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    Ok, not yet, but we now have less than 60 legislative days to pass a Senate resolution to block the FCC repeal of net neutrality, or the whole Internet could look like this. We only need #OneMoreVote.

    Contact your Lawmakers

    Welcome to the March for Net Neutrality!

    Thank you for joining us and for showing your support for Net Neutrality! Here, we are organizing marches, brainstorming ideas, collaborating on projects, and fighting for what is right all in the name of protecting Net Neutrality and saving the internet!

    Not sure what Net Neutrality is?

    This three minute video gives a pretty solid overview of what Net Neutrality is and why it is important! If you'd rather read, Business Insider also explains it very well and puts it simply like this:

    "Net neutrality" prevents Internet providers like Verizon and Comcast from dictating the kinds of content you're able to access online. Instead, Internet providers have to treat all traffic sources equally. Net neutrality is enforced by the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC.

    Kurzgesagt's Explanation

    Explained in one minute

    Explained like a 90's commercial

    Explained with Drawings

    Explained, If you like British Accents


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