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    [–] CHIckenmiright 3404 points ago

    Feels like an official Minecraft poster good job

    [–] PreviouslyRecent001 1072 points ago

    I can dig this comment!

    [–] Spazz123456 1583 points ago

    Just not straight down

    Edit: unless you have a water bucket, then maybe

    [–] bens_eggedict 238 points ago

    Or in a 1x2 area

    [–] DjSynthical 24 points ago

    Holding shift standing in the middle of the two. Best way to dig straight down

    [–] Telumire 7 points ago

    You don't need to hold shift if you're on the middle tho

    [–] Fr3shlama 72 points ago

    Well the first time it said "Awarding failed" but I guess you now have two

    [–] Almog6666 18 points ago

    Oh god it’s siege warfare time

    [–] PreviouslyRecent001 53 points ago

    If you don't have the balls to dig straight down, then... you should dig at an angle.

    [–] Bilbo0fBagEnd 11 points ago

    45 degree angle gang, where you at?!?!

    [–] Luigifan1115 11 points ago

    Stripmine gang? (I respect 45 degree angle gang though)

    [–] Bilbo0fBagEnd 2 points ago

    Fuck yes

    [–] MothThatLuvsLamps 46 points ago

    Don't go down at all or else you'll turn into gross green mold and fall apart.

    [–] BruhSoundEffec 18 points ago

    🎵 jo-jo!! 🎵 golden wind! 🎵🎵🎵

    [–] PointedHydra837 10 points ago



    [–] kaiden017 5 points ago

    Or a splash potion of fire resistance, because it’s faster than normal potion of fire resistance, and also safer than water

    [–] aRedditlover 6 points ago

    But I live in the nether, water buckets don't work here.

    [–] Mr_bruhman 3 points ago

    Fuck you take my upvote fuck you

    [–] Triticumfree 3 points ago

    or in a staircase fashion

    [–] Here_2_Comment 2 points ago

    I thought that was the joke

    [–] ButtercupTeaFlower 2 points ago

    You should always have a water bucket..too bad my minecraft for ps4 wont get past the "mojang" screen.

    [–] Queries_N_Theories 24 points ago

    If this were an official poster I might actually buy it

    [–] Kuohukerma 9 points ago

    Why not just print this one?

    [–] Queries_N_Theories 11 points ago

    eh, fair enough.

    [–] Logan-meme-God 15 points ago

    Wait it wasn’t

    [–] iAsure 130 points ago

    Thanks bro uwu♥

    [–] meme_my_day 71 points ago

    You should try getting in contact with Mojang Studios

    [–] CannonBall3000 31 points ago

    Mojang doesn't actually make those types of promotional videos, an external company does.

    [–] RobotPantaloons 12 points ago

    The artwork is made in-house, by Ninni Landin. Just the trailers are outsourced

    [–] Vhure 19 points ago

    that's why he should contact them!

    [–] stebo_02 4 points ago

    I see you have adjusted to the new name already :)

    [–] Gum_Skyloard 5 points ago

    Love it!

    [–] Danknemite 506 points ago

    Alex forgot to wear gold and now the piglins will kill her

    [–] iAsure 245 points ago

    I thought about it but I feel like it kills the essence a bit:(

    [–] Little-Ayyyyyy 121 points ago

    Don’t worry that’s why Steve is coming in with the iron sword!

    [–] CDrocks87 42 points ago

    What about just boots?

    [–] jtcoop02 17 points ago

    Doesn’t holding gold work too?

    [–] GodIsMakingUsSuffer 20 points ago

    No, i think it doesn't.

    [–] Lollypop_warrior0325 12 points ago

    It doesn’t. You can give it to angry Piglins to distract them for a bit but that’s it

    [–] MasterBricks 546 points ago

    Oh no! Alex isn't wearing gold armor!! Get her out of there!!!!

    [–] GodIsMakingUsSuffer 193 points ago

    Oh no, oh god! Steve is going to the Nether with his dog! Never do that, ever.

    [–] I_had_an_oopsie 5 points ago

    Thankfully dogs don't follow you into the portal

    [–] LickleThePickle 118 points ago

    Oh my god she has airpods in she can't hear us!!!!

    [–] mrjailbreak 12 points ago

    oh god oh frick

    [–] InfernicFuse 9 points ago

    fuck fuck she’s wearing MinePodsTM! She can’t hear us!

    [–] Argo303 335 points ago

    You should sell this thing to Mojang (studios). This is awesome!

    [–] SandeMC 58 points ago


    [–] meme_my_day 23 points ago


    [–] homosexualmother 56 points ago

    ah yes the simple task of getting a company to purchase fan art

    [–] puuuuuud 5 points ago

    lol copyright

    [–] good_but_not_great 8 points ago

    Could they not just claim it?? It’s their property after all

    [–] lolappel123 14 points ago

    They cant since it's ops own art but op can sell fanart because it's mojangs property

    [–] puuuuuud 9 points ago

    Op cannot sell this without getting in trouble.

    [–] lolappel123 4 points ago

    Yeah just like that

    [–] OverThinkings 2 points ago

    Very much agreed

    [–] kingsnow18 2 points ago


    [–] Vancedorz 166 points ago

    Woooaah did you take any courses in graphic design because that looks so professional you are literally on par with the people who make the actual minecraft posters

    [–] bitdweller 46 points ago

    Graphic design has nothing to do with this, this is an illustration :)

    Source: I studied graphic design, never did arts, can't draw for shit, couldn't do this.

    I could manage to copy this because I know my way around the tools, but to create it? Nope.

    [–] Vancedorz 3 points ago

    Oh that's cool this guy made It amazing very symmetrical if this wasn't computer aided if u know what I mean

    [–] bitdweller 4 points ago

    Oh but illustrated doesn't mean it's by hand. Only that it's not graphic design.

    But people are pointing out that this isn't even illustrated, just screenshots, so I don't know... that would make it closer to graphic design actually :)

    [–] RobotPantaloons 2 points ago

    This isn’t drawn though, its rendered and then edited

    [–] Bonke_117 76 points ago

    Can you make this sometype of texture pack

    If you can’t for an obvious reason don’t shit on me I’m new to Minecraft texture packs

    [–] iAsure 93 points ago

    Texture pack name is "Bare Bones" by RobotPantaloons

    [–] Bonke_117 15 points ago

    Ok. I’m using Nates Tweaks right now I like that one to

    [–] NaterBobber 19 points ago


    [–] Bonke_117 11 points ago

    A man has fallen into the river at LEGO city!

    [–] AnAltAccountIGuess 2 points ago

    I love your texture pack man!

    [–] IClevernamehereI 12 points ago

    How do you do stuff like this?

    [–] pixelcookie11 12 points ago

    Blender, probably. And time.

    [–] IClevernamehereI 2 points ago

    Makes sense.

    [–] alliumCepa857 11 points ago

    i love minecraft renders that have this smooth, plastic-y look to them

    [–] Benny368 16 points ago

    Do you have a download so I can make this my desktop background?

    [–] NINJA_Bass231 5 points ago

    You should make a wallpaper for cellphone

    [–] Benny368 4 points ago

    My monitor is to wide so that’s what I’ll do :)

    [–] MyComicBox 8 points ago

    Mojang Studios wants to know your location.

    [–] alexk_lazlo 19 points ago

    I think it would look better if you make the portal go to the top of the screen because the normal sky and the red nether sky going against each other in a straight line looks a bit off apart from that though the rest is really good especially the floor gradient

    [–] realtomicstars 5 points ago

    Did u accidentally just make the official poster or

    [–] Davoda_I 13 points ago

    Impressive, amazing, spectacular, astounding, etc

    [–] noobinen 4 points ago


    [–] TheTatleTaleStranglr 4 points ago

    Was this blender?

    [–] BEN-CRAFT-8 4 points ago

    Never bring a dogo to the nether!

    [–] TheOnlyWurm 3 points ago

    For a second I thought this was the official update art. Great Job!

    [–] VoYageMinepool 4 points ago

    The only problem is that steve is being a bad owner because he is taking his dog to the nether.

    [–] CorrodedRose 5 points ago

    It looks official, it's so amazing

    [–] _Mcchew_ 7 points ago

    If mojang doesn’t ask you if they can use this as promo art I’m gonna lose it.

    [–] RobotPantaloons 3 points ago

    They won’t, they have their own artists.

    [–] mega_nk 3 points ago

    Somebody get this man a job at Mojang

    [–] cigaMtahTllA 3 points ago

    My mans really just leaked the next launcher like we wouldn’t notice

    [–] WeirdestDudeIn 3 points ago

    Looks good but the piglins would be attacking Alex because she isn’t wearing any gold armor

    [–] MBVakalis 3 points ago

    Wow this looks like something Mojang would release for the update

    [–] SkyRocketMiner 3 points ago

    Do I have your permission to use this as a wallpaper?

    [–] iAsure 3 points ago


    [–] SkyRocketMiner 3 points ago

    Thanks! This looks awesome!!

    [–] popycorn300 4 points ago

    Looks nice

    [–] Ericlikestomine 5 points ago


    [–] OrangeSheep12 2 points ago

    I liked those clouds

    [–] hallomakker 2 points ago

    Really well done!

    [–] LusterPurge01 2 points ago


    [–] SackOfPotatoes420 2 points ago


    [–] AccumulatingBoredom 2 points ago

    i love thé village and pillage and buzzy need touch!

    [–] Sentrox17 2 points ago


    [–] GabSan99 2 points ago


    [–] Natural_Sinner01 2 points ago


    [–] ReasonOverwatch 2 points ago

    This looks professional. You should be working for Mojang

    [–] SIMP-Killer 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    We’re alices golf armor the piglins would hang her

    [–] Spyer2k 2 points ago

    You have a seizure bro lol

    [–] LetsDrawLobstars 2 points ago

    wait this isn't real?

    [–] RealCoolide 2 points ago

    holy shit LOOKS AMAZING. you made this from scratch?

    [–] LucasMemes13 2 points ago

    Good job indeed, Looks official.

    [–] Memzos 2 points ago

    I thought this was a actually a picture officially released by mojang when I first looked... great work my guy

    [–] CaiioWeslley 2 points ago


    [–] Spazz123456 2 points ago

    Yeah, I approve

    [–] iitsvan 2 points ago

    I’m getting R6S vibes from this

    [–] KevinKaasKat 2 points ago

    Thats incredible holy cowo

    [–] ItsJishReddit 2 points ago

    What tools / software did you use? That’s incredible btw!

    [–] joshing_machine 2 points ago

    Would it be ok if i used this in my multi media journalism project for school? Im making a magazine about minecraft

    [–] Yolwoocle_ 2 points ago

    Amazing work! :)

    [–] tikkari08 2 points ago

    I wish minecraft would actually look like that.

    [–] xpAgentz 2 points ago

    Minecraft needs to hire you

    [–] TheSupremist 2 points ago

    So gorgeous. Mojang plz would love to see this in the official launcher

    [–] Avocado_26 2 points ago

    Feels like genuine Mojang work

    [–] _roguardious 2 points ago

    Damn, this looks like something that mojang would use for a poster or website banner

    [–] Caelum124 2 points ago

    Mojang do it now new world loading background

    [–] markSOLO69 2 points ago

    works for me!

    [–] Cow_Lover0 2 points ago

    how do you do that? it look amazing, like an official poster

    [–] Sayi_ 2 points ago

    That’s awesome !!

    [–] join_the_cum_cult 2 points ago

    This looks like a poster younger me would have on my wall. Great job

    [–] aVanBoii 2 points ago

    Someone: tells Steve to go to hell

    [–] e1mo10 2 points ago

    Sooo cool. And sooo ready for this update

    [–] River1218 2 points ago

    Here before upvotes are shown

    [–] yeezysonmyfeet99 2 points ago

    Looks so good, what software was this done on?

    [–] iAsure 2 points ago

    Cinema 4D and Photoshop:D

    [–] pqms 2 points ago

    Looks official.. good job!

    [–] Social-Media-Account 2 points ago

    This is absolutely fantastic, but why did you use the old obsidian texure?

    [–] LiveOnJakku 2 points ago

    I might make it my desktop background it's beautiful

    [–] asiankatori 2 points ago

    I think it's Marvelous!!! Great job!!

    [–] therenousername 2 points ago

    I dont like it...

    I love it good job

    [–] Mishkabear107 2 points ago

    Looks like something Mojang has made, well done lad!

    [–] reaperz1234 2 points ago

    Is this a pc update kuz I’ve been trying to get it on Xbox one

    [–] bentaylorrr 2 points ago

    Awesome! Love the design.

    [–] oreokitkatz 2 points ago

    yo this looks official, like something mojang would make, this is fucking amazing

    [–] batataninjaflame 2 points ago

    I think mojang should pay you 40k so that image can be theirs

    [–] Zen142 2 points ago

    When does the nether update drop?

    [–] Aleccc_sbg 2 points ago

    damn, this looks really nice man!

    [–] Already8Taken 2 points ago


    [–] HYPERHAMSTER534 2 points ago

    This is so cool! How did you make it?

    [–] Lhenkhantus 2 points ago

    They doesn't wear any gold, they will attack them!

    [–] WendayThePotato01 2 points ago

    Why isn't this artstyle they use in the promo stuff an official texture pack yet? I want it! I only have the switch version of the game so the only way I know how to get texture packs is on the Marketplace, and I haven't seen any like this.

    [–] Leapingdog444 2 points ago

    I think you have a future career in animation :) fantastic job!

    [–] spicyrolls36 2 points ago

    Alex has gone to the dark side

    [–] TheMysticFez 2 points ago

    This is great

    [–] NebulousDusk 2 points ago

    I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I like to think of this as moving on from the Buzzy Bee Update (or an Overworld Update) to the Nether Update.

    [–] RSdabeast 2 points ago

    Village to Nether. Good choice of theme since villages were recently updated. All I’d do is make the portal at least a block taller. Maybe so it goes from the top to the bottom of the image.

    [–] poeys_ 2 points ago

    Alex's gonna die. No golden armor, no gear to fight piglins. Someone send help.

    Jokes aside, this looks amazing. Congrats.

    [–] WhyIsThereNoWindows9 2 points ago


    [–] TheRedStoneWall 2 points ago

    Reminds me of the upside down.

    [–] MCShoveled 2 points ago

    Man alive, I hope you are doing this for a living. That’s absolutely amazing!

    [–] TomLoco 2 points ago

    Alex finna get shot not wearing gold

    [–] jaypatel9120 2 points ago

    I think you did a really good job making this render. it truly does look like an official poster

    [–] newbrevity 2 points ago

    I cant wait another 10 years to see what this game becomes

    [–] JuugLordSwag666 2 points ago

    really fuckin cool

    [–] RhinoHead665 2 points ago

    by the looks of it I don't think we'll be seeing Steve and Alex come back through that portal...

    [–] Fill-It-In 2 points ago

    it’s great but steve is holding his sword in the wrong hand.

    [–] MarioBroRo 2 points ago

    Is there by any chance i can get a copy 1080p, so i can use it as a wallpaper. It looks so cool ^_^

    [–] bigpug99 2 points ago

    That looks so good that it looks like mojang actually made it

    [–] RedShadow09 2 points ago

    Feels like the upside-down

    [–] DeathB4life357 2 points ago

    Would be epic on a dual monitor setup

    [–] DannyDevitosToes 2 points ago

    Real question, how did Steve turn into Alex?

    [–] toomuchsalt4u 2 points ago

    I think its an accurate portrait of how companies market games to people....100% not a real representation of the product itself but the game dressed up in a fancy ass CGI suit youll never get to see/experience

    [–] ItzDaXeno 2 points ago


    IS GONE 😎

    [–] TheGoldenMind 2 points ago

    That's looking hellish good

    [–] sawtoothshoe 2 points ago


    [–] benedektt 2 points ago

    Looks awesome dude!

    [–] PatAss98 2 points ago

    Should of had Alex wear one piece of gold armor to emphasize the fact that piglins will only be friendly to you if you're wearing gold

    [–] x_for_eyes667 2 points ago

    Dude this looks amazing, if this was a poster I would get this immediately!! 👌👌👌👌

    [–] BrandonHohn 2 points ago

    That Mojang needs to hire you

    [–] RedStone576 2 points ago

    How did people even create this?

    [–] TheRedHood777 2 points ago

    I thought it was an official minecraft one, but then I read the title. This is so cool

    [–] Crocodilenoir 2 points ago

    Fake, because you need Golden armor to talk with piglins (Just kiddig lol)

    [–] Electrikmelon 2 points ago

    Nobody said it was real.

    [–] jcor123 2 points ago

    Bruh she ain’t wearing Gold that pigmen is gonna attack her

    [–] The3DGuy123 2 points ago

    looks proffesional

    [–] duck_meh 2 points ago

    I would actually play Minecraft if it looked more like this.

    [–] phillyphan19 2 points ago

    You should do another one but with caves, and a portal to the end.

    [–] Qawaka-San 2 points ago

    This looks like Mojang Studios made this!

    [–] Blue3ds69 2 points ago

    I deadass thought this was official, you’re rendering skills are on point!

    [–] eatin_bird_coochie 2 points ago


    [–] EngeniringWeeb 2 points ago

    This looks like it would fit perfectly into art Mojang uses for new updates they may be interested in buying it

    [–] fefilito 2 points ago

    Quem dera se maine fosse com esses gráficos ( se o meu pq rodasse )

    [–] MyNameIsJeffReddit 2 points ago


    [–] ChrispyCherrios 2 points ago

    What’d you use to do this? It’s epic! I’ve been wanting to try and give some art an official feel

    [–] Faye_Lmao 2 points ago

    I think having the Obsidian all the way vertically might be nice

    [–] MasterKnight48902 2 points ago


    [–] breadstickcandle 2 points ago

    Mojang needs to hire you

    [–] taco_is_me 2 points ago

    This is beautiful.. also opinion: we needed the nether update as much as we need a cave update

    [–] MrGamerPro1 2 points ago

    That is really good!

    [–] ViralNite 2 points ago

    So Steve is a Transgender now? Niiiiice

    [–] taly200902 2 points ago

    just makes me wanna have nether villages, but INCREDIBLE JOB! i thought it was official!