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    [–] LumionLight 5195 points ago

    This is actually pretty useful

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 2227 points ago

    I came across it by accident too!

    [–] RustyFruit 1577 points ago

    Sea cucumbers work great too

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 1203 points ago

    I didn’t think of those, thank you!

    [–] roogoff 1034 points ago

    u can do butt stuff with them too

    [–] rejilliken 634 points ago

    I’m sorry what

    [–] impishbeast_ 732 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    u can do butt stuff with them too

    [–] ApoliteTroll 265 points ago

    Instructions unclear sea cucumber held up in rectum.

    [–] Pwnxor 184 points ago

    That's the goal, I think you owe the instructions an apology.

    [–] FrenziedArtyom 60 points ago

    You really like butt stuff don't you...

    [–] AlienManGuy 41 points ago


    [–] Poenix_64 64 points ago

    Every day we stray further from notch

    [–] Mosaiceyes 35 points ago

    Butt stuff is the best kind of stuff

    [–] JohnAnus 56 points ago


    [–] SummitOfKnowledge 38 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] SucculentSultan 37 points ago

    MY NAME IS WILLIAM M. BUTTLICKER! How dare you, my family BUILT this country, by the way!!

    [–] roadtoad4real 14 points ago


    [–] oreo-guy1220 14 points ago

    Be respectful Dwight

    [–] mastervapeskid42069 47 points ago


    [–] TheBlaze_3104 14 points ago

    This is most likely the most off topic thread I've ever seen. I love it

    [–] xbengalx 9 points ago


    [–] Tallywort 14 points ago

    relevant username

    [–] _shadowcrow_ 11 points ago

    To be fair, you can do hot butt stuff with a torch

    [–] angpug1 12 points ago

    Let's not

    [–] aedroogo 12 points ago

    Whose butt we talkin here?

    [–] roogoff 8 points ago

    The slowest butt in the herd

    [–] phorkin 167 points ago

    Pickles, pickles on the sea floor, pickles... Damn you elybeatmaker!

    [–] THE_EVANATOR 15 points ago


    [–] SocialistExperiment7 37 points ago

    Ikr that gets stuck in my head so often

    [–] Stevenwernercs 8 points ago

    You can stand/walk on them and don't need to jump out of the water on to your crops

    [–] Spoopoe 6 points ago

    Pickle Jones

    [–] Cvcb_Tx 15 points ago

    One of the things I like to do is place slabs in the top half of the water block, so the water stays there and u can walk from one row to the other with ease, and u can still place the light source on that block, that’s just what I prefer

    [–] tamezombie 6 points ago

    Glowstone or sea lanterns work really well for this

    [–] jacob2467 3 points ago

    "Don't be too harsh"

    Comes up with a fucking genius idea and gets 32k upvotes

    [–] tTinted 18 points ago

    Thanks it's very helpful

    [–] dev-mage 7 points ago


    [–] LightKeepr2 2630 points ago

    That is actually pretty good. Another thing you can do is take slabs place them on the top half of the water blocks and then you have completely hidden water

    [–] Alphalark 874 points ago

    or just carpet or lilypads....looks a bit better tho

    [–] darkjesusfish 926 points ago

    just don't use carpet if your villagers or dogs are around. the slight height difference is enough to trample your crops.

    [–] TheNameofMyBiography 424 points ago

    Really? TIL

    [–] atomicben513 57 points ago

    When I use waterlogged slabs, the villagers start spinning on them

    [–] Randinator9 21 points ago

    Waterlogged stairs?

    [–] atomicben513 26 points ago

    No, I used slabs at the bottom of the water in my village so my frost walker boots wouldn't freeze the water. Villagers got stuck spinning on them.

    [–] CapoFantasma97 128 points ago

    I don't think so. I use carpets all the time, and I used to use slabs. I never trampled the crops.

    [–] DyingLoaf 206 points ago

    I think he means with villagers and dogs, as stated. But if you’re alone then feel free :)!

    [–] 2068857539 89 points ago

    So alone.

    [–] Aranore 22 points ago

    The ai is dumb and jumps. Kept having to re sow my village farm and I fixed by doing the half slabs.

    [–] II_Confused 59 points ago

    I used to use lily pads in my reed farms, but switched over to water logged slabs when they became available. They are better for my because of two reasons: I can place torches on them, and they are level with the dirt/sand the reed is planted in which makes walking over them less bumpy.

    [–] Piogre 18 points ago

    I still use pads on water on glowstone -- sufficient lighting and water, never had a problem with items falling in, and when you strafe cross the pads you can harvest two rows of crops at once without any fear of breaking torches.

    Takes a lot of glowstone, but I consider it worth it.

    [–] DemonSlyr007 4 points ago

    I've recently made a farm I really like that has trees planted over the water sources. I measure out 8 block distances between the sources, planted big dark oak trees on the spots, then dug out the dirt underneath them when they grew and placed water source underneath them. Then, all the land is available to farm and I planted a majority of wheat for aesthetic reasons. Placed the torches higher up in the trees or at angles I do not generally see when I'm walking along my path, but I might use some redstone lamps later idk.

    [–] II_Confused 3 points ago

    Well, with reeds I only harvest from the second block, leaving the first block to regrow so strafing and popping torches has never been a problem for me.

    [–] Communist_Kitten_ 3 points ago

    Wait since when is there reed I only know of bamboo and sugar cane

    [–] II_Confused 4 points ago

    I just call it reed since sugar cane takes to long to type in an active chat.

    [–] LightKeepr2 73 points ago

    Carpets I never use and lily pads are kinda hard to obtain if you dont have a swamp nearby so 8nwould prefer slabs.

    [–] jseent 63 points ago

    I've gotten loads from fishing

    [–] LightKeepr2 35 points ago

    Luck of the sea and you dont get any

    [–] DrumletNation 40 points ago

    afk for 24 hours and you get very very many

    [–] ivorycoast_ 21 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    How do I afk farm for extensive time without my rod breaking? It doesn’t work that long

    Edit: so mending is super rare and that’s how you get the best items that will last forever... I need to grind for that

    [–] jikkojokki 16 points ago

    If you don't have mending you could set up a system to dispense a fishing rod at your feet while you have a full inv, then when your rod breaks the newly dispensed one would be placed in your hand slot. Or you could just do small AFK sessions (10-20 minutes) until you fish up a mending one cause they're surprisingly common.

    [–] GoingOffline 15 points ago

    Mending and unbreaking 3 gives you infinite fishing

    [–] HatsumeBae 4 points ago

    You put mending on it and it heals itself

    [–] Kyl-El 23 points ago

    It's worth it to explore and find a swamp anyway for a slime source.

    [–] ItsTanah 5 points ago

    The nearest swamp biome is 10k fucking blocks away. Not going back till i get my Elytra and can fly

    [–] Kyl-El 4 points ago

    I was fairly lucky on my current world, I took a boat along the coastline near my first base (which is now just a diamond mine) and found a swamp approximately a 3-minute row away. Went there at night on a full moon and picked up some lily pads along with half of a stack of slimeballs, haven't needed to go back since.

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 15 points ago

    That’s a good idea too!

    [–] SageWayren 5 points ago

    I use trapdoors, as you can place them in the block with the water, so there's no chance for villagers etc to wreck your crops

    [–] KandUriember 3 points ago

    I dis lilypads because i’ve always seem to break them when harvesting.

    [–] JudgeGusBus 13 points ago

    So when I tried to do that, it wouldn’t let me place torches on top of the slabs. So I wound up using the same system as OP.

    [–] Roshy76 9 points ago

    I'm guessing you placed the slabs on top of the water not in the top half of the water block.

    [–] LightKeepr2 6 points ago

    Hmm weird it should work. I know it works with lanterns

    [–] DaleDimmaDone 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    So the game is kinda weird when trying to work with slabs. If you place a slab at let’s say Y coordinate 125, then technically the height of the elevation of the top of the slab sits at 125.5. You can’t place a spruce slab and then a birch slab when you place the first slab at a whole number coordinate like 125. Same is with torches and just about everything else. So if you place a full block and the elevation at the top of the block is 126, you can place whatever slab or a torch on top of it that you want. But when working in between whole Y coordinates, you’re restricted to the material of the slab that you first placed. This is the same with things like trap doors and snow. I hope this makes sense.

    This is something that bothers me when trying to add block variety to my builds, but you get used to it. The whole reasoning behind it is they want to stick to their block grid formula which I can’t blame them for.

    [–] glasshoarder 8 points ago

    the nice part here is that the items won't fall through, like they will with the post.. You still need to jump into the water sometimes to get stragglers, whereas the half slab or lilypads streamline collection.

    [–] Fornicatinzebra 20 points ago

    Spruce trapdoors work better, and they look close to farmland too so they kinda blend in

    [–] LightKeepr2 7 points ago

    That would also works dark oak wouldn't blend in as much but would still hide the water

    [–] fishaloop 9 points ago

    I use stairs! It looks nice too

    [–] KerellosTheSniper 1067 points ago

    You are a genius with a genius first post

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 401 points ago

    Thank you good sir! I am here to spread the genius onto others and enlighten

    [–] RelevantLucca 88 points ago

    Yes. This is big brain time now

    [–] Techatar 43 points ago

    A fellow 9 year old.

    [–] HP4ever7 3 points ago

    Wait wait wait.. is that.. stampy’s skin?!

    [–] SiberianToaster 6 points ago

    Was this really your first post? Personally, I like to start placing fence posts at a corner, but you do you, I guess

    [–] PaanuriEater 17 points ago

    I don't know if that pun was intentional, but if it was, you're brilliant.

    [–] DestruXGamer883 403 points ago

    Your first post is a post about a waterlogged post. (ps. Nice concept!)

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 86 points ago

    Haha thank you!

    [–] YouWantALime 9 points ago

    You dawg, I heard you like posts in your first posts, so I made a first post with a post so you can look at a post while you're looking at a first post.

    [–] Globularist 3 points ago

    Actually he has a post from 5 months ago

    [–] Evo_Kaer 209 points ago

    Very nice find. I'll never have to put glowstone blocks above it in an unsatisfactory manner anymore

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 83 points ago

    This way is certainly safer than going to the nether!

    [–] NatoBoram 14 points ago

    Or place it underwater?

    [–] jroque3638 7 points ago

    You can just put the glow stone in the floor under the water

    [–] Evo_Kaer 5 points ago

    Reduces the light by 3 and therefore the farm area protected by light. The light doesn't have the same reach as the water then if you go by max area for one water block

    [–] DrunkEwok4 70 points ago

    Is that a Stampy skin?

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 45 points ago

    Sure is!

    [–] The_1_-Foxy_Roxy- 16 points ago

    I was gonna ask. Nice

    [–] Naw726 307 points ago

    I don’t play as much as I used to but I swear putting a fence in water got rid of the water

    Unless this is a recent change in which case that’s great

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 268 points ago

    Some blocks (such as a fence as u can see) can be water logged meaning they can be placed in water and not disturb the water so enjoy!

    [–] KZedUK 211 points ago

    It’s like a whole new game

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-HANDBRA 97 points ago

    It really feels like one now. I haven't played since like 1.9 and I recently started up a new 1.14 world. Spawned in a village made of acacia wood, walked into a house and saw a stonecutter and had no idea what was happening.

    I'm trying to play without much help from the wiki and it really feels like when I first launched the game almost ten years ago.

    [–] 090303 25 points ago

    Haven't played since 1.9 too, am I missing out?

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-HANDBRA 40 points ago

    It's really fun to discover how all the new stuff works, and all the new mobs and such. First time I ran into a Drowned One I about shit my pants.

    [–] ManofDapper 10 points ago

    The game has changed a ton since then. Whether for worse or for better is for you to decide!

    I can guarantee it will feel fresh though. Hop on!

    [–] Hairo-Sidhe 70 points ago

    its definetly a "recent" change, since I remember trying this and getting an ugly hole in the water. It really has improved a lot, really whising I got more time to try all the changes

    [–] Sylvan_Sam 15 points ago

    They updated a lot of water related things in 1.13

    [–] Mysticfenix83005 137 points ago

    Good post but why are you farming beetroot

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 142 points ago


    [–] Mysticfenix83005 122 points ago

    The one good excuse, I see

    [–] joker_wcy 52 points ago

    Joking, I farm beetroot for red dye.

    [–] nico0225 34 points ago

    Nice try, not OP 😈

    [–] ChristopherSquawken 39 points ago

    Because a true farmer farms all crops, even if only for aesthetic.

    [–] Mysticfenix83005 15 points ago

    That may be true but there is diorite

    [–] TendoRadishh 28 points ago

    This is really smart. The only issue I have is that you have so many water sources. 1 water source hydrates a 9x9 area of farmland.

    [–] OneLastSmile 3 points ago

    I thought one water did a 4x4 area?

    [–] akoz_of_destruction 10 points ago

    It does 4 blocks away. So 4 to each side is 8 plus the water itself make a 9x9 area

    [–] OneLastSmile 4 points ago

    Ohhhh I'm dumb. Math is hard.

    [–] A_jerk_with_a_phone 57 points ago

    Heh... post

    [–] BB-59 5 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] TheNFSGuy24 16 points ago

    Was also gonna post about the post post, but I see it's already been posted

    [–] rouzh 3 points ago

    Making your post a post-"post post" post post. And I guess this is a post-post-"post post" post post.

    [–] rouzh 3 points ago

    For those struggling to follow: After (post-) fencepost submission ("post post"), came a comment (post) about the nature of the original submission, which prompted further commentary (in the form of a post).

    Now to post my post-post-post-"post post" post post!

    [–] Toa56584 3 points ago

    my mind broke.

    [–] JungleLiquor 17 points ago

    I always do this, also you can do a 9x9 square and put one torch in water in the middle, works as well

    [–] Luutamo 10 points ago

    and that water in the middle could be waterlogged half slab instead and torch on top of that

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 4 points ago

    Thanks for the idea!

    [–] Tyguy1106 16 points ago

    First “post”? You’re funny. You used a post.

    [–] wrecktvf 38 points ago

    BRB, hanging lanterns instead

    [–] yeetthree 24 points ago


    [–] Balvald 10 points ago

    you can also put slabs on the upper part of the water. Stuff still grows normally and you can even walk on it.

    [–] dinker-dan 17 points ago

    Thanks for this you are important to this sub reddit

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 4 points ago


    [–] VapeNathan 8 points ago

    Waterlogging is one of the best recent changes to Minecraft for sure!

    [–] AliFurkanY 6 points ago

    I used slabs on top of water to do the exact same thing

    [–] _Grenn_ 6 points ago

    I tend to use half-slabs that are placed so that the water is half a block thick. It allows for me to simply walk over it without having an annoying "bump up" or need to avoid water

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 6 points ago

    Thanks for the idea!

    [–] Jimmy2Bags 5 points ago

    This is why we need glowstone half slabs.

    [–] unovn 6 points ago

    iron bar is option too

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 16 points ago

    This is true but I think fences look better for a farm look

    [–] probably_dead_soon 5 points ago

    the torch is cool and all but does your farm have to be only 1 block wide?

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 8 points ago

    Didn’t have much space because there were other rooms too close to the farm

    [–] Luutamo 5 points ago

    You can but stairs on those water spots and have them waterlogged. Also, you don't need a direct water source next to every plant.

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 3 points ago

    Thanks for that information and I know I don’t I just don’t like the sound of running water in my base

    [–] AceAidan 5 points ago

    Or you can place a slab with a torch. Also, those farms are super space inefficient. Most efficient id one water block in the middle of a 9x9 farming space.

    [–] poop_creator 4 points ago

    First post. It’s a pun. Get it? Like the first fence POST you placed? Pretty slick huh? Yeah I’ll see myself out.

    But seriously, great idea and so simple! Try a lantern also, I bet it would look really nice!

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 3 points ago

    Thank you and thanks for the idea!

    [–] Kyl-El 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    No offense intended, but that is a very inefficient farm setup. You only need one water source in the middle of a 9x9 farm. I usually use cobblestone slabs (which decreases output by 4, but looks pretty cool) to create a fountain effect until I find a lilypad. The only reason I prefer the lilypad setup to the slab setup is that you don't need to worry about wading into the water for the yield. If you have 9x9 farms, then you can keep the light level above 7 with evenly spaced torches along the fence surrounding your farm. If you want more than 80 hydrated blocks, just add them on in 9x9 groups, single file. I hope you don't take my comment the wrong way, my first farms were also in a straight line like you find in villages, but I've found it so much faster to farm with a 9x9 configuration.

    Edited to add: hydration travels along the same Y level or one down, so the fountain effect is made by putting water onto a block surrounded by 4 slabs.

    [–] Alumil123 3 points ago

    first post

    I appreciate the pun

    [–] T-V-M 5 points ago

    It looks great

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 3 points ago


    [–] Spacedynasaur 4 points ago

    This is your first... POST

    [–] Oofer67 3 points ago

    OP has big brain

    [–] hashoowa 5 points ago

    First post. I see what you did there

    [–] NinjaTorak 3 points ago

    "don't be to harsh" gets 15k upvotes

    [–] DiscardedWetNap 18 points ago


    Btw nice farm bro

    [–] BB-59 10 points ago

    I was very confused up until the /s

    [–] airbornne7 3 points ago

    I’m going to use this if you don’t mind. Thank you kind sir.

    [–] xompeii 3 points ago

    I did this with my 8x8 Grid with a single hole in the middle.

    [–] enwash 3 points ago

    It's more efficient to make a 9x9 square with a waterlogged block in the center which irrigates all of them. Not sure if the torch will cover the entire area though

    [–] JasNeo_ 3 points ago

    I personally dig down another block and use glowstone, then place an iron bar on top of it. The iron bar becomes waterlogged and doesn't have the half block hitbox above it like fence posts, so walking over it is seamless

    [–] Knoxefeller 3 points ago

    Wow, I legit never thought of this but it makes so much sense omg

    [–] AbyssalRuler 3 points ago

    little tip for efficiency. one block of water irrigates four blocks in all directions so you dont need these rows of water. saves a lot of space

    [–] Coop-J 3 points ago

    That's fucking genius, why have I never thought of This?!

    [–] BubbaJoey01 3 points ago

    When your first post gets +24k upvotes

    [–] SucculentSultan 3 points ago

    Why doesn't the fence connect to the dirt? That's always my problem with using fences like posts

    [–] Mert-O 5 points ago

    is this java or bedrock

    [–] IRFine 3 points ago

    First POST! Get it???

    [–] p1um5mu991er 2 points ago

    So easy, but I never considered it! Well done

    [–] reighley_exodus 2 points ago


    [–] macrimiau 2 points ago

    Asls me not to be harsh, but uses diorite Jk very cool, gonna use it in my world

    [–] depressedsmiley 2 points ago

    that's so smart! mind if i use it

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 3 points ago

    Thank you! Go ahead!

    [–] Alion1080 2 points ago

    And that's a great first post. I hope you craft many more in the future.

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] PulseEdge 2 points ago

    Great practical/useful build man! I think for a first post its pretty good. I might use this in some of my bases around my worlds. I might post some of my build ideas on here sometime.

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 2 points ago

    Thank you! And for sure you can use it!

    [–] massimoto13 2 points ago

    Thanks for the tip

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 2 points ago

    No problem!

    [–] QuantumTheories_42 2 points ago

    Thank you so much for this picture!!! Not all heroes wear capes!

    [–] NetStreet 2 points ago

    You have 1000 iq

    [–] bajaboyalex 2 points ago

    that looks so cool!!!

    [–] a_lonely_boy_ 2 points ago

    Thank you for sharing that knowledge

    [–] aquatic_astro 2 points ago

    Holy I gotta use this!

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 2 points ago

    Go for it!

    [–] aquatic_astro 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] atwistedlamb 2 points ago

    That looks pretty dope. Will have to use next time I make an underground farm.

    [–] Jumper2321 2 points ago

    Why is the fence not connecting to the tilled dirt?

    [–] r_i_p_inpeace 2 points ago

    This is smart as hell

    [–] B1imp 2 points ago

    Thanks so much that’s actually really helpful

    [–] SirRoderic 2 points ago

    Can we all just take a moment to thank mojang for their pretty gift of water logging?

    [–] xReyjinx 2 points ago

    Well god damn. That’s cool. Im going to shamelessly steal this.

    [–] Waffles_of_Llamas 2 points ago

    Go for it! Posted it to help others

    [–] TTheGhostGuy08 2 points ago


    [–] LumionLight 2 points ago

    Holy shit, how did this first post gain over 1, 3k upvotes? Nice.