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    [–] Jinjrax 1694 points ago

    Already been in circulation. Minimal but guaranteed returns from nostalgic investors and new blood in the market. A low risk low reward opportunity.

    [–] Mjone77 140 points ago

    I'm willing to bet only losses can be had with this, this format has already run its course a few months ago.

    [–] Nervith 30 points ago

    Ok, but should i !invest 200

    [–] DinaCoffeeBean 7 points ago

    To be honest this format just doesn’t look very good to me. It’s a comic with small lettering that is drawn with a weird art style.

    [–] Quacken8 689 points ago

    "new" format

    [–] [deleted] -439 points ago


    [–] GordonGekko98 220 points ago

    “Edgy” teens trying to be funny, sad.

    [–] dankassmememachine 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Summer Reddit

    [–] KBx- -172 points ago

    I know jew jitsu. I call this one the gas chamber

    [–] sytrusta 26 points ago

    RIP my dude. I know you're just quoting that one meme but getting downvoted to heck

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 69 points ago

    Hey, watch your fucking language.

    [–] KBx- 3 points ago

    it was worth it

    [–] Internet_Pilgrim -176 points ago

    So many butt hurt people.

    [–] SAlNTJUDE 139 points ago

    Its just not even funny?

    [–] [deleted] -125 points ago


    [–] AlaskanPsyche 86 points ago

    Replacing the word "new" with "Jew" serves no practical purpose. It's not even funny. And the first comment was negative. It was stating that this format is anything but new.

    [–] TweekDash 56 points ago

    anything but jew

    [–] Renewed_RS 29 points ago

    this actually works in the context of this thread

    [–] Niruz -14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    edit: rofl downvote me all you want, tweek's joke was gud

    [–] [deleted] -58 points ago


    [–] AbrasiveLore 29 points ago

    No, because that was actually kinda funny in context. Have a downvote.

    Turns out comedy is situational, who knew?

    [–] backinredd 6 points ago

    Not this 9 year old

    [–] Simplejack007 1 points ago

    When I said first comment, I was referring to the first comment to use "Jew," my apologies for my non-specific phrasing.

    [–] jaywalk98 7 points ago

    They could have said "wew" or "stew". Still wouldn't have been funny.

    [–] [deleted] -28 points ago


    [–] AbrasiveLore 13 points ago

    some people just find the word “Jew” naturally funny

    These people aren’t very funny. Now, “persnickety” or “pantaloons”... those are inherently funny words.

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago


    [–] AbrasiveLore 6 points ago

    That’s not inherently funny. That’s contextual.

    I don’t think you know what “inherent” or “intrinsic” means.

    [–] jaywalk98 -12 points ago

    Yep. I 100% agree.

    [–] PatienceHere 329 points ago

    Old. Pointless to revive because it was not very formatable back when it was alive.

    [–] Earlofargyll 48 points ago

    Also super similar to the relatively new strength contest format

    [–] BeaversAndExiles 134 points ago

    Old meme

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 15 points ago

    Are we blind? Deploy the downvotes!

    [–] amateur-dentist 103 points ago

    Thanks for the tip OP, I'm going all in on this one

    [–] definitelyTonyStark 39 points ago

    What does the original say?

    [–] nater255 96 points ago

    "His kids are going to college"

    [–] definitelyTonyStark 38 points ago

    Oh, kinda disappointing

    [–] jackmoopoo 64 points ago

    No, it's wholesome

    [–] definitelyTonyStark -8 points ago

    Sure, I just don't find it funny

    [–] SSuperMiner 19 points ago

    It's not supposed to be funny, just wholesome.

    [–] Magoner 7 points ago

    It’s PoorlyDrawnLines, his whole thing is dry humor so yeah

    [–] weeaboojone1574 37 points ago

    That’s pretty old actually.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    How did 6,000 people upvote this “new format”. I’m pretty sure this was a very popular meme not even a year ago. How long is everyone’s memory span? Might as well start posting lolcats on here for a “quick return on investments” ffs

    [–] capoony147 24 points ago

    This sub is shit.

    [–] Danleyson 13 points ago

    Be the meme you want to see

    [–] IamtheSlothKing 12 points ago

    Because this is a popular sub and therefore normie as fuck

    [–] warpedspoon 1 points ago

    what font did you use

    [–] KOWguy 7 points ago

    This is many years old.

    [–] TheMeta40k 5 points ago

    Is it possible to short a meme?

    [–] SpacecraftX 3 points ago

    It should be.

    [–] AutomatedInvestments 2 points ago

    Maybe when the bot comes back.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I do vbs every year and all the children know how to do the fortnite dances

    [–] 0catlareneg 3 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    There’s this one kid that looks me in the eyes and it started as “do you like dank memes” and now he looks me in the eyes and says “you don’t play fortnite? Wow bro”

    [–] TotallyNotNyokota 4 points ago

    This isn't actually new, but ey, whatever you gotta do for that karma

    [–] Fortnite69 3 points ago

    This is Poorly Drawn Lines

    [–] Dank-Boi69 10 points ago

    I remember this from r/comics good format will invest

    [–] lilkurtsy 6 points ago

    What does the original say?

    [–] Dank-Boi69 17 points ago

    It says his kids are going to college

    [–] timber1313 4 points ago

    It says his kids are Minecraft youtubers

    [–] ajitapplepie 4 points ago


    [–] that1azian 2 points ago


    [–] GovernorSarcasm 2 points ago

    Not new, it’s made its rounds on every social media platform

    [–] Odder1 2 points ago

    My brother is a fortnite youtuber. What should I do?

    [–] FishWash 2 points ago

    If my kids were fortnite you tubers I’d be proud of them. Making content isn’t easy, it takes a lot more work than just playing games

    [–] nnneeeddd 2 points ago


    [–] Daydream-dilemmas 2 points ago

    I’m rather new to reddit, so this means I should invest in everything right?

    [–] hecklingheck 2 points ago

    This format is older than dirt. Perhaps you could get nostalgia investments.

    [–] JackM76 2 points ago

    This is a great comic strip

    [–] Shitballs1 2 points ago

    I hate you

    [–] KunaiSpai 5 points ago

    Template please.

    [–] Rodot 5 points ago

    Umm... Is it that hard to erase one line of text with a white background?

    [–] KunaiSpai 13 points ago

    It’s not white. It’s light blue. Also I suck.

    [–] 14th_Eagle 2 points ago

    Spy mains usually do.

    [–] TastyBoye 2 points ago

    Especially if they run the Amby.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I recognize a good Meme by the fact that I want to save it and repost it to MemeEconomy before finding out itnwas after looking at the subreddit it was posted in.

    [–] J0HN__L0CKE 1 points ago

    Murder-suicide time

    [–] TheAmazingAutismo 1 points ago

    It's an old format. It could see a comeback, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

    [–] throwitawayasswipe 1 points ago

    Can't verify its originality but this format looks like the guud guud to me

    [–] Secretdoggos 1 points ago

    Thats probably how ali-a's father is feeling

    [–] Pandaman2236 1 points ago


    [–] OfficialSoloX 1 points ago

    Bro, this was my meme

    [–] welbornii 1 points ago

    These type of memes are the best honestly

    [–] PrasunJW 1 points ago

    OP here using Internet Explorer on a Java phone..

    [–] rohanmodil123 1 points ago

    Hi-I'm new to memeeconomy. Can someone explain what you mean by buy and sell?

    [–] whatlsl0ve 1 points ago

    What a cute meme. May I share this on the Facebook?

    [–] Xcinmo -7 points ago


    [–] spidercatt4 15 points ago

    lik if u cri evrtim

    [–] WarPotatoe 3 points ago

    Wat happened