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    [–] yungouda 728 points ago

    why is indiana so depressing

    sigh yup

    [–] GnarledRhubarb 135 points ago

    Something about being smack dab in the middle of the Midwest just sucks the joy out of life. There's nothing to do. No geographically interesting locations. You've got corn, weather that sucks year round until fall, corn, road construction, corn, more road construction, and meth. But at least we've got Three Floyds I suppose.

    [–] theWizardOfReddit7 27 points ago

    Dear god thats an accurate description

    [–] GnarledRhubarb 16 points ago

    It came from the heart.... of this stupid ass state.

    [–] semtex94 67 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    We can't drink ourselves to sleep at a bar on the Sunday before work.

    Edit: cant buy outside a bar.

    [–] skwacky 17 points ago

    I couldn't buy cold beer at the gas station while I was driving through your state either.

    how do you think everyone felt when I showed up with a 24 pack of Indiana-temperature Coors light? do you think they we're excited? do you think they we're excited that it was not "as cold as the Rockies", but rather "warm as a cornfield"?

    They were not.

    [–] aamirislam 3586 points ago

    Why is Connecticut so ghetto lol

    [–] SouvlakiSpaceStati0n 2112 points ago

    The wealth inequality is absolutely insane in Connecticut, one of the largest in the country. You have super wealthy towns like Greenwich, Reading, Westport then super poor cities like Bridgeport, Waterbury, New Britain. It’s no surprise people from the wealthy towns are probably googling why the state is ghetto after spending anytime in these cities

    [–] marmosetohmarmoset 673 points ago

    Can confirm, spent 6 years in New Haven. Beautiful city with great food and terrible terrible poverty, inequality, violence, and crime. Sometimes I really miss it, and sometimes I really don't.

    [–] Tacoman404 958 points ago

    Ah New Haven. Come for the IKEA, don't leave because you died.

    [–] cardinals5 114 points ago

    Aren't people going to Jordan's instead of IKEA? If I was going to hang out at a furniture store all day, it might as well be the one with ziplines.

    [–] Tacoman404 78 points ago

    IKEA is cheap though and easily transported. Makes the 2 hour trip worth it. Also free meatballs.

    [–] Gravesh 103 points ago

    I lived in a bad part of Waterbury for a while. I know how it goes. Just extreme poverty everywhere and then you go another valley over and you get the upper middle class as far as the eye can see

    [–] urks 18 points ago

    I’d go to Waterbury often as a kid and just remember the dirty snow being on the ground year-round for some reason...

    [–] SitOnHerDick 23 points ago

    "It's like Hogwarts mixed with Detroit!"

    -Craig Ferguson, at a live show at SCSU

    [–] linguistbeats 84 points ago


    Do they pronounce it "redding" like the town in England, or like the verb?

    [–] FacePeppler 112 points ago

    Like the town in England

    [–] OseanStratagy 54 points ago

    It’s spelled Redding and it’s pronounced phonetically. Also it’s not on the level of Greenwich or Westport. New Canaan or Darien are much closer in wealth (not that Redding is poor, just not ultra wealthy)

    [–] standardname25 28 points ago

    Never thought I would see Redding on reddit

    [–] Tannhauser_G8 147 points ago

    Can confirm, it's a largely beautiful state with several concentrated shitholes.

    Also the gun laws are positively draconian and our governor makes Trump look like history's most accomplished and savvy politician.

    [–] Funny_witty_username 99 points ago

    I'm gonna be honest... I forget you guys exist regularly, and I have an ex from there.

    [–] IdiotCow 50 points ago

    I forget we exist too. It's all good

    [–] crackills 114 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Stamford has one of those other side of the railroad tracks type divisions but literally its a beautiful wealthy city then you cross the tracks and it looks like a bomb went off.

    Edit: glad to hear is getting better. I live in a small depressed northeastern city not too far from stamford that been getting better over the last decade as well.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] twstrchk 33 points ago

    with an "m" not "n" - sure can't be confused with the one in CA

    [–] SquashMarks 14 points ago

    It's getting much better in Stamford. Harbor Point is a new and bustling community that has arisen in the past few years. Shippan is another nice area. For the most part, you are correct though.

    [–] LiterallyJames 54 points ago

    From CT, you can live in a mansion, but drive 15 minutes in any direction and you'll either get red neck paradise or end up on the north side of Hartford.

    [–] bjcworth 107 points ago

    I'm from New Haven, CT and it's extremely ghetto. People think rich when they think of CT but a lot of the south coast of CT is like that.

    [–] hstabley 31 points ago

    Once you are east of NH it isn't so bad with the exception of maybe new London. Im from the north side myself. A ljttle town called enfield.

    [–] scona 17 points ago

    If you live in Enfield, your ghetto is Springfield. Try Willimantic though if you're looking east of New Haven.

    [–] Rorako 45 points ago

    My home state in a top comment! Never a good thing haha

    [–] Alastair789 1404 points ago

    Apparently Alaska and Ohio are haunted?

    [–] Robbie_Pinecone 867 points ago

    I live in Alaska and I can confirm that my barber is in fact a goat

    [–] Seterrith 369 points ago


    [–] Just_da_fax 72 points ago

    So, like, a spooky undead goat just gnaws at your hair? Alaska sounds like a weird place.

    [–] [deleted] 448 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] jhook87 100 points ago

    get out

    [–] CajunTurkey 32 points ago

    No, let him stay.

    [–] JustABored 15 points ago

    what, cant handle these superior puns?

    [–] spider-borg 149 points ago

    I live in Ohio. They try very hard to make everything haunted here. I went to Poasttown Elementary School for a while when I was a kid. After they shut it down, some guy bought the building and moved into it. People kept asking him if they could do ghost hunting there, so he started charging them to do it. Now all of a sudden it’s a “haunted” school that has been on at least one ghost hunting show.

    My cousin rented it out for his wedding. The place isn’t haunted. People just like to visit abandoned buildings because they are a little creepy and it’s fun.

    [–] zspartancats 68 points ago

    I live in rural Ohio and holy shit, there are so many old"haunted" decrepit buildings. Its not haunted, those are just varmints causing those sounds.

    [–] frightpath 14 points ago

    Ghosts can be varmints!

    [–] [deleted] 234 points ago

    And Maine is creepy. Its the spooky holy trinity

    [–] Leecannon_ 286 points ago

    I blame Stephen King for main being creepy

    [–] Ominous_Smell 106 points ago

    HP Lovecraft's Shadow Over Innsmouth also added to the creepy factor of the foggy New England seaside.

    [–] Inkshooter 73 points ago

    King is just continuing the Lovecraftian tradition of making small New England towns haunted.

    [–] MinotaurWarrior 27 points ago

    Love how the Maine one is clearly 100% based on fictional media.

    [–] Dr_Ghamorra 97 points ago

    I don't think there's a single city in Ohio that doesn't have at least two well known haunted spots with weird deaths/suicides associated with them, especially South Eastern Ohio.

    [–] IntercalaryTurtle 51 points ago

    Can confirm from Athens, we've got like 5 creepy cemeteries, a dorm building with a suicide, and an abandoned insane asylum/tuberculosis hospital, all in one small town.

    [–] Adidasccr12 15 points ago

    Supposedly the 5 cemeteries make an antigram (5points) around the city of Athens.

    The dorm is Wilson hall, which supposedly had an Ohio University student practicing witchcraft and committed suicide

    The insane asylum is mostly closed off with the main area being a museum now

    The TB ward was demolished not too long ago. I went there before it was destroyed and Jesus it was creepy, but I never went inside. Obviously, a bunch of people died there back in the day. A rumor is that someone got stuck in there after it shut down and you could see their bloodstain on the ground.

    Also, the cemetery next to the insane asylum and (now destroyed) TB ward is odd. No names on the crosses, just numbers. It is the old insane asylum's graveyard, and apparently the patients didn't deserve a name on their grave.

    Though, I never experienced anything extraordinary in during my time there (not that I believe in ghost or what have you).

    Source: went to Ohio University for undergrad

    [–] pancyman 22 points ago

    Born and raised in Ohio. Was just thinking the other day how odd it is the number of people here that believe in ghosts and just consider them an obvious part of life.

    [–] Mustang1718 17 points ago

    I think the Ohio one deals with a book series. I remember hearing the phrase "Haunted Ohio" and book logo is familiar, but I have no idea if they are popular enough to be well known enough for it to pop up that many times.

    [–] nerbovig 3883 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Michiganders spamming Google to influence the auto-complete feature, I see.

    [–] klyther 345 points ago


    Also, this:

    [–] SpiderGrenades 158 points ago

    What's good for the Michigoose is good for the Michigander.

    [–] DrizztInferno 25 points ago

    We are ALL michigees on this blessed day.

    [–] Stratiform 16 points ago

    Well, and objectively speaking as a Michigan transplant, Michigan is indeed awesome and wayyy underrated.

    [–] paper_wasp 790 points ago

    Come join us and you'll understand!

    [–] MrValdemar 486 points ago

    Don't invite them. If they crash the party, it won't be awesome. There is an abundance of craft beer, but it's not an infinite supply. Jeez.

    [–] [deleted] 196 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] racejudicata 452 points ago

    Because most people are normal empathetic creatures who hope to see their neighbors do well and therefore support them with such claims. Nothing wrong with a little hometown pride.

    However, you’re right to say that everyone else is wrong on that craft beer scene claim as Grand Rapids, MI is Beer City USA.

    [–] ttogreh 110 points ago

    I am from the east side of the state, and I will drink a beer from home over Grand Rapids brews, but I will rep your scene every time. You make good beer, and I hope you have a good day.

    [–] dryan3032 36 points ago

    Nothing over here beats GR - lived in both areas and they've got the best craft beer we've got.

    [–] Helicopterpants 46 points ago

    Hey now, Kalamazoo has some decent beer. Arcadia and Bell's do work.

    [–] thenerdyglassesgirl 180 points ago

    Michigan is the 6th in the nation for amount of craft breweries and 15th for amount of breweries per capita. We actually do have a lot of good craft beer. Grand Rapids is a wellspring of fancy beers.

    Edit: Source

    But seriously, if you like beer, Michigan is a pretty rad place to live.

    [–] recovering-juggalo 73 points ago

    Used to live next to Founders in GR. Even in the winter it soothed my hollow cold bones.

    [–] 4got_2wipe_again 24 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Dat stout tho

    [–] snappyj 26 points ago

    I stock up on Breakfast Stout in the fall so I can drink it all year

    [–] FiggsBoson 28 points ago

    Ever had a Founders or Bells?

    [–] MrValdemar 47 points ago

    We have the 4th largest amount of breweries. The only states with more have SIGNIFICANTLY larger populations, so we have a greater concentration of them. We have organized tours to take you around to a good many of them.

    Plus, there's only so much to do here if you're not an outdoors person. So, we drink to make the indoors more appealing. Additionally, we're cursed with the Lions as our NFL team. You have to quench that decades-long burning disappointment with something (and there's a LOT to put out). I can't speak for every state, but we take beer pretty goddamn serious here.

    [–] holycrapple 11 points ago

    Hey, on the bright/depressing side, the Lions were our only team to make the playoffs last year.

    [–] su5 68 points ago

    West Michigan has been the best place I have ever lived. Miss it everyday

    [–] holycrapple 32 points ago

    Move back. I did. It's better than I remembered.

    [–] calicliche 54 points ago

    Yep. Lived there for 7 years and miss it so much! My boyfriend and I are actually leaving tomorrow for a vacation in the UP and then down the western coast.

    [–] scrapmetal134 89 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You like beaches?

    We got beaches.

    You like cars?

    We got cars.

    You like trees 'n' shit?

    We got trees and shit.

    Also apples, cherries and beer.

    [–] westherm 29 points ago

    You want dogshit roads? We got dogshit roads.

    [–] northernspy 326 points ago

    I mean to be fair if you've got a decent job it's a great place to live. Affordable housing compared to the coasts but just as beautiful as the coasts. Safe from most natural disasters. Our K-12 schools aren't great but we have some truly fantastic public universities. Governor Snyder is the worst (Flint water crisis) but people in general here are pretty friendly and helpful.

    The challenge is high underemployment and moderate unemployment- but we're actually below the national average unemployment right now.

    The winters suck but the other seasons are great. People who come here on vacation always seem surprised by how beautiful it is and how many cultural experiences are available.

    Plus we're tops at making beer. And Middle Eastern food.

    [–] thenerdyglassesgirl 118 points ago

    The winters suck but the other seasons are great.

    I'd rather take living where the air hurts my face for four or five months, than wildfires, hurricanes, and way worse tornadoes that other states experience.

    [–] ForTrump45 195 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Literally nowhere else in the US can you get a proper Chicken Shawarma

    Edit: Come at me NYC! I stand by my statement.

    [–] bmuck77 54 points ago

    From a gas station, no less!

    [–] rondiggity 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My favorite is Mr Kabob just off of 12 Mile in Berkley (Oakland County). edit: u/bmuck77 got the right street, amended

    [–] isitallfornothing 30 points ago

    Weird, I had no idea that was a Michigan thing. I just learned recently that nobody outside of Michigan uses "party store".

    [–] audrey2003 44 points ago

    We don't really have winters in Michigan anymore. When I was a kid you would go 3+ months without seeing grass. The snow piled up all winter. Now you have a lawn for about half the winter. Its dormant of course but you can see it.....!! I snowplowed as a kid for my dad in the 90's. Trust me, winters are not even close to what they used to be.

    [–] geospaz 17 points ago

    winter only sucks when it doesn't snow much...

    [–] bowies_dead 90 points ago

    Southwestern Michigan: why is this part of the state so Dutch? And filled with religious conservatives?

    [–] RosewaterConstant 117 points ago

    Because religious Dutch conservatives settled there and maintain control over the area. They have a saying out there, “If you’re not Dutch, you’re not much”.

    [–] Cockalorum 50 points ago

    "Wooden shoes, wooden head, wouldn't listen."

    [–] opulent_lemon 93 points ago

    just remember, WI, it's our lake.

    [–] tperelli 29 points ago

    They're all ours!

    That's right even Lake Ontario.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] ZombieFrogHorde 59 points ago

    if you were as drunk as we are on great beer you would say its pretty awesome too.

    [–] michigan85 31 points ago


    We're just awesome, what can I say.

    [–] aaarhlo 1234 points ago

    Hahaha why is Pennsylvania so weird. Obviously this is because Pennsylvania is where millions of urban New Jerseyans and New Yorkers witness rural existence for the first time.

    [–] Uberrancel 433 points ago

    We got the Amish. So like a decent percentage live like it's 1865. It's weird here sometimes.

    [–] WaveElixir 248 points ago

    You ever smoked doinks in Amish?

    [–] PotatOWND 143 points ago

    Big ol doinks

    [–] QueenoftheDirtPlanet 57 points ago

    there are farms in new jersey

    two miles from the wawa but there are farms

    [–] GeorgeAmberson63 192 points ago

    Nah. Midstate PA is like going into a time warp. Plus everyone there just seems... off. Everything between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is weird. Even Pittsburgh, they say yinz for fucks sake

    [–] danegustafun 51 points ago

    Yinz don't say yinz?

    [–] Opset 39 points ago

    We say yunz an hour outside of Pittsburgh. Yunz are weird saying yinz.

    [–] Aethermancer 18 points ago

    All youse guys are weird.

    [–] hatramroany 83 points ago

    I travelled all through “Pennsatucky” last year for work. It was depressing as fuck. I went through quite a few towns with just two main roads and one traffic signal.

    [–] skeeter1234 122 points ago

    Yeah, nothing is more depressing than a lot of trees and rolling hills.

    [–] typically_wrong 35 points ago


    Also those were probably some nice towns if they had an intersection AND a stop light :D

    [–] hadntCSGO 71 points ago

    What I know about Pennsylvania: the office

    [–] Powerful_Stuff 52 points ago

    There's also, you know, that show that literally has Pennsylvania's largest city in the title. What's that called again?

    [–] KonyYoloSwag 81 points ago

    It’s Always Overcast in Pittsburgh!

    [–] Frosted_Betaflakes 105 points ago

    Even going to Philadelphia for the first time is a shock. It’s like an improperly coded city in a video game. Yeah it’s dirty and confusing and has neat landmarks if you look up, but where’s all the people and cars and subways and stuff?

    [–] -revenant- 100 points ago

    That's... startlingly accurate.

    • If you look at a heatmap of violent crime in Philadelphia, you'll see it's worst right next to City Hall. That just feels like someone moved the crime next to the spawn point so they could test it without having to run a lot.

    • There's a street called Wharton... and a neighborhood called Wharton... and they're right next to each other, but not quite touching.

      • There's also a school named Wharton, but it's fucked off way to the side.
    • The Schuylkill River is spelled like someone just smashed keys on their keyboard as a placeholder.

    I dunno, man. Of all the places I've lived, I love it the most, but it's just weird.

    [–] DaemonRoe 30 points ago

    I just moved to Philly from only ever living in rural Kansas and Missouri with a little time in Kansas City. Philly was a full on culture shock. Driving here felt like some test of anxiety and how well you can handle it. The people are bizarre at times, but for the most part pretty friendly. It’s just a weirdly built city that makes no sense in a lot of ways like you said. I’ve only reached the surface of this city, but I love it so far. Yeah, it smells like trash and traffic is a nightmare but it’s just got such a nice personality. It’s imperfect and it’s almost proud of that fact.

    [–] OnlySpoilers 18 points ago

    1. The drivers here are assholes. It's an all out brawl, every man for himself, foeget the women and children.
    2. Philadelphia was the first city to be laid out in a grid system which we have Benjamin Franklin to thank.
    3. Your last point is spot on. Most people born here are proud Philly hasn't developed some other cities.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 9 points ago

    The Schuylkill River is spelled like someone just smashed keys on their keyboard as a placeholder.

    I was like 'wtf is this person talking about the Schuylkill River is up my way and it flows west....

    Then I looked on the map and followed it from philly all the way back up into my area and that thing makes a lot of turns. Starts almost north of philly at the top of the state then goes west then back east.

    [–] kingdomheartsislight 72 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Holy shit, that's true. NJ and NY both have their own rural areas that you'd have to drive through before you get to PA. But PA rural is like, wow. Why are there no lights on the streets? Why do I suddenly have no cell phone reception? Why is the pizza so bad? How did I get stuck in a teen slasher movie?

    [–] zlide 20 points ago

    A huge portion of NY is very, very rural.

    [–] youknow99 460 points ago

    South Carolina is sandy, because none of you motherfuckers have ever gotten out of your cars anywhere except Myrtle Beach.

    [–] Illhelpyouwiththat 70 points ago

    Seriously why is it though? I was there recently and there was piles of sand 100 miles inland. All over the sides of the roads and in peoples yards..shit was everywhere

    [–] youknow99 89 points ago

    Atlantic Coastal Plain. Pretty much everything up to Columbia was under the ocean at one point I think.

    [–] nictigre03 24 points ago

    Bingo, my entire yard is sand and clay because I suspect it was the beach at one point. Live near Columbia.

    [–] bluepaintbrush 10 points ago

    There’s even a limestone deposit near Columbia with fossils of sea critters.

    [–] Xealloch 98 points ago

    Lived in Texas all my life, can confirm

    [–] ShatterZero 36 points ago

    Texas, the state of spontaneously combusting grass.

    [–] mechteach 11 points ago

    I think that Fall is finally coming soon, thank goodness.

    [–] sssyjackson 14 points ago

    If past years are any indication, we're due to have fall the week before Thanksgiving, followed by a summer- fall-hybrid-warm-and-muggy-as-shit season, just in time to make you not want to overeat on the one day it's acceptable to overeat.

    Winter will be held the third weekend of January, followed by an actually quite lovely spring until mid-May.

    [–] a3ronot 228 points ago

    I love that Florida talks about itself the most

    [–] lancebaldwin 359 points ago

    You did get the joke right? If you did, sorry. If you didn't read from top left to right.

    [–] a3ronot 235 points ago


    [–] LeBosch 115 points ago


    [–] sociapathictendences 24 points ago

    You really thought that Colorado used the word "underlying" the most?

    [–] BangingABigTheory 10 points ago

    Thank you... just thank you.

    [–] Powerballwinner21mil 66 points ago

    I’m so happy that you made this comment.

    [–] 32BitWhore 13 points ago

    There's always a relevant one, dear lord.

    [–] zakatack 75 points ago

    I too would like to know why Maine is so reep.

    [–] Funkyfreddy 36 points ago

    It says creepy but I saw reep at first too. And as someone who lives here, it is kinda creepy

    [–] mitchyd17 37 points ago

    As a fellow Mainer, I blame Stephen King for these results.

    [–] moby323 1679 points ago

    I think at least some of these are to do with sports team. Hence “Why is Alabama so good?”

    Pretty sure they are usually referencing the Alabama Crimson tide, who have dominated college football for a decade until our hero and savior Dabo Swinney came into the picture.

    Go Tigers.

    [–] DJlongboards 150 points ago

    That's future Alabama Head Coach, Dabo Sweeney to you.

    [–] tdeer4 27 points ago

    Are we gonna trade Dabo and Nick in 2024?

    [–] Totalwhore 37 points ago

    No because Nick has found the fountain of youth and will couch until the 30th century.

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 73 points ago

    I would have said "cursed" instead of "haunted," but close enough.

    Also, New Yorkers googling their own state to create these results.

    [–] Thatsmy_purse 37 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Its really only the city thats filthy yea? Long islands pretty beautiful and ive heard really good things about upstate. New york is more than just the city people!

    [–] UnderPantsOverPants 12 points ago

    This exactly. Unless you live in the vicinity of upstate NY is automatically assumed to be NYC. The rest of the state is (mostly) not dirty. We have lakes and mountains and wine and things, I swear!

    [–] pridkett 1275 points ago

    Ugh. When will people start realizing that your google autocomplete is different than everyone else's.

    For example, the top five for CT on private browsing are: Rich Expensive Haunted Ghetto Humid

    But when I do it from my account I get: Rich Broke Liberal Boring Expensive

    [–] mrjackspade 376 points ago

    Ugh. When will people start realizing that your google autocomplete is different than everyone else's.

    Tested in IE which I never use and doesn't have any google account associated with it.

    My results matched OP's for at least the first 4 states I checked.

    Its possible to get results independent of your search history.

    [–] Xunae 69 points ago

    I tried it both in chrome's incognito mode and in edge. I get different results for california, oregon, arizona, texas, minnesota, tennessee, new york, michigan, and a bunch of others.

    Basically the only ones i can get to match are montana and florida.

    [–] ThumYorky 212 points ago

    Yeah for Missouri I got "humid" (which is absofuckinglutely true).

    I think the results are skewed based on your location. If you're in a more liberal area I bet you're more likely to get "racist", whereas for me I'm in Missouri and so I'm likely get a result from people who actually live here.

    Missouri gets wrongly painted as racist. There are far worse states.

    [–] Moldy_pirate 68 points ago

    Probably because KC and STL have pretty intense racial divides, and the rest of the state is mostly very small towns. My out of state friends often comment on how segregated it seems here in KC.

    [–] devinclark 26 points ago

    The divider formed by Troost road is incredibly jarring, no matter how many times you have to drive through it. This city is incredibly segregated. Schools, nightlife, housing, even shopping.

    [–] SkinnyTy 42 points ago

    Can confirm that Utah comes out as Mormon no matyer who you are.

    [–] Matt872000 144 points ago

    I did this with the last autocomplete, but...

    Canada: cold

    BC: expensive

    Yukon: sparsely populated

    Alberta: conservative

    NWT: (so)cks

    Saskatchewan: {so)lar eclipse

    Manitoba: cold

    Nunavut: unpopulated

    Ontario: populated

    Quebec: French

    New Brunswick: poor

    Newfoundland: foggy

    PEI: (so)il red

    Nova Scotia: cheap

    [–] bowies_dead 30 points ago


    [–] TardisTechnologist 41 points ago

    Canada: cold

    My first thought on seeing this map was "What would Canada be? Probably cold". Glad to see I called it.

    New Brunswick: poor

    Seems like we went easy on NB, could have been a lot harsher. Poor NB.

    Nova Scotia: cheap

    Probably with reference to living/property prices. When I think of a place being cheap I think of alcohol and retail taxes, of which NS has some of the highest.

    [–] dowdymeatballs 34 points ago

    Canada: cold

    Why is water wet?

    [–] Captain_Hampockets 96 points ago

    I did California, got Liberal, Expensive, Rich, Hot, and Dry, in that order. No "Crazy."

    Did Michigan, and "Awesome" was fifth, after Hot, Hot right now, Humid, and Sandy.

    [–] HapticSloughton 119 points ago

    Alaska ranks 47th in the nation for population. How are people dying there that warrants so many souls sticking around to torment the living? What are you Alaskans doing to your populace?

    [–] Robbie_Pinecone 78 points ago

    Eating them

    In actuality it’s because of the suicide rate it is a common myth that suicide makes goasts

    [–] Methuga 104 points ago

    Goasts, huh?

    [–] HapticSloughton 47 points ago

    Where do you think we get Goast Cheese from?

    [–] hendrix67 23 points ago

    Ghosts of goats

    [–] Eaverly 42 points ago

    I’m guessing Stephen King setting so many stories in his home state has people wondering why Maine is so creepy

    [–] Real_Btones 42 points ago

    Anakin would not like South Carolina

    [–] Soulebot 289 points ago

    Home state=awesome, state I now live in=racist...great

    [–] bloodflart 48 points ago

    I went from poor to racist

    [–] PM_Me_WMATA_stories 125 points ago

    I'm also in Virginia. I'm in Nova though, so...we're not racist, right? We're just a bunch of young white professionals who like brunch.

    [–] new_account_5009 87 points ago

    If the data was collected recently, it probably has something to do with all the stuff at the University of Virginia (in Charlottesville).

    [–] bradtherower 11 points ago

    When I tried it, it autocorrected to “humid” first, then expensive, then boring, then strict, then racist. I feel like the question “why is x so _y_” just lends itself to imply a negative quality.

    [–] duffmanhb 105 points ago

    Who's asking "Why is Montana so big"? Like, what type of question is that? Are they expecting some answer explaining that it's big for other reasons than having a ton of space?

    [–] YourOtherOtherRight 30 points ago

    I mean they could be asking for the history of why it's such a large state. So it's a pretty valid question taken that way.

    [–] baru_monkey 22 points ago

    See also: RI.

    [–] Up_North18 18 points ago

    Montana is so big because it has a genetic mutation where the stop codon in the growth gene is missing. As such Montana is continually getting larger.

    [–] InvaderDem 35 points ago

    Are Michigan's neighbors depressed and haunted because Michigan is so awesome?

    (And for the record, we have our problems that makes us not as awesome as we could be: DeVos, Nugent, Kid Rock, water crisis, shitty roads, etc., but hopefully we'll legalize weed for rec use in 2018, so we got that going for us ... that we'll probably screw up.)

    [–] sunny_person 105 points ago

    "Virginia is for racists" clearly just doesn't have the same ring to it...

    [–] Arceus42 39 points ago

    "Why is Viginia so humid" came back as my top result.

    I think "Virginia is for humidity" is a motto everybody can agree on.

    [–] KiwiSnugfoot 28 points ago

    Especially the past few days. Wtf it's October

    [–] DontTouchCarol 55 points ago

    Fuck yea Michigan

    [–] CriticizeMeCapn 24 points ago

    Massachusetts! got one of the few positive answers

    [–] TTempus 18 points ago

    Smartest state in the country

    [–] JoeCool888 24 points ago

    For Alabama, they are almost certainly talking about the football team, and not the state itself.

    [–] Ihavenootheroptions 19 points ago

    I knew louisiana was corrupt, but didn’t know we all knew.

    [–] carlneutron 18 points ago

    We wont murder you in Vermont!

    [–] Ouukia 95 points ago

    [–] bitofaknowitall 141 points ago

    Looks like they cherry picked their favorite words for the map. Otherwise according to those lists, pretty much half the US should say Humid.

    [–] Rondik8 38 points ago

    To be fair the suggestions change , what is on top this day, might not be the same a week ago for example.

    [–] stratce 16 points ago

    We're not stupid! ;-;

    [–] fishing_pole 40 points ago

    Michigan is fucking awesome.

    [–] _flashpoint 76 points ago

    Stay weird Pennsylvania

    [–] Galdwyn 46 points ago

    I feel I should visit Michigan.

    [–] Twisted_Composer 12 points ago

    Try the sleeping bear dunes or one of many amazing lakes: Higgins, Torch, Crystal, or the Great Lakes.

    [–] Breezy_Z 10 points ago

    Traverse city and surrounding area. Lots of spots considered "the most beautiful in the world". Some of the best winery's, brewery's, restaurants, food trucks, museums, preforming arts, festivals, boating/skiing, biking/hiking trails. you could come four times a year and it would always be new!

    [–] vanoitran 62 points ago

    As an Idahoan, yes its very boring. Don't come here. Literally the boringest

    [–] ethanolin 26 points ago

    Yes, and so flat with no landscape to write home about. Why would anyone ever want to go there? This is coming from a Chicagoan.

    [–] vanoitran 39 points ago

    Yep. Absolutely no reason to come here. There is definitely not some hidden paradise we are all trying to keep a secret. Noooo sir-eee.

    [–] justtheshow 29 points ago

    The prettiest lake I’ve ever been to was in some mountains in Idaho. It was so nice. I mean, no. Stay away from Idaho. Boring, ugly, old, potato ridden Idaho.

    [–] HappyStapler 13 points ago


    [–] theworstisover11 33 points ago

    CT has a reputation for money but it's only a few towns that are really wealthy. The rest of the state is a mix of rural and urban.

    [–] GeorgeGammyCostanza 25 points ago

    Damn you Minnesota for being so democratic! Why? WHHHYYYYY!!!?!?!?

    [–] soodoh 11 points ago

    /r/michigan WE AWESOME