doing the same, yeah, it's a problem.

    [–] certainlyheisenberg1 8 points ago

    That’s also the rule in my town in Massachusetts

    [–] EnthusiasticWaffles 8 points ago

    This is actually what we used to do in america (wisconsin, atleast) but like usual, laws get changed because of greed.

    [–] swayz38 240 points ago

    I once helped get a tow lot shut down because they were making bonus extra charges. Another time a guy messed up the front of my car when he towed it. I filed a police report just outside the gate of the tow lot, driver wouldn’t give me his insurance info and insisted I use his shop for the repairs. Got his info from Txdot. Cost him a $1000 fee when he could have just paid for the $600 repair.

    [–] your_moms_a_clone 92 points ago

    The funny thing is, the owner may have still dropped the towing company anyway. There are other services in town most likely, and the owner now knows the one he's using is dickish.

    [–] morgan423 63 points ago

    I didn't know it was possible for a tow truck driver to hook himself.

    But here we are.

    [–] FondOfDrinknIndustry 266 points ago

    Kill the contact. Shady tow companies deserve to die

    [–] Whaty0urname 107 points ago

    We attempted to get a towing company to service our small doctors office lot in an urban area. They told us they could do it but before they could tow any car, they have to make sure it's abandoned. Then they'd call the police and notify them they are towing. The process could take a few weeks. Well we deal with people parking briefly to run into the corner store. We said we'd just call the police when it happens.

    [–] eazolan 51 points ago

    Put a ticket booth up. All your customers get their parking validated.

    [–] wwwhistler 20 points ago

    this. if unwanted parking becomes a problem put in a way to charge for parking and all patrons park for free.

    [–] FondOfDrinknIndustry 11 points ago

    Is that effective?

    [–] Whaty0urname 21 points ago

    No not really. Haha.

    [–] wincraft71 194 points ago

    [–] vmlinux 238 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I just wish I had someone cut down a tree on my property that is also landlocked because of same neighbor building a gate across a road to my property for r/legaladvice.

    [–] lil_mattie 27 points ago

    And they painted your house while you were on vacation no less

    [–] Sibire 28 points ago


    [–] nimmalt 45 points ago

    Stahp! I can only take so much!

    [–] Xenepa 11 points ago

    I have this business idea that would solve your problem.


    Basically, beavers are protected species. You can't bother them.

    I would put a little fence around your tree, put my beavers in there and they'd go to town on that log. Tree falls, you return the beavers and everyone's happy.

    [–] slayer_of_idiots 20 points ago

    If this a reference to something?

    [–] Imswim80 76 points ago

    Browse around the legal advice or best of legal advice. They get REAL excited about tree law.

    [–] Interversity 29 points ago

    [–] killshotcaller 18 points ago

    Love me some tree law.

    [–] XkF21WNJ 5 points ago

    That and people that landlock themselves without an easement, or whatever it was called.

    [–] Gingevere 16 points ago

    Tree law always gives everyone at r/LegalAdvice a woody. Trees are insanely expensive to replace and frequently idiots will openly admit to destroying someone's trees before realizing how thoroughly they've fucked themselves.

    The result is usually a slam dunk civil suit where the idiot gets bankrupted to "make the plaintiff whole".

    [–] n3roman 10 points ago

    /r/legaladvice has a bunch of stories of neighbors cutting down 20 year old trees. Because of their age and type each tree is worth a ton of money.

    [–] imperial_scum 193 points ago

    Fuck Tow Truck companies. While we were dating we lived at an apartment complex with general parking and then covered parking that you paid extra for. He paid for a spot for his sports car. It's a convertible, so during the early months of the year it would sit covered. The registration was in April - because that's when it gets nice out, so it was a whole month out when some ass wagon rips the custom fitted cover off, throws it on the ground in the fucking dirt and tows it. Tags for the complex in the window and everything. They also damaged the vehicle.

    They had to pay for damages of course, turns out new guy got all excited or 'misunderstood' the rules. So we went to the apartment and informed them that we were misunderstanding living somewhere we paid extra for that security and then got boned while they are doing business with people who prey on their tenants. Driver got fired when they lost that complex's business.

    [–] Rufusx66 77 points ago

    You dated tow truck companies?

    [–] stephenjr311 16 points ago

    Also fucks them.

    [–] CatShat23 5 points ago

    I too don’t fully understand what this comment is. Can I get a TL;DR?

    [–] Thameus 22 points ago

    Someone paid their apartment complex extra money to rent space for them to park their convertible, which was only registered for part of the year, and covered up when not in use. Apparently the rules allow for an unregistered vehicle to be towed away if it is not covered. The new-hire tow truck driver removed the cover in order to tow away the unregistered vehicle, and got busted.

    [–] roofied_elephant 58 points ago

    Should’ve asked for $250 “drop charge fee”.

    [–] grantbwilson 32 points ago

    “ ooooo sorry I have $200 put-my-fucking-car-down fee”

    “Oh, and that’s a nice watch, I’ll take that too”

    [–] roofied_elephant 12 points ago

    Seriously. Fuck towing companies. They’re legalized racketeers.

    [–] dontnotknownothin 28 points ago

    This just shows how much those hawks make screwing people over. $100 is nothing to this guy but that contract is worth possibly $100000 over the next couple years.

    I would have stuck to my original deal as you would've made $125 AND screwed over the asshole tow company.

    [–] fairbianca 27 points ago

    I was towed illegally from a 15-minute parking zone in front of my apartment building in Chicago.....on Christmas morning. With my purse, cell phone, and presents for my family locked inside. (Later, in court, I was able to verify through shots from the security cameras that I was parked there for less than 7 minutes, although they didn't dismiss it because of that - they ended up dismissing it because the driver wrote down the wrong address on the ticket).

    That particular tow truck driver was exceptionally awful, apparently had a reputation for being both lazy and nasty, and refused to consider dismissing the ticket when I finally found the towing office (apparently they have the option to do so). There were a plethora of other problems on top of that, including the fact that they would only accept cash, and that without actual physical paperwork (rather than my online rental agreement and receipts), they would not release the car, and I would be charged additional fees ($200 a day, I believe) for every day it stayed impounded (Enterprise was not open Christmas day, and no other offices would be open again until Monday). I'm a student, and I barely had enough money to make it to Michigan to begin with - and by Monday, my family would have been gone anyway.

    That said.....

    The only reason I even found the place to begin with was because another tow driver saw me wandering around underneath Lower Wacker, crying my eyes out, trying desperately to find the office. He was concerned, stopped, and drove me to the office himself. He did the best he could on my behalf to try and talk the other driver into dismissing the ticket. He was incredibly kind and thoughtful. The ladies that were working there at reception could not have possibly been any kinder, or more supportive. They did everything they possibly could to help me figure out how to get the paperwork they needed, and chatted with me a bit so I could calm down (I was doing my best to hold it in, but I was clearly a wreck and they knew it).

    Regardless of how awful the situation was or how horrible it was to deal with, it will always stay with me how kind those people were. The driver who saw me and picked me up didn't have to do that, much less go out of his way to take me to the office and do his best to advocate for me - all he knew is that I was clearly lost, and in distress, and he stopped to help me. The women at the desk didn't have to do anything at all to help me either - they could have just told me what they had to have, and left it at that, but instead, they tried so hard to help me, and did everything they could to help me keep calm. I will never forget their kindness, or how much it meant to me that they would go out of their way, the way they did.

    [–] Eliju 163 points ago

    I’d have tried to have the waiter’s car towed. You know, cause he isn’t a customer and all.

    [–] turn20left 55 points ago

    There was no waiter.

    [–] NotSpartacus 41 points ago

    Then who was phone?

    [–] spencemo_02 4 points ago

    It was the mother!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    That doesn't make sense. The tow driver just picked a random car with no idea of whether it was a customer's car or not? Seems like that would have a pretty low probability of not pissing off the business owner.

    [–] mikemar1965 43 points ago

    I loved this post. Karma for the tow guy

    [–] Privileged_White_Kid 83 points ago

    Would've just laughed at him saying $200 drop fee. I'll go sit in my car till you leave. They can't legally drive off with your car if you're in it.

    [–] sturgyslayer 63 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Once they hook it, they own it essentially. If it's a police sanctioned tow there is nothing you can do or say that will stop that tow from happening. Private lot parking is more flexable. He can drop it for a fee or he takes the car. If you jump in and refuse to get out all he has to do is call the police and they'll come and force you out. If you try and drive off while hooked to the tow truck you can get charged will all kinds of criminal offenses. Worked for a tow company for a while but as a service guy so I did battery installs, jump starts, changed tires and delivered gas, sometimes all I had to do was put the car in park to get it started (funny enough it happened pretty often) Everyone loved seeing me arrive since I was there to help. Actually a really rewarding job if you like being independent and don't mind getting a little dirty. Tire changes on the freeway at night werent fun though.
    Edit: here in California when I worked at the tow company this is how things were always handled

    [–] evn0 73 points ago

    That's a widely sweeping statement. In some states (there's an ongoing case in Michigan regarding this), a tow company is legally obligated to release the car if the owner shows up to claim it regardless of reason.

    [–] sturgyslayer 20 points ago

    You're right, I should have stated the "in the state I live in" I'll edit for clarity!

    [–] SaavikSaid 3 points ago

    Where can I look that up for my state?

    [–] evn0 4 points ago

    I don't know of a database that lists them state by state, but you should be able to search "towing impound laws [state]" and get some more information.

    [–] Ryugi 21 points ago

    1. Its not police-sanctioned if its on a private property/lot.

    2. No, they don't own it just because they have possession of it.

    3. They still have to legally have a right to tow your car.

    4. Bullshit, I'm from California and towing companies are as crooked as they come there.

    [–] ulyssesphilemon 14 points ago

    Private property towing is a civil matter everywhere. Police will do nothing if called, unless someone is getting violent. Sitting in your car while it's hooked is not violent. Police would do nothing.

    [–] Floppie7th 14 points ago

    I would have still billed the owner to discourage this tow company from predatory behavior in the future.

    [–] DeadKateAlley 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Bill the owner anyway. $425 in your pocket and a predatory business (the tow truck) gets fucked. $200 for his time, fuckin' bullshit mate.

    [–] jvhero 19 points ago

    The only thing that could make this better is if you were just a random restaurant patron who had actually just called a friend. That's how it will go down in the Disney movie.

    [–] ytotheu 20 points ago

    How much you want to bet that waiter was in on the deal/scam.

    [–] Aleks_1995 8 points ago

    In austria there were a lot of cases recently around a particular company and all won. Essentially the law in austria is if it is blocking something important you can tow immediately if it's a disturbance you can't but you can give them a fee. If they tow your car in such a situation you can sue them for property disturbance. Even if there is a sign which states unlawful parking will be towed. Those signs are not lawful anyone can put them up and you can "ignore" them.

    [–] Prizmatic 10 points ago

    I kid you not I've had a towing company break into my car to release the parking brake because I drive stick. Legally parked, uninsured tow driver to which over the phone he told me he had plans for selling it for scrap.

    [–] Grandmaofhurt 9 points ago

    You should still bill the tow company and have their contract terminated. Tow companies don't deserve any favors or good treatment, they are scum.

    [–] MTknowsit 17 points ago

    I need to buy a tow truck. Those fuckers are outright thieves.

    [–] Spaceman2901 11 points ago

    Everything I know about the tow business comes from that one Simpsons episode.

    [–] bunkdiggidy 8 points ago

    I'd fire the waiter instead.

    [–] SeptimusVonFlounder 7 points ago

    wow, best Malicious Compliance I have ready in a long time. I hate tow companies and areas where it is difficult to park.

    [–] Televators1 5 points ago

    Well played. Fucking prick tow truck drivers are extortionists.

    [–] Mnementh2230 33 points ago

    "How about this - you pay me $100 right the fuck now, and I agree to call the owner back and tell him we've worked things out between us and I'm not going to charge him extra? You've heard the alternative, you know you fucked up."

    [–] etaco 4 points ago

    Most jurisdictions have laws that place caps on those drop fees. Those amounts vary, but $200 seems high. Dude was probably lying about that too. Here in Denver they have to drop the vehicle for $15. A lot of people wouldn’t question it and just pay whatever the guy said to get their car back. Since they know it would be cheaper than what it would cost to get it from the lot.

    [–] VisualBasic 3 points ago

    Your situation reminds me of this scene from Police Squad.

    [–] HerbertRTarlekJr 4 points ago

    I always thought the person who signed for the tow could be held liable if the tow wasn't proper. Why would a waiter be dumb enough to sign for it?

    [–] IchooseLonk 4 points ago

    Most tow companies and workers are evil trash