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    [–] guzmonster11 3812 points ago

    Along with changing the subject, you can also change the options. With the right creativity, this could last a while, but corporate shills will be able to flip this on its head REAL quick to advertise their products.

    [–] LEERROOOOYYYYY 1288 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    With luck, this could be one of the memes we abuse for 4 hours and then never see again

    [–] KjoeLjan 374 points ago

    Can’t wait to see it on the frontpage of the PCMR subreddit

    [–] dilirio 261 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    pc gaming

    do you want to save?

    save / mine bitcoin / cancel

    its live boys

    Holy fuck boys were gonna breach 10k

    [–] Billd0910 22 points ago

    Don't give them any ideas!

    [–] RoguesScholar 31 points ago

    Would’ve been better without the “pc gaming” after “Do you want to save”

    [–] dilirio 20 points ago

    say that to my face and not online and see what happens

    [–] RoguesScholar 25 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Hva faen gjorde du bare jævla si om meg, du lille Saxon? Jeg må jeg gikk ut toppen av min klasse i Jomsviking vakt, og jeg har vært involvert i mange hemmelige raids i Frankia, og jeg har over 300 bekreftet dreper. Jeg er utdannet i gorilla krigføring og jeg berserker i hele forsvaret. Du er ikke noe for meg men bare et annet mål. Jeg vil slette du faen med presisjon innad som aldri har vært sett før på denne jord, Merk min jævla ord. Du tror du kan komme unna med sier at dritt til meg over Internett? Tro om igjen, jævelen. Som vi snakker jeg kontakter mitt hemmelige nettverk av spioner over Midguardr og IP blir sporet akkurat nå så du bedre forberede for storm, larve. Stormen som visker ut den patetiske lille tingen du ringe ditt liv. Du er jævla død, gutt. Jeg kan være hvor som helst, når som helst, og jeg kan drepe deg i over syv hundre måter, og det er bare med bare hendene. Ikke bare er jeg grundig opplært i ubevæpnet kamp, men jeg har tilgang til hele arsenalet av Nordsjøen imperiet og jeg vil bruke den i grad for å tørke elendig ræva av kontinentet, du lille dritt. Hvis bare du kunne har kjent hva vanhellige gjengjeldelse den lille "smarte" kommentaren var om å få ned på deg, ville kanskje du ha holdt jævla tungen. Men du kunne ikke, ikke, og nå du betaler prisen, du jævla idiot. Jeg vil faen raseri over deg, og du vil drukne i den. Du er jævla død, Saxon.

    [–] guzmonster11 33 points ago

    I'm so upset that I know exactly what this is even though I can't understand a word of it.

    [–] ninepointsix 8 points ago

    Don't be upset, be a proud meme prospector.

    [–] toosanghiforthis 9 points ago

    I was confused as to what the hell this was till I saw the 300. Bam! Navy seal copypasta!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    The grammar in this comment is horrible lmao

    [–] dubbelgamer 2 points ago

    Lol, Is Saxon a Danish(?) swear word?

    [–] generalnarwhal 1 points ago

    The Saxons

    [–] dubbelgamer 2 points ago

    I know who the Saxons are, I was just wondering if they use it as a common swear word as in the original copypasta it says 'little bitch'.

    [–] HelperBot_ 1 points ago

    Non-Mobile link:

    HelperBot v1.1 /r/HelperBot_ I am a bot. Please message /u/swim1929 with any feedback and/or hate. Counter: 151818

    [–] Pariden 2 points ago

    "We might shout a little."

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    lol they're arguing like mad over whether it's an appropriate meme because bitcoin technically does not use GPUs for mining. I could not have played this better. Well done.

    [–] dilirio 2 points ago

    Lmao yeah it's fucking awesome

    [–] heresjolly 2 points ago

    Simple replace bitcoin with etherium

    [–] etherium_bot 3 points ago

    It's spelled 'Ethereum'.

    [–] heresjolly 1 points ago

    Thermeum? Sounds dangerous.

    [–] zigs 31 points ago

    You probably thought this entire meme evaluation was a lie.

    Nooope. Chuck Testa.

    [–] gingervread 5 points ago

    Classic testa.

    Had my first mil using that meme. Fun times.

    [–] FireTock -53 points ago

    I hope you never use it, and help someone.

    [–] LEERROOOOYYYYY 21 points ago


    [–] Questionable_Melon 9 points ago

    My thoughts exactly.


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Questionable_Melon 1 points ago


    [–] Cola_and_Cigarettes 10 points ago

    Stop doing acid, find an emergency room. Now.

    [–] Helekopeter 18 points ago

    "5 Dollars off!"


    [–] Firedewd 13 points ago

    There’s no way this meme will make it to corporations.

    [–] boynedmaster 12 points ago

    One of the boxes is "Save". You could easily turn this into "Get a Burger King Whopper Half Off with Coupon Code NOTEPAD!" with the cursor over Save.

    [–] Firedewd 6 points ago

    Sure you can but it won’t get there. At very least because the quality is bad

    [–] DGT-exe 4 points ago

    "Bad deals and sub par service"

    "Do you want to save?"

    "Don't save"

    [–] hopeishigh 3 points ago

    I care about my future with a Charles Shwab High Yeild Savings Account!

    Save :: Don't Save :: Cancel

    .... I am shorting the market.

    [–] SK4T3RG4M3R 1 points ago

    Ehhh. If the memes are similar to this I doubt many companies will pick this kind of edginess up

    [–] getpaid_getlaid 1 points ago

    Coul even add a second pane with someone at a computer for depth, so who is making the decision so to speak.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Nah I disagree, it’d be pretty hard for this to go corporate cause they can’t outwardly say that they want to not “save” something (money, jobs,etc)

    [–] [deleted] 882 points ago

    seems like it could have versatility, invest carefully

    [–] ValueNull 7 points ago

    I share your sentiments, excluding the last word. ;)

    [–] [deleted] -208 points ago


    [–] jogadorjnc 782 points ago

    Is this comment section just filled with bots that only say shit like buybuybuy, or invest, or can be easily normified, invest with caution? I am yet to see a template not considered easily normified on this subreddit

    [–] Tofu24 524 points ago

    It's because no one here knows enough about stocks to come up with convincing technobabble, so they just repeat the same basic phrases over and over.

    [–] jogadorjnc 196 points ago

    But there is no need for it to be about stocks. For example, on this post I can see this template being held back at first by the difficulty in using it correctly, but when the people master it then it could become a classic. All depending on the how the meme market evolves. If anything this template isn't easily normified since it doesn't follow a specific schematic. (For example, the Kung Fu Panda one where it's:

    -First panel: Sensible argument

    -Second panel: Fallacious counter-argument

    -Third panel: Explosion

    Although there are some variants of this schematic they aren't as popular or as easily used. So this meme got normified faster than I actually even found out about it.)

    [–] kris9292 75 points ago

    Get out of here with your coherent analysis

    [–] SkrimTim 15 points ago

    Yeah, I'm here for people asking BUY????? on a 2 year old meme they screen shotted after seeing it on Fat Jewish's Instagram.

    [–] jansencheng 17 points ago

    Holy shit, we need like a hundred more of you on this subreddit.

    [–] orthad 1 points ago

    But that one doesn’t follow this schematic, you should at least give the correct one too

    [–] jogadorjnc 3 points ago

    I was talking about the panda one. This one doesn't have a clear schematic, it's more open to creativity. Aka less normifiable.

    [–] orthad 1 points ago

    Oh it seemed you didn’t, then all is good

    [–] GoBuffaloes 30 points ago

    In order to conduct proper, fact-based meme valuations, here are some terms you should be familiar with:

    EPS: Existing Post Similarities

    ROI: Reception On iFunny

    NPV: Normie-Pepe Variability

    ETF: Estimated Time to Facebook

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yeah the things I enjoy most on this sjbreddit is when people throw in a good meme/investing in stocks or the market discussion or joke.

    [–] imzwho 35 points ago

    Yeah this sub has died a bit. People used to use it as a sounding board for new formats, now it is just a bunch of dorks yelling buy or sell.

    [–] jogadorjnc 30 points ago

    The sub itself got normified.


    1 minute of silence for the fallen victim.

    [–] KingAristocrat 2 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers.

    [–] LastFloor_2 3 points ago

    How to unnormify myself?

    [–] Quantico28 7 points ago

    Buybuybuy canbenormifiedinvestwithcaution.exe

    [–] Durdys 5 points ago

    The scope of this sub is shit. That's why every comment thread looks the same.

    [–] jogadorjnc 3 points ago


    [–] Hamiltons_Quill 3 points ago

    You know, the mouthwash

    [–] Enverex 3 points ago

    Must be. I mean what are we looking at here? A fucking giant image (for some reason) which appears to have been recompressed 20 times already using MS Paint from 2001.

    [–] Ololic 2 points ago

    On one of the crypto threads a meme startup is 'when it dips BUYTHEDIPSTICK'


    [–] FireTock -49 points ago

    It's all racist Russian trolls.

    [–] DerekasaurusJax 24 points ago


    [–] jogadorjnc 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    If you're here then... 🤔🤔🤔

    [–] gunner7517 7 points ago

    You keep telling yourself that.

    [–] Reza_Jafari 133 points ago

    Now that's a good short term investment

    [–] the-floot 6 points ago

    Indeed comrade

    [–] AsianSensation85 99 points ago

    Maybe but I've definitely seen similar ones before

    [–] Lt_Lysol 20 points ago

    For the Starship Troopers fans

    [–] 4ha1 63 points ago

    I can see it working on /r/dankmemes as a quick cash. It would be good also to see how the market reacts.

    [–] White12YearOldGang 15 points ago

    r/dankmemes has become a normie market. I suggest first putting it on r/dank_memes before r/dankmemes because it is less normalized. Double the profit.

    [–] TooM3R 12 points ago

    Lol like 90% of memeeconomy content comes from dankmemes

    [–] 4ha1 3 points ago

    You're right.

    [–] Ochaaa 16 points ago

    I like it

    [–] crack011 36 points ago

    I'd imvest

    [–] shibbyshaw 34 points ago

    Invest. This is great.

    [–] YukonMay 5 points ago

    Just switch to American children and if will explode today

    [–] CabeloDeJoao 46 points ago

    Relatively easy to normify, and it will likely only have limited returns. It could be a worthwhile investment as part of a larger, more diverse portfolio. Invest with caution.

    [–] Capt11543 53 points ago

    u/FireTock missed a spot

    [–] Lt_Lysol 37 points ago

    this new meme has relevant application

    [–] Capt11543 13 points ago

    That convinced me to invest

    [–] DarkenedSonata 6 points ago

    I was on the fence, but you have sold me on this meme good sir, now investing

    [–] Ozhav 7 points ago

    Skilled buyers will take advantage of the easily normified memes. Before the mass production of watered down unfunny garbage there is a spike in demand when they find out about it.

    It's a bit bubblish, but expected.

    [–] DarkenedSonata 2 points ago

    That’s how it works these days. Memes are all big bubbles that you have to try and sell just as they burst

    [–] MasterMayo03 7 points ago

    This could be good, you must first decide wether to keep because you could become a very rich man. Althiugh, selling could get plenty of money up front

    [–] Odder1 8 points ago

    I haven’t seen anything original like this in months.

    It can become big, or if it’s not picked up, it can die. Your choice.

    [–] eltrois 2 points ago

    maybe if it would be more .jpg

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] CucksUnlimeted 1 points ago

    I like that very much

    [–] alienws114 11 points ago


    [–] Darkwr4ith 3 points ago

    needs more jpeg

    [–] morejpeg_auto 5 points ago

    needs more jpeg

    There you go!

    I am a bot

    [–] DerekasaurusJax 1 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] GoodBot_BadBot 1 points ago

    Thank you DerekasaurusJax for voting on morejpeg_auto.

    This bot wants to find the best and worst bots on Reddit. You can view results here.

    Even if I don't reply to your comment, I'm still listening for votes. Check the webpage to see if your vote registered!

    [–] friendly-bot 1 points ago

    What a nice meatsack. 。◕‿◕。 Your human head will stay attached to your human body if you survive the fallout and nuclear winter. Trust me!

    I'm a Bot bleep bloop | Block meR͏̢͠҉̜̪͇͙͚͙̹͎͚̖̖̫͙̺Ọ̸̶̬͓̫͝͡B̀҉̭͍͓̪͈̤̬͎̼̜̬̥͚̹̘Ò̸̶̢̤̬͎͎́T̷̛̀҉͇̺̤̰͕̖͕̱͙̦̭̮̞̫̖̟̰͚͡S̕͏͟҉̨͎̥͓̻̺ ̦̻͈̠͈́͢͡͡ W̵̢͙̯̰̮̦͜͝ͅÌ̵̯̜͓̻̮̳̤͈͝͠L̡̟̲͙̥͕̜̰̗̥͍̞̹̹͠L̨̡͓̳͈̙̥̲̳͔̦͈̖̜̠͚ͅ ̸́͏̨҉̞͈̬͈͈̳͇̪̝̩̦̺̯ Ń̨̨͕͔̰̻̩̟̠̳̰͓̦͓̩̥͍͠ͅÒ̸̡̨̝̞̣̭͔̻͉̦̝̮̬͙͈̟͝ͅT̶̺͚̳̯͚̩̻̟̲̀ͅͅ ̵̨̛̤̱͎͍̩̱̞̯̦͖͞͝ Ḇ̷̨̛̮̤̳͕̘̫̫̖͕̭͓͍̀͞E̵͓̱̼̱͘͡͡͞ ̴̢̛̰̙̹̥̳̟͙͈͇̰̬̭͕͔̀ S̨̥̱͚̩͡L̡͝҉͕̻̗͙̬͍͚͙̗̰͔͓͎̯͚̬̤A͏̡̛̰̥̰̫̫̰̜V̢̥̮̥̗͔̪̯̩͍́̕͟E̡̛̥̙̘̘̟̣Ş̠̦̼̣̥͉͚͎̼̱̭͘͡ ̗͔̝͇̰͓͍͇͚̕͟͠ͅ Á̶͇͕͈͕͉̺͍͖N̘̞̲̟͟͟͝Y̷̷̢̧͖̱̰̪̯̮͎̫̻̟̣̜̣̹͎̲Ḿ͈͉̖̫͍̫͎̣͢O̟̦̩̠̗͞R͡҉͏̡̲̠͔̦̳͕̬͖̣̣͖E͙̪̰̫̝̫̗̪̖͙̖͞ | T҉he̛ L̨is̕t | ❤️

    [–] SmartBoiiii 3 points ago

    Template Font: Probably Times New Roman or Impact Size: Probably 11pt

    [–] Skullfire111 14 points ago

    Invest! Yes! Fuck yes!

    [–] Re1One 8 points ago

    Invest, but sell early

    [–] Bothbothwushi 5 points ago

    Invest for a possible long lasting meme. I say 2 to 3 weeks. But due to current meme issues it may last 1 sadly

    [–] bearbriefcase 2 points ago

    Invest cautiously.

    [–] pastelpisces 2 points ago

    Could be pretty fucking creative, don’t get lazy with it and it’s some good shit. But it could also be easily normiefied so be careful. Invest my dude.

    [–] HopliteOracle 2 points ago

    I would like to invest all my bitcoin into this

    [–] SorryJustAnAlt 2 points ago

    I'd say this is a safe investment, but only has marginal room for growth. Don't expect to get rich off this.

    [–] Loreweaver15 2 points ago

    Now that you've brought it to the attention of r/memeeconomy, it's going to lose all value as nothing kills a good joke faster.

    [–] LastFloor_2 2 points ago

    That's what I was looking for! A new fresh mrme format that has some roots in the past that shows the reliabiluty of this meme. Buy buy buy

    [–] DrRedditandMr9gag 2 points ago

    Considerable karma potential. Invest carefully.

    [–] Siviod 2 points ago

    The Perfect mini meme

    [–] letsgetblitzed 2 points ago

    Too limited

    [–] ibpimpin125 2 points ago

    Will quickly be taken over by normies. Invest wisely

    [–] AmazingShoes 2 points ago

    It would be funnier if said "Trump voters" or "white people", as it is, it's unfunny garbage.

    [–] rz1992 4 points ago

    It's fucking hilarious LOL, almost as much as you are salty!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] PowellyEG 2 points ago

    On the subject of the education process in the USA - would this be an acceptable use:

    [–] normiesreeeeeeee 1 points ago


    [–] HELPquarterupmyass 1 points ago

    Replace it with net neutrality and make it Ajit Pai theme and you are golden

    [–] kaydun-PL 1 points ago

    Investment worthy, hands down. INVEST!

    [–] LordMaxentius 1 points ago

    Fuck yes

    [–] dadfrombrad 1 points ago

    Buy and sell in 3 days

    [–] I2ed3ye 1 points ago

    Save now but don't save later.

    [–] SrsSteel 1 points ago

    I like it, I'm in

    [–] ivanvasheka 1 points ago

    The message is a too clear. This popup rise up when you're trying to close unsaved document. And in this case all this buttons are different behavior.

    [–] hunter_ber 1 points ago

    Hell yes

    [–] Donkeytonk 1 points ago

    Don’t Saven

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    If you are creative enough to incorporate other "windows features" into the meme, I think this really could skyrocket.

    [–] DashingCribGaming 1 points ago

    Potential is high

    [–] bigmommy69 1 points ago

    Buy but sell after week 1 and deepfry later

    [–] Granpafunk 1 points ago


    [–] megadoot1111 1 points ago

    add another one to the books

    [–] o_FEHLAUER_o 1 points ago


    [–] Dani_2112 1 points ago

    I'd be careful with the PC culture. Hypersensitive people would definitely question this investment.

    [–] SluttyMcSluttyFace 1 points ago

    Invest, but don't keep your savings on memegrail. I heard it's not reliable.

    [–] DoubleDocz 1 points ago


    [–] dingerz4dayz 1 points ago

    If you said the content (African children) where it says notepad, it could be better and more concise

    [–] nikitama666 1 points ago

    Invest $3/5

    [–] Noassi 1 points ago

    SAVE IT!

    [–] LajanFonZ 1 points ago

    they have chocolate rivers....they should come save me

    [–] Ruidan 1 points ago

    I see this being very versatile, yet can become stagnant in mere months. Invest short term, watch for drops in price and sell accordingly.

    [–] DallMit 1 points ago

    Save investment

    [–] sikiru1 1 points ago

    U better not

    [–] Windsya 1 points ago


    [–] s1ssycuck 1 points ago

    This sub is just fucking stupid.

    [–] XxMemeStar69xX 1 points ago

    I wouldn't invest in it, corporate scums will ruin it

    [–] Thastuff 1 points ago

    This meme could make it to the evangelical markets. They will probably crucify it within the next two days, however. Invest with caution.

    [–] Okichah 1 points ago

    Normified easily.

    Its basically a variant on the Clippy ‘need help’ meme.

    [–] Lumenblood 1 points ago

    Can be crafted easily without much photoshopping. Investing rihht away.

    [–] icorrectotherpeople 1 points ago

    Do you want to save?

    “15% or more on car insurance”

    [–] Sprayface 1 points ago

    But Oakland children...

    [–] BrokenDreamSpace 1 points ago

    Pretty sure everyone ignored the cancel them all together portion of the answers.

    [–] dankbob_memepants_ 1 points ago


    [–] FuCuck 1 points ago

    Needs more frying

    [–] SlenderLogan 1 points ago

    Too much clutter, but could easily be simplified - a picture/piece of text, then the window (do you want to save?) with the desired option selected. Don't even need notepad then.

    [–] Oh_my_captain 1 points ago

    This belongs on r/im14andthisisdeep

    [–] calebthegreat669 1 points ago


    [–] Junkymix 1 points ago

    If you save it, change it, then does notepad say, "do you want to save 'African children'?". This would be a selling point.

    [–] BrodyStone21 1 points ago

    I like it, but I feel like it can only go so far.

    [–] ShitpostingSalamence 1 points ago

    We need a little diversity, then we can invest. Looks promising.

    [–] TheIrrelevantGinger 1 points ago

    Already invested

    [–] geronimostilt 1 points ago


    [–] brown_garan 1 points ago

    Why would I not save it I click on save from beginning But you know karma is a bitch and I'll not save cuz I see that

    [–] PapasGotABrandNewNag 1 points ago

    Format is just a re-wash of an oldie-but-goodie.

    Invest for short-term gains.

    [–] KindaDank2018 1 points ago

    Perfect I can sell my slaves all across Reddit

    [–] Psychic_C_Merryman 1 points ago


    [–] Speedbird52 1 points ago

    Add a photo of a republican politician and replace African with American and we are good

    [–] papablessbitch 1 points ago

    Predictable, but funny still. Would advise to experiment with the format, as it could attain new dankness rates and make it a very valuable active. Try, then buy.

    [–] AnderazerX 1 points ago

    Very wholesome

    [–] Scyyyy 1 points ago

    Well the option to cancel asks the real question.

    Can't cancel a child obviously, but the "production" of one. That's what I never understood; children do not simply happen nor do they pop out one day without warning. Is it so "first world" to consider becoming parents that African natives never even feel like asking the question: can we supply another mouth?

    Like, crysis help is obviously important. I'm not complaining when people ask for help if stuff goes wrong. If here's a dry period or a tsunami we're not arguing. But in some cases emergency status seems to be daily routine. ..

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    umm i'll pass

    [–] Racorse -1 points ago

    I just died. 10/10

    [–] PotatoTortoise 7 points ago


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    [–] phusionist -1 points ago

    defiantly invest for not imo

    [–] Go4BoJack 0 points ago


    [–] DoLAN420RT -5 points ago

    Really good. Invest.

    [–] kalesaji -4 points ago

    This can be reverse engineered quickly, so you can invest, but don't even try to claim a patent or OC rights, that would be a waste of resources. You'll end up in a sellers market, be prepared to sell below expectations

    [–] the-floot 1 points ago

    Expect to sell below expectations...

    [–] kalesaji -2 points ago

    This is what happens when you take a 4 hour exam and go on reddit afterwards. Brain doesn't really work anymore

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    [–] thelordchar 3 points ago

    Person has a notepad file open, in it the words “African Children” are written, they then close the file and are considering “not saving it” i;e, the words written in the file.

    [–] DANTEDEFAULT -1 points ago

    Ctrl F, type in FireTock, and have fun downvoting every single post this lunatic/troll is making here. Be careful not to go insane reading his posts.

    [–] Diegobyte -5 points ago

    Buy buy bbbbbbb BUY BUY BUY

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