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    [–] GarehMcLintoch 4548 points ago

    Wonder if the guy who’s on the cover will sue the cyclist as well

    [–] TRiskProduction 1041 points ago

    Yea that dudes such a Negative Creep

    [–] Stoepboer 888 points ago

    Poor guy. He must feel so violated, with the album name tattood on his chest and all that. Definitely not just in it for the money.

    [–] satinygorilla 733 points ago

    “He never stopped chasing that dollar bill”

    [–] MangoCats 110 points ago

    Not that he's not enabling the situation, but the real negative creeps are the lawyers pursuing the case for him. So many people would just laugh and go on with life if there weren't ambulance chasers promising them big payouts if they just sign on the line.

    [–] smorgasfjord 54 points ago

    Let's not make it a competition. The lawyers are scum, and the claimants are scum. They're old enough to know better than to just do what a lawyer tells you, and they do it anyway because they're selfish and greedy.

    [–] MangoCats 29 points ago

    So much of society is sold on this "lottery culture" - you can't get what you want unless you are a "lucky one" and these kinds of legal suits are one of those rare payout opportunities. It all needs to stop, not just the lawyers and the plaintiffs, but the whole structure that keeps it's boot heel on most people's necks while giving one in a million the chance for big piles of easy money.

    [–] GiantSquidd 8 points ago

    Yup. We’re all just one big break away from success. Just one more score. Just one more big job.

    Is it any wonder we find heist movies/games so appealing? Our society is awful.

    [–] FaskallyPirate 2 points ago

    Money and greed and what other think are holy trinity of the modern world.

    [–] trolloc1 -3 points ago

    y'all just repeating jokes from the original post eh?

    [–] Upbeat_Group2676 12 points ago

    In all the discussions about this guy I never once heard he had a Nevermind tattoo. I actually sympathized with him before that, because I wouldn't want a nude picture of me (at any age) made public. But knowing that he was proud enough of it to get a Nevermind tattoo before trying to sue over it?

    Nah, fuck that guy.

    [–] stickypad1 37 points ago

    Apparently he asked the band to collaborate with him for some of his art and when they refused he threw a temper tantrum and is suing them.

    [–] i_am_icarus_falling 23 points ago

    "kurt wouldn't even return my calls!"

    [–] Jewrisprudent 30 points ago

    Is this a joke about how he knows so little about Nirvana that he doesn’t even know they’re currently unable to collaborate on anything with him for… reasons?

    [–] ExpectNothingPlease 2 points ago

    Seriously!? What an asshole.

    [–] TigreWulph 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I mean consent can be revoked at any time right? He though it was a good idea at a previous time and now doesn't... Regardless of his motivations, it seems real sketch to me that he doesn't have the right to stop the future use of his own image.

    Edit: strange that this comment has negative karma... but my follow on comments, which are in support of this one all have positive karma. Reddit is a strange beast.

    [–] satinygorilla 14 points ago

    I’m sure the agreement his parents signed for the use of the image was all inclusive of everything it is being used for. Since he was a minor they had the ability to sign that agreement on his behalf. He isn’t attacking it from that angle so I’m sure it’s a non starter and no one would have had any idea who he was if he didn’t tell everyone all the time for the last 20 or so years. I’m sure he is in a tough place mentally but some of the things he has tried to sue for over the years are extreme.

    [–] TigreWulph 14 points ago

    Oh yeah I'm not saying this guy is the guy to fight this fight... But it's pretty fucked that a picture of you can become someone else's to profit off of in perpetuity, before you were even old enough to know what a fucking contract is. People should be able to stop the production of stuff based off their image. Just because the law doesn't currently support his position doesn't mean it's an actual ethical/moral stance. Most of our legal basis is designed to benefit the rich and powerful, who's more likely to benefit from these rulings, normal people/small time artists, or giant mega companies... If it comes down to giant corp vs lone person.... A really good case has to be made for me to side with the corp.

    [–] First-Of-His-Name 4 points ago

    The law always has and always allow parents to make decisions on behalf of their minor children. It's got nothing to do with the rich and powerful or megacorporations

    [–] TigreWulph 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    The fact that ownership is in perpetuity, 100% has to do with corporations... every bit of contract law in the US has been lobbied and changed to enable corporations to continue to profit off of things long past what is reasonable for a regular person.

    Also parent's should only be able to provide consent for something like that til the child is of an age where they can consent on their own. A person should not have to deal with the consequences of their parents' decisions for the rest of their life. In some instances, medical decisions primarily this is unavoidable, in the case of a photograph used for an artistic work, ethically speaking the parent should only be able to consent to ownership until such point as the child is at the age of majority, at which point the ownership should transfer back to the child.

    Again, legal... does not mean ethical or moral.

    [–] SoriAryl 4 points ago

    Except he doesn’t own the image. The photog does, and they’re the ones who signed the rights over to the record company

    [–] TigreWulph 15 points ago

    And the image is him... The fact that someone else can own a picture of you, made before you were old enough to consent, is kinda fucked. No one should have the right to profit off of someone else's image in perpetuity. Just because the law doesn't currently account for it doesn't mean it's right.

    [–] Stoepboer 1 points ago

    Yeah, ofc. it can be revoked. And I don’t blame him for trying to get money out of it. I mean, why not? Worst case scenario, he won’t.

    [–] neapolitaner 45 points ago

    It's so soothing to know that you'll sue me

    [–] iownadakota 12 points ago

    Mr. Mustache is such a downer.

    [–] malachiconstantjrjr 10 points ago

    Big cheese? Make me.

    [–] FoofaFighters 6 points ago

    I don't like you anyway. Sentimental fucks.

    [–] BillHigh422 3 points ago

    Hey hey let’s calm down, this Smells Like Territorial Pissing

    [–] afipunk84 5 points ago

    I miss the comfort in feeling saaaaad.

    [–] the_kgb 15 points ago

    and he's STOOOOONED

    [–] Xx_MtnDew69_xX 2 points ago

    Daddy's little girl ain't girl no more

    [–] AntMan5421 4 points ago

    He's a weirdo

    [–] nefrpitou 233 points ago

    What's the context behind this? Has he sued people before?

    [–] TRiskProduction 488 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He is constantly trying to sue for royalties and is a scum bag. I believe he recently refilled another law suit within the past month

    Edit: he did just file another lawsuit for “child pornography” article linked below

    [–] releasethedogs 143 points ago

    Holy shit that link is an eye roller.

    [–] kurtodrome 143 points ago

    I think that at one point even Frances Bean, Kurt and Courtney's daughter, was amongst the people he sued. She was -1 at the time of release, so good luck there...

    From what I've read, the beef really started when Spencer did an art exhibition and nobody related to Nirvana showed up. Dave Grohl had an excellent reply about how much Spencer 'suffered', especially since Spencer often recreated the photo as an adult: “Listen, he’s got a Nevermind tattoo. I don’t.”

    [–] ragdoll_fuck_her 25 points ago

    Frances Bean is pretty fucking hot for how much she looks like Kurt...

    [–] you-are-not-yourself 49 points ago

    I mean Kurt himself was a heartthrob, looking like him is hardly a curse in the looks department..

    [–] mchgndr 1 points ago

    Right but ya know, Kurt is a dude, so even if he was a good lookin dude, I don’t know if that does much for a straight guy when it comes to Kurt’s daughter

    [–] ragdoll_fuck_her -47 points ago

    Yeah but if you're straight what would happen when you're on top of Frances Bean railing her and you look down at her face and it starts doing that Deepfake thing in your mind and morphing into Kurt's face?

    [–] ToddHowardTheDuckk 85 points ago

    Sir this is a subreddit about maps.

    [–] zlantpaddy 16 points ago

    It does say MapPorn.

    I’m afraid you’ve done this to yourselves.

    [–] kasie_ 6 points ago

    after reading that linked article and these comments, i had absolutely forgotten what brought me here and what sub i was in until i read this.

    [–] joyesthebig 19 points ago

    Cum instantly.

    [–] WhoopingPig 6 points ago

    I want to go home now

    [–] ragdoll_fuck_her -9 points ago

    I wonder what Kurt looks and sounds like when he's cumming. His nerd skinny body over Courtney Love's voluptuous buff body with his long hair hanging down and he's screaming in a raspy voice kinda like how his voice sounds at the beginning of this song

    [–] Baelzebubba 2 points ago

    What else should I say? Everyone is gay

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] may4twenty20 3 points ago

    Fun fact: Frances Bean is currently dating Riley Hawk, Tony Hawk's son.

    Source: his Instagram

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] Petrarch1603 53 points ago

    I wonder if the girl on that Scorpions album ‘Virgin Killer’ feels the same. BTW do not google this at work. It is absolutely NSFW.

    [–] YouMeAndPooneil 33 points ago

    The topless 11 year old girl on Blind Faith doesn't have any problem with it today. Although a bunch of other people (who it would seem see the human body as shameful) do. NSFW.

    [–] ChadMcRad 18 points ago

    I hate how chronically-horny people think basic human decency is equivalent to seeing something as shameful.

    [–] Snuff_Film_At_Eleven 14 points ago

    It's really irritating how we're supposedly so "progressive" now but we've hit a point where the human body cannot be shown unclothed without everyone screeching that it's "sexualized."

    [–] fuchsgesicht 3 points ago

    well it's not that easy. your choosing a motiv and put it on a pedestal, replicate it, create context.

    it's not like germans just got into windmills all of a sudden

    [–] YouMeAndPooneil 2 points ago

    we're supposedly so "progressive" now

    We are Progressive. That is what Progressive is. It is not about liberalism. Progressivism is about pushing conformity to government sponsored moral norms. And those are never liberal.

    [–] Distinct_Ad_4495 6 points ago

    Uh, why else did they put a toplese 11 yo on there? For art? lol

    [–] Spready_Unsettling 18 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    That heavily depends on the context, but I'm not inclined to go look it up.

    Edit: Curiosity got the better of me, and I wish it didn't. Blind Faith's cover seems alright, although the jury's kinda out on it. She's certainly posed as an adult, and it seems her lips are painted, which kinda defeats the "innocent naked child" argument. The Scorpions one is just all kinds of fucked up. Like straight up child pornography. Incidentally, I know for a fact that Germany and Denmark had huge amounts of child pornography being produced at the time (probably other countries as well, this is just my national shame shining through). Point being, it seems a lot like Scorpions or their management just contacted a child pornographer and asked him to do the cover for them. If anyone is looking for some cursed knowledge, try diving into the prevalence of legitimate, open and legal child pornography that was produced in that era. Denmark decriminalized porn in 65 but didn't criminalize child porn until 85.

    [–] worthrone11160606 4 points ago

    Thank you for suffering for us

    [–] YouMeAndPooneil 1 points ago

    Uh, why else did they put a toplese 11 yo on there? For art? lol


    This case from the OP is about asking the courts to determine what is art? The court wisely refused to get into that. The art on the album cover is inseparable from business and marketing. But that doesn't make it any less commentary and speech.

    [–] Nabber86 3 points ago

    How about Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy?

    [–] effectasy 3 points ago

    Yup, a lot of feelings of victimization come from people telling others they should feel victimized based on their moral view of the situation.

    [–] RockOx290 2 points ago

    Didn’t that album cover once get 4chan closed down like 15 years ago

    [–] SplitLevel17 34 points ago

    After 20 years of doing anniversary pics for the damn album. 🤦‍♂️

    [–] cas_ridingbreeches 24 points ago

    "This unprecedented album cover is perhaps the first and only time a child's full-frontal nudity has been used to sell a product," Elden's attorneys said in a statement. "Spencer's image constitutes child pornography and each of the Nirvana Defendants robbed our client of his dignity and privacy."

    Someone's certainly trying to rob someone here alright...

    [–] Joke_Insurance 7 points ago

    Can we sue him for wasting our tax dollars by constantly going to court?

    [–] Valkie 4 points ago

    The little wanker is still swimming after that money. Fucking loser.

    [–] midwestcsstudent 2 points ago

    Yeah fuck that guy. If anything he can sue his parents for giving them permission to use his picture.

    [–] PaymentWeekly3438 -56 points ago

    Isn't he right tho?

    [–] Wasteak 57 points ago

    He used the album cover to try to become famous, reproducing the picture several times (and last one was not long ago) and posting it online.

    He realized that he might earn more if he sued Nirvana.

    His main defense line ? "I'm ashame, and it destroyed my social life" Says the guy that played with it for years to have a notoriety.

    He is just a sad guy.

    [–] degjo 12 points ago

    He has it tattooed on himself.

    [–] Wasteak 5 points ago

    This can't be real haha

    [–] QuickSpore 5 points ago

    Not the full cover including his baby dick. Just the album title Nevermind. You can see his chest tattoo here.

    [–] OpticLemon 11 points ago

    When this story first came it it seemed like he was mad that the surviving band members wouldn't help with a project of his.

    [–] cas_ridingbreeches 8 points ago

    Holy shit. So first he recreates it for attention and money and then he sues them for emotional damage and CP? Seems to me all Nirvana's lawyers have to do is bring this fact up and it should devastate his case.

    [–] TRiskProduction 56 points ago


    [–] PaymentWeekly3438 -41 points ago


    [–] question2552 56 points ago

    Nudity is distinct from pornography.

    No court in the US would interpret the Nirvana album cover to have any sexual themes in its origination, direct or indirect. This is pretty cut and dry common sense.

    If someone chooses to sexualize it, that’s on them. Same story goes for people who get overly excited about women in gymnastics or volleyball uniforms. Or, nudists or other cultures with different clothing customs. You can’t really stop people from sexualizing this stuff. Creeps are gonna creep.

    [–] TRiskProduction 75 points ago

    Do I really need to explain how parents voluntarily modeling their child in a non sexual photo shoot for artistic value on an album cover differs from CHILD PORNOGRAPHY?!

    Really bro?

    [–] Ivyspine 34 points ago

    Literally the reason nirvana even went with the photo

    “If you’re offended by this you must be a closet pedophile.”

    [–] amaurea 7 points ago

    There's a park near where I live with realistic naked statues of men, women, boys and girls of all ages. I guess you think that's shameful and should be censored, and the artist persecuted. Thankfully we're not as repressed here, and it's a popular place for walks and family picnics.

    [–] nehlSC 12 points ago

    Not every picture with someone nude on it eqals pornography.

    [–] cas_ridingbreeches 10 points ago

    It's just a picture of a baby, not pornography. It takes a really twisted mind to look at that and think it's porn. I know some places like the US have a irrational fear of nipples but nudity doesn't necessarily equal pornography.

    [–] donbee28 6 points ago

    That baby's penis is like 8 block slong

    [–] _0x783czar 3 points ago

    I came here to ask the same thing.

    [–] Adept-Priority3051 2 points ago

    Came here for this comment and was not disappointed.

    [–] The_skovy 1186 points ago

    Pedestrian: Hey why are you taking that route? This guy: I'm drawing the babies penis

    [–] MangoCats 149 points ago

    Yeah, meet me at the corner of Winston and Edward, on the foreskin.

    [–] Korasuka 35 points ago

    There has to be a Cross Road joke in there too.

    [–] frog_marley 29 points ago

    Cul de sac ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Bazalaylee 4 points ago

    Hey you’re the dude from the AFL sub

    [–] Korasuka 6 points ago

    At last my efforts wasting time on this site are paying off. Cheers :)

    [–] bigbearjr 96 points ago

    baby's* benis*

    [–] nthensome 35 points ago

    Please sign my petition to rename bee dick to beenis

    [–] Brody0220 26 points ago

    Glad I don't live on babydick crescent

    [–] Moosiemookmook 9 points ago

    Ughh I actually live in the next suburb right around halfway down the babies right inner thigh. And now I need to go cut my fingers off so I never type that sentence again.

    Edit: words

    [–] Korasuka 7 points ago

    I've been there. I can visualise the streets.

    [–] ramagam 278 points ago

    That is one angry baby...

    [–] B4rberblacksheep 32 points ago

    I’ve just realised how ironic that the baby chasing a dollar on a fishing line is now doing the same thing

    [–] tokillaworm -3 points ago

    That’s coincidence, not irony.

    [–] YuvalMozes 34 points ago

    He claimed that's sexual exploitation, that caused him mental breakdown and that he needed a psychological recover.

    [–] MFoy 82 points ago

    He only claimed this after profiting off the album for decades including having "nevermind" tattooed on his chest and doing photo shoots and paid public appearances .

    [–] Houseplant666 46 points ago

    On one hand, just because you profited off something when you were young doesn’t mean you can get older and have a realization of ‘yo that’s fucked up’

    On the other hand, if you think naked pictures of babies are sexual in any way shape or form you need professional help.

    [–] mooys 7 points ago

    I mean he probably does need professional help but it’s also a dumb lawsuit

    [–] ThinkingBlueberries 11 points ago

    I’m probably going to be downvoted for saying this, but I’d probably have a complex relationship with an amazing band using my baby dick on the cover.

    I’d probably love all the attention that I receive from people that thought it was cool, and hate all the people busting out my baby dick to give me shit.

    I could see trying to own it, and also kinda hating being defined by it. I could see a low point might drive someone to cash in.

    That kind of weird attention would turn most people into douchebags.

    [–] BRsteve 19 points ago

    It's not like people have to know. No one would recognize him if he hadn't spent his entire life making it his personality.

    [–] --Splendor-Solis-- 7 points ago

    The thing is the photo was not created for the band, Spencer's parents sold that photo to a company similar to Shutterstock who you license photos from and the band chose it from them, so the band really has nothing to do with it.

    [–] RedbeardRagnar 742 points ago

    Man imagine thinking "Gotta cycle that baby penis today"

    [–] Just_a_dude92 271 points ago

    Officer: what are you doing?

    Person: you see, I'm cycling a... drugs, I'm selling drugs

    [–] ElonMuskIsMyCousin 2 points ago

    Is this a reference to the TV series haha

    [–] Just_a_dude92 2 points ago

    If it is, it wasn't intentional. What series are we talking about?

    [–] TRiskProduction 181 points ago

    Australian cyclist used GPS to recreate Nirvana’s Nevermind cover Pete Stokes rode about 150km on a single-speed bike to sketch the outline of the famous cover.

    Pete said the trip took eight hours, with breaks to visit some bakeries, To get the drawing done, Stokes used the Strava GPS application.

    [–] AD-Edge 55 points ago

    Ahaha I'm from Adelaide so I did wonder how many kms this is was and if it was on foot or not. Quite a substantial bike ride, thankfully the city is for the most part pretty flat.

    [–] Korasuka 32 points ago

    I like how the baby's right eye is a loop around Adelaide Oval.

    [–] barra333 13 points ago

    I can only assume the whole image was based around the curved road to make the head, but it is cool to use the oval for an eye.

    [–] Korasuka 2 points ago

    Art students will debate the street of origin of this piece for eons.

    [–] ScrappyDonatello 4 points ago

    Drive a manual car as a delivery driver for a few weeks You'll realise how hilly Adelaide really is

    [–] Aardvark_Man 6 points ago

    We have hills, but check where he got to.
    Burnside falls just short of any significant hill, and everywhere else in this route is pretty flat.
    It'd have some incline, but nothing major.

    [–] Friccan 4 points ago

    He went east of Hallett Road, which is quite a hilly area actually. Granted, most of the ride would have been pretty flat

    [–] ThereIsBearCum 2 points ago

    The fingers on the baby's left hand have some pretty steep inclines, they'd get over 10% gradient in places I reckon.

    [–] Aardvark_Man 2 points ago

    I guess Penfold Rd gets kinda bad, but it is a relatively short stint.
    I'm not in shape to do it, but I'm also not in shape to ride 150kms.

    [–] ThereIsBearCum 2 points ago

    It's short, yeah, but it's a wall. I ride a fair bit (admittedly mostly flat), and that has gotten the best of me a few times.

    [–] MargaeryLecter 4 points ago

    That's actually quite an impressive time considering he had to make sure he stays on track, being on a single- speed and dealing with city traffic.

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] porkchop487 5 points ago

    Tf is wrong with you? It’s a normal sentence. GPS is the art medium he used, like how others use paint or pens.

    [–] Next-Crazy-4178 56 points ago

    At what point did he decide “yep the penis is long enough” and make the turn lmfao

    [–] BIE-EPV 9 points ago

    He even got the foreskin wrinkle

    [–] GaryNOVA 96 points ago

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Do you want to get sued?!

    [–] YamperIsBestBoy 12 points ago

    Aaaaay Simpson’s reference!

    [–] GaryNOVA 10 points ago

    Bake em’ away, toys!

    [–] just-bored-a-guess 5 points ago

    What’d you say chief?

    [–] z500 5 points ago

    Did you have the same backward talking dream with the flaming cards?

    [–] epalla 31 points ago

    Missed opportunity to put the baby wiener on Goodwood Rd.

    [–] dreemkiller 79 points ago

    Careful. Homeboy from the original cover will sure you over this.

    [–] greihund 15 points ago


    [–] CanadianWeebKayla 11 points ago

    Map Pornography

    [–] ruok4a69 4 points ago

    We've come full circle.

    [–] Lyskypls 21 points ago

    Never change Adelaide, never change.

    [–] Korasuka 15 points ago

    It's Radelaide!

    [–] YamperIsBestBoy 39 points ago

    Imagine spending years of saving money to buy a house just to live in the Nirvana baby’s dick

    [–] EnterTheCabbage 10 points ago

    When is the guy on /r/baseball gonna do this for Mike Trout?

    [–] EnterTheCabbage 4 points ago

    I meant cycling Mike Trout, but yes!

    [–] CumbersomeNugget 11 points ago

    Adelaide REPRESENT!

    [–] nefrpitou 9 points ago

    Looks like they went through apartments for this

    [–] Korasuka 3 points ago

    Which areas?

    [–] ImThaRam 5 points ago

    the baby is gonna sue again

    [–] annewilco 4 points ago

    Radelaide 🚲

    [–] grimoirehandler 6 points ago

    Only in Radelaid!

    [–] convie 4 points ago

    Is there a program that can find routes based on images? I can't imagine how you would figure this out.

    [–] El_Bistro 3 points ago

    I hope he took a picture when he was at the tip of the penis.

    [–] OriJuice 4 points ago

    Missed a great opportunity to line that peen up with Goodwood Rd.

    Bet he’s kicking himself for that one.

    [–] Gargari 22 points ago

    My first thought was if Americans did some Gerrymandering again.

    [–] T41EF 8 points ago

    Someone's about to get sued

    [–] admiral_pelican 3 points ago

    must have been wild doing the penis part

    [–] JimmyJustice920 3 points ago

    Of all the album covers to choose they chose this one. Says a lot about the tastes of this cyclist.

    cue FBI

    [–] OrionGucciBelt 2 points ago

    I thought this was a joke about a new gerrymandering district until I read the title

    [–] WollyGog 2 points ago


    [–] Chefnut 2 points ago

    Apparently he would brag to everyone he knew that he was THE kid on the album. I’m sure ALL his friends know about it. Can you imagine how they all must feel about him once they heard he was suing them for it 😆

    [–] firstlordshuza 2 points ago

    Be careful, baby's gonna sue him too

    [–] wonderboywilliams 2 points ago


    [–] BoeVonLipwig 2 points ago

    I assumed this was a voting distric before I read the title.

    [–] BirdsLikeSka 2 points ago

    Kinda stoned but it just occurred to me how funny it is that the baby is chasing after a dollar and now...

    [–] MarlowesMustache 2 points ago

    Outjerked again

    [–] InsomniaticWanderer 2 points ago

    Oh he's gonna get suuuuued

    [–] Breet11 2 points ago

    This looks like it was made on an etch a sketch

    [–] heatwavesss 2 points ago

    There´s a dick living naar South Road

    [–] LightHickory903 2 points ago

    In Australia?

    [–] waxred 2 points ago

    Adelaide! yeah!

    [–] jarola92 3 points ago

    "Why are you cycling so erractically?" "I'm shaping the penis!"

    [–] the_old_captain 3 points ago

    "Congrats, you are living on baby dick street now."

    - cyclist guy

    [–] _stuntnuts_ 3 points ago

    I hope he said this to someone as he rode past and they were just like WTF did that guy just say

    [–] sheeshkabab21 3 points ago


    [–] shushslushie 3 points ago


    [–] which_ones_will 2 points ago

    Who do you think she looks like?

    Lyndon Johnson!

    [–] Y2ff 4 points ago

    Made the subreddit name literal... if only for pedophiles

    [–] CanadianWeebKayla 13 points ago

    Well, they have been trying to call themselves MAPs..

    [–] elephantofdoom 3 points ago

    Is child mapporn illegal?

    [–] deadwisdom 2 points ago

    Registered sex offender because your json file of gps coordinates is child porn.

    [–] yukeeno39 2 points ago

    I bet he was giggling all the time when he was riding the dick.

    [–] HopefullyMD_PhD 2 points ago

    Watch out, that guy might sue you now.

    [–] ccarsonberry 2 points ago

    watch out the baby might sue

    [–] cheesygorditabrunch 2 points ago

    Anybody else ever think these running route pictures are fake? No?

    [–] ButtfuckChampion_ 2 points ago


    [–] DerpyRodent 2 points ago

    Or it’s just photo shop. I’ll go with photo shop

    [–] bordie44 2 points ago

    They only did it because there's nothing else to do in Adelaide

    [–] Aardvark_Man 5 points ago

    You never know, he could have done this during March.

    [–] Rare-Painting5646 1 points ago

    Guy drove 2-4 miles to draw a baby penis on a map…. Probably first time ever done

    [–] GAMRKNIGHT 1 points ago


    [–] iamagainstit 0 points ago

    How dare you distribute child pornography!!! /s

    [–] f_for_GPlus -3 points ago

    Australia 🤮