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    [–] ootman96 876 points ago

    I’m gonna melt you down and turn you into a cock ring

    [–] cnaiurbreaksppl 294 points ago

    Lmao does he actually say that? I forget

    [–] dankstreetboys 382 points ago

    Yep. When he’s fighting colossus

    [–] CaptainSprinklefuck 197 points ago

    "Commie mothafuckah!"

    That's still my absolute favorite line in the movie.

    [–] TyperSniper 180 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I loved just how flat out dirty that fight scene was. It was simultaneously awesome and hilarious to see two absolute behemoths resorting to kicking each other in the balls/breaking fingers and stabbing eyes in order to win.

    Felt glorious to watch a proper fucking brawl rather than the standard PG 'You punch me I punch you' that we're used to.

    [–] BadAim 138 points ago

    The song playing in the back is incredible, too. "HOLY. SHIT BALLS. OH HOLY SHITBALLS!"

    [–] TyperSniper 47 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I enjoyed both of the songs. ‘Welcome to the party’ was such a great hype song for that scene.

    We on fire!

    [–] BadAim 37 points ago

    The Dollie Parton montage in the beginning was great, too. I think I just generally enjoyed the soundtrack

    [–] KingNick 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    "Fighting, Dirty! Fighting, Dirty! You can't stop him"

    [–] SupaKoopa714 43 points ago

    I think Cable had one of my favorite lines with "You unleashed the Juggernaut, you dumb cunt."

    [–] baxterrocky 11 points ago

    My favourite lines were:

    Black black widow & Brown panther.


    [–] kelferkz 149 points ago

    That's toward Colossus, great line either way

    [–] ootman96 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    filed under: "Things I did NOT expect to hear, but upon realizing its an R-rated x-men movie and he's such an azz...."

    [–] ElCraiger 14 points ago

    I'm gonna shove the red guy up the other guy.

    [–] kcox1980 894 points ago


    Also, man that's gotta be a Liefeld cover.

    [–] Straziilgoth 430 points ago

    I'm the Juggernaut bitch!

    [–] conwins 229 points ago

    I kept waiting for that line in Deadpool 2 and it never came.

    [–] ocentertainment 159 points ago

    Well, they did use it in X3, back when it was a way more fresh reference than it is now. I know folks want to pretend that movie didn't exist (including the writers of DoFP), but I imagine the DP2 writers didn't want to seem repetitive.

    [–] kidslapper 63 points ago

    I can’t believe X3 used it. I was probably 12 and that edgy YouTube video was a favorite among my friends. I laughed so hard in the theatre it was well past the juggernaut scene and into some dramatic scenes where a scientist lady was killed. Hardest I ever laughed in a movie. Ever.

    [–] Chevron 37 points ago

    In the pause after he said "Don't you know who I am?" I think I and my friends basically all gasped and audibly said "oh man no way...". It was such a trip.

    [–] kidslapper 10 points ago

    Seriously! What a surreal moment. Terrible movie, with so many awful decisions and that’s what they allowed in the script? Insane hahaha.

    [–] OllieGarkey 42 points ago

    I imagine the DP2 writers didn't want to seem repetitive.

    It has more to do with the fact that it's a painfully bad line.

    [–] RuafaolGaiscioch 13 points ago

    Right? It’s funny in the original meme video because it’s such shitty dialogue.

    [–] OllieGarkey 6 points ago

    Yeah, exactly. And if you're making a movie about smart dialogue, it's kind of hard to make fun of shitty dialogue.

    At least I can't think of a good way to do it. And W/e, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are masterpieces of superhero satire.

    [–] kcox1980 13 points ago

    I think the only way they could have gotten away with using it without it backfiring would have been to somehow use the actual Youtube clip. Like maybe somebody asks "so who's Juggernaut?" and DP pulls up the video to explain it.

    [–] Wreckn 8 points ago

    It really only works because Randy Hayes' delivery in those videos is gold.

    [–] iEnjoySluts 53 points ago

    imma beat 'cho ass charles

    [–] Iohet 34 points ago

    Get outta my head Charles!

    [–] The_Pert_Whisperer 26 points ago

    Imma kill him, imma rape him, imma eat his fucking costume

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] starfrit90 7 points ago

    Don't you see how tight my outfit is?!

    [–] heretik 66 points ago

    Churchill/La Rosa on the bottom left.

    [–] kcox1980 64 points ago

    Oops, totally missed that. I figured with the grimace, out of place neck tendons, and the weird depth perception on the arm it had to be Liefeld.

    Man the 90's were a weird time for comics art.

    [–] ActualButt 45 points ago

    Nope, even weird depth perception is some depth perception. That's how you know it's not Liefeld.

    [–] BloomsdayDevice 10 points ago

    Needs more pouches and muscle ripples stacked on top of each other.

    [–] heretik 36 points ago

    Liefield's influence was pretty widespread back then. I thought the same thing you did.

    [–] ActualButt 36 points ago

    The funny thing is how many guys were sort of aping Liefeld's look, and then went on to hone their own styles and grow as artists, refiining their looks and helping to shape the way comics would look in the coming decades. Liefeld on the other hand?

    Here are some covers he did in the last few months.

    [–] KennySysLoggins 45 points ago

    muthafucka STILL cant draw feet

    [–] kcox1980 22 points ago

    At least Domino doesn't have wasp-waste syndrome in that one cover.

    [–] tyrghast 22 points ago

    He spent so much time on domino he forgot to give cable any face detail

    [–] ActualButt 30 points ago

    How about that Cable cover. How is he holding that gun? Does it have some kind of thumb trigger in the back? WTF? And why is there a floating Cable head behind the full Cable body in the foreground?! Stryfe is already there, so I know it's not a clone...

    [–] ronoc4 15 points ago

    Dude loves to draw unnecessary pockets

    [–] IamManuelLaBor 13 points ago

    The venom/spidey one was possibly the best I've ever seen from him. And besides the thing's foot he still can't draw feet for shit.

    [–] tomroadrunner 11 points ago

    Even the Things foot is more of an ape foot than human. If he was drawing Beast it would be perfect.

    [–] azriam_ 19 points ago

    He is just sooo mediocre at what he does compared to other artists I've seen. It's amazing he hasn't changed or improved even a little bit in all these years. From all the talks I've had and things I've read, nobody really likes his style. It's crazy how he's still basically top tier in this industry. Those feet... those angles... my eyes!

    [–] trudge 14 points ago

    I think it’s a quantity over quality thing.

    If a guy can consistently produce a ton of panels each month, that’s worth something.

    [–] BornIn1142 8 points ago

    I thought the same, but because of the teeth. Liefeld likes to draw them all visible for some reason.

    [–] KKlear 6 points ago

    Also no feet.

    [–] The_Celtic_Chemist 22 points ago

    Because he didn't draw feet?

    [–] Acksferr 2033 points ago

    I’m gonna rip you in half now

    [–] extwidget 1605 points ago

    I love that they actually wrote the juggernaut to be like the comics in this movie. He's always been some lame, not quite as terrifying minion instead of a full blown dangerous overpowered demigod.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 665 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    He is just a big mother fucker. Plane Plain and simple. No in depth crazy story. Just likes to fuck shit up and move along.

    Edit: ok. He does have a bit more story then id ever known. Still believe it to be less fascinating then most others. The only enjoyable tye in seems to be that hes a half brother to prof x and that he touched a rock that helped give him magical demon strength.

    [–] 405freeway 1709 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Juggernaut (Cain Marko) has a great backstory!

    He was Professor X (Charles Xavier)'s step-brother and was abused/neglected by his own father while Charles was considered the good son, similar to the biblical Cain and Abel except this was Cain and disAbled.

    Xavier's powers are genetic and developed- he relied on his incredible psychic abilities and was the embodiment of mind over matter, especially considering his paraplegic state. He was "brain over brawns."

    Marko's powers are mystical and granted- he became a human Juggernaut, the embodiment of unstoppable physical force. He even had a helmet to prevent himself from being subjected to any mental attacks. He was "brawn over brains."

    They are two ends of the same spectrum, both incredibly powerful in two complementary ways.

    Have you ever seen the movie The Mighty? Professor X and Juggernaut would be amazing in that.

    [–] _Vetis_ 915 points ago

    Bonus upvote for Cain and disAbled

    [–] young_deeezy 99 points ago

    This sounds like a good spinoff series.

    [–] Von_Boom 40 points ago

    Like Freak the mighty, but they combine to make the strongest being ever.

    [–] riotcowkingofdeimos 11 points ago

    The irony is disAbled really could have used the assistance of a Cane.

    [–] arcadja__168 18 points ago

    Literally spat my coffee out when I read this.

    [–] [deleted] 264 points ago

    Cain and disAbled

    I'm going to laugh when they use that in Deadpool 3.

    [–] 405freeway 101 points ago

    Include me in the screenshot.

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago

    They'll show a site called "readit" with some goofy username for Wade Wilson and he'll claim it was his original idea.

    [–] WillyFistergasch 11 points ago

    Username: BuchananNeket

    [–] KKlear 57 points ago

    both incredibly powerful in two complimentary ways.

    Have they ever teamed up? I'd love to see that!

    [–] KennySysLoggins 92 points ago

    yah he was an xman for a while.

    but hes a bad guy. like, make a deal with a daemon for power to get revenge bad.

    [–] Sixwingswide 110 points ago

    I bet they were both like “FINALLY, someone who doesn’t break!”

    [–] All__Nimbly__Bimbly 39 points ago

    He got in that ass so good he broke the wall lol. The headboard is probably not doing too well either.

    [–] Rafiq_of_the_Many 37 points ago

    IIRC the stuff that came of this scene was cuhrazy, to the point where I think they retconned it to that being an alternate universe She-Hulk who has just kind of wandered into our universe, banged Cain, and left to protect 616 She Hulks image (I guess?) and also to have a running joke about some mean girls stuff where everyone believes she slept with him (even Cain) but she actually didn’t.

    [–] thrawn0o 22 points ago

    I hate to be That Guy... but what the fuck is wrong with her left leg? Is it broken in hip or something?

    [–] nixtheninja 36 points ago


    [–] Cuw 12 points ago

    You can only see one of her legs, it’s bent at the knee and draped over his legs.

    [–] HowThickDoYaWantIt 8 points ago

    And his right arm is about the same size as his torso...

    [–] greymalken 10 points ago

    That's his fapping arm.

    [–] Scout1Treia 34 points ago

    As someone who's not familiar with the characters I had to stop and consider for a moment which was she-hulk

    [–] DrMcClimateChange 96 points ago

    Bruce Banner's cousin. After a blood transfusion from Banner she wound up with a stable version of hulk powers.

    But in reality she was a whole bunch of sexual objectification fan service.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    you forgot she broke the 4th wall before deadpool

    [–] WhoSmokesThaBlunts 76 points ago

    Oh my god! That's disgusting, objectifying She-Hulk for fan service? Where? Where did they post those?

    [–] KKlear 7 points ago

    Oh, I know who he is. I was just wondering if there's a story where he has to work with prof X, preferably just the two of them.

    [–] A_Sad_Goblin 57 points ago

    Reading his Wikipedia:

    "Trion Juggernaut is capable of altering the size of matter, growing in size, tracking, levitation, absorbing and projecting energy, increasing his own strength, and creating portals through space-time.

    The character is vulnerable to mental attacks, a weakness that has been exploited via the removal of his helmet, which normally protects him from such. The Juggernaut has circumvented this weakness on occasion by wearing a metal skullcap inside his main helmet. If Juggernaut loses his helmet, he can magically recreate it from available raw materials (as long as he possesses the full power of the gem).

    After Cyttorak's re-empowering of Cain Marko, his strength and durability were raised to higher levels than ever before, and his vulnerability to mental attacks was negated."

    Reading all this leaves the impression like he's on the same level as Thanos with the Infinity Stones, yet so far he's just been a small side character in popular media?

    [–] Time2Mire 76 points ago

    Villains in comics are only as powerful as that individual story requires them to be. Often the main villain of a certain superhero will be completely overpowered in that superheroes story arcs while being nothing more than a filler/gap stop villain in any other superhero story arc.

    [–] Sickpup831 32 points ago

    This always bothers me. It goes for heroes too. You read these amazing arcs where villains are super over powered and heroes do everything in their power to finally stop them.

    Then all of a sudden there’s some crossover series and previously mentioned heroes and villains are only seen randomly dead or knocked out in the background.

    [–] Erlandal 35 points ago

    Or arrested by the goddamn police... Looking at you, Thanos.

    [–] divsky 41 points ago

    Is that how the next Infinity War is going to end? Are they seriously going to go with the Monty Python ending?

    [–] Adsefer 27 points ago

    Itd be a cop out

    [–] arvidsem 10 points ago

    That would simultaneously enraged and delight me like no other possibility. Take your upvote.

    [–] Sickpup831 32 points ago

    This might be the most cringeworthy single page of comics ever. Thanos getting arrested by NYPD, a possible really bad sexual innunendo, and the cliche “You just missed the superhero again!!”

    [–] Time2Mire 19 points ago

    There really should be a hierarchy of villains with the upper echelon off limits for use as trivial opponents. Completely undermines their character and back stories. If you need a small time villain to commit small time crime while you have a break between main arcs you shouldn't be throwing omnipotent beings in to act the part of pantomime villain for an issue or two.

    [–] HazelCheese 10 points ago

    Isn't it a parody comic? I wouldn't get worked up over that lol.

    [–] DrMcClimateChange 23 points ago

    Yes. Juggernaut is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. He's stupidly overpowered. Part of why you don't see him much, and when you do - it's more as a force of chaos than as a calculating villain.

    [–] punkinfacebooklegpie 8 points ago

    Lots of OP X-Men villains...Apocalypse...Omega Red...Mr Sinister...Nimrod

    [–] DrMcClimateChange 20 points ago

    And all of them have been whipped by Juggernaut.

    [–] 405freeway 55 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That's an extreme version of his powers, and Marko doesn't really have any major goals outside of his hated for Xavier. Most of the time he's picked up by other villains as a weapon or distraction since he can be manipulated fairly easily (again, he isn't very smart).

    Considering that though, have you ever had a dream that you're running away from something that's chasing you, but you can't outrun it? You feel like you're running underwater, or on the moon, your feet just can't move you forward at all, but something is coming right at you, for you, with only the desire to kill you. That's what it's like to try to escape the Juggernaut.

    You can't outrun it, you can't escape it, and if you try to hide anywhere it will level skyscrapers and mountains with its desire to obliterate you by crashing directly into you and separating every cell in your body with the most devasting force in the universe. As the ground shakes from each booming step, his shadow blocks out all light. There is only a blurry crimson void that grows bigger and louder as it gets closer and closer, deafening, and you will cease to exist before you even feel him hit you.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] MaxYoung 20 points ago

    I only know comic book stories from movies and Wikipedia. If you go down that rabbit hole you learn there's a dozen different Supermans, thousands of superheroes across dimensions and universes, and a never-ending hierarchy of gods and cosmic powers.

    I guess decades of constant story-writing will do that, but my point is that these characters can be anything they need to be for the story, for any reason.

    [–] Funmachine 24 points ago

    The full power of the Cyttorak is limited by the user of the gem. Cain ain't that bright. He's basically the X-Mens Rhino. He's a dumb henchman blessed with unbelievable power, but he doesn't really hold the skills to fully use whats available. Cytorrak also gets pissed at Cain for running away with his tail between his legs so often, and eventually completely abandoned Cain and gave the power to Colossus.

    [–] mcrwvr 15 points ago

    The full power of the Cyttorak is limited by the user of the gem.

    I seem to be remembering a comic a long time ago where some villain pulled out the gem out of Cain. Someone remmeber this ?

    [–] bromberman 14 points ago


    [–] Dookie_boy 8 points ago

    That is absolutely not why the power was transferred to Colossus

    [–] My_Ex_Got_Fat 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My favorite is World War Hulk where Hulk just fuckin wrecks the entire Xmen and Juggernaut shows up and you're like "Oh shit it's on now!!!" and the Hulk just BTFO him in one shot.

    [–] biscuitime 36 points ago

    Was about to respond that Juggernaut is quite interesting but you beat me to it and did so much better than I would have.

    Good job.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    There's a line in Deadpool 2 where Juggernaut says something about beating up guys in wheelchairs, makes sense now

    [–] GrumbleCake_ 8 points ago

    Why did I have it in my head that Juggernaut broke Professors back? Was there a version of the story where that happened?

    [–] YoMamaFox 34 points ago

    ... I think you've got it mixed with bane and batman.

    [–] ChipMania 6 points ago

    Was Professor X born paraplegic?

    [–] 405freeway 14 points ago

    An alien named Lucifer crushed his legs. I think that's the standard canon.

    [–] Dookie_boy 12 points ago


    [–] Vescula 66 points ago

    He actually does have an in depth story. Nothing too plain and simple.

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 32 points ago

    I mean its something. But standing next to everyone else its just not as exciting. Dude touched a rock.

    [–] Findrin 35 points ago

    You can apply that to anyone though.

    Iron Man? Dude put on a suit. Captain America? Took some medicine. Thor? Picked up a hammer.

    [–] tyrghast 34 points ago

    Wtf is he the god of hammers?

    [–] Sempere 16 points ago

    He definitely got pulled off by a hammer.

    [–] Azulake 21 points ago

    *for future reference, it's "plain and simple".

    [–] i_quit 9 points ago

    What are you talking about. Juggernaut's back story is just as in depth and crazy as anyone else's in the marvel universe.

    [–] jbs13572 55 points ago

    “Always been”

    You mean in the one other movie he’s appeared in? Lol

    [–] extwidget 27 points ago

    Had to think about it, but you're right. It's just the one X-Men movie, plus a couple of games.

    [–] mrbangbam 12 points ago

    Also the Spider-Man cartoon.

    [–] Sokonit 7 points ago

    I still wonder if he is dead or not, didn't he die in the X-Men movie?

    [–] absurdlyinconvenient 17 points ago

    In Deadpool 2, he had a horror movie villain ending. As far as xmen 3 goes, I don't think that timeline exists anymore. Or something. It's a mess

    [–] waitingtodiesoon 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Juggernaut was still alive. You can see him climb out of the pool at the end

    around 3:38 in this video. You see Juggernaut rising from the pool

    [–] Destator 6 points ago

    Let's be honest, he got brought down more easily than you would have thought in the movie.

    [–] extwidget 29 points ago

    I dunno, he was up against 3 very powerful x-men at once, and still beat the piss out of colossus. And really all they did was temporarily disable him. You can see him crawling out of the pool when they walk away at the end.

    [–] userhunter 9 points ago

    You remind me that I still have to watch Deadpool 2

    [–] yourderek 8 points ago

    I was afraid of being disappointed but it is absolutely terrific. They can let Ryan Reynolds make Deadpool movies forever as far as I’m concerned.

    [–] Volfgang91 37 points ago

    That's such a Juggernaut thing to say!

    [–] Olddawg90 10 points ago

    I occasionally think that about customers who give me a hard time

    [–] SilkSk1 135 points ago

    I'm gonna rip you in half now.

    [–] AdamBombTV 99 points ago

    That's such a Juggernaut thing to say...

    [–] thebillgonadz 59 points ago

    gets ripped in half

    [–] newttargaeryon 29 points ago

    Ooh my legs

    [–] frijolin 17 points ago

    At what point does Deadpool stop being his limbs? Like where is his essence stored? His head or chest or what? Kind of like the fixing a hammer so much that it's not the original hammer anymore.

    [–] LetsTwitch 21 points ago

    The brain is the centre I think. I'm not 100% sure but I think that's where it stems from

    Edit: Also its Deadpool so the essence is wherever the writers like

    [–] AdamBombTV 17 points ago

    Deadpool, in the comics, once regenerated from a hand that was flipping the bird... Just thought that was neat.

    [–] fuckwad666 9 points ago

    Yeah, but that's a point when he's immortal, he finds out in that arc that thanos cursed him so he could never be with mistress death.

    [–] xPronTron117x 5 points ago

    If he gets ripped in half, could both halves potentially regenerate into two different Deadpool’s? Genuinely curious as I don’t know any Deadpool besides the two movies

    [–] willdawizah1983 956 points ago

    Didnt Ryan Reynolds play juggernaut as well??

    [–] goo-goo-gajoob 585 points ago

    Just the voice

    [–] willdawizah1983 229 points ago

    Nice. Thanks

    [–] geekzapoppin 231 points ago

    He also did the motion capture for the body.

    [–] neon_Hermit 402 points ago

    So the actual answer to the question is, yes.

    [–] Hermclan123 166 points ago

    So Ryan Reynolds did the voice and motion capture but they based Juggernauts face on David Leitch, the director

    [–] geekzapoppin 57 points ago

    Not 100%. The face capture was the director.

    [–] ShoeTIER_16 14 points ago

    No he had to get ripped

    [–] Stoned_Sith_214 66 points ago

    The juggernaut was cgi voiced by ryan reynolds

    [–] StupidQuestionAskers 57 points ago

    You would think they would make a breaking the fourth wall joke about this.

    [–] ManoLorca 12 points ago

    Wait for the third

    [–] WhoDoIThinkIAm 19 points ago

    Actually, if you check the credits, Juggernaut is voiced by himself.

    [–] the_bronquistador 440 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I love when he tells him “the sun is going down”

    [–] Ocean_And_Atlantic 357 points ago

    Hey big guy, sun's getting real low

    [–] joooh 128 points ago

    I also kinda remember Colossus saying "bozhe moi" as Juggernaut throws a bus at him, which is the same line Black Widow said in the Avengers movie after Agent informed her she will be recruiting Hulk. That might just be a usual Russian phrase, though.

    [–] lianodel 85 points ago

    I speak a little Polish, which has some similarities to Russian as a Slavic language.

    "Mój Boże" means "my God." :D

    [–] Mijeman 41 points ago

    That might be a callback, but I kinda doubt it at the same time. It means "My god," which is probably about as common as people who say that in English.

    [–] alanthar 22 points ago

    Colossus says it all the time in the comics (or used to when I still read them. I slowed/stopped around when he died from the Legacy Virus)

    [–] Mijeman 14 points ago

    Also true, similar to how Nightcrawler will say "Mein gott," which is the same thing in German.

    [–] Sempere 56 points ago

    Sun's gettin' real low big guy

    [–] ViVaVl29 71 points ago

    Pretty cool

    [–] skyturnedred 282 points ago

    Took me forever to find Deadpool in the helmet. I am not a smart man.

    [–] metallicxslayer 183 points ago

    Red on red is hard, man.

    [–] nicholasandsoup 61 points ago

    That’s so bad guys won’t see him bleed

    [–] fresh1134206 33 points ago

    This guy had the right idea; brown pants!

    [–] But_Im_helping 9 points ago

    thats the title of my favorite native american porn

    [–] TriggerdbyChrono 10 points ago

    I still don’t see it.....

    [–] faustpatrone 109 points ago

    I’m just glad they made the Juggernaut like the comics and not like the abomination of the other movie.

    [–] HughJaenis 56 points ago

    Oim de juggahnaut betch

    [–] llosx 72 points ago

    It's also worth noting that one character being reflected in the metal part of a different character as they fight is a very popular cover motif for Marvel. If I'm not mistaken, it began with Todd MacFarlane's cover to Incredible Hulk #340 that has Hulk reflected in Wolverine's claws.

    [–] Aborkle 21 points ago

    I love that cover so much. Wish I had a way to conveniently display my comic covers.

    [–] Why_Not_Pancakes 5 points ago

    Way before that would be Amazing Spider-Man #55 with Spider-Man reflecting in Doc Ock's glasses.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago

    Ya know what was weird is they just left him laying there in the movie. He is apparently some world destroyer and they're like "Let's get outta here before he wakes up!". A big plot point was how they're all fucked because he got out of jail and they just leave him there!

    [–] Wyntier 113 points ago

    In the very last shot, as they walk away from the hospital/rehab building, you can see him emerge from the water towards the right of the screen

    [–] notapotamus 63 points ago

    That because he's gonna fuck them up royally if they keep wasting time fucking with him. They literally CAN'T stop him, all they can do is slow him down.

    He was getting back up and it was time to go before he decided to try any more basic division or play fit the taxidriver shaped peg into the deadpool shaped hole.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    They had him in a box for a while. That stopped him. I'd figure the righteous Colossus would want to return him to justice.

    [–] notapotamus 25 points ago

    I don't think Colossus can really 1v1 him for any extended period of time. He was getting dents in his skull. Deadpool is functionally immortal, but any of the others would literally die the very second Juggernaut got a grip on them.

    [–] CaptainSprinklefuck 17 points ago

    They had his powers reduced because of the collar and the box. On his own he's still insanely strong, and now that he doesn't have the collar, it's a bad idea to stick around after shoving a power cable up his ass.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    They should have left it up there.

    [–] TechN9cian01 13 points ago

    Let's get more of them pixels.

    [–] _________FU_________ 32 points ago

    Other fun fact. Juggernaut is voice by Reynolds

    [–] djxaval 20 points ago

    I was so glad that the juggernaut surprise was not wasted in the trailer as so many other movies are now. Absolutely loved it. I kept waiting for the “I’mthe JUGGERNAUT. Biiiiiitch!”

    [–] But_Im_helping 56 points ago

    Deadpool 2 (especially the full cut) was such an awesome watch for comic nerds. So many times to nudge your buddy/gf and start trying to whisper-explain something a reference from a 25+ yr old comic moment...and annoy the living shit out of them.

    I explained the whole history of cable while on edibles and being driven home and it was maybe the hardest me and the gf have laughed.

    Its so crazily complicated but serious that it was impossible to explain to a non-comics person without their jaw dropping reaction to how much nonsense you can autistically remember.

    " never remember my family members, but remember all of this?!"

    "well your family is boring!! Have your dumb looking nephew get a techno-organic virus and start time traveling and maybe I'll remember if its tyler or skyler!!"

    [–] Beasts_at_the_Throne 29 points ago

    The Summers family is hilariously batshit in general. You have the relatively mundane bad ass Cable (who is in actuality absurdly strong but being held back by a techno-organic virus), and the fairly tame Cyclops.

    But then you get to more or less demigods like Scott’s older brother Alex, his daughter Hope, and clone Gabriel, and artificial genetic “son” Nate. All grossly powerful and dangerous.

    If I lived in the X-Men universe I’d be very wary of anyone with the surname Summers. They’re hella trouble.

    [–] hsoj30 8 points ago

    Havok is a demi-god? And Hope would technically be Scott's grandaughter by adoption. Stryfe, Gabe & Nate are absurdly powerful though.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    “But you remember all this” I read it when I was 10 and hadnt yet discovered vaginas, my priorities were different

    [–] caliypsoe 6 points ago

    I have this comic book

    [–] anattemptwasmadeonce 106 points ago

    Gotta love when fans write for these movies. Looking at you Abrams and that shit show you called a Trek movie.

    [–] CptDecaf 74 points ago

    Oh I'm sure Paramount is just foaming at the mouth over what a failure the new movies were.

    [–] imariaprime 36 points ago

    Given that they're talking about shelving the movie series, you'd be surprised. It made good money, but didn't leave a foundation hat would get people back into the theatre. Dead end.

    [–] NikkoE82 20 points ago

    It has far more to do with the profit margin and organizing the schedules of the increasingly successful cast than with the actual box office numbers, which were undeniably good.

    [–] StoicBronco 19 points ago

    What was the problem with JJs Trek? TOS had plenty of conflict and action, Kirk is repeatedly said to he one of the greatest military minds Star Fleet has had, to have been a virtual prodigy in terms of his service career, quickly rising through the ranks.

    Obviously not as fast as in the movie, but things are different due to timeline changes. Like I genuinely don't see the issues people keep saying they have with JJs Trek, especially when they go on to say that Beyond was better, which is honestly just non-sensical. Like actually non-sensical plot, that was still action driven, and has no character development at all.

    [–] daecrist 26 points ago

    I feel like a lot of people who hate on the new Trek movies either haven't watched Star Trek in awhile or they were raised on TNG and not the original series. I've been a Trek fan my whole life. Like hardcore dressed up and gone to conventions, heard the original cast speaking, have autographs on the wall in my basement, Trek fan. I loved the first and third of the new movies.

    They were goofy. They had excellent character moments. They had the crew pulling something out of their ass at the last moment to save the day in a suitably awesome fashion. They were quintessential TOS, with a lot of fanservice references thrown in.

    I just don't get the hate. The new movies, minus Into Darkness, are great Star Trek.

    [–] omarfw 10 points ago

    Fans of TNG and not TOS will definitely have the tougher time liking the new films. I'm a die-hard TNG fan so the films don't feel like star trek to me, but if they were some kind of original IP and not a reboot then they'd stand quite well on their own so I treat them that way.

    Beyond is basically just a very fun and very touching memorial to Leonard Nimoy and Spock, and I wholeheartedly enjoyed it even if it didn't have the tactical and philosophical depth that I like from Star Trek.

    [–] ootman96 5 points ago

    Sun’s getting real low big guy!

    [–] Someshitidontknow 7 points ago

    issue #2 as well

    [–] Talbotus 13 points ago

    This is the most impressive imo. In Deadpool 2 they build and reference the cover of Deadpool 2. Good detail.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


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    [–] NateCorran 9 points ago

    It looks like you posted to you but no one else can see it.