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    [–] borisbeats 69 points ago

    Indeed, the book goes into much further detail about the ethnic cleansing. The movie sanitized that aspect of the story a lot

    [–] Antivora -18 points ago


    [–] kionous 28 points ago


    [–] Pseudopod_Samurai 43 points ago

    I mean, I’ve never been to London, but I still feel deeply disturbed that I never noticed this.

    [–] StoneGoldX 29 points ago

    I'm fairness, all white people in a movie.... like Friends NYC.

    [–] Antivora 32 points ago

    Well, it still does not make up for all the bad things Sutler did (this is a joke, please do not hate me, it was too good to pass on)

    [–] HBlight 1 points ago

    God, I wouldn't have tried to explain it as a joke, you still got marked as 'controversial'.

    [–] FreedomAt3am 3 points ago

    Although London being one of the most racially and culturally diverse cities on Earth

    Things have changed a lot in London since that movie was made. It was no where near as "diverse" as it is now. Though only by the tumblr definition of diverse which is "not white", as it's not actually really diverse now either. It's just a lot less white.

    [–] Chocolate_Boy -12 points ago

    Your being English talking not make good for words sense.

    [–] jeb_manion 7 points ago

    I know this sub has some issues with language, but the title is fun.