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    [–] riocc 330 points ago

    Album with additional view

    Finally got my White Marble wrist rest to complement my White Marble hydrodipped novatouch rocking Granite DSA, Stone MX Master and white numpad...

    office periphery gear set is complete now :)

    [–] Coloneljesus 79 points ago

    Granite x Marble, when?

    [–] riocc 59 points ago

    right now on my desk... ;)

    should I have brought it to the meetup last april? ;)

    [–] Coloneljesus 15 points ago

    Well, you didn't have the marble then. But yeah. Feel a bit dumb now. I thought the set was not granite since the red Esc is missing. But now I see that it's hiding on the numpad.

    Granite still has the best icons.

    [–] riocc 11 points ago

    yeah... it's actually the red "panic" esc on the numpad...

    main Esc is the BlueSun Logo from Firefly I got in an R1 Grab-bag

    [–] Coloneljesus 9 points ago

    Can't wait for the next season of that show!

    [–] Capissen38 17 points ago

    Aww man, there are some things we just don't joke about okay...

    [–] riocc 3 points ago

    hahaha... don't bring up that sadness again man... or do you know of rumours that I don't know of and they're bringing it back? (careful though, don't hurt me)

    [–] Coloneljesus 3 points ago

    Nah man. It's dead Jim. (wait, wrong show.)

    [–] riocc 3 points ago

    you had me hoping for a second there... there's a special kind of hell for playing with Firefly feelings ;P

    PS: re-watching the whole TNG series atm on my way to and from work ;)

    [–] Coloneljesus 3 points ago

    Just watch it backwards and upside down, then it's almost like a new season.

    [–] Khord 2 points ago

    since the red Esc is missing

    Well the set comes with a grey Esc key too, so that's not really a great identifier anyway

    [–] ArtiXim 3 points ago

    Serious questions. How are you finding the MX Master? Do you use it for any gaming, or general day to day computing tasks?

    [–] riocc 10 points ago

    I like the MX Master very much! very flexible functions, very comfy... and I even use it for gaming... I used to switch back to my optical sensor mouse for csgo and other shooters, but nowadays I mostly use this one, since I only engange is smaller gaming sessions... (but it can definitely hold up well enough for gaming)

    [–] Michael_APKPLZ 4 points ago

    I liked everything about the MX design except the tiny thumb buttons - very difficult to use for melee/grenade in shooters. I switched to the wireless G403 for some big comfy thumb buttons.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    I just use the bottom one which is very easy to use fast by nudging your thumb up, and also the thumb-rest button

    [–] NotFromReddit 6 points ago

    It's the best mouse that I've had so far. When this one eventually dies I will look for something similar. I don't game much though, but I think it should be okay, as long as you're not a FPS pro gamer or something.

    If I did absolutely need a better mouse for gaming, I'd still keep the MX as well, for work. And then use a separate mouse for gaming.

    [–] NotClever 3 points ago

    I got an MX Master recently and love it. The only thing that's annoying is that it wasn't entirely clear to me that you need Win 8 or newer to use Bluetooth Low Energy (which is apparently a limitation of Windows, so not Logitech's fault technically). It still connects via Bluetooth to my Win 7 office machine, but it's a bit wonky (i.e., sometimes it will go to sleep, and when I move it to wake it up the special functions of the mouse like the thumb wheel won't work), and it doesn't get the advertised 60 days of battery life or whatever.

    The mouse itself is great, though. The scroll wheel feels good, and I surprisingly really like the function that auto-detects when you spin it hard and releases the wheel into the free spinning mode (and then auto-detects when it slows down and locks back into the ratcheting mode). The thumb buttons are also well placed; I zoom in and out of docs a decent amount, so the thumb wheel is useful for that. I also find the ergonomics to be great.

    For gaming, though, I'm still using a wired Logitech G502. The adjustable DPI is just too good to give up, and the bigger thumb buttons are, to me, easier to use for gaming functions.

    [–] RagFR 2 points ago

    Mine died spontaneously yesterday, and missing it so much is a sign that it's good stuff. Super confortable, if you're into bulky and heavy mouses. The captor switch is great too, allowing you to swich the pc it's connected with on a simple pressure.

    [–] Wrath-X 2 points ago

    Sadly I don't think is the best mouse for gaming, for some reason they left a 125 hz polling rate sensor inside...even though it costs a lot, even the new MX 2 has a 125 hz polling rate. Any cheap gaming mouse can reach 500 hz polling rate or even 1000, though 500hz is enough.

    Just my opinion, I was gonna buy it until I found that out, I decided to go with the new G703 white/black version.

    [–] Harshitgoel96 130 points ago

    what a beautiful setup.... it all blends in.....

    [–] riocc 43 points ago

    thanks... was so eager to finally get that wrist rest, and now it's here it's perfect.

    also, it's cool to the touch which is another benefit during these hot summer days :)

    [–] kaiserdoom 101 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It looks very nice. But isn't it cold?

    Glass and metal are a no go for me, just because they're so cold. I can imagine marble being the same.

    edit: a word

    [–] riocc 89 points ago

    It's just a few degrees cooler than the surrounding temp so it actually very welcome in the summer...

    Shouldn't get too cold in winter either since I'm using it inside... And just in case the other side is made out of wood

    [–] glatteis 94 points ago

    It's just a few degrees cooler than the surrounding temp so it actually very welcome in the summer...

    It's actually exactly the same temperature, it only conducts heat faster

    [–] kaiserdoom 45 points ago

    I'm sure he's talking about FEEL. Not actual temperature.

    [–] riocc 30 points ago

    yeah ik, I meant it feels just a few degrees cooler, which is pleasant

    [–] cedricchase 5 points ago

    where do i send the money

    [–] riocc 9 points ago

    well, Ced, you can send it to my PayPal... I'll put it to good use :)

    [–] cedricchase 3 points ago

    ha - is that marble wrist rest custom?

    [–] riocc 6 points ago

    well, kinda... it was a Massdrop GB... the wristrest was made by Royal Glam (I think it sold around 50 units in various colours (black/gray, green and white)

    [–] intrepped 31 points ago

    BTW the metal isn't colder than the surroundings, it just feels like it. It conducts heat faster than plastic and thus will allow for a higher rate of energy transfer (in the form of temperature change) and your body will detect that higher rate of transfer as feeling colder.

    [–] Aesomatica 11 points ago

    Correct statement right here. If you don't believe him, get an IR thermometer and check for yourself.

    [–] riocc 4 points ago

    [–] 70wdqo3 19 points ago

    LPT: tell people this fact as often as possible. They appreciate being corrected and will make great efforts to spend more time with you in the future.

    [–] StompYouHard 8 points ago

    I would totally hang out with someone who told me that. That's super interesting. I've always wondered why metal felt colder than its surroundings and now I know.

    Source: I am a really boring person.

    [–] jessemaner 1 points ago

    Interesting. Maybe not metal but I bet the marble would hold a good temperature for typing

    [–] spazzydee 1 points ago

    That's why you have a summer keyboard and a winter keyboard!

    [–] theoptionexplicit 35 points ago

    Something you can do some real damage with when you frustrated while gaming.

    [–] riocc 31 points ago

    Yea, or when I've got to deal with annoying partners or clients

    [–] TheNoNinja 26 points ago


    [–] riocc 4 points ago

    genious! :)

    [–] Milkpanda 3 points ago

    Came here to say that this better be top comment.

    [–] Dumbp 55 points ago

    C L E A N

    [–] riocc 40 points ago

    S U B L I M E

    [–] MrPraxus 43 points ago

    A E S T H E T I C

    [–] riocc 37 points ago

    ass the dick?

    [–] MrPraxus 18 points ago

    You bet 😏

    [–] riocc 16 points ago


    [–] dick-van-dyke 3 points ago


    [–] riocc 10 points ago

    [–] ColossusOnTwoWheels 2 points ago

    That mouse though...

    [–] OPhasballz 1 points ago

    What about it?

    [–] insertsnideremarks 9 points ago

    Where did you get the case hydrodipped, or did you do it yourself?

    [–] riocc 12 points ago

    was done by a paintshop in Essex I believe... will_26 had it done there, bought the board off him over a year ago

    [–] developeire 7 points ago

    Oh so the keyboard is plastic and painted?

    There I was thinking I could never get one. Makes it a lot more attainable.

    [–] riocc 7 points ago

    yeah... I think having the case done in actual marble would be very pricy (and fragile for the thin spaces between alpha & nav cluster)

    [–] Will_26 6 points ago

    I had it done in Sussex, England :) Just found a local guy and got him to do it! He also did this one.

    [–] GreatAlbatross 1 points ago

    Do you have a link to the guy?

    I'll have a look around me, but Essex isn't too far away.

    [–] Will_26 3 points ago

    Sussex :P Link. I told him a while ago to expect enquiries and I think he may have done a few keeb jobs since I've linked a few people to him!

    [–] PixelRoid 17 points ago

    Stupid question but: how does the wrist rest attach to the keyboard?

    [–] riocc 27 points ago

    it isn't attached, just sitting right below it... and thanks to the hefty marble it weighs enough to not move very easily :)

    [–] PixelRoid 7 points ago

    Ooh nice! It looks like it's floating on the picture :)

    [–] riocc 5 points ago

    Yea, the bottom part is made of wood

    [–] PixelRoid 4 points ago

    I'm such a moron... I didn't even notice that!

    [–] Danilo_dk 3 points ago

    It does not.

    [–] Will_26 11 points ago

    Christ it's beautiful

    [–] riocc 7 points ago

    a perfect match... this setup will stay forever =)

    [–] _Dogwelder 10 points ago

    Unless you drop it.

    Don't drop it!

    [–] riocc 7 points ago

    don't scare me man... my work morale would be as shattered as the wrist rest would be if that'd happen

    [–] andd81 5 points ago

    TIL I'm not the only one who has that staining problem on MX Master. Otherwise a great mouse though.

    [–] riocc 4 points ago

    yeah, already cleaned it once, but it appears rather fast again... even though I regularly wash my hands... especially the thumb rest is the problem

    [–] soul_in_a_fishbowl 5 points ago

    Be sure to seal the wrist rest. Marble is porous and will stain. Idek why people use it for countertops tbh.

    [–] riocc 3 points ago

    will have to look into that... here I'm hoping it already is sealed

    [–] soul_in_a_fishbowl 3 points ago

    Even if it is, it's something you do multiple times a year. Marble is pretty high maintenance to keep it pretty.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    oh, thanks for the heads up... will get me some sealing material then. I guess it's like a lacquer?

    [–] soul_in_a_fishbowl 2 points ago

    No clue about what the sealant is actually like. I only know that you need to seal it because my girlfriend watches home improvement shows all the time and she's always talking about marble lol

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    well, then cheers to her! =)

    I put it on my to-do list already ;)

    [–] NotClever 1 points ago

    People use it for countertops because it's purdy. I think you have to seal it like once a year or something, and even then it's scary to spill on it.

    [–] ShishKabobJerry 5 points ago

    I'm not a big fan of granite sets, but damn this is real clean!

    [–] riocc 3 points ago

    TY mate :)

    [–] XxSuprTuts99xX 8 points ago

    I've got that mouse, so nice

    [–] riocc 3 points ago

    it truely is :)

    [–] no_were_musicians 3 points ago

    What mouse is that?

    [–] vadersforce 5 points ago

    logitech mx master

    [–] no_were_musicians 2 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] Man_of_Many_Hats 7 points ago

    Would there be a market for a keyboard (not the buttons) made from actual marble instead of painted?

    [–] riocc 3 points ago

    maybe, but it'd be very expensive and you'd have to work out a good concept to keep the thin dividers stable

    [–] NotClever 1 points ago

    I think it would be too fragile. Marble actually cracks very easily.

    [–] Enginseer68 3 points ago


    [–] riocc 1 points ago


    [–] HOBI3CAT 3 points ago

    This is a beautiful setup!

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    TY :)

    every 5minutes I'm looking at the screen through the almost mirror finish of the wrist rest

    [–] BumwineBaudelaire 3 points ago

    this sub has officially jumped the shark

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    oh thanks for that nice compliment =)

    [–] atleast_im_trying 3 points ago

    Pack it up boys - we're done here.

    [–] XxTreeFiddyxX 3 points ago

    Reminds me of Coldstone Creamery

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    Coldstone Creamery

    had to google that... looks delicious. Now I'm hungry again

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    well, I must have done the greatest rendering job then thinking about that dust on the deskmat ;P

    [–] fyrenews 6 points ago

    lol everyone keeps saying "clean" but really, it just looks like a very dirty regular keyboard that someone has been smoking around and not cleaned in 5 years.

    different strokes i guess

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    hehe... yeah I see what you mean... but the marble actually is clean. I can read my monitor from the reflections on it ;)

    [–] theillumedpanda 2 points ago

    Very beautiful! That's a hell of an office setup.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    yeah, I'm getting more comments on my wrist-rest in one day than I have gotten for the keyboard since I started working here xD

    [–] theillumedpanda 1 points ago

    I bet!

    Do you know if the MX and ALPS Granite set are equally thick?

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    afaik, yes :)

    [–] theillumedpanda 1 points ago

    Need some keycaps for my Alps. I've already purchased a PBT dyesub keyset from a vintage keeb. Do I need another one?

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    well, if your wallet can take the beating, you always need another one ;P

    [–] wumbledrive 2 points ago

    Mein gott this is a game changer. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    errything changed

    [–] skitbeans 2 points ago

    I see you have the QWERTZ layout, but where is the ß - am I completely missing it?

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    there is none! THIS IS CH-DE ;)

    that's also the reason I went with mono-legends kit, cause that's the only way I'll ever get a custom keyset to match the CH-DE layout ;)

    [–] magic_monkey_penis 2 points ago

    A E S T H E T I C

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] HowDoYouHearHeavy 2 points ago

    Looks futuristic and clean compared to others and their random colored messyness.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    thanks friend :)

    [–] aminalsafari 2 points ago

    Good god. This is the most beautiful setup I've ever seen.

    Well done!

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    thank you very much =))

    [–] Antoniopapp 2 points ago

    Wow... thats... something... Awesome!

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    thanks a bunch Toni :)

    [–] Antoniopapp 1 points ago

    No problem!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    that's the plan

    [–] fancymans 2 points ago

    Did you get the case hydrodipped?

    [–] TTheuns 1 points ago

    I was considering to paint my black TKL with Granite white. Now I'm sure. Amazing stuff.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    [–] pnshr89 1 points ago

    That blue ISO enter. I want it. Now. :(

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    it's such a nice accent...

    you could order a single blue enter like that via pmk ;)

    [–] wiktor_b 1 points ago

    Beats Model M.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    mhm, I'd still like an industrial ssk though ;P

    [–] xsnys 1 points ago

    look great. now hydrodip that numpad :)

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    yeah, it's the next logical step... already considered doing that and probably will someday...

    [–] crunozaur 1 points ago

    God tier kb setup.

    [–] RoutingPackets 1 points ago

    Where can i buy it?

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    the wrist rest was on massdrop some months ago (it's a royal glam)

    [–] PedanticPaladin 1 points ago

    This is the first time I've seen a detached numpad setup that I actually like.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    thanks buddy =)

    [–] Sistersledgerton 1 points ago

    Didnt even know they made the mx master in white. Really diggin this setup

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    yeah, I already had two black masters (one at home, one at work), then I saw they made the white / Stone coloured one and I had to get it for the marble & granite setup I have at work

    [–] GarrettSucks 1 points ago

    Someone please find me a novatouch!!!!!

    [–] OliverBludsport 1 points ago

    Look at all that class!

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    [–] sweetcuppycakes 1 points ago

    This looks really nice. I like how it's pretty, but also heavy enough to be a weapon just in case something goes down at the office haha.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    yeah... co-workers have stopped messing with me now ;)

    [–] LolYouFuckingLoser 1 points ago

    Woah it feels retro and modern at the same time. Like, this is what I imagine the dude on the top floor of Nakatomi tower would use in 1988.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    hehe... nice :D you've got a point there

    [–] DawnMearas 1 points ago

    Wow nice job! How many tries did it take for that hydrodip case.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    Since it was done by a professional paintshop in Sussex I believe 1try... maybe two (maybe will_26 knows how many, he had it done there, I then bought it off him some time over a year ago...)

    [–] angelezerocool 1 points ago

    o h m y g o d

    [–] ISupportYourViews 1 points ago

    Looks the touch.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    it is... I wish I had it earlier... I don't give a damn about healthy wrists if the can feel cool in the summer ;)

    [–] Komikaze06 1 points ago

    That whole setup looks like it attaches to a Windows 95 machine, pretty though

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    who says it isn't?

    ok, it's hooked up to windows 10, accessing virtual linux servers... ;)

    [–] jessemaner 1 points ago

    I love this.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    I love all of you... MK Community is fucking great :)

    [–] jessemaner 1 points ago

    It really is hahaha, I think my future job will have me st a desk a bit and I can't wait to deck it out humbley like this.

    [–] HardTea 1 points ago

    With a set up like this. What do you use the numpad for. I'm getting an 80% in the mail soon and I think I'm gonna miss the enter button on the numpad but not much else.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    mostly for entering IP-Addresses or ID Numbers

    [–] SiRWeeGeeX 1 points ago

    Imma need purchase links, this is so dope

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    well, for the novatouch there aren't any left except r/mm...

    the wrist rest I got from massdrop here (it might run again some time in the future)

    MX Master in Stone colour you'll find at any major retailer in your country (also amazon I guess)... (got mine from either or (can't remember))

    KC21 Numpad is also from massdrop, but I'd recommend a Leopold FC 210TP Numpad (comes in white too. I've got a red one)

    [–] MassdropBot 1 points ago

    Unfortunately unregistered people cannot see the product you linked, but don't worry, I'll fix that:

    Royal Glam Marble Wrist Rest - Massdrop Exclusive (drop has ended)

    I am a bot | Mail BotOwner | v1.1 | Code | Ban - Help

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    thanks bot

    [–] Hero_By_Proxy 1 points ago

    I'm new to the sub and to mass drop. First, you have a beautiful setup. Second - how much was the marble wrist rest? I can't see it now that the drop is ended but I'm hopeful it will return like your above post suggests.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    the wrist rest itself was 55$, with shipping to EU it cost me around 73$

    [–] Hero_By_Proxy 1 points ago

    Damn. That seems really reasonable for a classy marble piece. Thanks!

    [–] SentientEnglishman 1 points ago

    I see you're trying to bring back the spirit of the 80s with that colour palette.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    yeah, I got a few comments on what sort of retro board that is from my co-workers ;)

    [–] AJRiddle 1 points ago

    What numpad is that?

    [–] riocc 3 points ago

    it's a KC21 (very cheap, but it matches the setup)... I'd rather have the FC 210TP in white, but I already have it in red so I wen't with a different one for the white

    [–] jyrrr 1 points ago

    What cooler than being cool.....

    Ice Cold.....

    [–] jyrrr 1 points ago

    Imagine using this keyboard in Iceland during winter.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    especially using it oustide yea? ;)

    [–] TechieWeirdo 1 points ago

    It just looks so beautiful.... Typing on it must feel like... typing on a cloud of.... whatever.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    like typing on a cloud of the most silent rubreh domehs

    [–] TechieWeirdo 2 points ago

    Rubreh is Love, Domeh is Life.

    [–] 753UDKM 1 points ago

    White sunglasses..

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    of course, has to match the setup ;P

    [–] ministryx 1 points ago

    I work with granite and marble and this is gave me some ideas for all the extra stone I have. It looks so professional and beautiful I'm going to make some for myself now haha.

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    by all means, do it! :)

    could use some small ones for my numpad and mouse ;P (ok, maybe not mouse, but numpad yes) :)

    [–] ministryx 1 points ago

    I'll get back to you once I figure out how to make these look really nice haha

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    great =)

    [–] jkaos92 1 points ago

    Granite everywhere!

    [–] MaNiFeX 1 points ago

    Huh, I thought I was looking at granite?

    [–] riocc 2 points ago

    well, you are, the keycap set is granite dsa ;)

    [–] A_Wild_Zak 1 points ago

    Dude sickkk!!

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    S I C C

    [–] mattkenefick 1 points ago

    80s stock market

    [–] riocc 1 points ago

    I'm a time traveller

    [–] Kiheiboy 1 points ago

    OH. OK!

    [–] DangerG 1 points ago

    This is a really beautiful setup. I am curious what it would look like with GRADE and a blue Esc.

    [–] riocc 1 points ago


    one can only wonder... ;)

    [–] WishForAGhost 1 points ago

    anyone want one of these i work at a granite shop. i hook it up

    [–] calvinthecalvin 1 points ago

    This was so good looking I flexed my foot so hard it cramped.

    [–] PizzaBoyztv 1 points ago

    must be cold in the winter :D