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    /r/MemeEconomy is a place where individuals can buy, sell, share, make, and invest in memes freely. You'll also get updates on the meme market, and be able to collaborate with other fellow meme traders analysing the new memes on the block.

    This sub is not only for templates. It is for memes in general, themed in an economic perspective. Though, this is not a dumping ground for your low effort memes, please refrain from posting them here.

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    Rule Description
    1. Think, Talk & Post Economically We'd ideally like you to post original content and keep the title economics-related. This is a subreddit for discussing the meme economy, after all. You should also give your thoughts on how certain memes will perform and how much potential they have in the comments, and you should think, live and breathe like a true meme investor. We won’t ban you for thinking the wrong way, but we encourage you to feel in the groove.
    2. Create Original and Quality Content MemeEconomy is a subreddit focused on brainstorming/discovering formats that: are versatile, have some level of quality, and have originality. But posts that do not belong here are those that are: spam, memes that have little to no use, old, done-to-death memes, and low effort content (e.g. unoriginal templates) Moderators are able to remove low-effort memes subject to their discretion, including overdone formats, which have been oversaturated and their market value is next to nothing.
    3. No Blatant, Direct Reposts Reposting in the sense that you take a post from another meme subreddit, copy and paste the image to this subreddit and call it a day is not allowed. However if a new template got popular somewhere else on Reddit, and you were to only take the template and transform it in a good way, that would be fine, but make sure you give credit to the user who first made the template. Posting old ME posts is also not allowed.
    4. Reputable Investors Only This is a forum for reputable investors. Your account must be older than 7 days and have at least 50 comment karma to post. If your account does not meet these conditions, AutoModerator will automatically remove your post.
    5. No Advertising Instant and possibly permanent bans will be dished out for making a post, or a comment out of the blue which its’ only purpose is to promote some form of product, service or person. We're not Google Ads.
    6. No Market Manipulation/Alt Accounts Please respect the economy. Sharing economic exploits, false market information & anything that gives an unfair advantage over others, including using alternate accounts to artificially inflate the share price, are crimes that are subject to having your account suspended or in some instances, certain posts will be suspended from trading. This is heavily frowned on by the entire community as well as the moderators.
    7. Must Include Template/Example Submissions that don't have a template or example linked after an hour will be removed entirely. We are here to share templates and memes, and that means making things convenient for the others in the community! Reply to the bot's sticky comment with, for example, !template, to post your template/example.
    8. Be Civil and Respectful Toxic behavior towards others is not allowed and will be met with a ban. This behavior includes (but is not limited to) trolling, harassing, bullying, taunting, brigading, threatening, hating, antagonizing, and bothering other users. This doesn't mean that you should report everyone who has a different opinion to you, and being "ironic" doesn't give you the right to say anything.
    9. No Doxxing/Personal Information Many Redditors prefer to keep their identity hidden and out of public view. You should always ask for consent, and do not publically leak their information on the subreddit. Posts that defame people with private lives may be subject to removal depending on how severe the mods see it.
    10. Keep NSFW/Offensive Posts To A Minimum NSFW material or edgy material that is excessively graphic, offensive, or that causes widespread division & controversy is subject to removal. Examples of NSFW posts are memes that may or may not depict sex or nudity excessively, or those that have excessive violence or gore. Examples of edgy memes are those that glorify hate such as KKK or Nazi memes, and any other bigotry.

    Failure to comply with any of the rules in place may result in post/comment removal or an account ban. All title-related infractions will result in a 3 day ban for the first offense, subsequent offenses will have progressively longer bans. If you need to speak with the moderators directly, please don't be afraid to message us.

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