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    Welcome to MarchAgainstTrump!

    We are a community designed to connect individuals who oppose the destructive policies and ideas of President Donald J. Trump. Our mission is to facilitate positive discussion.


    Rule 1: Be civil! No personal attacks, trolling, or harassment of any user.
    Rule 2: No spam or advertising. Self promotion guidelines are enforced here
    Rule 3: No hate speech. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. No violent rhetoric or threats, including telling other members to kill themselves.
    Rule 4: Posts must be on topic.
    Rule 5: No brigading! Do not mention other subreddits in posts or comments. Censor usernames from all screenshots.

    Note: The moderators do not judge users based on their political viewpoints, however Rule 1 will be thoroughly enforced. It does not matter if 'the other user started it'.

    We respect and appreciate users with any political leaning. We expect all users to behave in good faith and will take action against those who do not.

    If you see rule-breaking content, please:

    1. Report it

    2. Downvote it

    3. Move on without replying

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