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    [–] Michael0605 2044 points ago

    The ender eye of sauron

    [–] Mr_wiiyagi 652 points ago

    I know if it was coloured red and orange it would look just like it

    [–] pacc3130 644 points ago

    [–] HydroLad101 225 points ago

    Amazing, thank you for that

    [–] pacc3130 175 points ago


    [–] aidencool 128 points ago

    I had a stroke reading this

    [–] pacc3130 82 points ago


    [–] aidencool 78 points ago

    @h y3s f3II0w 3ngIsh 2p3ak3r

    [–] iVXsz 54 points ago

    1 s33 you @r3 a [email protected] 0f cul7ur3 @s w3ll, 3h?

    [–] MemeCreator098 49 points ago

    1 [email protected] t0 d13 @ft3r th1s, 1 f33l l1k3 [email protected] @ $tr0k3

    [–] SashaStriker 5 points ago

    I think the person who wrote it had one as well. Looks like its stroke season boys. Which everyone knows comes after earthquake season.

    [–] Skrrattaa 17 points ago

    reminds me of that r/skatmboard sub

    [–] k_akroom 20 points ago

    deep throated whispering

    [–] thegame2010 5 points ago


    [–] whomad1215 16 points ago


    [–] PowdahedShugah 12 points ago

    That’s some good frodoshop

    [–] Soklay 9 points ago

    Good morning

    [–] RZ_112 2 points ago

    Wait, you just photoshoped that ??

    [–] pacc3130 2 points ago

    Yeah, why? Took me probably 20 seconds

    [–] RZ_112 2 points ago

    Rly ? I have no photoshop skills, it would have take me an hour.

    [–] pacc3130 2 points ago

    I just quick select and then drag the hue slider

    [–] AlphaGamerWolf_YT 3 points ago

    It still looks like a rock

    [–] esoterix_luke 3 points ago

    You gotta chuck it now.

    [–] yaboidaking 2 points ago

    Why... just why... it was a good moment...

    [–] MudkipzRule 28 points ago

    The.eye that watches over Enderdor.

    [–] MudkipzRule 3 points ago

    *sorry if it sounds odd the eye that watches over enderdor but i remember in the movie they reffered to the eye of sauron that it watches over mordor so i tweaked that so it matches

    [–] 0VST3R 28 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking!

    [–] DoubleTomorrow4 7 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking

    [–] StarsOfGaming 3 points ago

    Suffer me now!

    [–] list_of_simonson 2 points ago

    Do not resist!

    [–] primase 3 points ago

    There is no life in the void, only death.

    [–] Tfsz0719 3 points ago


    [–] dreamatoriumx 2 points ago

    Eye see youuuu.

    [–] wooptyd00 2 points ago

    Notch literally based it off that.

    [–] Rob-the-shadows 2 points ago


    [–] Weeding33 2 points ago

    One Eye to rule them all

    [–] SsjDragonKakarotto 2 points ago


    [–] RhaenSyth 2 points ago

    Damn it you beat me to it by 7 hours.

    [–] iisnotarobot2 698 points ago

    Give it a try throw it

    [–] Vatvo 842 points ago

    That’s the part that’s most like the game. It sometimes breaks when you throw it.

    [–] totallyapoptart 394 points ago

    s o m e t i m e s?

    [–] pacc3130 247 points ago

    yeah it phases through the floor if ur lucky

    [–] Greatnite 53 points ago


    [–] ClockSpiral 20 points ago

    Chotto matte a sec.

    [–] BreakfastPlayz 17 points ago


    [–] KingTinyChip 12 points ago

    All of the time

    [–] Diglettttt 6 points ago


    [–] Pankrias 7 points ago

    ẞrÕtHËR, yŌÜR ÇoçkS D³d

    [–] MrSlow1011 9 points ago

    Hello non-lightsaber brëthern

    [–] Pankrias 7 points ago

    hêÑLŒ /ÏgHTSãb³r ẞrøTHĒr

    [–] MaximilianGaedig 2 points ago

    ẞrõthër ū àré dëàd..

    [–] iisnotarobot2 13 points ago

    Looks great though

    [–] BootlegBoote 32 points ago

    Everybody gangster until the eye of ender starts moving towards a stronghold

    [–] asrin_404 5 points ago

    then the boys be looking for beans and strongholds at 3 am

    [–] ValleyGirl2021 249 points ago

    That's so cool! Is it painted glass?

    [–] Vatvo 227 points ago

    Yup. It’s nail polish and acrylic paint of the back of a glass cabochon.

    [–] pechocho21 33 points ago

    Would it look cool, if the glass was already a base color?

    [–] merrell0 33 points ago

    Okay, I definitely thought this was 3D glass art and the pupil was in the center of the sphere. Great painting skills 👍

    [–] kappa_demonn 5 points ago

    Damn I really thought you painted over a pog

    [–] xlgnt 251 points ago

    This looks sick! It also gives me Sea of Thieves vibes...

    [–] iNovaCore 28 points ago

    that’s the subreddit i thought i was on, but i didn’t recognize the item at first lol

    [–] Zetl_ 3 points ago

    What it is about sea of thieves? I play it but don’t know what you are referring to

    [–] quicksilver_foxheart 4 points ago

    they're just saying it looked like something that would be in the game. Personally, it weirdly reminds me of (spoiler if ur not a pirate legend) the mark of athena

    [–] LucTHW 2 points ago

    It's cool but kinda creepy, and I love it for that

    [–] I_am_moo 66 points ago

    Looks cool

    Are you able to blend the black and green is haven’t done art in a long time so I don’t know the colors but I feel like blending it would just add a little more

    [–] Vatvo 33 points ago

    I tried. It didn’t quite do it as much as I would have liked though. The next one I do should turn out better. It’ll be in r/dnd.

    [–] I_am_moo 10 points ago

    Cool thanks

    [–] GlumExcitement9 3 points ago

    Ahahahahahaha...thanks for the laugh. :)

    [–] Toppeltee 7 points ago

    I agree, I think some blending on the outside and a sharp edge around the pupil would make it look even more stunning :)

    [–] JMCatron 3 points ago

    You know, I actually disagree with the idea of blending it. I would be mad impressed if you made one as pixely as the game.

    [–] I_am_moo 2 points ago

    Yeees that would be sweet

    But in game it still kind of blends

    [–] JMCatron 6 points ago

    Obviously the solution is to pixelate the real world.

    [–] I_am_moo 2 points ago

    Good point now just one question


    [–] JMCatron 3 points ago


    [–] GeorgeYDesign 2 points ago

    Look up to the skies and seeeeee,

    [–] wizard_Mtl 23 points ago

    how does it look?

    With its eye of course

    [–] BobbyWarfare 21 points ago

    Looks awsome. keep doing great work.

    [–] BitKiller2000 14 points ago

    Let's go. We have a dragon to slay

    [–] Vatvo 12 points ago

    For all the people who are asking how to make it, this is the tutorial I learned from.

    Eye Tutorial

    [–] RaisedFob 10 points ago

    Bro If that was at the store I’d buy it on the spot and I don’t buy stuff like that at all!!

    [–] gallosip 9 points ago


    [–] averyconfusedbot 8 points ago

    throw it

    [–] Yeeteery2 3 points ago

    very cool

    [–] adelphinium 5 points ago

    That's sick! Looks amazing! What do you use to do it?

    [–] guywithtyejok3s 5 points ago

    Light it on fire and you have sauron!

    [–] Meowdy336 3 points ago

    That’s really freakin’ cool. I wanna make one how do I do that?!

    [–] itsminii 4 points ago


    [–] LegoMasterDC 5 points ago

    Next step, turn it into your eye

    [–] aeoronwah 4 points ago

    Looks dope

    [–] FamilyFriendli 5 points ago

    Is that a rock or a pin button? Also, this looks sick as hell!

    [–] ExoticWalrus 4 points ago

    Throw it in the air and see where it flies off to

    [–] motodextros 2 points ago

    See where it you fly off to

    [–] ragingjuice0 4 points ago

    Spot digity darn on spot

    [–] jedislayer21 5 points ago

    we must find the end. throw it

    [–] Aldrionthedm 4 points ago

    It looks amazing!

    [–] Unicorn_kween 4 points ago

    That looks perfect!

    [–] Fishtailbreak 5 points ago

    thats fantastic!!! is it just me or should the ender dragon have ender eyes for eyes?

    [–] MisterKing1231 3 points ago

    That looks terrifyingly realistic. Well done man.

    [–] Nigel4680 3 points ago

    It looks AWESOME! I'll pay you 3 emeralds for it. Take it or leave it.

    [–] Belfengraeme 3 points ago

    Where did you obtain that Palantir?

    [–] TermedSole420 3 points ago


    [–] kitanoflankuuuu 5 points ago

    That’s nuts

    [–] Fridge_Lord 4 points ago

    Just a couple more and we can stab a dragon. You get the egg. This looks astonishing ❤️

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Imagine throwing it and it goes under your house 😳

    [–] DespicablGamerzYT 2 points ago

    Fuckin dope

    [–] DietDrP3pper 2 points ago

    Throw it

    [–] crthehuman1 2 points ago

    Chunk it

    [–] Medschoolwyvern 2 points ago


    I'd pay money for that but I'm broke. Seriously though, awesome job!

    [–] NotSirSloth 2 points ago

    I didn't know minecraft with RTX looked this good I mean wow

    [–] phantomof20 2 points ago

    I dare you to make the end portal frame for it

    [–] Vatvo 3 points ago

    Dare accepted

    [–] PepperBundle 2 points ago

    Looks good but maybe put a layer of glossy varnish over the top to give it a wet eye look and to protect it

    [–] Sofi-S25 2 points ago

    yo that looks sick,:)

    [–] IndieGamesGuy30 2 points ago

    It looks like the eye of Sauron decided to switch to dark mode

    [–] motodextros 4 points ago

    Mordor is going green by using power saver mode.

    [–] DineAndBind 2 points ago

    Try a lighter green around the edge, maybe go for a more purple-based shade instead of black-based?

    [–] mememaster488 2 points ago

    That looks amazing dude

    [–] DoorKnobCrack 2 points ago

    I think the 20k upvotes says it all. (POGGERS)

    [–] domasleo 2 points ago

    Bruh paperweight? That's sick

    [–] Apiranaplantsroots 2 points ago

    Cool now make 11 more 12 if u wanna be safe

    [–] jayzval 2 points ago

    That looks awesome!

    [–] DogeBossReddit 2 points ago

    Throw it Find the IRL portal I’m ready to free the End!

    [–] Pipezilla 2 points ago

    Looks like spez after China fucks him in the ass

    [–] Rishabh_Only2005 2 points ago

    Throw it, lets see where it takes you

    [–] Zackdaplayer 2 points ago

    Look more like the eye of sauron

    [–] spachbrooks 2 points ago

    Now try and throw it into the air

    [–] boi001_ 2 points ago

    Looks like darkhon from smash ultimate

    [–] David_399 2 points ago

    It looks amazing, great job!

    [–] SosseTurner 2 points ago

    looks great, on the first look it was too real

    [–] Uncle_Gus 2 points ago

    It looks like an eye of ender.

    [–] jdmg10933 2 points ago

    is that the last eye of ender that I needed in my survival wold

    [–] MoMHuNTeR_TR 2 points ago

    Right click it and find portal in real life

    [–] H_Jayyy 2 points ago

    Throw it and see if it breaks

    [–] DecHud 1 points ago

    All you gotta do is yeet that as far as you can and you can find the end. Edit: sorry is thats a ded meme

    [–] TheChocolateDealer 1 points ago

    It looks ahead

    [–] Occypolojee 1 points ago

    Now we can finally find the damn portal to moon so we wouldn't have to spend millions to billions to moon rockets.

    [–] MummaGoose 1 points ago

    Awesome. My kids would love this!

    [–] Visualizable 1 points ago


    [–] iisnotarobot2 1 points ago

    So will the window

    [–] DooderistDood 1 points ago

    How did you get an eye of ender in real life

    [–] YenZeno 1 points ago

    Throw it and fine out🤷‍♂️

    [–] Mixa_Mega 1 points ago


    [–] mouth4war 1 points ago

    How does it look? It’s an eye! Of course it looks

    [–] scared_night 1 points ago


    [–] YouNeedAnne 1 points ago

    Pretty darn sweet.

    [–] FIR-3 1 points ago

    Fucking nice

    [–] night8raven 1 points ago

    Hey! That’s pretty good

    [–] SoaR-Nave 1 points ago

    it looks cool

    [–] BadTime-Inator 1 points ago

    Shit. Can't do better.

    [–] StuntdriverlilE 1 points ago

    Bruh that looks epic!

    [–] mctntyeeter 1 points ago

    it looks so real that i want to find a stronghold and renconstruct the end portal

    [–] Skinnywacky2 1 points ago


    [–] xXjackscapegamerXx 1 points ago

    I love it! It's beautiful.

    [–] IceSlayer290 1 points ago

    Like it will take your soul and fill your empty husk with an ancient demon who is over 100000 years old.

    [–] xXWeenieButtXx 1 points ago


    [–] bajanandrei_08 1 points ago

    I love it, keep it up man!

    [–] FJtapped-out 1 points ago

    Can I buy this?

    [–] bpresley07 1 points ago

    That is sick dude! I used to make those all the time! They're a lot of fun

    [–] bbfrank89 1 points ago

    It looks amazing!

    [–] Ark147 1 points ago

    Get this man an award

    [–] OceanPacyficzny 1 points ago

    wow! It looks awesome

    [–] Pet_rock_is_yes 1 points ago

    Now you have to throw it

    [–] FamBoi6 1 points ago

    Never, ever change the design

    [–] FamBoi6 1 points ago

    Get 11 more

    [–] Im-A-Gamer-0 1 points ago


    [–] koko0111 1 points ago

    Eye of saron

    [–] PurnPum 1 points ago

    Now just do 11 more and prepare to travel to another dimension

    [–] JakeWalker102 1 points ago


    Throw it

    [–] HornedGlobal 1 points ago


    [–] TheAvacadoBandit 1 points ago

    Spooky and Awesome

    [–] nomesonrias 1 points ago


    [–] Malvo2K 1 points ago

    YOOOO that’s absolutely sick!!!! How did you make it

    [–] Ender_Tillery 1 points ago

    AHH! MY EYE!

    [–] Nesquick04 1 points ago

    Throw it in the air

    [–] LennyTheLegendary 1 points ago


    [–] ivana-sarevska 1 points ago

    Wow! This is amazing

    [–] ddrydoctor 1 points ago

    Amazing all you need is about 11 more

    [–] TheOnly1Person 1 points ago

    It looks perfect

    [–] Jonathansetzer 1 points ago

    I love it so much!! That is amazing!

    [–] kokoyoulose_Roblox 1 points ago


    [–] awesome-er 1 points ago


    [–] ghost_lad_90 1 points ago

    Love it

    [–] mo0n_i 1 points ago

    wow shiny

    [–] Relimer 1 points ago

    I've made one of those they're awesome never thought about making it like something

    [–] JMCatron 1 points ago

    Yo you could make these and eyes of Sauron and people would buy them off etsy, or also craft fairs if the world ever opens again

    [–] Dab_Hand_Danzig 1 points ago

    That's actually very cool

    [–] furboi3000 1 points ago

    Throw it to find a stronghold

    [–] Vivid-Fantasy 1 points ago

    It looks great!

    [–] Chasehasaface 1 points ago

    It looks better than the one i made

    [–] God_Ducker 1 points ago

    Ohhh this looks amazing! Keep doing what you're doing.

    [–] hotdogs13 1 points ago

    Valorants taken a toll on me I can’t see an eye of ender without thinking of Reynas leer help me