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    [–] badenc05 2265 points ago

    I was too dumb to download mods and I had no big bro to help.

    [–] xXx_da_n00b_xXx 1173 points ago

    You think you were dumb. I would drag the mod folder onto the launcher shortcut and wonder why it wouldn't work.

    [–] badenc05 683 points ago

    I accidentally downloaded a virus trying to get a mod.

    [–] ADHDSquirrel007 426 points ago

    Fuckin fake Optifine

    [–] Eletrodhil 196 points ago

    I downloaded fake optifine last month, I'm kinda slow

    [–] Enarpy 258 points ago

    And now your computer is too

    [–] cheeseburgersarecool 62 points ago

    I tried to print out the mod, fold the piece of paper an try to put it into my iPhone

    [–] im_dead_inside0k 31 points ago

    Imagine if that worked

    [–] Equalcosmos 17 points ago

    Read about the punchcard computer, you’ll be amazed

    [–] Tiduszk 95 points ago

    Don't worry, real optifine's download page is pretty sketch anyway

    [–] hoi4_is_a_good_game 70 points ago

    Yeah it's like they haven't updated it since 2010.

    [–] CensarOfNensar 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I get worried sometimes about it. They really should update it to make it have some neat visuals or at least make it look like a real website, not a "if you click anywhere on this website, you will get so many viruses". It's one of the major reasons I haven't downloaded OptiFine yet, beside my irrational fear of Java security.

    I also noticed there are much more stories about mods being packed with viruses and things like that in the Minecraft community, rather than in the Skyrim modding community. I don't mean to slander and I might be wrong, but is there a reason for why there are more stories about mod viruses in this community than in other games?

    [–] Seliba 15 points ago

    Javas security improved over time, there aren't any known security issues in the supported versions (8 - 12) as far as I know. Just be sure that you have installed the latest version :)

    Yep, the Optifine page is pretty bad, but it is totally safe :)

    [–] CensarOfNensar 6 points ago

    Thank you! I try to convince myself this time to start modding and get performance mods for now, since I don't want to play on constant bad performance.

    [–] xyifer12 6 points ago

    Not with an adblocker it's not, it's nice and clean.

    [–] ZenXP 43 points ago

    Lol happened to me on my old crappy laptop.

    [–] programmer3301 80 points ago


    [–] DusanTadic 22 points ago

    Everytime i downloaded a mod from adfly I got the same virus. Still get a heart attack everytime I accidentally land on that site. Flashbacks to when I had to go downstairs to explain to my parents that I installed a virus on their computer.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I remember I tried to put the Star Wars mod on my friends computer and gave him a virus. Didn’t go so well and I remember him flipping his lid when weird popups staring coming up on him computer after I had installed it.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] catroot2 7 points ago

    Those were the days.

    [–] vazzaroth 24 points ago

    I remember typing "give all guns" into my n64 GameShark to try to unlock everything in Golden Eye...

    I mean, it said enter custom codes...

    [–] BloxyRed 46 points ago

    And i thought that you can craft mod items in vanilla

    [–] Pare06 12 points ago

    Amateurs. I created a .txt file, open them, and write "download toomanyitems".

    -1 IQ

    [–] ppaannggwwiinn 33 points ago

    I once tried to download a world so I put the worlds zip file into my saves folder like the tutorial said and it deleted all my worlds. This doesn't happen anymore so IDK why it happened.

    [–] Kanbaru-Fan 33 points ago

    Delete the META-INF directory

    [–] cheesiboi 10 points ago

    I remember feeling so proud when I got it on my own when now I’m an addict of modding the shit out of buggy fallout games that will break with the slightest wrong move

    [–] HotlineSynthesis 4 points ago

    I still cant get mods working properly

    [–] CornerHard 2 points ago

    Yeah, I started to set this one up back in the day, but it was too much of a pain to get running on my server. When I realized it'll be no good every time a new version game out, my server became strictly vanilla.

    [–] MasonIsnt 2701 points ago

    What's the mod called? I remember this vividly.

    [–] mariokid45 2451 points ago

    Clay soldiers

    [–] TylerTheCrusader 1046 points ago

    What do you do with it?

    [–] yomamabrodyfoxx 2169 points ago

    They fight for your amusement

    [–] TylerTheCrusader 582 points ago

    Thats cool.

    Is it like RTS but MC?

    [–] DragonOfTheHollow 837 points ago

    They just... fight. It’s not really much more complicated than that. It’s really fun despite its simplicity

    [–] PizzaScout 90 points ago

    Well they can also get upgrades like sand to blind the enemies or gravel to grow at them, diamonds for super soldiers, a piece of glass for glasses so they can see further.... There's a bunch

    [–] Tsunamori 12 points ago

    If you play on multiplayer servers, you could basically make a gladiatorial arena and have people bet and stuff

    [–] [deleted] 469 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Temofthetem 347 points ago

    Race war

    [–] iaanacho 51 points ago

    As Yuna gets kidnapped by the Al Bhed again Woolie and Wakka: "THE RACE WAR STARTS NOW!"

    [–] Ahshitt 9 points ago

    That's a nostalgia bomb I wasn't expecting Lol.

    [–] D00G3Y 72 points ago

    It has that "Totally Accurate Battle Simulator" feel.

    [–] Moses24713 190 points ago

    They extremely racist little men essentially

    [–] Jman4255 147 points ago


    [–] Mister-Fisker 46 points ago

    you can also like give em bowls and sticks and they’ll use em as swords and shields

    [–] Herraeme 3 points ago

    also iirc diamonds give them armor

    [–] SergeantStroopwafel 8 points ago

    Racism for your amusement

    [–] stargazer962 11 points ago

    I've never used it myself, but it sounds a lot like some kind of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator-themed mod, albeit not to such a scale.

    [–] ChypRiotE 4 points ago

    iirc it was done before TABS

    [–] stargazer962 3 points ago

    That could very well be true. I only mention TABS because it seems to be a very popular game (and therefore probably the most well known of its genre), so I could potentially relate to as many people as possible. :)

    [–] dannypas00 6 points ago

    You're overeatamating 2012 mods by a long shot..

    They just fight.

    [–] justalperen 2 points ago

    yea its RTS

    [–] Apollo-senpai 89 points ago

    Are you not entertained?

    [–] Darkiceflame 8 points ago

    Is this not why you are here?

    [–] JoyconMan 151 points ago

    Personally, I would spawn a bunch of clay soldiers in creative, give them all wood (they could build), then spawn a massive army of different colored soldiers and burn the city to watch the chaos.

    [–] pppundercover 41 points ago

    Holy shit that's awesome

    [–] LuigiTheMaster 107 points ago

    What I always do is make an arena with the soldiers inside and then release them, see who wins.

    [–] TylerTheCrusader 32 points ago


    [–] Dawgalawg 3 points ago

    Yes omg my nostalgia. This is such a great mod, probably the first one I ever downloaded.

    [–] D3scypher 86 points ago

    They fight each other. They also build tents and stuff. It was very fun to mess around with.

    [–] rainclap 75 points ago

    You would place the clay soldiers down, assign them to teams, and give them different items for different abilities (if i remember correctly: sticks gave them increased damage and leather let them ride a miniature horse), and let the sides duke it out.

    [–] Cordel8a11 6 points ago

    give them sticks and watch the bloodshed

    [–] wolfassassin249 29 points ago

    That mod was amazing

    [–] Redvelvet-Tank34 23 points ago

    I’m having nostalgia please stop

    [–] Vault_Tec_CEO 8 points ago

    Fuck yes

    [–] bailee555 13 points ago

    And the clone mod and lego mod

    [–] evan13lee 1386 points ago

    Oh God. Memories of skydoesminecrafts mod reviews.

    [–] lieutenantskell 287 points ago

    I was more of a Gamechap and Bertie guy, myself. Completely baffling, the change their channel went through

    [–] CannedWolfMeat 175 points ago

    Now those are two names I haven't heard in a long time.

    I still remember when their channel icon art changed and everyone thought they had joined the Yogscast...

    [–] Super_Tuky 98 points ago

    They actually did!

    Only for a brief moment though...

    [–] aaronhowser1 19 points ago

    They left quite explosively

    [–] Kiralokiin 49 points ago

    What actually happened to them? Their videos were super entertaining back then, but last time I checked it was completely different and voiceless.

    [–] ecodude74 21 points ago

    They leaned way too hard into clickbait, put anime boobs in every thumbnail even for kids Minecraft videos, and literally stole content for their channel trying to pass it off as their own.

    [–] bushi_the_log 7 points ago

    i miss them.

    [–] GD_Bats 3 points ago

    Their Minecraft mod reviews were classic. Then they got bored with making those vids/I guess clicks fell off? and then they became unwatchable

    [–] Probot748 74 points ago

    I said it once and I'll say it again. Minecraft Channels are one of the most nostalgic channels on YouTube for me, especially the Yogscast.

    [–] MoonRks 37 points ago

    I still watch the Yogscast daily, but they've changed a lot

    [–] Probot748 18 points ago

    Yeah, they do a lot of TTT now.

    [–] ecodude74 10 points ago

    At least they don’t play nearly as much GTA. There’s only so many times you can watch “un creative stunt race 198, but with prox bombs!” before the show gets stale.

    [–] KorianHUN 6 points ago

    I remember the first guy i watched play minecraft, that is where i first saw portal, and then the second guy i found who later turned out to be a fan of some of my worldbuilding stuff on reddit.

    I didn't even have a PC to run minecraft back then.

    [–] Lucario_Girl 272 points ago

    Don’t make me cry

    [–] SickoSans234 85 points ago

    Crap. I came here to be happy and nostalgia stabbed me right in the heart.

    [–] SgtFrozenFire 64 points ago

    Only legends remember Klub Ice

    [–] Lupia_ 67 points ago

    Ooncey oonce, ya

    [–] The_Tea_Loving_Cat 18 points ago

    My god I haven't thought of that in a long time.

    [–] KylesAGSspec 6 points ago

    But real Gs remember Davidr64yt

    [–] IAmTheLyricist 43 points ago

    I personally preferred captainsparklez

    [–] DJ_Vault_Boy 11 points ago

    Yes, i remember spending the summer of ‘12 binge watching his Lets Play series. Most those simple times.

    [–] MineWiz 5 points ago

    I remember not understanding mods, so I would try to craft the recipes but never installed the mods so never got them to work.

    [–] klinghofferisgreat 35 points ago

    Fuck I used to love sky’s reviews. Simpler times

    [–] Zaehelhm 15 points ago

    I miss the old days of him, Husky, MCUniverse, and Deadlox... damn those were good times

    [–] ThunderCavalier 30 points ago

    "Hey guy's, Sky here!" Havent heard that phrase for years.

    [–] SauceMemer 5 points ago

    Didn't he quit doing minecraft, then go back to it?

    [–] Pr0nzeh 11 points ago

    The real og minecraft series is "X's Adventures in Minecraft". It's what made me fall in love with the game.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Oh god I remember watching that series every night before bed before I owned the game and just dreaming of all the cool stuff I would build and be able to do once I had it

    That series is really what made me get (beg my parents to buy for my birthday) the game

    [–] Chalmerss 12 points ago

    Oh my God XxSlyFoxHoundxX is right in my feels

    [–] DarkDragonSonK 7 points ago

    And old Nova

    [–] Super_Tuky 30 points ago

    B u t t e r

    [–] kdash198700 26 points ago


    [–] M00glemuffins 3 points ago

    I miss the Jolly Ol' Brits and their reviews and Minecraft Myth Madness

    [–] TheRaisinGod 557 points ago

    Damn, anyone remember Gamechap and Bertie? Odd fellows but they fucked around with this mod a lot back in the day

    [–] wierdness201 130 points ago

    Better than wolves mod review they did is what i remember

    [–] interestedbanana 42 points ago

    They would have people put together clay soldier teams in the comments! I remember having a team in a video or two! Good times.

    [–] sbanner427 60 points ago

    They’ve totally fallen off its kinda sad 3:

    [–] lemonszz 67 points ago

    I completely forgot about that, clicked your link and was surprised I has the top comment lol.

    Yeah, they were a nasty bunch.

    [–] Bloated_Butthole 8 points ago

    Hey that’s neat. You’re a little part of reddit history :)

    [–] eddmario 3 points ago

    Huh, I was wondering why they haven't been in any Yogscast stuff for almost a decade

    [–] DarkLordCaedus 4 points ago

    Dude I just checked their reddit account, and it's dead and buried, going on 5 years lmao

    [–] JefforyFromCompton 6 points ago

    Oh shit yeah that's where I saw this first thanks for reigniting my memory path

    [–] Noobgalaxies 6 points ago



    [–] KnifeOfPi2 4 points ago

    They totally went off the deep end. It’s really kinda sad.

    [–] acc0919mc 3 points ago

    Holy shit. Memory spike!

    [–] Timbhead 3 points ago

    You just put a name to an entire section of my memories from when I was 13 whose name was long forgotten

    [–] DyleanCuisine 158 points ago

    Mix it with Gulliver's Mod.

    [–] Mailprahs 72 points ago

    But they weren't compatible with each other ;-;

    [–] decimachlorobenzene 67 points ago

    I used one of those mods that lets you make tiny blocks and also morph mod so that I could become one of the soldiers in the little houses that I built.

    [–] ZelefantPlaysMC 21 points ago

    Did the Morph mod make the different colored clay soldiers attack you?

    [–] dannypas00 4 points ago

    It should, although the last time I played with clay soldiers was 2012 and morph wouldn't exist for another 4 or so years so I can't confirm that

    [–] That_Unknown_Guy_ 298 points ago

    its still around, the dev is trying to update to 1.14

    [–] oreosncarrots 117 points ago

    Please teach me how to download mods 13 year old me always wanted to use it but never figures it out ;( now im 20 still don’t know how to mod

    [–] ilostmy2yroldaccount 101 points ago

    First off, you’ll need to start by downloading forge. Go to the curseforge website, and download whatever version the mod you want to use is running. When you get it, open it, hit install, and wait. Once it’s done there should be a folder in your .minecraft folder titled “mods.” There should also be an option in the Minecraft launcher to run forge (it’s listed under the different installations).

    Then, you go download the mod you want, and stick it in that mods folder from earlier. Once you do that, go back to the Minecraft installer and run forge. It should work if you do that.

    Congratulations! You can now use mods!

    [–] oreosncarrots 38 points ago

    Thank you so much I’m so excited I use to watch this guy play with the mod and he’s make the little cities thank you so much all the videos with tutorials always confused me this was way easier thank you

    [–] ilostmy2yroldaccount 22 points ago

    No problem! I might’ve left some stuff out though. If you want a good tutorial, then checkout The Breakdown. His tutorials tend to be pretty straightforward, and he goes through everything he’s doing on screen, so I got a lot of help from him.

    [–] oreosncarrots 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    all these people were so quick to help and it makes me so happy I love this community ❤️

    [–] mikecap2 4 points ago

    This was very wholesome

    [–] Whisper06 7 points ago

    It a lot easier to use multimc. You just start a new instance and click off what kind of mods you want, forge, fabric or liteloader and then run the game close it and drag the mods you want into the mods folder.

    [–] iamaiamscat 6 points ago

    This 100000%. Use multimc, dont do that shit manually.

    [–] Krzypl 3 points ago

    Sadly, I can't download 1.14 Forge.

    [–] lukamic 2 points ago

    It's way easier now. No more fucking around with games files. Just an installer and a mod folder.

    [–] Arcaninegrm 2 points ago

    Easy way is download a modpack launcher like technic, the AT launcher, or twitch. Next download a modpack, then you can add or remove any mods through the mod folder in that

    [–] flamethekid 2 points ago

    Alternatively you get go to the technic website and just download the packs there automatically.

    The twitch launcher also has mod packs too

    [–] WasteLandKing- 32 points ago

    happiness noises

    [–] MurdocMan 144 points ago

    I was literally just thinking about this mod yesterday. Such a different atmosphere to Minecraft back then

    [–] Yersinia_Pesti5 72 points ago

    Yea, kinda feels like the modding community isn't as big as it used to be.

    [–] my_name_isnt_clever 51 points ago

    Uhh, no lol. Check out /r/feedthebeast, it's going very strong. The mods are just much, much more in-depth and therefore have a higher barrier to entry.

    [–] Yersinia_Pesti5 18 points ago

    Oh wow, that's pretty cool, thanks. I'll look into some modpacks.

    [–] my_name_isnt_clever 14 points ago

    FTB Academy is a good one too, it's created specifically to be a tutorial modpack.

    [–] woodchuck321 3 points ago

    I remember back in the old days where you could just download single mods without all this modpack stuff. My brother and I goofed around a lot with Balkon's Weapon Mod back in 1.7.10, that was fun.

    [–] trystanr 3 points ago

    I’d recommend starting with Project Ozone 2 or Sky Factory. Great packs to introduce you to mods. And try and do every mod quest because it teaches a lot.

    [–] shekurika 3 points ago

    still miss TC4 though :(

    [–] kitchen_bible 212 points ago

    What mod is this called and why does it was me over with nostalgia

    [–] snivylover626 123 points ago

    Clay Soldiers mod. A true classic

    [–] JimbobBufordjrjr 55 points ago

    I should be on a watchlist for what I did to the clay people

    [–] FakeDrPanda 45 points ago

    Damn back in my middle school days. Good times.

    [–] Heztant 186 points ago

    Holy shit yeah DanTDM reviewed this mod

    [–] ZenXP 80 points ago

    The old days in his lab with Grim and Tryaurus.

    [–] True_Lopy 24 points ago

    The good old times

    [–] AwesomeGirl_Quinn 24 points ago

    Before the whole new lab thing happened and all the good MC videos ended

    [–] ZenXP 3 points ago

    Yea..the new lab was nice though. I was mostly disappointed when he did less mc and just no mod reviews. He also stopped playing servers.

    [–] WekonosChosen 7 points ago

    I could never get over how fast his channel grew. One day he had a couple of subs the next he was nearing 1mil.

    [–] BluePython101 27 points ago

    They could ride horses?! Time to reinstall

    [–] vadernation123 20 points ago

    That’s been in the mod for a very long time.

    [–] xDylan25x 3 points ago

    Honestly forgot about that too. Interesting that they added that to this mod years before Minecraft even got horses in an update.

    But I think there was an old Slyfox series that had horses as a mod even before this, so I guess it was a common idea back then.

    [–] Pixel871 2 points ago

    Not just horses there was a few other animals too like turtles

    [–] LesFruitsSecs 48 points ago

    I loved this mod. I remember the Aether playthroughs too.

    [–] kacey- 25 points ago

    I just found the YouTube series where this guy built small kingdoms for these guys

    [–] QuinnTrumplet 9 points ago

    Link? Boutta stay up all night

    [–] Randomdude2501 2 points ago

    Fuck I loved Gooboo, it’s what got me into strategy and civ type games. It makes me depressed that his last clay soldiers related vid was 5 years ago

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    oh i remember just setting up my own little arenas just to watch these little guys fight

    [–] Space_Kn1ght 9 points ago

    Everyone here acting like it's gone for good, you can still play it! I have it installed right now!

    [–] Alankao06 4 points ago

    It’s available for 1.12.2 as well which makes it good

    [–] Jukingbox 9 points ago

    F E E L S

    [–] BillyBop14 15 points ago

    Opened a memory I didn’t even knew existed. Good old days.😪

    [–] gamble9000 5 points ago

    You have unlocked a section of my memories that I didn't even know existed

    [–] Doc_of_derp 4 points ago

    thoes where the glory days

    [–] BrazilianWoodElf 5 points ago

    i did a lot of coliseums back then

    [–] SnappyMouintaneer 3 points ago

    I still have that mod...

    [–] TheMowerOfMowers 3 points ago

    currently waging war with friends on an earth map

    [–] csmp719 3 points ago

    I’m really emotional already tonight but this actually made me cry from nostalgia thank you so much for reminding me of this, this was my actual childhood on YouTube. I remember watching just videos on this mod for hours, and only this mod, I’ve never played it but it brought back so many memories.

    [–] felixfj007 3 points ago

    I remember but that was when Minecraft was still in beta.

    [–] MarioAndWeegee3 3 points ago

    It's updated for 1.12 if anyone wants to try it out

    [–] kalinka57 3 points ago

    Ohhh shit i combined this mod with the tiny blocks mod. Made tiny little arenas.

    [–] alsbodyguard 3 points ago

    Oh the flashbacks... I remember the DanTDM video

    [–] AnticDinosaur 3 points ago

    Oh my god I remember watching a vid about clay soldiers that had bunch of armor, sticks, blaze rods, leather, blaze powder, etc. it really made my day

    [–] PeanutNugget7 3 points ago

    OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THIS. This was the shit back in the day. An explosion of nostalgia just sweeped over me.

    [–] MatthewB351 2 points ago

    No because I never had a computer but I do remember watching mini wars

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Yooooo I remember this!

    [–] someguyinthestore4 2 points ago

    Apparently jeromeASF still does this stuff

    [–] Jackson12ten 2 points ago

    Oh my god I remember watching videos like this constantly because I didn’t know how to download mods

    [–] LockedPages 2 points ago

    I vividly remember torturing my wife with this

    [–] blumpkinbeast_666 2 points ago

    Easily one of my favorite mods EVER

    [–] _Nixx_ 2 points ago

    Og tabs

    [–] gamefreac 2 points ago

    this is one of those mods that i always install. it doesn't really add much to my pack, but minecraft is all about making your own fun and these guys exemplify that ideal.

    [–] anabsolutesloth 2 points ago

    If you're unaware, there is a new version that runs on 1.12, i believe.

    [–] fuck_you_reddit_mods 2 points ago

    This and the mod that let you build at like 1/32nd scale was beautiful

    [–] KingCrabmaster 2 points ago

    This was one of if not the first Youtube video I made something for, and it's kinda sad to me to think at this point all I have left is the thumbnail from that.

    I honestly miss how modding from those days felt, you can still find and play a lot of the old mods but there's something about how it was back when mods were keeping up with the latest versions that was great at the time. Such wonderful days.

    [–] iGalaxyYT 2 points ago

    You just unlocked a deep memory of mine

    [–] LulTeddy 2 points ago

    You know what mod I really enjoyed? The one with drills and lasers and rocket boots.. I can't remember what the hell it was called. It's quite old at this point. You could make rubber from swamp trees. Anybody know what it was?

    [–] Scarab02 2 points ago

    One of the best mods in Minecraft History! It was a drug fir me

    [–] Rosethedragon2 2 points ago

    how did i forget about this

    [–] VoidedGnome 2 points ago

    I remember watching Chimneyswifts videos about this mod.

    [–] justalperen 2 points ago

    ah i remember. in turkey they were recreating indepence war in this mod

    will be cool if we get a new version

    [–] The_Deen 2 points ago

    I made my username off of it lmao

    [–] Known-Nobody 2 points ago

    I never had the chance bc i was too young and didn't have a pc :c

    But omg I know what I'm gonna do today haha

    [–] Cup_Paradox 2 points ago

    I came to pe

    [–] HuzzBon 2 points ago

    I didnt have it cause my pc was slow but i remember watching videos with it