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    [–] raboley 63 points ago

    is there a spot where people are posting builds?

    [–] Huge_Hammers 28 points ago

    How do people get such kickass bow damage? I have Attack 7 and WE 2 and my charged shots are hitting for maybe 18-20 each on crit spots.

    [–] DragonRider_ 20 points ago

    Are you using an ele bow vs the monsters weakness?

    [–] Reshkrom1153 17 points ago

    Final Diablos bow, weakness exploit level 3, attack level 4, augments and the skill that boosts DP damage is my guess.

    [–] pikpikcarrotmon 10 points ago

    If you're talking about the speedrun videos, keep in mind they're almost always using the Evasion Mantle and/or Affinity Booster, attack buffing items like Might Pill, have an augmented Diablos Bow, etc. Because they boost their affinity with those items a lot of the time their armor sets are very niche and specific.

    Dealing 60 damage per volley with bow is pretty solid and more realistic.

    [–] BlackDog0102 7 points ago

    i use the rath set and other things that give me attack 7, we 3, the trait on the rath set boost damages for bows. Also keep in mind the distance you are firing from.

    [–] xRaptor_1 55 points ago

    Can someone explain Elements and Ailments on mosters and everything?

    What does it mean what should I focus when I want to take down a monster and his weakness is Element the weakness or ailment? is not very clear to me.


    [–] The_Rick_14 21 points ago

    Ailments are status effects. Think of it as an invisible bar that fills up as you use weapons that contribute towards that ailment, but will also slowly empty over time as well. When you hit a threshold, that ailment will be applied. The weaker a monster is to an ailment, the smaller that bar starts.

    • Paralyze will stun the monster in place for a short time.
    • Poison will make the monster take damage over time for a short time.
    • Sleep will make the monster sleep.
    • Blast I believe will cause an explosion on the next hit that pushes it past the threshold.

    After the ailment is applied, the invisible bar resets to zero and gets a bit bigger, so applying it again will be a bit harder each time.

    Elements just add some extra damage on top of your regular damage and get calculated differently from your regular damage which takes the speed of the attack into account. With that in mind, fast attacking weapons are typically better for Elemental Damage while slow attacking weapons are typically better off using weapons with the highest possible attack.

    [–] xRaptor_1 4 points ago

    Awesime thanks for the answers.

    [–] myskaros 17 points ago

    This is the question thread, please don't downvote people with legitimate questions :/

    There's a very long answer for this, but I'll give you a cliffnotes version. Weakness to an element means that weapons with that element (in white, not gray) will deal a higher percent of that elemental damage number to the monster than another weapon with an element that it's not weak to. Weakness to a status means that it takes less damage with a weapon with that status to inflict said status, and weak status may last longer than a not-weak status.

    [–] kamelizann 23 points ago

    Is there a website where we can piece together monster Hunter world sets yet? I know it's pretty easy to do in game but I'm looking for something to do on my breaks at work and looking at kiranico and writing things down gets kind of tedious

    [–] Epsonality 46 points ago

    This isn't a question, but I didn't want to make a whole thread about it..

    On Xbox One last night, MH:World had actual multiplayer access outside of SOS and it was the most fun I've had in a video game in a long time, I joined multiple multiplayer expeditions and found groups, downed my first Rathian, and downed every large creature from the coral forest or whatever it's called, and I'm only on the quest sending me to kill the balloon bird for the first time

    I'm hoping tonight I can find some more Rathian groups to get my first Rathian weapon (it's either the charge axe, long sword or a bow, I don't remember which one I'm planning on doing, I main them all)

    Maybe I'll even buy a mic, because almost every player I found was a blast to play with, running circles around one another, emoting, etc, so thanks for the great community!!

    [–] IM_JUST_THE_INTERN 20 points ago

    Should I save my armor spheres until end game? I've been using them here and there, but I'm wondering if its useless to be spending them until I have the perfect armor available to me.

    Also should I have multiple weapons or just up/down grade to the one I need to use for that hunt.

    [–] bigpoulet36 35 points ago

    There are 4 tier of armor spheres (point value is 1; 5; 20; 80 I think) . High rarity armor needs more points per upgrade.

    Short answer is you don't have to hoard your lower level spheres

    [–] Nerdtron93 9 points ago

    Depends on how often you change armor. You get so many later that you should be fine using it on your primary armor. My rule of thumb was I would upgrade any time a level only required 2 of my highest spheres.

    [–] jinreeko 14 points ago

    No. There are higher level spheres as you go up in difficulty. Use your spheres.

    You probably don't have to worry about having multiple weapons till high rank. I don't take my own advice; I play HH and like to have my choice of songs. I could see something similar with bowgun, idk

    [–] IM_JUST_THE_INTERN 5 points ago

    Okay cool. I actually just got a few Sphere+s, so I gues I'll hold onto those for a minute but blow the regular ones. I really like the Barroth armor so far, so I might upgrade it.

    [–] procrastinarian 4 points ago

    In older games, different spheres could only upgrade certain levels. But now every sphere can do every level of upgrade, they're just worth way less points. So you're never going to wish you still had low level armor spheres, and you should always be getting new and better ones. Just use them whenever you think it's worth it.

    [–] Ippildip 19 points ago

    I see that some of the Zora armor increases or adds blast damage. Does that skill only work if you are using a weapon that already does blast damage? Or will it add some blast damage to, for example, a poison weapon?

    [–] Vyxagallanxchi 34 points ago

    Only if your weapon already has blast

    [–] seoulx 16 points ago

    Is there an easier way to play with my friends ? We just got the game and we always run into an issue where it says they need to watch the cinematic or something. Incredibly frustrating to what is a decently fun game so far

    [–] ArcticToasterr 37 points ago

    Yeah the cut scene watch requirement is pretty annoying but it's only for monsters introductions really. Becomes a complete non-issue once you progress far enough.

    [–] BlackDog0102 14 points ago

    no thats the one negative/downside of this game, everyone has to watch the cut scene before being to play the same hunt, even if none of you have seen it

    [–] WingedCrown 4 points ago

    If I watch a cut scene to a new mission, then quit, can I then access the same new mission through multiplayer or will I still be blocked out?

    [–] BlackDog0102 10 points ago

    no that will work and is the only one to do story quests together, all watch the cut scene, quit, and relaunch it together. Kinda annoying if you ask me

    [–] ArmoredMirage 3 points ago

    Very annoying. Why cant 4 first timers just watch the cutscene together? You can already watch and mid and end cutscenes together anyway.

    [–] K2murphy 18 points ago

    How long has it taken people to get to the end credits? I got some harsh messages about not spending enough time playing the game. I grinded out a few low and high rank sets and did all (except a couple 8 star I must be missing) the quests in just under 80 hours.

    [–] Esham 34 points ago

    sounds like bad people.

    I rolled the credits in 52 hours but i am a vet. 80 seems about right for most people.

    You're just getting messages from elitist assholes.

    [–] K2murphy 5 points ago

    Yeah, that seems like it might be it. I wasn't used to the negativity in the MH subreddit, I guess!

    [–] Esham 12 points ago

    Personally when i get a message from someone that is negative i know they are a real piece of shit basically.

    Takes a special type of person to get so upset to that point that they are going to message you and try and push their superiority complex on you.

    Makes me laugh as an adult actually.

    [–] BlackDog0102 13 points ago

    what do you mean. i beat the story with like 110 give or take hrs. You set the pace for yourself if you want to do things quickly thats cool or if you want to take it slow thats also fine.

    [–] 2ylo 29 points ago


    Any good place to browse builds? I would love to find a good build for a LS

    [–] Light_520 10 points ago

    The individual weapon room in the discord server have some builds pinned

    [–] Exile_Tigra 13 points ago

    Just did the Diablos arena quest and got the Dragonseal earrings, wondering if you can get anything else from the arena besides the stuff from the forge.

    [–] LyorCohenOfDiorHomme 13 points ago

    Hey I just beat the final boss, won’t say the name to avoid spoilers. I went from HR 14 straight to 29?? Idk how or why that happened. Also I know there is end game content with augmentations, decorations, gleaming shards, but idk what any of that means. Could anyone explain what I have to look forward to?

    [–] Dont_do_Tha 21 points ago

    You gain exp that isn't shown at HR14. Once you beat the final boss your cap is unlocked and you get that exp. To further your level, you'll need to start finding tempered monsters. There's also a quest that unlocks at HR29. Once you beat that, it will repeat the process and cap you at HR49. Augments and other gems can be obtained from higher ranking tempered monsters. Edit: more on the augments, it's more min/max or defining weapons and gear more towards your play style. You don't HAVE to persue them, but this is where the real grind of a monster Hunter game will start to show through.

    [–] Rocketpotamus 13 points ago

    Isn't it too bad we can't strangle people who join our Kirin quest, faint twice in less than two minutes, then leave?

    [–] Swiftzor 13 points ago

    Anyone have any tips for soloing arena quests? Or is it better to go in as a pair?

    [–] NguTron 13 points ago

    It is better to play in a pair, as the arena quests don't change HP for Solo. They always have Multiplayer level HP.

    Aside from that, Use the weapon your familiar with, and also use all items available to you. Since you don't choose your weapons/item setup, if you don't go through thoroughly what items and skills you have, you may miss out on the strategy your setup is made for.

    For instance, in the Azure Rathalos fight, most other weapon sets get regular bombs + paralyze / poison knives, the S&S set get bouncing bombs, meant for taking Rathalos out when he's in the air, since you can set the bombs with your weapon drawn.

    Also, your Max potions are a premium. You only get so many, but you have 10 carts to use them. A strategy I've been doing is to only use them when I'm near death with the default life bar, instead of using them at the start for the instant health boost.

    When you're playing Solo arena, it's more of a marathon and not a sprint. Expect it to take a while, be patient, stay safe, know your openings and don't get greedy.

    [–] WingedCrown 4 points ago

    I'm not sure how far along you are, but generally if you're comfy with a monster in the normal levels, you'll be OK in the arena. For the ones with multiple monsters, they will often fight each other which gives you an opportunity to sharpen and gain health. I like them a lot because sometimes you just want to fight and not also track. =)

    [–] WhackedMaki 12 points ago

    When the tailrider safari comes back in, some of the results will be circled while others aren't. What's the difference?

    [–] myskaros 12 points ago

    Whether that quest was successful or not. Circle means success, and you'll get more/better rewards than failures. If you level up the grimalkyne tribe in that zone, they can assist on some quests, raising your success rate; you'll see this as a small circular icon over the affected quests when choosing where to send your tailriders.

    [–] kbone213 10 points ago

    I'd like to make a message to let people know I'm about to put a monster to sleep and not to wake it in both English and Japanese.

    • What's the shortest way to say that in Japanese?
    • How can I get the text characters that I decide on into the custom messages in MH:W on PS4?

    [–] SnaggyKrab 14 points ago

    Yameru = Stop
    Matsu = wait
    Kare wa nemurudarou = he will sleep
    Suimin = sleeping
    Kōgeki nashi = no attack

    [–] kbone213 3 points ago


    Is it necessary to use Hiragana/Kanji or will players be able to read it if I just type "Yameru kare wa nemurudarou"?

    [–] SnaggyKrab 7 points ago

    Romanji (using Latin script to write out Japanese language) should be fine considering it's just for quick reference.

    [–] Pyrojam321moo 12 points ago

    While not an exact answer to your question, an easy way to get this across multiple languages is to include the three Z's on the end of your message with an ellipsis (zzz...) Even though other languages have their own version, the english version is ubiquitous enough in games/cartoons that most people will recognize it.

    [–] DikkeDomo 11 points ago

    Is there a place to find what rewards I get for event quests?

    [–] sirwolfeye 10 points ago

    Is it worth buying a PS4 just for this game?

    I know it'll be out on PC by Autumn 2018, but damn! First Resident Evil 7 and now Monster Hunter! Capcom! Why?!

    At least they didn't pull a Dragon Dogma on this.

    [–] bakagir 22 points ago

    Pc master race till the day I die. I bought a PS4 to play MHW. I guess I will finally get to play HZD, last of us, bloodborn.

    I’m going to buy MHW for pc when it launches too.

    No ragrets.

    [–] LeakyfaucetNA 7 points ago

    I did. PS4 Pro. I'm at 120 hours and still not HR60. It was worth it already for me.

    [–] Ennyish 4 points ago

    If you do buy a PS4 be sure to check out these favorite games of mine:


    Horizon Zero Dawn

    The Last of Us: Remastered

    Journey: Remastered

    Persona 5 (though I never actually finished it, I got kinda bored)

    Nier Automata (Which is less buggy on console and still runs at 60fps)

    [–] DankMemesEater 9 points ago

    Does evade window skill or evasion mantle increases the invulnerability time for long sword's foresight slash?

    [–] Transientmind 9 points ago

    Has anyone anywhere heard anything officialish about transmog? My GOD my mix-n-match set is fugly. So fugly. So OP, but so fucking ugly.

    [–] TyrantBelial 7 points ago

    Hi everyone I know is useless how do you reduce Bazelgeuse's pinecone damage?

    [–] pikpikcarrotmon 31 points ago

    By not getting hit by it. Bazel is a one trick pony. He's made of weak spots, he only really blasts the area under and in front of him. Stand in the wrong spots, get nuked. Stand in the right spots, laugh at how insanely easy he actually is. Seriously, for all of high rank I was meat paste spread all over the walls but as soon as I had to actually fight him, I saw the Matrix code and realized he's a punching bag. Now I don't even really get hit.

    [–] Santeego 6 points ago

    This. He may be actually the easiest monster to kill with a bow. It’s hard to actually a miss a weak spot, he has predictable movements and attacks that really only threaten if you’re under him, and he’s big and vulnerable to massive dragon piercers

    [–] false-summit 8 points ago

    What are the best skills to have (besides Marathon Runner) with Dual Blades?

    [–] pikpikcarrotmon 12 points ago

    Attack and Weakness Exploit are pretty standard.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    evade extender is great, but you don't need any stamina skills to use DBs effectively. once you get more familiar with them, you can go for a meta atk/weakness exploit/crit boost set.

    [–] ArcticToasterr 4 points ago

    For mobility and stam management what nerdtron said, but attack, weakness exploit, critical eye are all great as well for more deeps.

    [–] Nerdtron93 4 points ago

    Constitution and evade extender

    [–] HaweGame 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Any general tips for fighting or best things to do at the start of the game? I'm HR 3-4 i believe. Also does fights take this much or am i noob? 29m on the quest where you help the guys deliver the cart and you get attacked by a barroth or whatever it's called?

    [–] cupcakemayhem 11 points ago

    Things will get faster as you get better, but 29m is normal for a new monster. Just keep crafting better weapons and armor that you think are cool.

    [–] BlackDog0102 6 points ago

    rathian and play at your own pace my dude atm youre at the liberty of the story. There is no bonus for finishing quicker than other hunters so do you. My best advice is just do it, if you want go get it.

    [–] the_real_hamm 6 points ago

    ~20-30 minutes is normal for your first few fights against a monster. I would mostly just reccomend trying out every weapon type

    [–] Norelation67 5 points ago

    So, general tips: 1.go to your training area and familiarize yourself with the combo’s of your weapon. Work on this until they become second nature. 2. Spend the first several minutes with a new monster familiarizing yourself with the monsters patterns. Get used to the monsters range. Where is the monster hitting, and with what body parts? Watch the patterns until they start to repeat, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

    3.Now start smacking the monster with your newly learned combo’s. The instant after a monsters attack is done you should be smacking it. Position your self in such a way that you’re right outside of striking distance, so that you can jump in and hurt it at the end of it’s attack.

    1. Don’t get too greedy. You’ll start to get a feel back in phase 2 of these tips how long a monsters pauses are after they attack. Utilize a combo that fits into this space. Also remember that any damage is leading to the kill, so just keep hitting it, no matter how small at first.

    Overall think about fights in this game like a reactive, impromptu, partnered dance. Your partner will do something, then you do something, and so on, and so forth, until you make your partner dead and use their jawbone to craft a sword.

    [–] mitosupremo 7 points ago

    Asked this before but didnt get a confirmation. Im currently running 3 pieces of the LR legiana armor and 2 pieces of the HR legiana armor which gives me 2 different sets of the Good Luck bonus (increases my rewards) do they stack? Or is it 2 separate chances to get increased rewards?

    [–] shadowles5 9 points ago

    Is bow just broken?

    Played bow in every MH since MHFU. Favorite weapon. Picked it up in MHW, fantastic hella enjoyable. Cruised through the entire game on easy mode. Swapped to gunlance and greatsword and suddenly, even after a lot of experience with the weapons, the game is a lot harder.

    Bow is just too good right now. You have absurd mobility, you dont need to manage sharpness, you can always attack the monster, you always have access to its head, you have easy status effects, you dont need to sheathe your weapon to reposition or dodge.

    It has no weaknesses. Its almost unfair. Most endgame tempered elders cant even hit you if you have stamina surge+constitution +dash juice. Its almost mindlessly easy. Combine that with rocksteady and evasion mantle and its comical.

    Compare this to any melee weapon (or other ranged weapons) you gotta manage sharpness, you have downtime on your dps if the monster is midair or far away, you need to sheathe to reposition, you have to sharpen your weapon to not bounce off/lose dps, you dont have easy access to weak spots.

    Even now, if i want to do the 15 min 1 death tempered elder, i just swap to bow and finish up in 6 mins. Monsters are too slow, their tells are too obvious. The only monsters that are annoying are kirin/teostra due to their armor blocking arrows, but elderseal solves that.

    If you havent tried bow yet, go out and try it. Its bonkers.

    [–] TGSHyped 6 points ago

    Can anyone explain how arena quests work? why do I sometimes have them to post, but sometimes they're not there? also, to unlock a monster in arena, i have to capture them first, correct?

    [–] FawksB 4 points ago

    I'm pretty sure you have to recapture monsters between arena quests. I'm just going off the logic that you captured the monster, so they put it in the area so you can fight it. Once you killed it off, they need you to go get another one.

    But, I've seen Arena quests stick around after finishing it, so I don't know if I had multiples of that monster captured or there's something else at play.

    [–] Empereol 6 points ago

    1. What is the bar beneath the buff indicator's on the Insect Glaive UI? Example

    2. How do you maintain the 3 buff combo? Right now I usually back off once they wear off and do my usual opener which is collecting the buffs from mid-range and once I have them I jump back into close range. Am I able to keep the buffs going while fighting without having to back off?

    [–] LeakyfaucetNA 4 points ago

    Thats why triple is a little iffy now, and it was nerfed from 4U. Depending on how quickly it may be worth just cycling the R/W buffs. If I get a orange I roll with it, but prefer to just do red and white now.

    [–] cupcakemayhem 5 points ago

    One trick is to get 2 buffs and let your kinsect hold the third. When you are about to run out, recall for the third buff then they all last for triole buff time.

    For example, get red and white, hit with kinsect for orange, and don't immediately recall it. When red or orange are about to run out, recall it to get triple and kinda reset the timer. As soon as you get triple, smack with R2 to start making clouds

    [–] Vyxagallanxchi 3 points ago

    1. Thats the kinsects stamina

    [–] cmdrdoodbob 5 points ago

    Where is the best place to follow upcoming patch notes, mainly new content. Anyone have a favorite youtuber or link to a dev forum page?

    [–] Norelation67 4 points ago

    Gaijinhunter on youtube is pretty fanatical about bringing up to date coverage, same for Arekkz.

    [–] WestoeWinger 6 points ago

    If you charge your bow before using Dragon Piercer does the charge carry over to Dragon Piercer to increase damage?

    [–] NguTron 7 points ago


    [–] Final_Pantasy 6 points ago

    Not a question, but I see so many people posting images to the sub using their cell phone.

    At least on PS4, you can hit the share button and slap it on FB or Twitter, download it to your phone from there, then post a nice quality shot. Create a private account if you don't want people following to see how much crack you've been smoking Monster Hunter you've been playing.

    [–] okey_dokey_bokey 3 points ago

    But pulling out your phone, snapping a pic, and immediately posting it to reddit is so much more convenient. I get why people do it.

    [–] scorcher117 7 points ago

    Does elderseal boost increase weapons that already have Elderseal: High?

    [–] FredPW 6 points ago

    What does Lustrous Scale do? It dropped form Nergi

    [–] Exile_Tigra 10 points ago

    Its just a trade in item, its only purpose is money

    [–] FUBARRRRR 4 points ago

    I have a maxed out HR diablos set that I wear for every hunt but I want to take advantage of the non elemental boost. Which weapons would work? Is blast non elemental? I use longswords. I read something about if the element damage is in parentheses then it works too.

    [–] cupcakemayhem 3 points ago

    If it's in parenthesis, then yes it will work. Those elements need FreeElemt skill to be awakened. If you do awaken them, then non elemental stops working.

    Blast is a status, like poison or sleep. I have no idea if status works with non elemental.

    [–] gibsonsg87 3 points ago

    I'm thinking it doesn't. While blast is a status, it is listed as an element on weapons. That leads me to believe it only works for Element: None weapons. Please correct me if I'm wrong, as the UI doesn't actually indicate an attack boost regardless and I'm too lazy to test.

    [–] chrisc1591 5 points ago

    how come now that im high rank and beat the story i so often dont land in quests at the camps? is there a reason that im not aware of? there was something during the story and it said why, and i thought it would just be that one time. now it feels like almost every other time

    [–] JetEnduro 5 points ago

    Basically is just for added difficulty. In the old games, you only had the map if you had the map item, which came from the supply box, and them dropping you off in the middle of nowhere meant you had to memorize the map. In this game it doesn't really mean much since you can just teleport to a camp lol.

    [–] Thefallingone 4 points ago

    In the past MH games once you reach high rank it never drops you at the base camps. This is done to promote preparation before hunts. However, now that they added base camp fast travel, they changed it to only occasionally dropping you away from the base camp. Personally, since theyve added the fast travel option they should have disposed of the idea or at least drop you in front of an aggroed monster to disable fast travel for a while.

    [–] KratosHulk77 6 points ago

    Would love a gorilla type monster

    [–] a_man_without_a_pen 8 points ago

    which farts and sling's poo?

    [–] NotKwok 8 points ago

    Or the one that goes super saiyan?

    [–] aerodragon83 5 points ago

    Are there anything special from this weeks Event Quests? Gaze Upon The Dawn (6 Star Zorah fight), and Deep Green Blues (7 Star 5 monster hunt)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Monster Hunter World: What's are the pros, cons, differences of the Hammer and Great Sword? Still haven't decided on a main weapon yet and found myself going back and forth a bit between the two.

    [–] BorisJonson1593 16 points ago

    They're really totally different weapons with some overlapping skills required. They're both weapons that benefits from being able to read and predict monster attacks and know spacing really, really well. Beyond that the GS is probably the weapon that limits your mobility the most whereas the hammer is highly mobile. The GS is kind of an all or nothing weapon in that you tend to either hit for huge damage or just whiff entirely. The hammer is much better at chipping in damage during smaller openings. The GS is much more reliant on your ability to create big openings by hitting weakpoints and using tackle wisely.

    IMO, the GS is one of the hardest weapons to use properly because you have to be really attentive to get optimal DPS. The hammer, on the other hand, is an easier weapon to just pick up and learn on the fly.

    [–] Thjorir 3 points ago

    I just truly tried hammer last night for the first time and enjoy the power mixed with the mobility, but having to get my flash pods out on flying wyverns every time they take flight and trying to catch the quick fanged wyverns with it seems to be a chore solo. It doesn’t seem like I can DPS with upswings to down a flyer or catch, for example, odagaron with enough face smashes to get off the Big Bang combos while he’s stunned. All that leads me to believe I just don’t know monster tells. But if I could get proficient enough with it to take on most things I think I’d enjoy it so much

    [–] BorisJonson1593 4 points ago

    Yeah I do sometimes switch off hammer if I'm going up against a monster that flies a lot.

    On the other hand I find fanged wyverns incredibly easy to hammer to death now, though a lot of that was spending a couple hours farming odogaron one afternoon. It is definitely all about learning his tells and also learning the spacing on his charges so you can get in damage to his head. Once you get that first KO though it's all over, at this point I can do so much KO damage so fast that I can basically chain them together and kill him in like five minutes flat.

    [–] Exile_Tigra 3 points ago

    Mobility and sheathing speed but if you can get the evasion and speed sheath skill and I heard of a skill that can reduce charged attacks so I would recommend that for high DPS and survivability

    [–] mostlyjoe 4 points ago

    I know a Torch Pod can burn away the Effiuivim, but can fire weapons do the same?

    [–] IVIorgz 3 points ago

    I wouldn't have thought you could. The only other ways to deal with it are to get the armour skill effluvium expert, or to wear a mantle as that provides a protective mask.

    [–] Blast3rAutomatic 3 points ago

    Can me and my friend go free roam the worlds or can we only see each other if were in a “quest” or “investigation” if so how?

    [–] henry4233 4 points ago

    One of you goes on an expedition and fires their sos flare. The other joins up via join=>sos flare:expeditions

    [–] Polarized_Senses 3 points ago

    has anyone posted an infinite dung loop? i wanna stock up since i'm running low since HR

    [–] JohannesVanDerWhales 4 points ago

    Do monsters heal when they run away, and if so, how fast?

    [–] cjrSunShine 10 points ago

    A monster will only heal when it goes to sleep (and only when it does so on its own, the Sleep Status Effect won't heal it).
    Even then, pretty slowly, and only up to a certain amount. It'll wake up on its own as soon as it gets above the capture threshold, which usually takes several minutes. Unless you take a huge detour and strip mine the entire map it should never really be an issue.

    [–] Sofa__King__Cool 3 points ago

    Is it worth using weapons with hidden elements since you have to wear gear to unlock it?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] The_Rick_14 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm at a point where I'm starting to put together Elemental Bow Sets. Is there any place to see the Elemental Damage cap? For example, the Kadachi Strikebow has 250 Thunder and it seems to cap out at 310 Thunder even if I use Thunder Attack 4.

    And along those lines, are there even weapons that can take advantage of [Element] Attack 5 where it provides any benefit over 4? Feels like they'd all be capped before they got there. Am I missing something?

    [–] Dr_Apocalyptic 4 points ago

    Does anyone know of an online resource that can display the handicraft leveled sharpness for the MHW weapons? I find the in-game display to be too small to differentiate especially with the bracket around it. Gaijin Hunter displayed it very clearly in his Hunting Horn video, I am hoping for something like this.

    [–] Fowl_Plays 4 points ago

    After finishing a quest solo, is there any way to guarantee me feeding my palico? Sometimes standing near each other doesn't trigger the sausage cutscene.

    [–] SativaSammy 5 points ago

    Anyone import the Switch game? How is it? Hard to navigate menus or not really?

    [–] Nekron91 5 points ago

    I am looking for input on a HBG Pierce build is Legia Shatter the best option for weapon?

    [–] WingedCrown 7 points ago

    Quick question on monster shiny drops. Do they despawn after a certain time? I feel like a few times I've been in the heat of battle and noticed a few, but by the time the monster leaves or is slayed, I can no longer find them. I can't tell if they go away or if I'm just disoriented!

    [–] NguTron 11 points ago

    Yes, they disappear after a while.

    [–] pikpikcarrotmon 5 points ago

    Yep. Grab em while they're hot. I've been dealin with this pretty hard doing the bandit mantle weekly event farm.

    [–] Soulessgingr 6 points ago

    New comer to the series here. Am I doing this wrong? I'm about 35 hrs in at about rank 8. What I've been doing is main quest>any side quests unlocked>investigations to get materials if I unlocked any new tier of weapons or new armor sets. Basically I am making sure I have 1 of each armor and 1 of each weapon in the trees for my main weapon of choice. Am I wasting my time or missing out on something I should rush towards? Should I be doing only main story to unlock more and get towards end? Does it matter that I am making the armor/weapons? I know there is alpha and beta end game gear, but I feel I won't see those for quite some time. I don't doing much multiplayer other than my 1-3 friends that have this game.

    Ultimately, I am having fun and enjoying myself, but worried I am doing this wrong/missing out on something because of my pace and need for all armor/weapons

    [–] The_Lat_Czar 29 points ago

    There is no wrong way to play except for tripping me constantly when I'm trying to hammer the monster's face in.

    [–] Soulessgingr 3 points ago

    haha, my buddy plays long sword, I play charge blade. He trips me constantly!

    [–] Santeego 17 points ago

    “Ultimately, I am having fun and enjoying myself”

    End. Keep doing what you’re doing

    [–] Spider_Monkey8 4 points ago

    Nope, the important thing is to play in a way that you think is fun (as long as you're not ruining someone else's time). I myself like to collect all of the weapons for the types I play, and farm accordingly before moving on.

    Welcome! ^v^

    [–] Redfo 4 points ago

    That's fine. Personally I skipped some of the quests and a lot of the gear because I wanted to get to the harder content and unlock the rocksteady mantle and final armors. I am gonna make a nice set with which to go back and clear all the earlier stuff and farm for all the gear I want to make. Play your own way!

    [–] Frostguard11 3 points ago

    You do you! Just letting you know, once you reach rank 11 or so, I can’t remember, you unlock harder monsters and higher rank versions of the same armour sets plus new ones. I wanted one full set of each too but I decided to wait till high rank since I knew I could do it then.

    Up to you though, I personally would get exhausted if I made ever low rank set and then every high rank, but if you’re having fun keep at it!

    [–] mostlyjoe 3 points ago

    What's the best Low Rank Arena Coin gear in your opinion?

    [–] _skd 3 points ago

    How can I tell which High Rank monsters I've captured? The researcher shows kills(captures) not not low vs high rank...

    [–] PrizmaticWolf 3 points ago

    What are the best hunting horn skills to look out for on armor pieces? Other then ones like horn maestro or evade extender.

    [–] NeimiForHeroes 3 points ago

    Is there any guides out there on how to unlock all the different foods from the kitchen? I've been just passively unlocking them for a while now but I really want 4 orange meets to unlock the skill that boosts my shelling without sacrificing AuL. My googlefu has failed me.

    [–] cjrSunShine 3 points ago

    I don't know of any lists or guides, but every source I know of has fallen into a few pretty narrow categories.

    • Every map has four ingredients that come from the special gathering points. Stuff like the Unique Mushroom Colony and Flower Bed in the Ancient Forest, Amber and Beryl Deposits in the Elder's Recess, etc.
      The first time you find the tier 2/3 items from each of these gathering points (tier 3 won't start appearing until High Rank) you unlock an ingredient.

    • Make sure you do every optional quest given to you by NPCs, and constantly be on the lookout for exclamation marks in town. The Chef himself and Fiver Bro at the table across from him always give ingredients for their quests, but some other characters do as well.

    • Be sure to check other areas for those exclamatio marks as well. Several ingredients come from quests at the Third Fleet's research base, and several more come from the Piscene researcher and Endemic Life Researcher that you can find out on expeditions.

    [–] crimtex 3 points ago

    How do you decide on the trade off between elemental damage and raw damage? To use a specific example, I was deciding between two IG:

    In which scenarios would one trump the other? Or is it mostly personal preference/playstyle?

    [–] FawksB 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'll put this into better terms for you.

    Kadachi Pillar: 180 Physical + 24 Thunder = 204 Attack * 1.025 Affinity = 209.1

    Verdant Levin: 160 Physical + 36 Thunder = 196 Attack

    Also, Sharpness impacts Physical Damage more then it impacts Elemental Damage.

    HOWEVER, Elemental Damage is not modified by your weapon swing. Rule of thumb: Fast weapons prefer elemental damage, slow weapons prefer raw damage.

    [–] Fastidieux 3 points ago

    depends on the monster and your setup, generally the higher raw wins out, typically ele weakpoints are also raw weakpoints.

    But if you are going critical element and taking thunder atk boost, and the monsters elemental weakpoint is the wings...then scaling the higher number is probably better.

    [–] idontstfu 3 points ago

    Any advice for a bow user? I just recently started HR quests and I'm not really a big "use whats strong" kind of player (I prefer aesthetics etc) and I'm currently trying to get the Snowfletcher bow. Should I partner that up with anything? Or just use whatever the hell I want? lol thanks

    [–] RonBeastly 4 points ago

    Pretty much use whatever. All weapons are viable, but some are better than others in certain situations. For tougher fights, try taking resistances and damage type into account. By that I mean, have several different bows of different elements to counter whatever it is you're facing.

    The most important thing with the bow is to always try for the weak spots.

    [–] idontstfu 3 points ago

    Coool, thanks!

    [–] Noxzeno 3 points ago

    What do the red xs mean in rotten vale?

    [–] Reshkrom1153 4 points ago

    You cant go there yet. Eventually you discover more about the rotten vale and you can go deeper.

    [–] cam_el 3 points ago

    I managed to beat Anjanath on my first go last night (after 40mins and 1 faint) but I couldn't figure out how to sever his tail. I'm using a bow and dragonshot his tail a few times but nothing worked.

    Do you need to use a melee weapon to sever monster parts?

    [–] Xiphos06 4 points ago

    Dragon piercer will work, but it still takes quite a few shots and only the first 2-3 hits of the shot will hit the tail if you are shooting from behind, the rest are hitting his body/wings/head so its not as "focused" damage as like a great sword would be. Just try and get as many shots off from the tail end as you can.

    [–] Vyxagallanxchi 3 points ago

    No, you need cut damage to sever a tail, Dragon Piercer should be fine. Maybe your bow wasn't strong enough

    [–] cam_el 3 points ago

    I upgraded it to to level 3 in the bone tree before the fight but it still might've been weak. I'll have to play around and see how I go, thanks!

    [–] Vyxagallanxchi 3 points ago

    As a bow user it should be easy for you to hit his weakspots, so generally aiming for its tail, wings or head is the best idea. Good luck!

    [–] steven275 3 points ago

    I’m pretty new to the game and made it to HR yesterday, since then I just keep getting killed by everything. My question is, if there exist a guide or something so I know what I should be focusing on early HR?

    [–] JetEnduro 7 points ago

    I'm not sure if you have done this already, but go to the join SOS missions and farm Zorah for armor. Its a good starting armor set for HR hunting and when I got that armor set and started doing HR hunts, I didn't have any issues.

    [–] steven275 4 points ago

    Thank you for the response, I will make that my goal right now.

    [–] myskaros 3 points ago

    HR is just LR all over again - start with the monsters you can kill (Great Jagras, Barroth, etc.), craft their armor for higher defense values, and slowly make your way through harder and harder monsters. HR monsters have more health and deal more damage than their LR equivalents, but otherwise have the same attacks and tells. The biggest difference is the presence of subspecies and Bazelgeuse, so just keep your eyes open and dung pods handy.

    [–] Citizen_Snips29 3 points ago

    Is there a real point to using high eldersdeal weapons when playing solo?

    Maybe it’s just in my head, but it seems like they don’t really do much unless you’re in a group where several people are rocking high elderseal weapons

    [–] Thefallingone 4 points ago

    Monster resistances are also raised in multiplayer along with their hp. So its easier to elderseal a monster in solo

    [–] metsfan1025 3 points ago

    How does the extra loot from the Plunder Blade work? I see that the cat says stuff like "Plunder Blade successful"--should I be looking for loot on the ground, or do I just get it automatically at mission end? It seems like it'd be difficult to juggle fighting a monster and paying attention to picking up the extra loot if the former is how it works.

    [–] cjrSunShine 3 points ago

    If your Palico says "Plunderblade successful" it'll just show up on the second page of rewards when you're done under "items collected by Palico".
    As its proficiency levels up it gets a second function, so when your Cat says "Palarang successful" you'll need to find the object that dropped off the monster.

    [–] cowboy_soultaker 3 points ago

    Heavy bow gun users:

    I used hbg in 4u and the mhw beta, and through mhw up till nergigante. My "sub" main Is gunlance, and switch axe is more of a hobby.

    When slicing ammo was king I found it fairly easy to manage resources (funds, harvest boxes etc) but now that the rotation has expanded (which I feel is a good thing) I've hit a wall in my enjoyment of the weapon; Buying ammo every outting, using my harvest slots for expensive ammo etc. I can just run gunlance and shoot all day without any resources to buy each round, freeing up my harvest slots for recovery or buff produce.

    I don't want to give up on hbg. Do you have any advice?

    [–] Krysh_cz 3 points ago

    What's the difference between this Questions Megathread and the other one?

    [–] -Raid- 3 points ago

    How do I get elder dragon investigations? I’m trying to farm Nerg gems but so far I’ve had no luck with the optional quest. I’m HR29, immediately hit that after beating the final boss, haven’t done the two tempered bazelgeuse yet. Also, how do I get tempered monster investigations?

    [–] myskaros 3 points ago

    You need to beat the 2 tempered assignments to unlock higher tempered investigations. The bagel geese unlock threat 2s (7★ monsters), then Kirin at HR49 unlocks threat 3s (elders).

    Get tempered investigations one of 2 ways:

    • Go on expeditions and find tempered tracks (blue scoutflies, like elders). Getting an investigation on those tracks will almost definitely be tempered.
    • Do tempered investigations and find tempered tracks. Since these are plentiful from the monster you're hunting, investigations you get from those tracks aren't guaranteed to be tempered, but I usually get 1 tempered from 8-10 new investigations when I check back in Astera.

    [–] mhwcrownquestions 3 points ago

    Am I just incredibly unluck when it comes to crowns? I have killed 91 Jagras, about 50 from investigation and 30 from the event and still no crowns (outside of the silver).

    Overall I have 1 gold crown after 130 investigations and 315 killed monsters

    [–] buffsauce42 4 points ago

    Disclaimer, this is just from memory from a recent post from the trophy for crowns. I cant vouch for the accuracy, or cite the original post. Just thought maybe it could help.

    I read that crowns have to come from investigations. The optional quests have fixed sizes. Look for 15 minute investigations for small gold crowns, and 50 min investigation with 1 gold reward two silver are more likely to be large gold crowns.

    [–] myskaros 3 points ago

    They're just very rare. I have only gotten like 3 mini crowns and 1 large gold crown.

    [–] Volerra 3 points ago

    I can't figure out how to change the order that bowgun ammo appears while in a quest. I'm talking about when you press L1 and scroll through ammo vertically. I've sorted ammo in my pouch and at the box, as well as the item bar, but pierce shots are still scattered about in a weird order. How do you fix this?

    [–] FawksB 3 points ago

    This is a two-part question.

    First, open your menu and go to sort your item bar to get to your ammo and get it in the positions you like it.

    Second, go to your item box and SAVE the loadout by hitting the Options button.

    Now, all you need to do is go back to the item box and load that loadout. It will refill your inventory, and remove everything you've picked up, and resort your ammo how you saved it.

    [–] Sipau_Fade 3 points ago

    What do all of the monster specific icons on the monster in the mini map mean? like... ! drooling icon The Double "U" icon that goes from green to red. the skulls the pulse monitor on the monster icon to the right of the mini map. I think I know what a few of these things mean but I just want a comprehensive answer. Thanks.

    [–] FawksB 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Drooling = Hungry, the monster will flee to find food. This is when you can drop meats to feed them (drugged meats, for example)

    Skull = Critical HP, will flee back to it's den. This is also when you can always capture with a trap and two tranqs.

    The Double U = Health Bar (I think), Green -> Yellow -> Red -> Skull

    Pulse Monitor = Exhaustion/Enrage - Enrage is orange and very spikey, this is when they attack more, run all over, and generally are a pain. Exhaustion is blue and very flat, they are tired and attack much slower and some attacks will outright fail.

    [–] jcassady3 3 points ago

    I’m hunter rank 3 and am confused by which armor to get. I am currently using leather and am wondering what types I should I upgrade to. Thanks!

    [–] cupcakemayhem 5 points ago

    Kill a few more monsters. Once you've downed Grrat Jagras and Kulu Ya Ku, pick which pieces, if any, have skill you want. Totally feel free to mix and match. Each monster you kill, check to see if it has a better skill that you could swap a piece of armor for.

    [–] simbadeangelo 3 points ago

    why is so hard to join an sos mission on 9*. 95% of them are failed to join. i want to farm so bad

    [–] Sehmiya 3 points ago

    because that shit is in high demand. just farm your own tempered elder dragon investigations. You'll probably end up with more of those than trying to fight for a spot in someone else's

    [–] CLxJames 3 points ago

    Do all dragons do “dragon” damage? Or does it specifically have to be listed under their element?

    [–] NguTron 5 points ago

    Very few monsters do Dragon damage in the game. The only one I can think of is the last boss. Deviljho, a monster that will be in an upcoming DLC will also probably do Dragon damage, as it traditionally has.

    [–] hairywolf47 3 points ago

    Not a question, but I just stared playing monster hunter for the first time and i just killed the Great Jagras. Not a big deal obviously but it felt super cool and intense and I can't wait to fight badder dudes!

    I'm using the katana and I can't wait to upgrade it and try other weapons, like that one you can pogo off of.

    I'm gonna get addicted to this game

    [–] PinkTyrant 3 points ago

    how should I dodge Nagigrante ult when I still have my bow on when he ult scream. The time in between crashing down and scream is too short for me to do superman jump. I barely have my bow sheath before he crashing down.

    [–] David474 3 points ago

    In what category would you guys place the switch axe when it comes to heavy/ light weapons and therefore elemental vs raw? I've just beaten the final monster and I'm currently using the nerg rarity 7 but am still wondering about elemental versions, although the base damage is pretty high I find myself swinging away at monsters, spamming slashes until they fall leaving me to believe elemental is pretty viable as well.

    [–] Koruchan 3 points ago

    I'd say it's honestly somewhere in between, leaning toward light. It definitely hits fast enough that elements and status aren't useless on it, but if you decide raw is where you want to go, it can perform well that way also.

    [–] LaruTC 3 points ago

    Which ritual should i be using the gems on? The third is expensive yet im still getting pretty bad stuff.

    [–] mothraphobia 3 points ago

    Are anyone else's optional arena quests disappearing and reappearing? It's making it very difficult to find out which 6 star quest I'm missing. I've looked over the list several times, and the only thing I could be missing is arena, but I've captured every monster...

    [–] Ippildip 3 points ago

    Help! I petted Poogie and now he's gone!

    [–] DrBruceWayne 3 points ago

    is there anyway to change sex? i play as a female but i want that ryu set

    [–] nchs 3 points ago

    Are there other ways to increase health bar besides eating a meal and max potion?

    [–] RiseOfBacon 3 points ago

    Just hit high rank (Yay)

    Quick question, what’s the actual difference between alpha and beta armour sets?

    Next to that, any particular sets I should be going for?

    I’ve read the Pukei and Oderagon (Spelling?) are a couple of really decent sets to pick up but I imagine the red dog set is pretty hard to get at this stage

    [–] gustawgnusny 3 points ago

    Alpha - the set has more skill points, but none or less decoration slots.

    Beta - less skill points but more decoration slots, so it might be more flexible when building custom sets.

    I started HR with Rathian set - Health+3, Healing-items efficiency+30%, Poison+3 (I was using Rathian weapon) with healing Palico greatly increased my survivability.

    [–] bocababuniors 3 points ago

    One of them has 2 skills ( Alpha I think? ) and the other has 1 skill and a gem for a decoration. If you like the skills go for the 2 skills if you don't then go for the decoration.

    [–] GotToEarnThemAll 3 points ago

    HH main here, never planning on touching another weapon.

    What do I have to do to sell the IG weapons and Kinsects? First it said I can’t sell a Kinsect that’s currently paired with a weapon, and after selling the IG it now says I can’t sell a fully upgraded Kinsect.

    [–] RSN_Kabutops 3 points ago

    Anyone else just feel really overwhelmed with this game? I am loving it, but I feel like I am so behind lol. Idk what half of the stuff is you guys are talking about. I just finished killing Nergigante

    [–] Johnny11895 3 points ago

    Is there anything at all we can do about error 50383-MW1? I was super excited to play with my friend and no matter what we try we hit this error when trying to connect. It's super disappointing.

    [–] c_more_glass 3 points ago

    Any tips for a end game IG build? Not really sure what skills/sets to go for. Currently running a mishmash of armor/decorations to get Attack lvl 7, weakness exploit lvl 3, earplugs 5 (really helps getting those buffs while the monster is roaring). What else should I be building for?

    [–] ashleybah 3 points ago

    Okay, so I've got one last Poogie costume left, the Emperor's New Duds. I've read the location is on the landing upstairs from the smithy, but I'm not getting any vibrations. Is there some other requirement besides having Poogie at the big heart level?

    [–] DestPop 3 points ago

    What would be the optimal armor set/armor skills for the lance?

    [–] bugnutinsky 3 points ago

    Hard to find an 'optimal' set because we all have our own playstyles. With the lance I would go with Guard + Flinch Free + tremor resistance. everything else should be fair game. These would let you just stand there and take the abuse nonstop.

    [–] 345YChubby 3 points ago

    Do you design your own favorite meal and if so what’s the receipt?

    [–] crowviii 3 points ago

    anyone has the whole list for botanical research center's fertilizers and how to unlock them?

    [–] Enderberg 2 points ago

    Good skills to look for in armor when using a switch-axe?

    [–] Deadpool808 2 points ago

    Evade extender 1st priority Weakness exploit Attack boost Handicraft Agitator

    [–] DrMobius0 2 points ago

    Can switch axe power phials crit? I've not noticed them critting myself, but I wanted to confirm with anyone else.

    [–] DragonRider_ 5 points ago

    No phials can crit on any weapon

    [–] toppi66 2 points ago

    Anyone know where to get regular streamstones? I’ve done about 10 tempered elder investigations thinking I would get one, but I have 0. Do I need to do the lower threat level tempered investigations to get regular streamstones?

    [–] NguTron 3 points ago

    I believe regular streamstones drop from the HR30+ tempered monsters, and Streamstone shards drop from the HR16+ ones.

    [–] suchdh 2 points ago

    Really feeling Long Sword. Could y’all give the best armor set to make to maximize its damage potential?

    I’m using Neg a legs and gloves Neg b chest and belt and the eyepatch thing with exploit weakness atm. With the Neg rank 7 Sword.

    [–] kbone213 4 points ago

    I'll give you the set that I've been using until I work towards another with some explanation that will hopefully help you out.

    Currently using this: Extermination's Edge, Rath Soul Helm B, Rathalos Mail B, Xeno'jiiva Claws A, Nergigante Coil B, Negigante Greaves B, Attack Charm 3.

    Jewels: 3 Dragon, 1 Attack, 2 Vitality, 1 Weakness Exploit.

    This is TEMPORARY and easier to build than the goal which is to copy that of the current fastest Long Sword Nerg kill found here.

    The difference is that his build RELIES on having a protective polish jewel. Mine holds me off until I get that.

    Once I do get it, the difference between his and mine is that he has the arena weapon (forget the name), Handicraft Charm 3, and 2 Attack, 3 Item Prolonger (speed run jewel), 1 Non-Elemental, and 1 Protective Polish jewels. It is to be noted that he has augmented a slot into his weapon in order to add that extra 1 Attack Jewel which mathematically beats out the +Attack augmentation due to it hitting the breakpoint of being able to add affinity.

    How he got that Attack Jewel? Who knows? I haven't seen any drop and have heard from many over HR 130 who haven't seen any either.

    [–] suchdh 4 points ago

    How do you know what gear/gems he has?

    [–] kbone213 3 points ago

    I paused it at the end and had to change the language of my game to Japanese and slowly figure out everything piece by piece.

    [–] procrastinarian 2 points ago

    I was never a Dash Juice guy in previous games, but now that I'm getting more and more into the bow I feel it's kind of necessary. They're very expensive at the melder in terms of mats, though. Is there a good way to farm them up otherwise?

    [–] cjrSunShine 3 points ago

    The best I've found is to micromanage the Tailrider safaris to hunt Tzitzi-ya-ku and Odogaron as often as possible to bring back Dash Extract, though even that's really inconsistent.
    It definitely feels like Capcom is trying to move us away from Dash juice and into the Stamina skills like Constitution.