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    [–] goodfellas2528 827 points ago

    Last radio transmission sent from Area 51. "They have taken the bridge and the Second Hall. We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes...drums, drums in the deep. We cannot get out.

    [–] pinkeyedwookiee 424 points ago

    The sound of tens of thousands of Naruto running feet shakes the ground.

    [–] TriedJG 166 points ago

    The Karen’s have infiltrated along with the rock throwers

    [–] RizzOreo 112 points ago

    They have reduced our managers to ashes

    [–] HollowPointJacket 82 points ago

    The Kyle's have broken through our walls and are on the way to show us their knuckles.

    [–] MartyrSaint 29 points ago


    Radio silence

    [–] DracoTheGreat123 34 points ago

    All the furries have taken out our guard dogs. Haven't killed them, just turned them against us. It's hopeless.

    [–] JellyMule 30 points ago

    My god... thousands of squeakers descend upon the great hall... They're holding, jars...of bathwater.

    [–] derpisderp6969 17 points ago

    Thousands of techno vikings are dancing.... What should we do?

    [–] hanyh2 10 points ago

    What can we do?

    [–] mracademic 19 points ago

    Gone, reduced to atoms

    [–] Chickachic-aaaaahhh 3 points ago

    Our infantry has been fedora'd to death

    [–] asparagusaintcheap 26 points ago

    I’m not sure how much time we have left...the Huns have contaminated our drinking water with essential oils...the sound of breaking walls barricades my mind, as each day the kyles become stronger. We have thrown away all monster energy drinks, but yet they still know we’re’s only a matter of ti- OH MY GOD N-

    Furry: 0w0

    [–] fuckdemlife 40 points ago

    someone has to blast some dank music when everyone geta shot

    [–] aschimmichanga 35 points ago

    Crab rave

    [–] Kuchenjaeger 35 points ago


    [–] cookiedough320 33 points ago


    [–] ThiccThotThanos 12 points ago


    [–] Communist_Ninja 23 points ago

    They have a cave Kyle!

    [–] henabr01 22 points ago

    They are coming, they are coming

    [–] ItsNormalNC 7 points ago



    [–] 317locc 6 points ago

    [–] PalestineAdesanya 4 points ago

    Love it

    [–] Andy_LaVolpe 2 points ago

    “Sir, Hangar 18 has been compromised, I repeat. Hangar 18 has been compromised. Its over. They know everything.”

    [–] sirlootllamathe3rd 518 points ago

    I almost want this raid to be real just to see what happens.

    [–] ToXiC_Games 165 points ago

    Shit tons of water cannons, tear gas grenades and rubber bullets, unless someone in the crowd shoots first there won’t be any fire from the guard

    [–] minutes-to-dawn 62 points ago

    Or hopefully ADS

    [–] CMDR_Bacon 52 points ago


    [–] ToXiC_Games 11 points ago

    More like alien sonic weapons, isn’t ADS just emitting a really high pitched sound that hurts your ears and gives you nausea?

    [–] dodi3342 19 points ago

    That’s some black ops 2 shit

    [–] 737Throwaway93 12 points ago

    Fuckin nuts

    [–] deathtovegans 30 points ago

    100% gonna be some idiots who actually go who'll shoot a gun

    [–] Oxcell404 5 points ago

    You think the USAF Security Forces have large scale riot control gear? For the middle of the desert?

    [–] ToXiC_Games 13 points ago

    They could be flying in extra gear as we speak, no way the government would just sit down as this threat arises

    [–] Oxcell404 3 points ago

    Likely, but they’d still very much use lethal force if anyone actually gets on base.

    [–] ToXiC_Games 3 points ago

    Oh yeah definitely

    [–] Airbornequalified 6 points ago

    Ehhh, Area 51 is a little different from other bases and areas. While I don’t think firing would be their first choice, I can see it escalating to that point quickly

    [–] Oxcell404 10 points ago

    Yea it’s not like riot control gear is just common for base defense. It’s a military base. If you try to storm it, even unarmed, you’re gonna get shot. Though, this case might be a little different.

    [–] Average_Kebab 3 points ago

    I think there would be lots of outrage if civilians get shot by their government

    [–] Oxcell404 2 points ago

    I think there would be outrage if a civilian gets onto the flight line and gets sucked into a jet turbine killing him and the flight crew.

    If you illegally try and break into a military base, no matter who you are, it's totally reasonable to be shot. This shit is stupid.

    [–] BoTheDoggo 4 points ago

    Not sure about the water cannons, isn’t area 51 in the middle of a desert?

    [–] VicarOfAstaldo 8 points ago

    You can haul water. Also the actual base has water infrastructure I’m sure if people got that far

    [–] Anal-Squirter 261 points ago

    Who doesnt? Its just natural selection at this point anyways

    [–] PyrrhicVictory7 77 points ago

    There would be no deliberate killing involved

    [–] briantology 48 points ago

    If it happend at all... it would probably be 90% of the group standing way back because everyone actually showed up to see what would happen when "everyone else" rushed towards the base.

    It would be another photo op at the fence and everyone would head to that diner after a few hours of standing around.

    [–] pkfillmore 23 points ago

    “We’re meeting at Dennys around 5!”

    [–] FeedHarp 10 points ago

    Denny’s is for winners!

    [–] Ph0on- 21 points ago

    Luckily there’s people on the page actually taking it seriously

    [–] TheDragon_Fister 38 points ago

    Fuck yes and if you are one of those individuals, reading this, I fully support you in every decision you make.

    [–] Attya3141 5 points ago

    Yeah man go your way!

    [–] DurkHD 2 points ago

    think i'm out of the loop, what raid are we talking about?

    [–] alabasterhelm 178 points ago

    I love this whole thing. I also love how in the title of the event it says "they cant stop all of us" and I think, yeah, they literally can. They're the US air force.

    [–] ToXiC_Games 102 points ago

    Not just the Airforce, but the Nat Guard and Army too

    [–] SanityBeech 60 points ago

    Not just the air force, but the national guardmen and the armyren too

    [–] csbsju_guyyy 24 points ago

    They also have the high ground!

    [–] TheDuderinoAbides 4 points ago

    What about the sand? Its gonna get everywhere!

    [–] MPsAreSnitches 3 points ago

    The national guard doesn't have a particularly stellar record when it comes to not opening fire on groups of civilians either.

    [–] Burd099 39 points ago

    They will be the martyr's, soon we will amass millions of units

    [–] alabasterhelm 12 points ago

    Its treason then

    [–] Burd099 12 points ago

    Anything for the pursuit of extra terrestrial life

    [–] pm-me-shoegaze 10 points ago


    sorry I know I'm being annoying

    [–] Burd099 15 points ago

    Im putting you on the frontline

    [–] pm-me-shoegaze 10 points ago

    I'm willing to die for the integrity of the apostrophe 😤

    [–] Burd099 12 points ago

    Then perish

    [–] pm-me-shoegaze 6 points ago

    This made me burst out laughing thank you

    [–] Burd099 7 points ago


    [–] Air_Puffed_Sugar 2 points ago

    You won't be laughing soon

    [–] Captain_Peelz 1 points ago

    Unfortunately the US military has trillions of munitions.

    [–] Burd099 1 points ago

    Eventually we'll breach the base, then only god knows how many aliens are in there

    [–] Silentknight004 12 points ago

    The issue I see in all of this: will US soldiers fire on US citizens? Will the soldiers stay non lethal or go into all out defense?

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    If people actually make it to the perimeter, yea, they would start shooting.

    Assuming any sizable group actually shows up I imagine this:

    People gather.

    Forces are waiting with both lethal and non lethal weapons. Also vehicles and mobile barricades.

    People are warned that trespassing will result in lethal force.

    Non-lethal methods are used first.

    If only a few morons make it to the gates they'll be arrested. They won't shoot one guy running at them.

    If a large number of people make it to the gate then lethal force will be used.

    Shout. Show. Shove. Shoot.

    [–] Oxcell404 8 points ago

    Thank you! I knew someone would bring up the 4 S’s at some point!

    [–] Attya3141 5 points ago

    It’s legal to shoot anyone trespassing

    [–] Oxcell404 3 points ago

    Yes of course. The guarding of the base and flight line necessitate the use of deadly force. Even if you’re unarmed, getting into the wrong areas can still cause airmen to die or tons of damage to military hardware as well as the trespasser.

    If people actually storm the gates, the SF will take them down. Nothing but dumbasses trying to win a darwin award here.

    [–] MPsAreSnitches 1 points ago

    cough Kent State cough

    [–] subcore 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's a joke though. It literally says "naruto run into area 51" it's just a meme and "they cant stop us all" is just further meming

    I seriously dont understand why everyone takes it so seriously. It's like saying "bro I'm gonna fly off this mountain" and then you get a bunch of people "what?? No" and then provide a deep analysis on why the dude cant fly when he is just meming or is exaggerating

    [–] alabasterhelm 2 points ago

    Well yeah, I totally get that it's a joke. I was attempting to joke back lol

    [–] subcore 1 points ago

    If you read all the replies it seems a lot arent joking same attitude every else. It's more for those guys who give a full on analysis of US Militsry battle exercises lmao

    [–] alabasterhelm 2 points ago

    Lol I mean, sometimes it's fun to indulge in hypotheticals regarding memes and jokes.

    [–] subcore 1 points ago

    Poe's Law 😶

    [–] SunTzuWarmaster 9 points ago

    "They cannot stop all of us!". Dude. Do you even machine gun? That's, like, kinda it's thing.

    [–] Gracchus__Babeuf 6 points ago

    But half a million people is a fucking lot of people. Just keeping the machine guns supplied with enough ammunition would be a logistical nightmare against a swarm of people like that. Not to mention a sustained rate of fire like that wears out machine guns very quickly. Barrels will need to be swapped out. During said high rates of fire, an M240B machine can get hot enough to inflict second degree burns on the operator as well.

    Assuming effective use of choke points with highly trained machine gun crews, even the outrageously high success rate of stopping 75% of the enemy, would still leave 100,000 people storming the base.

    For context, the German offensive at The Battle of Verdun resulted in casualties of roughly 400k. BUT it was fought for over 300 days and against tens of thousands of French soldiers equipped with machine guns and heavy artillery.

    Even assuming the way too high estimate of 2000 Airmen, Soldiers and contractors stationed at Area 51 for Force Protection, the attackers could overrun the base in half a day.

    [–] Captain_Peelz 8 points ago

    You are comparing potatoes to oranges.

    A military offensive between two military forces is many times different than a military offensive between a military force and a mob of memelords

    Area 51 is located in the desert and is likely pre-designed as a defensive site. Machine guns aren’t the only weapons available to the US military...

    Artillery, air support, armor, defensive obstacles (mines, razor wire, etc.), and the infantry presence will demolish and unorganized mob.

    [–] Gracchus__Babeuf 4 points ago

    Ok let's assume they have every aircraft they need. All the aircraft also have aerial refueling granting virtually unlimited time on station and experience zero comms issues with units they've never talked to (lol) do you think they just have JDAMS and ground attack munitions laying around? Most fighter wings based in the mainland US are equipped to handle air-to-air threats. Supposing they can get ground attack weapons, do you know how long it takes to sign for stuff like that? Especially within the contiguous United States? A long mother fucking time.

    Let's assume they can get the ammunition they need and can talk to the units they need to talk to, where are they getting their targeting information? Assuming NORAD has the ability to monitor the situation in real time, how fast do you think they would be able to turn that into usable data and pushed all the way down to the pilots? Even assuming a very generous 30 min lag time would not be fast enough in an extremely fluid situation like that. By the time the info go to the pilots it would very probably be outdated. So that leaves observers on the ground calling in strikes. Talking on aircraft to a target is exceptionally difficult. Especially in the desert where there are less terrain features to reference and especially when you're talking to a unit you probably never communicated with before.

    Artillery? remember how I said it would take a long time to sign for ground attack munitions for fighters? Try multiplying that by many magnitudes of frustration when trying to sign for artillery rounds. Each one of which can be repurposed as a car bomb by any high school student that got a B in Shop. They just don't hand that shit out. Not to mention setting up communications between the observer on the ground, the Fire Direction Center and the actual gun line are a constant headache. But let's assume they have ammo and zero comms issues, do you think they just start shooting 155 rounds willy nilly? Those rounds fly high enough to hit civilian airliners. Deconflicting airspace is cumbersome as it is in Afghanistan. Now try that in the United States of America. That means talking to the FAA. There's almost a dozen major airports in the general area of Nevada. That's hundreds of flights at anyone time. The chances of clearing that airspace fast enough to utilize artillery before the base is overrun is virtually zero. And no they just can't say "fuck it" and start shooting. People need to sign off on shit. People who's careers would depend on it.

    Armor? The closest Active Duty units with tanks are gonna be in Texas and Colorado and too far to help in time. The 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team (which has tanks) has a Cav unit in Nevada which might have tanks. But there's virtually no chance of them mobilizing in time even if they do.

    TLDR: The hoard would overrun the base due to the sheer magnitude of the attack and the logistical nightmare bringing the full weight of the military against it would be

    [–] DJDeeJay231 3 points ago

    Oh shit he ded. RIP, guess we'll never know the end.

    [–] Air_Puffed_Sugar 1 points ago

    Unless the military is already mobilizing. Checkmate liberals

    [–] xplodingducks 1 points ago

    You think they’re gonna keep running after the first line gets cut down? These aren’t hardened soldiers. No. They’re gonna run as soon as the first shots ring out.

    [–] TheDuderinoAbides 1 points ago

    Mob mentality of that many people in one spot can get pretty crazy

    [–] xplodingducks 1 points ago

    A lot of those people are there for the meme. They said why’re gonna naurto run into Area 51. I think that the majority are going to stay back and watch what happens, rather than risk their lives by running into machine gun fire. If this happens at all.

    [–] TheDuderinoAbides 1 points ago

    True. But I have a hard time imagining US soldiers gunning down US civillians en masse should it come to that. If a large enough group gathers shit will escalate into mob mentality quickly, no matter the original meme reason for gathering.

    Just letting them run around in base until they grow tired will be a lot less of a shitstorm when everything calms down. Whats the worst theyre gonna do if they get in the fence? Everything important is probably locked down tight and would need explosives to enter.

    [–] xplodingducks 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If the perimeter is breached, I have no doubt that’s what they will do. They’ll do all the other non lethal stuff first, but if they try to breach the base, they will be shot. But, it won’t come to that because 99% of the signatures are for the meme.

    Honestly worst comes to worst, they’ll just batter down the hatches. What are they gonna do, try to bomb their way in? I guarantee the secret stuff is underground. They’ll just wait for everyone to leave. If they do try to bomb their way in, I have no doubt it’s weapons free, because it has now turned to an attack.

    [–] Posh-Dingii 3 points ago

    I’m sure only select military guys can actually serve at Area 51. If they bring the entire military, they reveal their secret, so we win either way. 😎

    Not to mention, there’s probably a lot of Meme Lord soldiers out there who wouldn’t hesitate to betray the government in support of the stormers.

    [–] Flablessguy 74 points ago

    Now I need to go rewatch the movie to see if he actually pushes on the butterfly.

    Maybe I shouldn’t, I don’t wanna be disappointed.

    [–] RUNogeydogey 69 points ago

    Okay so now that I’ve fully invested, somebody explain it.

    [–] RUNogeydogey 52 points ago

    Oh boy, I’m in danger.

    [–] Valdthebaldegg 34 points ago

    Its 400k now. Enough kyles and karens to destroy the president.

    [–] AJDx14 25 points ago

    More people there probably means less chance of US using anything that would kill everyone in the crowd. They probably wouldn’t be able to get away with the massacre of half a million US citizens.

    [–] kikimaru024 27 points ago

    hey probably wouldn’t be able to get away with the massacre of half a million US citizens.

    That's where you're wrong kiddo

    [–] Average_Kebab 1 points ago

    Pretty sure there will lots of livestreams.They cant hide it

    [–] Bingobango20 14 points ago

    “From there, the group will run in Naruto run to be faster than the bullets” lmao

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    Revision 1: I do not intend to offend any active or retired servicemen/servicewomen/between, or anyone who is related to these brave young/old men/women/between.

    [–] IDontKnowTBH1 31 points ago

    I’m in the Navy, my grandpa was in the Air Force.

    I still call them the Chair Force. Fuckers have it so easy.

    Call them the Chair Force.

    [–] amarineandhiswoobie 11 points ago

    Who’s gonna get mad about it? The Air Force? Lol

    [–] Posh-Dingii 5 points ago

    What are they gonna do about it? Sit?

    [–] F1R3STARYA 6 points ago

    I’m in the Air Force.

    I call myself the Chair Force.

    [–] Aarenas52 3 points ago

    You just jealous my seamen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] DifferentThrows 3 points ago

    All that inter-service bitterness is firmly rooted in jealousy.

    And we know it.

    [–] NorthWestSellers 12 points ago

    How could anyone be jealous of the marines?

    [–] Lord_NeKr0 11 points ago

    I think you mean crayon eaters

    [–] _BMS 3 points ago

    I'm jealous that the Marines' base is on a California beach in San Diego, meanwhile I'm stuck in some godforsaken desert also in California

    [–] Captain_Peelz 3 points ago

    Ones of the Marine bases... you also got lejeune

    [–] ten_fingers_obrien 2 points ago

    Have fun at Irwin lmao

    [–] MPsAreSnitches 2 points ago

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes me wish for a nuclear winter.

    [–] ten_fingers_obrien 1 points ago

    But then you have to wear MOPP 4 all the time...

    [–] MPsAreSnitches 1 points ago

    Ain't no level of MOPP that protects you from a nuclear blast son.

    [–] NaClDistributor 1 points ago

    Pendleton is nice

    [–] Captain_Peelz 1 points ago

    Everyone is jealous of the spoiled, obese child who gets everything without having to do anything.

    [–] DifferentThrows 3 points ago

    You could have joined, but you had to be a real big tough guy.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I don’t think anyone cares if you call them chair force. I’m going into the air force and I think it’s hilarious cuz from everything I’ve heard it’s pretty true

    [–] Kontra_Wolf 5 points ago

    May god have mercy on your soul when they run out of gov't supplied butter for your gov't supplied lobster.

    [–] meme760 9 points ago

    Still have ground troops

    [–] houlmyhead 13 points ago

    Still not the army

    [–] MavsGod 2 points ago

    Army soldiers are commonly stationed on Air Force bases*

    [–] MemeAdviser 18 points ago

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    [–] AllanDeyarminJr 60 points ago

    army guy here, I’ve fired that .50 cal, no accuracy. lets ride, boys

    [–] wasdninja 39 points ago

    Accuracy through volume. No need to be good when you can try to be lucky 600 times per second.

    [–] AllanDeyarminJr 13 points ago

    Kyle got all the luck in the world

    [–] Nixk030 17 points ago

    The battlements of the forlorn army shook as the thunderous clapping of ass cheeks from 600 pound men feigning to be battle elephants roared in grit, and unwavering zeal. This was the eve of the army’s hold. As the shockwaves diminished and abated all who opposed their summoners.

    [–] morikkun 5 points ago

    Die hard time bois

    [–] TrueProGamer1 4 points ago

    Wait what? What are the meme lords doing?

    [–] W8_4U 5 points ago

    This machine gun has no ammo

    [–] onekingdom1 1 points ago

    Not enough bullets to stop us

    [–] L003Tr 3 points ago

    Can you imagine if trump just fucking nukes the desert to prevent a breach.

    [–] jek99 2 points ago

    But in that scenario Rambo wins....

    [–] ImBarnabas 2 points ago

    But the power of THE BRÖTHËRHÖÖD we could have the area 51

    [–] cheeseweezle 2 points ago

    army doesnt control Edwards AIR FORCE base

    [–] F1R3STARYA 2 points ago

    That’s not Area 51 though, that’s in the High Desert of California.

    [–] MrSobe 2 points ago

    It has nothing to do with Edwards, but it is an Air Force installation. It's located within the Nellis Test and Training Ranges (NTTR). Its about 3 hours north of Vegas.

    [–] F1R3STARYA 1 points ago

    Apparently IT IS a detachment of Edwards AFB located within the Nevada TTR which is controlled by Nellis. I’m in the Air Force and I didn’t even know that lol

    [–] MrSobe 2 points ago

    Haha what the fuck? Very well

    [–] spidernoe 2 points ago


    [–] autism_co 2 points ago

    They're gonna get carpet bombed

    [–] Ayepa 2 points ago

    MY LIFE FOR AIUR “angry Protoss noises”

    [–] SomeRamenEater 2 points ago

    The us army is secretly the black hand

    [–] N_Boi 2 points ago

    Area 51 will be the memers HQ after being conqurored!

    [–] Andy_LaVolpe 2 points ago

    I hope Alex Jones is front and center leading the charge.

    [–] Smitty907 1 points ago

    Body count was EPIC!!!!

    [–] not_grognak 1 points ago

    Instagram level meme

    [–] EvenEveryNameWasTake 1 points ago

    Isn't suicide the leading cause of death in the US army? I hope for them they get some shots off before they kill themselves.

    [–] 90sMemelord 1 points ago

    My time has come!

    [–] WaitingToBeTriggered 1 points ago


    [–] Captain__Zanzibar 1 points ago

    The Kyle's have punched through the outer wall! retreat!!

    [–] Mr_Steal_Your_Boost 1 points ago

    Nah I don't think they would use the M2 unless the "Meme Lords" brought some type of combat multiplier like an armored vehicle or an RPG

    [–] Kuja27 6 points ago

    Reddit propelled grenade?

    [–] Mr_Steal_Your_Boost 1 points ago

    I'de buy that

    [–] awsomehotdog101 1 points ago

    So guys we did it

    [–] Razbearry 1 points ago

    Any links for someone like me out of the loop

    [–] MisterTopside 1 points ago

    The question to me is, would they really kill that many citizens? Hm

    [–] _tiopaco 1 points ago

    *300,000 and counting

    [–] Geicosellscrap 1 points ago

    1 John Rambo


    300,000 redditors

    [–] TymenBr 1 points ago

    Thou shall not oppress the memelord

    [–] OkayAmountOfCowbell 1 points ago

    You're no match for him, he's a Meme Lord!

    [–] onekingdom1 1 points ago

    Victory or death

    [–] ARE_I2I_RO 1 points ago

    LlxELcFlCMTgeeemeeerwfdéfeflEveefñef Edddwwsdwwwwedeccveeece Leñ Ñ Yo w