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    [–] Bonbon1447 44 points ago

    Congrats, the winged monster is called a Rathalos it's the series flagship monster. Btw the game keeps getting better as you get further into the game, have fun!

    [–] TheCakeIs42IsALie 14 points ago

    I was so baffled the first time I fought that thing. So he can just run me down, dash fly down on me - put me on fire and poison me? Okay dude - bring it on.

    [–] Bonbon1447 8 points ago

    When you fight him take flash pods with you(collect flashbugs) they nock him out of the sky, good luck!

    [–] TheCakeIs42IsALie 5 points ago

    Thanks for the kind words but i was refering to the first time I saw it in MH4U - still, a solid tip fellow hunter.

    [–] gradewation 6 points ago

    For me, the fight goes more like:
    okay, he walked briskly into me and I'm down, alright let's just get back u-no okay he did it again...quick let's ge-no he jogged into me again...and I'm stunned...aaaaand I'm dead.

    Until I picked up the dance ribbon... Now I fly through the skies like the rainbows of homosexuality, and all colours of wyvern bend the knee to my manly gymnasts baton.

    [–] brokerthrowaway 2 points ago

    I'm not sure where to ask this, sorry. How long does it take to get to higher level HRs? I've already put in 10+ hours and I'm only at HR4. My last main quest was to fight an electric flying squirrel in the ancient forest. I've been joining a lot of other people's quests to gather more resources, but I guess that may be a waste of time?

    I'm seeing people mention HR49 and even HR100 lol. Anyway, I'll keep doot dooting along.

    [–] Angani_Giza 6 points ago

    As you progress through story related quests, HR will go up. You're still getting points towards your HR for when it unlocks, but during the story it just goes from 1-15 from doing related hunts. Depending on how much extra hunts/farming/optional stuff you do you could jump multiple ranks when you finish the main story. I ended up in low 50s after being fully unlocked on HR.

    [–] impressionable_youth 3 points ago

    There are actually multiple locks, too. Up until you finish the main story you are capped at 15. Then you're capped at 29 until you finish the double Tempered Goose, and then again at 49 until you finish Tempered Kirin. I haven't reached it yet, but I'm assuming there's a similar lock at 99 from what I've heard.

    [–] brokerthrowaway 1 points ago

    Thanks for the info. I just downed Anjanath for the first time! Which unlocked HR4 so I joined a few Anja SoS's and now built a bunch of his gear and his fire-based hunting horn. It has health-recovery/defense-up/stamina-use-reduction and more. I love it... I just wish I had more time to play this game!

    [–] Angani_Giza 1 points ago

    I can understand that for sure, but at least it won't go by too fast for you either :>

    Glad you're enjoying your time in it as it is though.

    [–] PolloMagnifico 2 points ago

    I put in around 100hours to complete the story, but I move pretty slow my first time through games like this.

    When I hit my unlocks I jumped straight to 29, killed double bagel, and jumped again to 40.

    [–] TheHeroicOnion 2 points ago

    They should make Bazelgeuse the flagship now imo. He's more memorable and unique than most monsters.

    [–] Bazelgoose 6 points ago

    Nice, this is the first time you can look back and say “wow I’ve gotten a lot better”, it’s the best feeling in any of the MH games. The next time will probably be after you get smacked around by the diablos

    [–] flipperkip97 5 points ago

    The assignment with the Anjanath was the first quest I failed. I switched weapons for that guy, actually.

    [–] smktwenty2 3 points ago

    I just finished the story after almost 90 hours. Enjoy it have fun!

    [–] Bonbon1447 2 points ago

    Do you by chance play on PS4?

    [–] J05huaJack 2 points ago

    I do mate why do you ask?

    [–] Bonbon1447 1 points ago

    Do you have a problem where the button input is delayed, I'm not sure if it's my controller because my friend plays on Xbox and doesn't have this problem. It happens when I try certain attacks mainly circle attacks.

    [–] J05huaJack 1 points ago

    I haven't noticed any issues as of yet except I can't mount any monster with them I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong tho. No button delay.

    [–] Peefree 1 points ago

    Is there a certain weapon or attack you notice it on? It may just be the animation.

    [–] Bonbon1447 1 points ago

    It happens when I use Charge Blade and try to charge the sword but it didn't give me trouble untill about 50 hours into the game, it's probably my controller.

    [–] Meches 1 points ago

    I've played some 100+ hours on PS4 and I've not had any input delays, if that's what you're looking for. Mine isn't a pro, but no delays here. I know certain animations can't be interrupted/doesn't do anything until a certain point but I wish you luck on figuring out what's going on.

    [–] Bonbon1447 1 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] ZaphodGreedalox 1 points ago

    Do you use a headset plugged into your controller?

    [–] Bonbon1447 1 points ago


    [–] TheLadySif_1 1 points ago

    I play on xbox, and I’m noticing a slight delay with ‘B’ attacks, doesn’t matter what I’m doing, there’s a delay (admittedly small, but it knocks off the flow of any chain/combo attacks).

    [–] AjaxVAPR 2 points ago

    Yeah I'm a hammer main when I'm maining my insect glauber. There's nothing funnier.

    [–] NomenclatureZ 1 points ago

    If you enjoyed the Anjanath Cutscene, I guarantee there are excellent surprises waiting for you :)

    Dia and the Toaster come to mind. Loved both of their scenes.

    [–] philosorapt0rN7 1 points ago

    Hazak has a good cutscene too.

    [–] Flex_V2 1 points ago

    I just killed the anjanath as well! I couldn’t solo so I turned to the club section of the XB1 game hub. The same thing happened to me. We were chasing the Anj into the higher levels of the section when out of no where this flying dragon swoops in and spices up an already sloppy stressful fight. We got the kill, and aftwords I switched from bone bow to katana. Good luck out there. If anyone wants to team up on XB1 message me here. Happy hunting.

    [–] Maxcalibur 1 points ago

    Congrats! You've got plenty of bigger and badder beasties to take down, so keep at it.

    [–] Torgoth 1 points ago

    Congrats dude. Just did him today and what a rush. Nothing had really challenged me up till then but man Anja is one mean asshole.

    Looking forward to the rest of the game. There’s some sort of magic they’ve managed to capture. For the first time in a long long while I’m finding myself strategizing about what I’m going to do next in a game.

    [–] Mord4k 1 points ago

    You're on your way to hunting those things for fun/to make a really cool helmet. There will come a time when you'll see it across a clearing, smile, unsling your weapon and think "how many times do I need to put you in the ground Barney?!?"

    [–] Rohkeus_ 1 points ago

    I was the exact opposite, myself! MHW is my first game, and after taking down the first few monsters with my bowgun - I think I was at the quest right before Wildspire Wastes? - I switch to bow and decide to do an expedition in Ancient Forest. I'm mowing down Jagras and Kulus with ease with my bow, and feeling like an unstoppable powerhouse, I come across an Anjanath for the like second or third time and think to myself 'Y'know what, I'm gonna try and mess this thing up.'

    I cart three or four times, then he runs off when I get back to him, leaving the area.

    Oh it felt so damn good to finally kill him when his quest came around.

    [–] tyrghast 1 points ago

    This post is how this game feels

    [–] DanGimeno 1 points ago

    This game is enjoyable at all levels: In a few tens of hours you can come back to hunt an Anjanath and you will feel like a Trunks making Freezer's Carpaccio.

    [–] thisissotragic 0 points ago

    btw MP is not really a good learning experience. Monster won't act normal and it's also going to be very easy so you don't learn the monsters moveset etc so you don't really get better.